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Recap written by Christine

Victoria closed a deal, and Nikki wanted to take her to Society for a reward. When Victoria wasn’t receptive, Nikki pushed the issue, because she wanted to leave the office and talk about Ashland’s death. Nikki had the feeling that Victor had a secret about Ashland. Victoria told Nikki the truth about Victor having his men stage the car accident. Nikki wasn’t surprised, since this was so similar to what Victor did for Adam when he was a child. Victoria said she and Nick weren’t kids, and Victor didn’t have to go to this extreme. Victoria said Chance was suspicious, but thankfully he didn’t have much in the way of evidence. Victoria said she and Nick covered, but if the truth came out, they would have damaged their credibility. Nikki got worried because Chance was at the ranch when she left. She was sure Victor held his own, but she had to get home now.

Nick met Sharon at Crimson Lights. He said he told Victoria the truth about what happened to Ashland. He thought she would rather he’d kept his mouth shut, but he thought she had the right to know. He didn’t think Victoria suspected there was a cover up until he told her the truth. Sharon guessed Victoria was shocked to find out what Victor did. Nick said yes and no – Victoria had dealt with something like this before. Sharon knew Nick meant the time she, Victoria and others tried to hide JT’s body. Nick said Victor’s first instinct was to protect them, but now they had to protect him, unless he came clean.

Nick said that Chance didn’t buy the cover story about Ashland at all – he thought Victor had Ashland’s body removed. Sharon said Nick was in a difficult position, but it wasn’t the first time he had to decide whether or not to cover up Victor’s shady choices. Nick said Victoria had been in that position too, and the only one new to this was Chance. Sharon thought Chance was a lot like Rey, in that it was his job and in his nature to find and expose the truth, but in order to do so, he had to put his own wife’s family in jeopardy.

Nick predicted Chance was going to keep digging, and Victor was going to keep denying, and sooner or later, something was going to have to give. Nick admitted he’d he set this whole thing in motion by calling Chance that night. Sharon thought Nick was right to call Chance. She wished they’d contacted the authorities the night JT seemingly died. She couldn’t believe Victor didn’t learn his lesson from what Victoria and Nikki went through with JT. Nick said Victor couldn’t help being protective, and there was no point at being mad at him for who he was. She asked if he wasn’t angry with Victor anymore. Nick was mad, and he’d come close to telling Chance the real story. He just didn’t know what to do. She thought he was having a normal conscientious reaction to what he did and that this wasn’t completely about Victor.

Nick admitted Sharon was right – this was more about him than it was about his dad. Nick was upset he let his anger get the best of him. He said Ashland pushed him too far. Sharon understood. She was there the right Nikki thought she killed JT. According to Sharon, Nikki had been completely in the right, but it was still devastating for everyone to watch. Nick finally understood what they all went through that night. Sharon said their first instinct was to cover up JT’s death, but it backfired spectacularly. She hoped history wouldn’t repeat itself. Sharon thought Nick should take a break from all this, even if it was only for a little while. He didn’t think that would be possible.

Sharon invited Nick to go to dinner with her, Noah and Allie. He asked if Noah and Allie were getting serious. Sharon hoped so, because she thought it’d be good for Noah. He agreed. He said it’d been a long time since they’d seen Noah in a healthy happy relationship, and Allie seemed great. Nick declined the invitation. He didn’t think he’d be able to shake his scowl, and he didn’t want Noah or Allie thinking that it had something to do with Allie. He said he’d go for a run, and maybe watch cartoons with Christian. She reiterated that he wasn’t responsible for Victor’s choice.

At the Ranch, Chance laid out his theory that Ashland died at Victoria’s house, and someone disposed of the body to protect her and Nick. Victor asked if Chance had any proof to back up his supposition. Chance tried to corroborate everyone’s initial story, that Ashland left the house of his own volition, but there was no evidence of that. Chance found that strange. Victor told Chance not to fill the holes with conjecture. Chance said there was footage of Ashland’s car, and it looked like there could be more than one person in the car. They also found a cigarette butt that may have belonged to one of Victor’s security guards. Victor dismissed those things. Victor felt like Chance was conducting an excessive search for information. He said Ashland died in a car accident, and the events that lead up to it weren’t important.

Chance wasn’t going to drop the investigation. He took his job seriously. Victor admired Chance’s sense of duty, but he thought the effort would be better spent elsewhere. Chance didn’t think Ashland would agree. Victor didn’t think Ashland’s feelings mattered, since he was dead. Victor contended that Ashland realized he was a fraud, and he decided to drive into a ravine. Chance said Victor covered up a fatal accident in the past involving one of his children. Victor said the incident with Adam happened decades ago. Victor said the more information you had about the case, the more it obscured the truth. Chance didn’t agree, and he said he wasn’t going to stop investigating. Victor didn’t give a damn. He’d said all he had to say.

As a father, Chance understood the instinct to be fiercely protective of your children, but Victor’s kids weren’t in danger anymore. Chance said Victor was taking a risk by stonewalling the case. Victor claimed he had nothing to atone for. Chance admired Victor and respected that they were family, but he wasn’t going to back off. Victor knew. He told Chance to go home to his beautiful wife and son and sleep easy knowing Ashland was dead and not a danger to anyone.

Chance went back to Victoria’s office because he left his phone there the last time he was there. She asked how things went with her father. He said Victor essentially took the fifth. Victoria said it was like Chance already made the assumption of guilt. Chance thought they both had a pretty good idea what happened that night. She said he had a theory, and she saw no point in him running around making these accusations unless he was assuming they were going to crack under the pressure. “You? Never,” he replied.

Victoria said Ashland was charming, intelligent and manipulative, and he couldn’t handle it when things didn’t go his way. She said she would’ve been in serious trouble if Nick didn’t show up that night. Chance didn’t doubt that. She didn’t understand why he was wasting time and energy investigating a man no one would miss – Ashland wasn’t worth it. Chance didn’t prejudge who was worth it. He wasn’t doing this for Ashland, he was doing this for Rey. He was trying to live up to Rey’s extremely high standards. He knew that was a high minded approach to the world they lived in, but they created the world they lived in by the choices they made. Victoria said someone like Ashland came along and stripped people of any notions they had of things like truth and honesty.

Nikki went home and told Victor that Victoria had been forthcoming with her about about the night Ashland died. Victor pretended not to know what Nikki meant. “Victor, you know exactly what I mean. You had your security team move Ashland’s body and make it look like he died in a car crash,” Nikki said. Victor assumed Nikki now understood why he didn’t want to drag her and Victoria into this. She did understand, but she wondered when he’d understand that she had his back. She said he should’ve told her the truth from the beginning. He admitted she was right. She asked what Chance said.

Victor said Chance didn’t like his answers. Victor had wanted to tell Nikki the truth, but he didn’t want to drag her into this. She said she’d done the same thing to protect him, but it was always a mistake – they should rely on each other because they were stronger together. He agreed. He said it was important for them to stick together as a family.

At Newman Media, Chloe came to Sally with a business idea inspired by Kevin’s love for superhero movies and video games. The subject caused Sally to zone out and flash back to the night she and Adam watched movies on New Year’s Eve. She also flashed to other happier times with her ex, like him promoting her to her current position. Chloe noticed Sally wasn’t listening and called her out. Chloe recognized the signs, thanks to her time with Chelsea. She said they needed an exorcism to get Sally’s mind off Adam. Chloe thought Sally was devoting energy to Adam that she should be putting into Newman Media. Sally worried that she couldn’t do this job without Adam. Chloe said Adam may have gotten Sally the job, but Nick and Victoria kept her in the chair because of her determination and brilliance. Chloe said she wouldn’t have taken this job if she didn’t think Sally knew what she was doing. The pep talk worked, and Sally appreciated it.

Sally made arrangements for Newman Media to make a movie, video game and TV show based off a comic book. The call ended, and Sally was triumphant. Chloe smiled because Sally had just been doubting herself a minute ago. Sally marveled at how much influence this company was going to have over the public – so much more than when she and Chloe were working in fashion. Sally told Chloe that her ideas for the entertainment division were really great. Sally moved on to the news division and said she wanted to beef up their reporting department. Chloe was on board with that. Sally wanted to change their approach to the Ashland story. Chloe was afraid that would endanger their jobs, since they were on probationary status with the Newmans. Sally said their probationary status ended when she informed Nick that she knew he punched Ashland the night he died. Sally didn’t think the Newmans would cut her and Chloe loose now that they had this little nugget of information.

Chloe hoped Sally didn’t threaten Nick. Sally said of course she didn’t. Sally was grateful to Nick and Victoria for the opportunity. She assumed they were grateful she kept what she knew about Ashland out of the news, and that gave her and Chloe a certain amount of job security. Chloe didn’t understand why Sally was going to keep digging into the story, then. Sally figured that someone was going to break the story at some point, and when that happened, she wanted Newman Media to be prepared with a story about exactly what occurred that night, in vivid detail. Sally just wanted to keep the article on file, not publish it unless someone else published one first. She said they’d make sure the article was sympathetic to the Newmans’ point of view. Sally asked Chloe to ask Kevin for an update on the investigation. Chloe didn’t want to do anything that would put his job at risk. Sally understood. She asked how well Chloe knew Chance. Chloe said she and Chance were engaged a million years ago, but they hadn’t talked in a long time, and even if they had, he’d never leak anything about an ongoing investigation to the press. Sally said there had to be another way for the to get the rest of the pieces of the puzzle.

Adam went to Society and approached Jack. He wasn’t sure if Jack heard what was going on in his life. Jack had heard about Adam stepping away from Newman Enterprises, and he found it surprising. Adam asked if Jack was really surprised, because if past predicted the future, it was probably inevitable. Jack knew things between Adam, Victor and the rest of the family things didn’t work out long term in the past, but there was always hope. Adam had finally given up on that. Jack asked about Adam’s plans for the future. Adam didn’t have any. Jack said when Adam wasn’t focused on the future, he was almost always stewing with resentment, and that always ended badly.

Adam admitted he was bitter about Victor’s latest rejection. He was also mad at himself for not seeing it coming. Jack wondered if Adam had been more hopeful because of Sally’s support. Adam admitted he may have gotten caught up in Sally’s relentless optimism, but deep down, he knew this stint with Newman Enterprises would end the way it always did – in a smoking pile of ash. Jack asked why Adam kept going back. Adam said some part of him might keep seeking punishment for what he’d done as a kid. Jack understood that Adam thought eh had to earn back Victor’s respect and admiration, but he thought that was too pat an answer. “Maybe you’re not looking for forgiveness. Maybe you’re looking to forgive,” Jack theorized.

Adam knew that letting go of the anger and rage he felt for Victor would be therapeutic, but it was easier said than done. Adam said his psyche saw Victor as the enemy. Jack used to see Victor as a nemesis, but he learned from painful experience it was better to channel his energy as something positive. Jack said Adam could reinvent himself. Adam said he’d been reinventing himself his whole life, first as the perfect son to his mother, then as the Harvard Business school graduate, then as the anti-Newman. Jack said Adam forgot Spider, the man of mystery from Vegas. Jack thought it could be time for Adam to let all of that go and just be Adam. Jack thought Adam was a brilliant hard worker. He offered him a job at Jabot.

Once Adam found out Jack wasn’t just joking, he said he was a little wary of family companies because he’d been thrown over too many times by the boss’s son or daughter. Jack said it wouldn’t be an issue at Jabot, because Kyle stepped away to work at Marchetti with his wife. He noted that Summer was a Newman who took refuge at Jabot to avoid the family drama at Newman Enterprises. Adam asked what Kyle and Summer would think of this. Jack said they’d just hired Diane Jenkins, arguably the most unpopular person in Genoa City. Adam asked about Diane’s role. Jack said she was in PR, and her path wouldn’t cross Adam’s, if that was an issue. Adam said it wouldn’t be.

Jack didn’t want to get so involved in work that he’d miss out on watching Harrison grow up. He needed someone to help him steer the ship. Adam needed to think about it, but it meant a lot to him that Jack offered him this job. Billy walked up and saw Jack and Adam shake hands. Billy commented on Jack making a deal with the devil. Adam said Billy was intruding. Billy stated that he wanted to say hello to his brother. Adam made a comment about Billy’s podcast and him loving the sound of his own voice. Billy said yes, he had two jobs, and Adam had zero. Adam left. Billy asked Jack what the hell was going on.

Billy was shocked and disapproving about Jack offering Adam a job. Billy said Adam tried to undermine Victoria as a CEO. Jack said Adam could use a fresh start. Billy said Adam couldn’t be trusted. Jack felt he was offering Adam a lifeline when he needed one. Jack said Billy published an article about a monster, and he didn’t look beneath the surface. Jack saw a human behind all the bitterness and resentment, and he thought Billy might be wise to take a second look too.

Adam tried to go into Crimson Lights, but the door was still locked because of Nick and Sharon having a private chat inside. Adam looked in the window and saw them together.
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