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Abigail is on the phone at the DiMera Mansion, going over the stories to print in the Spectator about Eli’s case and EJ’s trial. EJ then enters the room and tells Abigail that she’s behind the times as he announces that he’s free.

Shawn tries calling Belle but Belle comes home to get papers from work and says she didn’t know he would be there. Belle remarks that she thought maybe Shawn would be with the mother of his unborn child.

Jan sits in the prison waiting room, thinking back to being in bed with Shawn. Jan smiles and declares that it all worked out even better than she hoped.

Ciara comes out of her room to find Clyde cooking and asks where Ben is. Clyde informs her that Ben left early for the garage and wanted to let her sleep in. Clyde asks how Ciara wants her eggs. Clyde gets that she’s not crazy about him so he wants to take this opportunity to show her that he has changed. Ciara takes her eggs scrambled as Clyde talks about spoiling his future grandchild.

Chanel shows up at Nicole’s door and says she’s there to pick up Allie as she told her that she could sleep in while one of their assistants opened the Bakery today. Chanel notes that they have a very important cake to make for Ben and Ciara. Nicole informs Chanel that Allie isn’t here and she hasn’t seen her since yesterday. Chanel guesses Allie came home after Nicole went to bed and then went to the Bakery early. Nicole reveals that Allie’s bed was not slept in, so she hasn’t been there all night.

Johnny wakes up and is tied up in chains in the DiMera Crypt. Devil Allie enters. Johnny questions what happened to her.

EJ informs Abigail that his conviction has been overturned. Abigail says that’s wonderful and welcomes him home. EJ asks if she really means that. Abigail assures that she does now that she knows he did not kidnap Sami or attack her at the courthouse. EJ knows that must have been awful for her. Abigail confirms it was but she knows it was also awful for him, being framed by the Devil. EJ is just glad the truth is finally out. Abigail asks what is first on his list. EJ asks if Johnny is around. Abigail responds that she hasn’t seen him in a couple days but she knows he’s been really busy ever since joining the board at DiMera and helping Gabi oust Chad using EJ’s shares. EJ had no idea about that. Abigail questions EJ not pulling the strings from prison. EJ confirms that was done without his knowledge. EJ notes that he and Johnny are overdue for a talk but since he’s not here, he guesses he’ll take care of some other important business. Abigail asks if he’s going back the office already. EJ says no but he needs to thank Belle for securing his release, so he exits the mansion.

Shawn informs Belle that he is going to see Jan to confront her and get the truth, but he had to wait until visiting hours start. Belle points out that they just started. Shawn tells Belle that she has to know how sorry he is. Belle argues that sorry doesn’t really cut it in this case. Shawn doesn’t understand why since he wasn’t being unfaithful and he was set up. Belle tells him that it’s not about being unfaithful so she forgives him for that, but this is about him not telling her. Belle feels he didn’t respect or trust her enough to tell her that he slept with Jan Spears and might have conceived a baby. Shawn insists that it never crossed his mind that Jan would get pregnant as he was in shock. Belle complains that Shawn couldn’t tell the difference between her and the worst person on the planet. Shawn asks how he could tell the difference when Jan morphed in to her. Belle doesn’t know how Shawn was able to lie to her for all those months. Shawn assures he will regret that for the rest of his life, but there’s a chance that the baby is not his so he’s holding on to that. Belle prays that Jan is not pregnant with his baby, but either way it doesn’t change anything because Shawn hid something from her that she had a right to know and she doesn’t think she will ever get past that. Belle declares that the baby might disappear but Shawn lying to her is never going away. Shawn then exits the house as Belle cries.

Chanel asks if Nicole is sure that Allie didn’t sleep here. Nicole informs her that Allie texted her and said she wasn’t coming home, so she assumed that she was staying with Chanel. Chanel reveals that Allie texted her that she wanted to spend the night here alone with Henry, so she told her she would pick her up in the morning. Nicole says that doesn’t make sense. Chanel wonders what’s going on and where Allie could be.

Johnny questions what is going on here. The Devil reveals that he got a new body in Allie. Johnny realizes Allie is the Devil. Johnny says Allie can stop messing with him but the Devil assures it’s no joke. Johnny brings up Eric casting the Devil out of Marlena. The Devil says he chose to leave on his own. Johnny thought he was gone for good. The Devil says he was wrong and he’s been in Salem the entire time. Johnny asks if the Devil went from Marlena to Allie, but he reveals that he went in to Johnny.

Belle goes through papers at home until EJ shows up. Belle can’t believe EJ got out. EJ confirms the court overturned his conviction this morning, so he wanted to come thank her for all her hard work to get him exonerated. Belle blames herself for EJ being in prison to begin with. EJ reminds her that she’s not to blame. Belle is glad that her colleague sped up the process. EJ is surprised that he didn’t let her know. Belle checks her phone and sees all of her missed messages. EJ asks if everything is alright. Belle says it’s not as she’s been a basket case since yesterday. EJ asks what’s wrong. Belle responds that it’s nothing other than the fact that a lunatic is having her husband’s baby.

Shawn goes to see Jan at the prison. Jan says she knew he would come when Belle told him the news. Jan says she’s thrilled they are having a baby but she feels terrible about keeping him in the dark. Jan explains that now she’s in her second trimester. Shawn calls her a sadistic liar and asks why he would believe the baby is his.

Clyde brings Ciara her breakfast but she says she’s not too hungry. Clyde insists on not letting the food go to waste. Clyde wants to show her that he has changed and they can get to know each other better, then maybe start getting along. Clyde knows she doesn’t want him crashing here and that she only did it for Ben. Ciara says she allowed it temporarily because Ben reminded her of all the wonderful things Clyde has done for them and she knows how much it would mean to Ben to have a good relationship with him. Clyde says it would mean the world to him too which is why he will do anything he can to help them. Ciara mutters that she almost prefers when the Devil was fixated on her baby.

Nicole assures Chanel it must be a misunderstanding and asks when she last spoke to Allie. Chanel says it was yesterday and explains that Tripp went off on her at the hospital because she and Allie are a couple now. Nicole asks how he found out. Chanel informs her that Johnny couldn’t wait to open his big mouth again to make more trouble for his sister.

Johnny is shocked to find out he was possessed. The Devil says it’s a shame he doesn’t remember all the fun they had together. Johnny asks what the Devil made him do. The Devil says it was nothing he was happy about and talks about how Johnny fought harder than anybody. The Devil declares that he’s stronger than any love Johnny has in his life. Johnny questions no one knowing that Satan had taken over his body. The Devil says no one knew until yesterday when it had been three months. Johnny asks what happened yesterday. The Devil reveals that Allie figured it out, so now he’s inside of her and he can’t have Johnny blabbing around town about this. Johnny asks what the Devil is going to do with him now.

Clyde encourages Ciara to eat but she repeats that she’s not hungry. Clyde points out that she’s eating for two now. Ciara appreciates all the trouble he went through to make it but she has no appetite this morning. Clyde tells her to make sure she has a good lunch then. Clyde talks about making his own baby furniture. Clyde wants to paint the nursery as well after they find out the gender of the baby and he knows they want to keep that a surprise. Ciara reveals they changed their minds on that. Clyde asks if he’s having a grandson or a granddaughter. Ciara responds that they don’t know yet as Chanel and Allie have the sonogram results, so they are going to find out later tonight.

Chanel tells Nicole that she called Allie to give her the heads up that Tripp knew and she could tell that she was really upset, so she offered to come be with her but she had to be with Lani. Nicole recalls talking to Allie about them becoming a couple, so maybe she went to see Tripp. Nicole decides she will call Tripp and see if he’s seen her. Chanel has a bad feeling and then suggests that maybe instead of Tripp, Allie went to go see Johnny instead.

The Devil tells Johnny that he wanted to kill him but Allie fought him on that, so now he’s going to stay put while he goes to take care of other matters. Johnny argues that he can’t just leave him here as people will be looking for him. Johnny believes he and Chanel are married but the Devil reveals that Johnny dumped Chanel in front of everybody at their wedding reception and said marrying her was a huge mistake. Johnny screams that he would never do that as he loves her. The Devil says technically he did it, but Johnny got all the credit because he was in his body. The Devil tells Johnny that he broke Chanel’s heart in to a million little pieces.

Belle tells EJ about how Jan’s entire mission in life has been to tear her and Shawn apart and this time, she has a real shot. EJ encourages her to remember that Shawn is a victim as he was tricked and manipulated. EJ feels she should be furious with Jan. Belle assures that she is and she doesn’t blame Shawn but he’s not entirely innocent. Belle says that Shawn slept with Jan Spears and lied to her about it for months. Belle remarks that EJ doesn’t know what it feels like to have your spouse sleep with someone that you detest and then lie about it over and over. EJ responds that he actually knows exactly how that feels.

Shawn doesn’t believe he is the father of Jan’s baby. Jan assures that she would never make love with anyone else but him because he’s the only man in the world for her. Shawn feels she would go to any extremes to cause problems for he and Belle. Shawn calls her a psycho and a liar, so she’s going to get a paternity test but Jan refuses.

Abigail makes another call and asks about getting the EJ article up and says to get the news out there. Chanel shows up and asks if Johnny is there. Abigail says she hasn’t seen him and asks if everything is okay. Chanel informs her that it’s Allie as she doesn’t know where she is and she can’t find her, so she thought maybe she came here looking for Johnny. Abigail confirms she did come looking for him yesterday. Chanel wonders if Allie found him.

Johnny asks how the Devil could do that to Chanel. The Devil informs him that Chanel moved on from quite quick that night as she ended up doing the nasty with Allie. Johnny doesn’t believe it but the Devil promises that it’s true. The Devil tells him that Allie was the twin that Chanel wanted all along and that she was just using Johnny to make her jealous. Johnny argues that even if it were true, Allie would never betray Tripp. The Devil informs him that she did and they had the pleasure of giving Tripp the news, so Allie and Tripp are done too. The Devil adds them to the long list of couples that he’s destroyed.

Belle tells EJ that she can’t believe she said that when of course EJ just went through it with Sami. EJ says it wasn’t exactly the same, but he does know the pain of being lied to. EJ adds that what Belle is dealing with is potentially far more permanent. Belle states that this baby could be a part of Shawn’s life forever.

Shawn doesn’t get why Jan won’t take a paternity test. Jan says she is unwilling because their child is already so special to her, so she would never subject the baby to an unnecessary procedure. Shawn assures there is another way that won’t harm the baby unless there’s another reason that she doesn’t want to take the test.

The Devil says even after Johnny kicked Chanel to the curb, she admitted she wasn’t over him but now she’s over him and she hates his guts. The Devil adds that they told Tripp about Allie and Chanel right after Tripp proposed to Allie, so they also hate Johnny now too. Johnny calls this a nightmare. The Devil says now that he’s up to speed, he has places to go and people to see. The Devil declares that he has a baby on the way and there is nothing more important to him than that.

Clyde asks why Chanel and Allie have the sonogram results. Ciara explains that they are helping her and Ben with the gender reveal party. Clyde questions what that is. Ciara says it’s when you bring friends and family together to find out the sex of the baby together. Ciara calls it really fun and says some people go all out. Clyde asks why not just read it but Ciara says it’s more fun this way. Clyde asks what she plans to do. Ciara informs him that Allie and Chanel will bake a cake and when they cut in to it, it will either be pink or blue. Clyde says he loves a party so he asks where it is. Ciara hesitates so Clyde questions if he’s not invited.

Chanel asks Abigail how Allie seemed. Abigail admits she was a little off but she said she was upset because she and Johnny haven’t been getting along lately. Abigail says she offered to talk but Allie said she didn’t want to. Abigail recalls something odd as Allie said her and Johnny don’t hold back when they fight, so there’s always the possibility that someone could end up dead on the floor but she was joking. Abigail says she went upstairs to look for Johnny but when she came back, Allie was gone. Chanel wonders if Allie went to go talk to Tripp. Chanel says she has to run. Abigail tells her to let her know if she finds her or if she needs any help. Chanel thanks her and rushes out of the mansion.

Belle tells EJ that she couldn’t sleep last night because she kept remembering all the times she and Shawn talked about what happened with Jan but she felt they had gotten closer and stronger. Belle says they talked about how she got there in time and she felt okay but Shawn was lying to her each time as he had all those chances to tell her the truth. EJ asks what Shawn had to say about all of this. Belle tells him that he’s holding out hope that the baby is not his and he’s with Jan now to ask her to take a paternity test. EJ asks if she thinks Jan will agree to it. Belle notes that if she doesn’t, it’s safe to say the baby isn’t Shawn’s and she’s been lying.

Jan refuses to put their baby at risk. Shawn repeats that the test is safe and the results are accurate. Shawn reveals that he already made arrangements and they are waiting for them, so Jan agrees to go and says she has nothing to hide.

Clyde asks Ciara if he’s not invited to the party. Ciara points out that he just said it was stupid. Clyde apologizes and says he didn’t mean it. Clyde adds that he’s nervous around her because Ben loves her so much. Clyde promises to keep his mouth shut at the party if he’s invited. Ciara then agrees to invite him and says it’s at her grandparents house at 7:00. Ciara checks her phone and says Allie should’ve called by now but guesses she is busy.

Johnny talks about the Devil being after Ben and Ciara’s baby but he doesn’t know why. The Devil brings up peeking at the sonogram results. Johnny asks what he wants with that baby. The Devil declares that he’ll only say that baby is essential to his future plans which don’t concern Johnny. Johnny asks him to let him go then and he won’t say anything. The Devil warns that he could snap his neck right now and he will if he doesn’t shut up and let him work. The Devil declares that he needs to focus all his energy on the baby and he’s dealt with Johnny, so now he’s going to deal with Chanel because she is in his way again. Johnny asks what the Devil is going to do to Chanel. The Devil responds that he hasn’t decided yet but he knows he’s going to enjoy it. The Devil then leaves the Crypt while Johnny yells for him to leave Chanel alone.

Chanel returns to Nicole, who informs her that Tripp swears he has not heard from Allie. Chanel tells her that the last person to see Allie then was Abigail, who said that Allie seemed a little off. Nicole doesn’t want to alarm her but she thinks she should report this to Rafe. Nicole asks Chanel to stay here in case Allie shows up which she agrees to. Nicole encourages that this is just a mix up and they will find her. They agree to call each other if they hear anything as Nicole then exits.

Abigail walks around the living room and says she hopes Allie is okay. Abigail thinks back to coming back in to find Allie had left and the side door was left open. Abigail wonders if Allie went out that way. Abigail opens the door and sees footprints. Abigail then heads outside.

Belle has a message from her assistant and says she can’t do work right now. EJ puts her phone away and says whatever it is can wait. Belle can’t believe what a mess she is. EJ understands she’s dealing with a lot right now. Belle says so are the people counting on her to return their texts and calls. EJ assures that DiMera has plenty of people to take care of that but Belle says she wants to do what she always does. Belle says she’s always had the ability to do her job and cries that she can’t even do that right now. EJ encourages that everything is going to be okay as he hugs her. Shawn then walks in, surprised to see EJ is out of prison. EJ credits Belle for being brilliant at her job. EJ tells Belle to call if he can help in any way as he then exits. Belle asks Shawn if there is any news. Shawn responds that there is. Belle asks how it went and if Jan was overjoyed to see the father of her unborn baby. Shawn thought she wanted the news. Belle can’t imagine it is going to lift her spirits. Shawn informs her that Jan agreed to the test so the lab should be getting back to him soon. Belle feels that’s bad news since Jan agreeing must mean that she’s not worried about the results and already knows that he is her baby daddy. Shawn argues that it doesn’t mean anything as she could just be trying to drag out the torture. Belle doubts it, given how madly in love with him Jan is and it’s hard to imagine she’d get knocked up by anyone else. Shawn calls Jan insane so nothing is hard to imagine since she’s a lunatic. Belle remarks that maybe impending motherhood will mellow Jan but if she had to pick any woman who would definitely destroy their own child’s life, it would be Jan. Belle can’t imagine Jan caring for another human being. Shawn asks if they can just stop talking about Jan. Shawn then gets a call from the lab. Shawn hangs up and confirms to Belle that the baby is his.

Jan sits in prison with the test results and declares that now that Shawn is convinced the baby is his, he is going to be in their lives forever.

Clyde cleans up the kitchen until EJ shows up at the door. Clyde asks what the hell he’s doing there. EJ responds that he’s a free man, just like him. Clyde congratulates him and tries to shut the door but EJ stops him and says they have some unfinished business.

Devil Allie goes home where Chanel is relieved to see Allie.

Johnny screams for help while tied up in the DiMera Crypt.

Abigail follows the footprints to the Crypt and wonders why Allie would come here as she prepares to head inside.

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