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Stephanie goes to her meeting and asks who is there. John and Steve barge in and Steve covers Stephanie while John grabs the person in the room. John calls for Steve to turn on the lights and when he does, it is revealed that Paulina was the client that Stephanie was meeting with. Paulina questions what the hell is going on here as John lets go of her.

Kayla answers the door to see Orpheus has arrived. Kayla asks what he wants. Orpheus says he just wants to catch up and asks if he may come in. Kayla says no and tries to shut the door but Orpheus stops her and says that’s not very friendly. Orpheus then reveals a gun and suggests she reconsider.

EJ has a drink at the Brady Pub, wondering what the hell Gabi and Ava are up to now. Abe arrives and says he’s sorry to interrupt but he’s been meaning to offer his condolences for Jake. EJ calls that gracious of him since it was because of Jake that Abe was shot last year. Abe points out that Jake didn’t pull the trigger so it wouldn’t be fair to blame him for that. EJ notes that not many people would be so understanding. Abe understands that a young life was cut tragically short and for that, he is profoundly sorry. EJ calls it uncanny that Jake and his twin Stefan met similar fates, so may they both rest in peace.

Li questions what Dr. Rolf means by saying Stefan left the building when he was supposed to keep him sedated. Dr. Rolf argues that he and Kristen also told him to find a way to make him forget his love for Gabi and focus on Chloe instead. Li argues that none of that meant waking him up and setting him loose on Salem. Dr. Rolf says it wasn’t intentional as he was running some tests and making adjustments and he just woke up, asking all these questions, so he had to tell him that he’s been on ice for four years. Li asks why he didn’t just knock him back out again. Rolf says he tried but was afraid Stefan would overpower him. Li argues that Stefan couldn’t overpower him. Li screams in frustration and asks if he has any idea where he might have gone. Dr. Rolf confirms that Stefan went to reunite with his wife.

Stefan rings the doorbell of the DiMera Mansion. Gabi asks Ava if she wants to get that. Ava says she’s sure Harold will. Gabi questions Ava barely moving in and already acting like the mistress of the manor. Ava says that Gabi isn’t exactly down to Earth and she’s heard that Gabi had Harold running everywhere when she lived there. Gabi remarks that at least she was capable of answering her own door. Ava tells Gabi that if she wants to save Harold the trouble, she can be her guest. Stefan waits outside, wanting Gabi to open up.

Marlena tells Orpheus that John and Steve will be back in a moment. Orpheus responds that he happens to know that they are otherwise engaged in some meeting that they think he set up with Steve’s daughter as they apparently thought he lured her in to a trap, but he had nothing to do with that. Orpheus says he’s clean of the meeting but he is using it to his advantage since while Steve and John are off protecting Stephanie, he gets to spend quality time with Marlena and Kayla.

Stephanie questions what the hell John and Steve are even doing here. John apologizes as they thought Paulina was Orpheus. Paulina argues that they need to have their eyes checked. Steve apologizes as they thought this meeting was a trap since Orpheus was threatening his family. Stephanie argues that Steve leapt to an unreasonable conclusion and ambushed them. Stephanie assures Paulina that she is just as surprised and appalled. Paulina is surprised to learn that Stephanie is Steve and Kayla’s daughter as she introduces herself. Paulina says she should’ve done her research. Stephanie argues that the only ones who should be apologizing are Steve and John.

Li states that if Stefan was on foot, he couldn’t have gone far but Dr. Rolf reveals that Stefan took his car keys. Li asks if there’s anything else he neglected to tell him. Dr. Rolf assumes Stefan went to the DiMera Mansion. Li notes that Gabi is there now, so if she finds out Stefan is alive, then she’ll never choose him over Stefan. Li declares that he’s going to lose Gabi because of Dr. Rolf.

Gabi tells Ava that she said she was able to open her own door but this isn’t hers anymore. Ava asks Gabi what job she is going to give her at DiMera. Gabi suggests starting in the mail room but Ava says she’ll have to do a lot better than that if she wants to remain CEO. Gabi asks what job she wants. Ava suggests something interesting, glamorous and something that will piss off EJ. Gabi comments on EJ really getting under her skin. Ava mentions that EJ accused her of trying to seduce his son. Gabi asks if she was. Ava says no and remarks that Gabi is one to judge since Jake told her that Gabi practically slept with Johnny herself. Gabi argues that she and Johnny are almost the same age while the idea of Ava being with him is gross. Ava says from the look on Johnny’s face, gross is the last thing he was thinking. The doorbell rings again so Ava shouts that she’s coming. Gabi says if anyone asks, she’s not there. Ava then exits the living room and opens the front door where she is shocked to see Stefan. Ava says this can’t be happening and she must be dreaming. Stefan responds that it’s no dream. Ava, assuming that he is Jake, questions if he’s really alive. Ava then faints in to Stefan’s arms. In the living room, Gabi wonders what is taking Ava so long.

EJ tells Abe that his family has suffered so many losses over the past decade with Jake, Abigail, Stefan, Andre, Stefano, and of course Lexie. Abe can’t believe that it’s been over ten years since Lexie passed away. EJ calls her truly the heart of the DiMera family. Abe says Lexie held the hearts of many people. EJ toasts to Lexie, saying she is missed just as much today as the day they lost her. EJ remembers to congratulate Abe on his new marriage and says he knows Lexie would be very excited to know that he found love again. Abe calls that very nice of him and says it means a lot. EJ jokes that Abe’s new wife is a force to be reckoned with which Abe agrees with. EJ mentions that he and Paulina exchanged a few words over Johnny and Chanel, but he admits he ended up respecting the hell out of her. EJ asks Abe where Paulina is tonight. Abe responds that he’s not sure as she had some mysterious meeting to attend..

Stephanie complains that Steve lied to her when he said he would back off and that she had the right to make her own decisions. Steve says he wasn’t about to let her walk in to a dangerous situation, totally unprotected. Stephanie calls Steve the danger here for physically assaulting Paulina. John apologizes for grabbing Paulina. Stephanie thought they were having dinner and asks if Marlena and Kayla were in on this. Steve assures they didn’t know until right before they left. Stephanie mocks them ditching their wives for a wild goose chase and says she’s sure they can’t be too happy about that right now…

Kayla asks how Orpheus knew about Steve’s suspicions or how they followed Stephanie to her meeting. Orpheus reveals that the yellow roses he sent Kayla were only part of the gift as when she was signing for the flowers, the delivery guy planted a bug on the house plant near the door, so he listened to everything they said. Orpheus jokes that he had no idea Steve was so eager to kill him and his feelings were hurt. Kayla points out that she talked him out of that and Steve promised that he wouldn’t go after him. Kayla swears that if he hurts them, Steve and John will hunt him down and make him pay. Marlena says if Orpheus backs out of whatever he’s planning right now then nobody has to get hurt. Orpheus asks where’s the fun in that. Kayla asks what he plans on doing with them. Orpheus says it’s nothing he’s done before since he hates to be predictable. Orpheus wants to try something he’s never done before that will leave a lasting impression on John and Steve, but not in this dreary apartment. Orpheus decides that what they are going to do requires a change of scenery. Marlena refuses to go anywhere with him but Orpheus says they don’t have a choice and that they are going to have some fun.

John asks Stephanie not to go too hard on Steve as he had the best of intentions. John admits all the secrecy was a little suspicious. Steve questions Paulina about meeting in an abandoned office building and not telling Stephanie who she was. Paulina says it’s called discretion as she was thinking of hiring Stephanie to work on Abe’s campaign for Governor but since he hasn’t agreed to run yet, she didn’t want it to leak out. Stephanie feels that makes perfect sense. Stephanie warns Steve that if he costs her this job, she will never forgive him. Stephanie then asks Paulina how she knows Abe. Paulina reveals that Abe is her husband. Stephanie congratulates her and says she knew Abe had remarried but she didn’t realize it was to one of the most successful real estate moguls in the country. Stephanie calls her success story legendary and says that Abe is one lucky guy which pleases Paulina.

EJ asks Abe if Paulina is working on some big real estate deal. Abe says not that he knows of as he thinks her mysterious meeting is probably about him which EJ questions. Abe explains that when Paulina has made up her mind, she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants and right now, what she wants is for him to be Governor. EJ calls that quite an ambitious move. EJ jokingly reminds Abe of when first ran for Mayor and had the misfortune of running against a real son of a bitch. Abe says to be fair, they both did things they regret. EJ calls that very generous of him and admits that the better man won. EJ hopes Abe’s bid for Governor isn’t as contentious. Abe responds that he actually hasn’t decided whether or not to run. EJ encourages that he should and recalls their mayoral debates. EJ says he could tell that Abe would be a great Mayor and he’s actually kept his promises so that Salem is thriving because of him. EJ adds that the state could use a little Abe Carver magic as well. EJ informs Abe that if he does decide to run, he definitely has his support which surprises Abe. EJ knows they’ve had their differences, but they are still family and jokes that it never hurts to have friends in high places. Abe jokes that he knew EJ had an angle.

Stefan lays Ava on the floor and tries to wake her up. Stefan says he doesn’t have time for this as he needs to go find his wife. Stefan gets up but Li arrives and stabs him from behind with a syringe to knock him out and drags him out of the mansion. Gabi comes out from the living room and finds Ava passed out on the floor. Gabi rushes to check on Ava. Li returns to the entry so Gabi questions what he’s doing here while Stefan lies unconscious outside. Li claims that he came to see how Gabi’s doing. Gabi responds that she’s fine but Ava isn’t and asks if he saw what happened to her. Li claims he opened the door and she fainted. Gabi questions him just staying outside. Li claims he went outside to call the police but then didn’t because he didn’t think Ava would want them to make that kind of fuss since she’s never been a fan of the police or authority which Gabi agrees with. Li suggests getting her to the couch to see if they can revive her and if they can’t, then they will call. Dr. Rolf arrives outside and finds Stefan on the ground.

Abe says he’s going to order some food and asks if EJ wants anything. EJ says no as he should head home now. Abe wondered why EJ was drinking here and not at the mansion. EJ explains that he invited Jake’s widow to move in and there’s been some friction as Ava is like Paulina but without the charm. Abe suggests he uninvite her then since it is his house. EJ states that there are some benefits to having Ava around. Abe guesses he is playing an angle which EJ admits. Abe advises EJ to be careful because Ava Vitali has mellowed in recent years but she still has a history of being mentally unstable and he’s not sure that’s all gone away so he doesn’t want to cross her. EJ agrees to take his concern under advisement. EJ hopes Abe takes his advice as well because he could accomplish great things as Governor. EJ then exits the Pub.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she’s definitely interested in discussing Abe’s campaign with her if she’s still interested in her firm after all of this. Paulina assures that she won’t hold Steve’s behavior or John’s grip against her or them because Steve knows more than anyone what lengths she would go to protect her daughter, so no harm. Stephanie thanks her. Paulina asks if they should get on with their meeting then. Steve guesses that’s their cue to leave. Stephanie remarks that she’s sure Kayla and Marlena can’t wait to have them home.

Kayla questions what Orpheus plans on doing with them. Orpheus suggests they could revisit some of their favorite spots like Stockholm, his private island, or a simple warehouse by the docks. Orpheus decides he’d rather surprise them. Orpheus heads for the door but Marlena grabs him and hits him while Kayla breaks a glass vase over him. Kayla and Marlena open the door to run but find two bodyguards positioned outside.

Li and Gabi get Ava onto the couch in the living room where she regains consciousness. Ava wakes up asking where Jake is as he was just there. Li claims that it was him, not Jake, that she saw at the door. Ava insists it was Jake and he was wearing the hospital gown that he died in but he’s alive. Gabi guesses she must have been imagining things but Ava says she touched him and it was real.

Outside, Dr. Rolf starts dragging Stefan’s body away.

Ava insists that Jake is alive but Li calls it impossible. Ava says she will prove it to him and shoves past Li to go looking for Jake. Ava opens the door to the mansion, wondering where he went.

Steve suggests maybe he and Jake should hang around a little longer. Stephanie says they are just going to talk business and don’t need to bore him. Steve argues that the area is deserted which Orpheus could take advantage of. John convinces Steve to go. Steve asks Stephanie to promise to come right home after. John takes Steve out while Stephanie asks Paulina if they can start over.

Orpheus recovers and comments on Marlena and Kayla being feisty after all these years but it wasn’t entirely unexpected which is why he brought his men with him. Kayla tells him that he’s making a big mistake. Marlena adds that he needs to let go of his vendetta against them. Orpheus asks why he would do that since when they all got together to bring him down, they cost him a lot of years with his children that he can never get back. Marlena argues that he did that himself and it was his choice. Orpheus responds that he chooses to blame them. Orpheus adds that he hates to lose and declares they can’t keep vengeance waiting. Orpheus and his men then walk Marlena and Kayla out with their guns.

Ava goes back inside and says she doesn’t understand where Jake went. Li insists that it was him at the door. Ava asks if he thinks she can’t tell the difference. Gabi says they are trying to help her. Ava tells her to help her find Jake then. EJ walks in and asks what all the commotion is about. Ava tells EJ that his brother Jake is alive which he questions. Gabi states that Ava fainted because she thought she saw Jake. Ava assures that she did see him. Li doesn’t think they are helping the situation by just upsetting Ava. Ava repeats she knows what she saw. Li suggests they leave now that EJ is home. Gabi doesn’t want to leave Ava like this but EJ tells them to go and says he’ll handle it from here. Ava questions if she’s being handled now. Gabi wishes him luck and exits with Li. Ava tells EJ that she knows what she saw and Jake was there. As Gabi and Li exit, Gabi comments on it being so strange that Ava is seeing ghosts while Li picks up the syringe he used and puts it in his pocket.

EJ tells Ava that he searched the entire house and there’s no sign of Jake. Ava swears that she did not imagine it this time. EJ asks if she’s saying she has seen Jake before. Ava tells him that the first time was right after he died and she was still in the hospital, standing by his body and he appeared to her and the next time was the morning after at her apartment. Ava says as real as those encounters felt, she knew that was in her head but tonight was different as she touched him and felt the warmth of his skin. Ava tells EJ that he was wearing his hospital gown and had on his wedding ring. Ava knows it sounds like she lost it. EJ thinks she’s experience post traumatic stress but Ava swears that Jake was really there. EJ reminds Ava that she admitted to having visions before so she’s obviously desperate to see Jake and her heart is just getting the better of her mind. EJ finds it natural after everything she’s been through. Ava decides maybe he’s right as maybe that’s the only way to explain what she saw.

Gabi and Li return to their room at the Salem Inn. Gabi says that was not how she imagined their night turning out. Gabi thought Li was just there to help him deal with Ava and then questions why he was there since he said he wanted to see how she was doing. Li responds that he knew how desperate Ava was for Gabi to give her a job at DiMera, so he was worried that she might be playing hard ball, so he figured she could use some backup. Gabi asks if he doesn’t think she can play hard ball when she works on multi-million dollar deals all the time. Li says this was one is personal since there’s so much animosity between her and Ava, so he panicked and had to make sure everything was okay. Gabi calls him sweet and thoughtful. Gabi says sometimes she thinks she doesn’t deserve him as they kiss.

Paulina brings Stephanie to the Pub, where Abe greets her with a hug and says he didn’t know she was back in town but it’s wonderful to see her. Abe asks if she’s visiting her parents. Stephanie says that’s part of it but she might be sticking around Salem for awhile thanks to Paulina. Abe asks what’s going on. Paulina explains that Stephanie runs a very successful PR company out West, so she asked her to lend her expertise to Abe’s campaign for Governor. Stephanie says she said yes because she can’t think of a better man for the job. Abe responds that Paulina might be a little premature. Paulina questions what he’s saying while Stephanie asks if he already hired someone else. Abe says there may not be a job because he hasn’t made up his mind whether to run or not. Paulina decides it’s time that he did and asks Abe if he wants to be Governor of the state or not.

Steve and John return home as Steve apologizes for that turning in to such a fiasco as he guesses his protective instinct got the best of him. John says they might have missed the mark this time but they know Orpheus is out there, waiting to make his next move. Steve mentions not looking forward to telling Kayla what just happened because she’s going to flip out. John knows Marlena will give it to him too. Steve and John then head inside to find Marlena and Kayla are gone as they frantically begin searching the house.

Dr. Rolf gets Stefan back in his hospital bed at his lab. Rolf says he doesn’t know how Stefan found the strength to get out of the bed and drive halfway across town after being unconscious for years and recently having a heart transplant. Dr. Rolf guesses he greatly underestimated Stefan’s love for Gabi.

Li gets a text from Dr. Rolf that everything is under control and breathes a sigh of relief. Li tells Gabi that he ordered room service since she never got dinner. Gabi thanks him and says as much as Ava gets on her nerves, she felt for her tonight. Gabi says she would never pity Ava but she understands how she feels since it’s exactly what happened to her after Stefan died. Li asks what happened. Gabi explains that she was at the cemetery and had a vision of Stefan showing up, so she imagined that he was back with her and that Rolf figured out some way to save him but it wasn’t true and it was just in her head as Stefan was gone for good.

Ava has a drink of water. EJ offers her something stronger to calm her nerves but Ava declines. Ava admits she’s curious as to why EJ is being so nice to her all of a sudden since when he left, he was acting like a jerk. EJ blames his behavior on being protective of his son. Ava assures that he’s in no danger from her as she has no interest in Johnny. EJ says now that he’s had time to cool off, he believes her and he apologizes for upsetting her, especially if his reaction contributed in any way to what happened tonight. Ava assures it didn’t and it’s not his fault. EJ suggests this as an opportunity for them to start over with no more hidden agendas, suspicions, or accusations. EJ asks her how that sounds and offers his hand. Ava shakes EJ’s hand and thinks back to Gabi telling Ava that she felt sexual tension between her and EJ. Ava tells EJ that she’s going to call it a night. EJ tells her not to hesitate to knock on his door if she needs anything. Ava thanks him and exits. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and says that was enlightening as Abe was right that it appears Ava is a tad unstable…

Paulina knows Abe has been wondering whether he’s the right man for the job but anyone that knows him has no doubt. Abe argues that none of them could be considered unbiased. Stephanie is sure Abe has a lot of support and their polls will prove it. Paulina asks if Abe has read any of the press that he’s been given about the wonderful job he’s done in Salem and says that’s why she’s been pushing it so hard. Paulina declares that Abe is the best person for the people of the state but it’s entirely his call. Abe then agrees to do it and tells Paulina that she wins. Paulina assures that he will win too as they hug.

John tries calling Marlena but it goes to voicemail. John decides he’s going to call Rafe but Steve then finds a note from Orpheus on the floor that says “Sorry I missed you, but calling the police would be a fatal mistake”.

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