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Recap written by Christine

Kyle and Jack were at the Abbott house. While Kyle knew Jack wouldn’t lie or joke about this, he was also just as certain that his mother was dead. Murdered. He had vivid memories of the heartbreaking funeral. Jack said Diane wasn’t in the coffin – he wished he’d known so he could’ve spared Kyle the pain. Kyle became open to the idea of Diane being alive, and he asked if she’d been held captive by one of the people who wanted her dead. Jack explained that Diane faked her death and stayed away by choice. Kyle asked what his mother had been doing all this time. The doorbell rang, and Kyle asked if it was Diane. Jack said it better not be. It was Ashland. He was sorry to show up like this, and Phyllis told him to wait until Kyle reached out. However, he’d love to see Harrison. Kyle saw Ashland’s medical boot and bandaged hand and asked if he was okay.

Harrison entered and hugged Ashland. “Father, you have two big ouchies,” Harrison observed. Ashland said he was in an accident, but he’d be okay. Ashland started crying, and he asked if he could take Harrison on a short outing. Jack thought that was a lovely idea, since he also needed some time with Kyle. Kyle told Harrison to be good, and Ashland took the boy and left. Kyle said he was new to parenthood, but he had a hard time saying goodbye to his son for any length of time. He asked how his mother disappeared all those years.

Jack was trying hard to answer Kyle’s questions without letting his personal feelings get in the way, but it was hard because he felt Kyle deserved the truth. Kyle said he was counting on Jack to be straight with him. Jack said Diane claimed she concocted this plan to get away from the bad things she’d done to nearly everyone in town. Kyle didn’t think that made sense. He asked if she didn’t think it was bad to let her son think she was murdered. Jack explained that Diane said she hit a low point and saw no way out but to start fresh. Kyle asked why Diane left her new life to reach out to the son she literally ghosted. Jack said Diane claimed it took her all these years to finally face what she was done. Kyle had missed Diane so much – there had been so many things he’d wanted to share with her, and now he found out she could’ve been there, and she chose not to, and now she was back and wanting to reconnect. Jack wished he could take away Kyle’s pain. Kyle couldn’t process his emotions now. He wanted to just stick to the facts.

Kyle was disgusted that Diane anonymously lured Jack into finding about Keemo’s death and his daughter as an olive branch. Jack said Diane’s methods were devious, which was typical for her, but in truth, if she’d just come to Jack directly, he would’ve shut her down instantly. Diane had waited until Jack was with Allie to reveal herself. Kyle was near tears over Diane. Jack said that Kyle could take Harrison and go back to Milan – he was under no obligation to see Diane. Part of Kyle wished Jack never told him. Jack said that was his first instinct, but Phyllis helped him realize this wasn’t his call. Kyle needed to phone Summer before he made any decisions.

Kyle asked where his mother was. Jack said he’d told Diane to keep her distance, but in classic Diane fashion, she moved to Genoa City. Kyle was dismayed and asked why. Jack said Diane claimed she wanted to be close so she could make her own claim on the chance that Kyle left for Milan without seeing her. Jack guessed he should be grateful that Diane let him be the one to break the news to Kyle. Kyle said that he’d heard the whispers about his mother for years. Some people trashed her to his face. Despite that, he still tried to believe the best of his mother. All his memories of his mom were loving and fun. For years it was just the two of them, and she used to call him her little hero. Jack was glad Kyle had good memories. Kyle said Diane was a good mom, but a good person didn’t deliberately put their son through hell. Kyle asked if there were things about his mother that he didn’t know. Jack never wanted to destroy Kyle’s love for his mother – he’d thought it best that Kyle always saw the good in Diane. Jack said there were things Kyle probably didn’t know, and he didn’t need to. Kyle remembered reading the Restless Style article about Diane. Jack said Kyle was a child back then, and Diane did several unforgivable things long after that article was published. Jack said Diane was saying there was a reason she did those things, and she wanted Kyle to hear her out. Kyle asked if Diane was as bad as people said. “The simple answer is yes,” Jack stated. Jack had a hard time believing Diane had truly had this dramatic transformation. Jack wished Kyle didn’t have to go through this. Part of Jack wished Diane had just stayed dead, so Kyle could’ve held onto the few good memories he had, but she wasn’t dead, and she wasn’t going to let this go.

Diane paced around her suite and said she was cooped up like a prisoner in a gilded cage. She grabbed her hat and sunglasses and left.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked if Tessa wanted to invite her roadies to the wedding. Tessa didn’t know. It was clear their minds were elsewhere. Elena came in and hugged Mariah and asked about Sharon. Mariah said Sharon was putting up a facade that Mariah worried was going to come crashing down. Mariah kept expecting Rey to walk into Crimson Lights. He’d been a rock for the whole family, and now Sharon thought she needed to be that rock. Elena said Rey was a protector of the entire community, and everyone was devastated by his loss. Elena noticed the wedding planning stuff. Tessa said Sharon wanted it to go forward. Elena understood. She thought everyone could use a celebration and a reminder that life went on.

Diane walked into the coffeehouse, and there was no barista there, so Mariah served her. Mariah explained that things were a little out of order because there was a death in the family. Diane asked who died and who owned the place. Mariah said it was Sharon Rosales’ husband. Diane asked if she was once known as Sharon Newman, and Mariah said yes. Mariah asked if she’d seen Diane here before. Diane said it had been awhile. She took her coffee over to the sugar and cream station, then for some reason, she got shaken up and rushed out.

Amanda went to The Grand Phoenix for a manicure to repair a chipped nail. Phyllis noted that it’d been awhile. Amanda said the merger was keeping her busy. It was challenging from a legal standpoint. Phyllis assumed managing the different personalities was also a challenge, but Amanda said that Lily and Devon agreed on most of the important things. Nate was excited to join the family business, and Amanda was thrilled she got to work with Devon, so it felt like a family business to her too. Phyllis wished she wasn’t dealing with family drama. It was about Jack. Amanda said every time she talked to Phyllis, her mind seemed to be on Jack. She asked what was going on. Phyllis couldn’t say. She stated that there was a person in town who could create so much danger for Kyle, Jack and so many others in town.

Amanda surmised that this person was a danger to Phyllis too. Phyllis said this person knew she was no match for Phyllis. Amanda asked if it was Jack’s ex, and Phyllis said yes, among other things. Amanda asked if Phyllis was concerned this ex would want Jack back. Phyllis said Jack would never do that, and if this woman tried, Phyllis would take her out. Amanda suggested Phyllis wanted Jack for herself. Phyllis reiterated that she and Jack were platonic, and she noted that she’d already told Amanda this a million times. Amanda asked why Phyllis was so concerned about his ex’s return. Phyllis’s concerns had very little to do with the fact that this was Jack’s ex. She said this woman took people’s weaknesses and manipulated them. Phyllis noticed Diane walk back in, and she hurried Amanda off to the manicurist. Once they were alone, Phyllis confronted Diane about leaving her room.

Diane didn’t want to talk. She just wanted to go back to her suite. Phyllis asked why Diane was so rattled – who did she see? Diane said no one recognized her. She saw nothing but a bunch of old memories. She got into the elevator. “Reconsider being dead!,” Phyllis spat at the closing doors. Jack showed up and told Phyllis that Kyle knew the truth. Phyllis revealed that Diane snuck out of her room again. Jack said it didn’t matter what they said or did to Diane – she would always be a wildcard. Phyllis asked what Jack thought Kyle would do. He didn’t know. Phyllis was pleased that Kyle wasn’t just running into Diane’s open arms. “He did love her very much. He knew she had issues, but he still thought the world of her,” Jack said. He wondered if he protected Kyle from the truth about Diane for too long. Jack had wanted Kyle to hold onto the cherished memories of his mother, not spend his whole life haunted by her crimes. Jack said Kyle asked if Diane was as bad as everyone said, and Jack hadn’t been able to bring himself to condemn her completely. Phyllis said that once everyone in town found out Diane was alive, they’d think she was even more wretched than before. Jack didn’t care about how everyone else would react – he only cared about Kyle.

Kyle went to Society and he called Summer and left her a message. He didn’t go into detail. He assumed she was still at her dinner meeting. Traci ran into him, and they hugged. He told his aunt he was having a hard time processing things. She said that talking to someone you trust could help. He called Summer, but she didn’t answer. Traci offered to fill in. Traci said Diane’s behavior had been outrageous and cruel. As a mother, Traci couldn’t imagine walking away from your precious child. Kyle said he’d never do that to Harrison. Part of Kyle never wanted to see Diane again, but on the other hand, he remembered her being an incredible mom to him. There was so much about Diane that Kyle didn’t know. He didn’t understand how she let him believe she was dead. He didn’t know what to do.

Sharon was at the cottage, which was filled with sympathy baskets and flowers. She was looking for the wedding planning folder, and she found a post-it from Rey saying he’d bought more paper towels. She started crying. She flashed back to the early days with Rey. He’d told her he loved her, and he asked if she felt the same way. She said she loved him too. She remembered their wedding night and their first anniversary. Sharon had told Rey she had high hopes for 2022, and Rey said he couldn’t imagine being happier. Noah came downstairs at the same time Faith and Nick came in.

Sharon admitted she thought she was alone. She demanded to know what Faith was doing out of school. Faith was sorry to upset Sharon, but school was rough, so she asked to leave. Nick added that the principal said it was okay. Sharon softened. She was sorry Faith had to go through that. Sharon noted that Faith already missed a lot of school this past year, though. Faith said she was a second semester senior who already applied to college, so the rest of the school year was basically coasting. She just wanted to be with her family. Sharon agreed and said sometimes family was more important than anything, which Rey knew. Sharon was grateful they were all here with her.

Noah suggested Sharon nap while they handled the coffeehouse and dinner. Sharon had plans with Mariah and Tessa. She wanted to make sure they wouldn’t postpone. Noah knew they were moving ahead as planned. Sharon said that was all the more reason for her to go, since they had a lot of things to get done in a short amount of time. The wedding was less than a month away. Sharon was going to go to Crimson Lights alone, but Nick needed to go too because Mariah had something she wanted to ask him.

Elena gave Sharon her condolences on Rey. When she and Lola were roommates, Rey used to stop by the apartment and fix things, and he was always smiling. Elena would remember that. She offered to be there if Sharon needed anything. Sharon said thanks, and Elena left for work. Sharon wanted to get to the wedding. Mariah and Tessa suggested Sharon might want to take a couple days off planning. “Please stop babying me,” Sharon stated. Sharon didn’t know how many times she had to tell them that she needed this. Mariah and Tessa were apologetic, but they were worried about Sharon. Sharon said she’d probably be up and down over the next few weeks. She didn’t know when the grief and shock would bulldoze over her, but she couldn’t sit and wait for it. She had to grab onto what she could do stay afloat, and the wedding was a life raft. She asked him not to take that from her. Mariah said she and Tessa understood, and they’d move forward without reservations.

Tessa knew she and Sharon hadn’t always seen eye to eye. Sharon said that was ancient history. Tessa said that she and Sharon had become true friends and a source of support. Sharon felt the same way. Tessa wished her sister, Crystal could be her maid of honor, but she had legal issues that meant she couldn’t come back to the US. Tessa’s family wasn’t in the picture, so she was wondering if Sharon would walk her down the aisle. Sharon said she’d be honored. Sharon said Tessa was already family. Sharon would be proud to walk down the aisle with her beautiful daughter and daughter in law on her arm. Mariah loved Sharon, but she had another idea. Mariah knew Nick wasn’t her dad, but he’d been an amazing person in her life, and he loved her like a daughter. She knew he’d been an amazing father to her twin. She was hoping he’d do for her what he couldn’t do for Cassie. She asked him to walk her down the aisle. He said he’d be honored, and they hugged.

Back at the cottage, Faith and Noah looked at pictures of Rey, and she cried. Faith was glad Noah was there. Faith didn’t understand why Sharon was rushing things instead of just letting it all out. Noah didn’t think Sharon wanted them to see her break down. Faith said they all wanted to help. Noah knew, but Sharon got to deal with her pain the way she wanted.

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