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Recap written by Christine

At The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Jack that she did some digging, and she found out who owned the house at the address in the text. He was interested, but she had to cut their talk short because Summer video called, and Jack had to get to his meeting elsewhere in the hotel. Summer was hoping Phyllis was going to accept her job offer and move to Milan. Phyllis gently turned Summer down. She said Genoa City was home, she had roots here and friends here, and it wouldn’t feel right to leave. Summer was disappointed. Phyllis said it would’ve been great to work alongside Summer in Milan, but that wasn’t the right choice for Phyllis, at least at this point in her life. Summer understood, but she wondered how much Jack factored into Phyllis’s decision.

Phyllis didn’t know why Summer was asking this. Summer said they had conversations about Jack while Phyllis was in Milan, and Kyle had conversations with Jack about Phyllis while he was in Milan. Phyllis said she and Jack were just friends. She just went through a horrible breakup with Summer’s dad, so she wasn’t jumping into another relationship. Summer thought Jack was great, and she knew he and Phyllis cared about each other. Phyllis said Jack forgave her no matter how often she screwed up, and when things were good or bad, she went to Jack. Summer thought it sounded like love. Phyllis said Jack wasn’t the reason she turned down the job offer. Summer had gotten her hopes up about Phyllis moving there, but she guessed they’d have to visit each other more often. Phyllis wanted Summer to come visit in the spring. They ended the call.

Jack returned and Phyllis talked to him about Summer. She said Summer was so level headed and mature. Jack would never say this to their children, but he was dazzled by the way Kyle and Summer took to parenthood. Harrison was thriving. He asked what she’d found out about the address. She showed him something on a tablet and said “Hao Nguyen.” There was recognition in his face, and she asked if the name meant something to him.

Jack said that was a common Vietnamese name. Phyllis had discovered that when she’d tried to narrow down which Hao Nguyen owned the property. She asked about the look he gave when she said that name. He told her that Luan, his late wife, was Vietnamese. Phyllis knew that was his son Keemo’s mother. Luan’s maiden name was Nguyen, and her father’s name was Hao, but Jack was sure it wasn’t the same person.

At their place, Amanda asked Devon when he left for the hospital. He was going to Abby and Chance’s soon, so they could all go together. She asked if he was sure he didn’t want her to go with him to the hospital, because she’d planned to go. He said no, it was fine. He appreciated her being there when they took his bone marrow. Today was just the doctors transferring the marrow to Dom in an IV. He knew she had a full day with closing her law practice. He said Abby and Chance would be there, so he wouldn’t be alone. He added that the real test would be how Dominic responded to the treatment. She said she’d be there for him no matter what.

Abby and Chance were at home. She’d just checked on Dom, and Chance asked how he was. He was still listless, and Abby hated seeing him like this. Chance noted that Dom would get treated soon. She thought it’d be awkward explaining to the families why they weren’t told about all this. She asked how Chance was doing, he said he was fine. Abby didn’t want empty reassurances. She wanted the truth.

Devon came over. Chance thanked Devon for having all the medical equipment set up here so that Dominic could recover at home instead of the hospital. Chance said that they were grateful to Devon, who gave Dom life, then he saved his life. Devon said he didn’t do anything Chance and Abby wouldn’t have done. His being a match for Dom was the luck of the draw. Devon asked how Chance was doing. He said he was good, and Dom was the focus. Devon imagined that Chance would be able to focus on his recovery once Dom was better. After Neil and Hilary died, Devon thought he could get through this on his own, and it didn’t work out. He started having panic attacks, and he even had one in front of Abby at the opening of The Grand Phoenix. He reached out and got help and turned things around. Chance was glad for Devon. Devon knew Chance could do the same. Devon said it was important to take charge of what was bothering you, or it would take charge of you.

At their place, Tessa and Mariah talked about possible places to have a wedding. Tessa suggested a horseback wedding, but Mariah said they didn’t have the budget, and she wanted to have her two feet on the ground when she said her vows. Mariah said they had to come up with a plan, because April wasn’t that far away, unless they postponed the date. Tessa didn’t want to push back the wedding, because she couldn’t wait to be Mariah’s wife. Mariah loved hearing that.

Mariah asked Tessa to predict her ideal wedding. Tessa said a wedding in San Francisco – the place it all started when Mariah kissed her. Mariah really liked the idea of going back to their beginning – taking something that was confusing and making it joyful. Mariah said the ideal wedding had to center around music for Tessa, so they could do Dollywood. Mariah knew Tessa loved it when they went there. They decided to call and see if they did weddings.

Tessa was frustrated because everywhere they called was booked solid. Mariah said they could do the GCAC rooftop. Tessa thought it’d be cold for April, but Mariah said Devon could put out heaters. They put it on a possible list. They threw out a bunch of ideas – haunted house, Devon’s private jet, downtown Chicago, a private mini music festival, the field museum next to the dinosaur skeletons. Now they had so many ideas that they weren’t sure what to do.

Sharon and Faith were at Crimson Lights talking about their schedule for visiting colleges when Nick and Noah walked in. Noah asked if Sharon was ready for Faith to fly the nest. Sharon pointed out that Faith spent an entire semester in boarding school, and they all managed fine. Sharon was excited about the opportunities Faith had. Faith was worried no college would take her, but Nick assured Faith that she’d have lots of options, since she raised her grades. Faith and Noah ribbed each other about their choices in life, and Noah said that he was glad he moved to London for awhile and learned what was out there in life.

Faith and Sharon talked alone and worked out an itinerary; they’d be visiting several states, including Michigan and Indiana. Faith was grateful Sharon was doing this with her. Sharon was glad to have some time with her girl. Moses arrived, and he and Faith went to the patio. Noah asked if Faith and Moses were applying to the same schools. Sharon said that Faith wanted to mostly apply to schools in the northeast because that’s where Moses’ mom lived. Nick asked if Sharon talked to Faith about how much her boyfriend should or shouldn’t factor into her decision about where to go to school. Sharon hadn’t felt the need – Faith was applying to a lot of schools, she had no idea where she’d be accepted, and who could predict where Faith and Moses would be a few months from now.

Chance called Sharon from the hospital and asked her to refer him to a counselor. She said she’d call some people and see if they were accepting new patients. The call ended. Abby thanked Chance for making the call, and they hugged. Devon walked up, and he had Amanda with him. She’d realized she wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so she came by. They all went back to the Chancellor place afterward. Dominic was upstairs with the nurse, and he was sleeping peacefully. Abby said that he had one little bandage, and you’d never know what he’d been through. Chance said they would keep Devon and Amanda updated. Devon didn’t want to be away from Dominic. Abby tensed up. She didn’t want Dominic to go to Devon’s house tonight – he’d had an ordeal and he was resting. That wasn’t what Devon meant. Amanda thought that tonight, neither Abby nor Devon wanted to be away from their baby. Abby and Chance invited Devon and Amanda to spend the night. “That way Dominic will be surrounded by all of his parents,” Abby said.

On the patio, Faith asked Moses if he was going to visit any campuses. His mom took him to some when he was a sophomore and he wanted to go into medicine. Now he wanted to go into music, and he was thinking about going to GCU. Faith thought that might be the best choice for her too. He was surprised she’d even consider it, since the last time they talked, she was all “Go Blue.” Faith said her mom encouraged her to consider it. Like Moses, she hoped to work with her family when she graduated, so she could do internships while she was taking classes. Moses said that if Faith got accepted to a big college and turned it down, her family would probably think it was because of him. Faith said it wouldn’t have anything to do with Moses; it was strictly about what was best for her. However, practically speaking, it’d save time if they were in the same place, so they wouldn’t have to keep flying back and forth to visit.

Mariah and Tessa went downstairs and sought Sharon, Faith, Noah, Nick and Moses’s help with the wedding venue idea. Everyone except Noah chimed in, and they all had a different favorite. Mariah asked Noah to break the tie. Noah thought they should combine all the ideas into a wedding theme, because it was all part of who Mariah and Tessa were, and they accepted each other wholeheartedly. Tessa thought that made sense – she said it didn’t matter where they got married – it was a celebration of who they were, which was wild, unpredictable and all-encompassing.

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