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Chad tells Kate that he’ll spin it to Mr. Shin that he thought EJ was guilty and didn’t want him to get away with it so he was serving the course of justice. Kate argues that Mr. Shin doesn’t care about serving the course of justice, only market share and when one co-CEO is trying to send the other co-CEO up the river, it looks really bad for the corporate image. Chad feels he has to take his chances. Chad acknowledges that EJ’s been a real son of a bitch since coming back to town, but he’s his brother and he welcomed him in to the family when he didn’t have to. Chad declares that he’s sorry but he has to tell them that EJ didn’t do it. Chad decides he must go to court to tell them the truth. Chad then exits the office.

Melinda questions Belle representing EJ as she thought EJ was representing himself. Belle says she was misinformed. Melinda calls it not standard procedure. Belle says it’s within EJ’s rights. Belle asks EJ to accept her services to make it official. EJ says he’d be happy to. Melinda calls this an interesting arrangement and says she can’t imagine it will go over well with the board considering EJ was ousted from DiMera. Belle warns Melinda to come up with a new strategy because she’s going to need it.

Rafe goes over the files that Melinda gave him and says it doesn’t make any sense as he wonders what the hell is going on here. Shawn enters the station and asks what has Rafe so upset. Rafe responds that he’s being set up as someone has it in for him.

Ava runs in to Gwen in the town square. Ava notes Gwen having a bad day and guesses Xander is still hot on Sarah’s trail. Gwen confirms that and says that now Xander has teamed up with her little sister.

Xander goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Abigail. Xander says he got her message and asks what’s going on. Abigail reveals she may have a lead on Sarah.

Steve is in his hotel room on the phone with Brady, saying he doesn’t have any leads on Kristen yet but he’s on the case so he should have something to report soon. Steve assures he will be the first to know. Steve hangs up and asks if Kayla is ready. Kayla then comes out dressed as a nun. Steve calls her a vision and the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Steve guesses she’s still having doubts. Kayla feels dressing up as a nun is blasphemy. Steve says it’s for a noble cause so he thinks God will forgive her. Steve adds that they didn’t have many options as they need a way in to the convent to find Kristen and this is it.

Xander questions Abigail’s lead on Sarah. Abigail explains that she went to the DiMera travel department to find out the DiMera jet was not used but one of the older models was used for non official business around the time that Sarah disappeared. Xander asks if Sarah was on that jet but Abigail reveals that she couldn’t find out because the pilot is gone.

EJ asks Belle what made her change her mind. Belle responds that someone may have convinced her that he may be innocent. EJ questions who rose to his defense. Belle reveals that it was Nicole which surprises EJ. Belle adds that Nicole still hates his guts. EJ doesn’t blame her but he’s grateful that she convinced her to do the right thing, even though defending him will risk her position at DiMera. Belle assures she can handle the board and Sami too.

Judge Barnes begins EJ’s trial. Melinda and Belle introduce themselves. EJ then surprises Belle by offering to waive his right to a jury trial.

Steve asks if Kayla is still having second thoughts. Kayla agrees that it’s important and for a noble cause so she will just put her worries aside to impersonate a nun. Kayla declares that whatever it takes to find Kristen, she’s all in. Kayla asks if Steve really thinks Kristen is at the convent. Steve points out that she’s been there before so she could try it again. Kayla decides that makes sense. Steve then comes back out with a collar on like a priest.

Abigail explains to Xander that the pilot quit not long after the non official flight took off. Xander calls it suspicious. Abigail notes that it does seem to suggest a payoff. Xander wants to track the pilot down online but Abigail says it’s a common name. Abigail says she will go back to check if there’s any contact information left. Xander asks why she needs him. Abigail says she doesn’t and that she only called him to update him while Xander decided to show up here. Xander says he’s grateful but he’ll go so he doesn’t slow her down. Xander tells Abigail to call him if she learns anything as he then exits.

Gwen tells Ava about Abigail looking in to Sarah’s disappearance. Gwen doesn’t buy that it has nothing to do with her. Gwen complains that Abigail is all an act because she’s seen her dark side, vengeance, and cruelty. Gwen says that Abigail revels in payback which Ava notes they have in common because she is reveling in payback herself right now.

Rafe explains to Shawn that two guys are saying he planted evidence against them but they are lying because he would never do that. Rafe argues that he’s never had one complaint against him and now he has two in the same day. Shawn asks if he’s sure the guys don’t know each other. Rafe says he’s not sure of anything but as far as he can tell, they don’t. Shawn suggests they could’ve ran in to each other and decided to punish him, or someone else put them up to it. Rafe asks if Shawn thinks someone put them up to it. Shawn says it makes as much as sense as two guys claiming he planted evidence at the same time. Shawn asks if he can think of anyone who has something against him or might want to get revenge. Rafe says not off the top of his head. Rafe knows the police commissioner always has a target on his back. Shawn feels this person must have a real axe to grind. Rafe agrees that it feels personal. Shawn asks again if he can think of anybody who might have a grudge against him.

Ava tells Gwen about her plan to get revenge on Rafe for sleeping with Nicole and says it’s already in motion as Rafe’s going to find himself in a little bit of trouble at work. Ava explains that she has a connection with a few men who have found themselves wrongly incarcerated so she convinced them to file a report that Rafe planted evidence on them. Gwen calls that a fairly serious crime. Ava confirms cops go to jail for that. Gwen questions Ava wanting to send the man she said she loves to prison. Ava warns Gwen that this is just between them, so she needs her to keep her mouth shut about. Xander then approaches and asks what Gwen needs to keep her mouth shut about.

Abigail goes to DiMera Enterprises office to see Chad. Abigail mentions stopping by the travel department but they are in a meeting so no one is there. Chad guesses she’s hot on the trail for Sarah Horton. Abigail says it’s mostly for Maggie. Abigail asks if Chad would have any information on one of DiMera’s old pilots, Ned Granger. Chad says he was there for years until last spring. Chad notes that he doesn’t know why he left but it was pretty sudden if he remembers correctly. Abigail doesn’t imagine he has his contact information. Chad confirms he doesn’t and recalls that his last paycheck was returned as they were never able to track him down. Chad asks why and what’s going on.

Steve and Kayla go to the convent to see Mother Superior while dressed as a priest and a nun. She asks how she can help them. Steve informs her that they are in need of assistance and are hoping she can help them. She says she’d be happy to help in any way she can. She assumes they are visiting here. Steve refers to Kayla as Sister Mary Elizabeth and explains that she’s has been part of an exchange program with a very small Parrish that lost their convent in a fire. Steve notes that everyone else has been temporarily relocated to convents while he’s scheduled to fly back to the States in a few days, so he’d hate for Sister Mary Elizabeth to have to cut her mission short, so he prays that they can take her in.

Gwen thought Xander was on his way to see Abigail. Xander reveals that he already did. Gwen asks if he knows Ava. Xander says he does in a way. Ava says she was worse for wear back then. Xander mentions those days being behind him. Xander questions what they were discussing that Gwen needs to keep her mouth shut about. Ava claims that she’s starting throwing Rafe a surprise party for his birthday in a few weeks, so she was swearing Gwen to secrecy. Gwen assures that her lips are sealed. Ava says she has a lot to do so she will see them later. Gwen wishes her luck with the party as Ava walks away. Xander calls it strange to see them chatting away and questions how they even know each other.

Chad apologizes to Abigail for not being more of a help but he has to go to court since he’s the first witness to EJ’s trial. Abigail guesses he’s all excited to bury his brother. Chad reveals that he’s starting to think that EJ might be innocent. Abigail thought he was ready to burn EJ at the stake so she questions what happened. Chad acknowledges that EJ has been an ass and has tried to undermine him so he was angry but he may have overreacted a bit. Chad adds that despite everything EJ has pulled, he doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Abigail points out that he found proof that EJ masterminded Sami’s kidnapping, so he deserves to go to prison for that and he will after Chad testifies. Chad says not necessarily.

Judge Barnes questions EJ waiving his right to a jury trial. Belle asks for a moment to confer with her client. The judge allows a five minute recess. Belle questions what the hell EJ is doing. She reminds him that she is the attorney and he is the client which means he is to shut up and let her do her job. EJ feels he’s saving them a lot of time as he’d rather take his chances with the judge. Belle argues that EJ is an attorney so he knows that it’s harder to sway a judge than a jury. EJ feels that he shouldn’t have to sway anyone since he’s innocent and he feels the judge will be fair. EJ guesses he’s feeling lucky and asks how he can lose since he’s innocent. Belle questions what’s going on here. EJ claims he just trusts the system and is willing to let it work. Belle argues that EJ doesn’t trust anyone or anything, so she asks if EJ thinks he’s going to get to the judge or if he already has. EJ claims he just thinks that Judge Barnes seems like a reasonable person. Belle says he sounds arrogant and tells him to stop speaking. Belle declares they are running this defense her way or she’s out. EJ says he’s very grateful to have her on his side, so he will leave his fate in her hands.

Abigail questions Chad not testifying about what he knows and says she doesn’t get it. Chad says he will give his testimony and it will be up to the court to decide what to do. Abigail argues that he has hard evidence that EJ is guilty as charged. Abigail then asks if Chad is thinking about lying on the stand. Chad says he didn’t say that. Abigail guesses he’s thinking it and says he cannot possibly be thinking about perjuring himself. Chad says he’s aware of his legal obligations but he has to go. Abigail decides she’s going with him. Chad thought she was tracking down information on Granger. Abigail says she left a message to get back to her, so she can’t do anything until they respond. Chad says she doesn’t have to go just for him. Abigail reveals that the reporter assigned to the trial is sick, so she’s covering it for the Spectator.

Gwen tells Xander that she knows Ava through her son Charlie which Xander questions. Gwen explains that she wanted to offer Ava her condolences after Charlie died. Xander asks if she knew Charlie. Gwen says not well but they bumped in to each other once or twice and shared sob stories as they both knew what it was like to be an outcast, so they sort of bonded. Xander questions her bonding with a psychopath. Gwen clarifies that she’s not defending what Charlie did but she saw another side to him where he just seemed lost and sensitive, so she felt Ava deserved to know her son wasn’t just some soulless monster.

Shawn asks Rafe if someone comes to mind. Rafe says it will sound weird but there’s a stuffed bear that he and Nicole shared custody of. Shawn acknowledges being aware of Duke. Rafe reveals that Nicole found the bear without a head on her desk, so the grudge may have been against Nicole but since he owned Duke as well. Shawn says it’s worth looking in to. Ava arrives and says she hopes she’s not interrupting.

Steve asks the Mother to provide a room for Sister Mary Elizabeth. She says they would take in all of God’s creatures if they could and mentions having several guests staying with them the past few months and it’d be a shame for her mission to be cut short. Kayla says it would mean the world to her. She says they will do everything possible to find her a place but she has to speak with the Sisters and then will get back to them. Steve gives her his phone number and she says she’ll get back to him as soon as she has an answer. Steve and Kayla then exit. After they leave, Kristen in her nun outfit enters Mother Superior’s office and says she just saw her visitors leave, so she asks who they were. She explains that “Father Nichols” was hoping they could take in “Sister Mary Elizabeth” and she told him that she would have to talk to the sisters, but she does hope they can give him some good news since they do try to find a place for everyone like they did for Kristen. Kristen says she’s so grateful even though she doesn’t deserve it since she’s not one of the sisters. Mother Superior says they do care about her and would have loved to bring her back in to the fold but they understand her life took her in a different direction. Kristen deeply appreciates her allowing her to lie low here. She assures they will always do their best to protect her. Kristen says that means so much to her. Mother Superior decides she is done for the evening. Kristen asks to use her phone which she allows as she then exits the office.

Steve and Kayla return to their hotel room, thinking that all went well. Steve says now it’s pretty much a waiting game. Steve adds that being a private investigator is not usually in a room this nice or with a partner as beautiful as her as they then kiss.

Shawn goes to get coffee while Rafe asks Ava what she’s doing here. Ava says she just brought him food from the Bistro. Rafe tells her that he’s kind of in the middle of a big case that is demanding his attention but he can’t get in to it right now. Ava offers to drop it off in his office for later which Rafe allows. Ava kisses him and then heads to Rafe’s office. Shawn comes back and asks Rafe if everything is alright. Rafe says he doesn’t know. Shawn asks what he’s thinking. Rafe says he could be way off base, but he has a feeling that Ava is involved in this.

Ava enters Rafe’s office and sees a photo of them on his desk. Ava laughs at it and calls Rafe a hypocrite for having sex with Nicole on the conference table. Ava thinks back to cutting off Duke the teddy bear’s head. Ava then gets interrupted by a phone call from Kristen DiMera. Kristen questions if Ava stuck Steve on her.

Judge Barnes announces that the recess is up so he’d like to begin the trial. Belle asks for more time. Melinda calls that unbelievable. Belle argues that her client deserves her best defense and she just got the case this morning. Melinda calls it outrageous. Belle asks for them to begin calling witnesses tomorrow. Melinda insists that EJ waived his right to a jury trial so she sees no reason to delay the proceedings. Judge Barnes agrees and allows Melinda to call her first witness. Belle remarks that her first witness isn’t even here. Melinda then calls Chad DiMera to the stand. Chad enters the court room with Abigail. Chad apologizes for being late. EJ remarks to Belle that his own brother has come to bury him. Abigail asks Chad if he’s ready. Chad says he’s as ready as he’ll ever be. Chad tells Abigail there is something he wants her to know before he testifies but the Judge calls him to the stand and says the court is waiting. Chad then takes the stand.

Kayla stops and tells Steve that she can’t be kissing him in a nun’s outfit. Steve jokes that he’d understand if they were a real priest and nun but Kayla insists that it’s weird. Steve asks if there’s any reason she can’t change out of her outfit then. Kayla thinks she can manage that and says she’ll be right back as she goes to the bathroom to change.

Ava asks Kristen what she’s talking about. Kristen asks why Steve and Kayla showed up here tonight. Ava says she doesn’t know but she knows Xander wanted to hire Steve to find Sarah Horton and he thought he turned him down, but maybe he took the case after all. Kristen says that’s the last thing she needs right now. Kristen asks if there’s anything else. Ava says nothing except that Gwen is desperate to get Xander off the Sarah trail because she’s convinced that if he finds his ex then he will leave her. Kristen remarks that she knows exactly how that feels.

Xander tells Gwen that regardless of his feelings about Charlie, it’s very kind of her to offer her condolences to Ava. Gwen relates to losing a child. Xander compliments her big heart as they kiss. Gwen asks him what happened with Abigail and if she had a lot of information. Gwen guesses she didn’t since he’s back already. Xander reveals that she came back with a pretty strong lead so it might be a matter of time before they find Sarah.

Ava informs Kristen that Gwen is devastated by the idea of losing Xander when they’ve been so happy. Kristen declares that since Ava and Gwen helped her, she’s going to help them in return. Ava asks how. Kristen says she’ll find out.

Shawn questions Rafe thinking that Ava is framing him. Rafe calls it a gut feeling. Shawn asks if they are having problems. Rafe brings up the jealousy issue and Ava not being comfortable with his friendship with Nicole. Shawn notes they’ve been friends for years. Rafe assures that’s all it is but Ava can get worked up. Shawn notes that Vitalis tend to do that. Rafe adds that he made the mistake of accusing Ava of killing Duke. Shawn asks how she responded to that. Rafe admits it was not well as she was very upset and insisted he apologize so he felt like a jerk for accusing her. Shawn asks if now he’s circling back around. Rafe says it may just be his imagination but maybe Ava tore Duke’s head off, but to send these guys after him could ruin his entire career. Shawn warns that Ava is not known for playing nice. Rafe talks about Ava turning over a new leaf and being a new person, so he can’t imagine that she would want to destroy him.

Chad is asked if he swears to tell the truth. Chad thinks back to talking to Kate about what Lucas did. Chad then swears in so Melinda approaches the stand.

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