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Recap written by Christine

Victor showed up at Society to scold Adam for storming off in the middle of the meeting with his siblings. Adam said it was an honest expression of how he felt. Victor didn’t give a damn if it was honest – it was inappropriate. “Your sister just came back. She defeated Ashland Locke. She brought back 250 million of the 500 million that I paid that bastard to get out of town. She ought to be applauded,” Victor contended. “If I am less than thrilled about Victoria’s return, it’s because I can feel the ground crumbling under my feet,” Adam admitted. Victor said he never would’ve gone to the press and announced Adam as new CEO if he’d known Victoria would be back in a week. Adam believed that, but he said it meant Victoria used Victor as a pawn in her plan. Adam said Victoria knew that Victor would make that announcement – it was almost like proof to Locke that she’d been exiled from the family. Victor stated that Victoria did what she thought she had to do. Adam appreciated Victor giving him a chance, but he knew Victor had hoped Victoria would return. “I just wish that you had given me a little more time to show you what I am capable of.” Adam felt he had a lot of great ideas, and he didn’t get bogged down by his wreck of a personal life, like Victoria did. Victor told Adam to stop criticizing his sister. Victor thought that Adam was very bright and capable, and he wanted him to use his talents to support Victoria as CEO. Victor didn’t want Adam undermining Victoria. He wanted his children to work together as a family, not act like gladiators in a ring.

Victor said that they needed to pull together as a family, like they did when they fought Ashland. He reiterated that Victoria should be applauded for delivering the final blow. Adam said Victoria deceived and manipulated them all. Victor understood Adam’s frustration, but he said there was a time things were all reversed. Victor said Adam grew up on a farm in Kansas, he went to Harvard and worked on Wall Street. When Adam came back to the family, they didn’t know him. Victor said Adam’s siblings considered him a threat, but Victor welcomed Adam and supported him. Adam said he was still paying for his own mistakes – nothing he did to redeem himself made a difference to his siblings, and nothing probably ever would. Victor urged Adam to give it time. He thought Adam and Nick were getting closer. Adam grumbled that all it cost him was one of his kidneys. Victor said no one had forgotten Adam’s extraordinary act. Adam said Victoria didn’t trust him. Victor said Victoria couldn’t deny Adam’s success at Newman Media. Victor wanted the three of them to sit down together. Adam asked who the three people were. Victor said that Victoria asked Nick to join the company. Adam was caught off guard. Victor thought that if Victoria, Nick and Adam worked together, they could make Newman a formidable company. Adam grudgingly admitted that was true.

Victoria was alone in the CEO’s office when Billy dropped in to find out what was going on. He was thrilled she wasn’t with that fraud, Ashland anymore, but he wanted to know how Victoria went from moving away with Ashland and quitting her job to being back in her office again. Victoria felt Billy deserved the truth, so she revealed that she never actually planned to reconcile with Ashland. Billy had hoped that was the case, but he wondered why she didn’t trust him with her plan. She said she didn’t want “The Grinning Soul” to do an entire podcast on clever women who flipped the script on their devious husbands. He was glad she was safe, sound and he hoped she was single. She said that was right – she wanted nothing to do with Ashland.

Victoria explained that her biggest gamble was telling Nick that she and Ashland were looking for investors. Billy understood Victoria had to trust Nick to make sure no one invested in the company. She stated that her plan hinged on Nick telling Victor everything. She said that Nick had to read between the lines and know that was what she wanted him to do, or he’d have to go into overprotective patronizing mode. Billy hoped it was the former. Victoria didn’t care why Nick did it at this point, since all that mattered was that everything went exactly as she planned. Billy said it took brains and courage to set this trap for Ashland. He thought it was fantastic that she got Victor’s 250 million dollars back. She didn’t know he cared so much about her father’s wallet. He didn’t care about that – he was just glad that Ashland didn’t have that money anymore. He was surprised Victor gave Ashland 500 million dollars. Victoria noted that Ashland gave half of it to Nick’s charity. Billy assumed that Adam had planned to hold the money over Victoria’s head and chide her for falling in love with a conman and costing the family a fortune. “Adam didn’t make this deal with Ashland because he cared about the family. He did it because he was thinking about himself. He wanted to highlight my mistakes,” Victoria asserted. She said it didn’t matter though because the money was back in the family, and she’d made everything right again. Billy said Victoria could move on and forget about Ashland for good.

Billy couldn’t explain the way he felt. “Because of your limited vocabulary?,” Victoria asked. He said he was overwhelmed with happiness that Ashland wouldn’t be part of the kids lives. She apologized for misleading him. She’d never had any intention of letting Ashland around the kids. He realized she wasn’t as fragile as she thought she was. She groaned and said she’d told him for years that she was no delicate flower. He said he should’ve listened. He was sure her family was happy. She thought everyone was happy except Adam, who was disappointed he wouldn’t be running Newman. Billy and Victoria’s kids were at camp, and he’d video chatted with them recently. She asked how Katie’s swim test went. She knew their daughter had been nervous about it. He said Katie nailed it and she couldn’t wait to tell Victoria about it. Johnny had a crush on his counselor, who was 96, according to Billy. Victor showed up wanting to talk to Victoria. Billy told Victoria he wasn’t upset that she only pretended to get out from under her father’s influence. Victor said Victoria would never leave her family, though she’d become an expert at getting rid of her toxic exes. Victoria thanked Billy for the update on the kids. Victor asked Billy how the kids were, and he said they were fine. He said to thank Nikki for sending the kids a care package. Victor said he’d pass it along. Billy said the best part was when the kids came home from camp, Ashalnd wouldn’t be part of their lives. Victor agreed, and Billy left.

Victor asked Victoria what that idiot had been doing here. Victor was there to discuss work, but Victoria wanted to know how upset he was with her. Before he’d answer, he asked how much Billy knew about the plan to get rid of Ashland. She said she’d kept Billy in the dark, and he’d even threatened her with legal action over the kids. She was just glad Billy knew the truth now. Victor was very glad that Billy didn’t know before, because he would’ve blabbed about it on his sad podcast. Victoria mentioned that she said the same thing to Billy. She noted that she and Victor thought alike. He asked why she didn’t confide in him. She said she didn’t want to put him in a position of having to lie to Nikki. He conceded her point. She said if she’d told him, he might not have held that press conference announcing Adam as CEO. He asked if that was helpful, and she said it was instrumental in convincing Ashland that her ties with her family was irrevocably broken. He asked what if Nick didn’t tell her about her plan to find investors. He said her plan was risky. She said it was risky, but she had everything to gain, and nothing to lose – unless she’d been fired in favor of Adam. Victor felt Victoria handled this whole thing very well. He said she took revenge on Ashland Locke and taught him a lesson he’d never forget – that no one threatened the Newmans and got away with it. He was very proud of her and of her ability to run the company. He said she was capable and strong, and he asked if that answered her question. It did. She thanked him for her confidence in her. She asked if he thought Nick would join the company. He didn’t know, but he thought if anyone had a shot at bringing Nick in, it was her.

Victor said that Nick seemed more inclined to join the business. He felt that Nick had prioritized the family more than he had in a long time. A telling sign was that Nick came to him to tell him about Victoria’s plan to get investors. Victor said he’d always impressed the importance of loyalty onto the kids, and he thought Nick’s act exemplified that loyalty. Victoria said she hadn’t always appreciated Nick’s brand of loyalty, but she intended to make up for that. Victor hoped Victoria would show some appreciation for Adam and what he could contribute. She said that was something to think about. She asked if he thought Adam would hang around. He asked if she thought Adam would just walk away.

Victoria didn’t want Victor to make her feel bad about not being enthusiastic to work with Adam. She thought it was clear that Adam felt the same way, given the way he stormed out of the office earlier. She said he couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as her, which wouldn’t make for a good working environment. Victor asked if Victoria didn’t understand Adam’s frustration. Victoria said Adam felt entitled to run the company, never mind the fact that he hadn’t integrated ChancComm and Newman Media. She said he wanted to wash his hands of that and move on to bigger and better. Victor thought it was in Victoria’s best interest to take what Adam had to say seriously. She said she was always willing to listen, but she wasn’t going to let her guard down because Adam was always trying to undermine her. Victor said he made it clear it was in Adam’s best interest to remain loyal. Victoria didn’t think Adam cared about that. Victor said Adam had been working very hard to be accepted by the family, and he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

Ashland was in another hotel room, in the Athletic Club. He met with a man in a suit named Stannis. Stannis wanted to explain what happened with the job in Peru, but Ashland said there was no need. “We had many successes in the past, Peru wasn’t one of them, but you can’t knock it out of the park every time, can you?,” Ashland stated. However, Ashland was very annoyed that Stannis had failed to accomplish what should’ve been a simple task of keeping Michael Baldwin locked up in the Peruvian prison so that Ashland could’ve controlled the narrative in Genoa City. Ashland still didn’t understand what went wrong – perhaps there were some unforeseen exigences they didn’t plan for, or perhaps Michael was smarter than him and Stannis. Stannis tried to explain again, but Ashland reiterated that there was no need. Ashland was offering Stannis a job that would give him a chance to redeem himself. Stannis assumed the job was still Michael Baldwin. “Oh God no, let’s not bite off more than we can chew. I can’t expect you to keep up with a wily third-rate lawyer,” Ashland said. He stated that this time the target would be much more manageable – “my wife.”

Ashland said he would be keeping a low profile in Genoa City, so he needed Stannis to be his eyes and ears. Victor and Adam had been thorns in his side, so he wanted information on them, but Victoria would be the primary target. Stannis understood that he was to tail and keep track of Victoria’s whereabouts. “Yes, good for you,” Ashland said in a condescending tone. Ashland knew this was beneath Stannis’s prodigious skill set, but after what happened in Peru, he thought that Stannis should start out with an easier assignment. Ashland wanted to know everything Victoria did – if she bought gum, he wanted to know what flavor. Stannis nodded and left.

Billy found Adam at the Society bar and joined him. Billy needled Adam about losing his CEO’s spot. Adam told Billy to go to Hell. Billy asked how many times Victor had let Billy go. Adam made a crack about Billy’s podcast. Billy said Victoria got rid of Locke, got the money back and sent Adam packing – a true trifecta. Stannis was at Society, and he listened in on Adam and Billy trading barbs.

Billy asked if Adam broke the news to Sally that she’d be getting demoted so he could have her job back. He said Sally might start to feel like she’d bet on the wrong horse. Adam noticed Billy was using a lot of gambling metaphors. He asked if Billy was reverting to his old ways. Billy was in a great mood because he got to watch Adam fail – lose his job, possibly his girl and that little bit of respect Victor had for him. Billy said Adam’s plan to get rid of Locke cost a half a billion dollars and it didn’t work, and his sister had to clean things up. Billy said Adam must be hurt and have his back against the wall. Adam admitted he did have his back against he wall. “You, of all people, should know that’s when I’m most dangerous,” Adam added.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Nick she was relieved Victoria was back and had cut ties with Ashland. Nikki had worried that Victoria was gone forever. She felt she should’ve had more faith in Victoria. Nick said they shouldn’t let Victoria off the hook entirely because she’d given a very convincing performance. He understood why Victoria did it, but he also thought it was cruel of her to put the family through that, especially Nikki. Nikki said that if a few sleepless nights was the price to pay for getting rid of Ashland, it was well worth it. Nikki asked what Nick thought of Victoria’s job offer. She said Victor told her that Nick seemed to be interested in returning to Newman even before Victoria made the job offer.

Nick didn’t know how real Victoria’s job offer was. He thought it was more of a gesture of goodwill. Nikki was glad her kids were close again – it was what every mother hoped for. He said he’d always support his sister, even though she could be extremely exasperating. He said Victoria needed people around her that she felt like she could trust. He thought that was where the job offer came from. Nikki said Victoria never let sentiment get in the way of how she ran business. She thought Victoria trusted Nick’s judgment and business instincts and that was why she made him the offer. He asked if she thought he should take it. She thought he should do what made him happy, but she knew Victor would be thrilled to have Nick and Victoria working together again.

Nick didn’t like the tension at Newman. He said Victor felt like he’d needed to control everything, and intentionally or not, Victor had created all these rivalries between his kids. Nikki said that could change. Nick didn’t see that happening. He noted that Adam had just stormed out of the office because Victor finally gave him the job he wanted and now it looked like he’d have to relinquish it. Nick didn’t blame Adam for being angry. Nikki guessed she couldn’t blame Adam either. Nick said Victor couldn’t seem to resist pitting Adam and Victoria against each other. Nikki said Victor didn’t always do that always on purpose. Nick said that Victor’s M.O. was to keep Adam and Victoria on opposing sides. Nick asked why he’d want to work there too and subject himself to that. Nikki said it’d mean a lot to Victor. He liked his life and his job, and he asked why he’d give that up to go back to Newman. She didn’t know, but she could tell he’d given this a lot of thought.

Nick said he had given this a lot of thought, and he realized that if he took a role in the company, he’d have more say in family matters. He said Nikki was constantly in the middle of all these skirmishes and that had to take a toll on her. That concerned him. She didn’t want him to step away from New Hope just because of her. She thought things would calm down for awhile. He was sure there was something else coming. He didn’t think Ashland was just going to stay away, and he also thought the tension between Adam and Victoria would continue to grow, and it would lead to a serious problem unless someone defused it. Nikki liked seeing Nick be so thoughtful, loving and protective – a born leader.

Nikki said she’d been COO and co-CEO and one of those positions would be available for Nick. He thought Victoria had a smaller role in mind for him, like advisor. Nikki thought that Victoria left things open-ended so Nick could decide where he fit in. she thought he had a unique vantage point because he understood what Victoria and Adam were going through but he grew out of needing Victor’s approval, because he had the confidence in knowing he could be a success without Victor. She said he could be the moral compass. Nick didn’t really see himself that way, but Sharon recently said he could provide some balance at the company. Nikki hoped Nick would consider it.

Chloe met Chelsea at the park. Chloe saw Connor playing soccer and commented on how tall he was. Chelsea was glad Chloe came. She was sorry she’d snapped at Chloe earlier. Chloe said she advised against the Marchetti job because Chelsea had been under so much pressure. She wasn’t trying to be critical, she was trying to look out for Chelsea. Chelsea knew that Chloe always had her best interests at heart. Chelsea felt like she was obligated to Chloe. She said Chloe created the fashion platform at Newman, she agreed to work with Adam, she kept the peace between Chelsea and Sally, she went to Lauren and created a new deal with Fenmore’s after Victoria dropped the brand. Chelsea said Chloe created all these amazing opportunities for her, and she felt like she couldn’t hold up her end of the bargain. She didn’t want to let Chloe down. Chloe said Chelsea couldn’t ever do that. Chelsea said not to be so sure. Chelsea was sorry, but they needed to dissolve their partnership.

Chloe felt like that was a bit of an overreaction. Chelsea said this was actually the only solution. Chelsea said that she was distracted and missing deadlines because she’d spread herself too thin because she wasn’t emotionally ready to throw herself into this business. Chelsea didn’t want to admit that to her friend, since Chloe had thrown her heart and soul into this line. Chelsea said the longer she pretended, the more defensive she’d get and the more damage she’d cause the friendship. Chelsea asked if Chloe could ever forgive her. Chloe didn’t want Chelsea to give up on her dreams. Chelsea said that wasn’t what this was. Chelsea had tried to make everyone else happy and be the old version of herself, and maybe she’d get there one day, but she didn’t currently have it in her to give this business her full focus. Chloe wasn’t mad; she supported Chelsea doing this to take care of herself. Chloe offered to tell Lauren and Summer. Chelsea already set up a meeting with Lauren. Chelsea was going to void the deal with Fenmore’s, then tell Summer and Kyle she couldn’t take the Marchetti deal. Chelsea asked again if Chloe was angry. Chloe felt a little brokenhearted, but she thought it was better to lose the business partnership than the friendship. She thanked Chloe for having the guts to face what she was going through and for being honest with her. Chelsea said she wouldn’t make this decision if she wasn’t sure Chloe would be able to find another job.

As Chloe left the park, she called Sally and asked if they could get together and discuss the job offer.

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