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Chanel calls Allie and asks if there’s any update on her aunt Belle. Allie informs her that Marlena is keeping her sedated while trying to get a hold of John. Allie says they’ve been through it, so they’ll know how to help Belle. Allie asks how Chanel is doing. Chanel is still freaked out because the Devil looked her in the eye and told her that he was going to kill her. Allie says she’s sorry but asks her not to tell anyone as Marlena wants to keep it on the DL. Chanel tells her not to worry as she has no desire to talk about Johnny or what went down this morning. Paulina then appears and questions what happened with Johnny. Chanel tells Allie that she will call her back and hangs up. Paulina asks what Johnny did now. Chanel explains that she went by this morning to try and get Johnny to let her and Allie out of doing his stupid movie and he said he would if she dropped her lawsuit, meaning she won’t get a dime in their divorce. Paulina hopes she told him to kick rocks. Chanel responds that she would have but they got interrupted. Paulina offers to talk to TR about it. Chanel says that TR said he’d be fine letting them out of the movie, as a favor to Paulina.

TR asks Beth if they have a deal that she will keep her mouth shut about their past relationship and in exchange, he will give her a role in his upcoming movie. Beth reluctantly agrees to the deal. TR tells her that she made the right decision and she won’t regret it. Beth is unsure but TR assures that this could be her big break as he hands her the papers. Beth remarks that TR always gets his way. TR guesses he’s just lucky. Beth asks if it was just luck that the one person that she told her story to, that knows the disgusting truth about him, gets shot right after meeting with her. TR claims he had nothing to do with that but admits that poor Eli took his secret to the grave…

Shawn goes to see Julie, who notes that he looks serious and asks if something is wrong. Shawn informs her that he has bad news about Eli.

Lani complains to Abe that it seems like Eli has been in surgery forever and asks how long it’s been. Abe says they should hear some news soon. Kayla comes over and announces that Eli is out of surgery. Lani asks how it went. Eli’s mother Valerie arrives and hugs Lani, asking how her son is. Lani informs her that he’s out of surgery. Abe asks if Kayla has more to tell them. Kayla reveals that the surgeon removed the bullet without any complications, so Eli is in stable condition. Kayla adds that Eli is okay but he’s not out of the woods, so the next 24-48 hours are critical. Abe and Valerie hug Lani as she cries.

Eli lays in his hospital bed and dreams about getting shot by TR. Eli then calls out “Ray” in his sleep.

Paulina questions when Chanel spoke to TR. Chanel explains that he came by this morning with an updated version of the script but they told him that there was no way they were working with him or Johnny, and TR said he didn’t want to make them do anything they don’t want to do. Chanel guesses TR is trying to make amends with Paulina and Lani, but Johnny still has to agree. Chanel adds that knowing that TR is cool with it is huge since he’s the producer and doesn’t have to do this. Chanel guesses TR really is trying to get back in Paulina’s graces. Paulina acknowledges that TR has made it clear he wants a chance with her, but she’s still thinking about it. Chanel admits that TR did seem like a decent guy but she’s not sure she trusts him after all the hell he put Paulina through. Paulina says that was a long time ago but assures that her eyes are wide open and she won’t forget what TR did to her. Paulina adds that she told him that forgiveness has to be earned but she still has a lot of reservations. Paulina brings up everyone in town forgiving her for what she did, so it seems hypocritical to not give a second chance to others. Chanel doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. Paulina tells her not to worry about her and just focus on getting out of that movie. Paulina hopes TR can find a way to overrule Johnny. Chanel remarks that she’s sure TR won’t have a problem finding someone else to play Celeste in the movie. Beth then appears and reveals that he already has, as she is the new Celeste.

Valerie asks Kayla if the surgeon expressed any concern about permanent brain damage. Kayla says not at this point, but they will have to wait and see. Lani asks if they can see him. Kayla says they are welcome to sit with him and suggests limiting it to two for now. Abe sends his love as Kayla takes Lani and Valerie to Eli’s room. Lani goes to Eli’s side and tells him that she and Valerie are right there. Eli tries to speak, so they wonder what he’s trying to say.

Chanel questions Beth being the new Celeste. Beth confirms that she was just cast and asks if Chanel was hoping for the role. Chanel reveals she already did and was trying to get out of it for weeks. Beth asks why. Paulina informs her that Chanel’s soon to be ex-husband is the director. Chanel wonders if this means that Johnny has caved. Paulina questions why he would do that. Chanel reveals that she helped him with a family crisis, so maybe this is his way of saying thanks. Chanel asks if Beth has talked to Johnny. Beth says she just talked to TR. Chanel doesn’t care how it happened and is just glad it did. Beth asks if she should be worried about Johnny. Chanel says not at all as he is a very talented director and very passionate about this project. Chanel mentions Johnny having her try on wigs and study tarot cards which Beth questions. Beth mentions she hasn’t read the script yet as she just got cast. Beth recalls TR mentioning something about Celeste being a psychic. Beth says she would love to pick Chanel’s brain about the role. Chanel invites Beth in to the Bakery so they can chat. Beth thanks her as Chanel introduces herself and Paulina. Chanel tells Beth that she is the one helping her out as they head in to the bakery.

Shawn brings Julie to the hospital where Abe talks to them about the shooter being a known drug dealer named Frank. Shawn points out that Eli wasn’t working a case that involved him. Julie wonders if Eli was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shawn brings up that Eli was questioning a woman right before the shooting. Abe explains that was part of a background check and that the woman told Lani that Eli had stepped out in the middle of their meeting. Shawn decides to go check on leads. Julie encourages him to find out what has happened to Eli. Shawn tells Julie that he loves her and exits the hospital. Julie hugs Abe and asks how Lani is holding up. Abe admits she’s shook up but keeping it together. Abe thinks Lani could use some additional support.

TR wishes he saved some of the heroin for himself instead of using it all on Frank but decides it’s probably for the best as he has to keep a clear head. TR believes that Eli is dead and says it should have hit the news by now. TR checks his tablet and is shocked to find out Eli is still alive.

Abe calls Paulina, who says it’s nice to hear from him. Abe informs her that there is something she should know as he reveals that Eli was shot earlier today. Paulina asks if he’s alright. Abe says he is at the moment and they are at the hospital. Paulina says she’ll be right there and hangs up.

Lani can’t make out what Eli is saying. Kayla guesses he’s just dreaming. Lani encourages Eli to relax. Eli continues dreaming about getting shot. Lani notes that he seems really agitated. Kayla encourages Lani to keep talking to him and to keep him calm. Lani tells Eli that their family is safe. Valerie adds that the man who did this to him is no longer a threat. Eli then begins having a seizure.

Allie calls Tripp and says she got his text and got all of his stuff that he left in a box, so whenever he wants her to drop it off, he can text or call her. Allie hopes he’s doing well and hangs up.

Chanel tells Beth about Celeste being a psychic and going up against the Devil. Chanel says that Celeste was the first person to sense the Devil was in Salem and mutters that she wishes she was here now. Chanel adds that Celeste was from New Orleans and had Creole accent which Beth notes she will have to work on. Beth comments that TR was right that this is a great part. Chanel calls it interesting that TR was the one who casted her. Beth guesses that she knows TR. Chanel reveals that TR used to date her mom and they have a daughter together, her half-sister Lani. Beth asks if TR and Paulina are close. Chanel says TR would like them to be, but he did some pretty bad stuff to her in the past, so she’s not sure that she can trust him. Chanel mentions that TR apologized to her and seems sincere and he claims he put it all behind him, but she doesn’t think men like that can change. Chanel notes that Paulina thinks everyone deserves a second chance, so maybe she’s right. Beth tells Chanel that she has something she needs to tell her, but she gets a call from Shawn, who asks her to come down to the police station right away.

Paulina goes to the hospital and sits with Julie and Abe. Paulina tells Julie that she’s so sorry this happened and that she knows how much she loves Eli, like they all do. TR then arrives and claims to Paulina that he just heard about Eli and asks how he is. Paulina responds that he’s in recovery and Lani is with him now. TR asks if Eli is awake. Julie says not as far as they know. TR introduces himself to Abe as Lani’s father. Julie didn’t know he was in the picture. TR calls it a recent development and asks who Julie is. Paulina explains that she is Eli’s grandmother and that Abe is the mayor. TR calls Abe the man that Lani thought was his dad. Abe clarifies that he is her dad. TR appreciates Abe looking out for his little girl and says he doesn’t know how to thank him. Abe responds that he doesn’t need his thanks. Abe declares that being Lani’s father is the greatest gift in his life and Lani will always be his daughter, so he’ll do his best to protect her which means he’s going to have to ask TR to leave.

Lani panics as Kayla begins to work on Eli. Kayla asks Lani to leave the room. Valerie agrees to take Lani out but says she will be back to help. Lani cries that they have to save Eli. Valerie promises to do everything they can.

Chanel goes to see Allie and says she thinks she has good news as she just met the new Celeste since apparently TR gave someone else the part. Allie asks if this means they are off the hook and don’t have to do the movie. Chanel hopes so. Allie notes that would be very good news. Allie adds that Chanel was just in time because she made snickerdoodles for Will. Chanel calls it nice to finally meet Will and jokes that he’s a hottie. Allie reminds him that he’s her gay brother and married. Chanel assures that she’s done dating her family and asks if they had fun catching up. Allie says they did and reveals that they spent a lot of time talking about Chanel.

Beth meets Shawn in the interrogation room at the police station and asks what this is about. Shawn informs her of Eli being shot by a local drug dealer. Beth says that’s awful but asks what it has to do with her. Shawn says that she was the last person to see Eli before the shooting, so he hoped that she could shed some light on why Eli was in the park. Beth responds that all he said was that he had something to take care of and it wouldn’t be long, but then he never came back and now she knows why. Beth comments on Lani being young to be a widow. Shawn then reveals that Eli is still alive and was just getting out of surgery, so he’s hoping soon that he will be able to tell him what really went down. Beth thinks back to warning Eli to keep TR away from his wife and kids because he is the Devil. Beth guesses that Eli being alive changes everything.

Abe asks TR to leave. TR asks why he would do that when he’s family. TR adds that he and Lani have already started to bond so he’s sure she wouldn’t have a problem with him being here. Abe argues that he does because he knows what TR did to Paulina and he’s not comfortable having him around her, his daughter, or his grandchildren. TR understands why Abe wouldn’t want him around, but assures him that he has changed and he would really like to have a chance to be here for his daughter. Lani comes out from Eli’s room so Julie asks how he is. Lani cries that she doesn’t understand as they were talking to him about what happened. TR cuts her off and quickly says he can explain. Lani questions what he could explain.

Kayla and Valerie work to try to stop Eli’s seizure.

Chanel doesn’t know if she should be flattered or scared that Allie was talking to her brother about her. Allie suggests a little of both. Chanel asks if Allie told Will that they slept together. Allie confirms that she did because she wanted him to hear it from her and she also wanted his help with figuring out what her feelings for her mean and if she’s gay. Chanel asks what Will said. Allie says that Will told her he couldn’t answer that for her but he told her about his experience and it was really helpful. Allie adds that she thought a lot about it and she understands now that her experience and Will’s are different. Allie says Will was in the closet and used to sleep with women even though he wasn’t really into it but then he came out and realized he’s gay while she’s not and she knows that because she’s definitely attracted to men but she knows she’s not completely straight because clearly she’s attracted to Chanel. Allie reveals that Will thinks that she’s bisexual and she thinks he might be right.

Shawn questions Beth saying that Eli being alive changes everything. Beth claims she just meant for Lani since she still has her husband. Shawn informs her that Lani told him that Beth met with Eli to discuss her relationship with TR Coates. Beth emphasizes that was a past relationship. Shawn asks if she can tell him what was said during that meeting. Beth calls it a private matter. Shawn understands but someone shot and injured one of his officers today, so it’s his job to find out what happened to him and in order to do that, he needs as much information as possible. Beth doubts anything she would say would be relevant. Shawn says sometimes the little things can be what cracks the case wide open. Shawn asks Beth to tell him what she told Eli and to not leave anything out.

TR apologizes to Lani for jumping in like that. Lani asks what he wanted to explain. TR claims he was just going to explain why he’s here and says he read about what happened to Eli. Lani thought Abe said he asked Shawn not to release any information to the media. Abe confirms that he did but every reporter is on social media. TR tells Lani that he didn’t mean to intrude as they just started to get to know one another, but he wanted to come show his support if that’s alright with her. Lani says it’s fine. Julie wants to get back to the subject of Eli and asks Lani what he said about the shooting. Lani says he was just mumbling in his sleep and then he had a seizure. Lani adds that Kayla asked her to leave while Valerie stayed to help, so she doesn’t know what’s happening. Paulina hugs Lani and encourages that everything will be alright. Kayla comes over and confirms Eli’s seizure but they were able to get it under control. Kayla then announces that Eli is now in a coma. Kayla says it’s impossible to predict when a patient will come out of a coma, so they will just have to let Eli’s body heal itself and then see what happens. Lani asks Abe to check with the babysitter which he agrees to do as Lani heads back to Eli’s room. Paulina encourages Julie that everything is going to be alright. Shawn returns and asks what’s going on. Julie informs him that Eli’s in a coma and asks if he found anything out about the shooting. Shawn looks at TR and says he’d rather not discuss that information in front of a stranger. TR remarks that he’s not a stranger, he’s Lani’s father. Shawn introduces himself and reveals that he just interviewed TR’s ex-girlfriend, Beth Howard. Paulina shouts out that she just met Beth and questions that being his ex. TR responds that they dated a year ago but it’s been over for awhile. Paulina asks why Shawn needed to speak with her. Shawn explains that Eli just left a meeting with Beth before going to the park. Paulina asks what the meeting was about. Shawn informs her that Eli had some questions about Beth’s relationship with TR. Paulina argues that TR told her that he got clean years ago after prison and swore he wasn’t using drugs and that he hadn’t raised his hand to another woman since. Paulina says she wanted to verify his story and Eli offered to help by digging in to his past to see if he was telling the truth. Paulina asks what Beth had to say about her relationship with TR. Abe adds that he’d like to hear the answer that himself.

Chanel asks Allie if she’s comfortable identifying as bisexual. Allie says she thinks so and that it feels right. Allie asks if that’s weird since Chanel isn’t big on labels. Chanel says she would never judge her. Allie says talking to Will made her realize how much pressure she had been putting on herself to choose gay or straight and now she knows she doesn’t have to. Allie says what helped her was remembering when Paulina found out they kissed and Chanel explained that she wasn’t gay, just sometimes she kisses girls and sometimes she kisses boys. Allie guesses she does too but some people might call themselves bisexual while others might not and that’s okay. Allie is still processing it but is seeing herself through a new lens and embracing who she is. Allie says she feels good and more at peace. Chanel says she’s happy for her. Allie just wishes she could have figured out her sexual identity before hurting Tripp. Chanel says she didn’t mean to but Allie says it doesn’t make it any less painful. Chanel asks if there’s any chance but Allie says no since Tripp made it very clear they are over, asked for his ring back, and now all of his stuff back. Chanel mentions that she made a plea on her behalf but he wouldn’t listen. Allie thanks her for trying and calls her a good friend.

Shawn says he spoke a great length with Beth and she had a lot to say. Shawn reveals that Beth confirmed that during her relationship with TR, there was no physical violence and that he was sober for the entire time. Paulina is relieved to hear that. Julie asks if Beth knew why Eli went to the park and faced off with a drug dealer but Shawn says no. Abe guesses they won’t have the full picture until Eli wakes up.

Valerie sits at Eli’s side and encourages him to come back to her. Kayla brings Lani back in to the room as Valerie breaks down crying over Eli.

Chanel tells Allie that they are in the same boat as part of her still loves Johnny but there is zero chance of them getting back together. Allie says before realizing that she was bisexual, she couldn’t imagine her and Chanel together as a couple and usually she’d say jumping into a new relationship right after an old one ends is a terrible idea, but Chanel is her best friend and they know everything about each other. Allie adds that they obviously have feelings for each other. Allie says now that they are both single, maybe this is their chance to give them a shot and see if they have a future. Chanel asks if she means as a couple. Allie says yes unless that sounds crazy. Chanel says it definitely sounds crazy but she absolutely loves it. Chanel and Allie then kiss each other.

Shawn takes Julie to the chapel to say a prayer for Eli. Paulina hopes TR understands why she had Eli look in to him. TR says of course and he’s glad she did because now she knows that he’s telling the truth that he’s a changed man. TR tells her that he’s going to be in Salem for awhile so he has plenty of time to earn her trust, which he fully intends to do, but right now they have to put their issues aside and be there for Lani. Paulina cries about Lani and the twins possibly losing Eli. Abe finishes a call and looks over to see TR comforting Paulina.

Lani tells Eli how much she loves him and tells him to take as much time as he needs to recover. Lani cries that they will be fine and she knows he will be too.

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