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Jake joins Gabi at the Bistro. Jake gets a text from Mr. Shin, saying he’s on his way from the airport. Gabi tells Jake that they need to sell Shin on getting Victor a seat on the DiMera Board and then in return, Victor will put her in charge of Titan so they will be running both companies. Jake stops her and says they need a new plan.

Ava surprises Rafe in his office. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Ava says she was just in the neighborhood. Rafe says he was just about to call her about making plans with her for tonight. Ava asks if he means with her. Rafe questions who else he’d be making plans with on New Year’s Eve. Ava thinks back to seeing Rafe and Nicole kissing. Ava then says she just thought Rafe might have other plans.

Sami questions what EJ just said. EJ repeats that Lucas was the one who kidnapped her. Sami calls that crazy and asks what would make him even think that. EJ says it was actually Nicole. Nicole regretted putting that in EJ’s head but EJ insists that he’s convinced it’s true.

Chad catches Lucas in the DiMera office and questions how he got into the computer. Lucas admits he borrowed his mom’s password. Chad asks why. Lucas brings up EJ being arrested for kidnapping Sami and he made bail when they both know he’s guilty as sin. Chad asks what that has to do with Lucas sneaking in here. Lucas says he’s not sneaking in and he’s just extremely worried about Sami. Chad asks why since Sami is back and safe. Lucas argues that she’s definitely not safe because of EJ. Lucas says that Sami is determined to give EJ the benefit of the doubt and refuses to believe that he kidnapped her, so she’s going to be in danger when she goes back to EJ. Lucas claims he was looking for the money trail as proof. Chad questions him hacking in and asks what the hell he’s really up to.

At Basic Black, Chloe is on the phone with her mom. Chloe thanks her for checking in and says she would tell her if they find Philip but every day that passes, she has less hope. Chloe mentions not seeing Brady since they dropped the charges. Chloe says she has to get back to work and hangs up as Brady then arrives at the office. Chloe asks what Brady is doing here on a holiday. Brady points out that it’s a holiday for her too and yet she’s burying herself in work. Chloe says it helps keep her mind off of things. Brady wants to start pulling his own weight around here since he’s been missing for awhile. Chloe asks about Marlena. Brady says she’s good and will be released from the hospital today. Chloe calls that a miracle. Brady prays that’s the last time the Devil appears in Salem.

Chad checks the computer that Lucas was on and questions if he made the fund transfers. Lucas says he did not and points out that the dates are weeks ago. Chad argues that he didn’t authorize them and nobody else has access to the accounts but Kate and EJ. Lucas notes that Kate hasn’t logged in to those accounts in eons so it wouldn’t be her. Lucas points out the recurring payments shown are to a Jason Smith in Milwaukee. Chad asks who that is, so Lucas informs him that he was one of the guards who held Sami prisoner. Lucas declares that this proves that EJ was behind kidnapping Sami and thought he would get away with it. Lucas adds that he almost implicated Chad and his whole company. Chad calls it maybe a little too unbelievable.

Sami asks why Lucas would kidnap her. EJ says that Lucas wants her all to himself and his desperate plan was his only shot. Sami calls that an interesting theory but asks if he has any proof. Sami tells EJ that they are back together so he doesn’t have to go around making wild accusations. Nicole stops and questions them being back together. Sami explains that she and EJ had a good talk where he ripped up the divorce papers when he changed his mind about them. Sami realizes EJ hadn’t had the chance to tell Nicole yet and jokes that this is awkward.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s been thinking about her nonstop and worrying about her. Chloe says she’s hanging in and she’s just really relieved that Melinda dropped the charges against him. Brady thanks her for going to bat for him with Kate. Chloe says it was worth it. Brady is very grateful to her. Chloe knows who Brady is and knows his heart so she knows he’d never be capable of killing Philip or anyone else. Chloe cries about the waiting and not knowing if she’ll ever have answers to whether Philip is alive or dead. Chloe admits it’s been really hard.

Gabi argues that Jake came up with this plan and it’s genius. Gabi reminds him that Mr. Shin agreed to meet them here and Victor is on board. Jake points out that Victor hasn’t returned any of his phone calls. Gabi says that’s because his son is missing. Jake wonders if that caused him to have second thoughts. Gabi argues that Victor would never have second thoughts about taking over DiMera. Jake asks her to hear him out as he thought maybe there’s a more direct way to get what they want. Gabi tells him to hurry up and tell her before Shin gets there, but Shin then arrives and greets them.

Rafe questions why Ava would think he would have other plans tonight. Ava says she thought Rafe would’ve said something sooner if he wanted to hang out with her tonight. Rafe agrees and apologizes since he was supposed to maybe have to cover for Eli but now he’s off the hook. Rafe says it’s last minute but they could get reservations and do something fun if she’s interested. Ava asks what he has in mind. Rafe suggests dinner and fireworks. Ava suggests they could invite friends over to ring in the New Year with them but her only real friend is Nicole. Ava asks Rafe if he has a problem with that.

Nicole tells Sami that this becomes pathetic as she doesn’t believe EJ wants her back. Sami insists that he does. Nicole asks why a few days ago, EJ said Sami was deluding herself. Sami points out that they didn’t have New Year’s Eve plans. Nicole reminds her that EJ just got out of jail. Sami informs her that his first call was to her. Nicole says that EJ was arrested for supposedly kidnapping Sami. EJ points out that he did not do that. Nicole asks if that’s all he’s going to say. Sami talks about how EJ said he loves her and can’t live without her. Nicole turns to EJ and realizes it’s true.

Lucas tells Chad that EJ is definitely behind this and asks what’s there not to believe. Chad informs Lucas that EJ swears he’s being framed by him. Lucas calls that totally insane. Chad says he thought so too but then he left the office for a few minutes and in that time, Lucas managed to hack in to his accounts and find a smoking gun. Lucas says he got lucky. Chad reveals that he gave the police access to those same accounts and they didn’t find anything. Lucas suggests that maybe they didn’t know where to look. Chad suggests Lucas planted the information and he’d only have the information if he was the one who paid off the person to kidnap Sami. Chad realizes that EJ was right that Lucas did it.

Brady tells Chloe that if Kristen had anything to do with Philip disappearing then he’s sorry. Chloe says it’s not his fault but Brady insists that it is since Kristen would’ve only gone after Philip to get back at him for leaving her or she wanted him out of the way to try to take Rachel again. Chloe admits part of her hopes it is Kristen since her specialty is making people disappear. Brady agrees that Kristen could have Philip held somewhere. Chloe cries that it’s strange to pray for that but she hopes Kristen has Philip locked up in a warehouse somewhere and that he figures out how to escape. Chloe remembers all the blood on Brady’s body. Brady says he never wants to see Kristen again but agrees to do everything in his power to find her because he owes that to Philip and to Chloe.

Gabi thanks Mr. Shin for coming. Mr. Shin says it’s nice to see her and Jake. Gabi asks to keep this meeting under the radar. Mr. Shin asks what they wanted to speak about. Jake tells Gabi to just follow his lead. Jake informs Mr. Shin that they think he needs to remove EJ as CEO of DiMera. Mr. Shin points out that Jake’s thought that ever since being ousted from the company. Jake points out that they can agree that EJ being arrested for kidnapping his wife doesn’t look good for DiMera. Mr. Shin agrees and reveals that EJ is allowing Chad to run the company solo until his name is cleared. Gabi asks what if EJ’s name is never cleared and his legal battles go on for years. Gabi argues that the PR would be devastating and they could lose clients and deals. Gabi claims that she and Jake are extremely worried about the future of the company. Mr. Shin comments that EJ wasn’t his first choice for CEO but acknowledges that profits have soared under his leadership. Jake argues that the economy is just hot. Gabi complains about EJ’s personal life is one tabloid story after the next. Jake questions how he can put any energy in to running DiMera and says he’s risking everything they worked for. Gabi insists that EJ has to go. Mr. Shin assumes they have someone in mind to replace him. Gabi points out that Jake was the best CEO that DiMera had. Mr. Shin asks if they have filled Chad in on their plan to make him collateral damage in a hostile takeover.

Chad accuses Lucas of kidnapping Sami which Lucas denies, pointing out that he rescued her. Chad suggests Lucas wanted to play the hero. Lucas asks why Chad is so determined to let EJ off the hook after everything he did to him. Lucas asks if they both don’t want EJ to get what he deserves and be out of their lives.

EJ apologizes to Nicole. Sami remarks that it must be humiliating for Nicole. Nicole responds that she’s actually grateful to be reminded of what a amoral, shallow, insensitive son of a bitch EJ is. Nicole declares that she’s done wasting her time with EJ, so Sami can have him back because they deserve each other. Nicole adds that she never really wanted EJ, she just wanted to make Sami miserable. Nicole says she don’t need any help as EJ will take care of that. Nicole says goodbye to EJ and tells them to enjoy making each other miserable for however long it lasts this time. Nicole then walks out of the mansion.

Chloe questions how Brady would even start to look for Kristen when the police have been looking for months. Brady responds that he just has methods of getting to her that the cops don’t. Chloe asks him to be careful because if anything ever happens to him, she couldn’t take it. Brady assures that Kristen would never hurt him physically and he doesn’t think she would hurt Philip either, the way he did. Brady acknowledges that Philip has been in love with Chloe forever and he just wanted their relationship to work. Brady blames himself for just making things worse. Chloe tries to say that’s not true but Brady insists that it is. Brady admits he was selfish and petty, so he just wants to apologize to Philip. Chloe says she does too. Brady questions why she would need to apologize. Chloe says she knew that them being close drove Philip nuts. Brady says they are friends. Chloe brings up Philip knowing that Brady had feelings for her and even though she tried to reassure him that it didn’t matter and she was secure in their relationship. Chloe doesn’t know if she was clear about how she felt because she wasn’t sure. Chloe then informs Brady that Kate was under the mistaken impression that they had sex on the conference table which shocks Brady.

Rafe questions Ava suggesting they have Nicole over when she knows they are trying to keep their distance. Ava asks if they still are and calls it silly. Ava says they are adults so they can handle celebrating New Year’s Eve with a mutual good friend. Rafe brings up Nicole dating EJ and he can’t stand EJ, so he doesn’t want to ring in the New Year with him. Ava points out EJ being in jail but Rafe informs her that he just got out on bail. Ava can’t imagine Nicole will stay with EJ after what he did. Rafe argues that EJ has done plenty of terrible things to Nicole and she was willing to go another round. Ava is sure that it’s over now. Ava remarks that she’s surprised that Nicole ended up dating EJ again because she seems like she’s in to nice guys these days. Ava decides that she will go check on Nicole at Basic Black and if she has no plans tonight, she will invite her over to join them. Ava tells Rafe he’s the best as she kisses him and then exits the office.

EJ tells Sami that she didn’t have to enjoy that so much. Sami says it wasn’t her fault that Nicole was there and that EJ could have let her off the hook a lot sooner. EJ argues that he’s been a bit too busy fighting bogus felony charges but he was going to tell her about them. EJ asks what Sami wants. Sami says that depends on whether or not EJ is the one who kidnapped her and held her for an eternity. EJ accuses her of clinging to that as an excuse to push him away because she’s upset that he slept with Nicole. Sami says that wasn’t ideal but this isn’t about that. Sami wants EJ to look her in the eye and tell her that he’s not the one who kidnapped her, so he does.

Lucas tells Chad that this could be the final nail in EJ’s coffin if he wants it to be. Chad wants Lucas to leave him the hell out of this. Lucas asks him to hear him out. Lucas says all Chad has to do is take the evidence to the police or the DiMera board and in a matter of days, Chad will be running DiMera solo. Chad questions if Lucas thinks that with EJ gone, Sami will come running back to him. Lucas declares that this way, they both get what they want. Chad questions what Lucas’s plan was before he walked in, to get the information to Sami while keeping his hands clean. Lucas claims he didn’t have a plan because he didn’t know what he was going to find. Lucas suggests it’s best to keep his name out of it. Lucas asks Chad if he’s in. Chad responds that he needs to think about it.

Jake tells Mr. Shin that he never said anything about getting rid of Chad. Mr. Shin knows he was thinking it. Gabi talks about how Jake was running DiMera all on his own. Mr. Shin talks about how big of a change this would be. Jake says to take it one step at a time, starting with getting rid of EJ as CEO. Gabi thinks it should be easy given the circumstances. Mr. Shin points out that EJ has the support from the board and he’s innocent until proven guilty, so he has no cause to fire him yet. Jake informs Mr. Shin that they’ve put together a proposal with some stuff that will have him excited. Jake asks him to take a look at it and then get back to him. Mr. Shin gets a call and says he has to take it. Shin tells them it was lovely to see them and that he’ll be in touch as he then exits. Gabi jokes that they better work on that proposal. Jake praises Gabi as being amazing. Gabi says her head is spinning and that Jake is going for DiMera. Jake worries that Gabi doesn’t seem happy. Gabi feels they are changing things now by not going after Titan, so it makes her wonder where it leaves her.

Rafe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Rafe mentions that he and Ava were just talking about her as Ava was on her way to meet her at Basic Black. Nicole informs him that she was off today and asks if it was anything important. Rafe says he was just telling Ava that EJ got out on bail so she worried about her. Rafe asks if she’s seen EJ yet. Nicole responds that she sure has. Rafe notes that doesn’t sound good. Nicole asks if he means that EJ kidnapped Sami or that he’s getting back together with Sami and neglected to tell her.

Sami tells EJ that he’s not doing himself any favors by making wild accusations against Lucas. Sami questions what his motive would even be. EJ says it was to keep them apart. Sami argues that they were already apart since EJ kicked her out and said he never wanted to see her again. EJ guesses Lucas knew it wouldn’t stick since it never does. Sami reminds EJ that Lucas rescued her. EJ says he happened to be there when Sami called Allie, so he had to play innocent and pivot to the role of hero when he would’ve preferred to keep her in that room indefinitely. Sami doesn’t buy it as Lucas is the father of her children and she doesn’t think he would do something like that. EJ responds that he’s the father of her children too and asks if she thinks he would. Sami points out that the cops think he did. EJ says apart from the kidnapper’s statement, there is no evidence against him. Chad then walks in and says he wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Brady questions why in the hell Kate would think they slept together. Ava walks up to the door and stops to overhear Chloe explain that Kate said she overheard her and Brady talking about Nicole having sex on the conference table and thought they were talking about themselves. Chloe doesn’t know if she told Philip or not but she had to convince her it wasn’t true by swearing on Parker’s life. Chloe says if she didn’t, Brady could still be facing murder charges. Brady is glad Chloe smoothed that over but Nicole didn’t want that secret out as they agreed not to tell anybody. Chloe didn’t feel like she had a choice and remarks that at least she didn’t tell Kate that Nicole slept with Rafe, which Ava is shocked to overhear.

Rafe calls EJ a pig and says he can’t believe he would do something like that to Nicole. Rafe says he can but can’t believe Sami would take him back. Rafe tells Nicole that she deserves so much better. Rafe knows one of the reasons she went back to EJ is because of him. Nicole argues that he’s not responsible for the latest of the many horrendous choices she’s made. Rafe encourages that she’s doing the best she can while under a lot of stress. Nicole feels she’s a hot mess. Nicole brings up cheating on the love of her life with a man that she detests which blew up her marriage and drove Eric back in to the priesthood, then she slept with Rafe who is in a relationship with one of her best friends and now she ran to a guy who had burned her twice and is in love with a woman she hates with a passion. Rafe acknowledges that’s a little messy. Nicole tells him to go enjoy his New Year’s Eve. Rafe hates to leave her alone when she’s upset. Nicole says she’s fine. Rafe asks if she has plans tonight. Nicole responds that she won’t be with EJ for sure. Rafe invites her to spend New Year’s with he and Ava.

EJ tells Chad to run along as they are in the middle of something. Chad says he thinks Sami will want to see this as he hands over a folder of papers. Chad claims he found it while auditing DiMera’s quarterly expenses including a large recurring payment to Jason Smith, through the company and signed by EJ. Sami looks it over and can’t believe it as she calls EJ a lying bastard.

Jake tells Gabi that getting her in to Titan is the next step and that he just figured that they had such an opening with EJ’s arrest so he hopes it goes well. Jake says he has a couple errands to run and tells Gabi to finish her drink and then hopefully they will have something to celebrate tonight. Jake kisses Gabi goodbye and exits.

EJ takes the folder and says he never made these payments. Chad says he sure as hell didn’t. EJ brings up Kate having access to that account and insists he did not do this. Chad says he might have believed EJ if all the cops had was the guy’s statement but now with this, he thinks they have EJ dead to rights. Sami agrees and asks EJ if he has any idea what she went through and how horrible it was to be trapped with no idea if she would ever see her family again. EJ insists that he’s being framed. Sami questions EJ trying to pin this all on Lucas and argues that he wouldn’t do something like this while she knows EJ is capable of it. Sami bets EJ loved every minute of making her suffer. Sami says goodbye to EJ and says this time it’s for real as she storms out of the mansion.

Ava continues listening in as Brady guesses that Chloe does not have plans tonight, which she confirms. Brady asks if she wants company. Chloe says no thanks. Brady tells her to let him know if she changes her mind. Brady then tells her to go home early because it’s a holiday which she agrees to do. Ava then rushes off as Brady and Chloe exit the office. Ava then comes back to sneak inside.

Nicole tells Rafe that she’s sure Ava would love for her to crash their New Year’s date. Rafe clarifies that it was actually Ava’s idea to invite her. Nicole says that Ava is a friend, so she’s sure she’s just being nice and doesn’t actually want her there. Nicole worries about Ava ever finding out what happened between them. Nicole decides her New Year’s resolution is to swear off men. Rafe mocks the idea of that lasting. Nicole tells him to just watch. Rafe wishes her luck with that. Rafe asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come over. Nicole says she’s positive. Nicole tells Rafe to go kiss Ava for New Year’s while she will be at home, in bed, alone. Rafe wishes Nicole a Happy New Year as she then heads in to the Pub.

Ava searches through the desks of the Basic Black office. She finds Rafe and Nicole’s teddy bear Duke. Ava declares that the shared custody arrangement is officially over. Ava thought Rafe was one of the good guys and that she had to be a better person for him and that Nicole was her friend, but she’s just a two-faced whore. Ava declares that they completely humiliated her and they are not going to get away with it. Ava then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off the head of Duke the teddy bear.

Lucas walks through the town square and stops at the Horton Town Square plaque. Lucas says he knows Tom and Alice must be thinking how can their grandson do something so nuts. Lucas adds that he feels unworthy being a Horton after what he did to Sami, but he needs them to understand why he did it. Lucas says he had no choice and he did it for love.

Gabi finds Sami crying at the bar and asks if she’s okay. Sami responds that she’s most definitely not okay.

EJ calls Chad a son of a bitch. Chad tells him not to shoot the messenger. Mr. Shin arrives and says it’s good they are both here. EJ asks what brings him by. Mr. Shin says he has news and announces that EJ is being removed from his position at DiMera Enterprises, leaving Chad as the permanent, sole CEO.

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