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Abigail goes to Anna’s bedroom with flowers from Tony. Anna complains about Tony sending her flowers while devoting all of his attention to “Renee DuMonde”

Tony sits at the Kiriakis Mansion, figuring that roses won’t be enough for Anna so he wonders what else to do. Tony begins to text Anna but Maggie comes in looking for Sarah and says she’s worried because she can’t find her anywhere.

Sarah goes to Xander’s hotel room and tells him that they need to talk.

Allie asks what is happening to Johnny as she wants to help him and she loves him. Johnny yells at her to leave him alone. Allie wants to take him to the hospital but Johnny transforms in to the Devil and screams at Allie to leave him alone. Allie can’t believe it as she sees Johnny possessed by the Devil. The Devil laughs at Allie looking scared and says his yellow eyes are just the beginning of what he can do. Allie tells him to leave her brother alone. The Devil says he can show her his powers by moving things with his mind. Allie questions when this happened and if it was during Belle’s exorcism. The Devil then reveals that Belle was never possessed, it was just him framing her to take the fall for his sins. Allie argues that Belle was choking Marlena. The Devil admits he took a short trip in to Belle’s body but other than that he’s been in Johnny since Christmas. Allie realizes now everything that Johnny did makes sense. The Devil confirms it was all him and says he loves his work. Allie argues that he had them all fooled. Allie asks why he’s revealing himself to her now. The Devil admits he wasn’t planning on it but Allie did this because all that talk about her special connection with Johnny made him fight from within, but that ends now.

Anna tells Abigail that she knows it sounds terrible but there are days that she wishes Tony was back in the urn so she could hold him close. Abigail gets a call from Chad and steps out to answer. Abigail asks if he was able to talk to Dr. Rolf. Chad confirms that he was, so Abigail hopes he has good news.

Roman tells Maggie that Sarah couldn’t have gone too far and suggests they split up to search the house.

Xander tells Sarah to stop calling him Alex because his name is Xander. Sarah asks him to sign their divorce papers so she can be with the man that she loves. Xander responds that the problem with that is that he’s the man she loves. Sarah argues with him but Xander says she is speaking of someone else named Alex Marshall because that’s not him, he’s Xander Cook. Xander adds that what they had was very real and she was the best thing to ever happen to him and the love of his life. Gwen then walks in and asks what’s going on here. Sarah greets Gwen, so Xander questions Sarah recognizing her.

Maggie and Tony have no luck finding Sarah but Tony finds a note on her bed, saying that she did not sleep and just laid awake with dreams of holding him. Maggie asks if there are any clues as to where she went. Tony continues reading that Sarah wrote that she had gone to seek a divorce from who stands between them. Maggie and Tony assume that means Sarah went to go confront Anna, so Tony decides to get to the DiMera Mansion.

Anna complains that she waited years for Tony to come back to her and now this. Chad hears that over the phone and asks what’s going on with her. Anna continues that a lunatic claims Tony’s heart and he’s going along with it. Abigail asks Chad about Dr. Rolf. Chad says it wasn’t easy but he was able to convince them to allow Rolf in to the infirmary. Abigail tells Chad that it’s hard to hear him over Anna, who continues complaining about Tony. Abigail asks Chad how he got Dr. Rolf to agree. Chad says he reminded him of how he was loyal to Stefano. Abigail asks if he got the antidote. Chad confirms that he did and he’s at the hospital now, making sure the serum is safe to administer. Abigail tells Chad that she will let him go. Chad wishes her luck with Anna as they hang up. Abigail then informs Anna that Chad got an antidote to the drug that Sarah was injected with. Anna asks why she didn’t say so. Abigail says she just did. Anna declares that this means Renee DuMonde will be dead and buried again and she will get her husband back.

Allie says she won’t let the Devil hurt her brother. The Devil says she won’t have any connection with Johnny when he’s dead. Allie grabs him and tries to get through to Johnny by talking about their love. The Devil tells her to let go. Allie talks about when Johnny stood up for her when they were kids. Johnny’s voice inside talks about remembering. Allie says nobody messes with them when they are together. Johnny’s voice urges her to keep going but the Devil screams that this won’t work and tells Allie to stop talking to Johnny. Allie encourages Johnny to keep fighting so they can send the Devil straight back to Hell.

Shawn joins Belle at the Bistro. They talk about Shawn’s day at work. Shawn is glad Rafe is back to being police commissioner. Belle asks if he had any luck proving Ava set Rafe up. Shawn says not yet but he’s working on it. Belle talks about working to prove EJ was set up and finding the proof shouldn’t be hard considering she’s the one who did it.

Tony tells Maggie that he doesn’t think Sarah would hurt Anna but Renee might so he doesn’t want to take any chances. Anna then arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion. Tony says he was just about to come looking for her because Renee left a note. Anna says she doesn’t care because this charade is about to come to an end. Maggie asks what she means. Anna explains that Chad convinced Dr. Rolf to cook up an antidote to Sarah’s condition. Maggie calls that wonderful and asks where Chad is now. Anna responds that he’s at the hospital getting it tested. Anna suggests wrapping “Renee” up and dragging her to the hospital so they can get back to reality. Tony explains that they thought Sarah was with her, but since she’s not, they have no idea where she is.

Sarah tells Xander that she recognizes Gwen as his lover. Xander asks how she knows Gwen. Sarah says everyone knows they are in cahoots and refers to Gwen as “Ms. Davies”. Gwen corrects her but Sarah argues that she is the attorney Gwen Davies and accuses her of working with Xander. Sarah tells her to look at the divorce papers and convince Xander to sign them so they can be out of each others’ lives for good.

Abigail walks in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and finds Allie with her back turned and Johnny is now gone. Abigail calls out to her and questions her not hearing her. Allie says she scared her and claims she was on her phone. Abigail asks what she’s doing here. Allie claims that she was looking for Johnny but didn’t find him so she guesses he’s not here and doesn’t know where he is.

Anna questions how it’s possible that they lost Sarah. Tony argues that she’s a grown woman that comes and goes as she pleases. Anna asks if they are supposed to call the cops. Maggie gets a call from Xander, who reveals that Sarah is with him at the Salem Inn. Maggie says she may have some good news. Sarah asks Gwen to convince Xander to accept reality as there is nothing between them and he needs to move on. Gwen responds that as much as she would love for him to accept that, she doesn’t think he’s ready to let her go yet. Maggie informs Xander that Chad has the antidote from Dr. Rolf at the hospital. Xander calls that the best news ever. Maggie asks Xander to keep Sarah there until they get there. Xander says it’s unlikely that he can keep her with him but he might know a way to send her back to them. Xander hangs up and tells Sarah that he’s ready to sign and has decided to accept reality. Sarah asks what made him change his mind. Xander responds that it’s time for him to say goodbye to “Renee DuMonde”. Xander signs the divorce papers and tells her to take it to Tony. Sarah calls “Alex” a miserable bastard but says she’s grateful that he just gave her life back. Sarah then exits. Gwen asks what this means. Xander reveals that Dr. Rolf agreed to make an antidote for the drug. Gwen realizes that means Sarah might be back. Xander gets dressed and tells Gwen that he knows it must have been awkward for her to walk in on he and Sarah. Gwen says awkward isn’t the right word since he was in just a towel while holding Sarah’s hand. Gwen admits seeing him with Sarah makes her terribly jealous. Gwen questions him having no response to that. Gwen feels sorry that Sarah is the real love of his life. Xander tells her that they have a past, but his is more complicated because the woman he thought he was going to marry got kidnapped and he thought she didn’t love him anymore but that wasn’t true. Xander asks her to try and see it from his perspective. Gwen cries that Xander never has and will never feel as passionately as he did and still does about Sarah. Gwen complains about Xander not saying anything. Xander tells her that he loves her and she’s so important to him as he hates that this situation is causing her so much pain. Gwen asks him what’s next since Chad is guilting Dr. Rolf in to helping Sarah. Gwen asks if Sarah will really go along with it because it seems “Renee DuMonde” will never want to take an antidote. Xander declares that it’s up to Tony and Maggie to convince her to go to the hospital and he’s decided that he needs to be there as well. Gwen feels she’s been selfish in her own pity and hasn’t acknowledged that this is very difficult for him. Gwen says she does understand that he is loyal to Sarah. Xander says that means a lot and hugs her. Gwen says he is everything to her and she knows that makes her sound clingy and needy. Xander feels very lucky that she clings to him and needs him because he feels the same towards her. Gwen then asks Xander to promise to let Sarah go if the antidote doesn’t work and marry her.

Maggie asks Tony and Anna how they will convince Sarah to take the antidote. Anna suggests not giving her a choice but Maggie says they can’t force her. Anna argues that it’s for her own good. Sarah walks in and questions what Anna is doing here. Tony says Anna just came to visit and help them out. Sarah says it better be a brief visit. Sarah then announces that “Alex” agreed to the divorce papers so she’s a free woman. Tony says that’s a coincidence because Anna also signed their divorce papers, which Anna questions.

Xander acknowledges that he’s asked Gwen to put up with a lot of uncertainty and hates himself for putting her through this. Gwen says none of this is his fault. Gwen questions Xander not loving her with all of his heart because part of his heart still belongs to Sarah. Xander admits part of his heart is aching because a woman he once loved was cruelly robbed of months of her life. Gwen says she was also robbed of him which is terribly sad. Xander goes back to her request. Gwen points out he hasn’t answered. Xander says he loves Gwen very much but he thinks of her as his best friend, who got him through a dreadful time in his life and he’s grateful for her letting him figuring all this out. Xander then tells Gwen that if the antidote fails and Sarah is not herself again, then he will let her go and he and Gwen will be married. Gwen cries that she’d be so lost without him and kisses him.

Sarah asks if it’s true that Tony is divorcing Anna. Tony claims it is so Sarah exclaims that they are free to be married. Tony suggests doing it today. Sarah says yes and asks how it will work or if they should go to the city hall with Maggie as their witness. Tony brings up that Marlena is an ordained minister to marry them. Tony adds that they need to get a blood test to obtain the marriage license. Maggie says they can get that at the hospital so she will call them. Sarah then excitedly leaves with Tony.

Abigail tells Allie that it doesn’t seem like anybody else here since Chad is at the hospital, Anna just left, and Tony is at the Kiriakis Mansion. Abigail mentions seeing Johnny’s car and asks if Allie is sure she’s alright as she seems a little off. Allie says she’s just upset as she and Johnny haven’t been getting along since Christmas, so she was hoping to come work things out. Abigail asks if she wants to talk about it. Allie says there isn’t much to say, she just hoped they could have it out. Allie jokes that when they go at it, there’s always a chance one of them ends up dead on the floor. Abigail hopes it doesn’t get to that point as Allie, now possessed by the Devil, then looks over at Johnny knocked out behind the couch.

Tony brings Sarah to the hospital and says the nurse should be in soon. Sarah says as soon as they get their blood test results, they can move on with their wedding. She talks about how difficult it has been to come back to Salem and having everyone treating her like something is wrong with her. Sarah remarks that she finally feels like herself and safe here with Tony. Tony is glad and says he just wants her to be happy. Sarah calls Tony the most kind and loving man as she thanks him for standing by her side and now making her dreams come true.

Anna, Maggie, and Xander wait at the hospital as Chad then arrives with the antidote. Chad says Dr. Rolf said it should work relatively quickly so before long, Sarah should be herself again. Anna wants to go give it to her. Maggie asks if the lab said it’s safe. Chad confirms they ran tests and their unofficial opinion is that it is safe. Maggie questions it being unofficial. Chad explains that they would have to run through proper safety trials before testing it on humans which could take months or years. Chad adds that they know Dr. Rolf’s work goes beyond regular science and he swore on Stefano’s grave that it would work. Maggie worries about Rolf being a mad man. Chad points out that Dr. Rolf was loyal to Stefano. Anna and Xander encourage that Maggie has to do this for Sarah. Chad declares that Sarah is Maggie’s daughter, so she is the only one who can make this happen.

Belle still doesn’t understand why the Devil went after EJ. Shawn jokes that he always thought the DiMeras were in league with Satan. Belle feels Satan’s only goal is to cause chaos and pain by ripping apart all of Salem’s happy couples like Sami and EJ, Paulina and Abe, Gabi and Jake, and even their own marriage by turning Jan in to her on Christmas Eve. Belle thinks back to finding Shawn in bed with Jan and says thank God she walked in before he slept with her. Shawn tries to say something but Belle gets a text from the warden that a prisoner wants to speak with her. Belle guesses she should update EJ so she’ll see Shawn at home. Belle then exits while Shawn looks worried.

Abigail talks to Allie about relating to how things can get between siblings. Allie says she and Johnny will always be connected. Abigail offers to go try and find Johnny so she exits. Devil Allie then stands over Johnny and says it was fun while it lasted but she has a new evil twin now. Allie’s eyes turn yellow as the Devil wonders what to do with Johnny. Abigail comes back in the room and finds Allie is gone and the side door is left open with the wind blowing. Abigail goes and closes the door. Chad comes home and comments that it’s freezing in here. Abigail responds that Allie was here but seems to have left. Abigail guesses Allie gave up on finding Johnny. Abigail asks about Dr. Rolf and the antidote. Chad declares that it’s up to Maggie whether she uses it on Sarah or not and he has no idea what she’s going to do.

Anna questions Maggie seriously considering waiting. Xander adds that Chad said the lab said the antidote is safe. Maggie argues that they also said it should be put through proper testing. Anna points out they could take years. Maggie cries that she wants her daughter back more than anything but she doesn’t want to risk her health and well-being for selfish reasons, so they have to be sure that the antidote won’t hurt her.

Sarah holds Tony’s hand and wonders what is taking the nurse so long. Tony encourages her to be patient because they have the rest of their lives.

Gwen goes to the bistro and declares that after everything she and Xander have been through, she can’t lose him to Sarah.

Xander asks Maggie if they should call the nurse to administer the antidote. Sarah comes out looking for the nurse with Tony following her to try to stop her. Sarah comes across Anne, Maggie, and Xander, questioning what they are doing here. Sarah guesses that Anna is trying to stop their wedding but she needs to admit that she lost. Sarah declares that she and Tony are in love and getting married as soon as they find someone in the hospital to stick her with a needle. Anna decides she should do it. Anna then grabs the antidote from Maggie and injects Sarah.

Belle goes to the prison and meets Jan Spears, who thanks her for coming. Belle says if she knew the prisoner that wanted to see her was Jan, she would not have come. Belle says they have nothing to talk about. Jan stops her and stands up, revealing that she is pregnant.

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