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Rex and Shawn go to the police station as Rex complains about not finding anything in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Shawn thanks him for trying to help. Rex refuses to give up and hopes they find anything that will lead to a cure for Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. Rafe arrives and announces he may have good news.

Chloe shows up at Kristen’s door and says they need to talk. Kristen doesn’t see why. Chloe thinks everything needs to be out in the open. Chloe says the whole situation with them and Brady can’t keep going on. Kristen agrees because this situation has cost her, her daughter. Chloe knows she’s suffering but says so are Brady and Rachel, so for them, she thinks they need to call a truce.

Eric is on the phone with Sami outside the Pub. He tells her not to worry about Marlena as he has to go and promises to call her if there’s anything new. Eric hangs up as Nicole approaches. Nicole mentions talking to Chloe, who said that Belle said Marlena is really struggling. Eric confirms she’s unconscious a lot. Nicole tells Eric that she’s so sorry. Nicole says she just started walking and ended up here. Eric is glad she did as they sit together on the bench. Nicole asks if he’s heard any news about Kate and Kayla. Eric responds that they aren’t doing well either. Nicole asks how Roman is holding up. Eric reveals that he just married Roman and Kate about an hour ago. Nicole calls that the most lovely and heartbreaking thing she’s heard in awhile. Eric says that’s what it was like to be a part of. Eric explains that Roman surprised Kate with a ring and had to convince her to say yes, then he and Rex walked in so Rex became the witness while he performed the wedding. Eric states that Roman and Kate just looked so happy which Nicole calls beautiful. Nicole talks about Roman and Kate being through their ups and downs and with other people, but it’s like they are each others’ destiny.

Kristen questions Chloe wanting to call a truce and mockingly asks if they are going to hang out after. Chloe says they can act like civilized adults and that would be better for Rachel. Kristen assures that Rachel won’t get over this since she knows Chloe is the reason she can’t see her. Kristen talks about when she got the pardon and how she and Brady were getting along as co-parents until Chloe ruined everything. Chloe is sorry that Kristen feels that way. Chloe says she came to appeal to her as one mom to another, so she hoped for Rachel’s sake that Kristen would work for them. Chloe says if Kristen lets Rachel know that it’s important for them all to get along then she could help Brady convince the judge to let Kristen have visitation rights. Chloe declares that the three of them working together is best for Rachel. Kristen cuts her off and warns her not to tell her what’s best for her daughter. Kristen says what would be best for her and Rachel would be for Chloe to be out of their lives for good. Chloe accuses Kristen of putting the note in Rachel’s lunchbox that said Chloe is the reason her family fell apart. Chloe questions what kind of mother does that to her own child.

Brady arrives at the hospital to stop John from smashing the serum vial that Jada just delivered. John explains that he got a note with an orchid just like the police got with the vial and that his note said Marlena was going to wilt and die like the orchid and it was from Orpheus. John worries that Orpheus just wants to get the vial to Marlena to kill her more quickly. Brady stops him and asks about the note that the police got. Jada explains that the note said the vial is with the same serum that saved Roman’s life 25 years ago and it can save Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. John doesn’t believe it is and thinks it’s poison that will kill them. Brady disagrees and thinks it is what they have been praying for. John questions why the hell Brady would say that. Brady thinks back to Kristen agreeing to give the serum. Brady tells John that they don’t have anything else and they are running out of time. Jada thinks he might be right. Jada argues that John would never forgive himself if he lost Marlena and this turns out to be the cure. John decides they are right and asks what he’s thinking. John says he doesn’t have the right to get rid of whatever is in the vial. John wishes there was some way to know what was in it. Shawn and Rex then arrive at the hospital. Rex says that Rafe just told him about the vial of serum so he wants to take it to the lab to have it analyzed. Brady worries that will take time that they might not have. Rex understands but doesn’t want to inject three women with something they don’t know. Rex says he’ll tell the lab to fast track it and he will wait for it. Brady decides it’s John’s call, so John instructs Rex to go ahead. Shawn asks if Belle is still in with Marlena. John confirms that she is and he was just heading back there. John asks if Brady wants to join them but Brady decides to wait for Rex.

Eric tells Nicole that he should get back to the hospital. Nicole stops him and says she has to be honest that it’s killing her to watch him go through this and she knows how close he is with Marlena and she’s been there for him through rough times. Eric agrees, especially when he was drinking, leaving the priesthood, and when he and Sarah found out their baby died. Nicole asks Eric to let her be there for him. Nicole clarifies that she doesn’t mean like before since she’s married and he’s with Jada, but they are still friends. Nicole says that Eric is always the person that shows up for everyone else, so she wants to be the person that’s there for him. Nicole asks Eric to let her go to the hospital with him. Eric agrees that would be great and admits that nobody knows him like her. Eric adds that he was dreading going back to the hospital and seeing his mom in that condition, but then Nicole just appeared as she always seems to show up when he needs her the most. Nicole and Eric then hug as Rafe comes around the corner, shocked to see them again.

Jada asks if Brady has any idea who wrote the note that they got. Brady thinks back to the deal he made with Kristen and how she forbid him to say anything to anyone about it. Brady asks Jada why she would think he would know who wrote the note. Jada points out that he knows everyone involved and he was very insistent that the serum being used. Brady explains that Marlena is like a mother to him, so he was afraid that John’s anger would blind him from the fact that the serum could help Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Jada questions Brady not having any doubts about the serum. Brady claims he has a ton of doubts but it’s the only hope they’ve had. Brady decides to go check on the lab to make sure they are making progress and hurries off, leaving Jada confused.

Kristen tells Chloe that she did not write the note or put it in Rachel’s lunchbox. Kristen says she knew what it said because Rachel called her and read it to her. Chloe is sure Kristen told her that it’s true. Kristen says it is true so anyone could have written it. Kristen argues that anyone would be horrified to see a mother’s rights get trampled on. Chloe argues that Kristen can play the victim all she wants but they both know that she’s been out to get her since before she and Brady became a couple. Kristen brings up seeing Chloe around the courthouse that day so she knew the fix was in because everything was going her way until that day. Kristen adds that the judge was bending over backwards to give her the benefit of the doubt but then suddenly turned on her. Kristen declares that was Chloe’s doing and nobody will convince her otherwise. Chloe admits that it was her doing and she would do it again.

Shawn and John join Belle in Marlena’s hospital room. Belle asks if Shawn found anything in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Shawn says he didn’t but they do have good news. John informs Belle that someone dropped off a vial at the police station. Shawn adds that the note said it contains the same serum that cured Roman 25 years ago. Belle gets excited, though John warns not to get ahead of themselves as they don’t know anything for sure. Shawn notes that Rex went to the lab to get it analyzed. Marlena wakes up and calls out to Shawn. Shawn apologizes for not being here until now. John points out that Shawn has been working around the clock to try and help her. Marlena thanks him and asks Shawn to promise to take care of Belle. Belle turns away, holding back tears. John tells Marlena not to talk like that because no one is giving up. John encourages Marlena to hold on just a little bit longer.

As Rafe approaches, Nicole tells him that she was headed home and just ran in to Eric. Rafe says he came looking for Eric because he has news. Rafe informs him that someone dropped off a vial with a note saying it’s a cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, so Jada took it the hospital and Rex is analyzing it as they speak. Eric can’t believe it and says he should get over there. Eric thanks Rafe for letting him know and runs off. Nicole says this is great news as maybe this is the cure that everyone has been hoping for. Rafe responds that maybe then he could stop finding her in Eric’s arms.

Kristen questions what Chloe did to poison the judge’s mind against her. Chloe says it wasn’t poisoning her mind, but her hands were tied since she couldn’t use any of Kristen’s previous crimes against her due to the pardon, so she just happened to have the video of Kristen trying to attack her with a letter opener since she hadn’t been pardoned for that and then the judge saw what she’s capable of. Kristen asks how Brady will feel when he finds out that Chloe did this to her. Chloe responds that she told Brady everything and he was thrilled and loved her for it. Chloe calls it really stupid for Kristen to come after her like that since Brady was prepared for shared custody with her but she had to have it all and overplayed her hand. Chloe tells Kristen that now Brady has Rachel all to himself. Kristen declares that will blow up in his face because Rachel hates Chloe for what she did and she’s furious with Brady for being with her so it won’t be long before she hates him and then she asks how Brady will feel about Chloe then. Kristen suggests Chloe save them a lot of heartache and give Brady his freedom. Chloe responds that she tried that earlier today actually, but Brady wouldn’t hear it. Kristen feels Brady might just change his mind.

Brady joins Rex in the waiting room. Rex informs him that they compared the vial to what Roman got 25 years ago and it is a close match. Brady asks what they are waiting for then.

Eric goes to the hospital and tells Jada that he just heard from Rafe about the vial and that she brought it here. Jada confirms that Rex is at the lab now having it analyzed. Eric thanks Jada for getting it there so quickly. Jada just wants it to work and find out where the anonymous tip came from but notes that it’s not a priority. Eric asks if Jada has a few minute since he has a big favor to ask. Jada says anything for him. Eric says he doesn’t want to leave Marlena, but Roman has no idea about the vial, so if they decide to use it, they may have to get Kate here pretty quickly. Jada agrees to leave now. Eric asks her to tell Roman that he will call as soon as he knows anything. Eric hugs Jada and thanks her so much as Jada then exits the hospital.

Nicole questions what Rafe just said. Rafe responds that it seems like every time he turns around, she and Eric are holding each other and it’s getting kind of old. Rafe brings up he and Jada catching them in a clinch last night. Nicole argues that they explained that Eric had just told her about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Nicole thought Rafe understood that she and Eric are friends. Rafe argues that friends can show sympathy with a pat on the back. Nicole complains that Eric just told her that Marlena was dying and that Eric is always there for everyone else, so right now he needs someone to help him through this. Rafe complains that there’s always an explanation or an excuse. Nicole questions needing an excuse to be there for someone she cares about or a reason to be compassionate towards someone who is suffering. Rafe argues that it’s not just someone, but her ex-husband. Rafe adds that he’s getting a little tired of seeing her give Eric affection. Rafe reminds Nicole that he is her husband and asks if she’s forgotten about that. Nicole assures that she hasn’t and reminds him that getting married was her idea. Rafe points out that they were already planning a wedding where their friends and family could join them, but for reasons he still doesn’t understand, she was suddenly in a hurry to get it done. Nicole talks about thinking putting it off would be too much pressure. Rafe argues that Nicole never said anything about pressure and she just wanted to get it over with. Nicole says she was thinking about him as he was knee deep in the investigation of Abigail’s murder, so she had no idea when he’d have time for a wedding. Rafe asks if that’s what it was or if it was because she had just spent the day with Eric at Abe and Paulina’s wedding since it was right after that, she was in such a hurry to get it done. Nicole says seeing their wedding made her realize she wanted something simpler which Rafe mocks. Nicole apologizes. Rafe brings up Nicole and Eric being at Abe and Paulina’s wedding with romance in the air. Rafe wonders if Nicole thought she let Eric go too easily and that maybe they made a mistake.

Kristen questions Chloe trying to convince her that Brady can’t live without her. Chloe says she’s just telling her what happened earlier today. Chloe adds that she felt bad about the Rachel situation so she decided to take matters in to her own hands since Brady has a lot on his mind with Marlena possibly dying and Rachel acting like she hates him, but Brady still wouldn’t hear about them breaking up because he said he couldn’t let Kristen win. Kristen thinks back to making the deal with Brad for the serum. Kristen then tells Chloe that maybe Brady just didn’t want her to be the one to end things and maybe he wanted to do it himself.

Rex, Eric, and Brady enter Marlena’s hospital room. Rex announces that the serum’s chemical makeup is very similar to what cured Roman so he’s 95% sure it’s real, so his gut is saying to give them the serum. John continues to worry about what if the serum is toxic. Marlena says to just give her the drug and see what happens.

Chloe calls Kristen truly deluded. Kristen wouldn’t be surprised if Brady finally realizes that their relationship is too costly and an impossible situation. Chloe argues that Kristen makes it that way and says she shouldn’t have even come her. Chloe adds that Kristen doesn’t care about anyone but herself and has no decency. Kristen responds that she knows how serious Marlena’s situation is. Kristen questions why Chloe is here when Marlena is on her deathbed and she could die without a miracle. Kristen asks if Chloe doesn’t want to be there for the man she loves. Chloe then storms out. Kristen laughs, remarking that Chloe’s bad day is just beginning.

John tells Marlena that no one is asking her to be a guinea pig. Marlena responds that she knows and she’s volunteering. Marlena states that she’s conscious and her mind is stable but she doesn’t know how long that will last. Marlena suggests giving her the serum and if it improves her situation, they give it to Kate and Kayla. Marlena thinks they should do this right away. Rex turns to John, who says it’s not his decision. John asks Rex to please do what Marlena wants. Rex apologizes and says he’ll have to ask everyone to leave the room. Marlena stops Eric and says if this doesn’t go well, she’d like to receive last rites. Eric agrees to take care of her. Eric, Brady, Belle, and Shawn then exit while Marlena asks John to stay which Rex allows. John calls Marlena the one great love of his life.

Nicole questions Rafe thinking that she realized she gave up on Eric too easily, so her reaction was to marry Rafe as fast as they can. Nicole argues that it doesn’t make any sense. Rafe says it does to him, because she thought if she hurried up and married him, then she would stop pining for Eric. Nicole insists that she loves Rafe. Nicole says she didn’t want to fall in love with him because he was with Ava, so she tried to stop but she couldn’t. Nicole argues that if she was pining for anyone, it was Rafe. Rafe asks Nicole to just tell him the truth. Nicole responds that the truth is that she does not regret marrying him. Nicole calls him her husband and says she loves him. Rafe questions why she doesn’t ever come to him then or ask how he felt before she hired Eric to see if it would bother him. Nicole calls that unfair. Rafe brings up how Nicole and Eric fell in love when he was a photographer and she was the model. Rafe kind of felt like she wanted to recreate that situation. Nicole argues that Eric needed a job, so she gave him one and she’s his boss, not his model so it’s a totally different dynamic. Rafe questions if it really is. Nicole asks what Rafe would have said if she did come to him about hiring Eric. Rafe responds that he would’ve told her it’s a terrible idea because there’s no way in Hell that he wants Eric working with his wife right as Jada starts to walk up. Jada backs up and hides around the corner as Nicole questions Rafe trying to tell her who she can and can’t hire, asking when he became a caveman. Rafe argues that this isn’t a normal hiring situation, it’s Eric. Rafe questions Nicole thinking it’s a good idea for them to be working so closely together. Nicole asks if he doesn’t trust her then. Rafe admits that in this situation, he doesn’t. Rafe starts to walk away but Nicole argues that he doesn’t get to drop this bomb and walk away. Nicole declares that they are going to talk about this. Rafe questions what there is to say and then walks away. Jada watches on as Nicole calls out to Rafe.

Brady stands in the hospital and says to himself that Kristen better not be playing games with him. Chloe arrives and hugs Brady, saying she came to see how Marlena is doing. Brady tells her that there’s been a major development as a vial of serum was left at the police station with a note, saying it’s a cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Chloe asks if he thinks it’s real. Brady responds that Rex thinks it’s promising and he thinks Marlena is taking it now. Brady says they will have to wait and see how she reacts to determine if it’s real or not. Chloe asks if they know where the serum came from. Brady then gets a phone call and claims it’s from Paul to check on Marlena. Brady steps away to answer and it’s Kristen. Brady asks what the hell she wants. Kristen says she was just checking in and wanted to let him know that the cure is being delivered to the police station. Brady confirms that Rex is giving it to Marlena right now. Kristen responds that Marlena should be feeling better real soon. Brady hopes she’s right. Kristen reminds Brady that he will have to hold up his end of the bargain and get ready to give Chloe the bad news.

Rex asks Marlena if she’s sure she still wants to receive this injection. Marlena responds that her mind is made up so Rex loads up the needle with the serum.

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