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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey were at Crimson Lights. She was trying not to get into Noah’s business, but she couldn’t help notice the string of late nights he’d had. Nick had said Noah was doing well at work though. Rey thought Noah was just having fun. Rey wished he’d had more opportunities to let loose when he was that age. He didn’t regret the road he took because it lead him to Sharon. Sharon was concerned Noah was partying to avoid his emotions over the girl in London and Tessa. Rey thought Noah was smart and resilient, and he was just going out with friends. Sharon noted that Noah was with a different attractive female almost every night.

Noah woke up alone. There was a note from the woman he’d spent the night with saying she’d had fun, but she had to leave for her shift at the Club. He smiled, then he looked depressed, and he balled up the note and threw it on the floor.

Noah went to Crimson Lights, and Rey teased that Noah must’ve gotten dressed in the dark since he missed a button on his shirt. Sharon went to Noah to ask how he was, and he said he met up with a friend. She asked if it was one of the ladies she’d met, and he said no. He preemptively told her he was fine and that she didn’t need to worry about him. Sharon wanted to know the real reason Noah stopped by. He said he just came for the free food, and she replied that moms loved to feed their kids. He asked how she was. She told him about some minor things that happened at work.

Tessa and Mariah took a seat on the patio, and Noah brought them some pastries. Mariah gave Noah points for knowing his sister’s favorite. Tessa said he knew his future sister-in-law’s favorite too. Mariah and Tessa grinned about being fiancees. Noah had some ideas for the wedding, and he hoped they liked it. He handed over his tablet. Mariah gasped. She thought Noah’s designs were amazing, and she felt lucky to have such a talented brother. Tessa said she was lucky to have such a talented future brother in law. He asked if they liked one in particular. Mariah, Tessa and Noah all had the same favorite. Mariah stepped inside, and Noah told Tessa that they could make changes if she wanted. She said they liked it the way it was. He said it wasn’t perfect, and she said they didn’t need perfect. Tessa sensed Noah was holding something in. He kept changing the subject to the wedding, until she asked him point blank what was going on with him. She said she knew him too well, and the fact that he was avoiding talking about himself made her even more concerned. He admitted he didn’t really know what was going on with him or what he was even doing anymore.

Inside the coffeehouse, Sharon asked Mariah how Noah seemed to her. Sharon said Noah was blowing her off when she tried to have a heart to heart with him. Mariah thought it was natural that Sharon’s grown son didn’t want to tell her everything. Mariah thought Noah seemed fine.

At the Chancellor mansion, Ashley admired her sleeping grandson, then she asked how Chance and Abby were doing. Chance said therapy was helping, and the next part of his journey was going back to work. Ashley asked if Chance didn’t want more time to process things. He said that getting back to normal was the next step. Abby had been taken aback when Chance made this decision, but she supported him, and she hoped Ashley would too. Chance said his therapist suggested this. Ashley said she was on board too. Ashley was going to the spa, and she asked Abby to come. Abby had to watch Dom while Chance met with Rey. Chance pointed out that Louise would be back soon, so Abby decided to head out with her mom. Ashley and Abby went to the foyer, where Ashley revealed that Keemo died, and he had a daughter.

After Abby and Ashley left, Rey went to Chance’s and learned that he wanted to come back to work. Rey asked if Chance talked to the therapist. Chance explained that Dr. Huffman said it’d help his recovery. As a friend and partner, Rey saw how overwhelmed Chance was the last time he tried to return. He asked if Chance believed he was ready this time. “I have to be ready,” Chance replied. Chance promised he wouldn’t freeze again. Rey asked how Chance could be sure. Chance said he wasn’t the same man he was in that alley. He’d done the work in therapy. He’d faced the trauma, and now he could go back to work with his eyes wide open. He didn’t need to go on stakeouts or anything volatile. He wanted to ease his way into work. Rey said that wasn’t his call. Chance knew. Chance needed to be a detective again, and he wouldn’t ask Rey to trust him if he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t let Rey down. “Alright, let’s take it up to the chief,” Rey said.

Jack was at an outdoor cafe in LA. Phyllis called to see how he was. He was a little nervous about meeting Allie. His granddaughter arrived, so he ended the call. He was understanding when she admitted she almost canceled. He didn’t want to pressure her, but he wanted to get to know her, and he was hoping that spending a little time together might be good for all of them. Allie said she sold Keemo’s house to a nice woman. Jack thought that must’ve been hard. She said it was, but the house wasn’t home without her dad. She’d been busy studying. He asked what she was getting a degree in. Chemical engineering. Jack grinned and said that years ago, her dad worked with her aunt Ashley as a chemist in the lab. Allie misunderstood Jack’s point. She got defensive and insisted that she wasn’t going to hit Jack up for a job when she graduated. She was adamant that she wasn’t seeking anything from him.

Allie swore she didn’t know anything about Jack or his business before they met. She reminded him that he was the one who sought her out. He interjected that he wasn’t accusing her of anything. He was just touched that she was following in her father’s footsteps by studying in a field that held a prominent place in their family’s legacy and in the company her great grandfather created. Allie was embarrassed about the misunderstanding and said she wanted to hide under the table. Jack joked that if she did that, he’d have to join her, and there wasn’t room under the table for both of them. That made her laugh.

Allie had been thinking about what happened between Jack and her dad. She understood why her dad felt betrayed that Jack didn’t tell him his mother was dying. Jack said he’d probably do it differently if he could do it all over again. At the time, he thought he was honoring Luan’s wishes. He never stopped wanting to repair things with Keemo. Jack thought he probably tried too hard to repair things with Keemo, early on, then he’d backed off when Keemo made it clear he wanted nothing to do with him. Jack regretted letting years go by without reaching out again. Jack foolishly thought he’d have all the time in the world to repair things with Keemo. He didn’t know about the letters Keemo wrote or that Keemo had forgiven him. Jack didn’t make excuses, and he knew had to live with the mistakes he’d made. Allie felt for Jack. Jack found comfort in knowing Keemo lived on in Allie.

Jack asked Allie how she was doing. She said it’d been hard. Jack said his emotions were all over the place – sometimes he was so sad he didn’t think he’d recover, then the next he was angry he and Keemo never got a chance to repair things. He asked if she ever felt anything like that, and she said yes. He mentioned that he lost his mother a year and a half ago. Allie said that meant Jack had his mom a lot longer than Allie had her dad. Jack said it was complex, and he and his mom weren’t as close as Keemo and Allie. Allie brusquely said she loved her dad more than anyone in the world. Jack apologized. Allie said this stuff was hard to talk about, and she and Jack didn’t really know each other. She had to go. Allie suggested she and Jack meet up again before he left town, and he happily agreed.

Ashley and Abby went to The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis greeted them. Ashley said she had concerns about Allie. Phyllis noted that Allie was Ashley’s great niece. Ashley wasn’t ready to welcome Allie into the family. Ashley thought it was suspicious that a long lost daughter appeared out of nowhere just as Jack was mourning his son. Ashley returned because she didn’t want to see Jack get hurt. She was surprised Phyllis was encouraging Jack to pursue a relationship with Allie. “Were you thinking at all?,” she snapped.

Phyllis said Ashley didn’t know what she was talking about. She stated that Allie didn’t know who Jack was when he contacted her. Ashley thought Allie could be the mysterious texter. Phyllis said Allie didn’t strike her as a schemer. Ashley suggested Allie was a con artist scamming Jack. Ashley was thinking of calling Jack and begging him to back off. “You’re not doing that!,” Phyllis yelled. She ordered Ashley to stay out of it because she had no idea what was going on. Phyllis was adamant that she could see a schemer a mile away. Phyllis knew Ashley and Abby were going to say “takes one to know one,” so she said it first. Phyllis said there were no red flags with Allie. She said that it meant so much to Jack to connect with his son through his granddaughter. Phyllis implored Ashley to stop before she tainted this experience for Jack. Abby mediated and said they all loved Jack, so they needed to support him instead of fighting. Phyllis apologized to Ashley, who accepted. Abby told Ashley they needed to go to their spa appointment. Ashley said Allie was a stranger, and Jack needed to proceed with caution. Ashley was trying to protect her family. Phyllis said Jack was smart, so Ashley should trust him to do the right thing.

Ashley and Abby got back to the Chancellor mansion. Ashley was jet lagged, and she was going to go take a nap, and she’d be back later. Abby was pained to say this, but she agreed with Phyllis, not Ashley. She thought they should trust Jack to handle things. Ashley understood the point of view, even though she didn’t share that perspective. Ashley hoped things worked out, but she just had this gnawing feeling that there was trouble ahead. After Ashley left, Chance entered and told Abby that the talk with Rey went better than he could’ve hoped for. He and Rey went and talked to Paul, and Chance would return to work tomorrow morning. He asked if that was okay. Abby was expecting it to take a week or two for Chance to go back, but if he, Rey and Paul thought this was okay, she supported it. They hugged.

Phyllis and Jack talked on the phone later. He said the meeting with Allie went as well as could be expected. He thought that he and Allie really connected in the end. “See, I knew you could bond as a family if you would just give it a chance,” Phyllis said. Jack agreed, and he said apparently Allie did too, since she floated the idea of getting together again. He thanked Phyllis for encouraging him to come out here and not waiting for Allie to make the first move. She said she only wanted the best for him.

Allie went back to Keemo’s old house to drop off a house warming gift for Taylor and to thank her for the advice about family the other day. Taylor asked if Allie connected with the person she’d talked with on the phone. Taylor pretended that she needed a moment to remember Jack’s name. Allie said Jack was the grandfather she never knew existed. Taylor said this must be overwhelming, especially coming on the heels of her father’s passing. At first, Allie didn’t want anything to do with Jack, but she changed her mind after what Taylor said about family. Allie said she just saw Jack. Taylor thought it was brave of Allie to take that step. She asked if Allie was going to stay in touch. Allie was taking it slow, but Jack seemed like a good man. Taylor said grandparents tended to dote on their grandchildren, so Jack would likely do anything he could for Allie. Allie didn’t want anything from Jack; she was just curious to know more about him. Taylor didn’t mean to imply otherwise. She was just sure Jack wanted Allie to see him as someone she could rely on, as real family. Allie said they’d have to see how things played out. Allie thanked Taylor again for giving her the nudge to pursue this. Taylor was hoping to get a favor from Allie in return.

Jack met Allie at Keemo’s old house. He was surprised she wanted to meet so soon and here at the house she’d sold. Allie said that the new owner asked to meet Jack in person. Jack didn’t understand why. Allie didn’t either, but the new owner had been so nice that Allie didn’t see any harm in it. Jack asked what was going on, and Allie asked if she was wrong to agree to bring him here. At that moment, “Taylor” walked into the room and smiled, and Jack stared at her in stunned recognition. “No, it can’t be,” he said. “It’s true. I’ve waited a very long time for this moment,” “Taylor” replied.

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