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Shawn takes care of baby Shawn at home as Belle walks in. They talk about when Claire was that age. Belle says she’s really glad that he got to bring the baby home. Shawn thanks her for coming over. Belle asks what he wanted to talk about. Shawn responds that he wanted to apologize.

Evan informs Orpheus that the Governor’s press conference just ended, so it’s official that they have been granted pardons. Orpheus says that’s no thanks to him. Evan knows he shouldn’t have told Kristen DiMera their plan, but says it’s all working out in the end as all three of them are getting out. Orpheus warns that the Governor was not pleased by Kristen’s special requests and she nearly tanked the entire deal.

Kristen returns to Gwen’s cell with her hand wrapped as she tells Gwen about punching the wall. Gwen guesses she was having a bad day. Kristen responds that she was, but things are starting to look up.

Xander is at the police station, on the phone with Maggie. Xander encourages that everything will be straightened out and promises that Sarah will be fine. Xander hangs up when he sees Rafe and tells him that he needs to let Sarah out immediately because this is all terribly unfair. Rafe tells him to calm down as they just need to ask her a few questions. Xander questions it not being able to wait until after their wedding because Jada crashed their ceremony and treated Sarah like a common criminal. Xander argues against the idea of Sarah murdering Abigail. Rafe says right now, she’s just a person of interest. Xander complains that Sarah shouldn’t be talking to the cops without a lawyer. Rafe explains that Sarah insisted on not needing one and that decision was hers to make. Xander hopes she doesn’t end up regretting that decision.

Jada talks with Sarah in the interrogation room, noting that an eye witness placed her at the scene of the DiMera Estate when Abigail was killed. Sarah asks if she can tell her who the witness was. Jada reveals that it was Lucas. Jada brings up Sarah mentioning being on medication and asks what for. Sarah explains that it’s to help control after effects of a drug she was given. Jada asks what these after effects are. Sarah admits they are hallucinations.

Jake comes home as Ava is finishing a call with Tripp. Ava kisses Jake and asks about work. Jake mocks watching Gabi and Li Shin’s love fest. Ava asks if things are getting serious with them. Jake says it looks like it and asks about Ava’s day. Ava informs Jake that she was just watching a pretty interesting press conference and guesses he hasn’t heard that the Governor issued several pardons just now, including one for Jake’s sister Kristen.

Kristen tells Gwen that she was pretty much resigned to finishing out her sentence here with the occasional upset when an amazing opportunity for a full pardon just fell in to her lap. Gwen congratulates her and guesses this is goodbye then. Kristen says actually it isn’t because Gwen is coming with her which she questions. Kristen tells her that she wouldn’t leave her behind and declares that she got Gwen a full pardon too.

Shawn informs Belle that he spoke to Chloe earlier and she really helped him understand how unfair he’s been to Belle since the moment baby Shawn was conceived. Shawn tells Belle that he was wrong to let her believe that he and Jan never had sex and he should’ve told her the moment it happened so that she wouldn’t have been blindsided months later by her pregnancy. Shawn is sorry for the decisions he made that affected both of them like letting Jan move in and telling Belle to keep her distance. Shawn says he was just trying to protect his unborn son but he should’ve involved her in every decision and made it clear that they were a team. Belle admits that she didn’t really make that easy for him because the idea of Jan having his baby drove her crazy, so she shut down. Shawn feels he should’ve worked harder to find a different solution, like having Jan live somewhere else but he put Belle in an impossible position and he’s so sorry for that.

Evan tells Orpheus that Governor Mitchell didn’t mention Kristen’s two other demands at the beginning so he was worried, but he managed to sneak them in at the end. Orpheus guesses he was embarrassed by what Kristen made him do and he doesn’t blame him. Dr. Rolf then excitedly enters the room and hugs Orpheus, thanking him for getting him a pardon from the Governor. Dr. Rolf mentions helping Orpheus escape one time and jokes that he was starting to think he didn’t like him. Orpheus says he doesn’t. Evan then clarifies that Rolf’s release was Kristen’s idea, not his dad’s. Dr. Rolf responds that he should’ve known the DiMeras would once again come to his rescue. Evan questions why Dr. Rolf is so loyal to the DiMeras. He responds that Stefano was the first person to acknowledge and encourage his scientific genius and apparently Kristen shares his wisdom and values his talents as well.

Gwen questions Kristen having Evan tell Orpheus that he needs to secure a pardon for herself, Dr. Rolf, and her. Kristen explains that she is loyal to Dr. Rolf and he may come in handy as well. Gwen gets that but asks why she would ask to pardon her. Kristen responds that she’s a good and loyal friend. Gwen didn’t realize they were friends. Kristen says of course they are and she hasn’t forgotten how Gwen helped her escape police custody. Gwen blames her blackmailing her. Kristen says they didn’t start on a level playing field, but Gwen and Ava came through for her, so she felt she owed her one. Gwen calls this incredible. Kristen jokes about everybody getting a pardon. Gwen says not everybody.

Jake asks Ava about Kristen being free now which she confirms along with Evan and Orpheus. Jake asks if the Governor said why he issued these pardons. Ava doesn’t know since Tripp called in the middle of the conference, so she didn’t get all the details. Jake asks if Ava would have anything to do with it. Ava questions why he would even ask that. Jake imagines that Ava still has some influence over her mob ties and she was friends with Kristen since she helped Kristen escape police custody twice. Ava tells him that she had nothing to do with the Governor’s pardon but jokes that she kind of likes that he thinks she has that kind of power to pull off something like that. Jake thinks there’s no limit to what she could pull off with her charm and brains. Jake calls her a woman of many talents as they kiss.

Xander asks Rafe who the supposed eye witness is but Rafe says he’s not at liberty to say. Xander asks if it was Lucas because he heard some cops talking about a hypnosis session he had with Marlena which sounds totally bogus to him. Rafe repeats that he’s not revealing the identity of the witness. Xander says of course it was Lucas and argues that he’s just trying to point the finger at somebody else. Rafe asks why Lucas would implicate Sarah of all people. Xander suggests it was the first name to pop in to his head. Xander argues that Sarah is a doctor, who took an oath to do no harm, and is the kindest person on earth so she’d never murder anyone, especially her own cousin.

Jada asks Sarah more about the drug that causes the hallucinations. Sarah says it doesn’t have a name as it’s experimental and she didn’t take it willingly as Kristen DiMera injected her with it. Jada asks why she did that. Sarah responds that Kristen was keeping her hostage in the DiMera Tunnels and she found the syringe on the floor, so she planned to use it on Kristen to try to escape but Kristen overpowered her and used it on her instead. Jada asks how the drug filled syringe just happened to be on the floor. Sarah explains that she didn’t know then but later learned that Abigail left it behind. Jada points out that in a way, that means Abigail was responsible for her hallucinations so she must have been angry with her. Sarah says of course not and declares that this is all Kristen’s fault, so she is the one she is angry at. Sarah calls Kristen a vile human being and a sadistic bitch, adding that she hates her for what she did to her.

Kristen asks Gwen who else she was supposed to get a pardon for. Gwen brings up Lani. Kristen says she would if she could have but the Governor doesn’t have jurisdiction now that Lani is serving her sentence out of state. Gwen says that’s too bad for her. Gwen exctiedly declares that they are really going home tonight and hugs Kristen.

Dr. Rolf calls this a delightful turn of events to be getting out tonight as he goes to get ready. Orpheus calls him a freak show. Evan says Dr. Rolf is just excited to have his life back. Evan declares that as soon as he’s out, he’s going straight to Shawn’s to claim his child. Orpheus gives Evan the original results from Jan’s paternity test that proves Shawn is not the father of her baby. Evan thanks him, but wishes he told him the truth a lot sooner. Evan gets that he let him down and he’s sorry. Orpheus says he’s fine and tells him to just go get his grandson, because he belongs with them and not Marlena’s dim-witted son in law.

Belle tells Shawn that in the beginning, she wanted to lay all the blame on him but she realizes now that she can’t because she made some mistakes as well. Belle says she pretty much did what she always does when things are rough between them and sought comfort and assurance from someone else, when she should’ve been trying to work things out with him. Belle admits that every time they fought, she turned to EJ even though she knows how much it bothered him. Belle guesses on some level, that’s probably why she did it. Shawn knows part of her ran to EJ to hurt him, but asks if that’s all it was. Shawn questions if in the end, did she fall in love with EJ. Belle assures that she did not and that EJ was there for her, but it was never love. Belle adds that she didn’t file for separation to be with EJ but because she really felt they needed that space. Belle admits that having the separation papers helped her rationalize that it was okay for her to be with EJ because she told herself that she wasn’t betraying their vows since they were legally separated. Belle cries that she knows that it was a betrayal and she is deeply sorry that she hurt him. Shawn says they have established that they are both sorry, so he asks where that leaves them now.

Jada asks if Sarah is still suffering from hallucinations. Sarah says not as much since her medication was adjusted. Jada asks for an example of how the hallucinations manifest themselves. Sarah explains that she imagined her stepfather was Kristen with a syringe but it was just him with a pen. Jada asks if there were any other incidents. Sarah admits she mistook Nicole for Kristen and attacked her by grabbing her arm but Xander stepped in and helped her snap out of her hallucination. Jada asks if she had any other hallucination. Sarah then admits there was Chanel. Jada asks if she attacked her the same way she did Nicole. Sarah says sort of, so Jada asks her to elaborate on that. Sarah then reveals that she threatened Chanel with a knife.

Xander complains that he and Sarah should be celebrating their wedding night right now, but once again all of their plans have gone to Hell. Xander says they were kept apart for so long by Kristen and Gwen, so he really thought this was their chance finally to be happily ever after. Xander kicks a chair in frustration. Rafe tells Xander that he’s not completely unsympathetic to his feelings and asks him to put his frustration aside and be objective. Rafe adds that if it turns out that Sarah was at the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered, then they need to know everything that happened and if it turns out Sarah is innocent then she might be able to shed some light on the investigation. Rafe then gets a call from Abe. Rafe says he did not see the press conference and can’t believe what he is told.

Shawn tells Belle that there’s not an easy answer which she agrees with. Shawn then gets a text that shocks him that Governor Mitchell pardoned five people and tells Belle that she won’t believe who they are.

Jake looks through his phone as Ava asks if he found out why the Governor pardoned Kristen. Jake says he was pretty vague about why, but he did come across a related piece of news that she might be interested to hear. Jake informs her that towards the end of the press conference, Governor Mitchell announced two more pardons, one for Dr. Rolf and the other for Gwen which shocks Ava. Ava calls them a real rogues gallery and says as of tonight, the five of them are all free to do whatever the hell they want.

Orpheus, Evan, Kristen, Gwen, and Dr. Rolf all walk out of the prison together.

Jada brings up that Sarah said she was planning on visiting Abigail. Sarah confirms that Marlena suggested it because of Abigail having a similar reaction to the same drug. Jada asks what happened when she visited her. Sarah responds that she didn’t go and instead went to prison to see Abigail’s sister, Gwen and then she went to the Salem Inn to lay down because she was feeling off since her meds weren’t adjusted yet. Jada questions Sarah saying she never went to the DiMera Mansion that night which Sarah confirms. Jada reminds her that Lucas said he saw her there. Sarah calls that impossible so either Lucas is lying or mistaken. Jada adds that Lucas said he saw Sarah fleeing down the stairs with an object in her hand that she dropped. Sarah says she couldn’t have dropped anything if she wasn’t there. Jada thinks what she had her in hand was the knife that killed Abigail DiMera.

Dr. Rolf thanks Kristen for securing his freedom and complains about prison. Kristen says she knows Stefano wouldn’t want him to languish behind bars and now he can continue his work. Dr. Rolf asks if Kristen will require his services in the future. Kristen says she’ll get in touch soon and tells him to lie low and stay out of trouble until then. Dr. Rolf says he will await her instructions and walks away. Gwen questions what services of his Kristen will be requiring and what exactly she has planned.

Belle finishes a call with Marlena and tells Shawn that they are on alert about Orpheus and that Brady knows about Kristen. Shawn says he left word for Ben and Ciara but thankfully they are halfway around the world where Evan can’t get to them. Belle states that everyone they love is safe then. Shawn assures they will stay that way. Evan walks in and says he’s sorry to interrupt but the door was open. Shawn questions what the hell he’s doing here and says his sister isn’t here. Evan reveals that he’s here to get his son which Shawn questions. Evan declares that he’s not sorry to tell him as he’s proud to say, Shawn Christian is not Shawn’s son, but his.

Sarah tells Jada that Abigail was her cousin and she loved her. Sarah adds that Abigail rescued her from Kristen, so she’s grateful to her and asks why in God’s name would she ever hurt her. Jada says she obviously wouldn’t in her right state of mind, but she’s subject to hallucinations so it’s possible that she thought Abigail was Kristen and felt she was a threat. Jada brings up that Sarah admitted to brandishing a knife with Chanel and could’ve done the same thing to Abigail but this time no one was there to stop her from taking her revenge. Sarah asks if she’s under arrest. Jada says no, so Sarah says she’d like to leave then.

Kristen tells Gwen that she always has a plan, but she’s not ready to share the details. Kristen declares that she intends to get back everything she lost and assumes Gwen will do the same. Gwen says she might be able to repair her relationship with Jack, but her and Xander are a lost cause after what she did to Sarah. Gwen doesn’t think Xander will ever speak to her again, let alone take her back. Kristen says at least she has a fighting chance. Kristen calls Gwen beautiful, smart, and more interesting than Sarah. Kristen adds that she could never stand Xander but for some reason, Gwen loves him. Kristen declares that they have both been given a second chance at freedom, so she thinks they need to go after what they want and not let anyone stand in their way.

Xander paces at the police station, wondering what’s taking so long. Sarah comes out of the interrogation room, so Xander asks what happened. Sarah asks him to just take her home so they exit the station together.

Shawn threatens to kill Evan if he takes another step towards his son. Evan says he didn’t come to fight with him. Shawn tells Evan to get the hell out of his house. Evan understands why he might not believe him. Belle calls Evan a psychotic murderer. Evan swears that he’s telling the truth that he’s the father of Jan’s baby. Shawn asks how he even knows Jan. Evan explains that the hooked up in prison after meeting in the infirmary. Evan says he didn’t know at the time, but she wanted him to get her pregnant so she could pass the baby off at Shawn’s and it worked. Shawn argues that he has a paternity test that proves he is the baby’s father. Evan reveals that was a test that Orpheus helped Jan alter. Shawn questions why Orpheus would do that. Evan says he had his reasons. Belle argues that this doesn’t make any sense. Evan presents the real paternity test results that says Shawn is not the father. Shawn asks how they know that’s not fake. Belle argues the results don’t prove that Evan is the real father. Evan explains that Jan named the baby after him since Christian is his birth name. Belle argues that she also named him after Shawn. Shawn insists that it’s his son. Evan tells him they can take another paternity test and the sooner they get this figured out, the sooner he can be with his son.

Jake reminds Ava about the DiMera board meeting awhile ago where Kristen attended virtually and voted against his brothers which kept Gabi in charge of the company and kind of saved his job too. Ava says that she did him a major favor. Jake reveals that Kristen called him after and basically suggested they collaborate and do great things together in return for that favor. Ava questions like what. Jake admits he doesn’t know and forgot about it after she got arrested, but now that she’s free, it changes everything. Kristen then knocks on the door, calling for Jake to open up.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square. Sarah can’t believe their wedding was ruined again. Xander promises it’s all going to work out. Sarah asks how he can say that when she’s a murder suspect. Xander suggests not talking about that right now but Sarah says this could change their whole life. Sarah asks how this could happen and how someone could take Abigail’s life. Xander hugs her and insists it’s going to be alright. Sarah questions how this day could get any worse. Gwen then approaches them and greets them. Xander is shocked and asks what the hell. Gwen guesses he hasn’t heard that the Governor set her free with a full pardon, so she’s free as a bird and calls it the best news ever. Gwen says she’ll see them around and walks off.

Dr. Rolf returns to the DiMera Mansion and toasts to the portrait of Stefano, saying it’s good to see him again. Rolf says his experiments have been on hold for quite some time, but thanks to Kristen, he can finally get back to his important work. He hopes he continues to make Stefano proud. Dr. Rolf then pushes the button and enters the DiMera Tunnels.

Jake answers the door to see Kristen. Kristen presumes they heard her wonderful news. Ava confirms they were just talking about her release and congratulates her. Jake says he was just telling Ava that Kristen could be knocking on his door any minute because he sort of owes her a favor. Kristen says she saved his job, so he owes her multiple favors. Kristen declares that she’s here to call on her first favor as she needs a place to stay. Kristen says this falls short of her personal standards but it will do her just fine, making Jake and Ava uncomfortable.

Evan asks if they should all go to the hospital to get the ball rolling on a paternity test. Shawn argues that his son is not going anywhere. Evan understands Shawn is upset since Jan lied to them both but he’s telling the truth. Shawn warns Evan to get the hell out of his sight before he rips him to shreds. Evan agrees to go for now, but warns that he’s coming back with a court order for a paternity test. Belle says they will fight that. Evan tells baby Shawn Christian that daddy will be back soon as he walks out.

Rafe brings Jada to the Brady Pub. She tells him that he doesn’t need to buy her a beer but Rafe says she had a great first day, so she earned it, plus it will give him the chance to get her up to speed on the five felons that the Governor pardoned today. Jada says she read about that and questions why the Governor would set so many dangerous criminals free. Orpheus walks up and Rafe says here comes one of them now. Rafe doesn’t know how Orpheus managed to pull this off, but warns that he has his eye on him if he came to cause trouble. Orpheus remarks that he wouldn’t dream of it as from here on, he’s going to be a model citizen. Orpheus then walks away.

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