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Nancy goes to see Bonnie at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells her that it’s an emergency as she needs some advice and didn’t have anywhere else to go. Bonnie wants to hear all about it. Nancy informs her that she and Craig have signed the divorce papers so now there is nothing stopping Leo from getting everything he wants.

In the town square, Leo opens the envelope he was handed and is shocked by the papers inside, saying it can’t be but it is – it’s a pre-nup. Leo questions getting this on their wedding day. Craig approaches and sees Leo looking upset.

Abigail answers a call at home from Ava and asks what she wants. Ava informs her that she has some information that Abigail might find quite interesting. Abigail asks what kind of information. Ava tells her to come to the police station and find out, adding that she’ll be glad she did.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole then orders a double espresso but is shocked to find that it is her ex-husband Eric working behind the counter. Nicole comments on having vivid dreams but Eric assures that he is really here.

Abigail goes to the interrogation room to see Ava. Abigail asks what Ava is doing here. Ava shows that she is handcuffed to the table and informs her that she was arrested by the police commissioner who she used to sleep with because he accused her of setting him up. Abigail says she never believed the planted evidence anyways but asks what it has to do with her. Ava says it’s a big misunderstanding and thinks Abigail can help her resolve it. Abigail asks if she wants her story in the Spectator. Ava wants her to talk to Melinda on her behalf because she can help her in return.

Gwen finds Gabi at the Bistro and says she was thinking of booking the place for their wedding celebration. Gwen informs Gabi that she and Xander are getting married today as part of a double wedding.

Craig tells Leo that they have a lot to do before walking down the aisle. Leo questions Craig giving him no warning or explanation for the pre-nup. Leo asks how he could ambush him with one on their wedding day. Leo guesses he believes what everyone said about him but Craig swears he’s never seen the pre-nup before. Leo asks where it came from then. Chloe appears and reveals it’s from her.

Nicole welcomes Eric back and they hug. Nicole asks when he got back to Salem. Eric says it was just this morning and Roman had paper work to get done, so he volunteered to watch the bar. Nicole asks why Eric came back and if he left the priesthood. Eric informs her that he’s still a priest, so she asks why he’s not wearing his collar. Eric explains that he only has to wear it when saying mass or performing a sacrament. Eric brings up how last time he was home was intense with Marlena’s exorcism and he had some free time so he got a plane to be with the people he loves. Eric says he misses his friends, his family, and Nicole.

Gabi and Gwen have a drink together. Gwen explains to Gabi that her old dear friend lives in Salem now and he’s in a rush to get married, so he suggested they do it together and he offered to pick up the tab. Gabi asks if it’s anyone she knows. Gwen reveals it’s Leo Stark. Gabi is shocked and says he tried to ruin Will and Sonny’s lives. Gabi hates Leo with a vengeance. Gwen knows he’s not perfect, but he’s her friend and she’s terribly fond of him. Gabi says she might be the only person who he is. Gwen says she’s heard Craig is mad at him too. Gwen decides they’ll agree to disagree because Leo is getting married, he’s a very good friend of hers, she’s marrying Xander and she wants everything to be perfect. Gabi thinks the Bistro would be a nice venue for the dinner after the ceremony. Gabi thought locking down a venue was the maid of honor’s job. Gwen reveals that it’s Abigail which shocks Gabi. Gwen says they are moving past everything they’ve been through. Gabi decides it’s none of her business. Gabi talks about being so happy and impressed with herself more than usual. Gwen asks what she has done. Gabi then admits to getting Ava Vitali arrested. Gabi laughs while Gwen looks worried.

Abigail questions how Ava can help her. Ava brings up how she and Chad were eager to find out who knocked Abigail out at the Airfield. Ava admits she might not have been completely upfront about not knowing anything. Ava brings up how last time she was here, Chad offered to go to bat for her with Melinda and get her a deal if she gave him a name, but she refused. Abigail guesses since Ava is willing to talk now means she’s guilty as hell. Ava argues that she’s been wrongly accused and needs a little assistance. Ava says if she tells Abigail who attacked her that night, then she takes it to Melinda and gets her a deal, they will both get justice.

Nancy talks to Bonnie how hard it was to sign the divorce papers but says Craig made every effort to help her through it by buying her a drink and telling her how much their love meant to him. Nancy adds that Craig then asked her to come to his wedding which Bonnie questions. Bonnie asks if Craig thought it would be fun for Nancy to attend his wedding to someone else. Nancy admits it would be horrible to see him marrying Leo, but she told him that she would think about it because she was kind of touched. Nancy says she cares about Craig and always will, so she needs her advice. Bonnie asks if she really needs to know her advice. Nancy guesses she already knows. Bonnie advises Nancy to just say no.

Craig questions why Chloe would do this. Chloe knew he would be busy with the wedding, so she had Justin take care of that for him. Chloe says if Leo is marrying Craig for love, he’d have no problem signing it. Chloe offers him a pen.

Eric asks Nicole how she and Holly have been. Nicole says she’s good and talks about Holly loving to sing. Nicole hopes he gets a chance to see her. Eric says he would love that. Eric mentions hearing that EJ got cleared of Sami’s kidnapping. Eric asks if she and EJ are still together. Nicole says they are not as she realized they were not right for each other. Eric is happy to hear that and says he wants her to be happy with whoever she’s with. Nicole then reveals that she is seeing Rafe. Eric calls Rafe a good man and notes that they have been friends for a really long time. Nicole says it’s turned in to something more. Eric asks how that happened if she doesn’t mind him asking.

Gwen questions Ava being arrested. Gabi says she made it happen so she will pay for framing her brother and for moving in with Jake to spite her. Gwen asks how she pulled that off. Gabi explains that she found the dirtbag that Ava paid to frame Rafe and he coughed up a recording of Ava admitting everything. Gabi talks about having a front row seat to Rafe arresting Ava. Gabi calls it karma and says Ava is probably at the police station and on her way to jail, then court, and prison where she hopes she will rot forever with no way out. Gabi wonders how desperate Ava must feel right now.

Abigail returns from talking to Melinda and tells Ava that she said not a chance which Ava questions. Abigail says that Ava framed the police commissioner which is a felony, while the person who hit her would only be charged with assault and it’s not nearly enough to interest Melinda. Ava argues that it wasn’t just assault, she was kidnapped, taken to a deserted island and held her captive. Abigail says she reminded Melinda of all of that, but she still thinks that Ava is a bigger fish than whoever knocked her out. Ava asks what if she told her that the person has committed more crimes since then. Abigail asks what other crimes. Ava thinks back to Gwen talking to her about helping Kristen break out of prison and then to Gwen telling her that she switched the antidote with another dose of the drug to use on Sarah. Ava assures Abigail that what this person has done will make them a much bigger fish than her. Abigail asks if she’s just jerking her around. Ava asks why she would do that when she wants to get out of here. Abigail asks who the person is then and what they have done. Abigail tells Ava not to waste her time and if she’s not going to spill right now, then she’s leaving. Abigail goes to leave the room but Ava stops her and agrees to tell her.

Bonnie tells Nancy that she cannot go to the wedding. Nancy knows it would be hard. Bonnie knows they had a drink but he broke her heart. Nancy argues that it really wasn’t his fault since he didn’t leave her because she wasn’t enough and he didn’t go for a younger woman to stroke his ego. Nancy understands he was dealing with his own sexual orientation. Bonnie guesses she’s been reading up on failed marriages. Nancy says reading has given her so much more empathy for what Craig is going through. Bonnie just wants to protect her from running in to the eye of the storm by attending her ex-husband’s wedding to someone she thinks is scum. Nancy feels she has to try to respect how Craig feels about Leo. Bonnie advises her to just try to get through this and move on with her life, but she can tell that Nancy won’t listen to her and she gets it since she loved Craig for most of her life. Bonnie suggests she think about it for a couple of days but Nancy reveals that the wedding is tonight which surprises Bonnie. Nancy then admits that she wants to go. Bonnie respects her decision. Nancy hopes that everyone doesn’t stare at her and think of her as the woman who’s husband left her for a man while she’s sitting there all alone. Bonnie suggests she not go alone then. Nancy responds that she has no choice since the wedding is tonight. Bonnie tells her to get herself a hot date to take with her. Nancy repeats that the wedding is tonight and asks where she would find a date on such short notice. Bonnie pulls out her phone and says they’ll find her a date right there.

Leo complains that he’s never been so insulted in his life as he and Craig aren’t even married yet and Chloe is talking about divorce. Chloe says that’s the entire point of a pre-nup and says there’s no better way to prove that Leo is marrying Craig for love and not money. Leo calls it a stupid document and would rather show it with love and devotion. Chloe guesses he won’t sign it then and asks what else Craig needs to prove that Leo is a gold digger. Craig stops her. Leo argues that Craig is as appalled as he is and tells Chloe what she can do with the pre-nup. Craig then tells Leo that he thinks he should sign it, which shocks him.

Gwen asks why Gabi would say Ava is desperate and if she said something. Gabi asks what she means. Gwen thinks back to Ava asking why she shouldn’t sacrifice Gwen to save herself. Gabi then asks Gwen if something is wrong.

Ava tells Abigail to make the offer to Melinda, then she will give the name and the crimes. Abigail doesn’t think Ava is in position to be calling the shots. Ava says she’s just asking her to work with her and she won’t walk away empty handed. Abigail argues that Ava won’t tell her who it is. Ava says if she did, she’d have nothing to bargain with. Abigail declares they are at a stand off then.

Nicole tells Eric that how her and Rafe got together is a really long story. Clyde comes out from the back and comments on Eric being back from Africa and that Roman told him he’d be working there. Eric questions Clyde working at the Pub. Clyde confirms that Roman gave him a job. Eric notes that Roman did not tell him that. Nicole thought Clyde was in prison. Clyde reveals that he got parole. Nicole questions why Roman would hire him after he kidnapped his great grandson. Clyde responds that Roman knows he did his time, paid for his crimes, and that he’s determined to be a better person from here on out. Clyde asks Eric if he believes in redemption.

Leo is offended that Craig needs him to sign a legal document to prove he loves him. Craig responds that he doesn’t need him to, but obviously his daughter does. Leo calls it very hurtful that Chloe doesn’t trust him. Craig is sick of everyone he knows coming after him with suspicions and warnings about Leo, but if him signing this stops all that, then he thinks he should do it. Craig asks Leo to do it for him.

Ava tells Abigail that she never gives away something for nothing. Abigail tells her to have fun in jail then and calls this a waste of time to come down here, except maybe she got a story for the Spectator that the ex-mafia princess was finally brought down by her ex-lover’s kid sister. Abigail then goes to leave but Ava reveals that the person who attacked Abigail was Gwen.

Gabi asks Gwen if she’s okay. Gwen claims she just realized she has a million things to do so she’s going home. Gabi thought Gwen was going to book the Bistro. Gwen says she’ll just have Abigail do it and rushes out.

Bonnie works on making Nancy a profile on a dating app. Nancy asks if this is how she met Justin. Bonnie says no but she’s helped plenty of her friends do this. Bonnie takes a photo of Nancy for her profile. Bonnie declares that Nancy will walk in to the wedding with a hot date and then Craig will rue the day that he let her go.

Chloe asks what Leo is waiting for. Leo tells her to give him a second as he’d like to know what he’s signing. Chloe calls it pretty standard. Leo reads the papers which state that in the case of a divorce, any residence would go to Craig while all bank accounts would revert to Craig’s accounts and there will be no alimony or cash settlement. Chloe states that none of that should matter if Leo is marrying Craig for love. Chloe apologizes to Craig for doing this to him on his wedding day but he has to know before he gets married. Leo then takes the pen and signs the papers. Leo then asks Chloe if she’s satisfied. Chloe is surprised that he signed it. Leo calls Craig the love of his life so there’s no reason not to sign a piece of paper because they are going to be husband and husband for eternity. Craig guesses he should make it official and signs it as well. Leo knows Chloe has had her issues with him and his past, but he hopes this finally convinces her that his love for Craig is real. Leo adds that maybe Chloe will even give them her blessing because that’s the only way Craig will be happy and all he wants is his happiness. Chloe guesses they want the same thing then. Chloe declares that Leo stepped up, so she will too. Chloe says that if Leo makes Craig happy then she’s happy and that’s all that matters. Chloe gives them her blessing and says she will take the documents to Justin to file and guesses she will see them later at the wedding. Craig hugs Chloe and thanks her, saying it means more to him than she knows. Chloe reluctantly hugs Leo as well and then walks away. Craig asks Leo if he’s upset with him.

Bonnie shows Nancy how to use the dating app. They go over some guys. Nancy says one is too young, one is too old, and no doctors. Nancy points out one having a nice smile but Bonnie notes that he has no hair and she can’t show up at the wedding with just anybody. Bonnie tells her that she found one who is recently back on the market like her, is family oriented, and likes to cook. Bonnie shows him to Nancy and she approves.

Abigail asks Ava if she was right that Gwen knocked her out that day. Ava adds that there is so much more. Abigail asks what else Gwen did and if there are other victims. Ava agrees to tell her everything she wants to know in detail, but Melinda needs to hear it first and only after she gets her immunity. Ava tells Abigail that this is her chance to make her sister pay for her sins. Ava declares that if Abigail gets her the deal, she will sing like a canary. Abigail declares that she will be back and storms out.

Eric confirms that he does believe in redemption. Clyde says Roman does too which is why he hired him and now he’s paying it back by trying to do a good job and earn an honest living. Nicole asks if he even knows what that means. Clyde gets why some people won’t give him a second chance. Nicole brings up Clyde trying to blow up the entire town. Clyde feels there’s no use in looking in the past as he’s all about looking forward and doing everything he can to be a better man. Clyde says he didn’t mean to interrupt them, so he’ll get on with his break. Clyde tells them to enjoy themselves and that it was good to see Eric again. Clyde walks away while Nicole questions Clyde expecting anyone to believe that he’s changed after everything he’s done. Nicole then thinks Eric must think she’s a hypocrite after all she has done and the people she has hurt. Eric says no, but like Clyde said, it’s about working harder and moving forward. Eric reminds Nicole that she was going to tell him about her and Rafe. Nicole guesses she can tell him everything since he knows the worst about her. Eric assures that he still cares about her. Nicole is grateful for that. Eric tells her to talk to him. Nicole explains that she and Rafe have been friends for a long time and he was there for her when she and Eric split. Nicole adds that in October, they slept together but he was with Ava, who found out and tried to ruin Rafe’s life by framing him for a crime he didn’t commit. Nicole says that just yesterday, Gabi found proof that Ava set Rafe up and she’s been arrested. Eric asks if Ava no longer being a threat means there’s nothing to stop Nicole and Rafe from living happily ever after. Nicole guesses so which Eric questions. Nicole says she’s just a little skeptical of that phrase for obvious reasons. Eric says he is too and says they can skip the ever after part, so he just asks if Nicole is happy. She confirms that she is. Eric says he’s glad as that’s all he wants for her. Nicole decides she should get to work and thanks him for the coffee which Eric says is on the house. Nicole tells him that it was good to see him. Eric says the same as Nicole then exits the Pub.

Nancy starts to worry about letting Bonnie talk her in to the dating app. Bonnie reminds her to be confident and tells her to work on her attitude. Bonnie says any man would be proud to have Nancy on his arm. Bonnie encourages Nancy to try the dating app more but Nancy says she didn’t see anyone else she was interested in. Nancy then ends up matching with the guy she chose.

Clyde sits outside the Brady Pub with his phone and smiles, revealing that he is the man who matched with Nancy.

Gabi finishes her drink and declares that she’s done and so is Ava as nothing can save her now…

Ava says to herself that she’s sorry to Gwen since she doesn’t have any friends and she hates to lose her, but it was Gwen or her so she asks what choice she really had.

Gwen arrives at the police station disguised in a hat and coat. She tries to sneak in to the interrogation room but is caught by Abigail.

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