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Recap written by Christine

Billy went to Victoria’s office. He cut his business trip short after he heard about Ashland, because he wanted to be there for the kids. Victoria asked if Lily was okay with that. He said Lily was a mom, so she understood kids came first. He asked how Victoria was, and she told him about a work project. He thought she was burying herself in her job to ignore the pain. She claimed she was fine. He asked what happened. Victoria told Billy how Ashland grabbed her after she refused to rekindle their romance. She said she found something to defend herself. Billy called Victoria tough, but she said she wasn’t – she’d been scared. She said Nick showed up, and while she left the room to get her phone, he and Ashland got into it. Victoria said Ashland attacked Nick, who punched him. She said Ashland fell and hit his head and died, or so they thought. She told him all about calling Chance and Ashland disappearing from the house and being found in the ravine.

Victoria said she didn’t even have time to process Ashland’s death before she had to go get the kids. Billy had gotten a dangerous vibe from Ashland, and that was why he didn’t want to go to LA. She said he was right to worry. He told her how he ran into Nick and gave him a head’s up about Ashland. He said Nick had a very uncharacteristic Victor-like response. Nick had Billy that this was none of his business and that Billy didn’t need to be Victoria’s protector anymore. Billy told Nick that he’d have to protect his sister. Victoria was near tears, because she said Nick came over right after that, and possibly saved her life, because of Billy.

Billy guessed it was kismet that he ran into Nick before he left for LA. Billy asked about how the kids were handling things. As well as could be expected. He said he’d come by tonight to be with them. Victoria appreciated that. She said being out of town with the kids helped, because it gave her some time and distance. Billy guessed it was poetic justice that Ashland died in a car crash, the same way the Ashland identity was born. Billy was glad Ashland wasn’t on earth anymore. Victoria said you weren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead. Billy made an exception because he knew what Victoria went through because of Ashland. He was in awe of her fortitude, stubbornness and grace. She said she told him to go to LA and not to worry about her, but he didn’t listen. He said there was nothing that could stop him from looking out for her. She hugged him.

Nick went to Crimson Lights, and he looked upset. He was the only customer, and he asked Sharon to lock the door so they could talk. She closed up shop and sat with him. “I killed Ashland Locke,” he said. He told her how Victor’s team put Ashland in his car and staged the crash. Sharon said she was so sorry. Due to the fact that there were no eyewitnesses to Ashland’s death, and the Newmans were known to hate Ashland, Victor had been concerned about how the investigation would play out, so he decided to cover things up to protect Nick and Victoria. Sharon said Victor loved his kids and thought he was helping. Nick didn’t regret protecting his sister, but he never intended to kill Ashland. Nick felt that he was now complicit in Victor’s crime of covering things up, and he wasn’t happy about it. Nick felt terrible when he realized he’d made Sharon complicit by confiding in her. She assured him she could take care of herself. She was glad she came to him. He promised he’d never let her get in trouble over this and said he wouldn’t ever tell anyone he talked to her about it. She wanted to focus on him, and she asked what he was going to do.

Nick didn’t want to report this to the police, because that would be hard on Victoria, but he also didn’t like Victor taking things into his own hands. Sharon said Victor always had to try and control things, and he didn’t consider how it would affect Nick. Nick lamented causing a man’s death. Sharon said it was an accident and that Ashland was the one who put himself on this collision course. She stated that he showed up at his ex-wife’s house uninvited, hellbent on revenge. Sharon was glad Nick was there, and she thought he should be grateful to whatever higher power put him there when Victoria needed him. She dind’t want him to ever doubt that he did the right thing. She was glad he and Victoria were okay. He said he got lucky. She said he acted in self defense, and what Victor did afterward didn’t change that. He hoped Chance felt the same way, because he clearly suspected there was a lot more to the story.

Nick had been open and honest with Chance, because he didn’t think there was anything to hide. It was obvious to Nick that Chance wasn’t satisfied with her answers. Sharon said that Chance informally questioned her about what Nick told her. Nick said Chance wasn’t going to let this go, and that put Victor in a very difficult position. Sharon said that was on Victor, and she added that Nick didn’t hide anything from the police. “Until now,” Nick said.

Nick went to work and talked with Victoria and Billy. She said she told Billy everything. Nick said he went to Victoria’s house because of his conversation with Billy. Billy was glad Nick showed up when he did. He wished he could give Nick a reward. Nick was sorry if it seemed like he was blowing Billy off that night. Nick told Victoria they had a work issue to discuss. Billy thanked Nick and said he was glad Victoria was okay. He left. The siblings hugged, and he asked about his niece and nephew. They were good, and she and the kids were staying at the ranch.

Nick let Victoria know the truth about Ashland’s death and Victor’s cover up. Victoria thought maybe Victor did the right thing. He was shocked she felt that way. She said Victor had no idea what happened, and he could’ve thought she killed Ashland. She said their dad was trying to protect htem. Nick said Victor could’ve talked to them instead of going behind their backs. Victoria said Victor did what he needed to do to end the chaos Ashland caused in their lives for the last year and a half. Nick said there were a million ways this could go wrong and now their father had put them in a position where they were forced to lie to the cops. Victoria realized Nick was right – they were complicit in a cover up. She wanted to go talk to Victor. When she opened the door, Chance was there. She asked how long he’d been standing there, and he said he just arrived. He asked why she looked so upset.

Nate went to Lily’s office looking for Billy. He wasn’t there, but Devon was. Nate had hoped to get some pointers from Billy about how to be a COO, unless Devon had a problem with that. Devon didn’t have a problem with it. Devon said Nate was probably one of the smartest people he knew, and he could handle this job. Nate was sorry he double booked the artist. He said he should’ve cleared things with Devon. Devon said this error wasn’t going to happen again. Nate said this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t tried to do Devon a favor and lighten his load. Devon was sure this job was an adjustment, since Nate was probably used to people reporting to him at the hospital. Nate said it had been awhile since he had to get approval for everything he thought was necessary. From here on out, he was focused on being the best number 2 he could be. Devon appreciated it. Sometimes he worried that he’d thrown too much at Nate too soon. Nate was sure he could handle it. Amanda came in crying and said her mom was in a coma.

Amanda said Imani took the red-eye back to the facility Naya was in. Imani felt responsible, and Amanda was blaming herself for leaving too. Devon and Nate were supportive. Nate assured Amanda that it was not her fault. Amanda worried she’d never talk to her mother again. Nate explained that there were plenty of patients in similar situations who regained consciousness. Devon asked how he and Nate could best help Amanda. She didn’t know. She said she and Imani couldn’t both leave work. Devon said they could.

Amanda still wasn’t comfortable just leaving work. Nate said they could delegate to the staff, and if they needed Amanda, she could handle it remotely. She didn’t want to leave them in the lurch. Devon said he and Nate could handle things. He told her Naya needed her. Nate said research showed comatose patients could hear everything going on around them. Amanda asked Nate what to do for her mom. He said to talk to Naya and make a playlist for her to listen to. She started crying because she didn’t know Naya’s favorite songs, and she possibly never would. She realized Imani would know. Devon took Amanda’s hand and told her to hold her mom’s hand. She just wanted to get to Naya as soon as possible. He let her use his jet. They hugged.

When Elena came by the office, Nate was there by himself. She wanted to know how things were going with breaking her Newman Media contract. He shared the news about Naya. He said he tried to give Amanda some hope, but he and Elena both knew this was a bad sign. He said Devon gave Amanda and Imani an indefinite leave of absence. Selfishly, Nate would miss having the ladies around. He said Amanda was an excellent lawyer, and Imani had been an ally who understood what he was going through with Devon. Elena took that to mean that Imani was fueling the tension between Nate and Devon.

Nate knew Imani wasn’t Elena’s favorite person, but it was ridiculous to blame her for his issues with Devon. Elena wasn’t solely blaming Imani, but she didn’t think it was helping the situation if Imani was in Nate’s ear telling him he was right and Devon was wrong. Nate told Elena that it seemed like she didn’t care about Imani’s situation. She said of course she cared, and she was heartbroken for the sisters’ situation. He said that they should be helping Amanda and Imani through this – nothing else.

Devon and Amanda were at Crimson Lights. She said she didn’t know what was harder – having a parent or growing up without one. Devon experienced both, and he thought it was always better to know where you came from. Amanda had kept telling herself she and Naya just had to get through the rough spot before they got to the good stuff, like family dinners etc. She sobbed that it was like something was always taking Naya from her. Devon comforted Amanda and offered to go to Virginia with her. She composed herself. She said she’d be okay – she had her sister now, and they’d support each other through this. He told her to call if she changed her mind, and he’d drop everything to be there with her. She thanked him, and he said that wasn’t necessary. She wasn’t sure when she’d be back. He told her to focus on her mom and take all the time she needed, and he’d be here waiting. She said she’d be missing him, and they kissed.

Abby and Chance had breakfast at Society, but he was distracted by the case. She thought Ashland’s car accident seemed opened and shut. Chance said he just had to cover all the bases and talk to Victoria. Abby didn’t understand why Chance had to question Victoria now, unless he thought there was more to the story. He claimed the case was routine, but she didn’t buy it because he’d been so preoccupied about it. Kevin ran up with news, but Chance signaled him not to say anything. Abby asked if this was about the accident that killed Ashland. Chance promised to tell Abby everything after the investigation ended. He and Kevin left.

Chelsea went to Society and chatted with Abby. They talked about their sons, and Chelsea mentioned she’d made some bold changes, and she felt like her life was finally back on track. Billy showed up and asked why Chance was investigating Ashland’s death. He didn’t see what there was to investigate – a dangerous person lost control of his car. She said Chance didn’t share details of his investigations with her. He said Chance was a man of integrity. Abby went to place Chelsea’s order. Chelsea had some ideas for the podcast. Abby returned and heard about Chelsea’s new job. Chelsea said this new gig with Billy came at the right time.

Kevin and Chance went to the park to chat. Kevin scanned the security footage for the gas station where someone had seen Locke’s rental car. The section of video that should’ve shown Ashland’s arrival and departure were blank. The gas station manager said that happened to the security footage sometimes, so Kevin didn’t know if there was a glitch or if someone tampered with the video.

Kevin had pulled up street surveillance cameras, and he found footage that looked like there may have been more than one person in Ashland’s vehicle that night, but the video was too grainy to see who it was. There was also evidence that there was more than one person in the spot where the car was allegedly parked – there were sets of footprints and a recently smoked cigarette butt. Chance remembered one of Victor’s guys was smoking during the police interview. Chance said it was suspicious, but not proof. He assumed Ashland parked his car at the gas station and walked to Victoria’s. Maybe, if Ashland went to the house with malicious intent, he disabled the videos so there wouldn’t be evidence he went to the house. Kevin thought that was unlikely, and Chance agreed. The autopsy said Ashland died of a head injury, like the one you’d get hitting your head on a fireplace. Kevin noted that Ashland could’ve also hit his head in the car accident. Chance skeptically questioned if Ashland could’ve gotten back up after that head injury walked through the expanse of heavily wooded property and to his car.

Kevin thought Ashland had to have walked to his car, since he ended up in it. Chance’s expression signaled he was considering an alternative. Kevin said it wouldn’t make sense for Victoria and Nick to call the police, then move the body. Chance suggested they called him, then they got scared that this wouldn’t look like self defense. He said if Ashland did walk out, how did the ring fall out of his pocket? Kevin played Devil’s advocate and said Ashland may have fallen on the way out the door, due to his head injury, and the ring could’ve slipped from his pocket. Kevin said Nick came to Chance right after he found the ring, and that didn’t sound like someone who was trying to cover things up.

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