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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis was at the hotel. She called Jack and left a message letting him know she was there for him. Lauren came needing an Escape Club session to relax. Phyllis offered a listening ear, and Lauren accepted. She gave Phyllis a vague rundown about Michael’s job with Victor. She said she went days without hearing from Michael. Phyllis assumed Michael saw it as an adventure. Lauren said exactly. She asked if she was just supposed to accept this unpredictable lifestyle. Phyllis wondered why the thing you loved about someone was also the thing that drove you crazy and made you worry about them. Lauren felt like they weren’t talking about Michael anymore. She asked if Phyllis was worried about Jack. Phyllis wasn’t worried before, but now she was wondering if she should be.

Lauren wanted to know what was going on with her friend, Jack. Phyllis said it wasn’t her news to share. She added that he was in LA dealing with something from his past. She was worried about him facing this alone. Lauren was sure Jack appreciated Phyllis’s support and opinion. Phyllis thought Jack was tired of her opinion. Phyllis felt like she was walking the line between being a friend and meddling. Phyllis said that this wasn’t anything as concerning as what Lauren and Michael were going through. Phyllis was worried though because Jack usually returned her calls, and he wasn’t this time. She said Jack had an amazing heart, and sometimes it could cause him to be blindsided in the worst way.

Jack returned to Diane’s house in LA, after she sent a text asking him to come back. He didn’t want to be there, but he thought it was obvious that she wasn’t going to let this go until she said what she had to say. He was unhappy she’d dragged his grieving granddaughter into her little game. He made it clear that Allie was off-limits. Diane said she’d tried to give Jack something he didn’t know he lost. She knew he was grateful. He angrily thanked her and said they were done here. She was trying to make amends. He said she wasn’t trying to make amends to the people she hurt. He told her she stole something from Kyle that she could never give back. Jack flashed back to comforting a young Kyle after Diane’s supposed death. “You tore that little boy’s heart out and for that, I will never forgive you,” Jack told Diane. Diane replied that Jack might not forgive her, but she thought he might be able to understand.

Tell me why you shredded Genoa City and our son’s life” Jack demanded. Diane felt there was no other way. She’d pulled so many schemes back then. Victor hated her at that point, and she’d wronged Nikki, Phyllis, Tucker and Ashley. Her plan had been to fake her own death and take Kyle far away, but things didn’t go as planned. Everyone had been angry and wanted her gone. She’d been panicked, and Deacon came to her aid. “Oh dear God,” Jack sighed. A corpse from the morgue helped the illusion, and she paid off everyone who could reveal the truth. But when it was time, she couldn’t meet up with Kyle, because she knew they couldn’t outrun Jack, and she couldn’t do that to their son. She cried that having the world hate her was hard, but it crushed her to lose Kyle. She was broken and she felt worthless, and she convinced herself that Kyle was better off without her. She knew Jack would love Kyle and keep him safe. She went west. Jack snapped that Diane ran away and didn’t take responsibility and face the people she abused. She said everyone hated her, and in time, she hated herself. The self-loathing, guilt and the shame made her decide that, since the world wanted her dead, she should give them what they wanted. Jack accused Diane of doing this out of self-pity. Diane sought therapy, and she worked through it over the years. She always held Kyle in her heart, and she read about him on the internet, and she said it was obvious that Jack made him into a wonderful man. She knew that Kyle was in Milan with a wife and child. “Jack, we’re grandparents,” Diane said. “We are nothing. You are Kyle’s late mother. That’s what you chose,” Jack said. Diane had stayed away because she couldn’t upturn Kyle’s life again. Jack thought that was the one decent thing Diane did in this journey of self discovery. He said they both knew she wanted something else, and he asked what it was – attention, absolution, money? He wanted to know what she was after so they could be done with this.

Diane asked if Jack didn’t have any good memories of them. She did. She had her heart broken more than once, but it was worth it, just to be in his life. He said that was decades ago, and if she was still holding onto that, he couldn’t help her. It was far more bad than good, in his opinon. There was a flashback to Jack and Diane. He told her that Phyllis found some plans Diane drew up for a dream house Diane and Jack were going to live in. Diane was touched Jack kept them. Jack said he ripped them up this morning. He’d then told Phyllis that when Diane was with him, she was also getting romantically involved with Victor Newman. Jack considered his entire relationship with Diane to be a waste of time. “I’ve come to realize over time that Victor Newman did me a favor taking you off my hands,” Jack had said.

In the present, Diane said she and Jack may have been too much alike. The spark was addictive, for her, at least, and she said there was love. She flashed back to the time Jack put a diamond engagement ring in her glass of champagne. He proposed and asked her to make him the happiest man on the planet. “I loved you Jack. And I know there was a time that you loved me too,” Diane told Jack, in the present. Jack told Diane that love died before she’d faked her death. He said to stop whipping up nostalgia. Any warm or any neutral feelings he had for her were obliterated by this latest stunt. She said she brought Allie into his life, and more importantly, she brought Kyle into this world. She told Jack that they were connected. Jack felt that having Kyle was the one good thing Diane ever did. He thought it was absurd that she’d purchased this entire house just to talk to him. He asked if that sounded normal to her. She said she’d done the work – the old Diane was dead, and it was time for her to make amends. He noted that there were other people she’d hurt. She knew there were others. She said when Keemo died, Jack lost any chance at being part of his son’s life, then she guided him to Allie. She knew family meant the world to him, just as it did to her. He realized she wanted him to help her connect to Kyle.

Jack wasn’t surprised Diane had a demand. Diane said it was a request that Jack, of all people could understand. He reminded her she’d admitted to being toxic. She said that was the past. He pointed out that she recently manipulated Allie, deceived him, and sent mysterious texts so he’d find his son’s obituary. She said she protected Kyle by leaving, but he was a grown man, a father who understood how deep a parent’s love went. She said Kyle was in a better place to understand her love, and she was in a better place, and she could be a healthy presence in Kyle’s life. She reminded him about the time they’d admiring their boy. He remembered how she shipped Kyle off to Switzerland and changed his name to Timothy to hide him from Jack. Diane regretted that, but she’d changed. She told him he’d changed too, so he shouldn’t pretend it wasn’t possible. She reminded him that he’d been cold and callous, vengeful and a user, but he’d changed, so why couldn’t he believe she could too?

Diane said Kyle was her son. Jack said Kyle was a grown man who’d built a wonderful life, and he wouldn’t let Diane poison it. Jack said he was going to go home and forget this ever happened. Diane said Jack wasn’t the kind of man who could do that. She said he loved Kyle with his whole heart, and Kyle was half her. Jack said Kyle grieved for Diane, and Jack held and comforted and protected him. He wasn’t going to stop protecting Kyle now. Diane yelled that Kyle needed his mother. Jack coldly said Kyle needed a real mother, not Diane. He said she didn’t deserve Kyle, and he left.

Jack went to the outdoor cafe and texted Allie asking to meet. While he waited for a response, he had a flashback to an old memory. He was with Phyllis, and he was trying to convince her that he didn’t have feelings for Diane. Jack had said he should be thanking Victor for getting Diane out of his life. Phyllis and Jack discussed the fact that Victor and Diane got divorced after everyone learned that the baby Diane was carrying wasn’t Victor’s, as Diane had insisted it was. Diane had left town after the news came out. Jack ripped up the blueprints for the house Diane had designed. There was another flashback. Jack informed Phyllis that he was the father of Diane’s child. Phyllis asked how this could be. She knew Diane got pregnant using sperm she stole from a reproductive lab. Jack explained that, after his testicular cancer scare, he’d donated sperm and had it frozen and stored in the lab. Phyllis was was distraught. It turned out that Victor’s sperm sample was switched with Jack’s, and now Jack was the father.

Phyllis blamed Nikki for switching Jack and Victor’s samples. Jack said it wasn’t Nikki. He told Phyllis that Nikki never met the man who switched the samples. He thought the switch was a coincidence. Phyllis didn’t believe it. She said it was either Nikki, or Diane, since Diane had a thing for Jack. Jack was sure Nikki wouldn’t do anything like that to him. He didn’t think it was Diane, because if she’d known the truth about her baby’s father, she would’ve just come to Jack instead of leaving town in disgrace for a year. He pointed out that he and Phyllis weren’t together when Diane found out Victor wasn’t the baby’s father. Jack said Diane was just as messed up by this as he was. Phyllis didn’t think Diane was actually upset about this. Phyllis demanded to know what Diane was planning to do – give the baby to Jack and Phyllis, then go back to her life in Milan? “Not exactly,” Jack admitted. “Don’t you dare tell me that you’re thinking of making Diane stay in Genoa City so we can share custody with her and have this bitch in our lives 24/7,” Phyllis replied.

In the present, Jack called Phyllis and said he met with Allie. He promised to share the details , when he got back. She could tell in his voice something was going on. He told her not to worry. Allie arrived, Jack ended the call. Allie asked what was going on with Diane. He told her forget about Diane. Allie didn’t like Diane living in her dad’s house – one she only bought to get to Jack. Jack was so sorry. Allie didn’t blame him, but he felt responsible. Allie said Diane abandoned her son when he needed her, and now she wanted him back. Jack said that wasn’t going to happen. He added that he told Diane to stay away from Allie. Allie asked if Diane would stay away from Jack. He was adamant that he could handle Diane. Allie smiled. The way Jack said that reminded her of how fierce Keemo could be when he got protective. Allie said she’d have to tell her dad to tone it down sometimes. Jack wanted to hear how Keemo – Hao was as a father. Allie had a lot of stories. She also wanted to know about Jack and his family. Jack said they were Allie’s family too. He asked who she wanted to hear about first – her great aunts, her cousins, her uncle Kyle, who was pretty close to her age. This was surreal for Allie. He said it was so much better than he ever expected. Jack told Allie about Abbott family breakfasts. Allie said as an only child, she got plenty of attention. Her dad was always there for her, but she was embarrassed when Keemo would come and give her a standing ovation at her mathlete competitions. She smiled at the memory.

Phyllis felt worse after talking to Jack, because she could tell something was wrong. Lauren asked what this was about. Phyllis said it was about Jack’s family, which was the source of all his emotional scars, all the way back to Dina. Lauren knew you didn’t get over being abandoned by a parent. Lauren could relate, because she’d had a really had time with her mom. Phyllis heard that when Dina first came to town to reconnect with her adult kids, Traci and Ashley were very guarded, but Jack let Dina in, only to get the rug ripped out from under him time and time again. Lauren knew the family back then, and she said that was accurate. She said Jack had that capacity for love and forgiveness. Phyllis said she’d hurt Jack a lot. Lauren said Phyllis and Jack were beyond that now. Phyllis agreed. She was careful with Jack because she didn’t want to hurt him again. Phyllis was convinced something was wrong in LA. Earlier when she spoke to Jack, he was fine. Then Phyllis spoke with someone else who was worried about Jack, and that stirred up Phyllis’s protective feelings. And Jack sounded off in this new call, and she knew something happened. Lauren said Michael was at home resting, and he wasn’t going to stop until he’d righted a wrong. Lauren understood Phyllis loved Jack and didn’t want to see him hurt.

Back at her place, Diane flashed back to bringing a toddler-aged Kyle to visit Jack. Diane knew Jack didn’t trust her, but seeing him with Kyle made her wish there could be a better solution. Diane had another flashback. In this one, Kyle was school aged, and Diane had brought him for another visit with Jack. Jack ruffled his son’s hair and said he was proud of him. “You’ve turned into a great kid and I know that wasn’t my doing,” Jack said. Diane smiled and implied that Jack deserved credit too. Kyle told Diane that Jack wanted to be there for his next father/son event. Diane hoped that would happen.

Diane remembered Jack letting her move into the Abbott estate. He made it clear that this was temporary. He didn’t want her to move halfway around the world. She asked what his father thought of it, and he said he’d make sure she could stay. Diane was pleased until Jack said she’d be living at the pool house and not the mansion He thought, under the circumstances, they should keep distance between Diane and Phyllis. Phyllis and Jack were married, so he wanted to consider her feelings. Diane grumbled that Jack was sticking her and his son into some out building so Phyllis wouldn’t be upset. “Thanks a lot Jack. For nothing,” she spat.

In the present, Diane looked at a recent picture of Kyle on her phone and cried.

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