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Eli reveals to Lani that it wasn’t Frank who shot him, it was TR. Lani says that can’t be right but Eli assures that her biological father is the one who tried to kill him.

Abe goes to Paulina’s, where TR answers the door. Abe asks if Paulina is home. TR tells him it’s not a good time but Abe says he needs to see her. TR responds that Paulina is busy. Abe argues that she won’t be too busy to hear what he has to say. TR remarks that Abe thinks he owns the world and talks about him running Paulina hot and cold for months as he wanted nothing to do with her and now expects her to drop everything for him. TR questions what is so important that he has to tell Paulina right now. Abe says it’s not his damn business, but he’s here to tell the woman he loves that he wants her back.

Rafe finishes a call with Johnny at the police station. Shawn arrives and tells Rafe that they still don’t have a clue where Allie took Ciara. Rafe reveals that he actually might know where they are.

Ben arrives at the Horton Cabin and reunites with Ciara. Ciara confirms that she had the baby and that Allie delivered the baby, only it wasn’t Allie and now she took the baby and left. Ciara cries that she doesn’t know where they went but they have to find and save their baby, Bo.

Devil Allie brings Baby Bo to the DiMera Crypt. The Devil sees the pile of ashes on the floor and remarks that he expected so much more from Andre. Bo wakes up crying. The Devil assures that he’s going to take very good care of him and suggests the DiMera Crypt makes the perfect temporary nursery and all the dead DiMeras can be babysitters. The Devil declares that they are going to do great things together.

TR tells Abe that he has some nerve as he suddenly wants Paulina back. Abe assures that he does and asks to come in. TR repeats that Paulina doesn’t have time for his games. Abe argues that Paulina can decide for herself if she wants to see him. TR reveals that she already has decided as they are back together. TR announces that he’s fixing to take his woman out of town for a romantic getaway. Abe argues that there is no way Paulina would go away with the likes of him, especially with Eli in a coma. TR thinks back to hearing that Eli is awake. TR and Abe argue about being Lani’s father. TR declares that he plans on getting his family back together. Abe says this proves how little he knows about family, that he would take Paulina away at a time like this. TR warns that Abe is starting to wear on his nerves. Abe responds that he’s not leaving. TR says they are going on a weekend away from Salem, the stress, and Abe’s judgment. TR adds that it’s not like Eli is waking up any time soon…

Lani thinks Eli may be confused. Eli insists that he’s not and that he remembers everything about that night. Lani asks what he remembers. Eli talks about interviewing TR’s ex Beth at the police station and he went to the park. Eli states that TR was there, reached for his gun, and shot him in cold blood. Lani questions why TR would do that when he wants to be part of her life and their kids’ life. Lani asks why he would risk all that by shooting her husband. Eli responds it’s because he found out the truth about him. Lani asks what truth.

Rafe informs Shawn that Susan thinks Ciara gave birth at the Horton Cabin, noting that Susan has been right more times than not about this Devil stuff. Shawn decides they need to get to the island. Rafe declares that they are not going alone because if the Devil is there, they are going to need backup. Shawn tells Rafe to make the call and he’s driving.

Ben asks Ciara what happened and what Allie did. Ciara repeats that it’s not Allie as she is possessed. Ben reveals that Allie drugged him, locked him up, and tried to kill him. Ciara explains that Allie wanted her to believe Ben was dead, so she would be here alone, grieving, and isolated when the baby was born. Ben apologizes for not being there. Ciara cries that the Devil fooled her and tried to convince her that Rafe wanted them to come here, but she knew something was off. Ciara says The Devil was just getting ready to take their baby and now he has him. Ben wonders what that demon wants with their son.

Evan/Christian enters the DiMera Crypt and sees Allie. He mentions that she said he could lie low here, so he hopes that’s still cool. Evan is shocked to see the Devil eyes in Allie as The Devil says it is cool and introduces Evan to his little friend in baby Bo.

Ciara cries that she never should’ve listened to Allie. Ciara talks about seeing “Ben” lying the floor but never believing he was gone. Ben can’t believe Ciara just gave birth to their baby boy with the Devil with her. Ciara notes that she didn’t know it was the Devil until after the baby was born. Ciara talks about Allie refusing to give her son to her and then she saw the eyes, so she knew exactly who she was looking at. Ciara cries, asking what if she never gets to hold her son.

Evan is shocked, asking what is going on and who the baby is. Evan notes Allie’s glowing eyes and creepy as Hell voice, asking what this is and who he is. The Devil tells Evan to search his soul and he’ll find that he already knows the answer. The Devil mentions trying to tell Evan at the prison but he was so determined to get out. He then reveals to Evan that he is The Devil Incarnate.

Lani questions what Eli could have possibly found out to make TR want to kill him. Eli reveals that he caught TR in the park with heroin. Lani argues that can’t be since TR promised he hasn’t been usgin since going to prison years ago. Eli tells Lani that it’s all an act as TR is still using and still abusing women. Lani brings up Beth saying TR never laid a hand on her and that he’s been a perfect gentleman. Eli informs her that at the station, Beth told him that TR was using drugs and abusing her for their entire relationship. Eli reveals that’s why he went to the park, looking for TR. Lani brings up Beth coming to see her at the hospital and saying she had something to say but then TR came in, so Beth left. Eli guesses that TR got to Beth first, but that she wanted to tell her the truth. Lani argues that she should’ve known Beth was lying and that TR threatened her. Lani complains that she wanted to believe TR was a good man that pulled his life together. Eli declares that he’s sorry, but her father is the same woman-beating addict who brutalized Paulina all those years ago.

TR says goodnight to Abe and tries to shut the door on him but Abe declares that he’s not leaving until he sees Paulina. Abe gets a call from Tripp, so he asks if there’s any news on Eli. Tripp reveals that Eli is awake. Abe tells Tripp that he will share the news with Paulina and he’ll be there soon as he hangs up. Abe then informs TR that Eli is awake and talking. Abe tries to walk in but TR stops him and says he will share the news with Paulina. Abe pushes his way in, but TR pulls out a baseball bat and knocks out Abe from behind. TR remarks that he told Abe that Paulina was busy as he then begins to drag Abe’s body.

Lani cannot believe that she fell for TR’s reformed act and that she let him in to her life and their children’s lives. Lani questions how she didn’t see through his lies. Eli says he’s obviously good at fooling people, even Paulina. Lani points out that TR didn’t fool Eli. Eli says he just followed a hunch. Lani complains that it almost cost Eli his life as TR shot him with his own gun and left him to die in a park. Lani argues that her father would’ve left her a widow and taken away his grandchildren’s father just to hide his dirty little secrets. Eli responds that they will deal with him. Lani declares that she is going to but Eli doesn’t want her confronting TR alone as he’s dangerous when cornered. Lani wants TR cornered in a prison cell. Eli instructs Lani to call this in to Rafe and let the rest of the police department deal with it. Eli asks if Lani knows where TR is. Lani thinks back to seeing TR and Paulina leaving the hospital together, so she then informs Eli that TR is with her mother.

TR complains that Abe couldn’t leave well enough alone and this is what he made him do, just like Eli. Paulina calls that she’ll be right out. Paulina then comes out and is surprised it’s just TR, as she thought she heard voices. TR claims that a religious group was at the door, handing out pamphlets.

Evan questions Allie being The Devil and says he can’t believe this. The Devil brings up being back in town. Evan recalls Orpheus telling him about Marlena being possessed but all the news reports said there was an exorcism. The Devil calls it misinformation. Evan guesses the Devil jumped out of Marlena’s body into this random girl’s body. The Devil clarifies that this random girl happens to be Marlena’s pastry-baking bisexual granddaughter Allie Horton. The Devil adds that it wasn’t right away since after Eric banished him from Marlena, he went in to her grandson in Johnny, had a brief pit stop in Belle, until landing in his current host. Evan asks if he’s trying to spend time in Marlena’s whole family.

Ciara tells Ben that she thought she saw Allie struggling and might be able to push the Devil out. Ben calls that a good sign that means Allie is somewhere still in there and won’t let the Devil hurt Bo. Ciara cries that she won’t be able to resist since the Devil is too strong. Ben argues that Ciara just had a baby, so she’s in no condition to go chasing after Satan. Ciara declares that she’s a mother so it’s her job to protect her child. Ben tells Ciara to rest and that he will go find Allie and Bo as soon as they go get help. Ciara refuses to let Ben face that alone and shouts that she won’t rest until her son is in her arms. Rafe arrives and hugs Ciara, saying he’s so sorry this is happening to her.

Evan asks the Devil if this whole thing is about getting revenge on Marlena for casting him out 25 years ago. The Devil responds that if he wanted revenge on Marlena, he could have wiped out her entire family. Evan questions why possess Marlena again or her granddaughter then. The Devil brings up everything Allie has been through in her life making her the perfect host. Evan realizes she has Ben and Ciara’s baby and questions what he plans to do with him.

Rafe questions Ciara wanting to leave. Ciara wants to look for her baby. Rafe says not in her condition as she needs to get to the hospital. Ciara feels they all need to be looking for the baby. Ben asks if there are any leads. Rafe thought Allie would still be here. Ben suggests she could still be on the island. Ciara wants them searching. Rafe assures that he has people searching so Ciara thanks him. Rafe calls Ciara family and says this is personal. Ben insists on getting Ciara to the hospital to get checked out. Ben reminds Ciara that she just had a premature baby with no medical supervision so she needs to be checked out as Bo will need his mother to be strong. Ciara asks Rafe to promise he won’t give up until he finds her baby. Rafe promises to turn the island upside down until he brings her son back to her.

Lani worries that she needs to warn Paulina about TR before it’s too late.

TR sees Lani is calling Paulina, so he hides Paulina’s phone. TR tells Paulina that they need to get going on their trip. Paulina questions the rush. TR says he just can’t wait to get her all to himself. Paulina still doesn’t feel right about leaving Lani and Eli at a time like this. TR claims she’ll only be a phone call away if anything happens, but she has to take care of herself too. TR asks her to let him take care of her. Paulina then agrees to get this romantic weekend started as they kiss and hug.

The Devil complains about being tired of everybody asking what he’s going to do with the baby and tells Evan that it’s nobody’s business. The Devil says it’s all he’s heard since making sure Ciara got pregnant. Evan argues that they were supposed to be partners, so he thinks he deserves to know what the Devil has in store for Ben and Ciara’s baby. The Devil declares that it’s Evan’s lucky day and agrees to reward him for helping convince Ciara that Jake was Ben, so Evan will become the first to know what he has in store for little Bo Weston.

Lani complains that Paulina’s phone is just going to voicemail. Lani leaves a message for Paulina, informing her that TR is the one who shot Eli and warns that he is dangerous, so she needs to get away from him right now. Lani asks Paulina to call her back and not let TR know that they are on to him. Eli tells Lani it’s going to be okay. Lani worries that she needs to get to Paulina because she could be in real trouble. Eli argues that she needs to call in backup. Lani reminds him that every available officer is out looking for Ciara’s baby. Eli says there has to be someone who can help. Lani declares that she doesn’t need help as TR needs to be arrested for what he did to him, and she wants to be the one to do it. Eli says no but Lani kisses him and rushes out of the room.

TR tells Paulina that he’s been waiting a lot of years for this second chance. Abe starts to wake up behind the couch. Paulina questions what she heard. TR claims that he didn’t hear anything and they need to go. Paulina points out where the sound came from. TR says there’s nothing over there but Paulina goes to look and is shocked to find Abe unconscious in a pool of blood.

Julie goes to the hospital and runs in to Lani on her way out. Julie tells Lani that Tripp just told her the good news that Eli is awake. Lani asks where the twins are. Julie says she got her regular babysitter and they were sleeping. Lani says she’s sorry but she has to go. Julie asks if everything is alright. Lani says it’s not and she needs to find Paulina. Julie responds that Paulina is with Abe because Abe realized he still loves Paulina, so she sent him to her to get her back. Lani worries as she gets onto the elevator, leaving Julie wondering what is going on. Julie goes in to see Eli and tells him how happy she is to see him awake. Julie informs Eli that the twins can’t wait to see him again. Eli asks about Doug. Julie says he’s much better than he was a couple months ago which Eli is glad to hear. Julie expected a different mood when she got here because Lani seemed so disturbed about something but she ran off before she could ask what happened. Eli reveals that Lani just received some really disturbing news. Eli adds that he has to tell Julie something that she’s not going to like. Eli informs her that he remembers who shot him, it was Lani’s father TR Coates.

Paulina screams that Abe is bleeding and questions what TR did to him. TR claims it’s not what it looks like. Paulina says to hell with him and goes to get her phone to call 911 but sees she has a missed call from Lani. TR then grabs Paulina and says he’s sorry but he can’t let her make that call.

Ben and a nurse get Ciara set up in a hospital bed. The nurse tells her that she’ll feel better after getting some fluids in here. Ciara complains that she feels fine and would feel better if she could help with the search party. The nurse encourages her to rest and then leaves the room. Ciara hates sitting here doing nothing. Ben encourages that the best thing she can do right now is take care of herself, because when they bring Bo home, he will need a healthy mom. Ciara cries that she only got to see her baby for a few minutes. Ben encourages that he will be strong like her. Ciara cries that she doesn’t even have a picture of her baby and she’s so scared as Ben hugs her.

Evan asks the Devil what the plan is. The Devil talks about having someone to share it with. Evan mentions that he’s a good listener. The Devil explains that after possessing Marlena and various members of her family, he decided to take residence in a more permanent dwelling. Evan guesses he’s going to possess the baby. The Devil says he wouldn’t use the word possess because taking over a human soul runs the risk of them constantly fighting to get back to the loved ones. Evan asks if Allie is fighting him now. The Devil confirms that she is and she almost got through when the baby was born but with the baby, he won’t have that problem because his soul is new and shiny so there’s no time for him to form bonds with his family that made Marlena and the others fight him so hard. The Devil calls Bo his earthly do over and declares they will get a whole lifetime together. Evan asks how this is going to work and if the Devil plans to have Ben and Ciara raise him. The Devil declares that Ben and Ciara’s part in this is over and that’s where Evan comes in. The Devil says it will be a lot easier for the caretaker he’s selecting if Ben and Ciara aren’t constantly trying to get their son back. Evan asks what he wants him to do about it. The Devil then orders Evan to kill Ciara and Ben.

Ben tells Ciara that a few years ago if something like this happened, he would have said he deserved it but now he doesn’t feel fear or despair. Ben calls it a dark time but he feels hope because they have to stay positive. Ben says Ciara taught him that by loving him and believing in him, so he believes they are going to see their son again. Ciara agrees that she has to believe it too. Ciara then asks Ben to go join the search party and bring their baby Bo home. Ben promises to find their son as he kisses and hugs her.

Julie is shocked to learn that TR did this to Eli and says she knew he was bad news from the get go, but she never imagined he would try to murder her grandson. Eli worries about Julie’s heart. Julie tells Eli that she just sent Abe over to Paulina’s apartment to explain that he’s still in love with her. Julie worries that if TR is there then she just put Abe and Paulina in harm’s way. Eli adds that Lani is on her way over there right now.

TR tells Paulina that he can explain if she lets him. Paulina argues that TR hasn’t changed at all and he’s still the same lying, violent dog he always was. Paulina and TR struggle over her phone. TR raises his hand towards Paulina. She asks if he’s going to hit her and tells him to go ahead because she’s not that scared little girl he used to beat up anymore. Paulina calls him a coward and tells him to go ahead. Lani then arrives and sees Abe in a pool of blood. Lani calls TR a son of a bitch and pulls her gun. TR turns and tells Lani that he can explain. Lani then shoots TR.

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