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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nancy is on the phone with Chloe. Nancy assures that she’s fine and that a good night’s sleep helped her realize how lucky she is to be done with Clyde. Nancy says she loves her and hangs up. Nancy then looks in the mirror and complains that she looks ridiculous but is surprised when she turns around to see Craig arrive with flowers.

Doug and Julie visit Laura Horton’s grave. Julie leaves flowers and says they miss her so much. Julie thanks Doug for suggesting they stop by. Julie says the Horton family has had so much loss in such a short time. Julie supposes there is comfort in knowing that Clyde will rot in prison for what he did to Abigail but guesses she will have to wait on Gwen for what she did to Laura.

Jennifer goes to visit Gwen at the hospital. Gwen asks what brings her by and if she came to finish her off. Gwen has flashbacks to the accident and remarks that Jennifer looks like a deer in headlights. Gwen asks if that’s how she looked just before Jennifer pressed the gas pedal. Gwen informs Jennifer that she remembers it was her that ran her down and left her for dead.

Jack questions where Leo gets his information from. Leo informs him that Gwen told him that it was Jennifer. Jack notes that Gwen said she didn’t see the driver but Leo reveals that he just came from her hospital room and her memory came rushing back to her. Leo adds that it wasn’t hard to make Gwen realize that Jennifer did this on purpose. Leo declares that Jennifer needs to make restitution and that will come in the form of a check from Jack if he wants to make this all go away.

Gwen tells Jennifer to stay away from her. Jennifer says she didn’t come to hurt her, but to tell her how very sorry she is for what she did to her.

Chad helps Stephanie work outside of Julie’s Place. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad really made the press release better and says she really appreciates him as she’s been so worried about Kayla that she’s finding it hard to concentrate. Stephanie worries that if she doesn’t get a handle on all this work then she’s going to start losing clients. Paulina then appears and announces that the first one is going to be her. Chad stands and offers his seat. Paulina asks if Stephanie owns a calendar and complains that the election is a month away while her polling numbers are going down. Stephanie apologizes and tries to explain. Paulina just wants to do how she’s doing what it takes to get her behind the Governor’s desk.

Nancy tells Craig that Bonnie is helping her put highlights in her hair. Nancy questions him bringing her flowers and asks what he’s even doing here. Craig responds that he wanted to see how she is.

Gwen asks if Jennifer’s having second thoughts about trying to kill her. Jennifer swears that it wasn’t deliberate and didn’t see her until it was too late. Gwen argues that she knew she hit her and she left. Jennifer wishes she could tell her why she left but she can’t. Jennifer explains that she didn’t remember until an hour ago and as soon as she remembered, she knew she had to see her. Gwen questions Jennifer having no memory of hitting someone with her car. Jennifer confirms that she doesn’t because when she hit her, she wasn’t in her right mind as she was high.

Jack questions if Gwen is on board with Leo’s blackmail scheme. Leo calls it a settlement. Jack points out that he didn’t answer if Gwen authorized him acting on her behalf. Leo says they had begun talking about the possibility until they were interrupted by a nurse. Jack realizes Gwen doesn’t know he’s here. Leo admits that he took it upon himself to find a resolution for all parties involved. Jack finds it very hard to believe that Gwen would approve of this. Leo complains about what Jennifer did while Jack shouts that it was an accident.

Doug reminds Julie that Gwen told them that Laura’s death was an accident. Julie calls Gwen a liar. Julie brings up what Jennifer is going through and what a help Laura could have been to her. Doug states that Laura meant so much to everyone who loved her. Laura’s son, Mike Horton then surprises them and says truer words were never spoken. Julie is shocked to see Mike and excitedly hugs him.

Nancy asks how Craig even knew she was at the Kiriakis Mansion. Craig reveals that Bonnie called him and asked him to drop by and he’s relieved that she did. Craig explains that Bonnie thought she would need another friend to talk to. Craig asks if he is still her friend, but Nancy responds that she’s honestly not sure.

Paulina orders Stephanie to set up a press conference to make her national news by the end of the day. Chad interrupts and says Stephanie isn’t going to say anything, so he will, and that her mother is in the hospital so maybe Paulina could cut her a break. Paulina is surprised and says she’s sorry to hear that. Paulina complains that if Stephanie can’t do the job then she should be delegating the work to someone in her firm and she could have at least told her that she was dealing with a family emergency. Chad tries to explain but Paulina asks him to stay out of it. Stephanie tells Chad that it’s okay and tells Paulina that she’s right that she should’ve delegated and told her about her mom. Stephanie apologizes for dropping the ball and says she will start working on the press conference which Paulina notes is just what she wanted to hear. Paulina apologizes for laying in to her and says she’s truly sorry to hear her mother is in the hospital, so she will pray for her. Stephanie says she will call her later. Paulina suggests Stephanie delegate to her assistant but Stephanie clarifies that Chad is not her assistant and introduces him to her. Paulina then realizes who he is and apologizes as she sends her sympathy for what happened to Abigail which she calls a terrible tragedy.

Jack tells Leo that he and his wife buried their daughter a few weeks ago and are doing their best to take care of her two young children. Leo knows he’s been through a lot and that he’s worried about Gwen, so he would hate for him to lose his wife too which Jack questions. Leo points out that Jack called what Jennifer did an accident which confirms her liability, so Leo asks if Jennifer confessed. Jack responds that he was speaking hypothetically because if Jennifer did something like that, it would not be intentional. Leo says the point is that it happened and Jack knows about it. Jack questions what his part of the settlement is. Leo explains that Jack’s not the only one who has had a rough couple months as he got falsely accused of killing Abigail and had to hire a lawyer, who is now threatening to take him to court. Leo suggests they keep it easy and Jack can write a check for a million dollars but Jack says he can’t do that. Leo guesses he will have to alert the police and The Intruder about Jennifer’s accident then. Jack clarifies that he does not have a million dollars in his personal checking account, so he will have to go to the bank for that, and after the transfer is made, he’ll meet him somewhere. Leo decides he will wait right here to complete their transaction. Leo tells Jack that he’s doing the right thing for his wife and his family.

Julie calls Mike a sight for sore eyes. Doug says they have missed him so much. Mike knew he would see them later at the house but he wanted to come pay his respects to Laura and Abigail. Julie asks if Jennifer knows he’s here or if it’s a surprise. Mike reveals it’s no surprise and that he’s here because Jennifer needs him and asked for his help.

Gwen realizes Jennifer got high on those pills that she caught her with and questions why she decided to drive. Jennifer doesn’t know and says she was hallucinating seeing Abigail in the car. Jennifer swears it was an accident and she’s so sorry. Gwen argues that she didn’t come to apologize but to save her ass. Gwen complains that Jennifer knows she sped up and hit her but it didn’t matter. Jennifer claims she didn’t know she hit the gas pedal and thought she hit the brake. Gwen brings up their last conversation before the accident where Jennifer told her that she would be very sorry if she told Jack about her pills and that sounded like a threat to her. Jennifer points out that when she hit her, she didn’t know that Gwen had told Jack. Jennifer says she’s now glad that she told Jack because she needs help and is going to get it. Gwen talks about hearing all the same things from her mother growing up. Gwen says she’s learned that addicts are very cunning and they lie. Jennifer agrees and admits she’s said those same things to people she loves, so there’s no reason that Gwen should believe a word she says. Jennifer repeats that Gwen did the right thing by telling Jack about her, so she’s going to do the right thing too. Jennifer declares that she has just decided to go to the police station to turn herself in.

Mike explains that Jennifer called him and told him that she started abusing painkillers again. Doug mentions that they didn’t know for quite awhile. Mike decided a phone call wasn’t enough so here he is. Mike adds that Jennifer asked him to arrange getting her in to rehab. Julie is relieved that Jennifer will be getting help. Mike notes that Jennifer also told him how much their love and support meant to her. Doug assures they’d do anything for Mike and Jennifer, Laura’s two wonderful kids. Julie talks about how proud Laura was of them and how they are too. Julie suggests they go home for lunch. Mike decides he will meet them there since it’s been awhile so he needs to spend some time at his mom’s grave.

Jennifer tells Gwen that she has to go to the police now or she might lose her nerve. Jennifer repeats that she’s so sorry for everything. Gwen asks what about her addicition and if she wants to get clean. Jennifer is sure they have programs in prison. Gwen remarks that Jennifer wouldn’t last a week in prison. Jennifer responds that she’s stronger than she thinks. Gwen then stops her and tells her not to turn herself in. Jennifer questions that not being what she wants. Gwen thought it was, but she looks at her now and can see how much she’s suffered. Gwen talks about Jennifer’s mother dying suddenly and her daughter being brutally murdered, so it’s no wonder she turned to something to stop the pain. Jennifer points out that because of that, she almost killed Gwen. Gwen notes that she didn’t and she’s still here. Jennifer questions what she’s saying. Gwen responds that she cares about her and admits that’s a surprise to her as well. Gwen wishes someone told her mom that she cared about her. Gwen says it was just them growing up and she wasn’t up for it but she is now. Gwen tells Jennifer not to turn herself in and that she will go to the police and say she has no idea who hit her which shocks Jennifer.

Paulina talks about Jack and Jennifer being old friends of Abe and how she could see how much they were suffering. Paulina is thankful they finally caught the bastard who killed Abigail, which Chad calls a relief. Paulina couldn’t believe their governor turned that gang of violent criminals loose. Paulina gives her word that it won’t happen on her watch. Paulina then gets an idea and suggests Stephanie convince Chad join her campaign party since he has experience running a major corporation and could be a big help. Stephanie assures that if they need more help, she will hire enough staff to get the job done. Paulina says it’s her call and decides to leave them to their business. Paulina then exits. Stephanie jokingly tells Chad welcome to her world.

Jennifer questions why Gwen would cover for her. Gwen responds that she has two reasons, first is that she wants to see Jennifer do what her mother never managed to do and the other reason is because after everything she’s done to her family, she still allowed her to be part of Jack’s life. Gwen loves Jack and wants him to be happy and she can see his heart is completely broken from losing Abigail, so she can’t take Jennifer away from him too as that would absolutely destroy him and she won’t let that happen. Jack then walks in and questions what Gwen won’t let happen.

Doug and Julie go home. Doug heads upstairs while Julie goes in to the living room where she is shocked to find Leo eating donuts and watching cartoons.

Craig tells Nancy that he is sorry that she doesn’t think they can still be friends. Craig goes to leave but Nancy stops him and apologizes, saying she meant that she doesn’t think she was a friend to him since she paraded her engagement in front of him after he just had his heart broken. Craig responds that he knows Nancy did that because he hurt her, lied to her, and cheated on her with Leo which made her feel like nobody wanted her and she wanted him to know that somebody did. Nancy brings up that Clyde said he did love her and that she was good for him, but she wasn’t good enough to stop him from doing the terrible things he did. Craig acknowledges that no amount of love can change a man’s nature. Nancy says she knows that now too. Nancy thanks Craig for coming to check on her and for the flowers. Craig brings up that she was one of the first to come by when Leo broke his heart, so he just wanted to return the favor. Nancy says she just had the craziest thought and asks what if they got back together. Nancy knows it wouldn’t be a romantic relationship but there’s more about being together than just sex. Craig admits they know each other better than anyone else. Nancy jokes that they have seen each other at their best and their worst. Craig acknowledges that they care for each other and know how to take care of each other. Nancy says it would be so much safer than being with somebody new. Craig agrees that they wouldn’t have to risk having their hearts broken again. Nancy says it just wouldn’t be the romantic ending they both dreamed about. Craig agrees but says it would be pretty damn nice.

Julie questions what Leo is doing in their house. Leo says he smelled donuts and couldn’t resist. Julie complains that she made those for Doug and points out that he still didn’t answer what he’s doing here. Leo responds that it’s cool because Jack knows he’s there. Julie complains that it’s not cool with her as she knows who he is. Leo says she probably saw him on the news and that he didn’t kill Abigail. Julie points out that Leo still broke in to her bedroom, stole her jewelry and left behind the knife that killed her. Leo declares that’s enough about him and suggests they talk about what Jennifer did.

Jack tells Gwen that Leo came to see him which surprises her as he didn’t tell her he was going to do that. Jack explains that Leo said Gwen remembered the accident and demanded a million dollars in exchange for Gwen’s silence which shocks them. Jennifer realizes Jack knows what she did then. Jack confirms that Leo made sure of that. Jennifer assures that she blacked out and wasn’t trying to keep it from him as she just remembered it this morning and came straight here. Gwen tells Jack that she believes Jennifer that it was an accident, so she’s going to tell the police that she doesn’t remember what happened to her. Jack points out that Leo will then go to the police and tell them his version. Gwen argues that Leo wasn’t there, so without her, he has nothing. Gwen instructs Jack not to give Leo a penny. Jack is surprisd and questions why she’s doing this. Jennifer responds that it’s because Gwen is his daughter and she loves him.

Stephanie finishes a work call and tells Chad that now she just has to set up a press conference to put Paulina on the map. Chad suggests Stephanie take a break and call the hospital to check on Kayla. Stephanie says she will do that, but she has to get Paulina calmed down first. Chad calls Paulina unbelievable. Stephanie calls her a force of nature but says she does like her. Chad apologizes for shooting his mouth off while she was there. Stephanie apologizes for Paulina thinking he was her assistant. Chad points out that he is unemployed, so she has a point. Stephanie notes that he’s not hurting for money. Chad responds that he’s not but he does need to keep busy and she needs to hire more people, so he asks why not hire him?

Nancy and Craig agree that as nice as it sounds, they don’t want to give up on romance as they both deserve a chance at real love again. Craig tells Nancy that she has always been his friend and he wants her to have her happily ever after. Nancy says she wants that for him too. Nancy decides they will say goodbye, see each other around, and hang out some time. Nancy kisses him on the cheek as Craig then exits.

Julie questions the meaning of Leo’s crack about Jennifer. Leo decides he can’t divulge that. Julie demands he tell her or else she will hit him with her rolling pin. Jack then comes home. Julie informs Jack that Leo said he got in to the house with his permission. Jack responds that he did, but he’ll be leaving soon. Julie tells Jack to deal with him then and storms out. Leo assumes Jack meant he will be leaving with a big fat check but Jack says no because he just came from Gwen’s hospital room. Leo questions him lying about going to the bank. Jack responds that there was no need as they managed to settle the whole matter without him. Leo questions what that means. Jack informs him that the only eye witness to the accident is Gwen and she is not going to say a word about what happened. Jack yells at Leo to get the hell out, so he exits.

Stephanie asks if Chad really wants to help her make Paulina the Governor. Chad responds that he needs to focus on something other than himself and he honestly believes Paulina is the right choice for Governor. Stephanie notes that it will be very hectic. Chad gives her his permission to fire him if he sucks, so Stephanie welcomes him to SJ PR and they shake hands.

Jennifer comes home and tells Jack that she was afraid Leo would still be there. Jack assures that he made short work of him, so now he’s free to focus on her. Jennifer tells Jack that it was incredibly gracious of Gwen to cover for her and let this go. Jennifer says she’s so sorry for lying to Jack about the pills and for getting behind the wheel while she was wasted. Jennifer acknowledges that Jack already lost one daughter and she could have killed his other one. Jennifer asks if Jack can ever forgive her. Jack tells her not to talk like that and brings up how many times she has forgiven him. Jack says he’s so sorry that she was suffering with all of this alone and he never saw it. Jennifer guesses it’s what they call hitting bottom. Jennifer asks what she does now. Jack declares that whatever it is, she won’t be doing it alone as he hugs her.

Leo walks past the Brady Pub while on the phone with Gwen, saying he’s sorry as he assumed she wanted him to make the most of this opportunity. Gwen tells him that he assumed wrong. Leo thought he was doing this for both of them. Gwen tells him that he knows how she feels about Jack and he was furious when he came in, so Leo could’ve scorched her relationship with Jack for good. Leo gets now that Jack is nobody’s sugar daddy. Leo complains about now having nobody to pay for his pesky legal bills as Craig then approaches.

Mike stands in the town square at the plaque of Tom and Alice. Mike mentions staying with Doug and Julie and says he’s looking forward to seeing the people he hasn’t seen in so long. Mike says he’ll be back and turns around where he runs in to Nancy.

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