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Chad visits Abigail’s grave with flowers and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Gwen sets the table at home, while on the phone with Leo. Gwen talks about Leo getting a spot at the Kiriakis Mansion. Gwen tells him that she has no details to share since she didn’t have to help Xander out of that jam after all. Gwen adds that she made sure to let Xander know that he still owes her one. Chad’s son Thomas then walks in and questions why he owes her one.

Xander is at home, reading The Intruder article about Ava saying her dead son made her do it. Xander remarks that Ava lost the last of her marbles which he calls a Christmas miracle. Sarah comes out of the bathroom and asks what he said about a Christmas miracle. Xander responds that if he told her, it wouldn’t come true. Sarah says that’s a birthday wish. Xander jokes that he was saying it’d be a miracle if they make it to the party at Doug and Julie’s in time given how much preparing she was doing. Xander tells her that she looks lovely and jokes that they can skip the party and go straight to the afterparty. Sarah gives Xander a Christmas present that she says has to be opened tonight. Xander opens it and it’s his personal Christmas ornament with his name on it to add to the Horton Christmas Tree.

Doug is on the phone with Hope at home as Julie walks in with the box of ornaments. Doug wishes Hope a Merry Christmas and hands the phone to Julie. Julie wishes she was here with them now. Julie says she loves her and hangs up. They note that Hope sounds in good spirits. Julie says Hope is devoted to her skating students but wishes she wasn’t long distance. Julie calls this the first Christmas that they won’t have one child or any of their grandchildren with them as Hope is in Montreal while Ciara and Ben are sailing the ocean with little Bo, and Shawn and Belle went to Africa to be with Claire. Julie feels for Eli being away from Lani and comments on he and the twins being so far away in Maryland. Julie wishes she could see them with her own eyes. Eli then appears with the twins, Carver and Jules, and says he thinks that can be arranged. Julie is thrilled and excitedly rushes to hug Eli as he wishes her a Merry Christmas. Julie asks if Doug knew they were coming. Doug responds that he was sworn to secrecy. Julie says she’s so thrilled and she can’t believe they are really here. Julie asks how Eli managed to cross country from Maryland with the twins all by himself. Eli responds that he’s learned to do a lot of things on his own since Lani went away.

Sarah explains to Xander that the ornament is for the Horton tree. Xander thought that was just for family. Sarah responds that he is family since he is her husband. Xander responds that he doesn’t feel worthy of having an ornament on her family’s tree.

Chad talks at Abigail’s grave about how tonight is her family’s big Christmas tree trimming party. Chad mentions that he will bring the kids tomorrow to wish Abigail a Merry Christmas. Chad vows that he will do his best to make Christmas okay for the kids because that’s what she would want. Chad says some people say it gets easier with time, but he misses her more and not less. Chad adds that he will see to it that the kids will have joy on Christmas because they will be surrounded by a lot of people that loved Abigail. Chad tells Abigail that he will love her forever as he leaves the flowers at her grave. Jennifer then arrives and joins Chad, asking where else she would be. Chad thought Jack was picking her up from the airport. Jennifer says that she knew Jack was on grandpa duty so she took a car service. Chad states that Abigail should be there with them as he hugs Jennifer.

Gwen tells Leo that she will call him back and hangs up. Gwen tells Thomas that she didn’t see or hear him come in. Gwen asks if he shouldn’t be upstairs getting ready for the party. Thomas responds that he’s already ready. Gwen suggests he could help Charlotte get ready too. Thomas tells her that Jack is helping her. Thomas asks Gwen again why Xander owes her. Gwen tells him that it’s impolite to eavesdrop. Thomas comments that he wasn’t eavesdropping, she just talks loud. Thomas asks what she did for Xander. Gwen says she just did him a favor. Thomas asks what kind of favor.

Xander tells Sarah that an ornament with his name doesn’t belong in the hallowed family Christmas tree. Sarah understands he’s heard about how her family is filled with saints but says it’s also filled with sinners. Sarah tells Xander that her dad and her uncle Bill’s rivalry over Laura was so bad that it almost turned deadly. Sarah adds that Julie and her mother fell in love with the same ex-con, Doug. Xander is shocked to learn that Doug was an ex-con. Sarah says she won’t even get started on her cousins as that’s a whole other story. Sarah asks if Xander still thinks he’s not worthy. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, so Xander goes to answer the door.

Jack brings Charlotte in to the living room and tells Eli that it’s so good to see him with the twins. Doug declares that now it’s Christmas time. Jack suggests Charlotte take the twins upstairs to show them her playroom. Julie talks about Lucy the babysitter she has hired. Eli and Jack then take the kids upstairs. Julie and Doug agree that it’s wonderful and Christmas now. Eli comes back and says Jack’s in charge now. Julie asks Eli how he’s really coping. Eli admits it’s been tough. Doug is sure Valerie has been a great help. Eli confirms that he doesn’t know how he wouldn’t have done it without his mother and says the twins love her but she’s no substitute for Lani.

Gwen comments on Thomas being persistent. Thomas says he is curious. Gwen asks if he can keep a secret, so he nods. Gwen then claims that she helped Xander pick out Sarah’s Christmas present but he can’t say anything to anyone because Xander wouldn’t want Sarah to know that he needed help and this has to be their little secret. Jack then walks in and asks what they are conspiring about.

Maggie tells Xander and Sarah that she was on her way to Julie’s and figured she would swing by to see if they needed a lift. Xander thanks her and says that’s very thoughtful of her. Maggie feels like she walked in on something. Xander says they are all fine here but Sarah says they are not. Sarah tells Maggie that Xander is being hard on himself and has reservations about putting his ornament on the Horton family Christmas tree. Maggie tells Xander that Victor got his own ornament when they got married. Xander asks if the Hortons were okay with that. Maggie admits they were not exactly at first as some family members were crazy that Mickey’s widow had taken up with a reformed Greek mobster, but they got over it when they realized how much she and Victor loved each other. Maggie encourages that Xander is also reformed and a wonderful husband to Sarah. Maggie adds that he also rescued Bonnie from the sadistic kidnapping clown. Maggie tells Xander to face that he’s one of the good guys now as she calls him a hero.

Julie acknowledges this is the twins’ first Christmas without Lani. Eli comments that it’s not nearly as sad as what Thomas, Charlotte, and Chad are going through. Eli says the good news is that Lani will be eligible for parole in a year, so he can at least reassure his kids that Lani will be home soon while Chad can’t make that promise to his kids.

Jennifer apologizes to Chad for not being here for him more. Chad tells her that she had to take care of herself and she did that, so now she’s back. Jennifer talks about being back and facing the reality of losing Abigail is different without the crutch of getting high on pills. Jennifer feels less self-centered in her grief but more worried about Chad and how he and the kids are doing. Chad responds that they are managing. Chad admits that focusing on other work things has really helped. Jennifer mentions hearing that he’s working at Stephanie’s PR firm and asks how that’s going. Chad says it’s been a lifeline and praises Stephanie as a great boss and friend. Jennifer says it sounds like they’ve gotten close which Chad confirms. Jennifer mentions getting cold so Chad gives her his jacket and suggests they get going to the house where there will be lots of people who can’t wait to see her. Jennifer says that sounds good. Chad hugs her as Jennifer wishes Abigail a Merry Christmas. Chad and Jennifer then walk away together.

Julie tells Eli that she missed him so much. Eli says the kids are always asking about Doug and Julie. Julie is thrilled he’s here with the twins for Christmas and says she can’t imagine anything that would make this day any better. Chad walks in and asks if she’s sure about that as he brings in Jennifer which thrills Julie even more.

Gwen tells Jack that she and Thomas were just bonding. Jack is glad to hear that and suggests they get ready for more family bonding since Eli and the twins just got there. Gwen says she will meet them out there because she has to check on dessert in the kitchen. Jack then takes Thomas and says they’ll see Gwen soon. Gwen mutters that Thomas is a nosy little brat.

Sarah asks Maggie how Bonnie is doing. Maggie says she’s still suffering from the kidnapping and seeing demented clowns everywhere she looks. Sarah hopes Bonnie goes through with seeing a therapist. Maggie says that Bonnie is alive and well thanks to Xander and that they are all very grateful to him for his bravery. Sarah tells Xander that he has a very important appointment to keep with a certain Christmas tree and she intends to make sure he keeps it. Maggie jokes that he can’t argue with her. Xander admits he can’t fight off both of them.

Jack brings Thomas to the living room where he excitedly runs up to hug Jennifer and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Jennifer asks about Charlotte. Jack tells her that she’s upstairs with Jules and Carver and the babysitter Lucy. Jack asks why Jennifer didn’t let him pick her up at the airport. Jennifer looks to Chad and tells Jack that she had to make a quick stop first. Jack tells Jennifer that he missed her so much as they hug. Chad greets Eli and asks how he’s doing. Eli responds that he’s well and asks how Chad is. Chad says he’s just taking each day as it comes. Eli says that’s all he can do and he knows this Christmas will be tough for him and the kids. Chad says it will be for Eli too. Eli is thankful they have each other and that the kids are surrounded by many people who love them. Eli goes to check on the twins. Julie tells Doug that it’s turning out to be a lovely Christmas after all. Jennifer agrees that there’s nothing like being with family for the holidays as she hugs Thomas. Eli comes back with Charlotte, who joins Jennifer, Thomas, and Jack on the couch. Eli says that Jules and Carver went down for a nap as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Julie mentions having to get the desserts but Jack informs her that Gwen is already doing that. Julie questions that and states that she and Allie are doing the desserts, so she heads to the kitchen. Eli jokes that Julie is on the warpath while Doug jokes that now it’s officially Christmas.

Julie enters the kitchen and questions what Gwen is doing. Gwen explains that British Christmas pudding is a Christmas tradition in the UK and remarks that she surely has room in her iron stomach for more than donuts. Julie argues that her grandmother created the recipe for those donuts and they are a Horton family legacy passed on through generations. Julie adds that Alice also created this home and warns Gwen to show a little respect. Gwen thinks Julie should show her respect since if it wasn’t for her, Jennifer would be spending the holidays in prison.

Sarah, Maggie, and Xander arrive at the Hortons. Sarah jokes that they were starting the party without them. Sarah and Jennifer hug, saying how good it is to see each other. Maggie wishes Jennifer and Jack a Merry Christmas. Jennifer says it’s so good to be home. Eli jokes that he heard Sarah finally made an honest man out of Xander. Eli welcomes Xander to the family and they shake hands. Xander thanks him and says that means a lot. Xander knows Eli and Lani didn’t always have the highest opinion of him. Eli says that changed after Xander helped rescue the twins from Vivian. Xander says he was glad to help and asks how Lani is doing. Eli says she’s counting down the days but she’ll be home soon. Sarah sends their love to her. Eli says he will tell Lani that Xander has changed his life and is making Sarah a very happy lady.

Julie argues that Gwen can’t be telling the truth and that this has to be another manipulation. Gwen assures it’s not and that she can ask Jennifer if she doesn’t believe her, but it might be stressful for Jennifer to have to relive the accident as she guesses it was quite traumatic for Jennifer to get behind the wheel while high and run down her stepdaughter. Gwen remarks that they wouldn’t want to trigger a relapse for her. Julie stops Gwen and questions what’s in it for her and why she’s keeping it a secret. Julie asks if she plans on blackmailing Jennifer or using it as a get out of jail free card. Gwen explains that she and Jennifer will never be friends but she is her father’s wife and she loves her father which is why she isn’t going to say anything. Gwen then asks Julie if there’s room at her Christmas party for her and her pudding. Julie tells her to go ahead but warns that there will never be room on the Horton Christmas tree for an ornament with her name on it. Gwen doesn’t think she will have much say in the matter but Julie argues that she always will, even if she has to send a directive from the great beyond. Julie then exits the kitchen.

Sarah tells Xander that she’s a bit chilly so she’s going upstairs to grab a sweater. Xander tells her to hurry back and kisses her. Sarah exits the room and runs in to Thomas. Sarah tells him that she hopes he’s having a nice Christmas. Thomas says it’s okay but he misses his mom. Sarah says they all do very much. Thomas mentions Chad saying that Abigail is watching over them from Heaven which Sarah assures that she is. Thomas then tells Sarah that he hopes she likes her present from Xander. Sarah says she’s sure she will. Thomas then adds that Aunt Gwen helped him pick it out which Sarah questions. Thomas then remembers it was supposed to be a secret and that Gwen only told him because he heard her on the phone. Sarah asks what he’s talking about. Thomas tells her that he heard Gwen tell somebody that Xander owed her one. Sarah tells Thomas that she will keep his secret.

Gwen enters the living room and greets Maggie. Gwen wishes Jennifer a Merry Christmas and says she’s glad that she is doing better. Gwen goes over to Xander and asks where Sarah is. Sarah then comes back in to the room and wishes Gwen a Merry Christmas. Gwen says the same to her. Julie announces that it’s time to trim the Horton Christmas Tree. Jennifer asks if Doug is going to sing for them this year and insists that he has to. Jennifer gets everyone to chant for Doug to sing. Doug then sings O Come All Ye Faithful and they all join in. Julie hangs her family’s ornaments. Maggie then hangs the ornaments for herself, Victor, and Mickey. Eli hangs the ornaments for himself, Lani, Jules, and Carver. Sarah brings Xander to the tree where they hang their ornaments as Gwen watches on. Jack and Jennifer hang their ornaments. Chad hangs Abigail’s ornament along with Charlotte and Thomas.

After everyone leaves, Doug tells Julie that she outdid herself. Julie says in spite of all the sadness of the year, she thinks tonight’s party was as lovely as it’s ever been. Doug agrees that Julie managed to lift everyone’s spirits with her generous heart. Julie tells Doug that she loves him so much. Doug tells her the same. Julie suggests they head to bed as they have another big day tomorrow. Doug can’t wait to spend Christmas Day with her. Julie tells him the same as they kiss.

Jennifer comes downstairs as Jack is texting Maggie to make sure she got home safe. Jack asks if the kids are all sleeping which Jennifer confirms they are. Jennifer adds that Eli is in bed too, totally exhausted. Jack says traveling with kids will do that. Jennifer asks if Jack wants to go to sleep too. Jack responds that sleep was not what he had in mind. Jennifer questions doing that in a house full of people. Jack jokes that he can be quiet and show her his stealth moves. They get interrupted by Jennifer’s phone ringing. Jack tells her to ignore it but it’s their son JJ, who called to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Gwen returns to the living room and looks at Xander’s ornament on the tree. Gwen remarks that at least someone will have a Merry Christmas..

Xander and Sarah return home and prepare for bed. Xander hopes Sarah had fun tonight. Sarah responds that she did until a certain point. Xander acknowledges that it was sad too with Abigail gone and Lani not being there, but her family was great and made him feel so welcome like he really belonged. Xander then gives her a Christmas present. Sarah questions him wanting her to open it now. Xander points out that it’s after midnight. Sarah then asks if this is the gift that Gwen helped him pick out for her which Xander questions. Sarah explains that’s what Gwen told Thomas as he apparently overheard Gwen telling someone that Xander owed her one. Xander tells Sarah that ran in to Gwen in the town square while he was shopping and she saw that he had no clue what to get her, so she agreed to help him. Sarah remarks that they’ll see what happens when Xander and Gwen put their heads together then. Sarah opens the present and it’s lingerie, which she questions that being what Gwen helped him pick out for her. Xander tries telling her Merry Christmas but Sarah is not pleased.

Chad returns to the living room and stands at the Christmas tree. Chad looks at Abigail’s ornament and says that he made it through his first Christmas Eve without her and he managed to stay strong for the kids. Chad thinks the kids had some fun. Chad says they are so sweet and brave. Chad mentions getting them some gifts from Abigail with things he thinks she may have gotten them. Chad hopes that helped them. Chad hears Abigail’s voice saying she’s sure it did. Chad then imagines Abigail appearing before him as the angel from the top of tree. Abigail tells Chad that she’s always there and that death won’t come between a love like theirs. Chad tells her that he misses her. Abigail encourages Chad to be strong for himself because there is so much left for him to do and so much joy for him to feel. Abigail declares that she will be with him every step of the way as well as with the kids. Abigail tells Chad to look for her in the kids’ faces. Abigail wishes Chad a Merry Christmas as Chad’s vision of her then disappears. Chad looks back at the tree and sees the angel is back in it’s place atop the tree. Chad wishes Abigail a Merry Christmas.

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