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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Nikki had a work meeting at Society. Nikki had some questions about Victoria’s plans for Newman Media. Victoria wanted to ask Ashland what he thought before making a decision. Victoria said he was feeling much better and he wanted to sink his teeth into this part of the business. She said he was particularly interested in how the merger turned out. Nikki thought that was because he didn’t trust Adam. Victoria didn’t blame him. Nikki couldn’t believe Victoria agreed to bring Adam on board. Victoria said Victor insisted on it. Nikki hoped Adam’s recent show of humility was sincere, but she had her concerns. Victoria said she and Ashland shared those concerns.

Lily was outside Society when she called Billy, who was in Crimson Lights. She was disappointed because an executive she had plans to promote was leaving the company. Lily saw Nikki inside the restaurant and told Billy there was something she had to do. Lily went inside. Victoria had already left. Lily asked to pick Nikki’s brain. Nikki hoped Lily didn’t need advice on handling Jill, because that wasn’t one of her strengths. Lily said she and Jill got along fine. There had been many times over the past couple months that Lily wished she could call Katherine. Nikki felt that way practically every day. Lily figured the next best thing would be to talk to someone who knew Katherine best. Lily had an image of Katherine as a tough-as-nails businesswoman who was never wrong. Nikki said Katherine was wrong plenty of times. Lily wanted to know if the rest of the image was right. Nikki said Katherine never put a show on for anyone, and she never set out to be a business mogul. The company became Katherine’s responsibility when Phillip died, and at first she let others run it, then she took over. Katherine was ahead of her time, and she loved it when people underestimated each other. Katherine had fun shaking things up. Nikki said Katherine would advise Lily to have fun too. Lily had a vision for Chancellor, but it had such a rich history, with amazing business people who’d run it, including her dad. She felt presumptuous thinking she was in their league. Nikki said Lily was definitely in that league, and Neil was the best mentor she could’ve had. Lily wished she could call him too. Nikki was sure Lily still heard Neil’s voice, because Nikki did. Nikki said to trust what Neil said. Nikki didn’t want anyone to know she said this, but she said to trust Jill’s judgment. Nikki knew Lily would make Neil, Katherine and Jill proud.

Victor was at his chess set when Michael texted. He was in Peru, and he’d gone to the clinic. Dropping Ashland’s name opened doors. So far, the financial ties were unconfirmed. Victor told Michael he was doing a good job and to stay on it.

A voiceover announced that the role of Ashland Locke is now being played by Robert Newman.

Ashland was in Victoria’s office when Adam walked in. Adam assumed Ashland was working because his health was improving. Ashland preferred to see it the other way around. He thought that his health was improving because he was working again. Adam said he was always glad to get Ashland’s input on Newman Media, as a member of the board. Adam thought things would be even better now that he and Ashland were on the same team. Ashland was glad that was Adam’s attitude, because he intended to give Adam a lot of input now that now that Newman Media was part of Newman Locke.

Ashland thought Adam must be excited about all the new possibilities for Newman Media. Adam said more resources didn’t always mean new opportunities. Ashland knew Adam never anticipated answering to Victoria, but Ashland said this was a scintillating time to be part of Newman Locke. He thought that Adam would one day look back at this moment and be glad he came aboard. Adam thought Ashland and Victoria would look back at this moment and be glad Adam stuck around. Ashland burst out laughing. Adam said he’d done a damn good job at Newman Media, and Ashland never had any complaints before. Ashland conceded the point, but he stated that things would be changing because Adam wasn’t the sole decision maker anymore. Adam was aware Victor wanted more say and that Victoria would occasionally make decisions. Ashland said Victoria wouldn’t be the only one who had a say, and it wouldn’t just be occasionally. “Adam, we own the company. We will be charting its course and giving it direction. Not the other way around,” Ashland said. He added that if Adam wasn’t comfortable with that, he could move on.

Adam didn’t understand why Ashland was taking this tone with him, since they’d always had a solid working relationship. Ashland hoped they’d continue to have that, but he thought it was important for Adam to know where things stood. Ashland thought this was an excellent opportunity for Adam. Adam recalled Victor saying the same thing about the sale on multiple occasions. Ashland said they’d give Adam the benefit of the doubt, but insubordination would not be tolerated. Adam noted that Ashland was talking like he was Victoria’s equal partner in running Newman Locke. “That’s exactly what I am,” Ashland replied. Adam wanted to know why Ashland was suddenly taking this hard line approach with him. “Is this because I’m in less favor with Victor these days?,” Adam asked. Ashland said he hadn’t given a moment’s thought to Adam’s relationship with Victor. “This is business. The world doesn’t revolve around you. And now neither does Newman Media,” Ashland said. Adam couldn’t wait to show Ashland how wrong he was. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Ashland said it was nothing to worry about, just battle lines being drawn. Victoria didn’t like the sound of that. Adam said he and Ashland were just making a friendly bet about how long Adam would last under the new regime. “I’ll take the under,” Victoria replied. Adam said he hired Sally as his COO. Victoria was skeptical about Sally’s skills. Adam said she ran a fashion house in LA and held her own against the big boys out there. Adam listed Sally’s assets. Ashland said Sally was calculating. Victoria asked if Adam forgot what Sally did to their niece. Adam didn’t see how Summer was harmed. Victoria said Nick could clear that up. Adam said Sally wanted a clean slate, and so did he. He felt strongly that she was the right choice. He asked if he had the autonomy to hire and fire whoever he wanted. Victoria said Adam had leeway to make decisions, within reason. She was fine with him hiring Sally, but she said he’d have to train Sally himself. Adam left.

Ashland asked if Victoria was really okay with Sally being so influential. Victoria said Sally was a reckless opportunist, and that could work to Victoria and Ashland’s advantage. He grinned and said she was two steps ahead of everyone. She wanted to know about the battle lines, and he said not to worry about it. Victor called and summoned Ashland to the ranch.

Nikki went home and told Victor that Victoria seemed very relaxed. Nikki thought the improvements in Ashland’s health were helping Victoria. Nikki mentioned her talk with Lily. She thought Jill was smart to bring Lily back to town. “Just the fact that [Lily] knows how to rein in Billy now and then shows her managerial skills,” Nikki said. Victor thought that the fact that Lily got involved with Billy in the first place didn’t speak well of her judgment. Nikki said Lily and Billy were happy, and she couldn’t begrudge them that, especially since Victoria was happily remarried. Victor said Ashland was coming over for a talk. Victor didn’t want to go into detail, but Nikki wanted to know. He swore her to secrecy. He said Ashland didn’t just stumble on the clinic in Peru – he’d known about it for years, and he’d been making donations to it for years. Nikki asked if Ashland was making charitable donations. Victor said that it was a tax dodging scheme. He asked if Victoria ever mentioned anything about Ashland’s connection to the clinic. Nikki didn’t think Victoria knew anything about this. Victor learned Ashland was there, and he gave his staff permission to send him in. when Ashland arrived, Nikki left the room. Victor said it was miraculous that Ashland found his treatment in the nick of time.

Ashland clarified that he knew about the clinic before he got sick, and he’d been one of their benefactors. Years ago, Ashland’s colleague had gone to the clinic for treatment, and the results were fantastic, but the clinic was in danger of losing its funding. Ashland saw it as a matter of life and death, so he wrote a check. Due to international laws, Ashland’s accountant had to be creative about getting the money to Peru, and they used a shell corporation. Victor thought it was a fantastic story – Ashland bailed out the clinic that later saved his life. Ashland said it was karma. Victor said Victoria never told him about this. Ashland said he never told her, because what he did wasn’t technically ethical. He’d jumped to the front of the line to get the treatment. He didn’t want Victoria to worry that it might create an obstacle. Victor said they wanted to protect Victoria above all else. After Ashland was gone, Nikki returned. Victor didn’t know what to think yet. Ashland had an answer for everything, but something was off. The answers Ashland gave were too polished, and it troubled Victor.

Ashland went to Society and ordered a scotch. Someone called from Peru and warned him that an American had come and started asking questions about him. Ashland asked if it was a journalist or PI. Whatever the response was, Ashland said it wasn’t really an answer. The person asked a question. “No. No. This doesn’t change anything. Everything stays the same. Just stick to the plan,” Ashland replied. He guzzled his drink and sighed.

Sally greeted Billy at Society. He said he didn’t recognize her without her ridiculous disguise. She’d hoped he’d gotten over it by now, and he pointed out that it was just two weeks ago. She thought that enough time had passed for them to move on. She was glad his downfall was all an act and that he was doing great – the COO of Chancellor Industries. He heard Victoria got rid of the fashion platform, and he wished Sally luck finding a job. She informed him that Adam was keeping her on, and she’d be COO at Newman Media. Billy was stunned. He guessed her super-spying paid off. She said that had nothing to do with her new job. He sarcastically asked if it was her extensive operations resume. She said she had a lot of business experience, and she ran her own fashion house. He didn’t want to hear it. He thought it was clear that Adam made her second in command because she was willing to do whatever he asked her to. She asked if that was why Lily hired him. “You helped him slander an innocent man by secretly recording him,” he contended. She thought he was misusing the word slander and the word innocent. Sally noted that Billy made it look like he was spiraling out of control in hopes of getting Adam to publish a false story. She thought it was entrapment, and she asked where he got off playing the victim.

Billy said it had been entertaining trying to watch Sally take the high road. He compared it to watching a cat play piano – you couldn’t believe what you were seeing, but you couldn’t take your eyes off it. He said he didn’t trust cats either. He put the plan in motion because Adam cost Billy his reputation and his job. Billy knew the plan would work because Adam loved watching people suffer. Sally said that wasn’t the Adam she knew. She said Adam felt bad that Billy’s life was a wreck, just like she did. He laughed and said she found the strength to keep filming him. Sally didn’t think Adam would’ve taken advantage of Billy’s suffering, which wasn’t real anyway. She didn’t understand why they couldn’t just move on. He wasn’t happy Adam was running ChancComm, the company Billy built. Sally said that Victoria was the one who decided to keep Adam in charge, so Billy should take it up with her. Sally suggested that knowing it was Victoria’s idea would make it easier to swallow. Hearing that it was Victoria’s idea made Billy feel sure that the arrangement wouldn’t last. He wished Sally luck and left.

Lily went home, and Billy was there. Lily was bothered about the employee that jumped ship. Billy thought it was a compliment. He said that this woman got passed over for the top job, and if she thought Lily was going to fail, she would’ve stuck around so she could later swoop in and save the day. Billy said he’d help Lily find a replacement who was excited to work with her, because working at Chancellor should be fun. Lily mentioned that Nikki said the same thing. She explained about the talk with Nikki and asked if he thought it was weird. He said he’d sought Nikki’s advice many times over the years about Victoria, the kids and sobriety. He asked why she went to talk to Nikki. Lily was honored to have the job, but it was overwhelming, and she wanted to live up to the standards set by the CEOs before her. She said to let her know if he didn’t want to hear her concerns. She knew he’d wanted this job.

Billy said Lily knew she could talk to him about anything. She just felt insensitive complaining about the demands of a job he thought he could do in his sleep. He didn’t hold a grudge because his mom picked her. “I did want the job, but you are the right person for this position and I am very happy to be a team player,” he said. He was sure Katherine, Neil and Jill all felt self doubt when they took over, but he said Lily didn’t have to feel that way. He said she was the smartest, savviest, strongest, sexiest CEO the company ever had. She appreciated the pep talk, and they kissed.

Lily thought Billy knew just how to make her feel better. Billy said he knew what to say because he’d lived through it most of his life. He’d felt like he didn’t meet the expectations of John and even Jack, and it was a waste of time. He thought his father would tell Lily not to emulate anyone. He said she had everything she needed to succeed. Lily knew she could do the job, but she had a little anxiety. He said that could be good, because it’d keep her on her toes. She wanted to talk about his insomnia. He said she had enough on his plate. She said their relationship wasn’t one-sided, and she wanted to help. He said she helped by partnering with Hamilton-Winters on the podcast idea. It gave him a creative outlet to think about, and he was sure he’d sleep like a baby tonight.

When Adam got to his office, Sally was there. She vented about Billy. She didn’t understand how people be unhappy after getting everything handed to them and resentful when they heard about other people reaping the benefit of years of hard work. He told her not to worry about anything Billy said. He told her that he went to see Victoria. Sally assumed that Victoria wouldn’t let her have the job. She asked if it was because of the Summer situation, and he said that came up. Sally said she’d take a lower position if that would allow her to stay on at the company. Adam finally clarified that Sally was going to get to be COO. Sally couldn’t believe Adam let her think Victoria rejected her. He knew he shouldn’t have done that. He’d just imagined that when she finally found out she got the job, she’d give him a hug like she did the other day. She thought they agreed not to even think along those lines. He said she was right and to forget he mentioned it.

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