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Allie lays on the couch at home, looking at Tripp’s number on her phone until there’s a knock at the door. Allie answers the door to see Chanel. Allie apologizes for not showing up at the bakery. Chanel says she didn’t come to give her grief, but to find out if she and Tripp found a way to work things out. Allie says that would be a no.

Shawn goes to the hospital and finds Tripp. Shawn hopes that Tripp heard from his mother. Tripp says they spoke a few days ago and asks what’s going on. Shawn reveals that Ava escaped police custody this morning.

Chad informs Belle that Gabi Hernandez is the new CEO of DiMera. Belle asks how that’s even possible Chad explains that he and Tony were out of town. Belle asks how Abigail is. Chad says she’s fine and they are very lucky, but Gabi took advantage of the situation and called a shareholders meeting then managed to vote him out and her in. Belle asks what Jake got. Chad says it was a knife in his back.

Jake explains to Ben that they called a shareholders meeting to install him as CEO of DiMera but Gabi and Johnny pulled a fast one and now Johnny is on the board, Gabi is control of the company, and he’s on his ass. Ben says he’s so sorry. Jake asks why Ben thinks Johnny would try to pull something like this off. Ben doesn’t get why Gabi would do it. Jake says he’s trying to figure that out, but he knows Johnny got in Gabi’s head that he was going to screw her over and talked her in to screwing him over first.

Devil Johnny lays in bed until Susan shows up. Johnny asks what she’s doing here. Susan responds that she’s here to see if he really is her grandson. Johnny asks who else he would be. Johnny laughs it off and says their family tree can be confusing but he’s definitely her grandson. Susan talks about tracing her ancestors back 100 years so Johnny asks her to tell him more. Susan continues but then stops and says she knows he’s trying to distract her but she won’t be distracted from her mission. Susan tells Johnny that she knows Johnny DiMera is EJ’s son, but she’s here to ask and find out if he’s really Johnny DiMera.

Ben questions Jake thinking that Johnny stole Maggie’s phone to text him and then forged his signature to sign the petition to steal Gabi’s shares. Jake says he sure as hell didn’t do it but the question is how Johnny got Gabi to believe that she overheard him telling Maggie that he would turf her to get what he wanted, when he was never with Maggie. Jake adds that Gabi claims this alleged meeting at the mansion happened at the exact time that he was with Ben. Ben offers to tell Gabi that he was with him but Jake says she won’t believe him. Ben wonders if Jake will believe him when he tells him how he thinks Johnny did this. Jake says he’s listening.

Belle says she would’ve thought Gabi and Jake would be in cahoots on a power play like this. Chad says that apparently Jake made the same assumption but he wouldn’t be the first guy who thought he could trust Gabi. Belle questions Johnny being in on this with Gabi. Chad confirms Gabi went behind Jake’s back to enlist Johnny’s help and hung her boyfriend out to dry.

Tripp questions Ava escaping and asks if it has anything to do with Rafe’s trial. Shawn says this isn’t about Rafe as Ava was being held for questioning in the disappearance of Abigail and then someone posing as Ava’s lawyer walked her out of the station. Shawn adds that he’s still trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Tripp doesn’t understand as Ava didn’t even know Abigail and questions why she would have anything to do with her disappearance. Shawn says that’s his question and he’s hoping Ava has the answer. Shawn asks Tripp to give him a call if he hears from Ava which he agrees to do. Shawn then exits the hospital.

Chanel asks Allie if the engagement is really off. Allie confirms that it is. Allie says it was bad enough at the park when Tripp told her that he’d never trust her again and asked for the ring back, but then she ran in to him at the Brady Pub with Kate and Roman. Chanel asks what happened. Allie says she told Tripp how she felt and that she loved him but Tripp pretty much just shut her down and walked away. Chanel tells her that she’s so sorry and hugs her.

Tripp calls Ava and leaves a message that he’s worried about her and to call him back when she gets this. Ciara approaches and greets him, asking if everything is okay. Tripp claims everything is fine and asks about Ciara and the baby. Ciara says she’s great and just came for her prenatal vitamins. Ciara says she won’t keep him from his work and says to give Allie all her love. Tripp tells her that she’ll have to do that herself because they broke up.

Allie apologizes to Chanel for being such a mess. Chanel says she’s seen her worse. Allie cries that she really screwed up. Chanel blames herself and says it’s all her fault. Allie argues that she was the one in a relationship and she chose to sleep with Chanel then lie about it, so no one else is to blame but her. Allie talks about when Tripp would stay over almost every night and he’d wake up early to turn off the alarm so it didn’t wake up her and Henry, then he’d make her favorite breakfast. Allie says today her alarm went off and it reminded her that she blew it with the most amazing guy she’s ever known.

Belle questions where this Gabi and Johnny alliance came from as she didn’t know they even knew each other. Chad talks about Gabi’s ability to manipulate and Johnny not being so naive since when EJ went to prison, Johnny swore they were on the same side after what EJ did to Abigail. Belle brings up EJ denying his accusation. Chad argues that he saw EJ kiss his wife and Abigail experienced it, so either they are lying or EJ is lying as there is no other explanation.

Johnny questions Susan informing him that Ben and Ciara told her that he’s possessed by the Devil. Johnny plays it off as being about his movie which is called Possessed but they both know the Devil was sent back and he was in the room when it happened. Susan talks about how the Devil could find his way out of Marlena and directly in to Johnny. Johnny argues that a lot of other people were in that room, listing Sami, Belle, Allie, Eric, John, and Brady. Johnny gets that the Devil was after Ben and Ciara’s baby so it makes sense that they are nervous, but asks why they would think it was him when he barely knows Ciara and he just met Ben. Susan brings up Johnny bringing the cross from Julie to Ben and Ciara and the cross was turning upside down again and again outside their door.

Ben reminds Jake about the cross they had hanging outside which kept turning upside down and how Johnny brought it over to them. Ben adds that Julie had an emergency that Johnny happened to be around for and volunteered to deliver the cross. Jake questions Ben thinking Johnny is possessed by the Devil. Ben knows it sounds crazy and he’s not trying to put that type of stuff out there so he knows it could land him back in Bayview. Jake feels he has a right to be paranoid. Jake says that would explain how Johnny got Gabi to believe she overheard a meeting that never happened. Jake then realizes that Johnny told him exactly how he did it.

Belle asks Chad if he was motivated to not tell the whole truth when testifying against EJ. Chad swears that it happened exactly as he said it did as he found the money trail that linked EJ to Sami’s kidnapper on his computer at DiMera, then he went to the police and reported it. Belle calls that a direct and careful answer so she wonders if there is something he’s not telling her.

Tripp informs Ciara that right after Allie accepted his proposal, he found out that she cheated on him with Chanel. Ciara doesn’t get it since just last week she and Allie were talking about how happy they were and how in love Allie was with Tripp. Ciara asks if Tripp is sure about this. Tripp confirms that Allie admitted it as she had no choice after Johnny spilled her dirty little secret. Ciara questions Johnny being the one who told him.

Chanel recalls that Allie wanted to leave that night but she begged her to stay. Allie says there was no chance she was going to leave her alone. Chanel talks about Allie always being there for her and how much that means to her. Chanel wants to be there for Allie now and holds her hand. Chanel says that night, Allie held her and made the pain go away, so she wants to do the same for her…

Tripp explains to Ciara that he just put the ring on Allie’s finger when Johnny and Chanel showed up, and instead of congratulating them, Johnny asked Allie if she told him that she slept with Chanel. Ciara calls that horrible and she can’t believe Allie’s own brother would do that to her. Tripp remarks that Johnny seems to get off on making people miserable. Tripp adds that he is grateful that Johnny told him since Allie sure wasn’t going to. Tripp apologizes since Ciara and Allie are close, so maybe he should let her tell her. Ciara says she cares about Tripp too and she’s so sorry. Tripp guesses he’s just a guy that women use until something better comes along. Ciara says that’s not true but Tripp complains that he lost Ciara to Ben and now he’s lost Allie to Chanel. Tripp apologizes, admitting that was a rotten thing to say. Tripp declares that he’s just so tired of coming in second place with women he cares about.

Allie and Chanel lean in to kiss but they stop when Nicole comes home. Chanel decides to get going and tells Allie to call her as she then exits. Nicole asks if Allie is okay. Allie says yeah and she’d rather talk about Nicole, so she asks what happened in court today. Nicole informs her that the defense rested and closing arguments wrapped up, so now Rafe’s fate is in the hands of a jury.

Belle asks if Chad held something back from his testimony. Chad appreciates how dedicated she is to EJ’s case but points out that she’s still DiMera’s general counsel, so she should focus on what they pay her for. Chad argues that if she’s not going to help him oust Gabi and reclaim his CEO position, then he will find somebody who will.

Ben questions Jake saying that Johnny told him how he did it. Jake flashes back to Johnny mocking Jake’s accusations. Jake says now that he thinks about it, Johnny almost bragged about morphing in to him. Ben asks what happened after that. Jake says things got tense and they must have mixed it up because it ended up flat on his ass but things are fuzzy. Jake admits he was wondering how some kid got the best of him. Ben suggests maybe he wasn’t fighting a kid and he got sucker punched by the Devil. Jake says that makes no sense, yet it explains everything. Ben says the question is, how do they prove that?

Susan states that an inverted cross is the mark of the Devil. Johnny insists that he’s still her same grandson so he thinks if he was possessed by The Devil, she would know it.

Ben explains to Jake that he and Ciara called Susan Banks and she’s now talking to Johnny at the DiMera Mansion. Jake questions trusting Susan. Ben reminds Jake that Susan is the reason he reunited with Ciara when everyone else thought she was dead and that Susan was one of the first people to realize the Devil was in Marlena, so if Johnny is possessed, Susan will know.

Susan tells Johnny that she’s not sure what to think. Devil Johnny flashes back to telling Susan the truth. He asks Susan if she’s okay as she looks pale. Susan doesn’t know if he’s the Devil or not because she would feel the evil but that’s not how she feels. Devil Johnny flashes back to using his power to make Susan forget that he’s the Devil and making her leave town. Johnny claims that Susan would definitely know if he was the Devil which Susan agrees with. Susan decides there is no Devil here. Johnny tells her that she can go tell Ben and Ciara that Satan is gone and there’s nothing to worry about.

Allie tells Nicole that Rafe’s trial is moving really fast. Nicole argues that all they had were the three felons who lied about Rafe setting them up and the defense had some compelling witnesses. Allie asks if Rafe’s lawyer mentioned anything about Ava setting him up. Nicole explains that she couldn’t because she didn’t have proof. Allie offers to go through Ava’s stuff but Nicole says she would never ask her to go after her boyfriend’s mother like that. Allie then reveals to Nicole that Tripp is not her boyfriend anymore.

Ciara tells Tripp that he’s a wonderful man and she loves Allie, but he does not deserve to be lied to like that. Tripp thanks her. Ciara says she’s here if he needs anything. Tripp tells her that talking to her helped. Ciara decides she should get going and jokes about Ben being overprotective. Ciara then exits the hospital. Chanel then arrives and sees Tripp.

Susan asks Johnny if he’s still divorcing Chanel. Johnny says it’s for the best and that they have both moved on. Johnny claims he’s holding out for true love and that he’s sure Roger is missing her so she should get home. Susan brings up that Johnny is getting divorced and EJ is in prison, so she worries about people she loves. Susan hugs Johnny and says she loves him so much. Susan then gets the feeling about the Devil and declares that he’s still in Salem and under this roof.

Allie tells Nicole that it’s her fault and talks about how she was getting her life together but here she is just trashing it as Nicole hugs her.

Tripp tells Chanel that he has nothing to say to her. Chanel responds that she has something to say to him. Chanel insists that Allie loves him and what they did was one time and it’s over. Chanel asks Tripp to get that through his head because walking away from Allie would be the biggest mistake of his life. Chanel insists that Allie doesn’t want her, she wants him. Chanel asks Tripp to find it in his heart to forgive her.

Ben really thought Susan would be back by now and hopes she’s okay. Jake asks if he really thinks Johnny would hurt Susan. Ben hopes not. Jake decides to get going and tells him to let him know what happens if Susan ever comes back. Ciara returns home as Jake is leaving. Ciara jokes about still not having the baby swing together. Ben explains that he was telling Jake about their Johnny theory. Ciara asks if Jake thinks they are crazy. Jake responds that he just had a run in with him himself. Jake explains that Johnny helped Gabi double cross him and then Gabi dumped him. Ciara says she’s sorry. Jake says he’ll be alright and jokes that he’s leaving Ben to assemble the swing. Jake then exits. Ciara comments that it seems that the Devil has a thing for breaking up couples, first with Paulina and Abe, then Johnny broke up with Chanel, and now Gabi and Jake while also blowing up Tripp and Allie’s engagement.

Johnny thought they settled this Devil nonsense. Belle comes out from the living room and tells Susan that she’s doing everything in her power to overturn EJ’s conviction. Susan appreciates that since EJ doesn’t deserve to do penance for the sins of others. Johnny says he agrees. Belle says she’s about to get going. Johnny reminds Belle to get her coat. Johnny’s phone rings. Susan whispers to him, asking what about the Devil. Johnny says they will talk about it later as he steps away. Belle tells Susan that she will let her know if she hears any news on EJ. As Belle walks out of the mansion, Susan sees that Belle’s coat now has “666” on the back of it. Susan then begins to shout that Belle is the Devil.

Nicole tells Allie that she didn’t trash her life, she just made a mistake. Nicole says she’s made a lot of her own mistakes, especially with love. Nicole informs Allie that she learned that if you love someone and they love you back, there’s always a chance to make it right. Allie argues that she didn’t see how angry and hurt Tripp was. Allie cries that she doesn’t think Tripp will ever give her another chance.

Tripp argues that Allie made her choice the night she slept with Chanel. Chanel blames herself for coming on to Allie. Tripp says that she didn’t make Allie lie about it. Tripp tells Chanel to stop protecting her. Tripp complains that he’s an idiot and he could see how much they meant to each other from the first time she saw them. Tripp talks about coming to Chanel to support her when Johnny dumped her, but she lied to his face, so he doesn’t want to hear another word from her and he never wants to see Allie again. Tripp then walks away.

Ben can’t believe Johnny could be so cruel to his own sister. Ciara guesses it’s all the more proof that they are not dealing with Johnny. Susan races back to them in a panic with the bible and begins to pray. Ben asks if it’s true and what the hell happened. Ciara asks if the Devil is back in Salem. Ben asks if Johnny is possessed. Susan declares that the Devil is not in Johnny, but is now in Belle Brady.

Belle goes to the police station and greets Shawn. Shawn then asks what’s on the back of her coat.

Devil Johnny talks to the portrait of Stefano and says he fooled Susan again, so now Belle is going to be busy trying to convince everybody that she’s not the Devil and she won’t have time to spring EJ from prison while he turns up the heat on his plans. Chad then walks in and questions his plans for what.

Shawn tells Belle that it looks like some ash on the back of her coat and it came right off. Shawn asks if she’s been through a fire. Belle says she just came from the DiMera Mansion, where it looked like Chad just got royally burned.

Chad questions Johnny’s plan and if he’s telling Stefano about it. Johnny thinks he’d be proud of at least one of them. Chad argues that Gabi is using him. Johnny responds that there are worse things than being used by a beautiful woman. Chad asks if he thinks this is a game. Chad warns that he’s playing with the big boys now and this isn’t over as he will take back what’s his and then he can go to Hell. Chad walks out of the room. Devil Johnny remarks that the fun is just beginning.

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