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Gwen pleads with Ava not to turn he rin to the police, arguing that they are in this together. Ava says she helped her out but this mess is all Gwen’s and she got dragged down to the station. Ava adds that this was all for nothing since if Chad brought Abigail back from that island, then Sarah can’t be far behind..

Sarah walks through the town square and sits at the bench, looking at the Tom and Alice plaque. Sarah brings up that people keep saying she is their granddaughter Sarah, but she is not. She’s Renee DuMonde and she’s here to take her life back and finally be with the man she loves. Xander then comes out from the Salem Inn and is shocked to see Sarah.

Kate finds Mr. Shin at the DiMera Enterprises office. Mr. Shin informs her that Gabi, Jake, and Johnny called a shareholders meeting for this morning. Kate notes that they didnt’ tell her and planned it for a time when Tony and Chad aren’t in town and EJ is in prison, so she thinks they are going to make a play. Kate declares that whatever it is, they’re not going to get away with it.

Gabi gets dressed for the meeting while Jake wants her to get back in bed. Gabi says they can’t have any distractions as everything is riding on today. Jake agrees to get dressed, but says tonight they are celebrating. Jake goes to get ready while Gabi remarks to herself that she will be celebrating, getting rid of his lying, double-crossing ass.

Devil Johnny gets ready for the meeting and says it’s time for all hell to break loose at DiMera. Johnny tries to fight off The Devil from inside. The Devil calls Johnny his puppet and tells him to go away as he has work to do. Johnny refuses to let the Devil hurt any more people he loves. Devil Johnny then drops to his knees in pain. The Devil warns him about what happens if he fights him. Johnny says Marlena kicked him out, so he will too. The Devil argues that Marlena and John drove him out with love but he’s not worried about Johnny because he only loves himself enough. Johnny calls that not true. The Devil tells Johnny to go away. He then gets a call from Gabi, who asks if everything is okay. Johnny asks if they are all ready for today. Gabi says she’s more than ready and assures that Jake doesn’t suspect a thing. Johnny tells her to keep it that way because they need his vote. Gabi declares that Jake is going to get what he deserves and she can’t wait to witness it.

Xander tells Sarah that Jack told him everything. Sarah responds that it can’t be him. Xander tells Sarah what a relief it is to see her again as after all this time, he believed that she threw him over on his wedding day and jumped in bed with Rex, but it was never her. Xander is terribly sorry for all she went through in getting kidnapped by Kristen and trapped on an island all this time. Sarah accuses him of being part of the scheme to try to make her think she’s Sarah Horton. Sarah tells Xander to get away from her and stop calling her Sarah. Xander asks if she doesn’t know who he is. Sarah responds that she knows exactly who he is. Sarah questions Xander thinking anyone could forget who he is. Sarah calls him a despicably, lying son of a bitch and says she knows him as Alex and she wants a divorce. Sarah says she fell for his act and was foolish enough to marry him which was the worst mistake she ever made. Xander asks if this is some kind of joke as he doesn’t understand. Sarah tells him that she is Renee DuMonde and she intends to marry the love of her life, Tony DiMera, as soon as he divorces Anna. Sarah says she is going to speak to her lawyer, Don Craig. Sarah tells him not to call her Sarah as she walks off. Xander pulls out his phone and calls Jack, asking him to finish the story he was going to tell him.

Ava tells Gwen that Abigail is back and she knows everything. Gwen points out that there is no case against Ava and they haven’t filed charges, so turning her in will only hurt her. Ava worries that she can be charged as an accessory. Gwen argues that they have no proof. Gwen encourages that Ava has beaten murder charges, so she asks if she’s really afraid of this. Ava responds that she’s tried to build a different life for herself, so she’s not throwing it away or going to prison. Ava adds that Rafe is not on her side anymore. Gwen says she still has her back, as long as Ava has hers.

Kate asks Mr. Shin how many people they are expecting. Mr. Shin goes over EJ being in prison while Tony and Chad took the corporate jet on personal business. Kate argues that Abigail was kidnapped. Mr. Shin says it seems there is always a crisis in the DiMera family. Kate says that Chad and Tony are on their way back, so they can postpone but Shin says he has a flight to Hong Kong at noon, so he can’t push this back. Kate asks why they called this meeting but Mr. Shin says he’s not at liberty to discuss.

Johnny tells Gabi that Jake will never know what him. Gabi quickly finishes and hangs up as Jake comes back in the room. Jake asks what that was about. Gabi says she was just going over plans with Johnny. Jake reveals that he heard her say that he’s going to get what he deserves. Gabi claims that by the end of the day, Jake will be CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Tony enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, surprising Johnny who thought that he was out of town. Tony reveals that they found Abigail and got back to town. Tony wants to speak to Johnny about the house but Johnny says he’s in a hurry. Tony guesses he’s having a meeting with his producer which Johnny goes along with. Tony asks how the movie is going. Johnny says it’s great and he’s already working on the sequel. Johnny then hurries out of the mansion.

Kate asks Mr. Shin what’s going on with Gabi and Jake. Mr. Shin says he has not been briefed about the meeting. Gabi and Jake arrive, so Kate questions why she was not told about the meeting. Gabi brings up Kate ousting Jake from the company and not wanting to see her. Jake says they will get started when Johnny arrives. Kate suggests Chad and Tony could join them remotely but Johnny arrives and claims that Tony and Chad have been delayed due to weather. Mr. Shin adds that he can’t postpone the meeting. Gabi says they don’t want to. Johnny assures they can do the meeting without the rest of his family. Johnny says to get the show on the road.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion and tells Tony that Abigail is relieved to be home. Chad mentions that they are both very grateful for his help in tracking her down. Tony is glad everything worked out. Tony assumes Jack and Jennifer are on their way back to Boston which Chad confirms. Tony asks what Chad found out from Ava. Chad says that Ava is still being held for questioning and not giving up the name of her accomplice.

Ava tells Gwen that Chad is never going to let this go, so she asks how Gwen will help her without confessing. Gwen swears not to tell a soul that she helped Kristen escape police custody. Ava asks if she’s threatening her and warns that if she did tell anyone, she’ll tell everyone that Gwen bashed Abigail over the head at the airstrip and that she knew about Sarah being kidnapped. Gwen warns that if Ava does that, she’ll let it be known that Ava set up Rafe on made up charges. Ava asks if they are going there now. Gwen brings up how many hours Melinda spent on that case and how she would feel about the woman who made her look like a complete fool. Gwen asks how Rafe would react to finding out what Ava did. Ava warns her that it would be a mistake to threaten her. Gwen says she’s just pointing out that they both have secrets. Ava argues that she can’t prove a thing. Gwen asks if she’s sure about that. Gwen suggests Ava keep her mouth shut and she will do the same. Gwen then exits the interrogation room.

Jack informs Xander about the drug making Sarah so delusional that she thinks she’s a completely different person. Xander says he will bring her back to reality. Xander thanks Jack and hangs up to go after Sarah. Sarah tells him to leave her alone. Xander tells her that Renee DuMonde was murdered by a serial killer. Sarah asks how he got involved in this scheme. Xander says that Renee has been dead for years. Sarah brings up other people being brought back to life in Salem. Sarah says she only cares about divorcing him and getting Tony away from Anna. Xander wishes he could get through to her and that she could remember how much they love each other. Sarah argues that he’s incapable of love and just wanted her inheritance. Xander says he’s not Alex, he’s Xander, and just wanted to make her happy. Sarah remarks that only Tony can make her happy because her heart will always belong to him. Xander shows her a photo of them on his phone and asks if she remembers it.

Gwen walks outside and asks God if this is her punishment for all the revenge she tried to get and the misery and suffering she’s gone through. Gwen wonders that even if Ava doesn’t rat her out and Sarah comes home, can it get any worse? Ned Grainger then appear and says it can always get worse as he asks if she remembers him.

Tony hopes Chad finds out who was behind this nightmare. Chad assures that he will and they will pay. Chad mentions running in to Anna upstairs and that she seems pretty upset about the whole Sarah/Renee situation. Chad knows it will be rough for awhile since Abigail took months to recover. Tony informs Chad that Sarah took off from the hospital which Chad says is not good. Tony agrees and then reveals that Sarah insisted on moving in which shocks Chad. Tony explains that she would at least be safe here and they can try to get her treated. Chad says no wonder Anna’s head exploded. Tony tells him about how Sarah just barged in. Chad asks where Sarah is now. Tony responds that she’s out there hiring him a divorce lawyer which Chad laughs at, saying it sounds like such a mess. Tony talks about how Renee was a passionate woman but now Sarah is channeling the same DiMera determination. Tony says unfortunately, he seems to be indulging in her delusion to avoid an all out war. Chad comments on how Anna feels. Chad says they have no idea what other drugs Kristen was feeding Sarah, but she’s here now, so maybe being in a familiar place will jog her memory. Tony hopes Sarah gets back to her old self soon.

Xander asks Sarah if the photo looks familiar to her but she says not at all. Xander points out that it’s a picture of them together. Sarah claims to have never seen it before and says the woman in the picture is Sarah Horton, but she is Renee DuMonde.

Mr. Shin starts the shareholders meeting and calls upon Jake to start. Jake says they have two motions; first is to elect Victor to the board of directors which Kate questions, since he’s competition. Johnny explains that the goal is to lull Victor in to a sense of security and then steal Titan from under him. Kate questions it being that easy and asks when the three of them started working together. Johnny says they have common interests. Mr. Shin asks about the second motion. Jake says the second is removing Chad as CEO with Jake replacing him. Kate declares she won’t allow that, so that won’t be happening. Gabi announces that she has two things to offer.

Gwen questions where Ned came from and if he’s been stalking her. Ned admits that he has and points out that Chad and Tony tracked him down, but he left Gwen’s name out of it and he didn’t do it for free so now it’s time for her to pay the price.

Xander questions Sarah not recognizing herself in the picture. Sarah insists it’s not her. Xander brings up that Renee would be about 65 years old if she were still alive. Xander says he can’t believe this. Sarah argues that everyone else needs help, not her. Sarah tells him to get out of her sight because she’s going home to the man she loves, Tony. Xander asks her to please wait.

Chad tells Tony that he could ask Abigail to try to get through to Sarah. Tony acknowledges Abigail going through a similar experience. Chad offers anything they can do to help. Tony thanks him and says he appreciates it. Chad asks if he told the rest of the family yet. Tony says he tried to tell Johnny but he seemed to be in a hurry to meet with his movie producer. Chad decides he should get to the office and hopes he didn’t miss too much while they were gone…

Jake questions Gabi as to what’s going on since he doesn’t remember discussing any amendments. Kate calls this very interesting. Jake asks what this is about. Gabi brings up Jake amending their last plan by going to Mr. Shin about ousting EJ without even talking to her first. Jake thought she trusted him. Gabi says she did and asks if he trusts her. Jake says he does which Kate calls a mistake. Jake asks Gabi why she’s doing this now. Gabi thought it would be more efficient. Gabi suggests instead of adding Victor to the board, they elect Johnny, and propose electing her as CEO of DiMera instead of Jake. Jake gets upset and asks what the hell this is. Jake asks what Gabi is doing. Gabi responds that there’s been a change of plans. Kate remarks that she told him not to trust her. Mr. Shin calls for a vote. Jake says they aren’t ready yet but Gabi says they are. Kate says she’d like Jake to get what he deserves, but she’s not going to let Gabi take Chad’s rightful place at DiMera. Gabi and Johnny responds that they can’t do anything. Kate asks how Johnny could do this to Tony and Chad when they’ve been so good to him. Johnny remarks that he’s a chip off the old block after all. Kate declares that she and Jake won’t be voting. Gabi says she and Johnny will vote while Johnny also has EJ’s shares. Kate asks if Mr. Shin is still on Jake’s side. Jake is surprised to see Kate come to his defense. Kate says it’s what’s right for the company. Kate says now would be a tie unless someone comes in to break the tie which means the status quo stands.

Gwen asks how Ned wants to make her pay. Ned responds that he wants one million dollars or else he will sing to the authorities and Xander. Gwen pleads with him not to say anything. Ned says he won’t if he gets his money. Gwen tells him that she will get him the money, but he will need to do something for her first. Ned argues that she’s in no position to make demands. Gwen explains that she doesn’t have money but Ava has access to the Vitali fortune. Gwen mentions that Ava is at the police department so if Ned can get her out of this mess, she promises to get him his pay day.

Xander tells Sarah that they were going to get married. Sarah pulls away from him. Xander wants to take her to see Maggie. Sarah calls him Alex Marshall. Xander complains that he doesn’t even know who that is. Sarah calls him a two faced bastard and says she never wants to see him again as she storms off. Gwen then walks up and calls out to Xander, asking if he’s alright. Xander informs her that he just saw Sarah.

Kate asks Mr. Shin if he’s voting for Jake since he knows it’s what is right for the company. Devil Johnny uses his power to overcome Mr. Shin, who then votes for Gabi to pass the motion. Kate and Jake can’t believe it while Gabi and Johnny celebrate. Jake questions Mr. Shin, who says that EJ is in prison while Chad and Tony abandoned their posts so it’s time for a change. Jake questions how Gabi could betray him like this. Gabi argues that Jake betrayed her first by going to the board to have Stefan’s shares transferred to his name. Jake says he didn’t do that. Gabi says Johnny showed him the papers. Jake argues that Johnny must have forged it just like he stole Maggie’s phone to text him. Gabi asks how he explains that she heard him telling Maggie that he only cared about the CEO job and that he didn’t care if she got Titan. Jake argues that he never met with Maggie. Gabi says she was there and heard every word. Gabi calls Jake a liar and a loser, so her first move as CEO will be have to security throw him out. Jake says none of this makes any sense. Johnny tells Gabi to get settled in her new office while he takes care of Jake.

Sarah goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Tony. Tony asks if he can get her anything. Sarah hugs him and says she wants him to divorce Anna. Sarah adds that she tried to find Don Craig but no one has seen or heard from him in 35 years. Sarah says she did schedule an appointment with a lawyer and mentions running into “Alex Marshall”. Sarah adds that she also spoke to the lawyer about evicting Anna but Tony says no. Tony tells her that she can’t evict Anna. Sarah says it’s imperative that she does because she will not spend another night having Anna in bed with the man she loves.

Xander explains to Gwen that Sarah never really dumped him as it wasn’t her on the day of the wedding or the second time as she has been held captive on a deserted island this whole time. Gwen asks if Sarah wants to pick up where they left off. Xander says no which Gwen questions. Xander suggests they go to their room where he will try to explain because it’s kind of a long story.

Ned enters the interrogation room, disguised as a lawyer for Ava. Ava questions what is going on. Ned reveals that Gwen sent him to negotiate a deal with the district attorney and they have an appointment with Melinda shortly, after which Ava will walk out a free woman and suggests she leave by plane. Ned warns that his fees are steep but Gwen says Ava is good for it. Ned asks if he can count on her for payment. Ava confirms that he’s hired.

Chad goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and finds Gabi, who informs him that he is out and she is the new CEO.

Johnny laughs at Jake. Jake doesn’t know how he pulled this off but he knows he was behind it. Johnny mocks his ideas and says Jake can blame him but he just threw everything away. Johnny argues that Jake is powerless and impotent. Johnny tells him to get out before he throws him out. Jake says no, so Johnny threatens to call security. Jake grabs Johnny, who then turns in to the Devil and demands Jake get his hands off of him.

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