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Nate: Thank you for meeting me.

Lily: Yeah, so what happened with aunt mamie that you wanted to talk about?

Nate: Well, I’ve had a couple of encounters with her lately, and they keep setting off alarms for me.

Devon: Alarms about what?

Nate: For starters, she’s still trying to get me to leave newman and join the two of you at chancellor-winters.

Devon: So, she’s being persistent.

Lily: Well, and presumptuous. I mean, she has no say in that. Not that we wouldn’t discuss it maybe in the future, but this is not her company.

Nate: I am well aware of that.

Lily: Well, is she?

Nate: I didn’t think much of it at first. Figured it was just wishful thinking on her part, you know, all the family working together. But then I found out something about aunt mamie that changes the whole ballgame, and it isn’t good.

Ashley: I’m so glad you’re here.

Mamie: And I’m so glad you’re back.

Ashley: No, you don’t understand. It makes my heart happy to see you in our house, mamie.

Mamie: Also, the fact that we’re away from the prying eyes of genoa city.

Ashley: Yeah, you’re not wrong about that. Come sit down. Have some coffee.

Mamie: [Chuckles] How are you, my girl?

Ashley: [Sighs] I’m okay. I’m getting used to, uh, being gawked at as the woman who lived happily ever after for about a week and a half.

Mamie: [Chuckles] That is so, so wrong in so many ways.

Ashley: Nothing I can’t handle.

Mamie: So, diane and jack– they’re at the office?

Ashley: Yeah, it’s just the two of us.

Mamie: Good, ’cause we have a lot of catching up to do.

Ashley: Oh, listen, we do, and first of all, I want to hear about his mysterious move you made regarding chancellor-winters.

Mamie: [Laughs]

Ashley: Very dramatic. Completely unexpected.

Mamie: Well, that was the whole idea. Expect the unexpected when miss M. Is back in town.

Ashley: So you pulled that off.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Well, I was just ready to make a change, you know, to do something different. And the only way to really do that best is with one’s family, right?

Ashley: Mm. I have so much respect for you. You’re so good at that. You’re so good at balancing your work life and your home life. I mean, I’m just not good at it, mamie.

Mamie: You know, I didn’t know that much about tucker mccall, other than that he was katherine chancellor’s son. I know that jack didn’t like him very much. I just never understood why.

Ashley: Well, jack’s just being jack and protective of me and jabot, and I’m not sure in what order.

Mamie: Oh, now, now. Jack adores you.

Ashley: Oh, I know. I like him, too, most of the time.

Mamie: Well, I do have to say, though, when I did see you and tucker together at the bicentennial gala, I sensed that there was a connection between you.

Ashley: There was.

Mamie: And then there wasn’T.

Ashley: Yeah, then there wasn’T.

Mamie: So now tucker’s out for blood. That’s what jack claims. And now he wants revenge against the abbotts because of whatever happened between the two… oh, come on. Is any of this true?

Ashley: I think the bigger question here that you’re asking is how could I have been so wrong about that man?

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Billy: I got your text. What’s going on?

Jack: Ashley paid a visit to tucker.

Billy: Well, we knew that was only a matter of time. How did it go?

Jack: Well, she didn’t spare me too many details, but she did say this is just the first step.

Billy: So, not very good.

Jack: Well, what that means is that she is still determined to reconnect with tim, or pretend to, in order to find out what he has planned for us.

Billy: Look, maybe she’ll pull this off.

Jack: Maybe she won’T.

Billy: Here’s your problem, jack. You don’t have enough faith in anyone that isn’t named diane.

Jack: Okay, I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

Billy: I’m just saying. Okay? Maybe we should give our sister the benefit of the doubt.

Jack: He is unhinged, he is dangerous, and there’s no telling what he will do when he finds out she is playing him.

Tucker: I’m sorry. I’m not buying it.

Kyle: What do you think I’m selling?

Tucker: A cynic might say your soul, but let’s just leave it at you betraying your family to come on board with us.

Kyle: This is a business transaction. I help you take control of jabot. You give me what I want. It’s simple as that.

Tucker: Ah, ah. You might be kidding yourself, but you’re not kidding me.

Kyle: I’m not trying to kid anyone. You offered this to me.

Tucker: No, audra offered it to you without my knowledge. I would have told her, bad idea, because blood is always thicker than water when it comes to the abbotts. Trust me, I know. So, I’m sitting there. I just don’t know that this isn’t some kind of trap. I just don’t know that you’re… you’re not gonna run along to jack at some point with my plans. This isn’t gonna work.

Kyle: Tucker. Tucker. Tucker. You’re making a big mistake.

Tucker: It’s not a mistake, son. It’s self-preservation, pure and simple.

Kyle: First of all, I’m not your son. And second, if you believe I have any professional allegiance to my father, then you haven’t been listening. He hasn’t shown me any, so why would I be loyal to him?

Tucker: Because he’s your father, and he’s given you everything you have, and I’m not sure I believe that you’d be willing to just blow that up when the time comes.

Kyle: Watch me light a match.

Tucker: What’s your take on this?

Audra: Well, I think you already know that, or the three of us wouldn’t be here talking right now.

Tucker: And no other vested interest?

Audra: Look, you’ll either agree to it, or you won’t, tucker.

Tucker: All right. Sell me.

Kyle: Haven’t I been doing that?

Tucker: Hardly.

Kyle: I only want what’s coming to me. I’m sure you can appreciate that desire.

Tucker: Yeah, I can, but you and i are different animals. My hands are already stained.

Kyle: Oh, you want motive? Okay, I’ll give you motive. I left my position as co-ceo of jabot to run marchetti, but my father forced me out when my marriage fell apart. But he kept my ex on board and then offered me some low-level B.S. Position at jabot as a consolation prize.

Tucker: Oh. You’re gonna have me crying.

Kyle: It doesn’t stop there. He now has billy, a proven screw-up, as his second in command, and he doesn’t feel inclined to change things even if billy screws up pretty badly.

Tucker: You know, billy was also willing to sell out his family in exchange for more control.

Kyle: You offered him that?

Tucker: He ended up choking.

Kyle: Well, billy’s weak. I’m not going to choke, and I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of my family offering me crumbs and expecting me to take it with a smile. I want what is rightfully mine, and I will do… anything, anything to get it.

Billy: Look, as someone who tried to con tucker not that long ago, I actually appreciate our sister’s instincts.

Jack: Well, apparently, you’re not as close to tucker as ashley was.

Billy: I think that’s more obvious.

Jack: Well, just imagine what he would do to you, and then multiply that times a thousand. That’s the hell he would put her through if he found out she was the one conning him.

Billy: Okay, jack, I get that, all right? It’s a risk. But we’re talking about ashley here. When has anyone ever succeeded in telling her what to do?

Jack: Oh, never.

Billy: Exactly. And you know what? Right now I think we should trust her instincts about tucker. It took her a while, but she did finally wise up to who he really is.

Jack: Ordinarily, I would agree with you if she hadn’t fallen for him in the first place. Twice she has let him into her life, into her heart. Twice he has broken it. So, no, I would say our sister does not see clearly when it comes to tucker mccall.

Mamie: I’m so sorry, ashley.

Ashley: Why are you sorry?

Mamie: For bringing up a subject that is very painful.

Ashley: It’s okay. I mean, obviously, it’s not like I’ve forgotten it happened.

Mamie: Well, we can talk about something else. Anything else.

Ashley: No, not at all. Um… you know, frankly, I wasn’t completely blameless when it came to our marriage ending.

Mamie: How so?

Ashley: Tucker and i were starting a company together, maybe. I mean, plans were well underway. I mean, details were worked out, but when push came to shove, I couldn’t go through with it. I just found it much harder to walk away from my family and from my father’s legacy than I thought it would be.

Mamie: [Scoffs] You couldn’t give up jabot.

Ashley: Right. I know, but, um…tucker found that very upsetting. I get that. He thought that our marriage meant that we were in a partnership, a true partnership in every way, that I was putting him above everyone and everything else. So, that when I changed my mind, he felt like I had ripped the rug out from under his world, and… it got intense.

Mamie: Intense? What? What do you mean by intense?

Ashley: Tucker got really angry. I mean… I’ve never seen him that angry before in all the years I’ve known him, with everything we’ve been through, never. His eyes got really cold and really dark.

[Sobs] He was in this…rage. He just erupted into this rage, and I had to get away from him.

Mamie: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that he frightened you?

Ashley: Yeah. He terrified me.

Mamie: Uh, what? [Scoffs] Oh, my god. Ashley, I had no idea.

Ashley: Well, mamie, it’s like I said. I–

Mamie: No.

Ashley: From his perspective, I can understand–

Mamie: No! No, ashley. Don’t make excuses to me about that man. Look, it doesn’t matter what you did to him. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Devon: So, tucker and mamie?

Nate: That’s what it looks like.

Lily: And how did you find out about this?

Nate: Uh, she got a text from him when I was meeting with her, and it said, “we should connect this afternoon.”

Devon: Does she know you saw it?

Nate: I don’t think so. But she sure put away that phone pretty fast.

Devon: [Sighs] So, then tucker just flat out lied to me ’cause he said he had no interest in chancellor-winters.

Nate: I mean, look, this could just be a simple meeting. Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions that quickly.

Devon: If it was a simple meeting, why’d she hide the phone?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, clearly, you feel the same way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have told us. I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense, right? Things blow up with ashley, and tucker’s gone to his original plan of coming after our company.

Nate: Aunt mamie wouldn’t do that to you.

Lily: She would do it to jill in a heartbeat.

Devon: It’s true.

Lily: Well, look, let’s just assume that the company is under attack, and we have to defend it, because, I mean, tucker is swimming in capital now. He has no debt, no business with ashley, so he’s, you know, shifted course and using mamie as his way in.

Devon: [Groans]

Lily: Where are you going?

Devon: Oh, I’m gonna get the answers from the man himself.

Well, there’s no guarantee he’s going to tell you the truth.

Well, then I’ll remind him of the stakes of lying to me.

Tucker: That was a powerful statement, kyle.

Kyle: Well, if my father can’t see my worth at jabot, I’m ready to make a move.

Tucker: Over to us?

Kyle: That’s right.

Tucker: The frustrated son trying to prove his mettle to the father who doesn’t think he’s ready.

Kyle: Who will never think I’m ready.

Tucker: Never’s a long time, kyle, and sometimes the anger of the moment can turn on a dime as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Tucker: How about this scenario? A loyal son… sells yours truly down the river to impress jack enough to give him his old position back. Yeah, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, wouldn’t you say?

Kyle: When I make a commitment, I stick to it.

Tucker: It’s funny. That’s exactly what your uncle billy said when he was thinking about jumping ship and taking jack down.

Kyle: I’ll tell you again, I am not billy in any way, shape, or form. He does things out of desperation. I operate with logic and opportunity. Look, tucker, there is a vacuum at the top of jabot, and I intend to fill it. Trust me, I’ll know what to do when I get there.

Tucker: That remains to be seen, doesn’t it? Words are cheap.

Kyle: Not if they’re the right words.

Tucker: I’m a little more action-oriented.

Billy: Thank you. Look, the way I see it, third time’s a charm.

Jack: Well, where tucker and ashley are concerned?

Billy: Well, as far as her keeping her eyes wide open about him, yeah.

Jack: So you think we ought to let her go ahead with this plan of hers?

Billy: Maybe, just maybe, she might find something out that can be useful to us to keep him in check.

Jack: That would be huge.

Billy: Yeah, it would be. And, you know, right now, clearly, she wants to be on our side, jack. That’s a good thing, okay? I say we let her.

Jack: I’m not sure we have too many choices.

Billy: No, I don’t see any.

Jack: No, ashley’s going to do exactly what she wants to do.

Billy: And then there’s that. You all right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask?

Billy: Seems like there’s something else on your mind.

Jack: [Sighs heavily] Yeah, actually, there is.

Billy: Okay, let’s hear it.

Jack: For the last… well, for some time now, diane and I have been trying to convince kyle to come back to jabot now that he’s left newman media. I even offered him the coo position.

Billy: [Chuckles nervously] That’s a generous offer.

Jack: Yeah, I kind of thought so, too. He turned me down. He said he would come back on one condition.

Billy: Let me guess. He wants my job.

Jack: [Sighs]

Jack: Look, I did not suggest this

Jack: Look, I did not suggest this or in any way encourage it.

Billy: But you’ve considered kyle as my replacement.

Jack: I would be lying if I said no.

Billy: Appreciate you being honest with me.

Jack: Look, I’m in a very difficult place here. I’m stuck right in the middle. There’s nothing in the world I would want more than to have my son come back where he belongs.

Billy: Yeah, I can understand that, jack. I can even admire it. Of course you’d want kyle to work alongside you with the family company. It just… it’s a little hard to swallow knowing it would be at my expense.

Jack: No, nothing has been decided.

Billy: Okay, that does not give me a lot of confidence here, especially ’cause I know through your eyes, kyle is higher on the abbott family pecking order than dear billy.

Jack: There is no pecking order. No decisions would be made except for by merit, or, look, whoever’s best for the job. That’s all that counts.

Billy: Is that right? Okay. So, let’s–let’s, uh, let’s talk about that for a second. Let’s forget about family. Kyle had the job. He walked away.

Jack: Well, he moved over to marchetti, where he learned–

Billy: Everything kyle has had has been handed to him by the family or through the family connections. Why don’t you let him work his way up? Let him pay his dues?

Jack: [Scoffs]

Billy: I’m sorry, what’s–what’s that?

Jack: I find no small amount of irony in those words, coming from you.

Billy: Oh, yeah? How do you figure?

Jack: You honestly think you paid your dues, billy?

Kyle: You–you want action? What do I need to do to prove to you that I’m serious? A test? Make up some kind of hurdle for me to clear? Look, tucker, I will do whatever is necessary to erase the doubts in your mind that I am not 100% on board.

Tucker: Hmm. Yeah, audra does tell me that you’re tenacious. I like that.

Kyle: And I will be just as tenacious when audra and i take jabot to the next level, and all you need to do is sit back and count your returns.

Tucker: [Scoffs] I’m a little more hands-on than that, but I do appreciate it when people who work for me take charge.

Kyle: Good. Now, I have to ask you a question.

Tucker: Is that right? What’s that?

Kyle: Now that ashley’s back in town, how does that affect your plans?

Tucker: [Scoffs]

Not that it’s any of your business, but not at all. She and I are no longer together.

Kyle: Yeah. You see, you just reminded me a few minutes ago that sometimes anger can turn on a dime. So I need to know, is there any chance you and ashley are getting back together? Or is there a chance that she still has some kind of influence over you? Because I’m not about to risk everything I have just for you to suddenly fall in love again and pull the plug.

Mamie: Now I can see why jack thinks that tucker is trouble!

Ashley: Mamie, okay. I get it. Jack sees everything in black and white, though. All right? Tucker’s not that. He’s gray. It’s very complicated.

Mamie: Are you telling me you still have a soft spot for this guy?

Ashley: I can’t have a soft spot for him. I know that, not after what happened. But I know tucker deeply. That makes him feel vulnerable. He doesn’t like it. He lashes out.

Mamie: At whatever is in front of him.

Ashley: Or makes him feel that way. That would be me.

Mamie: Honey… you need to run for the hills.

Ashley: I tried that. I did, and it didn’t work. I realized I had to come back and face things head on.

Mamie: By doing what?

Ashley: Well, I’m just never gonna let anybody hurt me, my family, or jabot ever again. That’s one promise I will never break.

Mamie: Good for you, my girl, because family must always come first.

Ashley: That’s right.

Mamie: Okay?

Ashley: Always. I’m glad you’re back.

Mamie: Hmm.

Billy: I just can’t believe you did that.

Jack: Did what?

Billy: You compared me to kyle. It’s insulting.

Jack: Look, all I’m saying–

Billy: You wanna talk about paying dues? You want to– you want to compare my résumé to your son’s? I worked my ass off to get to where I am at jabot, and that’s with you watching my every step, thinking that I’m gonna screw up again.

Jack: Wait, that’s an exaggeration.

Billy: No, it’s not at all. It’s felt like I’ve been on probation ever since I came back.

Jack: And you think that came out of nowhere? That I could count on you all the time? Come on.

Billy: Now you’re insulting me. Good. At least you’ll admit it.

Jack: Billy, you’re a loose cannon sometimes. Even now, even you’ll admit that.

Billy: No, i will admit that. Actually, jack, I think that’s a good thing. And when I do make a mistake, I take accountability for myself, unlike your son, who I’m guessing feels like he should be handed the throne because of his birthright.

Jack: Nothing’s being handed to kyle. Whatever he gets, whether it’s here or anywhere else, he’s going to earn it.

Billy: Then why are we having this conversation? It’s like you pitted me against him in some collision course that I’m almost guaranteed to lose.

Jack: That’s not fair.

Billy: Jack, he’s your son. He’s diane’s son. Okay? Of course you both want him to succeed at jabot and paint this beautiful family portrait, but it’s not fair. It’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to kyle, and it’s not fair to jabot, because kyle is not ready.

Tucker: Don’t worry yourself about ashley, kyle. She’s of no importance here.

Kyle: I just don’t wanna be blindsided. I’m risking a lot.

Tucker: Yeah, you’re gonna be rewarded if you can convince me that you can be trusted.

Kyle: I’ll say it again. Test me.

[Pounding on door]

Tucker: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Tucker: Come on in.

Devon: I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Tucker: No, no, they were just leaving. Isn’t that right?

Kyle: See you later.

Tucker: See you.

Devon: Bye.

Audra: Bye.

Devon: What was that all about?

Tucker: Uh, they’ve been seeing each other.

Devon: Mm. What they doing in your room? Giving them relationship advice?

Tucker: [Chuckles] No, no, no, I was just actually asking kyle if he knew where ashley’s head is these days. She’s back from paris.

Devon: I did not know that. Have you spoken to her?

Tucker: [Sighs] Can we not get into that right now?

Devon: Sure. Sure. I actually have some other things on my mind, too.

Tucker: Oh?

Devon: Yeah. I’m gonna ask you a question, and this is gonna be the last time I ask it. What is your connection to mamie? And this time, please don’t lie to me.

Devon: Nate saw a text that you sent mamie asking her to come and meet you.

Tucker: Yeah, yeah, I sent her a text. Um, as a matter of fact, I’m expecting her any minute.

Devon: What are you meeting about?

Tucker: You, actually.

Devon: Really?

Tucker: Yeah. I was hoping talking to her might help fix… the problem between you and me, whatever it is, so the gap between us doesn’t get any wider than it is.

Devon: So, you’re gonna talk about me? You have no other topics to discuss?

Tucker: What other topics would I discuss?

Devon: You know, it doesn’t even matter, ’cause…you don’t understand that the only thing I want is to be able to trust what comes out of your mouth.

Tucker: You can.

Devon: I can?

Tucker: I–yes, you can. I’m telling you the truth. My only interest in your aunt mamie is you.

Devon: She’s not even my aunt.

Tucker: Well…

Devon: I was adopted in that family. She just got back to town. She doesn’t know me, okay? And even if she did, you’ve lied about being in contact with her, which means I can’t believe anything you say to me moving forward.

Tucker: Where is this all coming from?

Devon: What do you mean, where is it coming from, tucker? We literally just had a conversation about this the last time we met up. Did you forget already? This is coming from years of me trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, and every single damn time, you show me exactly who you really are.

Tucker: I’m your father, and I love you. That’s who I am.

Devon: Yeah?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: You love me?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: That’s who you are. You know who else you are? You’re a liar… half the time. And you’re also someone who use anything and anybody to get what you want in life, whether it’s your family or whether it’s people you claim to care about, and that’s just the way it is. So…can you at least leave mamie out of whatever you have going on? ‘Cause she’s innocent, and I actually believe that her intentions are sincere.

[Door slams] Aunt mamie. Hi.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Devon.

Devon: How you doing?

Mamie: What are you doing here?

Devon: I was upstairs talking to tucker because I know that the two of you were meeting today.

Mamie: Oh.

Devon: Yeah. And I imagine it has something to do with you investing in chancellor-winters, because tucker is katherine’s son. Am I right?

Mamie: Your dad tucker and i have had some discussions.And i have had some discussions. His interest in chancellor-winters is because of you.

Devon: Yeah, sure. Um… let me be the one to tell you. Don’t trust him at all. Anything that he says to you or promises you is going to be a lie, and it’s for his own agenda, ’cause he–he truly doesn’t care about you or me or this company. He cares about himself.

Mamie: I’m beginning to sense that.

Devon: Well, I’m happy to hear that. I just wish it didn’t take me so long. I’ll see you.

Audra: You handled tucker well. You know, you didn’t let him intimidate you. You brought up ashley, which threw him off a little bit, but you didn’t back down, and he respects that.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks to devon’s arrival, I still don’t know what tucker wants or expects of me.

Audra: He will soon enough.

Kyle: Yeah, well, whatever it is, it’s probably not gonna be pretty, and it’s not gonna be easy, and it will involve some betrayal of my family.

Audra: Can we lose the word “betrayal”? You know, you said it yourself. This is business, and yes, tucker will have a test for you. You know, you asked him for one. Isn’t that why you reached out to me– to set up this meeting in the first place?

Kyle: Yeah.

Audra: Yeah, well, tucker wasn’t just gonna accept your word for it. These are big stakes, kyle. You’re either in or you’re out.

Mamie: My plans have changed, tucker.

Tucker: How so?

Mamie: I’ve decided I no longer need your help with chancellor-winters.

Tucker: Really? What’s changed your mind?

Mamie: A very revealing discussion with ashley.

Tucker: And?

Mamie: I’m learning things about you that, frankly, I cannot tolerate.

Tucker: And you just decided to take her word for it?

Mamie: I also just spoke with devon.

Tucker: Then you must know I’m also a liar. Maybe I’m the devil himself.

Mamie: No, I’m not afraid of the devil. You, mr. Mccall, are something else entirely. My goal of bringing control of chancellor-winters back to my family is pure. I have no other agenda. But your motives, on the other hand, are not quite as noble, are they?

Tucker: Why should i plead my case to you now when you’ve already judged and condemned me?

Mamie: I trusted you to begin with, because you were katherine’s son.

Tucker: No, you trusted me, mamie, because I’m rich and have a ruthless reputation, and you were desperate to be rid of jill abbott. So, here’s a question. How do you expect to do that without me?

Kyle: Oh, I’m still in.

Audra: That’s good to know. You had me worried there for a second. You know, I just thought of something. What would you do if your dad surprised you by agreeing to give you billy’s job?

Kyle: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Audra: Hypothetically.

Kyle: Well, then I would take it, obviously. I mean, I did put the ultimatum out there.

Audra: Hmm. So, then what would happen to our little alliance?

Kyle: Gone.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: You’d be our adversary, and I would have to destroy you.

Audra: Ouch. [Laughs]

Kyle: [Laughs]

Audra: Well, then let’s keep hoping your father continues to let you down. Come here.

Kyle: Where are we going?

Audra: Mm.

Jack: Billy, I’m telling you, I asked kyle what it would take to lure him back to jabot. That is the truth.

Billy: Well, I guess now I know what direction he’s headed– straight after my job.

Jack: He gave me an honest answer. I can’t fault him for that.

Billy: Yeah. Kyle’s an ambitious young man, isn’t he? Well, good for him. But it’s you, jack. You’re the one that invited him back to jabot. And is that to keep an eye on me, maybe? Okay, well, message received, loud and clear. But let me tell you this. If you replace me, it’s not gonna be because I screwed up. That’s not gonna happen. I’m holding on to this job… for many reasons, one of them being because I deserve it, and I’m gonna fight like hell to keep it. Damn straight about that.

Jack: [Sighs]


[Knock on door]

Lily: Hey. How’d it go?

Devon: It went about as well as I thought it would go.

Lily: Okay, so what did tucker say about mamie?

Devon: He said that he was meeting mamie to talk about me and get advice on how to fix the tension between us.

Lily: I mean, that could be true.

Devon: You think it’s true? Yeah?

Lily: Well, maybe. Maybe there is a part of him that wants to be closer to you.

Devon: Then why does he keep sabotaging our relationship? Every time I let my guard down and consider letting him in my life, he takes advantage, like he’s doing right now.

Lily: So, did you eventually get the truth out of him?

Devon: Who knows what I got out of him? I never know. I do think that this is about chancellor-winters, and I do think that he’s plotting something.

Tucker: Let’s not forget, I’m the rightful heir to chancellor.

Mamie: [Chuckles] Oh, yes, we know. You will always be katherine’s son. But she didn’t leave the company to you now, did she, tucker?

Tucker: No, she left it to victor newman. You wanna hand it back to him?

Mamie: Hmph.

Tucker: I have– I have no interest in running chancellor-winters. I wanna let devon do that, and I have no qualms with lily’s involvement. But none of that is going to happen–none of it, as long as jill abbott is still in the picture.

Mamie: Hmph. I’m well aware of that.

Tucker: Right, so you and i have a vested interest in seeing her removed. And you know I’m the only one who can make that happen.

Mamie: [Laughs] I don’t think so.

Tucker: What does that mean?

Mamie: It means you are bad news, tucker. I’m gonna take my chances elsewhere. I really regret that i trusted you in the first place.

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