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Eric and Sloan lay together at home, watching a horror movie as Sloan jokes about hating that she let Eric talk her in to watching this. Eric then gets a call from the hospital and sounds concerned as he says he understands and thanks them for calling. Eric hangs up and says he can’t believe that he died.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny and Chanel finish watching Scream along with Holly. Chanel talks about passing on wanting to watch anymore while Holly talks about being a big fan and wanting to watch more. Chanel says she has to get to the Bakery to prepare for tomorrow. Johnny walks Chanel out while Holly remarks that maybe a little danger can bring her and Johnny closer together.

Abe and Paulina sit together at Paulina’s apartment. A thunderstorm starts so Paulina tells Abe that he’s welcome to stay. Abe thanks her but says he’s trying to take John and Marlena’s advice of not trying too hard. Paulina tells Abe that just hanging out sounds good to her. Paulina then gets a call from an unknown caller. Paulina asks if they are serious and says to keep her updated. Paulina hangs up and informs Abe that it was Rafe telling her that a homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

Chad sits at home watching Pet Sematary as Stephanie walks in and asks if he’s coming to bed. Chad responds that he thought he would give her some space and sleep in the living room. Stephanie says she hates that they had that fight and asks if they can talk. Stephanie tells Chad that she thinks they weren’t meant to be together and breaking up may be the right thing to do, but she loves him so she wants to bring Abigail back to life. Chad questions what she’s talking about. Stephanie explains how Steve and Kayla once found a diary from the 1800s by a man named Gideon who lost his wife tragically but was able to bring her back through a magic spell. Stephanie claims that she’s going to do that with a little help to bring back the love of his life. Kayla then arrives and tells Stephanie they have everything they need to cast the spell. Chad questions Kayla believing in this as a doctor. Kayla mentions coming back from the dead herself and says she just needs something of Abigail’s. Chad says he doesn’t have anything but Stephanie reveals that she found Abigail’s wedding ring hidden in his closet. Stephanie declares that she’s glad he kept it because tonight he will get to put it back on her finger.

Sloan asks Eric who died. Eric responds that it was Mr. Dorsey who he visited in the hospital last week. Eric repeats that he can’t believe it and says he needs to pay his last respects. Sloan decides she’s going with him.

Holly meets Tate outside. Tate questions what the big favor she needs is. Holly instructs him to put on a mask and stalk her which Tate questions. Holly says it’s helping her out. Tate asks what he’s supposed to do. Holly explains that she will run all scared to Johnny and then Tate just has to let Johnny chase him out while then she will let Johnny comfort her. Tate remarks that it seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like her. Holly asks if he wants to be her friend or not, so Tate gives in and puts on the mask. Holly gives Tate a knife from the kitchen to go along with it.

Paulina complains to Abe that this is the second break out in a month from Bayview. Abe wonders who got out this time. The storm knocks the electricity out which worries Paulina. The power comes back on and Abe is suddenly knocked out while Nurse Whitley appears and reveals she did it. Paulina points out that Abe is still alive but she could’ve killed him. Whitley calls Abe her husband. Paulina wakes Abe up and checks on him, assuring that he’s okay. Abe says this is going to sound strange, but he remembers everything. Paulina questions if he remembers her. Abe then calls her Whitley King, the lunatic that kidnapped him and tried to make him believe that she’s his wife.

Eric and Sloan go to the hospital where the electricity is flickering. Sloan wonders where everybody is. Eric goes to find a nurse to see where they put Mr. Dorsey. Sloan complains about hospitals being creepy at night. Nicole appears and startles Sloan. Nicole didn’t think she’d scare so easily. Sloan responds that Halloween has her on edge and asks what she’s doing here. Nicole responds that she’s picking up another prescription. Eric comes running back, screaming for them to run. Sloan questions what’s going on. Eric says he doesn’t have time to explain but they both better come with him if they want to live as they rush off together.

Holly runs to Johnny in the DiMera Mansion, telling him that someone is outside and was watching her. Johnny tells her to stay there while he goes to check it out. Holly complains so Johnny allows her to come with him and tells her to just stay close.

Kayla, Chad, and Stephanie attempt the magic spell to resurrect Abigail. Chad calls it dramatic but doesn’t think it worked. There’s a knock at the door, so Stephanie says that must be Abigail. Chad then goes to answer the door.

Johnny and Holly go to the living room as Johnny says the storm was just banging against the doors. Holly insists on seeing someone while Johnny blames horror movies. Holly decides that she’s going to lock the front door but someone appears in the costume and cuts Holly, so Johnny chases him out.

Paulina argues to Abe that she’s Paulina, not Whitley, while Abe stands with Whitley who claims to be Paulina. Whitley says she’s his wife here to rescue him from this homicidal maniac.

Eric barricades himself, Sloan, and Nicole in a hospital room. Sloan questions who is out there. Eric explains that Mr. Dorsey isn’t dead anymore and tried to bite him like a zombie, but he got away. Nicole guesses that explains the lockdown. Eric then reveals that the hospital is on lockdown because he saw at least five other zombies out there. Sloan laughs that it must be a Halloween prank and asks if Eric is in on this. They see the zombies through the door as Eric worries that they can’t hold them off forever.

Chad answers the door to see Steve, who says he hopes he got there in time because he found some torn pages from the diary that revealed that when Gideon resurrected his wife Emily, she wasn’t the kind soul he remembered but a rotting corpse. Kayla says it’s too late as they already performed the ritual. Chad points out that it didn’t work since Abigail isn’t there. Stephanie then hears footsteps. Steve says if the spell did work and Abigail is there, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave. Steve declares that whoever comes through the door might look like Chad’s dead wife but it won’t be Abigail. Chad questions shooting her and says he won’t just stand by and watch this happen. Steve tells Chad to close his eyes and he’ll make it quick. Chad grabs the gun and struggles with Steve as the power goes out. The power comes back on and Steve is unconscious on the floor. Chad questions what happened since the gun didn’t go off. Stephanie claims that it was Abigail, who snapped his neck and then disappeared. Kayla notes that Steve’s not breathing and his heart has stopped. Chad questions how this could happen. Stephanie cries that they have to get Steve to the hospital while Chad decides he has to go find Abigail and rushes out.

Nicole worries about what to do about the zombies. Eric declares there’s only one way to stop them. Eric notes that they moved on from the door but they will be back as they are hungry. Nicole blames herself and then argues with Sloan, who wants to hear her confession. Nicole brings up how a few months ago, she made up a lie about a virus running rampant in the hospital to get a swab of Eric’s DNA and now it’s really happening. Nicole doesn’t want to die with a guilty conscience and says her baby deserves better. Eric appreciates her honesty. Sloan decides if they are all going to die here, she has a confession to make too. Sloan tells Eric that Nicole’s baby is his and not EJ’s.

Paulina insists to Abe that she is his wife, not Whitley, and shows him their wedding photo but Abe says it’s Whitley in the photo which shocks Paulina. Paulina accuses Whitley of switching all their photos. Whitley then has all her stuffed animal cats appear in the apartment.

Eric questions what Sloan is saying. Sloan tells Eric about switching the paternity tests at the hospital. Eric argues that she knew how much he wanted a child while Nicole questions how she could do this. Sloan apologizes. Eric realizes he was bitten by a zombie and declares it won’t take long before he’s one of them.

Johnny returns to Holly and says she lost the guy in the rain but he needs to get her to the hospital. They hear a sound from upstairs so Johnny goes to check it out. Tate then appears in the living room in his costume and reveals that he just got there, so the person who cut her wasn’t him. Holly questions who it was then. The other person in the costume returns and stabs Tate.

Chad returns home to find Kayla unconscious next to Steve and questions what happened. Stephanie tells him that Abigail came back and killed her mother too.

Johnny return to the living room and asks Holly what happened. The person in the costume then stabs Johnny. Holly panics, asking what’s wrong with them and who they are. They then unmask to reveal Chanel. Chanel goes after Holly and talks about when she was in love with an older man too and his wife is dead now too. Holly questions killing Johnny. Chanel blames Holly and complains about their feelings but she wasn’t going to just let Holly have him. Chanel declares he got what he deserved and now it’s her turn.

Paulina tells Abe to call Chanel and she can tell her the truth. Whitley then points out that her and Paulina swapped clothes, claiming that Paulina broke out of Bayview and came to kill them. Abe tells Whitley that he will protect her. Paulina continues to protest that he has to remember. Abe then calls Rafe to tell him that they have Whitley King and she needs to be locked up.

Nicole says they have to get Eric help and they can’t stay there in case he turns. Eric decides there’s only one option and grabs a syringe, instructing Sloan to kill him before he kills them both. Sloan says she can’t lose him. Nicole says if she really loved him, she would do what’s right for him and his unborn child. Nicole then injects Eric. Sloan calls her a bitch for killing Eric. Nicole responds that she had to because she couldn’t just sit back and watch the man she loves turn in to an undead monster.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s sure that Abigail did this. Stephanie responds that she murdered her parents, so she shot her over and over again but she didn’t flinch. Chad calls it horrible. Stephanie tells him not to worry because she saved one bullet for him. Stephanie says she tried to make him happy but his obsession with Abigail did this. Stephanie tells him that he can wait for her in Hell. Chad then wakes up from his nightmare on the couch and tells himself that it was just a nightmare.

Holly wakes up from her nightmare of Chanel coming after her with a knife. Holly looks over and sees Johnny and Chanel kissing, which she calls her worst nightmare.

Sloan tells Nicole that Eric didn’t deserve this. Nicole then injects Sloan as well and declares that she will always have Eric’s baby to remind her of the love they shared. Sloan then wakes up from her nightmare on the couch with Eric. Sloan apologizes for waking him. Eric says he was having the craziest dream but he doesn’t remember it and now he’s suddenly really hungry.

Paulina wakes up from her nightmare next to Abe, who is looking at their wedding photo and saying he wishes he could remember that day. Paulina confirms the photo is of them. Abe asks if she’s alright since she dozed off while they were watching a movie. Paulina assures that she’s better now and that she dreamed Abe forgot her again. Abe acknowledges that she’s the one and only Paulina Price. Paulina says it was too much scary stuff but being with him now is all treats and no tricks. Abe and Paulina wish each other a Happy Halloween as a stuffed animal cat remains behind them.

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