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by Michele & Cheryl

Konstantin and Theresa

We are confused with Theresa and Konstantin’s plan. They fixed Victor’s will so everyone would think Alex deserved his money. We don’t understand Theresa’ role in the plan. She wanted Alex to have everything. She could have fixed the will so Tate could get the money. She made sure her son didn’t get anything. She believes she’s going to marry Alex and get access to his money. Alex doesn’t seem attracted enough to marry her, so she has an uphill battle ahead of her. We’re curious to see what Konstantin will do to Maggie. He might go after her money. It might be good to see her involved in a big story.

Speaking of Maggie, she went off on Xander because he wants to sue Sarah for full custody of Victoria. She warned Sarah that would happen if she kept the truth from him. She shouldn’t have been surprised by that. Maggie warned her that he would go after her for lying to him. She didn’t want to listen to her. Maggie got what she deserved. Xander put Maggie in her place for lying about the baby. She needed a reality check. Maggie apologized to him. It won’t be long before she kisses up to him again.

Sarah yelled at Xander for the lawsuit. She knew he wanted custody of the baby so shouldn’t be surprised. Xander wanted to make things work, but Justin ruined that for him. She showed her evil side, and he didn’t back down. Sarah thought yelling would get her way. She found out the hard way that wasn’t the case. We hope he doesn’t back down and let her have custody. Xander has rights, but she didn’t care about them.

We watched Days of Our Lives and rolled our eyes at Stephanie. She got mad because Chad didn’t love her the same way he loved Abby. Did she really think Chad would forget about his love for Abby? Abby was Chad’s first love so he wouldn’t forget about her. Stephanie expected him to get over Abby. She knows Abby meant everything to Chad, but that didn’t matter to her. She thought he was going to forget the way he felt about his wife for someone he just started dating. Stephanie is something else. She expects all men to desire her. Chad would be a first-class jerk if he got over Abby as fast as she wanted him to do it.

Speaking of Stephanie, what was up with Steve? He was no different from Stephanie. He talked to Chad about Stephanie. He expected Chad to marry Stephanie or leave her alone. Did he forget that Chad was married to his niece? Why would he want him to move on so fast? What if something happened to Kayla? Would he move on that fast? If Stephanie was murdered, would he want Chad to move on with Abby that quickly? We feel like he wouldn’t want that to happen. He would have expected Chad to slow down with the relationship. Chad already moved in with Stephanie too fast and now he’s expected to marry her.

Gabi needs help. She was willing to let another mother get in trouble for child abuse. She and Stefan wanted Rachel to tell the judge that Kristen was abusing her just so they could get her shares. Child abuse is nothing to play around with, but she didn’t care. She wanted the shares and that’s all that mattered. Gabi let Brady think she would help him by getting proof that Rachel was getting abused. He believed it and they went through with their plan. As a mother, Gabi shouldn’t do something like that. She could have been in the same position if Will and Sonny wanted to do that to her. They blackmailed Kristen and she caved. She signed her shares to him, and they made the video disappear. They shouldn’t have done that to Kristen or Brady. We feel like the writers are setting up Gabi’s demise by having her act that way. We won’t be disappointed since she’s acting up.


Stefan and Gabi

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