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[regal music]

These stunning gowns are designed by Eric Forrester and ridge forrester. But of course we want to maintain an air of mystery. These creations are truly works of art. So be sure to bid on the gown you love the best.

Zende: Thanks again for all your help with everything, luna, you’re rocking it.

Luna: Yeah, of course.

Paris: I can’t believe all of these top clients and buyers were given the opportunity to purchase the gown today.

Zende: With no idea they’re actually settling a bet between ridge and eric. Winner takes all, the couture line, the ceo office.

Paris: Yeah, there’s a lot riding on today.

Rj: More than anyone knows.

Katie: All right, well, I can see a lot of pencils moving. Please be sure to write clearly whichever design that you like. So, onward.

[ Audience gasps ]

Katie: This beautiful, form-fitting design is made from hand-spun silk jersey and is encrusted with diamonds. It features a sexy thigh-high reveal. And to finish, the look is draped with an evening train, which adds a hint of drama. Who said diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend? We give you look number three.

Lauren: That is just gorgeous.

Esther: Look at that. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Von frankfurt: I’m sure you haven’T.

Donna: Ridge’s designs are okay, but yours are exquisite.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: How are you feeling?

Eric: I feel so alive. I feel so good. I’m taking back forester creations. I’m taking it back.

Katie: Forrester creations is pleased to present look number seven. A silver and black brocade waterfall gown with a haltered neckline, which gives this classic shape an extra twist. The detailed floral overlay completes this sumptuous feminine look with just a hint of sparkle.

Esther: Oh, my gosh, it’s stunning. [ Sighs ]

Von frankfurt: Might I ask, are you planning on commenting on every gown today?

Lauren: Uh, so tell me, esther, have you found the dress of your dreams yet?

Esther: Well, they’re all so beautiful. I don’t know how I’ll ever choose.

Lauren: You’ll know. You will know. The dress will speak to you. It will stand out from the rest.

[ Chuckles ]

Zende: Thought there was no livestreams today.

Paris: There is not. I am uploading content to an exclusive link for donors if they contributed to the foundation.

Zende: Yeah, looks like ridge and eric aren’t the only two switching things up a bit.

Paris: Mm-hmm. Look who we have here, none other than one of the designers who helped make today possible, zende forrester.

Rj: We wouldn’t have that last design if it wasn’t for you.

Luna: What?

Rj: Do you remember the– the whole lace thing, the customs and all that?

Luna: Well, yeah. I literally just stayed on the supplier and asked them to send the right document.

Rj: Yes, you did. And because you did that, we got it perfect.

Brooke: It looks like our son has more on his mind than fashion.

Ridge: He’s about to learn a very important lesson. So is my dad.

[ Coughs ]

Katie: Please welcome sage, in number 11, forrester couture’s elegant ball gown designed using ruby red matelassé woven organza. This one of a kind fabric and pattern is exclusive to forrester and has never before been used. That’s why we are pleased to say that these materials come to you straight from the couture vault that has only been opened for this special collection. Once again, number 11.

[ Coughs ]

Ridge: We’re rocking and rolling. Can you feel it?

Model 1: Absolutely. They’re loving it.

Ridge: Yes, they are.

Dennis: Be fools not to, right?

Ridge: Not wrong. Dennis. Not wrong. Rj and my dad, they’re putting up one hell of a fight.

Model 2: Yeah.

Rj: That’s great.

Eric: Good to see you.

Rj: There he is.

Eric: Looks good on you. Yes. Nice. All right. Keep up the energy out there. I love it. It’s really good. Nicely done.

Rj: Hey. Great. I love this. Seriously, this is so much fun. Why didn’t you tell me it was so much fun?

Eric: He gets it.

Rj: Yeah, I do. You’re ready, by the way, you’re all ready to go.

Eric: You look wonderful.

Rj: Thank you. No. Good luck.

Eric: Great. So. You really do get it, don’t you?

Rj: Yeah. Yeah.

Eric: You know the beauty of it is it never changes. It never goes away. No matter how many showings you do, it never goes away. Come here. I couldn’t have done this without you. Come here, luna. Come here. This is so cool. Thank you. I’m so proud of our work. I’m so proud of it. Your father’s designs are really wonderful. They really are. But we’re holding our own. We’re doing fine. And I don’t appreciate his mind games, either. Having us– having us prepare here instead of backstage while he has, you know what office he’s in.

Rj: Well, I mean, that’s– I don’t think that’s why he did that.

Eric: Yes, it is. That’s exactly why he’s doing it. He’s playing mind games with us. Look, I appreciate how aware you are of how important this is to me. I’ve gotta win this thing. It’s like my life depends on it.

Katie: This black silk charmeuse gown features a plunging neckline and a bodice of precious and semiprecious stones. The diamond pattern accentuates the single sleeve, which adds an angular feel. The look is complete with an asymmetric slit, evoking a sense of rebellion.

Katie: Number 14. This deep red mikado satin gown with asymmetrical bustled skirt evokes nothing but drama. A detailed bow adorns the waist and a spectacular chapel train makes this a look not to be forgotten. Deep red georgette opera gloves completes this timeless ensemble.

Brooke: What is going on?

Katie: Nothing. We’re just enjoying a fabulous show.

Donna: It’s one of the finest. Eric’s designs are pretty amazing, you have to admit.

Brooke: So are ridge’S. Yes. Some of the best ever produced. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve been watching the two of you, and eric, too. Is there something going on that I don’t know about? Something going on with eric?

Brooke: Well, is something going on with eric I should know about? See? That look. What’s going on?

Donna: Nothing that you don’t already know, brooke. Just that he’s hoping to win the showdown and reclaim his rightful place as head of forrester creations.

Brooke: Yeah, donna, I’m very well aware of that.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: I’m talking about something different.

Donna: What?

Brooke: I saw eric earlier and he just seemed off.

Katie: It– it’s nerves. I’m sure it’s nerves, right? This is very important to him. I’m sure ridge must be feeling it too. This could be eric’s last fashion show.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: I’m up, so I gotta go.

Brooke: Uh– uh, well–

Donna: Yeah, actually, I– no, I really have to go too. I’m so sor– I’m sorry, brooke.

Katie: Look number 15 is a whimsical, deep forest green chiffon silk gown. It features hand beaded, emerald, gemstones.

Ridge: I don’t blame you.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Katie: The gathered skirt gives an airy quality which flows with every step. And is only accentuated by the high slit, revealing a bit of leg. The nude bodice gives a hint of mystery, leaving us wanting to see more.

Lauren: Excuse me?

Von frankfurt: What? I forgot what number we’re on.

Esther: Oh, it’s right here in the program, see? It’s a little trick that I use. I just put dots by the ones that have already passed.

Katie: A vision in white. This magical creation will transform you to a place of fantasy and illusion. You’ll be floating on a cloud, swept up in a dream.

[ Inaudible ]

Katie: Forrester has pulled out all the stops with this look, number 19.

Rj: I can’t believe this. You’re dying? We should be flying in specialists, not putting on a fashion show. This is crazy.

Donna: Honey, listen. I really want to support you in this, but you heard the doctor. He doesn’t want you doing the showdown.

Katie: Eric, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s so unbearably unfair.

Rj: Please, granddad. Please tell my dad. He’s gonna be devastated when he finds out. You don’t know how much he loves you.

Eric: I’ll beat you, ridge. I will be in charge of this company again. One last time.

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