Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of 10/23/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Sloan from Days


Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Sloan was able to break into DiMera mansion without anyone seeing her.

Nicole and EJ managed not to see Sloan switch the test results.


Tripp should have heard Ava and Gil (Clyde’s henchman) talking in his apartment.


Brady shot down the idea of co-parenting Rachel with Kristen. You would think he would have been willing to do it so he could see Rachel.

Kristen’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


Maggie shouldn’t be surprised that Xander was going after full custody of Victoria. Maggie was the one who told Sarah that Xander was going to do that if she didn’t tell him the truth.

Sarah heard Konstantin say Xander’s name, but she didn’t hear anything else.

Sarah wasn’t doing anything, but she needed the nanny to put Victoria down for her nap. What was keeping Sarah from putting her down?


Gabi suddenly felt guilty about setting Kristen up for abusing Rachel. Gabi should have thought about the way she would have felt if the shoe were on the other foot before they went through with the plan.

Why was Stephanie surprised that Chad wasn’t ready to get married? He just lost his wife. What made her think he was going to suddenly be ready to marry her?


Maggie from DOOL

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