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Recap written by Suzanne

The Forresters start their big fashion showdown. Beforehand, they greet some of their big guests, such as French singer Fanny Greyson (Elsa Esnoult) and Countess Von Frankfurt (Marie Osmond). Katie does a sound check and then introduces everyone to the select crowd. Two dresses are modeled (one of Eric’s and one of Ridge’s). Eric insists on standing back behind the stage (so no one can see him coughing, I think?).

RJ confides to Luna that Eric is dying, so she comforts him.

Charlie continues to flirt with Esther.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, October 27, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victoria: Are you telling me that dad has been faking it this whole time? His mind isn’t failing him?

Nick: Yep.

Victoria: That this is just another one of his games, to see which one of us would exploit his illness and take advantage of him?

Nick: It’s all one big trap, vic.

Victoria: What is the point? I mean, does he really think that we would try to steal newman enterprises away from him? No, I– no, nick. I mean, come on. This is just– it’s too cruel. It’s– it’s– it’s too horrible.

Nick: You know dad would and he did. I mean, he faked his own death to try and catch adam. It’s right out of the victor newman playbook. Anytime he’s worried about who he can and can’t trust, he does whatever it takes to test the loyalty of the people around him.

Victoria: Whose loyalty is he testing? Mine, yours, adam’s? I mean– I mean, we’ve all been worried sick about him. I was afraid at some point that we might lose him.

Nick: I know. I was shocked too at first, but then I was relieved.

Victoria: How did you find out?

Nick: It doesn’t matter. The point is…

Victoria: It was dad, wasn’t it? Dad. I see. So, you’re the only one in the family that he trusts.

Nick: I’m so sick of fighting with you.

Adam: Well, then just admit that sally still wants me.

Nick: If you believe that, you’re more delusional than I thought.

Adam: Okay, well, then why are you so angry? If the two of you are in love, why don’t you ride off into the sunset together and just leave me the hell alone? Because maybe she doesn’t want you.

Sally: Stop it.

Adam: Sally, will you tell nick that you’re still in love with me?

Nick: No, why don’t you tell adam he’s delusional?

Sally: Stop, I’m begging you.

Nick: We were happy, sally. You know that. If he really loved you, why does he do everything he can to take away your happiness?

Adam: I couldn’t have ruined it if it was real. Just face it, nick, you lost.

Nick: Are you listening to this? This has nothing to do with you, sally. This is about him winning and taking away everything that I care about.

Adam: You know, believe it or not, there’s parts of my life, nick that have nothing to do with you.

Nick: You have been competing with me since the day you got to town.

Adam: Oh, please, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not that important. Not to me, not to anyone.

Sally: Stop it!

Nick: You’re the only one who could stop it. You choose right now. Me or him.

Sally: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Adam: My father doesn’t seem to be inclined to want to deal with what’s going on with him. I mean, how is an apology from me gonna change anything, if he can’t accept something’s even wrong with him? How is he gonna accept somebody taking responsibility for it?

Sally: Okay. Then, what can you do?

Adam: I, um, I reached out to a doctor.

Sally: A psychiatrist?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I told him what was going on. I told him how he was acting and he agreed that it was serious. But then again, how do I get him to talk to a man without him realizing what’s really going on?

Sally: Yeah. No, I agree. It’s a risky move.

Adam: Yeah, and it could completely backfire. He could just think this is me trying to work another angle. This is another con. But I’m gonna have to take that chance. I’m gonna have to follow through with it because honestly, I don’t know what else to do. Uh, dr. Skelton. Hey, adam newman. Thank you for meeting me. I know it’s late.

Skelton: I saw my last patient an hour ago, so this isn’t that late for me. Psychiatrists need to be flexible.

Adam: Oh, well, I’m sure. You come highly recommended.

Skelton: Well, thank you, mr. Newman.

Adam: Oh, no, please call me adam.

Skelton: Oh, thank you, adam. So, what can I do for you?

Adam: Well, before we get into it, I need to know that I can count on your discretion.

Skelton: Of course. All professional conversations between me and my clients are strictly confidential.

Adam: Okay. Well, I appreciate that.

Skelton: According to your message, this meeting between us isn’t about you. It’s about your father?

Adam: Yes, it is. And, uh, my father happens to be victor newman.

Skelton: Ah, yes. Well, I’ve certainly heard of him.

Adam: Yes. He’s, uh, a well-known, enormously successful businessman who’s also stubborn and usually the smartest person in the room.

Skelton: Well, his reputation certainly precedes him. I remember reading his unauthorized biography which I took with a grain of salt, by the way.

Adam: Yeah. Well, details aside, it wasn’t called ruthless for nothing.

[ Skelton chuckling ]

Skelton: So, how can I help?

Adam: I need your advice. I think he’s exhibiting signs of dementia.

Nikki: What do you think nicholas is going to do with this information that there’s nothing wrong with you?

Victor: He’ll probably go straight to victoria and tell her all.

Nikki: I imagine she’ll be quite upset.

Victor: And that is why she must not hear a word about any of this, all right?

Nikki: I would say that ship has sailed.

Victor: She’ll eventually understand.

Nikki: I don’t know that she will.

Victor: I don’t care. Doesn’t interfere with my plan.

Nikki: Your plan. Your wretched plan. What is the next step in this plan?

Victor: Kindly send him in. Thank you.

[ Nikki sighing ] Hello, nate.

Nate: Nikki, victor. I hope I’m not interrupting.

Victor: Not at all. Thank you for coming.

Nikki: Hello, nate.

Victor: Darling, would you give us some time?

Nikki: Are you sure?

Victor: Yeah.

Nate: I got here as soon as I could, victor. Is everything all right? Your call sounded a bit ominous.

Victor: Oh, yeah? In what way?

Nate: You told me I might be the only person you can trust.

Victor: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That is what I told you. All right. Right.

Victor: You know, nate, it is difficult to trust people who think that you’re no longer capable of running your own business because they think you’re losing your marbles.

Nate: Who is accusing you of that?

Victor: My children. My flesh and blood.

Nate: I can’t imagine that’s true.

Victor: Yeah.

Nate: They love you and have normal concerns about their father.

Victor: Wish that were so. Has victoria told you anything about this in private? I need to know what she has told you.

Nick: Look, dad didn’t just come out and tell me he was faking. He left a clue in his desk drawer. Adam found it and showed it to me. I just sort of put the whole thing together, confronted dad and he came clean.

Victoria: What kind of clue?

Nick: It was this bizarre drawing that he had done that tied back to one of my favorite books when I was a kid. Uh, it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me.

Victoria: What book was it?

Nick: It’s called the serpent of names.

Victoria: I don’t remember it.

Nick: Yeah. It’s not something you ever would have been interested in. When I first saw it, I thought it was like a cry for help, but then it occurred to me that it was meant for me. He wanted me to figure this out.

Victoria: Why?

Nick: I’m guessing to recruit me as an ally.

Victoria: So, I was right. You are the only one that he trusts.

Nick: I think that’s just because I don’t have any stake in the power struggle at newman.

Victoria: And adam and I are right in the middle of it.

Nick: And don’t forget nate. He gets something from the company too.

Victoria: Does dad know that you’re telling me about this?

Nick: I told him I was gonna tell you. And mom insisted that we come clean to you because she didn’t want you to agonize any longer over this imaginary mental condition.

Victoria: Mom knows about this? She’s been keeping all of this from me? How long has she been in on this, nick?

Skelton: I’m eager to help adam, but I’m sure you understand that I can’t make any kind of valid diagnosis without a face-to-face evaluation of your father.

Adam: No, and of course. And I would not expect you to do that. I was just hoping that you could maybe help guide me in the right direction if I was to give you some examples of what’s going on with him.

Skelton: Just as long as we agree that this is a completely informal discussion, nothing diagnostic.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Agreed. And just so you know, I’ve only witnessed these things firsthand. It’s just a few of them. Everything else I heard from my brother and my sister.

Skelton: Understood.

Adam: Okay. Well, let’s see. He forgot that he had appointed my stepmother, not my sister, to be in charge of one of the company’s divisions. He called me by my brother’s name, which I realize that’s not that uncommon, but it was the way that he denied it. He got so defensive and then he flew into a fit of rage. He fired me from a position he had appointed me to, and then it wasn’t even five minutes later, he said goodbye with a happy and jovial, “I’ll see you back at the office.” And then he brought up the baby that, um, my former girlfriend and I were expecting as if it had slipped his mind that we lost her weeks ago. And the list goes on and on. But none of this seemed to start happening until he decided that he was gonna come out of retirement and he was gonna resume his position as ceo of newman enterprises.

Skelton: Interesting. And I’m very sorry. These are very difficult examples. I’m sure it’s painful for all of you. But you have to keep in mind that, uh, there’s a very fine line between signs of dementia and just common age-related memory problems. And it’s very difficult to differentiate between the two without a thorough set of tests.

Adam: Maybe. Either way though, I mean, it has to be especially risky for someone that’s running a multibillion-dollar corporation that’s gotta constantly manage stress and make rapid-fire decisions, don’t you think?

Skelton: Of course, adam. And I empathize with your concern for your father. Stress can definitely be a factor in causing dementia-like symptoms that you’ve described. As can other physiological factors such as certain infections, sleep apnea, hydrocephalus, uh, vitamin deficiencies, even– even depression. All of those can be treated and most of them can be reversed. Progressive dementias like alzheimer’s disease can’T. The progression can only be slowed.

Adam: Okay. Um… well, uh, where do we– where do we go from here?

Skelton: Well, ideally I’d like to, uh, do a thorough review of your father’s complete medical history, all his medications. And then I’d like to run a series of tests.

Adam: How can we do that if he’s not willing to do it?

Skelton: We can’T. He’d have to be convinced. And I would say sooner rather than later. Undiagnosed or improperly handled and your father’s situation could very likely decline.

Sally: I love how supportive you are of people who matter to you, including me.

Adam: If I ever neglect to show you how grateful I am for you–

Sally: Never happen. Because I intend to make it easy for you to keep showing me, every day. What is all this?

Nick: There is something I haven’t said to you yet and it requires some embellishments.

Sally: What have you done?

Nick: What I’ve done is fallen completely in love with you.

Nick: Thank you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Look, I don’t know how long mom has known about this, but I can tell you keeping dad’s secret has been eating away at her.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Poor mom. I mean, what a– a terrible position to put her in. And how could he even imagine that I would try to use his imagined diminished mental capacity to try to claw my way back into the ceo chair? That would be adam’s M.O., Not mine.

Nick: I did point that out to dad, but he is convinced somebody is going to betray him.

Victoria: Why?

Nick: Well, look at the way everybody reacted when he came back to the company.

Victoria: Well, nobody was expecting it. He just did it out of the blue. What?

Nick: I don’t know if dad is wrong.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Nick: It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a threat inside newman.

Victoria: Yeah. Our brother, which is obvious to everyone but dad. But no, no, no, no, no, he has to– he has to suspect everyone in the world. Including me.

Nick: And nate.

Victoria: No, I am not going there with you.

Nick: I’m just saying, maybe he has reason to be concerned and we should give him a chance.

Victoria: So, what are you saying? We play along with this plan and– and help him to smoke out adam?

Nick: I think we should consider it. I think you’re right. Adam is exactly the kind of person who would take advantage of a weakened and incapacitated leader for his own benefit. So, maybe we do just go along with it and if we get lucky, adam just weasels his way right into dad’s trap.

Victoria: Yeah. And then, maybe dad can finally see adam for who he is and give up on this ridiculous belief that he’s ever gonna change.

Nick: It would make this whole mess worth it.

Victoria: I suppose. Maybe.

Nick: Look, vic. We’re never gonna stop dad from being dad. If he wants to do this, he’s gonna do it. So, if we try to stop it, maybe this whole thing blows up in our face. But if we go along with it, we just gotta let adam be adam.

Victoria: I’m just so torn. I’m furious at dad right now. But I’m– I’m also relieved that he’s fine after all.

[ Victoria sighing ] Frankly, I don’t know– I don’t know how to handle this.

Nick: I know, vic. It’s– it’s a lot to process.

Victoria: I know that you don’t trust nate any more than you do, adam, but is he on dad’s list of possible traitors? Has he considered that nate might take advantage?

Nate: As you know, victoria and I are together. We confide in each other.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nate: So yes, of course, she’s shared some concerns about your mental health. No judgment. Not at all. Just a daughter being protective of her father. And she’s scared something terrible might be happening with you.

Victor: I see.

Nate: I hope you know, I hate the idea of betraying her trust. I’m just trying to ease your mind. She wouldn’t even think of using a mental lapse against you. Not a chance. And she’s come to terms with your return to newman. Her concerns for what may or may not be your condition come from nothing more and nothing less than the profound love she has for you. You do know that, right?

Victor: Of course, I wanna believe that victoria’s support comes from love, you know, without an agenda. I hope that’s the case with all my children.

Nate: What about nick? Do you think he shares victoria’s concern?

Nick: Let me just get this straight. You put me and vic through hell just so you could prove what we already knew. That adam cannot be trusted. Or more accurately, adam and nate.

Victor: You have got to trust that I know what I’m doing. Yes, I do.

[ Victor sighing ] Nate, I’m gonna have to tell you something in confidence. No one must know anything about the conversation I’m having with you now.

Nate: You have my word.

Victor: And to be honest with you, I feel that my family’s worries are justified. I really am beginning to fear that my grasp on reality is well, slipping away.

Nate: I’m so sorry. But what makes you think that?

Nick: Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to convince you or dad that nate might be a threat.

Victoria: Because he isn’t one, nick. Look, I need to know what dad believes.

Nick: All right, when dad came clean to me, he specifically said he needed to sell his mental decline to you, adam, and nate.

Victoria: So then, the three of us are his targets.

Nick: I don’t think dad wants you to know about it because he doesn’t want you to spill it to nate.

Victoria: All right then. Well, maybe we should go along with dad’s plan. I want to see adam fail.

Nick: Glad to hear it.

Victoria: In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even let him know that you told me everything. That way, I will be a lot more convincing when I pretend to be genuinely concerned.

Nick: Then, we escort adam right into dad’s trap.

Victoria: Good. Then maybe finally, we’ll be rid of him.

Skelton: It could actually be counterproductive to ambush your father, adam. This will only be effective if your father willingly cooperates with being diagnosed and examined.

Adam: Yeah, you, um, have no idea how unlikely that is. But I will see what I can do. And in the meantime, I– I appreciate your advice. You know, I– I love my father and I am scared for him and I for him and I want to do whatever I can to help him.

Skelton: I understand and I admire your devotion.

Adam: Well, I’ll be in touch with you when I know more.

Skelton: I’ll expect your call. In the meantime, please make a note of any further incidents.

Adam: No. Absolutely.

Skelton: All the best to both of you.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: Sally? Hi, my name is damion clark. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plans available in your area, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All of these plans include a healthy options allowance. A monthly allowance to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, and over-the-counter items like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. The healthy options allowance is loaded onto a prepaid card each month. And whatever you don’t spend, carries over from each month. Other benefits on these plans include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You pay nothing for covered prescriptions, all year long. All plans have dental coverage which includes 2 free cleanings a year, fillings, and a yearly exam. They also have vision coverage including vision exams and a yearly allowance towards eyewear such as lenses or contacts. And hearing coverage, which includes routine hearing tests and coverage for hearing aids.

Adam: Are you okay?

Sally: Yeah, I’m fine.

Adam: You look a little frazzled.

Sally: I’m fine, adam.

Adam: Okay. Come on, let me buy you a drink.

Sally: Ah, thanks. But you know what? It was a mistake coming down here.

Adam: Why? Because you ran into me?

Sally: No, because it’s late and I’m exhausted and I should be in bed. So, good night.

Nick: Well, I’m glad we’ve agreed to play along, but I gotta warn you, I’m not sure dad’s plan is gonna work on adam.

Victoria: Why do you say that?

Nick: I was talking with him earlier. Adam actually thinks we should all join forces so we can get dad the help he needs.

Victoria: Oh, please. As if he really cares.

Nick: I know. I didn’t believe him either, but I got to be honest, he actually seems as worried about dad as we’ve been.

Victoria: Oh, my god. Yes, of course, that’s how he seemed. The more he acts like he cares, the more he thinks we believe him, the closer he gets to dad and then he stabs him in the back and twists the knife. That’s who adam is. It’s what he does. So, if this gets rid of him once and for all, then, uh, god bless dad for thinking of it.

Nick: All we can do is try.

Victoria: I was so scared, nick.

Nick: I know. I know and I’m sorry for both of us. And for what it’s worth, I think dad is too.

Victor: You know, I gotta tell you the most disturbing lapse of memory was the fact that I had forgotten that adam and sally had lost the baby.

Nate: I see how that can shake you.

Victor: She was my grandchild. She died and I didn’t remember that. I– I really began to fear that I’m losing my memory.

Nate: Listen, victor, the incidents you just described would frighten anyone, but please don’t try to diagnose yourself and jump to the worst possible conclusions. This may not be as dire as you think it is. You need to see a medical professional who can tell you what’s going on and what to do about it. There very well might be treatments out there that can turn this thing around.

Victor: So, you’re saying this is not– not hopeless.

Nate: You don’t have nearly enough information to be writing yourself off as hopeless.

Victor: Well, I’m relieved to hear you say that. To be very honest, very relieved. Because I tell you this so bothers me, I need to get this out of my mind, you know?

Nate: Yes, exactly what you and all the people who love you deserve.

Victor: And by the way, I knew that you would be understanding and compassionate. You’re a doctor. You’re a damn good doctor, so I knew I could come to you.

Nate: Always, victor.

Victor: One thing I gotta ask you. None of this, none of what you and I are talking about now, no one must know about it.

Nate: That goes without saying.

Victor: Because if there’s even the slightest hint that I’m losing my marbles, as it were, that would be devastating to my company. I mean, devastating.

Nikki: I had a feeling you would leave the ranch to go find your sister.

Nick: There was no way I was keeping this news about dad from vic.

Nikki: So, you’ve told her everything?

Victoria: Yes. Yes, he did, mom. And don’t you dare get mad at him for doing what you should have done the second that you knew dad was faking all of this.

Nikki: I am not mad. I am relieved that this is all out in the open. But I’m sure that you’re upset with me.

Victoria: Look, I understand that you were put in a terrible position, all right? But what I don’t understand is how you could watch me go through so much worry and concern without speaking up about it.

Nikki: I know. And I– I am so sorry. I came so close to telling you.

Victoria: But you didn’T. You didn’T.

Nick: Vic, come on, take it easy on her. Like you said, dad put her in an impossible position.

Nikki: Your father seems to think someone is scheming against him and they’re going to betray him soon and this is his idea of how to trick them into revealing themselves.

Victoria: Me though? He suspects me? I mean, how could he think I would stoop so low to use his mental struggles against him? Just because he demoted me? I mean, does he think that little of me, mom?

Nikki: No, of course not. He adores you. He adores both of you. Never doubt that.

Victoria: Well, then I just don’t understand.

Nikki: Well, personally, I think this is all adam’s fault. After years of being double-crossed by his own son, victor now wonders if he can trust anybody he’s close to.

Victoria: That might be true, but it’s not an excuse. And I’m not sure that I can forgive him.

Adam: Look, sally, will you please wait? I’m not going stalker on you, okay?

Sally: Okay. Then, what are you doing?

Adam: I just– I hate that you still feel so uncomfortable around me. I mean, I thought we moved past this. If something’s changed, I want to know what it is.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Adam: You practically ran out of the lounge when you saw me.

Sally: I wasn’t running from you. I just had bad dreams and I was a little agitated. So I thought, uh, going to grab a drink would calm me down.

Adam: I offered to buy you a drink.

Sally: But when I got to the lounge, I realized that I needed sleep more than I needed alcohol, so I just left.

Adam: If I wasn’t there, would you have stayed?

Sally: This has nothing to do with you.

Adam: Okay.

Sally: Well, now you look like something’s wrong. And you did downstairs as well. Are you okay?

Adam: No, no.

Sally: Does this have anything to do with the man that I passed on the stairs?

Adam: Yes, that was dr. Skelton who’s a psychiatrist. I was meeting with him.

Sally: About your father?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I wanted to get his advice on how to help him.

Sally: Well, good for you. You know, being proactive.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: You’re really worried about him, aren’t you?

Adam: More than anybody would believe. Since I’m always up to something devious and trying to plot something.

Sally: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Adam: Look, I’m worried sick about him and I don’t think that there is a damn thing that I can do to help him. If your moderate to severe crohn’s

Nate: I have some brilliant contacts in the mental health and psycho-neurological communities. Say the word and I’ll make arrangements to get you tested, accurately diagnosed and treated. And to ease your mind, they’ll be as sensitive to the importance of discretion in this situation as I am.

Victor: All right. But I’m gonna reiterate, not a word of this to anyone, all right? Not even to victoria.

Nate: She’d be relieved to hear you’re doing something about this. But it’s your decision to make, not mine.

Victor: And by the way, not a word of this to adam, all right? And if any of the doctors should call you back, tell them to contact you on your cell phone, not the regular landline, not by email. ‘Cause if adam picks up on any of this, it’ll be disastrous.

Nate: You’re that suspicious?

Victor: Well, can you blame me? I bet you adam is smelling the blood in the water already. And by the way, this conversation stays between us, you and me. Or else.

Nick: You know what, it doesn’t really matter how we handle the situation. The bottom line is when you find out someone you love is faking a decline in order to expose a traitor, it’s not an everyday occurrence. I think we all reacted accordingly.

Nikki: True.

Nick: So let’s not dwell on the previous rotten weeks. What is important is what we do going forward.

Nikki: If we could only figure out what that is.

Victoria: Actually, nick has an idea that might help move things along.

Nikki: Oh, I’d love to hear it

Nick: Simple. We just go along with it. We act like we’re buying dad’s condition, while dad continues to set his trap. Hopefully, adam walks right into it.

Nikki: Or nate.

Victoria: Come on, you two. Would you please stop with all this distrust of nate? Look, it’s ridiculous and it’s silly and you know as well as I do that adam is the danger here.

Adam: Should we stop?

Sally: I don’t want to stop.

Adam: I don’t want to stop.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Billy: Look at you. You’re here.

Chelsea: I’m back, baby.

Kyle: I’m tired of my family offering me crumbs and expecting me to take it with a smile. I want what is rightfully mine and I will do anything to get it.

Lily: So, what happened with aunt mamie that you wanted to talk about?

Nate: I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I found out something about aunt mamie that changes the whole ball game. And it isn’t good.

Victoria: Nick told me that you’ve been fooling us this whole time. I can’t believe that you would let me think that there’s something seriously wrong with you. Do you actually think that I would exploit your health just for a job title?

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GH Transcript Friday, October 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


After you. Okay. Alright, I’m impressed. This place is nice. Yeah. I really love it up here. How do you know the guy who owns this cabin? Dan and I interned together. He’s a good guy. Make yourself at home. Just put your stuff anywhere.

[ Sighs ] This is comfy and perfect. He said it would be here somewhere. He just didn’t say where. What are you looking for? You know, if you tell me, I can help you look for it. Found them. Okay, I never would have guessed that’s what you’re looking for. What are we doing? Hunting vampires? Hi. Um, do you have time to talk to mayor collins? She’s here to see you. Yeah, I always have time for laura. Send her in. Thank you, esme. Hey. Esme: You’re welcome. Hey. Boy, you have really settled into your new role as the receptionist. Well, she’s actually doing a very good job. In fact, she caught a mistake I made and saved me a lot of trouble a few weeks ago. It’s all part of my job. Let me know if you need anything. Okay. Welcome home. Thank you. Good to see you. You, too. Alright, what did you find out about nikolas? Oh, well, before I fill you in on all of that, I want to thank you for keeping your eye on esme while I was out of town with kevin. Good morning, mr. Gatlin. I need to check your incision sites to make sure they’re healing properly and there’s no sign of infection. Okay? I need you to roll onto your side. And I need you to make yourself useful. I need some more damn drugs.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, joss. Hey. Why did you leave so early this morning? I woke up and you were gone. Yeah, I’m at the gallery, covering for ava. After everything that happened in the past few days, she wanted to take the morning off and spend it with avery. Oh, that’s really sweet of you. Listen, can you do me a favor?

Yeah, anything. So, somebody’s supposed to drop off an art book at the dorm for me. Has it come yet? No, it hasn’T. And I’ve been in the dorm all morning studying with adam for organic chem. Okay, when it comes, can you just leave it on my bed? Yeah, of course. Okay. Thanks. Uh, hey, joss, I got to let you go. Somebody’s here. So, you’ve done this before? Done it, uh, once. I want to warn you, it can get pretty messy. I’m not the one who’s afraid to get messy. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to me to know that esme was here working with you and her baby was just down the hall in the daycare center. And I wasn’t kidding. She actually is doing a good job. Who’d have thunk it?

[ Laughs ] And I love having that cute little boy down the hall. He’s darling. Isn’t he? And he’s big. Have you seen how big he’s gotten? Yeah. Oh, I just wish that nikolas could see him. I’ll let your surgeon know that you’re still in pain. But right now, you are receiving the correct dosage of pain medicine. Doc, I’m really hurting here. I need something stronger. Okay? Do you think I’m lying to you? No, I don’t think you’re lying. But according to your chart, you just received your pain meds. Try to relax and let the medicine take effect. Oh, just get me another doctor, then, okay?! You don’t look old enough to be an intern. Any doctor who comes in here would read your chart and come to the same conclusion. We can’t endanger your health by ordering additional pain medicine. Do you need your ears checked? Because obviously you do if you ain’t heard me the first time. I need more drugs, now! Mr. Gatlin, I really need you to try to take a better tone — just out of my room. Go. Sir, I need you to calm down. Oh, god. Here you go, just running your mouth. I can’t listen to your whining anymore. I can’t wait for this to be over so I never have to hear you speak again. You never used to shut up down there, either.

[ Groans ] Wait. Wait. No, no. I know who you are. Yeah, I’m your patient. Now get me some more drugs. You were one of the men that was holding me captive when I was abducted. You held me prisoner for days.

[ Chuckles ] Well, then, cry me a river. So, is that it? The roles are reversed — now I’m your prisoner? I guess I don’t know what I’m saying. I must really be stoned. No, you know what you’re saying. You know what you did to me, don’t you? You know what you did to me, and you’re going to pay for it, you sick son of a bitch! That’s so old school. What is? Oh, handwritten notes. I mean, I don’t know how you can keep up with what the professor is saying and, like, write everything down fast enough. I don’T. I actually record the lecture, and then later on, I transcribe it in my own handwriting. Apparently there’s a bunch of research on this. If you actually handwrite things, you remember them better instead of, like, typing it. You’re full of surprises. You know that? Well, you should try it sometime. Seriously. I mean, it just seems like a waste of time. Oh, yeah, I get it. Your grades are already perfect, but I don’t know. This — this just helps a lot with memory retention. It’s the easiest way for me to remember all of the details. Trina, what a nice surprise. Forgive me for startling you. I… what are you doing here? Oh, right down to business. I like that. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I was released from pentonville. God bless our justice system. What do you want? I’m here to find some artwork for my new place. I thought ava would be here. This is just a fortuitous accident, finding you here. There’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to you. Yeah, I stopped by general hospital to apologize to dr. Robinson, and she gave me a stern warning not to seek you out. And, of course, I would abide by your mother’s wishes. Then leave. You’re right, I-I should — I should go. But before I do, I would like to apologize to you for my past actions. For — for what I put you and your — your mother through. What you put us through? I can’t believe this bs that I’m hearing. You held us hostage at gunpoint, and you want me to forgive you? You’re more of a psychopath than I thought you were. Get out! Now! Spencer: Trina? What’s going on? Cyrus, what are you doing here? Spencer, my boy. I really would like you to call me uncle. Remember the things you loved… …before asthma got in the way? Fasenra is an add-on treatment okay, lay it on me. Thanks. What do you know about nikolas? Oh, well, everyone who told me that chechnya would be a dead end was right. He wasn’t there? No. And no sign that he had ever been there. The same with cassadine island. There was absolutely no trace of him. So, then, kevin and i actually went to italy, to the cassadine mansion on lake como. I know it well. Yeah. That was also a dead end. And then I just had this gut feeling that maybe I should go check in with his banker in geneva, because eventually he’s going to need money, and that’s where his biggest holdings are. Was he there? No, we just missed him. But I got confirmation that he had been there. Several times, in fact. And one time, he moved a very large sum of money. I couldn’t get the details on it, but the good news is I walked away from there knowing that my son’s alive. Great. Thank god, right? Yes. But the bad news is that, uh, he doesn’t want to be found. Tj, what’s wrong? I just found out who abducted and held me prisoner. Wait. What? Who? Mason gatlin. The man who abducted ava jerome? Are you sure of this? I have never been more certain of anything in my life. It is him. Well, if it isn’t the doctor in the family. Says the felon in the family. Aw, didn’t you miss me, cuz? Nope, not at all. Well, at least, did you bring me some better drugs? You’ve had enough drugs. What did you tell the cops? What do you think I told them? I’m not messing around here, mason. What did you tell them? I told them that I kidnapped ava for you. You’re out of prison? I am. Miracles do happen, if you believe. Wait — spencer, I thought you knew that he was released? No. He went to gh and harassed my mother yesterday. She called me and she said she’s getting a restraining order so that you’d stay away from us. But here he is, bothering me. Spencer, I explained this to trina already. I had no idea she would be here. I stopped in to patronize ava’s gallery. If ava wants to sell you something, that’s on her, but I refuse. I refuse to wait on you. I don’t blame you. Oh, stop with this disgusting act. I don’t buy it. Trina, you’re angry at me, and I understand. I did a terrible thing to you and your mother. You’re damn right you did. And I regret it deeply. But since finding the lord, I’ve tried to make amends. Spencer, you — you know this. You witnessed it at pentonville. I did everything I could to make sure no harm came to you while you were there. I did everything to protect you. You want to try to pick one carefully. Why? Well, you know, sometimes it doesn’t work. No. Is there a trick to hitting the vein? No, a little luck, little skill. You usually don’t get one on the first try, but maybe you will. Let’s see. Yeah, this looks good. Come on. Come here. Are you ready? Okay. Put your bucket down. Alright. Yeah. Alright. Now, hold it right there with your left. Okay. Alright, and you’re going to… you’re going to strike it with your hammer, right here with your right, alright? You want to watch your fingers.

[ Laughs ] Watch my fingers. Watch my fingers. I’m going to watch both of our fingers. Okay, I got it. You sure? Yes, I got it. You sure? Let go! [ Laughs ] Okay. Everything I do that’s for my health is an accomplishment. Concerns of getting screened faded yes. You did look after me while I was in pentonville. But what you did to trina and to dr. Robinson and to my grandmother is unforgivable. Someone could have been killed that night. Spencer, I realize that, and I’m trying to make amends with everyone that I wronged. Spencer, are you buying this? Oh, look at that. The — the turtle dove. I gave those to spencer just before christmas last year in the hope that he would share them with you, trina. And he did. That warms my heart. You don’t have a heart. I hope you kept the other one, spencer. I did. Good. May I? No. I’m not going to stand here and make pleasant conversation with somebody who held me and my mother at gunpoint.

[ Laughing ] You should see your face. “Oh, no. I’m going to prison.” You’re an idiot, austin. If I had given you up to the almighty pcpd, you’d be in custody right now, not walking the halls of a hospital. You’re a joke. You’re insane. You know that? You are — you are. You’re certifiably insane. What did you tell them? I came in with two bullet holes in my back, cuz. I didn’t really have time to have a sit-down and chit-chat. But worry not. I do a tell-all when the cops offer me a deal. They’re not going to offer you a deal. I start rattling off details, I’m pretty sure they will. You know, I plan to tell the police it was you and me together in on the ava kidnapping. There is no proof that I had anything to do with ava being kidnapped. And they are never going to believe a word out of your mouth. I think they will. Tell me why you think mason gatlin is the one who abducted you. Look, I-I kept running into him in his cousin’s office, dr. Gatlin-holt, and I had this feeling that I knew him from somewhere. I just couldn’t put my finger on how or where. And today — today — tj. Tj. Take a deep breath.

[ Breathes deeply ] Today it finally clicked. I was treating gatlin, and it was something that — that he said to me that made me recognize his voice. It is distinctive, mom. He was the leader of those men that held me captive. It was — it was him. You were abducted to force my cooperation. Now we can both get justice. We can make sure that mason gatlin is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No. We can’T. Why not? I really feel sad for nikolas. Mm. The decisions that he’s making now are affecting every single relationship in his life. And I just — I just wish I could get him to see that. But of my three children, he is the hardest to get through to. The brooding and the stubborn side of him is cassadine. The light and the loving side of him is you. But the bottom line is he did a lot of bad things and made bad choices in the last year, and they just compounded to the point where he felt the only alternative was for him to run and hide, which is exactly what he did. Even if it meant leaving spencer and ace. Alexis, let me ask you something. From a legal standpoint, if nikolas were to come back to port charles today, how severe would the charges be against him for holding esme hostage? Esme doesn’t remember that she was held hostage. So, at the moment, that would work in his favor. As far as the rest of it, that’s up to robert scorpio, da, to decide whether he wants to prosecute or not. And as far as I know, the only thing they have right now is a statement from elizabeth baldwin. Well, but she’s a very credible witness. They still need corroborating evidence, and they need esme’s testimony. And without that, I don’t think that he’ll face criminal charges. I wish nikolas knew that. Laura… the truth is, is even if he did, I don’t think it would matter. Wow.

[ Laughs ] Right? What did you say about not getting it on the first time? Beginner’s luck.

[ Chuckles ] Mmm. How is it? See for yourself. Amazing. Kayaking is my thing. Running is awesome. But her moderate to severe eczema would make her skin so uncomfortable. I was always so itch y es I just wish there was a way for me to get ahold of nikolas. I mean, even though I know once he’s made up his mind, there’s usually no changing it. Nikolas prides himself on being the good son, the good father, and he was all those things until he wasn’T. He blew it. And he knows that, which is why he ran. He doesn’t want to face the people he disappointed. But that’s why I feel it’s so important for me to reach out to him, to let him know that I love him, I support him, even though he made some bad decisions. I’m sorry to say this, but nikolas has resources the rest of us don’t have. And when a cassadine wants to disappear without a trace, they do. So, I think the only choice that we have is to just let him figure this out and come back on his own time. But he’s got a beautiful baby boy he’s never even met. And he’s missing moments in those — in the baby’s life that he will never be able to get back again. I just wish that he’d come to his senses and come back soon, that’s all. Well, I wish that, too, for ace’s sake. And I will tell you that spencer believes he’s very independent, but he needs his father, too.

[ Scoffs ] It’s so ironic. What is? That I can’t bring my son home, but my brother’s back, whether I want him or not. So, looking at my notes, I see the professor has mentioned twice in the same lecture “small alkanes.” Can you name all four? Come on. Is — is that the best you can do? No cheating. Okay, okay. First, joss, I would suggest knowing the definition of an alkane. An alkane, or otherwise known as a paraffin, is an acyclic saturated hydrocarbon. Or if the professor gets complex in his questioning, an alkane consists of both hydrogen and carbon atoms arranged in a tree structure in which all of the carbon-carbon bonds are single. So, now, to answer your question, the four smallest alkanes are methane, ethane, propane, and butane. Okay, well, it’s official. You’re a genius. I see why you get such great grades. Well, I-I have to. The, uh, competition is fierce to get into any med school, let alone the ones that are on my parents’ approved list. I’m sorry.

Your parentshave a list of medical schools? Oh, yeah. They want me to either go to harvard, stanford, or johns hopkins. I’m leaning towards harvard. I really love boston. Well, yeah. Boston is beautiful in the fall. So, what about you? What about me? What medical school are you leaning towards? Oh, my gosh. I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t really thought that far ahead. My goal right now is to just do well in undergrad and then move on to the next thing. You know, take it in manageable steps. And your parents are okay with that approach? Yeah, I mean, my parents are okay with anything as long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? , I haven’t really thoughtthat far ahead. My goal right now is to just do well in undergrad and then move on to the next thing. You know, take it in manageable steps. And your parents are okay with that approach? Yeah, I mean, my parents are okay with anything as long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? As long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? What do you mean, gatlin can’t be prosecuted for what he did to me? Tj, yes, you were a victim of abduction. But let’s look at this the way da scorpio would. You were blindfolded, correct? Yes. Disoriented? Yeah. Then your account of the situation and the details surrounding it are unreliable at best, and we have no supporting evidence to corroborate your statements. We don’t even know where you were held. This — this is ridiculous, mom! Yes, yes. You’re right, it is. But with my experience in law enforcement, this is not a case I’d ever bring to the prosecutors. He did this to me. Mom, I know this. I know it was him, okay? That voice. That voice — mom, it — it was him. I have no doubt about this. Tj, I believe you, but it’s not up to me. I hate that this happened to you. But if there’s any consolation in this, it’s that mason gatlin is going to be charged with abduction and attempted murder for what he did to ava jerome. That is great. That — that is — that is so great for ava. I’m happy that she’s getting her justice. Okay? I am. But what about mine? Where’s my justice? I’m not going to allow you to waltz in here and pretend that you didn’t hold me hostage at gunpoint. You threatened to shoot me if my mother didn’t tend to your gunshot wound. And if laura hadn’t offered to take our places as your hostage, you would have killed us. Those words came out of your mouth. So, you just want me to forget all that? I never asked anyone to forget what I did. I asked them to forgive, like the good book says. Oh, so, let bygones be bygones? You expect me to accept your pathetic, meaningless apology just because you’re spencer’s uncle? Well, guess what, I don’t forgive you. And I don’t care if you did protect spencer in pentonville. If you come near me again, I will call the cops. Come on, cuz. We’ve been seen together plenty of times in plenty of places by plenty of people. Especially your coworkers here at general hospital. Face it, we’re thick as thieves. When it comes to masterminding an abduction, who’s better to play the boss? Who’s better to play the henchman? I can play dumb with the best of them. I’m just going to tell the cops that I was doing everything that my big, smart doctor cousin told me to do. Why? Really, why? Implicating me isn’t going to make you less guilty, mason. You’re a lready going togo down for this, you know that. Yeah, I know, but I’m going to take you with me. You have been a pain in my ass for years. Always being so high and mighty, thinking you’re better than me. Why? Because you got some fancy piece of paper from a college. Well, I want to see how high and mighty you are when we’re sharing a prison cell. Wait, how many tries is this? Well, there was that time you hit your finger, and then you hit the tree. Uh-huh. And then the other time, I don’t know what you were aiming for. We’ll just call it four times. Good luck. What? 10th time’s the charm. Uh-huh. Maybe hunting vampires would have been easier. Well, I’ve got enough for both of us. Uh-huh. So much for beginner’s luck. Oh, we can have this on our pancakes tomorrow morning. Yeah. Speaking of which, um, are you hungry? Starving. Let’s go make some dinner. Okay. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.But it did change her. It was so much fun. Thank you. Oh, it’s — it’s nice to be out of the city. It’s nice to be out of the hospital and be out here in nature with you.

[ Sighs ] Couldn’t agree more. My hands are so sticky. We have soap around here? Let me have a look. Here. Here we go. Thank you. You’re welcome. Mind if I join you?

[ Laughs ] Of course. Can you give me an example of a functional group? Can I use my notes? No, you may not. Josslyn jacks. Come on. I know you got this. By memory only. Okay. Okay. A functional group is a specific structural arrangement of atoms or bonds that imparts a characteristic chemical reactivity to a molecule?

[ Laughing ] Yes. Really? That’s it! You got it! Oh, my god. I told you you could remember it. Oh, my gosh, I feel like I just ran a marathon. Okay, well, now I need a break. Okay. We should — we should maybe go down and get some food or something.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, well, that’s probably the art book getting delivered.

[ Gasps ] Hi! Oh, you’re just in time to save me. I really wasn’t going to bring cyrus up. Oh, that’s okay. I’m fine. It is baffling to me how a miscarriage of justice to that extent could happen. Yeah. Leave it to cyrus to find a way to finagle a hardship release. It’s really unbelievable. I don’t know how you deal with it.

[ Sighs ] But he is your brother. But still… I’m very, very conflicted. I mean, I do believe in rehabilitation, but that would mean restoring someone to a moral state that — that is acceptable to society. I don’t know that that’s possible with cyrus. And then after all the things that he’s done, my god, does he even deserve that? The judge felt he did.

[ Sighs ] Well, then I guessI’ll do my best to believe that the judge is right and that cyrus can become a productive member of society. Mm. Yeah. But between you and me, it’s going to be a really long time before I trust my brother. I can understand why you don’t trust me. Hey, it’s, uh, it’s time for you to go now. Okay. I owe you a great debt, trina. If you ever need my help for any reason, you only need to ask. I will never ask you for anything. Do you hear me? Never. Now get the hell out! Hey. It’s okay. You’re alright. It’s okay. Hey. I’m here. You’re alright. Okay. I have active psoriatic arthritis. But with skyrizi to treat my skin and joints, we should wash our hands together more often. Definitely. We’re filthy all the time.

[ Laughs ] Should we start dinner? Maybe dinner can wait. I don’t know. We’ve both talked about how — yeah, okay. Dinner can definitely wait. What am i saving you from? Organic chem. I was just telling adam I was going stir crazy in here. How long have you been studying? A few hours. With our midterms coming up, we probably could use a few more hours. Oh, god, no. No, I’m done, adam. Well, you still need to learn the identification of hydrocarbons, though. Oh. Well, if you need to stay and learn the identification of hydrocarbons, I can come back. No, no, no, I need fresh air. Okay, well, that, I can do. You know, I have to take sonny’s speedboat upriver to dry dock it for the winter if you want to come. Really? Okay. Yeah, yeah. Let me grab my jacket. Um…well… I guess that hydrocarbon structures are going to have to wait. But if I ace this midterm, it’s thanks to you. Yeah. Yep. Pick up later this evening? Oh, I can’T. Um, but thursday? Perfect. Our midterm is friday, so… okay, cool. Oh, uh, what about trina’s art book? Do you want me to stick around here and wait for it? Oh, that’s really sweet of you. But seriously, no big deal. I’m sure the delivery person is just going to leave it right outside the door. I don’t mind at all. No, I’m serious. It’s totally fine. Do you have everything? Yeah. Alright. Bye. Are you ready? Yep. Let’s do it. If there’s time after, maybe we get lunch at kelly’s? Kelly’S. Mm. I know the owner. Well, they say that trust is built over time. Let’s see if cyrus can earn your trust. I mean, really, do you believe his religious conversion is sincere? To be perfectly honest, I am really not sure. You know, what I want to do is sit down with my brother martin and compare notes with him and get his take on it.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Sorry to interrupt, but you have a video conference call in 15 minutes. Do you want me to reschedule it or… oh, no, absolutely not. Not on my account. I am going to get out of your hair and let you get on with your business day. Thank you so much for coming by and catching me up. I appreciate it. Always so nice to see you. So good to see you, as well. Oh, before you go, I have a question. Yeah? Do you know judge kim, the judge that sentenced drew cain? I don’t know him. I’m sorry. Mm. Well, thanks anyway. It was good to see you. You, too. So, I’ll see you at home tonight. You know what? Maybe tomorrow morning, we can all wake up and have family breakfast together? Okay, I’d — I’d like that. Okay, good. Um, I know you have that video conference call to prep for, but I have a quick question, if you don’t mind. Sure. Go ahead. I don’t, uh, really know how to ask this. Just ask. Can I have a raise? You want a raise? Yes. I want to move out of kevin and laura’s apartment. With them back, it’s just all so crowded. Is that the real reason? Yeah. Esme. Okay, I am starting to… …have feelings for spencer. Hey, drink this water. I shouldn’t have given that man that much power over me. Nobody should have that much power over anybody. I’m not going to let him make me a victim again, spencer. Trina, you did good. You did really good. You practically kicked him out all by yourself. Can you promise me something? Trina, I’m never going to let him come near you again. No, no, that’s not what I mean. I know you would never let him do anything to me, but… …I need you to promise that you won’t tell anyone that I — that I lost it like that with him. Especially my mom and curtis. Because my mom is already angry and terrified that he’s released, and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire. I know curtis is — is in a wheelchair, and he feels like he can’t protect us from cyrus. I promise. I’m not going to tell anyone. But clearly, you can take care of yourself. Though, if you ever need backup, just know I’m right here, okay? I know you are.

[ Monitor beeping ] If you’re here to beg and plead, just save your breath. I’m going to take you down with me. Oh, no, no, I’M… …done begging for things in my life. Besides, mason, who would I be begging? Right? I mean, there’s no one in this shell of you that’s even remotely human, so there’s no reasoning with you. You wouldn’t help me, would you? Not on your life. Well, then, I guess it’s just time. It’s time for me to help myself.

[ Monitor turns off ] You don’t have the guts.

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Days Transcript Friday, October 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Oh, it’s a great idea. He just walked in. I’ll tell him. Okay, honey. Love you too. Bye.

[phone beeps] That was John. He would like us all to have supper at Grandpa Tim’s, at his new place tonight.

Ah, that’s terrific. Yeah. That’ll give us a chance to celebrate.


Celebrate. Yeah, it looks like I may be getting my little girl back thanks to Stefan and Gabi.

Hey, how’d it go with Kristen? Did you get what we needed?

Oh, yeah. Brady played her perfectly. Got it all on video. How’d it go with Rachel?

Great. Kid gave a star performance. I’m uploading it to the computer now.

You don’t seem too happy about it.

Well, you know, I was gung-ho about making this video, and it never occurred to me that maybe we’d sunk too low. But now I’ve seen it. And, Stefan, I mean, if anybody ever accused me of abusing Arianna in any way, I would–

You would lose your mind. I get it. And if I’m being honest here, I agree with you. This–this is low.

[soft dramatic music] Gabi, here’s what we need to focus on. This whole thing– it’s just a means to an end, right? It’s just a strategy to get Kristen to give in to our demands, right, so we can finally oust EJ and be in control of our company. Now, these videos, they’re never gonna go any further than Kristen seeing them and realizing she has no other choice but to sign those shares over to us. Okay?

Yeah. Oh, I know. It’s never gonna go public.

No. No, no, no, no, no. It’s never gonna come to that, ever. And Rachel will not in any way be harmed by this.

Good. Because she’s just an innocent little girl. And I mean, I feel sorry for her because she’s got a crazy mother.

Let’s just focus on the positive here. And that is we’re almost done with this. And when we are, we will have achieved our goals. Because when Kristen gets a load of these videos, her shares are as good as ours.

Well, I did not realize how late it was. If we stayed any longer, we could have just made our lunch roll all the way over into dinner.

Mm-hmm. It’s been far too long since we have broken bread. I’m glad we could find the time.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna head home. Do you need a lift?

Actually, before you leave, I was wondering if we could discuss an important business matter.

[chuckles] You finally stopped beating around the bush. Oh, let me guess. This is about my company shares? Hmm?



Steph, talk to me.

What exactly did my dad say?

He just–he said that– he said that you made a commitment to me and my kids. And in his mind, that means you’re ready to get married sooner rather than later.

I wish my parents would just back off. God, this is so embarrassing.

You don’t have to be embarrassed, Steph.

[soft dramatic music] Is he right?

Yes, he is.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steph, why didn’t you tell me you were ready to get married?

Because I was embarrassed, just like I am now. You overheard me blurting it out to my mom, so I downplayed it. And I was right to, obviously, since you looked so relieved when I did. And then you said that you liked the way things were, that you didn’t want to rush into anything.

Because I thought– I thought that you felt the same way.

Honestly, I was disappointed.

Then you should have said something. We have to be able to talk about this type of stuff, Stephanie.

I didn’t want to pressure you after everything you’ve gone through. I–I know that you’re still mourning Abigail, but–

But what?

Since it’s all out in the open now, Chad, I have to say, I’m– I’m a little confused. If you didn’t see marriage anywhere on the horizon, why did you invite me to move in with you and your kids?

[melancholy country music]

Because it–it– you know, it was the next natural step.

And what’s the next step after that?

Marriage. Eventually.

Look, I get that there’s no set timetable for this stuff. But, Chad, I can’t– I can’t help wondering now that we’ve moved in together, are you having second thoughts about us?

I’m sure you’re aware Gabi and Stefan are building a power base.

Mm-hmm. Yes, I heard they somehow obtained Megan and Dimitri’s shares.



They did it by threat of death. After Vivian shot our nephew, those goons stood over his bleeding body– in our home, no less– and refused to call an ambulance until he signed over the shares.

I weirdly kind of respect that.


Okay, I’ll admit, it was pretty ruthless.

Ruthless and deceitful and out of control. And now that they have a taste for blood, who knows who they’ll target next? It could be any one of the DiMera shareholders, including you.

[suspenseful music]

Wow. Not only are you a brilliant director, but you are a hell of an editor. Look out, Hollywood.

You married a woman with many talents.

Don’t I know it.

Hey, I gotta finish this. And the quicker I finish this, the quicker we can blackmail Kristen into handing over her shares.

You’re right. All right. EJ’s probably at it as we speak. And if he gains control before we do, we’ll be left out in the cold.

Yeah, and their little lunch date put our post-production into a rush. So what if he already won? What if she’s handing over her shares, or at the very least, deciding to vote with him?

No way. Kristen’s way too smart to give up anything without incentive. And this–this is incentive.

He’s just as likely to blackmail her. He could be pulling a gun on her in a dark alley.

Maybe you should work faster.

Oh, my God.


After you left, Stefan– he came by and filled me in.

I’m almost afraid to ask. What did he say?

He wanted me to provoke a fight with Kristen, so I did. I met her up at the square, and I riled her up. And Stefan caught it all on video.

What have you gotten yourself into?

I don’t think I should give you the details.

Tell me.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

[tense music] We’re gonna make it look like Kristen has been abusing Rachel.


Okay, what do you think?

Gabi, it is a cinematic masterpiece and… quite frankly, pretty disturbing.

[tense music] Kristen’s gonna freak. And she is gonna make sure she does anything and everything she can to make sure that doesn’t get in front of a judge because she would for sure lose custody.

I still feel a little uneasy about framing the woman for child abuse.

Well, that’s in her hands now. Okay? She gives in to our demands, no one loses their daughter.

What about Brady? I mean, he’s gonna want to show this to the judge. He wants his daughter too.

Okay, I do feel a little guilty about that. But Brady’s a big boy. If he wants custody of his daughter back, he’ll find another way.

Please tell me that I heard that wrong.

I know, I know, I know. It’s extreme. It’s extreme, but I’m desperate, and I don’t care. I don’t care. I want my girl back, so…

It’s a terrible lie. Look, I’m no fan of Kristen’s. You know that. And I think she can do unspeakably terrible things, but I do not believe she would ever hurt her daughter.

I agree, I don’t believe– I don’t believe she would hurt her physically. I agree with you. But emotionally? We know her handiwork. ,::, We do. We watched as she turned her against Chloe. And she’s slowly gonna turn her against me too. It’s gonna happen.

Then use that in court, the truth.

No, the truth, it doesn’t work. It’s not strong enough. It’s not strong enough. Okay? What will work is Gabi and Stefan are going to make this video of Kristen being Kristen with some other footage. And it’s gonna show that Kristen is a danger to her daughter. Period.

I don’t believe this. This is unethical. What’s more, it is not who you are.

Kristen plays dirty all the time. You know what she told that judge? She told that judge that I had killed Philip, knowing damn well that I was innocent of that.

And now that Philip is unequivocally alive, I thought you and Belle were gonna pursue that in court.

No, no, we can’t. I mean, there’s no point to it. It’s not a slam dunk anyway because the judge is not a fan of the fact that I, you know, stuck a gun in Kristen’s face and kidnapped my own daughter.

And how is the judge gonna feel when he finds out this is all a made-up story on your part? And how is your daughter gonna feel when she realizes you have framed her mother? Brady, Brady, you’re gonna lose your little girl, honey.

What are you saying, EJ? You think that Stefan and Gabi are gonna shoot me in the back and force me to sign over my shares?

They’re certainly capable of it. Look. I’ll admit that, with your help, I could get ahead of them, oust Stefan, and take control of the company– with the family’s best interests, of course. But my main concern right now is your well-being. Help me help you take the target off your back.


Transfer your shares to me, temporarily, of course, ensuring your safety.


[clears throat]

And then I told Chad if he wasn’t in it for the long haul, he needed to tell Stephanie.

You didn’t.

I don’t want to see our daughter get hurt again.

Neither do I, but it’s not our place to interfere.

I was just trying to get Chad to step up. That’s all.

Well, you possibly made things worse.

Well, I hope not. I should go back over there.

Wait, wait, wait. Are you–are you kidding me? No. The best thing you can do is butt out.

Listen to me.

[soft music] I am glad that I moved in with you. Okay, and I am glad that I get to wake up every single morning, and I get to see your beautiful face. And I’m glad that you’re there for my kids. They adore you. But I have to admit. I am– I’m really caught off guard here because I thought that– I thought that things were going well. Yes? No?

A lot of it’s been great, of course. But on top of this whole embarrassing marriage issue that– there’s been other tension between us lately. And I can’t help but think if maybe it all ties back to the same problem.

Which is?



I don’t see what’s so funny.

Oh, my God. You are seriously trying to convince me to hand over my shares for my own protection? That’s pretty audacious, EJ, even for you.

Okay. Okay, fine. Keep your shares. But you must help me neutralize Stefan. I’ll call a shareholder meeting. And if you vote with me, we can remove our brother from the company.

Oh, God, and I’m supposed to trust you? If memory serves, that hasn’t always worked out for me so well.

I admit that I have let you down in the past. But it’s come to a point, Kristen, where you can no longer safely play both sides from the middle anymore. You are going to have to make a choice.

[tense music] Kristen, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you know me. And we have helped each other before. So why not again? I’m extending you an olive branch, Kristen. I suggest you take it.

All right. I guess we can put our differences aside.

So I have your vote?

Mm-mm. You have my ear. I need time to think about this.

Understood. Understood. But don’t take too much time. I have a feeling Stefan is ready to make his move.

The love Chad and Abigail had, it’s not gonna be easy for Stephanie to compete with that.

No, it’s not. Listen, when I thought that I lost you all those years ago, I don’t think I ever managed to get over it. And all those years went by, my heart always belonged to you. I think part of me died the day that you were taken away from us.

[soft music]





Thank you.

Thank you? Thank you for what?

Thank you for my life. I was nothing without you. You gave me everything.

I’d still give you everything. You listen to me. We’ve always gotten our strength from each other. Do you hear me? You take what you need. You take what you need from me.


[monitor beeping] I… I love you, sweetness.


I love you too. Shh.

[monitor flatlines] No.


Okay, are you upset about earlier that– that I brought up that you were wearing Abigail’s costume?

I wasn’t upset, Chad. You were. And just the look on your face, it drove home the point for me in a way that I can no longer ignore.

It drove what point home?

I’ll never escape my cousin’s shadow.

Okay, you know what? Look, I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings, okay? But you can’t expect me to never bring up Abigail’s name. All right? She was–

The love of your life. I’m well aware. And I’ve tried really hard to respect that. But to be honest, you haven’t made it easy.

What does that mean?

You pulled away from me on her birthday, and then you excluded me when you took the kids to the cemetery.

Because I thought that we needed to do that as a family.

And what am I, Chad? You know what? Never mind. I understand. It hurts, but I understand. But, Chad, it’s just– when you add all of this stuff together, it feels like I’m not wanted in my own home, like I don’t belong there.

What–that was never my intention to make you feel that way. I want to build a life with you. I just need–I just need a little bit of leeway.

How much is enough, Chad? Because I’ve been trying, but it feels like I’m walking around on eggshells all the time. And I’ve tried really hard to respect your feelings, but I’m just–I’m not getting the same consideration in return.

You’re not the one whose wife was brutally murdered.

[tense music]

The judge isn’t gonna figure it out. Because Gabi and Stefan, they said they’re gonna make the video as real as possible.

You’re putting a lot of faith in those two. Do you think that’s warranted?

They seem highly motivated to make this happen.

Well, good for them. Because the person who is going to lose here is you if this goes wrong.

I know–look, I know. I know it’s risky, okay? I do. I do. But I don’t know what to do, okay? This is the only way I’m going to regain custody of my kid. And I need to check with Stefan to see if everything’s running smoothly. Excuse me.

[phone line trilling]

[cell phone beeps]


Hey. I was just checking on the status of the video. When can I expect it?

We’re almost done. We’ll be right over.

Great. Thanks. It’s all good. They’re on their way.

Well, I’m not sure how much longer we can put off Brady.

Well, then we should call Kristen.

Did someone say my name?

Actually, yes, we were just talking about you and how you hadn’t returned yet from your lunch with EJ.

Yeah, but we thought maybe we’d have to go rescue you.

No, there’s no need. I had a very, very nice lunch. Although, he did talk my ear off at the end.

Let me guess. He wants to get his hands on your DiMera shares?

[laughs] To be honest, yes. He was worried you would beat him to the punch.

What’d you say?

Well, he made a very strong pitch as to why I should throw my lot in with him.

Oh, well, you know, before you make your decision, I think you should hear our pitch. Pretty sure it’s gonna be very persuasive. Why don’t you have a look?

[tense music]

Rachel, tell me, so who did this to you? Who gave you that black eye?

My mommy did.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure.

What the hell is that?

Why does my daughter have a black eye? If either one of you have laid a finger on her–

Relax. It’s makeup.

Fine! But why? Why would you do this? I mean, is this just some kind of Halloween joke? Because I assure you, having my daughter accuse me of hurting her, that is not funny, not at all.

[tense music]

You’re right, Kristen. It’s a very serious accusation.

No, it is completely reprehensible, not to mention ridiculous. I would never hurt my child.

Are you sure about that?

She’s my daughter, which means I will discipline her any way I see fit. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! You guys set me up! I mean, you made it look like– Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me?

I think you know.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

Brady, look at me. You’ve got to put a stop to this.

I know you don’t approve. I know you don’t approve. I respect that. I do. And I don’t like stooping to Kristen’s level, but I don’t know what else to do. Do you understand that I’m miserable? I want to see my little girl. Do you know I have not been allowed to see my little girl since Kristen took custody? Do you know that?

I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Do you know what Tate called me the other day? An absent father. “You’re an absent father.” You know what the worst part about it is he’s not wrong.

[soft music] He’s not wrong, and that’s why I need– I need to make sure that I do right by Rachel. I need to be there for her.

You are there for her.

Not anymore, I’m not. At least with Tate, I could call him every other day when he was in California. I could visit him when I could. But with Rachel, Kristen has frozen me out of her life.

I understand. But this is not the way to fix it.

Then what–then what am I supposed to do? My little girl is in town. She’s in arm’s reach. She’s right down the road. And I can’t see her, and I’m her father. When do I get to see her again, Marlena, when she’s , after Kristen’s polluted her mind to the point where she doesn’t even want to have anything to do with me anymore? She’s not gonna want to be a part of my life by then.

That’s not going to happen.

It isn’t gonna happen because I’m gonna fight like hell to make sure it doesn’t happen! I’m gonna get my little girl back. To me, the ends justify the means.

Delete this right now!


Kristen, we’re happy to. It’s no problem. All you have to do is sign over your shares. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to turn the video over to Brady.

[tense music]

Oh, my God. So he is in on your twisted plan?

Sort of. He’s under the impression that we’re going to give him the video, so he can take it to the judge and get custody of Rachel.

Yeah, but what he doesn’t know is that we’re giving you a choice. See, this video can go away forever if you do what we want.

Wow. You’re double crossing him?

I think you should be grateful. I am giving you an opportunity here.

How dare you.

Take your time. Or you know what, actually, I wouldn’t take that long if I were you.

Well, it’s obvious this video has been doctored. And what judge is going to believe such a disgusting farce?

Okay, Kristen. Kristen, look at me. You finally have everything you’ve always wanted. Are you really willing to risk it all? So ask yourself. What’s more important, your DiMera voting power or a long-lasting healthy, happy relationship with your daughter?

I hate that you and Stephanie were on your own for so many years.

[soft music] I’ll always regret not being there.

I know. And I’ll admit it was hard. But then one wonderful, miraculous day, you walked back into my life.

Excuse me, miss? You all right?

I’m fine.

You sure?

That voice. It can’t be. Steve? And I count my blessings every day that you came back to me. I honestly thought I would live the rest of my life with never knowing true love again.

What if the same is true for Chad? That he could never get over Abigail.

It’s impossible to answer. We just have to let them figure it out for themselves. And all we can do, as Stephanie’s parents, is be there for her, no matter what happens.

I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.

I know you’ve suffered a great loss, Chad. And I hate that I may be coming off as insecure or impatient, but I have my own baggage. And while it may not compare to yours, I refuse to make myself small in order to be in this relationship.

I’m not asking you to do that. You need to tell me how you feel, though, Stephanie. I’m not psychic.

I’m not asking you to be. I just need you to acknowledge that this isn’t easy for me either, especially after… No, never mind.

What do you mean never mind? Tell me.

No. It just–it doesn’t compare to what you’ve gone through. What happened to Abigail, oh, my God, is such a tragedy for you, for the kids.

Steph, I don’t give a damn that it doesn’t compare, Stephanie. I need you to talk to me. I need you to tell me. Stephanie?

Mm. I was alluding to what happened with that guy in Seattle.

Okay. The guy that ghosted you?

Yeah. But like I said, it just–it seems terribly insensitive for me to seem like I’m feeling sorry for myself about that. Nobody died. It was just hurtful. And you’ve heard it before.

It’s not insensitive, Stephanie. It was obviously something that was very painful for you.

It was. I thought things were going really well. I was falling hard for him. And I thought he felt the same way. Just when things started to get serious, he suddenly disappeared on me. And I guess, deep down, I’m worried you’re going to do the same thing.

What? Stephanie, I would never do that to you.

I got my heart broken before because I misread the situation. I don’t want to make that same mistake again. But it looks like I already have misread the situation. I thought you wanted to marry me.

I do. Hey, Stephanie, I do, eventually.

I wish I could believe that.

You can believe that. Stephanie, I love you.

Yeah. Just not as much as your dead wife.

[dramatic music]

I tried to drop off a little Halloween bag for your daughter today, and Kristen wouldn’t let me visit with her.

See? She’s being unreasonable. At least my son got to spend a little time with Rachel the other day. And I think he tried to talk me up to her. I don’t think it worked, though. I’m sure Kristen’s already hard at work turning her against me.

She wouldn’t do that.

She’s already doing it. Do you understand that if I let Kristen raise Rachel, she’s gonna warp her mind the same way that Stefano warped Kristen’s? I am not gonna let that happen.

I remember when Kristen came to Salem. Stefano had everybody believing that– that John was the evil one.

That’s why I know you understand more than anyone why I need to keep my little girl out of Kristen’s grasp.

I do understand. And I hate what Kristen is doing right now. And I hate what it’s doing to you because this is not who you are.

[cell phone beeps] Oh, I’m sorry. It’s the hospital. I’ve got to get there. It’s a patient.


Brady? I hope you get your daughter back. But this is not the way to do it.

[tense music]

I think you’re making the right decision.

Oh, is that so?


I think Dimitri had the right idea when he tried to pump the two of you with lead.

Our intention was never to take Rachel away from you. We just want your shares.

Yeah, in fact, you can keep all the money from the dividends. We don’t care about that. All we care about is the voting power.

Yeah, you’ll still be able to support Rachel.

How generous of you.

Oh, one more thing. We need you to remind Peter where his loyalties lie.

Just so you know, this is not gonna give you enough power to control DiMera.

Not yet.

Yeah, and in the meantime, it’ll stop EJ from ousting Stefan.

All right. Let’s get this done, huh? The sooner we get those certificates signed over to us, the sooner we delete the videos.

What is the problem?

This is all just a bit too hard to swallow. You know, every fiber in my being just wants me to take my chances with the judge and tell the two of you to go to hell.

Okay, it took a while, but we finally found a suitable film for Charlotte and Thomas out of Roman’s vast array of Westerns and action films.

Yeah? Which one?

“Labyrinth.” It’s the ‘s movie with David Bowie, yeah?

Uh-huh, it’s like it’s a drive-in Saturday. So where’s Stephanie?

[soft music]

Stephanie’s gone.

[tense music]

Damn it.


Ah, Kristen, there you are. Look, I don’t mean to press you for an answer but–

EJ, just stop. Just stop. I don’t have them.

[tense music]

What do you mean you don’t have–

You lost. You lost, EJ. I signed my shares over to the demonic duo.

Why would you do that?

Because I had no choice.

Okay, where’s the video?

Well, the video has been deleted.

What are you talk– deleted? What are you–un-delete it.

Well, no, we can’t. It’s gone for good.

How could you even let this happen? What are you talking about?

No, we made it happen. See, that video was never for you to use against Kristen. It was for us to use against her.

You double-crossed me? Is that what you did?

It’s nothing personal.

Hey, it’s nothing pers– it’s nothing personal.

No, Brady, Brady!

You son of a bitch. Stop, stop, stop. There’s no point now, no point. Done.

All right. Get out of here. Get out, both of you. Get out. Get out of here, man! Unbelievable!

[soft music]

What happened?

You know, we weren’t on the same page. And it turned into a fight.

Okay. Well, I sensed when I walked the kids upstairs that things were getting tense. What was it about?

What else?


Yup. Abigail.

It’s okay, Papa. I know you didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

But I did. I can hear it in your voice.

Chad and I had a long talk. It didn’t go well.

[sighs] Should your mom and I come over there right now?

No, I’m–no. I think I just need to be alone for a while.

[knock at door] Papa, I have to go. I think we have some trick-or-treaters.

Okay, I love you, little sweetness. We’ll talk soon?

Yeah. Love you too.

[soft music] Oh, my God.

[tense music]

[soft music]

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B&B Transcript Friday, October 27, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

[ Reflective music ]

Katie: Check, check. Check. One, two. Forrester. Forrester. How’d that sound? Good? Okay, great. Thank you. Hey, there he is. The man of the hour.

Eric: What, what? Me?

Katie: Oh, yes. Don’t joke. Of course, I mean you.

Eric: Yeah.

Katie: How are you feeling?

Eric: Like I was born to do this.

Donna: Oh, I truly think you were.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Eric: There you are.

Donna: There you are. Are you ready, honey bear?

Eric: Am I ready? Come on. Look at this. I have to say, it never gets old. The thrill and the excitement and the anticipation and with a little added layer today, I’m going head-to-head with my son.

Katie: All right. Well, make sure you take it easy. Remember what the doctor said.

Eric: Yes, well, the doctor said a lot of things, but he didn’t say anything about this day today, here. This day, this feeling, I’ve never felt this alive in my life.

Ridge: Well, I guess it wouldn’t be day of if something didn’t go wrong. We gotta fix this or give me another option.

Kenzie: We’ll make do.

Ridge: Thank you.

Carter: Sorry. Excuse me.

Ridge: Oh, hi. This is your fault.

Carter: What is?

Ridge: This. The dress. You shot your mouth off last night.

Carter: I paid you a compliment.

Ridge: You said I had it in the bag, is what you said.

Carter: I said you might just pull this thing off.

Ridge: That’s the same thing and now, you’ve jinxed me. We’re scrambling.

Brooke: Oh, Carter. I know better than to say something that’s going to jinx Ridge the day of the showing. Just go with it. I’m gonna go see Donna.

Carter: All right. I won’t say anything to you before showing ever again.

Ridge: Thank you. Why are you here?

Carter: Wanna let you know that Katie and I, we went over our intro, the language of how this is gonna work. The guests will make their selections, I’ll tabulate their orders and winner takes all. The mantle of Forrester Couture, this CEO office. The stakes have never been higher.

Ridge: I’m ready.

Model: Everything okay, RJ?

RJ: Yeah. Thank you, yeah. Sorry, uh, it’s just that Eric wanted these alterations sent to Angelo two minutes ago and he should have them now. Great, thank you all. Uh, one more thing. Please make sure that, uh, Eric gets a one– a final– another look. Make sure he gets another look before the show. You’re all set. Thank you so much.

Model: Mm-hmm.

RJ: Thank you.

Luna: You okay? What was that about?

RJ: I’m fine. I… I told you that I trusted you and I mean it. Luna, you know how I’ve been– you know, I’ve been worried about my granddad’s health. He told me last night… my granddad’s dying.

Luna: I can’t believe it.

RJ: I’m still in shock myself.

Luna: Wait, so he just found out a few days ago? Should– should your granddad even be doing all of this today?

RJ: Oh, no. He insists. He’s full of life. He’s more inspired than ever. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Luna: I feel awful for him and for you.

RJ: Just even more conflicted now.

Luna: Wait, your– your father still doesn’t know? Hey. I’m gonna do whatever I can to help you through this, ‘kay?

Katie: We are so happy to have you here. Oh, Brooke, Donna. Uh, sorry to interrupt, but look who’s here.

Brooke: Fanny Greyson.

Fanny: Bienvenue.

Katie: I’m gonna excuse myself. I have some things I need to take care of backstage.

Fanny: Brooke, I was delighted to receive a golden ticket. Flew this morning. I’m so excited to see Eric and Ridge’s latest designs.

Brooke: We all are. I want you to meet my sister, Donna Logan. Fanny is an amazing singer.

Donna: Of course, I know who she is. Brooke, come on. Oh, my god, I love watching and listening to your videos online. They’re amazing.

Fanny: Oh, that’s so kind.

Van Frankfurt: Brooke, darling. So happy to see you.

Brooke: I’m so glad you could make it.

Van Frankfurt: Wouldn’t miss this Forrester exclusive fashion show for the world.

Brooke: That’s right. Fanny Greyson, I’d like you to meet Countess Von Frankfurt.

Fanny: Pleased to meet you.

Van Frankfurt: Yes.

Brooke: So glad that you’re here. Donna.

Donna: Oh, hi.

[ Items clattering ]

Esther: Oh, I’m so sorry. Let me help you.

Lauren: It’s okay, Esther. He’s got it.

Esther: Oh, oh, oh.

Brooke: And from Genoa City, Ms. Lauren Fenmore.

Lauren: Oh, Countess.

Brooke: And Esther Valentine.

Lauren: Fanny, so lovely to see you.

Fanny: Feels like no time has passed.

Lauren: I know, right? Hi, darling. How are you?

Donna: How are you?

Lauren: It’s great to see you.

Esther: I can’t believe that I’m actually in the Forrester showroom. Oh.

Van Frankfurt: Close your mouth, dear. Wouldn’t want to catch any flies.

[ Donna chuckling ]

Ridge: You did this.

Paris: We ran into Mackenzie downstairs.

Ridge: Okay. Where did you learn this little trick?

Zende: Nowhere.

Ridge: Nowhere? I know you’re talented, but this is not something you could just pull out of your hat, so who taught you?

Zende: Granddad.

Ridge: Dad, of course. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Well, listen, you saved the day. So did you. Making this part of the foundation was inspired. All right. Thank you all. I’ll see you downstairs.

Brooke: I know how much you love your father.

Ridge: Damn right, I do. Hi.

Brooke: But I also know how much you wanna win this thing.

Ridge: Damn right, I do. I wanna put this behind us.

Lauren: Oh, that sounds fabulous.

Van Frankfurt: Didn’t want to leave the yacht, but Monaco was divine as ever.

Lauren: Oh.

Esther: Oh, don’t mind if I do.

Van Frankfurt: No.

Lauren: I’m good, thank you.

Esther: Oh, thank you. Probably holding off for pigs in a blanket or a hot dog. Countess Frankfurter, right? I like a good old fashioned hot dog myself. Extra onions, relish.

Van Frankfurt: It’s Frankfurt, not frankfurter.

Esther: So, probably happens all the time. I apologize.

Charlie: No– no offense intended, yeah. Just– just doing my job, you know. Gotta check the– have a nice day.

[ Charlie sighing ]

Van Frankfurt: Who is this simple creature and what is she doing at a elegant Forrester fashion show?

Lauren: Ah, well, that is the one and only, Esther valentine.

Charlie: Ticket, ma’am. Come on.

Esther: Oh, okay.

Charlie: No, no, no. I know, I’m just kidding. I just– I just wanted to see if you were still packing your lethal feather duster.

Esther: Oh, I never leave home without it.

Charlie: Oh, my god. Tell– tell me you did not just do the double helix. Nobody does– you know what? I hope this show is half as entertaining as you are.

Zende: I wanted to come see you in Nashville, but we were prepping like crazy.

Paris: Yeah, I heard it was fire.

Fanny: Oh, that’s so kind. You should come to another one as my guests.

RJ: Really?

Fanny: Yes, of course. I would be so honored. I love Forrester. I was telling Ridge earlier, I’m hoping to find the most beautiful and special gown today.

Luna: Yeah, well, it’s gonna be hard to choose just one.

Charlie: Okay, it– it– it– it’s none of my darn business, but, I mean, are you two just spectators today? Or are you gonna add to the old wardrobes?

Lauren: Oh, well.

Charlie: Oh, my God. Put– put that away. I’m gonna have to get extra security detail for that.

Esther: Well, Mrs. Chancellor, I– I worked for her for decades, and she was really generous to me. And I spent a lot of time with her, so I would see Eric and Ridge’s breathtaking designs, and it’s always been a dream of mine to own a Forrester original gown for myself.

Lauren: Okay, that’s really wonderful, Esther, but put your money away, okay?

Esther: Okay.

Charlie: Esther, I– I promise you, you will find the gown of your dreams. I mean, this is– this is the finest collection I’ve ever seen.

Esther: Oh.

Woman: Sounds good.

Ridge: Thank you. Bye.

Brooke: This jinx talk and all this nervous energy you have going on, I think it’s more than just preshow jitters. I think it’s because you’re going into battle with your father, a man that you love and admire.

Ridge: First of all, this is adrenaline. It always gets going at the show. You know that. And, yeah, I don’t like going against my dad, but… I have to. I have to pull this off. For the good of the company.

Donna: Katie is all ready with her intro.

Eric: Good.

Donna: This is it. We are doing it.

Eric: Yeah, we are, aren’t we? This is great. Look, I’m going to, um… I’m gonna watch from back here, all right?

Donna: Oh. Oh, okay, well, then I’ll join you.

Eric: No, no, that’s all right. I just want to take it all in. All right? You– you watch from out front.

Donna: Okay… you know, I support you 1,000%.

Eric: I do. It means so much to me, too. So don’t think about anything else. Just go out and… enjoy the beauty of everything that happens today. My final collection.

Carter: Showtime.

Brooke: For good luck.

[ Audience murmuring ]

Katie: Welcome. Good afternoon. I’m Katie Logan. I am head of PR for Forrester Creations, and it is my distinct honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to this exclusive event. Before we get started, I’d like to highlight a few people in our audience who have made today possible. Zende Forrester, who is an integral part of our design team. Paris Buckingham, whom I’m sure you all know, heads our foundation. Carter Walton, our brilliant COO, RJ, Ridge Forrester, Jr., who has been co-designing with his grandfather, the esteemed Eric Forrester.

[ Applause ]

Katie: My beautiful sister, Brooke Logan Forrester, who is a legend unto herself. And Ridge Forrester, who needs no introduction, but… I wouldn’t want to make him feel left out.

[ Audience laughing ]

Katie: Truly, we are all honored to have you here. You have flown in from all over the world, from Paris, from Milan, from Genoa City, Wisconsin. And I just want to be clear about how today is gonna go. So you will be seeing designs from Eric and from Ridge. All of the gowns will be numbered. And did everyone get their pencil and their piece of paper that we passed out? Okay, good, good, good.

Von Frankfurt: And how am I to know whether I’m buying an Eric Forrester or a Ridge Forrester original?

Katie: Oh, you won’t. That’s part of the fun. We’ve decided to create an air of mystery for today’s event.

[ Audience murmuring ]

[ Lively instrumental ]

Katie: You might say that this is highly unusual, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but Forrester has always broken the mold. We have, for decades, solidified our reputation with our buyers, with our clientele, based on opulence and elegance. And we’re going to see plenty of that today. But we are also not afraid to reinvent ourselves. You are going to see examples of both schools of thought, and I encourage you to write down the gown that you love the most. And if you’re lucky enough to win your selection, you will come back to Forrester. You’ll have a private fitting with either Ridge or Eric. But best of all, you will have a first look at the new Couture collection. I can feel the excitement in the room. Can’t you? Hundreds of hours have gone in to each and every design. I think it’s fair to say that both Eric and Ridge have poured more of themselves into these collections than they ever have with anything else they produce. Some might say that that is the curse of the artist. Others might say that it’s what makes life worth living. So, without further ado, the House of Forrester Couture.

[ Audience applauding ]

Katie: We begin our collection with look number one. This exquisite gown comes exclusively in black taffeta with a luxurious trumpeted tulle skirt.

Donna: It’s pure class. Just like my honey bear.

Katie: No attention to detail has been overlooked with this beautiful creation, complete with a hand-sewn gemstone bodice. The designer has completed this look with sheer opera gloves, giving this gown a timeless feel. Look number two is an elevated column satin gown with a modern bustier bodice. As you can see, these bright red crystals shimmer with every turn. The high slit in back gives this look an added layer of style and sophistication. Once again, we present looks number one and two.

Ridge: Well, we’re off to the races.

Eric: Off to the races. Yeah, so we are.

Ridge: So what’s your plan? You gonna go out there? Or are you gonna watch your defeat from back here?

Eric: Defeat? No, no, I hardly think so. I– I’ve been watching here. I can see it. I can feel it.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Eric: The day is mine, Ridge.

Ridge: Your grand finale, right?

Eric: My grand finale. That’s right.

[ Eric chuckling ]

[ Coughing ]

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Days Update Thursday, October 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Konstantin is at the Kiriakis Mansion and calls Theresa, asking if she’s settled in to her new home and making in roads with Alex. Theresa is in the park and responds that she’s playing the long game because she doesn’t want to scare Alex off. Konstantin says he understands, especially after she went through all the trouble of making Alex the long lost heir of Victor. Sarah appears with baby Victoria in the doorway as Konstantin tells Theresa that he’s grateful because neither one of them wanted it to be Xander.

Xander is at his apartment, on the phone with Sloan, telling her not to hold back and hit Sarah with both barrels. Xander declares that with the hearing coming up, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of his daughter. Xander tells her to let him know if she needs anything else. Xander hangs up as Maggie shows up at his door and questions how dare he try to take her granddaughter away.

Steve, Kayla, and Marlena are at the Brady Pub with Halloween candy. Kate arrives with Thomas and Charlotte in their Halloween costumes. Thomas mentions that Chad and Stephanie are at home working.

Chad is dressed as a vampire at home as he works on his laptop. Chad reads what he has so far on an article about Titan to Stephanie, who advises him on some adjustments. Stephanie mentions that she’s putting last minute touches on her costume as the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door expecting trick or treaters, but when he opens the door, no one is there.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he must go and hangs up as he greets Sarah and Victoria. Konstantin calls Victoria’s name a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man in Victor. Sarah brings up that Victor wasn’t always happy with Victoria’s father, Xander. Sarah notes that she couldn’t help overhear that when she came in, Konstantin was talking about Xander.

Maggie goes off on Xander trying to take Victoria and calling Sarah an unfit mother. Xander argues that she is unfit but Maggie calls her a wonderful mother. Xander remarks that Sarah wasn’t wonderful to him when she lied to him and let him believe that his daughter was Rex’s. Xander then points out that Maggie did too.

Chad shuts the door and tells Stephanie that no one was there so it must have been kids playing a prank. Chad asks if she needs help with her costume, joking that it’s taking forever. Stephanie thinks it’s finally finished and comes out in a princess costume. Chad calls it nice but Stephanie notes his change in demeanor and questions what’s wrong. Chad tries to say it’s nothing but then admits that on the last Halloween he spent with Abigail, she wore a costume exactly like that.

Alex comes through the park and slips as Theresa panics upon seeing his shirt covered red. Alex quickly points out that it’s not blood and explains that protesters were unhappy about Titan moving local turtles from their habitat and threw what he believes is food coloring on him. Alex guesses he could pass it off as a sick Halloween prank but figures it’d be better go home and change. Theresa adds that he could use a shower and a clean shirt. Alex suggests she come home and join him.

Xander talks about Maggie knowing the truth the whole time while he was an idiot that thought they had a real connection. Maggie insists that they do and he knows how she feels about him. Maggie says she hated lying to him and she pleaded with Sarah to tell him the truth, but she was so angry with him because of what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Xander remarks that Sarah convinced herself that he was a murderer. Maggie talks about Sarah thinking Xander reverted back to his scheming ways with terrible consequences. Maggie says she thought Xander deserved a second chance but Sarah disagreed and she had to respect her daughter’s wishes. Xander apologizes for losing his temper with her and says he can’t imagine how hard things have been for her since losing Victor. Maggie accepts his apology and admits it is hard but says it’s been a little easier lately thanks to Konstantin .

Konstantin questions Sarah hearing him say something about Xander. Sarah says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Konstantin claims he was talking to a friend in Greece who is running his restaurant while he’s away. Konstantin remarks that Xander has quite the reputation in Greece and everyone knows that he’s the black sheep of the Kiriakis family despite his misguided delusions of wanting to be the golden boy. Sarah says that sounds about right. Konstantin mentions hearing from Maggie that Xander is trying to take custody of her daughter. Konstantin says he had to tell his friend in Greece that Xander added another horrible deed and that Xander has hurt a lot of people including his family. Sarah says she’s so sorry but Konstantin says there’s no need for her to apologize. Konstantin asks Sarah what her lawyer is saying since they can’t believe Xander could get custody. Sarah informs him that her lawyer is Victor’s nephew, Justin and he doesn’t think that a judge would give Xander custody but he also warned that they could. Konstantin questions how a judge could possibly find Sarah unfit. Sarah admits that she lied and told Xander that he wasn’t Victoria’s father and he only found out because of something that someone else overheard. Konstantin calls that unfortunate and guesses that Sarah thought it was in Victoria’s best interest that Xander never learn he was the father. Konstantin says he completely agrees with her. Sarah hopes the judge will be that understanding. Sarah declares that right now, she has to do everything she can to look like the perfect parent for her daughter and she thinks she knows just how to do that.

Steve and Kayla give candy to Thomas and Charlotte. Kayla then takes Steve aside and says she wanted to talk to him before Stephanie and Chad get there so he doesn’t ask them about getting married. Steve responds that he won’t make that mistake twice and asks if Chad proposed. Kayla explains that Chad told Stephanie the other day that he finally admitted he doesn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry as she had no idea. Chad tells her it’s not her fault that her and Abigail’s outfits are almost identical. Stephanie guesses Abigail got her costume from the same place in the town square. Chad states that Abigail always went all out for Halloween. Stephanie says she will go change. Chad tells her that she doesn’t have to but Stephanie says she doesn’t want to wear something that upsets the kids or Chad either as today is supposed to be fun.

Theresa tells Alex that she doesn’t think showering with him falls under roommate duties. Alex thinks they are little bit more than roommates. Theresa knows they slept together really fast but thinks now that they are living together, they should hold off and get to know each other. Theresa suggests Alex buy her lunch which Alex agrees to. Alex remarks that he just inherited a gazillion dollars so he can spare it. Alex says he’ll be back and walks away.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Brady Pub. Kate comments on Chad’s vampire costume and questions Stephanie not having one. Stephanie responds that she just decided not to wear her costume. Marlena questions why. Stephanie claims that it just wasn’t the right thing and that it didn’t really fit her. Kayla says she needs to get work and says goodbye to everybody as she then exits. Thomas and Charlotte show Stephanie their candy. Steve then tells Chad that he needs to talk to him.

Xander tells Maggie that it sounds like Konstantin has been a great comfort to her which she confirms. Xander says he’s grateful that Konstantin can give her that but he’s afraid that Konstantin is not as fond of him as he had some unfortunate business dealings with his family. Xander says he’s glad that Maggie has someone to lean on, though she can always lean on him too. Maggie tells Xander that his friendship means so much to her. Xander responds that they are more than friends, they are family as they hug. Maggie declares that they will always be family because of baby Victoria. Maggie says Victoria deserves to be loved and cared for by both of her parents, so she hopes that Xander and Sarah can work things out. Maggie then exits the apartment.

Konstantin tells Sarah that whatever she has to do will be more than worth it if it means keeping her baby with her where she belongs. Sarah knows Maggie is very happy that Konstantin is there and that he’s been a comfort to her. Sarah mentions running late and that she has to run an errand so she has to find Victoria’s nanny. Konstantin offers to take the baby to her nanny upstairs so Sarah hands Victoria over to Konstantin. Sarah thanks him and then exits the mansion. After Sarah leaves, Konstantin tells Victoria that he hates to break it to her, but her namesake was one horrible son of a bitch and he intends to get all of Victor’s money.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the town square. Alex worries about the protestors following him. Alex and Theresa flirt with each other as Xander approaches. Theresa asks what he wants. Xander warns Alex that he’s making a huge mistake being anywhere near Theresa. Alex thinks he can handle himself. Xander is unsure and calls Theresa a grade A manipulator. Xander remarks that the only reason Theresa would hang out with someone like Alex is because she’s after his fortune.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Konstantin excitedly greets her. Konstantin informs Maggie that while she was out, a gift that he had made for her was delivered. Maggie calls that sweet but unnecessary. Konstantin argues that she’s been gracious enough to let him stay here so he wanted to repay her kindness. Maggie talks about Konstantin already giving her Victor’s photo album. Konstantin hopes this gift gives her comfort as well. Maggie opens the gift which is a framed painting of Victor.

Sarah goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla asks about Victoria. Sarah says she’s amazing. Sarah talks about being exhausted. Kayla knows the first few months are brutal but tells Sarah that she looks great. Kayla asks if Sarah brought Victoria for a checkup. Sarah says no and that she came in because there was something she hoped Kayla could help her with. Kayla asks what she needs. Sarah responds that she needs a job.

Chad asks Steve what’s going on. Steve apologizes for bringing up marriage the other night, but Kayla just told him that Stephanie told her that Chad didn’t see himself getting married anytime soon. Chad confirms they talked about it and that Stephanie feels the same way about it so they are on the same page. Steve questions if they are and thinks they may need to turn to a new page.

Kayla didn’t know Sarah decided to stay in town. Sarah confirms that she is definitely staying. Sarah doesn’t know how much Kayla has heard but informs her that Xander is suing her for full custody of Victoria. Kayla argues that she can’t really be worried that a judge would grant that. Sarah explains that Justin said a judge could because she lied about her paternity. Sarah cries that she’s doing everything in her power to look like the best parent to her daughter, but now she and Rex are getting a divorce and her situation is a lot more precarious now. Sarah adds that Xander will probably use anything and everything, so she just wants to be prepared and showing the court that she is employed would help her prospects. Kayla asks if she’s sure she’s ready to come back when she has a newborn. Sarah insists that she is and hoped she could start part time and then slowly work back up to full time. Kayla declares that will work as she just had a part time doctor resign. Sarah agrees to start as soon as she wants. Kayla says she will get her assistant to get the paperwork together and they will e-mail her. Sarah hugs her and thanks her. Kayla is sorry that she’s going through all of this, but she’s happy to have her back. Sarah thanks her and says she’ll see her soon as she exits.

Theresa tells Alex not to listen to Xander and argues that their living situation has nothing to do with money. Theresa adds that she asked Alex out before she even knew he was Victor’s son. Xander calls that unbelievable and says he wouldn’t be surprised if Theresa had inside information on Victor’s will. Alex tells Xander to get lost. Theresa asks how she would know what’s in Victor’s will. Xander insists there’s a way. Xander warns Alex to watch his back because Theresa comes off sweet but can turn in a dime. Xander reminds Alex that Theresa wanted Brady so badly that she falsely accused him of raping her and he went to jail for it. Theresa remarks that she worked so hard to make amends that she’s a totally different person. Xander says she’s the same witch to him and warns Alex to guard his fortune with his life.

Maggie cries to Konstantin that the painting is beautiful and asks how he had it done. Konstantin says he just found an artist in town, brought a photograph, and he brought it to life. Maggie says she can’t get over it and it’s too much. Konstantin argues that it’s never too much as Victor was such a wonderful man, so he wants everyone to feel his presence here.

Chad tells Steve that he and Stephanie are on the same page, so he doesn’t understand what Steve is getting at. Steve explains to Chad that Stephanie may have told him that she doesn’t want to get married right now, but she’s moved in with him and gotten close with his kids so anyone can see how committed she is to him. Steve says if he knows his daughter, she’s thinking marriage. Steve understands everything Chad has gone through with Abigail and says his heart goes out to him, but if he’s not willing to give Stephanie everything she’s expecting, then he needs to end it. Chad asks for a minute to explain. Steve repeats that Chad needs to end it not just for Stephanie’s sake but for Thomas and Charlotte too because the longer he lets this go on, the more painful it will be for the kids. Chad assures that he would never do anything to hurt his kids. Steve relates as a parent and says that’s why he has to protect Stephanie. Steve advises Chad that if he’s not in it for the long haul, he needs to tell Stephanie now. Stephanie comes over and asks if everything is okay. Steve says everything is good and that he has to go. Marlena says she has to go too but says it was nice to see Chad, Stephanie, and the kids. Marlena wishes Chad a happy Halloween as she and Steve then exit the Pub.

Steve goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla hugs him and calls it a surprise, asking what he’s doing there. Steve wishes he was just there for a nice surprise. Kayla questions what he did. Steve is afraid he might have caused a problem between Stephanie and Chad.

Chad asks Kate to watch the kids a little longer so he can talk to Stephanie. Kate takes the kids to look through Roman’s movie collection. Stephanie asks Chad what is going on and if something happened between he and Steve. Chad says it’s not really about Steve. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about. Chad tells Stephanie to be honest with him as he asks if she was telling him the truth when she said she didn’t want to get married.

Alex gets that Xander thinks he’s helping but says he’s just being rude. Alex says he and Theresa just want to enjoy a peaceful lunch. Xander remarks that if Alex keeps hanging out with her, this lunch may be the last peaceful thing he enjoys. Xander tells Alex that it’s his funeral and walks away. Xander then runs in to Sarah and says he’s glad he ran in to her as he was going to try and track her down this afternoon. Sarah questions what he wants. Xander thought maybe they could grab a coffee and talk about custody. Sarah doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to talk about custody without their lawyers. Sarah tells Xander that she’ll see him in court and walks away.

Theresa hopes Alex didn’t take what Xander said to heart. Alex assures that he didn’t as everyone in his family knows that Xander blames everyone else for his problems and he’s just jealous that he’s not Victor’s heir. Theresa remarks that thank God that Xander isn’t Victor’s son.

Konstantin hangs the painting of Victor above the fireplace and declares it’s exactly what the room needed. Maggie agrees and thanks him for the amazing gift. Konstantin calls it his great pleasure. After crying, Maggie says she’s going to fix her makeup and hurries out of the room. Konstantin speaks to the painting of Victor and declares that Victor may have screwed him out of his will, but it’s not over between them yet. Konstantin asks why he should settle for a cut of his son’s half when he can take all of his wife’s half. Konstantin remarks that now Victor will get to watch all of it.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Victor tells Nate that he is afraid he is losing his memory and he tells Nate not to tell anyone especially not Victoria. Nate promises not to tell anyone and tells Victor he will put him in touch with doctors who will test and diagnose him. Nick, Nikki, and Victoria agree to go along with Victor’s plan. Victoria is sure that Adam will fall into Victor’s trap while Nick and Nikki think Adam or Nate will betray Victor.

Adam meets with Dr. Skelton and tells him about Victor’s behavior. The doctor tells Adam he must persuade Victor to get tested because the sooner he is diagnosed the sooner they can slow the progression of Victor’s memory loss. Adam tells Sally about his meeting with the doctor and how worried he is about Victor. Sally gives Adam a hug and then a kiss. Adam and Sally end up making love at Sally’s hotel room.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cody is thrilled that Sasha changed her mind and decided to stay in Port Charles because she realized that she has a lot of people in town who care about her. Sasha tries to persuade Cody to tell Mac that they are father and son.

Finn and Elizabeth get ready to go on their weekend trip to the cabin.

Stella fixes a costly mistake Felicia made filling out insurance forms for a patient.

Portia and Curtis go out to dinner to have fun and forget about their problems for a while.

Nina has no choice but to accept Michael’s terms in order for him to keep her SEC secret because she doesn’t want to lose all the good things in her life. Michael lies to Carly and tells her his contact at the SEC hasn’t found out the name of the person who turned her and Drew into the SEC.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Ava and Trina talk about Trina’s trip to New York with Spencer and Trina tells Ava she thinks of her as a second mother.

Dante once again tries to persuade Cody to tell Mac the truth that they are father and son, but Cody still won’t do it.

Dr. Obrecht returns from her spa trip and Willow tells Maxie about her dream about Harmony. Maxie tells Willow that the dream is about her deepest fear returning but, she should ignore it and just be happy.

Brick returns and shows Sonny proof that Cyrus is Mason and Austin’s boss. Carly tells Sonny they won’t let her visit Drew. Sonny finds out Drew is in solitary confinement. Sonny tells Brick and Carly that they will get Drew out of jail first and then they will handle Cyrus.

Michael tells Nina that she will only see Willow and the kids when he gives her permission to do so, and she will sell Carly back her half of the Metro Court. Michael tells Nina if she doesn’t agree to his terms, he will tell everyone she turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Adam tells Sally that he is afraid that he has finally pushed Victor over the edge. Adam admits to Sally that Victor probably figured out that he was lying when he wanted to start from the bottom. He actually wanted revenge on all of them for pushing him out of the family and the company.

Adam tells Sally he is really worried that Victor is ill and he spoke to a psychiatrist and the doctor says he needs to be examined. Sally persuades Adam to talk to Nick and Victoria and persuade them to put aside their differences and concentrate on Victor’s health.

Nick tells Sharon Victor has been faking his memory loss as a loyalty test for his children. Nick decides to tell Victoria the truth about Victor’s scheme. Nick tells Victoria that Victor has been faking his memory loss. Victor calls Nate and tells him to go to the ranch to talk to him and asks him not to tell anyone where he is going.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, October 26, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: Hey, nick, you’re up late.

Nick: Yeah. Got time for a cup of coffee?

Sharon: Sure, sit down. You look exhausted.

Nick: It’s been a long day.

Sharon: Did you talk to victor? Oh, no, what happened? Did he take a turn for the worse?

Nick: No. No, it’s just, uh, dad playing victor newman, the role of a lifetime and the hilarious part is we all keep falling for it.

Sharon: I don’t understand. Falling for what?

Nick: There is no cognitive decline, sharon. Dad is as sharp and cunning as ever.

Sharon: You mean?

Nick: We’ve been played, duped, all of us?

Nikki: Well, I’m relieved that nicholas at least knows the truth now.

Victor: I wanted to tell him on my own time.

Nikki: He had already figured it out. And now you have to go to victoria and tell her you are no more mentally compromised than she is.

Victor: Not yet.

Nikki: Why not? How long are you going to play this game?

Victor: I need to find out what the hell I want to find out.

Nikki: What, that your children are disloyal to you? We already know that adam is and victoria would never betray you.

Victor: That remains to be seen.

Nikki: She is no more an enemy to you than nicholas. Why are you torturing her?

Victor: Sweetheart, to be frank with you, right now I only trust you and nicholas.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Nate: What are you thinking about?

Victoria: I was thinking about what you told me earlier, about adam possibly using my father’s illness against him.

Nate: I thought we agreed to put that to bed for the rest of the night.

Victoria: I know. I know. I’m sorry. It just makes me so mad that I still have to think about adam and worry about what his intentions are. All because my father won’t let him go. Even at the risk of his own health.

Nate: You’re forgetting something.

Victoria: What? What’s that?

Nate: Adam works for me.

Victoria: I know that, nate, but–

Nate: No buts. I’m in a position of power over adam and he knows I’m watching every move he makes. So, if he does anything, anything to exploit whatever victor is going through, I’ll be aware of it. And I will make sure your father is too.

Nick: I absolutely hate it that adam is manipulating you. That he’s manipulating us. And it just proves yet again that all that talk from him about wanting to be a better person was just that. It’s just talk. It’s just adam. He’s always going to be him and it’s clearly affecting you.

Sally: It seems like you’re the one that he’s affecting because it’s not me. Not in any way that matters anyway.

Nick: I think that kiss tapped into some emotional truth for you.

Sally: No, nick, you’re wrong.

Nick: Listen to me. I’m not wrong. You just refuse to see it right now. And until you do, I can’t be with you.

Adam: Sally.

[ Sally sighing ] You and nick, it’s um, it’s over, isn’t it?

[ Adam sighing ] Look, I’m– I’m– I’m sorry.

Sally: It’s okay.

Adam: No, it’s not okay. Once again, I’ve ruined something good for you. You know what, I’ll– I’ll leave you alone.

Sally: Adam… don’t go.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

[ Sharon exhaling ]

Sharon: It was all a lie?

Nick: Dad was setting a trap for whichever one of his children would try and take advantage of dad’s so-called weakness.

Sharon: So he pretended to be losing it?

Nick: You got it.

Sharon: Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but still, what an awful thing to do to anyone, especially your family.

Nick: It’s not exactly unprecedented. Remember ashland locke?

Sharon: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Dad got ashland to sign over his company to him while he was having a heart attack. Pretty nice, huh? It’s a page right out of the victor newman playbook.

Sally: But you haven’t done anything to give victor cause to doubt your loyalty.

Nick: No, and neither has victoria. She was certainly upset when she got kicked out of the ceo spot, but not to the extent she would ever betray or exploit a weakness. We were very concerned about him. It just makes me feel like even more of a fool for ever believing him.

Sharon: You were just trying to be a good son.

Nick: We all know the target for the scam was the other brother.

Sharon: You think victor suspects adam?

Nick: Yes, of course. Why not? But what I don’t understand, I just don’t get it is he had already purged adam from the company. Why bring him back just to prove what we already knew? He can’t be trusted.

Sharon: Victor has a soft spot for adam. He always has.

Nick: Yes. Why? My brother is nothing but a power-hungry narcissist who will do whatever it takes to get whatever he wants.

Sharon: Guilt will make people do some irrational things sometimes.

Nick: Yeah. Like give adam what, his 500th chance? I’m sick of it. I’ve had enough.

Sally: Just so you know, it’s not over, over, between me and nick.

Adam: What does that mean?

Sally: Just that there’s no finality to it because he won’t discuss it, at all. He’s frustrated and hurt with good reason. You were responsible for some of that.

Adam: Yes, I know.

Sally: No, don’t get me wrong. I was right there too. I just– it would be very easy to just blame it all on you, but the truth is you were just being honest with me about where your heart is. It’s just not what I wanted to hear.

Adam: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that I, uh, I didn’t read the room.

Sally: I think the kiss confused us both.

Adam: Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe it was just me doing what I always do. Bulldozing my way through without any regard whatsoever for what you really wanted, which was nick. You know, you had a right to be resistant. I poison whatever it is I touch.

Sally: Adam.

Adam: No, it’s– it’s the truth. You know, sometimes I think that I’m just cursed to be this– this catalyst of bad fortune. And it’s not that I try to be, but sometimes I just always end up in the middle of it. With my career, my relationship, family. Even when I have good intentions and god knows I have not always had them, I just always manage to screw it up. With you, my father.

Sally: What now with victor?

Adam: It is just– it’s– it’s more the of same.

Sally: Tell me.

Adam: Sally, come on, it’s not anything that you need to bother yourself with right now. It’s just family stuff.

Sally: That is clearly upsetting you.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, it is. I think that I’ve finally driven my father over the edge.

Nikki: Did you not see the genuine fear in victoria’s eyes when she was over here or hear it in her voice? She is terrified that something is happening to her father. She can’t fake that.

Victor: Well, if that is true, then she has nothing to worry about.

Nikki: What do you mean if that is true?

Victor: I demoted her as ceo. She has plenty of motive. Don’t you forget that.

Nikki: She is your daughter. She has proven her loyalty to you time and time again, so I don’t understand why you’re suddenly throwing all of that out the window and putting her on the same level as adam.

Victor: I am perfectly aware of what adam is capable of, all right?

Nikki: And yet you’re still insisting on testing them? Victor, please. Please tell victoria the truth and put adam back where he belongs, on the outside looking in. Hi, I’m sharon, and I lost 52 pounds on golo. On other diets, I could barely lose 10-15 pounds.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nate: What for?

Victoria: For your support.

Nate: You will always have that.

Victoria: I know and I’m grateful. It just feels like sometimes I’m being pulled in a million different directions and I– you know, it’s– it’s helpful to have someone in my corner like you. I’m scared, nate. I’m– I’m really worried about my father right now. Something’s wrong with him.

Nate: We don’t really know what’s happening.

Victoria: We know that he’s not himself. I know that he’s not himself. And if it’s something more serious, then we need to get him the best possible care and we need to do it now.

Nate: Agreed.

Victoria: And I also have to– to be practical about the business. Because if news of this gets out, I mean, it could inevitably impact newman enterprises both inside and outside of the company.

Nate: Okay. So, what’s the next step?

Victoria: First, we just need to– we need to arrange for my father to see a specialist first thing tomorrow morning. First thing. And they’re probably gonna want to arrange to do some tests on him, maybe bring in some more doctors. But we need to get the ball rolling right away. What? Do you not– do you not think it’s a good plan?

Nate: No, no, no. I– I– I think the plan is great. It’s exactly what I would do if it were my family going through something like this.

Victoria: So, why do I get the feeling you think it’s not gonna work?

Nate: This is about your father, who happens to be victor newman. Titan of industry, legendary businessman who didn’t get to where he is by showing vulnerability or weakness. I’m betting he’s not gonna just quietly fall in line when you tell him he might need treatment.

Victoria: Well, then what am I supposed to do? Nothing?

Nate: Of course not. I’m just reminding you the trick won’t be to come up with a plan. The trick will be to get victor to go along with it.

Sharon: It always comes back to adam, doesn’t it?

Nick: It is the common denominator. Every crisis that this family has gone through ever since he showed up.

Sharon: And victor loves him.

Nick: Boy, he absolutely does and I have no idea why.

Sharon: It doesn’t really matter why, nick. It’s a fact. And you keep bumping up against this every time you try to figure out what victor wants to do.

Nick: Oh, I won’t deny that adam makes my blood boil every time I have to deal with him.

Sharon: Well, maybe just consider this from victor’s point of view. Maybe he really thought that adam was genuine and sincere when he promised to change and he just wants to give him another chance.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. But then, as usual, adam does something to make my father suspicious. I already thought about that.

Sharon: And?

Nick: If that were the case, then dad would have already figured out what he needed to know. So then why continue this game? Why keep pretending like you’re losing it and putting your family through that? It doesn’t make sense. What are you thinking about?

Sharon: What if adam isn’t victor’s target?

Nick: Well, then my dad really is losing it.

Sharon: No, think about it. He already suspects adam and you’re in the clear because he told you what he’s been doing. And that leaves victoria.

Nick: No, no way.

Sharon: No way what? That she would ever betray him or that he would think she would? I’m just asking you to consider the possibility that maybe victor doubts her loyalty and he’s just waiting for her to make a move.

Sally: So, what is going on with victor?

Adam: He’s um, he– he’s been acting erratically lately. You know, victoria was the first to notice it. Uh, I didn’t really believe her at first.

Sally: Why not?

Adam: Because I thought she was just angling to get dad declared incompetent so she could get her old job back, but then I started to see things.

Sally: Like what?

Adam: He would forget things. He would like lose the thread of the conversation. He would have these drastic mood swings that he would turn on a dime. And then earlier today, I went to his office and I looked in his drawer and there was this weird– weird little drawing that he had filed away like it was important business.

Sally: And you think you’re responsible for that, how?

Adam: Because it all goes back to the moment that I was pushed out of newman.

Sally: I’m sorry, adam, it just seems like a really big leap to me.

Adam: No, no. Not if you add it on to the years and years of him wanting me to succeed. Giving me every opportunity more than anyone has ever gotten. And then me letting him down every single time. And this last time probably pushed him over the edge.

Sally: Yeah, but you did change, adam. You told victor that you wanted a reset and you were willing to start at the bottom and he’s given you that chance. So, I just– I’m not really seeing the connection.

Adam: Yeah, he probably saw right through me. To the truth.

Sally: I don’t understand.

Adam: It was all bogus, sally. It was a scam to get what I thought were my just rewards. To punish the people who hurt me and I think that my father in his infinite wisdom figured it out and it gutted him.

Sally: So, you lied to everyone. You lied to me. No catharsis, no redemption.

Adam: None. Just revenge, pure and simple.

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: I don’t know what to say. I guess you fooled everyone.

Adam: Well, not everyone.

Sally: Well, you fooled me.

Adam: I am truly sorry about that, but all I could think about was paying them back. Victor, nick, victoria. I wanted to punish them all. And what better way to do that than from the inside? Pretending that I’d seen the light.

Sally: And so what? I was just collateral damage?

Adam: Sally, if I had told you what I was up to, you would have tried to talk me out of it. And I did not want to be talked out of it. I wanted to destroy all of them. There’s just this thing when I get angry or hurt, it clicks on in my brain and it just shuts off all logic, all compassion. And all that’s left is just pure, blind rage and that’s what I wanted. That’s what was driving me.

Sally: Well, I’m sorry for you then.

Adam: No, you shouldn’t be. The irony is I got the revenge that I wanted. I pushed my father off the deep end. And I actually, I– I feel sick about it.

Nate: Still thinking about your dad?

Victoria: Nope.

Nate: Want me to guess?

Victoria: No, you’d just laugh.

Nate: I promise you, I won’t laugh.

Victoria: I was just laying here imagining what it would have been like to have been born into a– a normal family.

Nate: Is there such a thing?

Victoria: I’m sure. I mean, there has to be, right?

Nate: Okay. Are we talking like tv version? Like white picket fence, dad goes to work, mom stays at home with the kids?

Victoria: Except in my family, the mother would work too.

Nate: Obviously.

Victoria: But it wouldn’t be a family business. It would be… I don’t know, just…

Nate: Something simple?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah. Like the day wouldn’t start with overnight markets and end with a– a bottle of wine. It would– everyone would just, you know, they’d just go to work and maybe be able to do something worthwhile.

Nate: Is that what you want?

Victoria: No.

Nate: Okay. You had me worried there for a minute.

Victoria: No, but I do sometimes wish that my dad, that he could just be my dad. Not my boss or my– my business partner. So that, you know, I could just talk to him about something, you know, other than newman enterprises, like we used to. I could ask him how he’s feeling without him worrying that I’m trying to push him off his throne.

Nate: Don’t you though?

Victoria: Don’t I what?

Nate: Want to replace him? Be him eventually. I mean, you’ve spent your whole life being groomed for that.

Victoria: Well, yeah. Yeah, but every time I get close, I mean, he just– he pulls the rug out from underneath me. So then what, you know? Sometimes, it feels like we’re this royal family where all the children are just waiting around for the king to die so they can fight over his crown. Nate, I don’t want my dad to die. I don’t want that. And sometimes, you know, like right now, right in this moment, I don’t know if I want the crown either.

Sharon: I know you feel protective toward victoria.

Nick: This is not about me being protective. This is about me knowing my sister.

Sharon: Well, she was pretty angry when victor demoted her and that wasn’t the first time either.

Nick: Look, I don’t for one second believe that my sister would exploit what she thought was dad’s real illness. Yes, she can be angry. She can be vindictive, but she loves him. She would never betray him like that.

Sharon: Okay, you know that. But you’re not victor. Who knows whatever goes on in that complicated mind of his? He told you the truth, but he didn’t tell victoria.

Nick: Well, I basically forced it out of him.

Sharon: Okay, but still, it’s clear that he may not completely trust her.

Nick: He claims that’s about nate, all right? He clearly doesn’t trust him either, which I agree with. So, he doesn’t want victoria spilling any of this to him.

Sharon: Okay, now this is starting to sound a little bit paranoid.

Nick: The worst part is victoria is genuinely concerned about dad’s health. So, there he is, letting her suspect the worst while also potentially setting her up to take the fall. Tell me again why I agreed to go back to the family business, even temporarily.

Sharon: Because you thought they needed you and you felt like you could help.

Nick: I should just be focusing on our thing, you know? It’s more fun and far less aggravating.

Sharon: We’re still getting things done, nick. We haven’t fallen behind.

Nick: I know, but…

Sharon: It’s okay. Look, I understand. You feel like you need to be there to help sort this out and you will, you always do.

Nick: Sharon, I don’t know this time. I mean, it’s like dad’s disappointment in adam is filtering down to the rest of us. I have no idea how it’s gonna play out this time.

Victor: You know damn well I don’t want to see the worst in any of my children.

Nikki: We are talking about victoria specifically.

Victor: I’m very aware of her qualities.

Nikki: And her loyalty?

Victor: Darling, you’ve got to trust me, okay? There’s one last part of the plan I need to put into play.

Nikki: And what is that?

Victor: You’ll see.

Nikki: What do you have up your sleeve this time?

Victor: Details aren’t important.

Nikki: The hell they’re not.

Victor: I don’t want to put you in another compromising position.

Nikki: Oh, are you afraid that I’m gonna spill the beans again like I did with nicholas?

Victor: Well?

Nikki: I stepped up and told him the truth and you still resent me for that, don’t you?

Victor: I don’t resent you.

Nikki: Well, then tell me what your plan is. Unless you were lying when you said you trusted me.

Victor: I trust you, all right? But I’ve got to do this my own way. The stakes are very high.

Nikki: Just so you know, doing things your way have caused everyone close to you to be sad or angry or both. You just don’t want to be wrong. It’s as simple as that. And this will not end well. You can trust me on that much.

Nick: I think I have to tell vic the truth. You don’t agree with me?

Sharon: Well, normally, yes, I do think you should let her know. I’m just thinking about how much victoria idolizes her father.

Nick: I don’t think she’s idolizing him very much at the moment.

Sharon: Well, it goes a lot deeper than that. Victor has been her mentor and her guide for most of victoria’s life. Unless you believe that his holding back from her really is about nate?

Nick: He just doesn’t trust her right now.

Sharon: If she finds out that he’s been putting her through this test or this trap or whatever it is he’s calling it, that could destroy their relationship forever.

Nick: Yeah, I’ve thought about that. They have a special connection, one that the rest of us don’t have with him. But what does it matter if it’s built on a lie this big?

Sharon: She could end up hating him.

Nick: Well, if that happens, that’s on dad. He made this mess.

Sharon: So, you are going to tell her?

Nick: I don’t see that I have a choice.

Sally: You really are a mystery, adam.

Adam: Well, I’ve been called worse.

Sally: No, seriously. You are. I mean, you say that you regret your part in whatever’s going on with victor, but I know the history. There have been other regrets and other broken promises.

Adam: So, in other words, you don’t believe a word that I’m saying.

Sally: I want to believe you, but there is a part of me that just keeps going back and forth. Like is he actually sincere this time? Or is this just another ploy to gain my sympathy?

Adam: No, I–

Sally: No, I don’t want to have those thoughts but I just can’t push them away.

Adam: No, I– I– I get it. There’s probably not an answer I could say right now that you would believe. I mean, I have earned that distrust. I guess I just thought if there was anybody out there that would give meI believe you.Ou are going to tell her?

Nick: I don’t see that I have a choice.

Sally: You really are a mystery, adam.

Adam: Well, I’ve been called worse.

Sally: No, seriously. You are. I mean, you say that you regret your part in whatever’s going on with victor, but I know the history. There have been other regrets and other broken promises.

Adam: So, in other words, you don’t believe a word that I’m saying.

Sally: I want to believe you, but there is a part of me that just keeps going back and forth. Like is he actually sincere this time? Or is this just another ploy to gain my sympathy?

Adam: No, I–

Sally: No, I don’t want to have those thoughts but I just can’t push them away.

Adam: No, I– I– I get it. There’s probably not an answer I could say right now that you would believe. I mean, I have earned that distrust. I guess I just thought if there was anybody out there that would give me the benefit of the doubt, it would be you. There is nobody else, sally. The only person that I can count on is you.

Sally: Well, that really puts me on the spot, doesn’t it?

Adam: Look, I don’t mean to do that, but I swear to– to– to god that this time, this time it is real.

Sally: Okay.

Adam: Okay?

Sally: I believe you.

Adam: Is this a leap of faith or is this coming from your heart?

Sally: A little bit of both.

Adam: What changed your mind?

Sally: The look in your eyes. I can see the fear, the compassion, the guilt.

Adam: Oh, there’s plenty of that.

Sally: Yeah. So, I guess the bottom line is that I have decided to trust you one more time.

Adam: And I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

Sally: I also believe that if you told victor what you just told me that he would believe you too.

Adam: I don’t know. I think it might be a little too late for that.

Sally: How so?

Adam: Oh, my father doesn’t seem to be inclined to want to deal with what’s going on with him. I mean, how is an apology from me gonna change anything. If he can’t accept something’s even wrong with him, how is he gonna accept somebody taking responsibility for it?

Sally: Okay. Then what can you do?

Adam: I, um, I reached out to a doctor.

Sally: A psychiatrist?

Adam: Mm-hmm. And I told him what was going on. I told him how he was acting and he agreed that it was serious. But then again, how do I get him to talk to a man without him realizing what’s really going on?

Sally: Yeah. No, I agree. It’s a risky move.

Adam: And it could completely backfire. He could just think this is me trying to work another angle. This is another con. But I’m gonna have to take that chance. I’m gonna have to follow through with it because honestly, I don’t know what else to do.

Sally: Well, I did think of another option.

Adam: Oh, yeah. What’s that?

Sally: Talk to your family about it. Get together with nick and victoria and face this together. Victor’s three children as one united front.

Adam: Yeah. Well, dad always did preach family unity.

Sally: Well, there you go. See?

Adam: Yeah, I already tried that. I already talked to nick and he completely dismissed the idea of working together. And victoria? Come on, we can barely stand to be in the same room with each other.

Sally: Okay. So, you’re just gonna give up?

Adam: No, I told you. I tried.

Sally: Okay. Well, try harder. Tell them that this is way bigger than whatever is going on between the three of you. And tell them for your father’s welfare, they need to work as a team.

Adam: You know, you’re really good at this.

Sally: What?

Adam: Pep talks. I’m sure when you get your new company off the ground, you’re gonna be an inspiring boss.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I know that you inspire me.

Sally: So, are you gonna do it?

Adam: You’re forgetting one thing, big thing, in between me and nick.

Sally: No, I’m definitely not forgetting it. And I do know that I am part of the conflict between the two of you, but this is way bigger than that too. And nick will eventually see that if you tell him what you just told me.

Adam: Yeah. I– I don’t know about that.

Sally: Look, just tell him, adam. Arrange a meeting between the three of you where nothing else has to matter except for your father’s health and welfare. If you guys want to go back to hating each other afterward, then so be it. But please do not let any of this get in the way of helping victor now.

Nick: Thanks for this.

Sharon: For what?

Nick: Just, uh, listening very patiently. You know– you know, went back and forth trying to figure out what I needed to do. You never once yawned or told me to stop talking.

Sharon: You’ve been there for me too. More than a few times.

Nick: I guess that’s the way it is with old friends.

Sharon: It’s nice that we can be that for each other after all these years.

Nick: It is.

Sharon: So, are you gonna call her?

[ Nick sighing ]

Nate: You could stay.

Victoria: Mm. That’s really tempting, but…

Nate: Yeah, big day tomorrow.

Victoria: Oh, they’re all big days.

[ Phone ringing ] Nick.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: It’s late. Is everything okay?

Nick: No, everything is not okay.

Victoria: Oh, my god. Is it dad?

Nick: No, dad’s all right, but I do need to talk to you about him.

Victoria: Yeah. Look, um, I think that maybe I convinced him to talk to someone. To sit down and just let them get a sense of what’s going on with him.

Nick: Vic.

Victoria: And I promise if they don’t find anything, I– I’ll let it go.

Nick: You don’t need to worry about that. But there is something I need to talk to you about and I’d prefer it if we do it face to face.

Victoria: Okay.

Nick: It can be tonight, tomorrow, whenever you want.

Victoria: Uh, well, I can meet you now.

Nick: Great. I’ll, um, I’ll be at society waiting for you.

Victoria: Okay, I’ll see you there. That was nick. Um, I’m gonna meet him.

Nate: So I heard. Is it about victor?

Victoria: Uh, well, whatever it is, it sounded urgent because he didn’t want to talk about it over the phone.

Nate: Okay. Keep me posted.

Victoria: Yeah, I will.

Nate: And if you need anything, I don’t care what time it is. I’ll be here for you.

[ Nate exhaling ]

Adam: Well,

Adam: Well,


Adam: Well, I guess this is good night.

Sally: Good night.

Victoria: What is it?

Nick: You should sit down.

Victoria: Would you please stop with all the mystery and just tell me what’s going on? If dad’s getting worse, just say it.

Nick: Dad is fine.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Nick: He’s as sane and healthy as ever. Probably more so after everything he’s been putting us through.

Victoria: I don’t understand.

Nick: He was lying. Everything that we thought we saw, everything that we thought he was going through was just a trap to test our loyalty.

Victoria: No. I mean, that can’t be. How did you find this out?

Nick: He told me.

Victoria: He told you?

Nick: Yeah, after I busted him. Told him I figured the whole scheme out. He’s been playing us.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nate: Victor.

Victor: Nate, I need to see you.

Nate: Uh, when?

Victor: Right now. Come to the ranch, okay? And don’t tell anyone where you’re going.

Nate: Uh, yes, victor, of course. But uh, can you at least tell me what’s happening?

Victor: They think that I don’t know what’s going on, but I do happen to know what’s going on.

Nate: Who are they?

Victor: I cannot talk about that right now over the phone. Just get here and make sure that no one knows where you’re going.

Nate: Absolutely.

Victor: You’re the only one I can trust, nate.

Nate: I’ll be right over.

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GH Transcript Thursday, October 26, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Finn, I — hi. Bad timing? No, not at all. Uh, almost done here. What’s up? It can wait. I’ll talk to you later. Okay. I get it. People have to look out for themselves sometimes, and that sometimes means starting over somewhere new. Just really, really sucks when someone who cares gets left behind. Hey, there. Hi, cody. Are you busy? Just feeding trigger here. You, uh, came to say goodbye? No. I, um, came to say that… I’m staying. You are? Um… well, that’s — that’s great. Cody, you can look at me. It’s okay to ask why I’m not leaving. Well, I am — I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I am dying to know why you’re staying. Okay, here you go. Thank you so much. Jordan, what brings you to G.H.? I am happy to report I’ve been cleared by my nephrologist. So no more appointments with dr. Simon? Well, considering I only have one kidney, I still need to check in with him every six months. But he’s pleased with my latest ultrasound results. Well, this calls for a celebration. No champagne in the vending machines, but can I buy you a coffee? Aw. No, thanks, but you can give me an update on curtis. How’s he doing? You know curtis as well as I do. He’s tough as nails, and he’s determined to make the best out of this bad situation. Yeah, but it took him a while to get there. Yeah, he was feeling sorry for himself in the beginning and pushing people away. But I think he’s made a lot of progress. Something tells me you gave him a tough love speech. I certainly did. He wasn’t too happy at first, but he came around. I just wish I had an update on the case for him. No word on who did this? No. Unfortunately, we have no answers yet.

[ Sighs ] I keep praying to god to help me understand why this happened. But like you, I — I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Hey, babe. Babe. I’m glad you’re back, because your lunchtime visit wasn’t nearly long enough. Oh. [ Chuckles ] But I do understand why you rushed off. And I want to say thank you. For what? Because, clearly, you told laura it was a good time to come by, and I appreciate it. Laura has been an amazing friend to you, and you haven’t seen each other since the shooting, so I’m glad you two got to spend some time together. Curtis: Yeah. Babe. Is everything okay? Not really. Cyrus renault was released from prison. And I’m guessing that you already heard that. Just found out. I didn’t want to call you and stress you at work. I figured we would talk about it at home. Who told you? Tj. And, of course, I was furious that they actually let this monster go, but I said, “that’s okay. I’m going to take some time to process it.” Lo and behold, guess who shows up? Cyrus decides to approach me at G.H. That son of a bitch. Josslyn, I’m so sorry. It’s no problem. No, thank you for covering. I mean, I was at sonny’s office, and we were right in the middle of something when katrina called and said that she couldn’t finish her shift, so… it’s really no problem. We weren’t too busy. But why did you need to see sonny? Hey. Sonny: Hey. Gabe said you were busy, but I thought I’d interrupt you anyway. Not at all. Come on in. Want to give you this for the groom, and for the bride as well, actually. What? Yeah. Ringside seats to all the boxing matches? Are you serious? Yeah. I love it. But this is like a — not like a wedding gift for nina, is it? Yeah. She’s going to love it, too.

[ Laughs ] What do you mean? Gets you out of the house so she can have a few nights to herself. This is all you get, nina. Take it or leave it.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Your assistant said michael was in here. I hope…I’m not interrupting. Is this a bad time? No, no, no, no. Not at all. It’s actually a perfect time because nina and i were just discussing something that concerns you. Weren’t we, nina? Yes, we were. So, do you want to tell willow? Or should I? Uh, thanks, dante. You know, this is — this is better than a toaster. Is that what michael got you?

[ Both chuckle ] How was the wedding? The wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be. It was small, intimate, just family. A few people missing, like avery and my best man. But… yeah, listen, you know I wanted to be there. You did it last minute. I couldn’t — I couldn’t drop everything. Work. The kids look cute. They have fun? Yeah, they — they loved it. Good. So, did michael fill in for me, or what? Your brother, you know, he stood by me, and it meant the world to me. But I’m not going to forget that I asked you to be my best man. Michael and I, we were talking about how much fun we had at the wedding on the island, and maybe we should go back there. That’s exactly why I’m here. This morning, wiley told me that he wants to go to grandpa’s island with you and sonny. Are the rest of us invited? Yes. We’re included. And he wants amelia to come this time. But he did make a point of saying that he wants to sit next to grandma nina on the plane. Halloween is coming up, but I thought the following weekend would be perfect, so we’ll all go down together. Does that work for you? I went to see sonny because drew was moved back to pentonville this morning. Whoa, what? Drew was almost beaten to death. They’re not going to let him finish recovering at G.H.? Does diane know that they sent him back? Yeah, she does, but, unfortunately, the transfer had already been approved, so there was nothing she could do about it. Well, that isn’t fair. No, it’s not. And then I went to go see him, and they wouldn’t let me in. Why? That’s why I went to go see sonny. I was trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Then I find out that drew was put in solitary confinement. That’s awful. Except it’s not, because it’s for his protection. And we are making some progress on getting him released. It just hasn’t happened yet. Thank you. Oh, look at you. Your hair looks good. Did I miss the memo? Have we opened up a salon at G.H.? It looks okay? You — you really like it? Yeah, I do. Okay. Do you always get your hair cut in your office? No. It was the first time. My barber, anzhela, was doing me a favor. It’s funny, when I hear the word “barber,” I think of some dude named joe in a white smock. Joe was booked, and I didn’t have any time to go out. And I was backed up with patients, and I guess, I don’t know, I just — I wanted to look nice for our trip. Well, I’m not going anywhere if I don’t get this done. So you better let me get back to work. I’m sorry if my hair was a distraction. I’ll see you later. Yeah. Okay. How does this happen? You weren’t notified when he was released, and now he’s allowed to confront his victims? This — this is outrageous. Cyrus said that he was there to apologize, that he was a different man back then. And now — now he’s found god and he sees the light. Oh, please. Of course, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Um… did you try to contact the hospital security? No, no, no. I wanted to stand up to him on my own. I told him that I would get a restraining order if he approached me or trina ever again. I put on a brave face. I did. But I’m not going to lie, he got to me. Mainly because I was thinking about trina. What if he approaches her? We can’t protect her in that dorm. She’s going to have to move back home, at least for a little while. Yeah. We’re going to have to protect our daughter. And I know just who to call. I haven’t seen you since tj and molly told me their surrogate was pregnant. Mm-hmm. Oh, I’m so happy for them. I know, it’s so exciting. And you are going to be a grandma. Okay, you know, I-I’m not sure I’m ready to be called that yet.

[ Laughs ] I’m working on an alternate name. Okay, okay, I understand. Stella, you got to help me. Yes? Okay. I made a big mistake. All right. You’ll have to excuse me, ladies. It’s curtis. I don’t know what to do. Okay, well, tell me what’s wrong. Calm down. I made a costly mistake with a patient. Uh-huh. Calm down. Calm down. Okay. And tell me what happened. Well, as you know, I finished my patient advocate training last week, and I was feeling very confident with myself. I thought that I could do the job, but today turned out to be a really big disaster. I was helping a patient fill out some insurance forms to get an approval for an mri. Now, these papers, it’s very complicated, but I thought that I filled them out correctly, and I told him that it was approved by the insurance. And so off he went to radiology. And I looked at the paperwork again, and I realized I made a huge mistake. He’s got to pay, out of pocket, $11,000. Now, I know that he and his wife are on a limited income and they don’t have that kind of money. What am I going to do, stella? Write a check. Can you repeat that? I have to write a check for $11,000? I was just kidding. A little patient advocate humor. Now, look, we deal with difficult situations like this all the time, and we will figure this out, okay? You just need to take a deep breath. Hm! All right. Good. And let me have the forms, and I’ll see what I can do. Should I come with you? No, no, you just sit tight, and I’ll try to figure this out. I told jordan that we were concerned about trina. Now, I don’t expect them to have someone watching cyrus 24/7, but he does need to be on the pcpd’s radar.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want trina to worry, and I certainly don’t want her to be paranoid, but she’s got to keep her eyes open. You know what? I’m going to call ava. I don’t want her working at the gallery alone anymore, especially at night. Jordan told me that you were with her when she found out how cyrus was released. Yeah, yeah, I was. He got a hardship release because of a heart attack he had a while back? That, and she said the warden cited his good behavior? I couldn’t believe it when jordan told me that. I mean, why would a warden do that, knowing what a criminal cyrus is? I’m more suspect of the doctor. Who would testify on cyrus’ behalf? Did jordan tell you who the doctor was? I didn’t ask. I know jordan, and she wouldn’t give up a name, especially to me, because she knows I would go track this guy down. What kind of doctor would put this animal back on the streets? Jordan: Felicia, are you okay? Oh, no. I messed up really big. I’m hoping stella can help me. Don’t worry. If anyone can fix it, it’s stella.

[ Door opens ] Hi. I just remembered what I wanted to ask you. Uh-huh. What do I pack for vermont? A toothbrush and a sweater? Ugh, you’re no help. What? What? It gets cold in the mountains, so, uh, maybe a hat and, um, the — those — don’t worry about it, all right? Dan already stocked the cabin. It’ll have everything we need. Okay, but what are we planning? Like, do I need hiking boots? Rain gear? Right, right. Okay. So, yeah. You know, we’re going to go for some walks in the woods, but nothing too crazy. It should be relaxing, not an episode of “survivor.” I mean, it’ll be fun, I promise. Yeah. I-I can’t wait. Okay. So what time are we leaving tomorrow morning? I was thinking around 6:00? 8:00? 7:00? 7:15? Deal. I’ll pick you up at 7:15 sharp. Oh, no, I don’t think so. I know you didn’t grow up with me in your life, but we’ve always had a special bond. Yeah, look, I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t tough growing up without a father. But, you know, my mother did her best, but… seeing my friends in the street playing stickball with their dads, you know, that’s something I wanted, too. I’m sorry about that. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know I existed. But you know what? When you found out I was your father, you could have turned your back on me. And you didn’T. Yeah, I could have. But you know what? We lead different lives, and I made peace with that a long time ago. I just want you to know that there’s no one I respect more than you. Thanks. It means a lot. You supported me and nina from the beginning. And that… you always have my back. Well, the feeling’s mutual, because if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know that I would be standing here right now. I’m busy that weekend. I-I happen to be out of town. I’m going to paris to meet a designer. We’re doing a feature on him for his spring line. Well, no worries. It was just an impulsive idea. We can — we can do it another time.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. But with the holidays coming up, it might be hard for us to get away. I think we should shoot for next year. Yeah. Well, you know, you didn’t stop by for nothing, right? I mean, nina, why don’t — why don’t you give willow that — that gift? What gift? I’m sorry. Sonny — he ruined the surprise. I saw him earlier. He said that you had a gift for willow. Why don’t — why don’t you — why don’t you give to her now? No, that’s okay, I can wait. I’ll just bring it by the house this weekend. Yeah, no, but it’ll save you a trip. Besides, I know how busy you are at work, and who knows the next time you might be able to see the kids. Great idea.

[ Chuckles ] Here you go. Thank you, nina. Okay. I’m going to head out, but let me walk you to your car. You know what? That’s okay. I, um… I want to catch up with nina. Okay.

[ Door closes ] While I was packing, I, um — I came across a photo of me and brando. It was taken the weekend we got married. And I debated for a really long time if I was going to take it with me or not. And finally I decided to leave it there. Why didn’t you want to take it with you? He was your husband. It was symbolic, I guess. If I didn’t take it with me, it would be like I was leaving the past behind. All the pain and suffering would stay here in port charles, and it wouldn’t come with me. But as I was in the car on my way to the airport, I, um — I asked the driver to go along the lake so I could see it one last time, and when I was looking out over the water, I realized that despite all the loss — brando, liam — and despite the betrayal of gladys, there are many good things about this place. I have people here who care about me. Put me on the top of that list. Did you just change your mind? You don’t want to go? I absolutely have not changed my mind. I am really looking forward to it. I just don’t think a five-hour car ride with luggage and a cooler is practical in your mini cooper. You don’t like the mini cooper? No, I-I-I love the mini cooper. It’s a great car. I just think that mine makes more sense, you know, because it’s bigger. Uh-huh. Okay, well, I just — I don’t want you to have to drive the whole way. We can split the driving. Deal.

[ Chuckles ] I’m thinking whoever testified on cyrus’ behalf had to be paid off. So cyrus used his connections to get out. The hardship release, that was just an excuse. We need to find the name of this doctor. At the very least, he needs his license revoked. I agree, but you don’t need to get your hands dirty, okay?

[ Scoffs ] Cyrus is still a dangerous man, so we’ll just leave it to the pcpd for now. Yeah, yeah, I’ll back off. But if cyrus comes near me or trina, I’m not going to hesitate to take the first shot. That’s my wife. Not only a healer, but a warrior. You got that right. Felicia, I spoke to the insurance company. Were they able to cover the cost of the mri? Unfortunately not. They would not budge. It’s just unfair for the patient to have to cover the cost. Since it’s my mistake. Exactly. There has to be something G.H. Can do. No, this is my responsibility. I intend to pay for it. Come on. You know I owe you my life. When I was with the wsb, imprisoned, you came over there, you brought me back. You would have done the same thing for your son. Yeah, but, man, did i come back with a lot of baggage. It was like a struggle to get out of bed. And, you know, I was on the verge of losing everything that mattered to me. And I was able to rebuild my life. That’s thanks in large part to you. You got to give yourself a lot of credit. You worked hard, and I know it wasn’t easy, but… you know, if I learned anything from that time, it was, like, leave the past alone and just move forward. You’ve done that. You moved forward. I mean, you even found love with sam. Yeah. Like you did with nina. Couldn’t be happier for you. Hey, what are you doing? Going to pick up some takeout cookies for my grandson?

[ Chuckles ] No, no. But that does sound good, though. No, uh, josslyn just wanted to meet with me. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, it’s time to put out the “q signal.” Like — like the bat signal for batman. All right, you need to use some of your quartermaine influence, because you have connections and elq has clout. Okay, what do you need me to do? Well, mom was telling me about how even though we’re making progress in getting drew released, it’s stalled, so maybe you can help un-stall it. What — wait, what’s going on? Okay, look, I really appreciate, josslyn, that you want michael to help, but I don’t want you any more involved than you already have been, okay? It’s too risky. It’s too close to the insider-trading incident. Yeah, no, I’m afraid you’re right. Way too close. Oh, nina. This is so thoughtful. I love it.

[ Chuckles ] Look at how handsome our boy is. Yeah. Well… I’m really glad that you like it, willow. I made one for carly, too, to give to her. This means a lot to me. Thank you. You’re welcome. You know, we really had such a great time at your wedding. Wiley has not stopped talking about it. No, I think this can be a new beginning for all of us. Nina: It was impulsive. I will explain it to willow. Oh, right. You think willow will understand? Do you know what drew means to her? I know he helped her. He saved her life! Drew saved your daughter’s life, and you got him sent to prison. No, i didn’T. Oh, no, no. He’s only there because of you, nina. He was beaten so badly that he almost died. Do you think willow’s gonna forgive you for that? We really have to stop meeting like this.

[ Laughs ] I’m actually glad I ran into you. Please don’t let me forget apples. I won’t let you forget apples. Why apples? This weekend. I promised aiden that I would bring him back apples from vermont, because he’s totally into making pies right now. I love a good pie. Oh, I learn something new about you every day. What’s your favorite? Everything but rhubarb. What is that, a root pie? I don’t get it. I know. Me neither. I will tell aiden no rhubarb, like, ever. So, are your dad and chase all set for babysitting? Yeah, absolutely. And brook lynn is joining them. Aww. Violet’s so excited, I don’t think she’ll even miss me.

[ Chuckles ] I doubt I’ll even get a text message. So, no responsibility, no work. Just us. Just us. I like the sound of that. Me too.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So, uh, what’s next for you? Calling the movers. Mm-hmm. They have to bring everything back. And they’re somewhere in between austin and here. So I’m going to have to stay at the metro court for a few nights. If you want, I could ask mama q if there’s a spare room in the main house, you know, just till your furniture comes back. Oh, no, no. Some of the quartermaines are just too intimidating. Mm. And by “some,” you mean tracy. Yeah. She’s just a lot to take on. And I am not up for the challenge these days. I haven’t even gathered the courage to return maxie’s calls. Why not? Maxie’s always had your back, hasn’t she? Oh, yes. Always. But she never really said why she came over last night, and I just have a bad feeling it had something to do with work. Like, maybe my future as the face of deception won’t last very long. Well, don’t — don’t go jumping to conclusions. I mean, maxie totally supports you. She’s a good person. She’s raised a great kid. I’ve gotten to know james a little.

[ Laughs ] Kid cracks me up. He really tells it like it is. I’m not surprised that you feel close to james. You’re family. Although I missed you at the wedding, I’m glad that you stayed, because dex told me what happened with ava. Yeah, that was crazy. That mason gatlin guy abducts her. And, luckily, we found them before, you know, he could hurt her. If not for you, ava and dex would be dead. Dex, josslyn, spinelli — without them, we wouldn’t have found mason’s location. Well, I’m glad that you saved ava, because the last thing I want to do is tell avery that her mother died. Yeah. No kidding. So, you do all this, what does the pcpd do? Ah. They put you on leave? Is that what — why is that? It’s just procedural stuff. It doesn’t — it’ll clear itself up. But what I’m concerned about more is that cyrus renault was released from prison. Yep. I heard. Just don’t do anything you might normally want to do. Okay? Yes, detective. Come here. I love you. All right. Love you, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] Alexis tried to help us by cornering judge kim. I uncovered proof that kim was taking kickbacks and gifts, so alexis and gregory chase called in judge kim for an interview. They said they were doing a profile on his landmark cases. Did that work? Well, they confronted him about a trip he took on asher alexander’s private jet. Hey, isn’t he that billionaire with the yacht? Yeah, and, apparently, he went on some caribbean fishing trip with him. Kim denied it and stormed out of alexis’ office. Well, that might have scared him. I think it did. Alexis heard through a contact that he requested drew’s case file. So we’re thinking he’s either going to reduce the sentence or commute it altogether. No matter what, I just want to lie low. I don’t want you pushing anything, because I want to see what kim’s next move is. But you can still pursue your connection at the sec, because I want a name. I’m not going to stop until I find out who blew the whistle on me and drew. Willow, um, I just want to tell you that I have so many regrets about the things that I have done and my behavior in the past. I’ve made so many mistakes. I’ve made mistakes with you. And if I had one wish, I wish that I could take them all back. We can’t change what’s happened. But we can learn from it and try to do better. Yeah. I’m willing, if you are. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You’re wearing the bracelet. Yeah, I’m wearing the bracelet. Are you kidding me? I haven’t taken it off since you gave it to me. I love it, I cherish it. You said it was harmony’s? Yeah, it was. It’s so strange. I’ve been dreaming about her lately. What have you been dreaming? I can’t figure it out. She’s — she’s trying to tell me something, warn me. And when I ask her what it means, she talks, but I can’t hear anything. I’m sure it’s just my subconscious working overtime. Oh, nina, I’m s– does talking about harmony make you uncomfortable? No! No, no, no, it’s nothing like that. It’s just sometimes I get overwhelmed because I realize how much I have, and I want to hold on to it, you know? I feel so grateful our relationship is so good now. I just… I just sometimes feel like it’s going to be taken away from me. I — I’m sorry. I’ve just lost a lot of things in my life. You’re not going to lose me. Okay. Oh, you’re the best, tonya. Thank you. And the next dinner is on me, girl. No, no, no, no, no arguing. I owe you big time. Okay. Stella, I got it. Who do I make it out to? Uh, no one. Oh, they don’t take a personal check? I can go to the bank tomorrow and get a cashier’s check. You don’t have to write any check. It’s taken care of. I don’t understand. The patient agreed to letting G.H. Use the mri results in a major research project that the hospital is sponsoring.

[ Mouths “what?” ] See? I told you stella would fix it. How did you get that done? My friend tonya coordinates research for clinical trials, and she gave me a few contacts. I made some calls, and that was it. Easy-peasy.

[ Laughter ] Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver. You’re back at the books. Yeah. Going over these numbers for august. This is our worst quarter ever. I mean, it’s going to take some time to get out of this hole. But you weren’t at the savoy. You were still recovering. Now that you’re back, the savoy is going to be fine. I sure hope so. Why don’t we put all this stuff away for now and start thinking about what you want for dinner tonight? I can cook. I think I got some steaks in the refrigerator. You know, you need a break. So why don’t I take my beautiful wife to dinner? Oh. What do you say? I’m thinking sushi. Sushi. Maxie and her kids are not my family. I mean, technically, they kind of are, but I’m the only one who knows, so it doesn’t really count. I know. Yeah, I know you know. And so do sam and dante. But I trust you guys. I know you won’t tell anyone. Wow. I’m honored you would put me in the same category as sam and dante. Oh, sasha, you’re in a category all by yourself. And what would that be? Mm, it is so unique, so je ne sais quoi, it defies categorization.

[ Laughs ] Um… I’ve actually been thinking about why you haven’t been honest with mac. Look, I’m the last person who should be giving any advice. But for what it’s worth, I would not be standing here today if I did not realize what I would miss if I walked away from the people I care about. And mac, he cares about you, even though he doesn’t even know that he’s your father. Can you imagine how amazing he would feel if you told him the truth? My contact is still working on it, but I’ll — I’ll keep you posted. Okay. Hey. Carly: Hey. Oh, willow, it’s so good to see you. Good to see you. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. Hey. Glad you could join us. Yeah. I came straight from nina’S. She’s still on cloud nine from the wedding. Carly, I am so sorry. That was… it’s okay. We were just talking about the wedding, or donna’s version of the wedding. Well, she is now a pro at being a flower girl. She threw down those petals with confidence.

[ Laughter ] And I do have to say, you know, donna wasn’t the only one who rose to the occasion. Michael really stepped up. I’m just so proud of him and the way that he’s accepted sonny and nina.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Hello, bride. Well, hello, groom. What are you doing? You already sent me flowers. Yeah, but, you know, the new mrs. Corinthos can’t have too many flowers. It’s a special occasion. Oh, really? And what would that be? Well, it’s the first night back in port charles as husband and wife. So we’ll celebrate. Mm. All right? Yeah. My dry eye’s made me a burning,stingi okay. Work done. Check. Haircut done. Check. Playlist for the car? Podcast on dengue fever. Check. Oh, no. You can hold that check. We will not be listening to podcasts on infectious diseases. Oh, no, I’ve been saving this one. It’s supposed to be really good. No, please stop. I will take care of the music.

[ Mellow guitar music plays ] Huh? Okay. Okay.

[ Laughs ] See you at 7:30. No, 7:15. W-we said 7:15.

I opened up my heart

and you walked right in this is not my first rodeo.

Would you stay a little while? Okay. Go, cowgirl.

That love takes its sweetest time to grow yeah. Yeah, trigger’s a good guy.

And I hope, I hope don’t let these forms intimidate you. You’re going to get used to the terminology. Okay?

I get to know you more yes, okay. You’re going to get this. I know you will.

‘Cause I want every bit of you

the good and the bad

my heart is yours when you’re happy hey, you ready to go, sweetie? All set. Wow. Lookit. You look great. Thank you. So do you. Thank you. Let’s do it. Yes. Yes. After you, monsieur.

[ Laughs ] Look at me. Oh, man!

And I know, I know

that love makes a person feel whole leave her alone. Hey, you know, when michael was little, he used to dip his french fries in his shake.

And I hope, I hope he still does it. That’s gross. Don’t knock it till you try it. Here. No, I’m not trying it.

We get closer as we go I’m not trying it. It’s mint chip. No, you try it.

‘Cause I want every bit of you

the good and the bad oh.

My heart is yours when you’re happy

it’s yours when you’re sad this is delicious. Not better than my cooking? No, nothing is better than your cooking.

…That I feel the way I do I’ll make you my specialty tomorrow.

And I was made for you I can’t wait.

And I was made for you

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Days Transcript Thursday, October 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


I trust you have settled into your new home, then and you are making inroads with the young Mr. Kiriakis?

[tense music]

Inroads? Forget that. I’m playing the long game. The last thing I want to do is scare him off.

Of course not. I understand. Especially after you went through all the trouble of making him Victor’s long-lost son and heir.

[sighs] Yeah. Especially after that.

[chuckles] And for thatI am very grateful. God knows neither one of us wanted it to be Xander.

[tense music]

No, Sloan. I don’t want you to hold back. I want you to throw a colossal spanner in the works. Well, it’s an expression. I just–it just means that I want you to hit Sarah with both barrels and it her with every barrel that you can. This hearing coming up I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of my daughter.

[knock at door] Just let me know if you need anything else.

[phone beeps]

[Xander sighs] Maggie! Well, this is a pleasant surprise! How are you?

I am fit to be tied is how I am. How dare you try to take my granddaughter away?

[tense music]

You know, I always love this time of year especially when the kids were little.

Yeah, you loved it because you liked raiding Stephanie and Joe’s candy haul.

That is not true!

It is.

Okay, wellmaybe a few times.

[soft upbeat music]


Wow, look at you.

You are so cute.

Those are great costumes. You’re such a scary witch!

[Kayla chuckles]

What a nice surprise!

I know, right? I had the pleasure of picking up these two sweethearts from school and bringing them over here to have an after-school treat.

That’s because my dad and Stephanie are home working.

[mouth full] Okay, Steph?

[clearly] Steph, how’s this? “Titan regrets the decision to disrupt their habitat “but will have the turtles transported “to a nearby sanctuary while a new location for the plant is being scouted.”

That’s pretty goodbut don’t say decision. It implies culpability. Just say Titan regrets the disruption.

That’s a good catch. Got it.

[doorbell chimes]

Ohcould you please get that? I’m just putting on some finishing touches on my costume.

Yep. No problem. Probably have an early batch of trick-or-treaters.

[laughing evilly] Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

[suspenseful mysterious music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[suspenseful music]

Konstantin? Hello?

I-I must go.

[phone beeps] Well, if it isn’t the lovely Sarah and even lovelier with a baby in her arms.

[chuckles] I don’t feel so lovely on three hours of sleep.

Every new mother is lovely.

[Sarah chuckles] And who is this little angeleh? I haven’t had the privilege of being introduced. My name is Konstantin. And you are?

[Sarah chuckles]

[baby crying]

This very loud, little angel is Victoria.

Oh! Named after Victor, of course. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. And how happy he would be to know that you are here in this world, hmm?

I’d like to think so.


Although he wasn’t always very happy with her father. And I couldn’t help but overhear when I came in you were talking about him– about Xander.

[Victoria crying]

Now listen, Maggie–

No! You listen to me. You are not only trying to get full custody of Victoria which is an outrage but you have the gall to call Sarah an unfit mother!

She is unfit. She tried to deny my child her father.

That doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not she could take care of her child! She is a wonderful mother!

Oh, she wasn’t very wonderful to me, was she? She lied to me. Let me believe that my daughter was Rex’s. And come to think of itso did you.

[suspenseful mysterious music]


Was it trick or treaters?

[clears throat] No, no, nobody was there. It must have been some kids playing a prank. EJ said the same thing happened to him last night. Hey, how’s it going with that costume in there? You need some help? It’s kind of taking, uh… * Forever *

No, I think I’m fine.

[mouth full] Forever!

[chuckling] I think I’m finally finished. Ta-da.

[soft dramatic music] Well, what do you think?

Yeah, it’s nice.

It seems you don’t like it. Oh, did you want to wear matching costumes?


Sorry, I didn’t think to ask.

No, no, no, it’s not that.

Chad? What? Tell me what you’re thinking.

It’s nothing. It’s the last Halloween I spent with Abigail she–she wore a costume exactly like that.

[Alex groaning]

Alex! What happened to you?

[Alex groans]

[intense music]

[Theresa gasps]

[Alex groans]

God! We have to get you to a hospital now!

No, no, no, no, no, noit’s okay, it’s okay. The only thing in need of emergency attention is this shirt. Don’t worry, it’s not blood.

[scoffs] It’s not?


What happened? Did you run into some Halloween prank or something?

[sighs] I wish. A-apparently one of Titan’s manufacturing plants disturbed the habitat of some local turtles? And anywaywe’re relocating these things. And meanwhilethis activist group shows up claiming that Titan has blood on its hands. So I’m walking out of the building to go to lunch and–

Someone just threw blood on you?

I mean, I think it’s just food coloring and corn syrup? I hope?


I mean, I guess I could pull it off as some sick Halloween costume.

[Theresa sighs]

Think it would be better to go home and change, though.

YeahI think you need a shower and a clean shirt, mister.

I think you’re right. Maybe you should come home and join me.

[soft dramatic music] I mean, this is some pretty sticky stuff. I might need some help scrubbing it off.

[Theresa scoffs]

All this timeyou knew the truth. And here I am the idiot who thought we had a real connection.

We did, but– we do.

[soft dramatic music] Xander, you know how I feel about you. And I hope you know that I hated lying to you.

Yet here we are.

Yes. Well, if it’s any consolation I pleaded with Sarah to tell you the truth. But she was so angry with you because of what you had done to Bonnie and Susan.

Yeah, she convinced herself that I was a murderer.

Well, at the very least she thought she had gone back on your word. And you had reverted back to your scheming ways. And in fact, all to be fairyou had and with terrible consequences. But honestlyI thought you should have been given a second chance. But she wasn’t changing her mind. And even though I disagreed with her, she’s– she’s my daughter, and I have to respect her wishes.

[soft dramatic music]

[Xander sighs]

Of course. I suppose you did. I’m sorry, Maggie. I shouldn’t have lost my temper and shouted at you especially now. I can only imagine how hard things have been for you since you lost Victor.

Apology accepted. Thank you, Xander.

How are you holding up?

You’re right.

[shakily] It’s hard.

[Maggie sighs] But it’s been a little easier lately. Thanks to a wonderful manKonstantin.

[ominous music]

Oh, so you heard me say something about Xander?

Yes. I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.

Oh, of course not. It’s-it’s quite all right. I was, um… talking to a friend of mine in Greece. He’s running the restaurant while I’m away.

And you were telling him about Xander? D-does he even know Xander?

Oh, he does.

[sighs] Believe me. Victor’s nephew has quite a reputation in Greece. Everyone knows that he is the black sheep of the Kiriakis family despite his misguided delusions about wanting to be the golden boy.

[both sigh]

That sounds about right.

Now I’ve heard from your mother that he is trying to take custody of your daughter?

[Konstantin scoffs]


Forgive me. I apologize. I suppose I was gossiping but I had to let my friend in Greece know that he had added another horrible deed to his… long list. I-I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Your ex-husband has hurt many people. My family included.

I-I’m so sorry.

[sighs] Thank you. But there’s no need for you to apologize. Tell mewhat are your lawyers saying? Surely they can’t believe that Xander can get custody of your pretty, little girl, huh? Huh?

Well, my lawyer is Justin.


Victor’s nephew.

A very wise choice.

And although he doesn’t think that a judge would give Xander custody of Victoria he also warned that one could.

But why? How could the judge possibly find you unfit?

Um… uh, because I lied. I told Xander that he wasn’t Victoria’s father.

[sighing] Oh.

And he only found out because of something that someone else overheard.

Oh, how unfortunate.


And I imagine, Sarah you thought that it was in Victoria’s best interest to never let Xander learn that he was the real father? Right?

[chuckling] Of courseI completely agree with you.


[chuckles] Let’s hope that a judge is as understanding as you are.

I hope so as well.

Yeah, right now, I just– I have to do absolutely everything I can to look like the perfect parent for my daughter. And… I think I know just how to do that.

[dramatic music]

I got some chocolate fudge bars! And Charlotte got threeso could I have one more?

Um, sure, sure. Here you go.


You’re supposed to put one each in each bag.

Oops. I guess I put a couple extras in somebody’s bag.


That’s because they’re the best. Right, little dude?


Yeah, well, I need to talk to your Uncle Steve about the finer points of candy distribution. Well, come here a secondwould you?

[softly] Uh-oh, I’m in trouble.

You’re not in trouble. I just want to talk to you before Stephanie and Chad get here.

Are you afraid I’m going to give them some extra fudge bars?

[chuckling] No, it’s not about candy. I just want to give you the heads-up that maybe we don’t really ask them about, you know when they’re getting married.

Oh, I’m not going to make that same mistake twice. Why? Did Chad propose?

[sighs] No, not exactly. Stephanie told me today that he finally admitted that he didn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

[Kayla sighs]

So Abigail wore this same costume?

[delicate dramatic music] God, what a coincidence. I-I’m sorry. I had no idea.

No, no, no, don’t–sorry. It’s not your fault. And it’s just that they’re– they’re–almost identical.

Yeah, wellI rented this from the costume shop off the square so I’ll bet Abigail got hers at the same place.

Yeah, she–she always went all-out for Halloween.

Yeah, I’m sureespecially with the kids. Well, I will go change.

Hey, no, no, no. Wait. Don’t do that. You put so much effort into it. And you look– you look beautiful.

No, no, no. It’s not a lot of effort. It’s just a costume. And I don’t want to wear something that upsets the kids. Or you, either. Today is supposed to be funright? Just give me a minute.

I mean, this is some pretty sticky stuff. I might need a little help scrubbing it off. Might be in some hard-to-reach places.

Uh-huh. I don’t really think showering with you falls under roomie dutiesmister.

Oh. Well, I don’t think we are just roomies, miss, right? I think we’re a little bit more than that.

Okay, look.

[sighs] I know that we slept togetherlike, really, really fast but I think that now that we’re living together we should perhaps hold off.


Because… as I said we should get to know each other, right? You know? Like, maybe you could buy a girl a lunch.

[Alex chuckles sarcastically]

I think I said something like that, but sure, yes. I think I can do that especially considering I just inherited, like a gazillion dollars. I can spare it. I will be back.

[suspenseful music]

[Theresa sighs]

Boy. Long game, indeed.

[soft upbeat music]

Wow, don’t you look dashingCount?

I figured I’d go with a classic.

Uh, Stephaniewhat are you going as? Like, a potential victim, or–


[Chad chuckles] No, I, um, I-I just decided not to wear my costume.

Oh. Why is that?

I realized that the, uh the costume I had just wasn’t the right thing. And it didn’t really fit me.

I’m sorrybut I need to get to work.


Mm. Hey, listen, Count. Why don’t you come by the blood bank later and you can, uhdrum up some business?

Ah, yes.

Have fun with the kiddos. Bye, ladies! both: Bye.

See you.

Stephaniecome see our candy.

Wow! Whoa, you really hit the jackpot, huh?

Chad? I need to talk to you.

Well, it sounds like Konstantin has been a great comfort to you.

He has been, actually. Meeting someone who knew Victor for so long I mean, who can tell you things about him that you didn’t even know yourself?

That’s wonderful. I’m grateful that Konstantin can give you that. Well, I’m afraid that, uhhe’s not equally fond of me. I had some unfortunate business dealings with his family, you see.

Yeah, he-he mentioned itI think.

Well, he’s not here for me. He’s here for you.


And I’m glad you have someone you can lean on. Although for the recordyou can always lean on me.

I appreciate that, Xander. Your friendship means so much to me.

[soft sentimental music]

We’re more than friendsMaggie. We’re family.

[softly] Yeah.

[Maggie’s hand pats Xander’s back]

[Xander sighs] Yes, yes, we are family. And we always will be, Xander because of that beautifullittle baby.

[Xander sighs]

[Maggie laughs]

She’s really beautifulisn’t she?

Yes, she is.

[Xander chuckles] And she deserves to be loved and cared for by both of her parents. So for her sake I hope so much that you and Sarah… well, you can work things out.

Whatever you have to doit will be more than worth it if it means keeping this little baby with you where she belongs.

[Victoria fussing]

I’m hoping so. Anyway I know that my mother is very happy that you are here and you have been such a comfort to her.

That is very kind of you to say.

And I’m running late. I have an errand. And I need to find this little one’s nanny so that she can put her down for a nap.

What? I ran into the nanny upstairs. If you’d like, I can take the little one up to her.

Are you sure?

[chuckles] Of course! I am no stranger to babies.

[chuckling] Okay. And Victoria has clearly already taken a liking to you.

[Victoria cooing excitedly]

Well, I should hope so. Because I am most clearly crazy about her.

[both laugh]

Okay. Thank you so much. And I love you, little one.


[Konstantin sighs]

[softly] Thank you.

[Victoria cooing excitedly]

Yes. Agapoula mou. Yes.

[Victoria cooing]

[soft tense music] I hate to break it to you…

[whispers] But your namesake is one horrible son of a bitch.

[Victoria crying] Yes, he is. And I intend to get all his money. Yes, I do.

[Victoria crying]

You expecting someone?

Just those damn protesters who showed up at Titan earlier.

Doubt they followed you here.

Yeah, can’t be too careful.

Don’t worry. You got it all off.

Yeah, well, it would have been a lot easier if I had… somebody to help spot check.

[soft dramatic music]

I’ll tell you what.


The next time you’re doused in corn syrup and red food coloring…

[Alex chuckles] I’ll be sure to take a cursory peek.

Just a peek?

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Salem’s newest roommates.

[sighs] What do you want, Xander?

Nothing from you, believe me. But you…


I feel like I didn’t give you a proper warning yesterday so I’ll do it now. You’re making a huge mistake being anywhere near this woman.

Uh, I’m sitting right here. I can hear you.

YeahI think I can handle myself.

Don’t be so sure. Theresa is a grade-A manipulator.

[spoon clatters on plate]

Again I’m sitting right here.

The only reason someone like her offers to spend time with someone like you is because she’s after your fortune.

[mysterious tense music]

Maggie, you’re home!

Oh. Hello, Konstantin.

Aside from always being delighted to see you while you were out a gift I had made for you was delivered.

Oh, Konstantin. That’s very sweet of you. But it’s completely unnecessary.

Of course it’s necessary! You’ve been gracious enough to let me stay here. The least I can do is repay you for your kindness.

Oh. Oh, heavens. My kindness doesn’t need repaying. and even if it did, I mean you gave me that beautifullovely photo album. And it helped me feel so much closer to Victor seeing him in those pictures.

I’m glad those photos brought you so much comfort. Just like I hope this gift will.

[delicate dramatic music]

Oh, my goodness. What is this? What is this? Oh, my God. Oh.

[Maggie sighs softly]


Hi, Kayla.

Hi, Sarah.

Now a bad time?

No, never. Not for you. It’s wonderful to see you. How’s little Victoria?

Oh, she’s amazing. And I am exhausted.


Oh, yeah. I remember those first few months. They are brutal.

[chuckling] Mm-hmm.

But it’s to be expectedright? And you do not look exhausted.


You look great.

[chuckles] You’re sweet. You’re lying, but you’re sweet.

[chuckles] Not.

[Sarah chuckles] Where is that little beauty? Did you bring her in for a checkup?

No, um, she’s at home. Um, I came in because, uh there’s something I was hoping you could help me with.

Sure. If I can, I’m happy to. What do you need?

[soft dramatic music]

A job.

[soft upbeat music]

What’s going on?


[sighs] I’m sorry I brought up the subject of marriage the other night. But I didn’t realize it at the time. Kayla just told me that Stephanie said you told her you didn’t see yourself getting married anytime soon.

Right. I mean, Steph and I, we– we–we talked about it. She feels the same way I do.


It seems like we’re on the same page about it.

Are you? I don’t know, man. I think you may need to turn to a new page.

I-I didn’t know that you had decided to stay in town.

Um, yeah, yeah. I-I am definitely staying. Um… I don’t know how much you’ve heard, but.. Xander is suing me for full custody of Victoria.

Oh, no. Wellyou can’t really be worried that a judge would grant that?


[sighs] I didn’t think so, but Justin said that one very well could because I lied about her paternity. Oh, Kayla, I’m so sorry. I’m just–I’m doing everything in my power to make sure that I look like the best parent possible for my daughter. I mean, hell, I am doing everything in my power to be the best parent for my daughter. But you know now Rex and I are getting a divorce. And my situation is just a lot more precarious now.

[somber music]

I see.

And Xander…

[sniffles] Will probably use anything and everything. So, umI just want to be prepared. And showing the court that I am gainfully employed would really help my prospects.

Well, are you sure you’re ready to come back to work? I mean, you have a newborn.

Um, yeah, yeah. I, um, I-well–

[sighs] I was-I was hoping that I could just start off as part-time and then slowly work my way up to full-time hours.

Well, you know what? Now that’s something that’s going to work. I have a doctor who just resigned. He was working part-time.

[Sarah sighs] So as long as you’re ready to start pretty soon?

I will start as soon as you want. I’ll start right now.

No, no. You don’t need to do that. No, listen. I’m getting my assistant to get the paperwork together. We’ll email you, okay?

[Sarah sobs happily] All right.

Thank you, Kayla.

Hush. Listen, I’m sorry you’re going through all this. But I’m happy to have you back.

[Sarah chuckles]

Thank you so much. I’ll see you soon.


[Sarah sniffles]

[Kayla sighs]

Oh, for God’s sake, Alex. Don’t listen to him. Ugh.

[clears throat] Our living situation has absolutely nothing to do with money. And not that it’s any of your business but I asked Alex out before I even knew he was Victor’s son.

My, my, what an unbelievably lucky coincidence. Emphasis on unbelievably.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Just I wouldn’t be surprised if you somehow had some inside information about Victor’s will.

Xander, get lost, huh?

How would I know what’s in Victor’s will?

Well, I couldn’t say. But I do know where there’s a will in this case, Victor’sthere is a way.

Oh, for God’s sake.

Listen to me, Alex. You need to watch your back with this one. Theresa comes across all sweetness and light but she can turn on you on a dime. Let’s not forget she wanted our cousin, Brady, so badly that she accused me of raping her. Falsely, I might add. I still went to jail for it.

And I have worked so, so hard to make amends. I mean, look at me. I’m a totally different person now.

Mm. So you say. But to me you look like the same conniving witch you’ve always been. Word to the wiseif it were me I’d guard that fortune with my life.

Oh, my goodness. It’s beautiful.

[gasps softly] Oh. How on Earth did you have it done?

It was very simple, really. I found an artist here in townI brought him a photograph and he was able to bring Victor to life.

He certainly did that.


You both did. Oh, I just can’t get over it. It’s too much.

This is nonsense! It is never too much! Victor was such a wonderful man. I want you and everyone else to-to-to- to feel his presence here.

[somber tense music]

Steph and I are on the same page. You think we need to turn the page? Uh, I’m sorry. I-I-I don’t know if I understand what you’re getting at, Steve.


Stephanie may have told you that she doesn’t want to get married right now. But she’s moved in with you. She’s gotten close to your kids. I mean, anyone can see how committed she is to you and your family. And if I know my daughter that means she’s hoping for marriage. Now, I understand your situation is complicated. You’re still grieving Abigail. My heart goes out to you. But if you’re not willing to give Stephanie everything she wants to give you right now then you need to end it.

Just give me a minute to explain.

Okay, hold on a second. You need to end itnot just for Stephanie’s sake but for Charlotte’s and Thomas’, too. Okay? Because the longer you let this thing go on the more painful it’s going to be for those kids.

I would never do anything to hurt my kids.

That’s right. That’s right. As a parent, you never want to see your kids hurt. And that’s exactly why I need to protect Stephanie. So Chad, if you’re not in it for the long haul you need to tell her. You need to tell her now.

Hey, you two. How’s it going? Is, uh, is something wrong? Is everything okay?

No. Everything’s good, baby girl. I’ve got to go.

You know what? I got to go, too. So nice to see you bothyour children. Oof. Beautifully behaved. Well done.

[Marlena and Chad chuckle]

Thank you.


I’ll walk you out.

Happy Halloween, Count.


[bittersweet music]

[soft dramatic music]

Hey! Hello, darling. What a surprise! What are you doing here? I didn’t leave anything at the pub, did I?

No, nothing like that. And I wish I was here just to give you a nice surprise. But–

Uh-oh. What did you do?

I’m afraid I might have caused a problem between Stephanie and Chad.

[Kayla sighs]

[somber music]

Hey, hey.


Would you mind watching the kids just a little bit longer? Not too long. I just want to talk to Stephanie.

Sure, yeah, of course. Hey, kids. How about going and looking through Roman’s old movie collection?

Halloween movies?

Yes, of course. Come on. Nothing too scary, I promise.

[suspenseful music]

Okay, what’s going on? Did something happen between you and my dad?

Yeah–no. I mean, it’s– it’s not really about him.

What is it? What are you talking about?

I’m going to ask you something. And-and I want you to be honest with me.

Sure? Go for it.

Were you telling me the truth when you said you didn’t want to get married?

Dude, I get that you think you’re helping. But honestlyyou’re just being rude. So if you don’t mind, Xander we would just like to enjoy a peaceful lunch.

Keep hanging out with herand this lunch might be the last peaceful thing you canenjoy, dude. Whatever. It’s your funeral.

Oh, Sarah. Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. I was going to try and track you down this afternoon but you saved me the hassle.

What do you want, Xander?

I just thought maybe we could, you know grab a coffee?


Talk about this custody thing?

That’s not a good idea.

Oh, because you’re nursing? Well, maybe just a herbal tea or something?

That’s not what I meant. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to talk about custody without our lawyers present.

[Xander sighs]

Sarah, can’t we just–

No. No, we can’t. I’ll see you in court.

Alex, I hope you didn’t take any of what Xander just said to heart.

Are you kidding me?

[scoffs] Hell no.

[soft dramatic music] Everybody in my family knows Xander blames everybody else for his problems.

[Theresa sighs] Like I said beforeit’s just jealousy that I wound up as Victor’s heir and not him.

Yeah. That is what it is.

[chuckling] It’s jealousy.

[sighs deeply] I mean, thank God he’s not Victor’s son, right?

[scoffing chuckle] What a total jerk.

How does it look?


It is, isn’t it? It’s exactly what this room needs.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you again. What an amazing gift.

No thank yous are necessary. It is my great pleasure.

[Maggie sighs softly]

Oh, goodness. I’m sure I must look a mess. I’m going to fix my makeup. Will you excuse me?

You are looking as lovely as ever. Please take a moment.

[soft dramatic music fades]

[tense music] Ah, Victor, my old friend. You may have screwed me out of your will but it is not over between us yet. Is it?

[chuckles] Why should I settle for a cut of your son’s half when I can take all of your wife’s? And the best thing is… you will get to watch all of it.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, October 26, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Ridge: One more time, please.

Thomas: It’s even better than I imagined.

Hope: It is gorgeous.

Ridge: It has to be. Going up against my dad. He’s the best. Come up here for one second. Just a couple of things. Okay.

Eric: These are the wrong earrings. Let me see the other ones, please. Right away, right away. Hold that up. Yes, those are the ones. All right? Let Katie know so she can change her copy, all right? Let her know right away.

RJ: He’s incredible. He’s like a machine.

Donna: This is–

RJ: Brilliant.

Donna: Where he thrives.

Eric: See this? This is the best collection I’ve ever done in my life. I– I can’t– I couldn’t be any happier. I love this– I love this feeling. I feel so alive. I never wanna lose this. Look here. See this? Watch and learn. Now, see this– this line? Look at this. Right. You did it. You did this.

Charlie: Okay. The, uh, night before the, uh, the big show is what we call “controlled chaos.” Efficient, yes. Focused, yes. But ultimately, total mayhem.

Esther: I love it. It’s so exciting.

Lauren: Well, this was most the extensive tour of Forrester I’ve ever been on, and I worked here for years. So, actually, I would love to pop in and see Ridge before we go to the hotel. Do you think that’s possible?

Charlie: Well, I know he’s, uh, he’s busy getting ready for the really big show tomorrow, but, uh, I’ll go see if he’s available to pop. Um, but, come on. Who wouldn’t have time for two stunningly beautiful ladies?

Ridge: All right, good. Please tell alterations they need see this again.

Sloane: Big day tomorrow.

Ridge: Everything has to be perfect.

Sloane: This dress is extraordinary. I’ve never worn anything quite like it, and that’s saying something.

Ridge: It certainly is. Thank you. You wear it well. Dennis, let’s see the next one, please. Thank you.

Thomas: So, battle on the runway. Sounds intense. I’m sure the rules have been set?

Ridge: Yeah, no, they– uh, they certainly have. Do me a favor? This has to go down to hair and makeup. These have all been approved.

Assistant: Okay, thank you.

Ridge: Thank you. Bye. Yeah, Dad and I will preview our pieces, uh, the guests will bid on them and whoever sells the most, wins.

Hope: So, no one will know that you and Eric are in direct competition with each other?

Ridge: People may notice that some of the designs are a little bit more, um, traditional.

Thomas: And yours a little more contemporary?

Ridge: Timeless and elegant, baby. Timeless and elegant.

Thomas: Well, if these dresses are any indication of the rest of the line, then, um, I don’t see you losing.

[ Ridge chuckling ]

Ridge: Okay.

Hope: Speaking of, uh, we should let you get back to work.

Ridge: Okay.

Eric: All right, can you turn for me, please? Hold right here. Here. Yep. Thank you. All right. Come around [Indistinct]. There we are.

RJ: I think this is great. You really– you– you brought this to life. It’s incredible.

Donna: It’s simply– it’s– stunning. I mean, it’s classic Eric Forrester and so much more.

Eric: Thank you. Just one more detail to work out. Let me just see here. This fold.

Maddie: You okay, Mr. Forrester?

Eric: Yes, yeah. I was just– pre-show jitters. Happens to me all the time. Nothing, uh, a nice martini won’t fix.

RJ: Uh, yeah. Maddie, uh, can– thank you. You’ve been amazing. Annabelle, can you please take her and go get the dress to be prepped? I appreciate it. Thank you both.

Eric: All right, everything is okay now. Crisis averted. Nothing to worry about. The only person who needs to worry about anything is Ridge ’cause he’s going down tomorrow.

Hope: I like the adjustments you made.

Thomas: I like seeing it on you.

Hope: Still can’t believe the showdown is already tomorrow.

Thomas: I know. The stakes are so high for everyone.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I know you love the rush of a show.

Thomas: Hm. I love a lot of things. But we need to get our budget back. That’s another thing I’d love, you know? And the best way to have that happen is to have my dad win the showdown tomorrow. It’s the best thing for us and for the line.

Esther: I can’t get over how friendly everyone is here, especially that, um, security officer. What– what was his name again?

Lauren: Charlie?

Esther: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, right. Uh, especially him.

Lauren: Okay. Eye on the prize, Esther. You came here to pick up a Forrester dress, not a security guard.

Charlie: Well, uh, if you young ladies wouldn’t mind popping over there, Mr. Forrester will see you.

Lauren: Well thank you, Charlie. Come on, Esther.

Esther: Bye.

Lauren: Hi!

Ridge: Lauren, you made it. Hi.

Lauren: I did. Oh, it’s been too long.

Ridge: Yes, it has. Thanks for making the flight, but you had to, really. I mean, this is for the cream of the crop and without you, it makes no sense.

Lauren: Well, you and I go way back, my friend.

Ridge: Yes, we do.

Lauren: I’m very happy to be here.

Ridge: Who’s this one?

Lauren: This is Esther Valentine. Esther, this is the Ridge Forrester. As hard it may be, try not to fall in love with him.

Esther: Oh, my gosh. It’s such an honor to actually meet you. Your dresses are such a dream. I mean, I dream of them all the time. Last night, I was dreaming–

Lauren: Okay, Esther. You know, we met with Eric earlier. Got a glimpse of one of his designs. It’s beautiful.

Ridge: No, yeah, no, it is. It’s gonna be a good show. I think you’re gonna be surprised how innovative this company has become.

Eric: Look at them! Look what you did! Look at this! It’s gorgeous. Come on. Look at all that.

RJ: No, come on. That– that? I just did the mechanical on that. That is all you. That is completely 100% him.

Eric: No, no. You did much more than that. We both did this. We both did it. There’s so much riding on this collection. My legacy and my whole career and– and my life.

RJ: Granddad, what do you mean– what do you mean your life’s riding on this?

Lauren: Forrester Creations, it’s the best of best. It’s synonymous with classic elegance. I mean, I have a built in clientele just based on your designs alone, so I am very interested to see what’s new. Any chance you would give an old friend a sneak peek?

Ridge: An old friend? Hm. No, you know what? You’re gonna have to wait like the rest of them. But I’m interested to see what catches your eye because we’ve been, you know, pushing the envelope a little bit.

Lauren: Sounds very interesting.

Ridge: What about you, Esther? Having a good time so far?

Esther: Oh, this is like a dream come true. I mean, here I am, in sunny Los Angeles, knowing that tomorrow, I’ll be surrounded by the most beautiful gowns in the world. It makes me feel like a princess.

Ridge: Well, that’s what we try to do, make you feel like a princess. Or a queen.

Esther: Oh, wearing a Forrester original would be a dream come true. I can’t even imagine. Maybe some day.

Lauren: Okay, Esther, you know what? We should go. Let Ridge get back to work. He has lots to do before the show tomorrow. We certainly don’t want to overstay our welcome.

Ridge: I don’t think you could. All right. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Esther: This is so exciting. I have been a fan for so long.

[ Lauren chuckling ]

Lauren: Okay, Esther. Let’s go. Let’s let him work.

Esther: Okay, bye.

Ridge: Bye.

Charlie: So, uh, how’d it go? You gonna be strolling the runway tomorrow?

Esther: Oh, please. I wish.

Lauren: Thank you again for that very comprehensive tour.

Charlie: Well, the, uh, the pleasure was all mine. Until tomorrow then.

Lauren: Okay. We’ll see you then. We’re going. Come on. Let’s go.

RJ: No, what do you mean? What do you mean that your life’s riding on this collection? I– I know that you’re battling medical stuff, but did– did you learn something? Did– did the doctors tell you something? Hey, don’t treat me like a kid right now. Please, tell me what’s going on.

Donna: He is your partner, and he deserves to know everything.

RJ: Yes, I deserve to know everything. Please, tell– what is it?

Eric: You’re right. You’re not a kid. You’re not a kid anymore. You had a lot to learn when you came to me a couple of months ago, didn’t you? But you did. I’m proud of you. I’m so proud of you. You’re a real partner now. I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful we had this time together. You’re extraordinary. Don’t you ever forget that.

RJ: No, what are you talking about? Why are you talking to me like this is over?

Eric: Because it is. Everything has to come to an end, you know? And this is my… my last hurrah.

RJ: What?

Eric: The doctors, um…

RJ: What?

Eric: I’m dying, RJ. I’m… I’m dying.

RJ: No. No.

Thomas: A good designer has to capture the essence of a woman that he is designing for.

Hope: Oh, and is this my essence, Thomas?

Thomas: Well, it is right now, right? I mean, look, you have changed as a woman over time. A designer has to design for the woman that she’s becoming. Right now, that is sexy, passionate, wild. That’s how I see you.

Hope: Well then, I like the way you see me.

Thomas: Mm. And after tomorrow, Hope For The Future will be back in the spotlight, and that means you get to be back in the spotlight, and everyone gets to see this… Hope Logan that I’ve come to know so intimately.

Ridge: All right, Dad. It’s showtime.

RJ: What do you mean you’re dying?

Eric: I know this is hard. It’s hard for Donna too, but this has really opened my eyes, you know.

RJ: It’s opened your eyes? How so?

Eric: Life on this earth is never made so clear as it is to a person who finds out they’re gonna die. I mean, we spend so much time outside ourselves and we don’t come inside and we don’t– we don’t really reach out and– and get close to what we have right here. That’s the gift that’s been given to me. That’s the gift.

RJ: We shouldn’t be making a fashion show. We should be flying in specialists, Donna. This is insane! Why are we doing this?

Eric: No, it’s not. It’s not insane.

RJ: How so?

Eric: It’s not. This is what I want. I want to do this showing and I want to do it… I want to be in this room, here, where I raised my kids. Where I raised your father, in this room. I want to be in this room with these two people who love me so much. Give me your hand. And I– I want you to do this with me, all right? Promise me.

RJ: I can’t stand the thought of losing you. You understand that? I’m not okay with this!

Eric: You are so talented. You’re so talented. You’re gonna set the world on fire. You are. You’re a Forrester, and you’re gonna make this name really proud.

RJ: None of that matters!

Eric: It does.

RJ: You need– no. You need to tell Dad. Dad needs to know. Do you understand how much he loves you?

Eric: I know. I know.

RJ: You know?

Eric: I’m not gonna tell him. All right? I don’t wanna tell him because I don’t want to see in his eyes what I see in yours right now.

RJ: No.

Eric: I want you two to do this with me. I know how much you love me, and you know how much I love you. I want you to respect my wishes. I want to do this– I want to do this my way.

RJ: But you changed my life, Granddad.

Eric: Come here, come here.

Donna: You changed all of our lives.

Eric: Yeah? You changed my life too.

[ Donna sobbing ]

Eric: Okay, I want, um… I’m gonna spend some time by myself in here. Just me. I’m sorry, but, uh, I need this time alone, all right? Just let me have some time.

Donna: Okay. Okay. We’ll just go upstairs for a little bit. Come on. Come on, RJ.

Eric: Go on, go on. Go on.

Donna: Come on, RJ.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Audience applause ]

Donna: Oh, my god.

Listen to that crowd.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: They love you.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Donna: I love you.

Eric: I love you.

[ Audience applause ]

Eric: Tomorrow, I go out on top.

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

The Forresters continue to prepare for the big fashion showdown between Eric and Ridge.

Eric and Donna finally tell RJ that Eric is dying but forbid him to tell anyone, especially Ridge and Brooke. RJ is devastated to learn the truth.

Charlie continues to flirt with Esther, who is visiting from Genoa City with Lauren. Lauren and Ridge catch up. Esther meets Ridge.

Hope and Thomas discuss the fashion showdown and look forward to things getting back to normal after that (with more emphasis on Hope For The Future).

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Days Update Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady is at home with a to-go order from the Pub which he tells Marlena about Tate getting the order wrong and wonders if he’s doing it on purpose to get fired. Brady asks if he’s being hard on Tate. Marlena thinks Brady is holding him accountable but suggests everyone deserves some grace. Brady agrees that he could be overparenting and trying to make up for lost time for what he can’t give to Rachel right now, but that might be about to change. Marlena asks what he means. Brady responds that something has come up which might help him regain custody of Rachel and a chance that Kristen may just lose this battle big time.

Kristen goes to Gabi’s room and asks if she’s seen Rachel because she keeps disappearing. Gabi responds that it’s a big house so she’s sure she will turn up. Kristen mentions that she just wanted to say goodbye to her before she leaves. Gabi asks where she is going. Kristen informs her that EJ is taking her to lunch at the Bistro and says it will be nice to have some brother-sister bonding. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan against Kristen and EJ. Gabi is surprised as she didn’t know Kristen and EJ were buddy-buddy these days. Kristen responds that they are putting aside old grudges and getting closer all the time.

Stefan is with Rachel in the living room and tells her that she has three questions left in their game. Rachel calls that not fair and says she would’ve won yesterday if Holly didn’t drag her out for math tutoring. Stefan encourages that she’s this close and knows she can do it. Rachel asks for a hint. Stefan says it’s really big. Rachel guesses a giraffe in a hot air balloon which Stefan says is correct. Rachel asks what she gets for winning. Rachel guesses Taylor Swift tickets which Stefan says it is. Rachel asks how since even Kristen can’t get Taylor tickets. Stefan says Rachel is going to be the one doing it but there’s just one small condition that must be met.

In the town square, Gil tells Ava that he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris asks who Gil is. Ava introduces him as the new owner of the Bistro and now her new boss.

Leo complains about his sheet as a ghost costume not working for him. Dimitri reminds Leo that it was his idea. Leo says it’s triggering his claustrophobia but they don’t have any other costumes. Dimitri encourages that people will just think they are ghosts and it will be great. Dimitri suggests Leo is just nervous. Leo worries that if they get recognized, his entire life becomes a dumpster fire. Dimitri reminds Leo that he has an out since he’s the fugitive while Leo is just along for the ride. Dimitri asks if this is really what Leo wants to do, because this might be his last chance to change his mind.

Marlena asks Brady about Gabi and Stefan helping him get his daughter back and questions Brady not asking how or why. Brady feels he’d rather not know more than he needs to and calls it plausible deniability. Marlena calls that a strategy. Marlena states that she is fond of Gabi but can’t help but wonder what’s in this for her. Brady guesses Kristen pissed Gabi off and there’s always DiMeras stabbing each other in the back. Brady doesn’t want to be involved in any of that and says he just wants his daughter back.

Rachel tells Stefan that she calls BS. Stefan says he’s trying to help her here. Stefan knows how much Rachel and Holly love Taylor Swift and he saw an ad online for a Halloween costume contest where the prize is front row seats to Taylor Swift. Stefan says his first thought was that Rachel would win hands down. Rachel complains that Kristen wouldn’t let her be a pirate wench so now her costume is stupid. Stefan encourages that they have their own costume designer so Rachel will have this in the bag.

Kristen tells Gabi that she and EJ are on fine terms now and that EJ is so thrilled that Susan is alive, that he wants to go celebrate with her. Kristen remarks that she apparently reminds EJ of Susan. Kristen says she’s just so happy that her and her brother have gotten close again. Kristen tells Gabi that she is going to continue her search for Rachel. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan to use Rachel to get Kristen’s shares. Gabi then claims that she heard Harold say something about taking Rachel out to carve a pumpkin. Gabi tells Kristen to go ahead to lunch and she will tell Rachel that she said goodbye. Kristen thanks her and exits.

Harris congratulates Ava as he knew she’d get something but notes that he had no idea she applied for the Bistro. Ava says it sort of just fell in her lap. Ava introduces Gil to Harris and Jada. Gil comments on them being cops and says it’s a pleasure to meet some of Salem’s finest and he’s thankful for what they do. Jada talks about loving the Bistro and says he’ll be seeing her a lot. Gil says he’s going to give Ava a tour of the kitchen so they walk off together.

Leo tells Dimitri that he wouldn’t be here now if he was going to leave him. Dimitri argues that Leo hasn’t had a chance to pause and think all this through when he sprung him out of the hospital. Dimitri reminds Leo that not long ago, he was promised a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune and now here they are with $14.42 and two bedsheets. Dimitri says it’s not lost on him that this is not what Leo signed up for. Leo assures that it was never about money, just about Dimitri making him happier than ever before as they kiss.

Jada comments on Ava landing a job at the Bistro straight out of Bayview. Harris points out that he didn’t think Rafe would hire him either. Jada brings up Harris having a skillset. Harris says that Ava does too but worries that something was off with Gil. Jada thinks Harris is just being protective of Ava. Jada wants to give Gil the benefit of the doubt since she does like the Bistro. Harris agrees that he’s probably just being overprotective as they walk away. Leo and Dimitri then arrive in the town square, dressed as ghosts with their bed sheets over them.

Ava and Gil sit together in the Bistro. Gil questions Ava not telling him that she’s tight with the cops. Ava points out that he didn’t ask. Gil argues that this is not good for business and he doesn’t need law enforcement sniffing around. Ava reminds him that he and Clyde strong armed her in to taking the job so if she cuts ties with Harris now, it will look rather suspicious so if he wants her, he’s stuck with Harris. Ava suggests he could just find someone else to run the drug front operation and then they could all live happily ever after.

Marlena asks Brady if he’s sure that Gabi and Stefan aren’t doing something illegal. Brady says he doesn’t know or care as he’s desperate to get his kid back. Brady complains that the judge that granted Kristen custody had an axe to grind and there’s nothing he can do about it unless Kristen goes off the rails and does something to jeopardize Rachel. Brady says he doesn’t want her to do that and she’s not going to, but if he wants to fight Kristen, he has to fight dirty. Marlena asks if he’s sure they can’t work out a co-parenting agreement. Brady argues that there is no co-parenting or good faith with Kristen. Brady doesn’t care what Gabi and Stefan are up to as he knows they have their own agenda, but as long as their interests align, he will take whatever help he can get to get Rachel back.

Gabi joins Stefan in the living room and asks if he has any updates on Rachel. Stefan informs her that Rachel is trying on concert outfits as they speak. Gabi worries that they need to step up their plan because EJ is taking Kristen out to lunch to celebrate Susan not being dead and they both know the topic of conversation will be Kristen’s DiMera shares. Gabi says they need to work quickly on getting her shares. Stefan says that Rachel is game and asks what they are waiting for. Rachel comes back in and asks if they were talking about her. Stefan says he was just talking about what a great team Rachel and Gabi are going to make. Rachel brings up her costume idea of a vampire princess pop star. Gabi says she was thinking something different and pulls out her bag of makeup which excites Rachel.

Dimitri and Leo make it to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and find the envelope of cash that Leo had. Dimitri can’t believe they went right past Jada in the town square and wonders why she was with Harris Michaels. Leo says they just need to stay one step ahead of them.

Harris and Jada walk through the town square and talk about going up to Leo’s room. Jada talks about a fresh set of eyes giving an angle they haven’t seen yet. Jada says that Leo and Dimitri could be long gone by now and if they fled their jurisdiction, then it’s onto the next case for them.

Stefan goes to see Brady, who assumes he’s there about the plan. Stefan wants assurance that Brady is in. Brady assures that he’s in 1000% but asks if he should be worried about what’s in it for Stefan and Gabi. Stefan says it’s just family stuff that would bore him. Brady tells Stefan that he appreciates him getting his daughter back. Brady knows they didn’t get off on the best foot after his comeback. Stefan agrees since usually kidnapping and trying to unbrainwash him would be a deal breaker, but if he hadn’t have done that, he wouldn’t have gotten his life back so he’s grateful. Stefan notes that time is of the essence. Brady asks what he needs him to do. Stefan responds that Kristen is on her way to the Bistro, so he needs Brady to intercept her. Brady says he’s got it and asks him to tell him more.

Gabi does Rachel’s makeup in her room and tells her that she reminds her of her daughter Arianna. Gabi finishes and tells Rachel that she looks amazing as she put red makeup on her to make it look like she has a black eye.

Stefan asks if Brady can pull off making it look like he’s gotten in a fight with Kristen. Brady assures he could pull that off in his sleep.

Kristen exits the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to arguing with Brady in court when she won custody of Rachel. Kristen then runs in to Marlena and asks what she’s doing there. Marlena responds that she brought a Halloween goody bag for Rachel and she’d like to give it to her, herself. Kristen responds that Rachel has moved on from glow in the dark vampire teeth and she doesn’t allow her to eat candy but it was very kind of her. Marlena says she came all this way and would like to see her granddaughter as she misses her. Kristen responds that she doesn’t miss her and storms off.

Rachel tells Gabi that her makeup looks so real and she can’t wait to show her mom. Gabi says they thought they could surprise her. Gabi then tells Rachel that the contest claims they can’t have help from anyone but parents. Rachel worries about wanting to win the Taylor Swift tickets. Gabi encourages that there is always a work around.

Leo and Dimtiri go over making sure they have everything they need. Leo then stops to go use the restroom before they leave.

Gil tells Ava that when Clyde pulls you in, the only way out of the arrangement is in a bodybag. Ava agrees to do the job, but says she can’t do anything about Harris. Ava says she can tell him that she doesn’t like to eat where she works. Gil notes that she raises a good point about cops and suggests maybe her friendship with Harris isn’t a bad thing after all and they can make it work in their favor.

Jada and Harris go to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and note the crime scene tape is gone. Harris questions if Leo would be stupid enough to show up here. Jada decides they are about to find out. They burst in but find the room is empty. Jada says they must have just missed them. Harris asks about the two ghosts they passed in the lobby a few minutes ago so they rush out.

Leo and Dimitri travel through the town square in their ghosts costumes while Leo complains that he’s starving.

Brady runs in to Kristen in the town square. Brady asks for a word. Kristen says she’s on her way to lunch but Brady says it won’t take long. Brady tells her that he wanted to thank her for allowing Tate to visit Rachel the other day as he said he had a great visit with her. Kristen says she’s so glad Tate enjoyed it but if Brady is asking to tag along next time, the answer is no. Brady says that’s okay and he wanted to talk to her about something else. Kristen tells him to make it quick. Brady informs her that he got an e-mail from Rachel’s teacher about Rachel having a D in math. Kristen responds that she hired her a tutor. Brady points out that’s Holly Jonas and calls her a sweet girl but questions if that’s the best Kristen could do. Kristen argues that Rachel just needs a little brushing up. Brady argues that Kristen put her at a level she’s not ready for. Kristen question if Brady is saying their daughter isn’t smart and remarks that she takes after Brady’s side of the family. Brady tells Kristen they are not through yet.

Rachel asks Gabi where the rest of her black eyed pea costume is. Gabi says she still has to sew it but assures she’ll be ready and takes a picture of her with the makeup on.

Kristen reminds Brady that she has custody of Rachel, not him, so she will make the decisions on her schooling. Behind them, Harris and Jada chase after two men in ghost costumes.

Gil questions Ava about her relationship with Harris but he gets the impression that they are tight which means they have an inside track to what’s going on in the Salem police department and Ava will be sure to know. Ava warns Gil that Harris is a trained assassin, so he should tread carefully. Gil warns Ava not to go spilling her guts to her cop/trained assassin friend because Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere.

Jada and Harris catch two men dressed as ghosts but it’s not Dimitri and Leo.

Leo and Dimitri return to their motel and celebrate getting away with it. Leo credits Dimitri as they kiss in bed.

Brady tells Kristen that he knows they aren’t getting along lately and they may hate each others’ guts but they want what’s best for Rachel. Brady states that Kristen has full custody now but he was the single parent before. Kristen asks what his point is. Brady says that Tate told him that Rachel was very upset the other day and didn’t want to do her homework while Kristen made her do pages worth of extra problems. Kristen argues that she’s exaggerating. Brady accuses her of punishing her like that. Kristen complains that there are consequences for not doing homework and that she’s a trained social worker. Stefan walks by with his phone recording as Kristen tells Brady that Rachel is her daughter and she will discipline her in any way she sees fit.

Gabi records Rachel saying that her mom gave her the black eye and that she would never make up something like that since the contest said she could only have parents help. Gabi tells her she was perfect.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava is on the phone at home, turning down a job as a personal chef and saying that she received another offer that she couldn’t refuse. Ava hangs up and then gets another call from Harris. Ava wishes him a good first day at the Salem PD. Harris thanks her and jokes that it feels like it’s been 100 years since he was in the police academy so he hopes he knows what he’s doing. Ava encourages that he’ll do great. Harris asks if she’s okay as she sounds stressed. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris promises that she will find a job soon. Ava advises Harris to be careful out there. Harris says he’ll call her when his shift ends as they hang up. Kate then approaches Harris and asks about him getting a job. Harris thanks Kate and says because of her, he talked to Rafe about a job at the police department and she was right about him needing help with the criminals in town.

Ava answers the door to the apartment and meets a man, who says he’s a friend of Clyde Weston and he asked him to stop by to see how Tripp is doing.

Tripp and Wendy wake up in bed together. Tripp talks about trying not to sleep on his arm where he was cut but now he has a stiff neck. Wendy says she can help with that and massages him which Tripp says feels amazing.

Leo has a nightmare about Rafe and Jada bursting in to arrest he and Dimitri. Leo then wakes up in a panic in bed with Dimitri and tells him about the nightmare.

At Rafe’s office, Kayla gives him her statement about what happened at the hospital. Kayla remarks that she can’t believe Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed and that Leo helped him escape. Kayla asks if Rafe can make an exception and tell her about an ongoing investigation. Kayla asks if Rafe has any leads on catching them but Rafe says not yet as they are a little short staffed at the moment, which he’s working on.

Kate asks Harris if Rafe actually hired him. Harris notes that she sounds surprised and questions why Kate told him to ask for a job if she didn’t think Rafe would hire him. Kate explains that she knew the Salem PD could use someone like him but she also thought his past employment would raise red flags. Harris confirms that it did but Rafe knows that working for Megan was not his choice. Kate knows that Megan can cause havoc. Harris assures that Megan doesn’t control him anymore as he was completely deprogrammed and is still seeing Marlena. Kate knows that Harris is no longer a danger. Harris questions Kate still thinking that Rafe is taking a chance by hiring him. Kate acknowledges that Harris’ associates may be a problem. Harris questions who she’s talking about so Kate admits it’s Ava.

Ava asks if the man at the door is the one who hurt Tripp and threatens to do the same to him. He acknowledges knowing about the famous Vitali temper and warns her not to do anything she’ll regret. Ava responds that if he hurts her son, she won’t regret a damn thing. He informs her that he never let a hand on her son.

Wendy mentions having to get up and look for a job. Tripp thanks her for the massage as they kiss in bed.

The man tells Ava that he’s more middle management with Clyde but he’s willing to get his hands dirty. Ava warns him. He responds that if Ava stays in line, she’s good but if she doesn’t, Clyde has plenty of people on the payroll who will have no problem putting her son in the ground.

Dimitri encourages Leo that it was just a dream. Leo says it felt so real. Dimitri assures that they are safe as they got out of the hospital and are now in a motel where no police officer will ever think to look for him. Dimitri says it’s all thanks to Leo. Leo asks what their next move is, pointing out that they can’t stay here because the police will come looking for them and then his nightmare will come true. Dimitri asks what they should do. Leo responds that they have to get out of dodge.

Kayla can’t believe she let Leo Stark get the better of her. Rafe tells her not to blame herself since Leo wasn’t acting alone. Kayla still feels embarrassed after being married to Steve all these years but she couldn’t handle these two. Rafe calls them two particularly slippery weasels. Kayla just wants them caught. Rafe encourages that their pictures are all over and someone’s going to catch them if one of their officers doesn’t. Kayla asks if there’s any lead on the guy that attacked Tripp at the hospital. Rafe says no and talks about how they don’t even know where to look. Rafe wishes he could make Tripp’s case the top priorty. Kayla knows it’s not the first time that someone like that has attacked her staff, she just wishes to get him off the streets. Rafe feels the same and points out that crimes with no motives are harder to solve.

Harris tells Kate that he knows Rafe and Ava have history, but he doesn’t see why that matters to hiring him. Kate thinks Rafe might have questions about Harris’ relationship with Ava. Harris asks if that’s because their relationship ended badly. Kate points out that Ava used her mob connections to try to make Rafe out to be a dirty cop. Harris calls that a long time ago. Kate remarks that she thinks Rafe would have reservations about hiring an officer who is cozying up to the woman that tried to ruin his life. Kate says that’s no exaggeration that Ava nearly ruined Rafe’s life and brings up what she did to Steve. Harris responds that he’s not really in to the whole gossip thing. Kate says it’s not gossip but a warning. Harris thought they were talking about his job. Kate responds that Harris needs to be careful in his job, just like he needs to be careful if he gets romantically involved with Ava. Harris informs Kate that he and Ava are just friends. Kate asks if Ava knows that since he broke her out of Bayview and then took off to London. Harris says it was to rescue Susan Banks. Kate calls that a grand gesture for someone he doesn’t have feelings for. Harris states that he did feel for Ava as she needed help, so he helped her out and that’s it. Kate believes Ava didn’t deserve his help. Harris says she’s entitled to her opinion but he should get going. Kate tells Harris that she likes him, she’s rooting for him, and she’s happy that he has a job and is rebuilidng his life. Kate doesn’t want to see Ava derail that. Harris assures that won’t happen. Kate says that Harris rescued Ava because that’s what he does, but she’s not a victim, she’s a predator. Kate adds that she knows that because Ava is either obsessed with a man or using them. Kate brings up that Ava used her son to launder mob money through Titan. Harris informs Kate that Ava has told him everything about her past and that she says she left it behind. Harris adds that it would be awkward considering he’s now a cop. Harris then gets up and exits the Pub.

Ava tells Clyde’s man that she understands Clyde needs a new business partner but she made it clear that she’s not interested. He argues that Ava owes Clyde for screwing up his plan. Ava argues that it was an accident as she had no idea what Clyde was planning with EJ. The man tells her that because of her interference, EJ is no longer an option, so she needs to step up in his place. Ava repeats that she can’t do that. The man thought yesterday’s incident would be enough of an incentive, but decides maybe she needs more convincing. Tripp then comes out from his room and asks if everything is okay. Ava claims everything is fine and introduces Tripp to Gil Carter, who says that Ava just told him what happened at the hospital and he hopes he’s okay. Tripp says he’s fine and questions what he was talking about Ava needing convincing on. Gil reveals that he’s the owner of the Bistro and claims that he was offering Ava a job as manager because he’s so impressed by her skills but that she seems reluctant to commit. Tripp tells Ava that it sounds perfect for her and asks what the problem is. Gil assures he won’t treat her differently because of her past and that he’s a big believer of second chances. Tripp relates to that as well. Ava then tells Gil that she will take the job and thanks him. Tripp hugs Ava and says that’s amazing.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub to pick up breakfast and runs in to Kate, who asks if she’s okay after what happened at the hospital. Kayla says that she just has a bruised ego but she’s fine and confirms that Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed. Kayla brings up how Dimitri held Kate prisoner on a boat. Kate hopes the police have tracked Dimitri and Leo. Kayla says not yet but Rafe is on it and is certain that they will be caught and put in jail where they belong.

Leo and Dimitri talk about where they want to go. Dimitri suggests leaving the country. Leo says they will need help. Dimitri suggests his mother Megan but Leo says no as they are on the run and have to be stealthy under the radar while Megan is all about attracting attention. Dimitri asks if he has a better idea. Leo suggests someone must be able to help them. Dimitri says his only family member he could reach out to would be Kristen, who was last pointing a gun at him and Leo’s only friend was Gwen. Dimitri says that brings them back to Megan. Leo reminds him that Megan is a fugitive and they have no idea where she is. Dimitri decides they will have to track her down then. Leo argues that every law enforcement agency has failed to track her down so that would take them some time. Leo says they will have to be on the move and they need cash. Dimitri says they will have to make a plan and stay ahead of the police.

Rafe meets with Jada at the police station. Jada notes there still being no tips on Dimitri and Leo. Rafe comments that she looks like she could use a break. Jada complains that she still has the same case load and no partner, so she could really use some help. Rafe agrees and then introduces Jada to her new partner, Harris Michaels. Rafe calls Paulina, who signs off on the hire so he welcomes Harris to officially being a member of the force. Harris says he’s happy to be here. Rafe says he’ll get him a gun and a badge. Jada mentions looking in to Harris’ file and seeing it’s not all pretty. Harris admits that and hopes this will be a fresh start. Jada assures that Harris is more than qualified and she likes the idea of a Navy SEAL having her back. Harris looks forward to learning from her. Harris asks if their first assignment is still to find who delivered Susan to Edmund Crumb. Rafe responds that he’s decided to start with something a little closer to home. Rafe presents photos of Leo and Dimitri, declaring that they need to find these two punks and make them pay.

Dimitri and Leo come up with $14.42 and thought they had a bit more. Leo questions where the rest of Dimitri’s cash is. Dimitri argues that his inheritance is in jeopardy and says they just need to get their hands on some money. Leo responds that he knows just where they can find it.

Kate tells Kayla that Leo is a real piece of work. Kayla explains how Leo disguised himself as a nurse to wheel Dimitri out of the hospital. Kate calls them a couple from Hell. Kayla asks about Kate and Leo going way back. Kate confirms that she did take over one of Vivian’s plots to have Leo falsely accuse Sonny of sexual harassment but she doesn’t want to think about that. Kayla asks if Kate doesn’t miss the intrigue and scheming. Kate admits that she does a little but, but she’s happy being married to the former police commissioner and decides that’s better than living on the other side of the law.

Tripp congratulates Ava and tells her that he’s so proud of her. Tripp thanks Gil for giving Ava the opportunity. Gil remarks that what they will be doing at the Bistro will be exciting stuff and he’ll be counting on Ava to keep the operation humming along. Gil suggests they head there now to work on their game plan, so Gil and Ava exit. Wendy comes out and asks Tripp if someone was there. Tripp informs Wendy that Ava is going to be the new manager of the Bistro. Wendy jokes about getting a family discount and calls it amazing news. Tripp says he’s really happy for Ava as she was stressed about finding work. Wendy says she was too but she thinks she found a solid lead on a job. Wendy says she’ll tell him if she gets the job as they kiss.

Tripp joins Kayla at the hospital and tells her that his arm is healing well. Kayla mentions speaking to Rafe and he’s not optimistic about the person who stabbed him. Tripp says he’s not too worried about it. Kayla says she is and has security on alert. Tripp thanks her for looking out. Tripp adds that on a happier note, Ava got a job. Kayla is surprised as she thought he wasn’t even sure if she was staying in Salem. Tripp says the job was too good to pass up and reveals that Ava is going to manage the Bistro. Tripp mentions that he met the new owner and he seems like a nice guy. Kayla calls running a restaurant a lot and asks if he’s sure that Ava can handle all the stress. Tripp admits she was nervous but says it’s in her wheelhouse and honest work. Tripp knows Kayla and Steve are concerned about him getting too close to his mom, but insists that she’s better now and dedicated to getting her life back on track. Kayla advises Tripp to promise to stay cautious and to call her or Steve if anything happens. Tripp agrees to do so but assures this job will be good for Ava.

Ava and Gil walk through the town square. Ava doesn’t appreciate him threatening her son. He tells her to focus on the positive that she went straight from the looney bin to a job. Gil says she’ll be making good money and good food. Ava argues that it’s not a restaurant, but a drug front. Gil warns her to keep her voice down. Ava tells him that her heart isn’t in it as she gave up this kind of business a long time ago and she has no desire to get back in to it. Ava proposes an alternative and brings up how she handed over her family business to her cousin Angelo, but she’s sure he could recommend someone more qualified. Gil says she’ll need to speak to Clyde about that. Ava argues that Gil seems more reasonable and smarter than Clyde. Ava suggests they put their heads together and come up with a way to know that this just isn’t going to work out.

Rafe, Jada, and Harris go over how Leo busted Dimitri out of the hospital but there have been no leads. Jada worries that they are already gone. Harris suggests they are holed up somewhere in town and they just have to figure out where to look. Jada suggests starting at Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and that maybe with a fresh set of eyes, they’ll find something they missed. Rafe decides it’s worth a shot and they exit the station.

Leo tells Dimitri that in his room at the Salem Inn, he has an envelope full of cash with enough to get them out of town but they have to figure out how to get there in broad daylight without being seen. Dimitri says he’ll do it since Leo has done enough for him. Leo doesn’t want to risk losing him. Dimitri says they have to do something as they can’t just hide under the sheets. Leo suggests maybe they can.

Rafe has issues with his laptop in his office. Wendy arrives and says she heard that the department needs a new I.T. person and asks what’s going on. Rafe tells her that his screen is frozen and now ads are popping up. Wendy offers to take a look. Rafe asks if they have been hacked. Wendy says it’s just annoying spyware and says that she will remove it. Wendy fixes it which impresses Rafe, who says he’s glad they didn’t get hacked. Wendy warns that they could’ve been easily as they have no anti-spyware installed to protect against viruses. Wendy then guesses Rafe’s password is his birthday and says he needs to up his tech game. Rafe decides that Wendy is hired then and tells her the I.T. job is hers. Wendy argues that he hasn’t interviewed her or seen her resume. Rafe says he saw what she just did. Wendy questions that being impressive enough to hire her on the spot. Rafe jokes that he figures if he hires her then she won’t have time to make phony passports and help fugitives escape.

Leo cuts holes in the bed sheets so that he and Dimitri can dress up a ghosts, insisting that since it’s Halloween time, no one will notice. Dimitri worries that this could get them killed but Leo insists that they will get the money and float on out of Salem.

Tripp reassures Kayla that his arm is fine and asks how her day is going. Kayla mentions being behind on her charts and she hasn’t even started the report on what happened to Tripp yesterday. Tripp says he keeps going over that interaction with the patient and wonders what went wrong. Kayla encourages that he was only trying to help. Tripp feels that he failed. Kayla argues that when someone is under the influence of drugs, they don’t always know what they are doing and are often hallucinating so that could’ve been happening. Tripp just wishes he knew for sure. Kayla knows as doctors they always want answers but they don’t always get them. Kayla adds that when something like this happens with a patient, they may never know his motive.

Gil tells Ava that her being the face of the Bistro is settled and not up for discussing. Gil adds that he’ll keep her suggestion between them, but he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Son, I’m not used to people walking in here demanding things of me. You understand? Not even you. What is this nonsense about you demanding that I come clean? Come clean about what?

Nikki: What’s going on? What do you mean you’re on to your father?

Nick: I said it’s time to come clean and I meant that. I wanna know what’s going on.

Victor: And what the hell are you talking about?

Nick: Not good enough. I figured it out.

Victor: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: What did you figure out?

Nick: You draw this?

Victor: It’s a hell of a drawing.

Nick: You don’t have to answer. I already know.

Nikki: What is it?

Nick: It’s a snake, created from the names of his children. At least the ones he’s in business with. Nicholas, victoria and adam. And I know exactly what it means.

Christine: Danny.

Danny: Hi. Oh, wow.

Christine: I didn’t know you were back in town.

Danny: And daniel said that you were in portugal.

Christine: Yeah. Yeah. I– I just got back a few hours ago. I thought I’d come here to get some caffeine. Jet lag, you know.

Danny: Oh, yeah, definitely. I know it. Well, um, come sit and join me. Come on, I’ll order for you. An espresso?

Christine: Yeah, I’ll just– I’ll get something in a minute. It’s okay.

Danny: Okay.

[ Christine exhaling ]

Christine: It’s really good to see you.

Danny: It’s good to see you too. How’s paul? How was the trip?

[ Christine exhaling ]

Christine: Um… not good.

Kyle: Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to mix a little business with pleasure.

Audra: Hm. By all means. Does that mean you’re ready to talk about what we discussed last time? A future where you and I get to run jabot together?

Kyle: You’ve asked me to join your alliance. It kind of sounds like we’re on a reality show, doesn’t it?

Audra: Uh, yeah. Just what’s at stake, it’s just a tiny bit bigger.

Kyle: No kidding. I thought about what we talked about. I’m intrigued, but if I’m gonna help you and tucker take over jabot, I’m gonna need to know a few more details.

Audra: Such as?

Kyle: How exactly do you expect to pull this off? What’s your timeline? Where does this leave my parents and more specifically, how do I fit into your plan?

Tucker: Jack. What the hell are you doing here? Shouldn’t a newlywed be home with his new bride? Don’t tell me there is marital trouble on your front as well.

Jack: Actually, I have something for you. I haven’t returned too many gifts in my day, but this one should go back.

Ashley: Hey, diane.

Diane: Ashley, this is a surprise. Jack didn’t say anything about you coming home today.

Ashley: Yeah, he didn’t know. I didn’t tell anybody. I just, you know, I figured it was time to come back home, so I hopped on a plane.

Diane: Well, I’m sure your brother will be thrilled to see you.

Ashley: I bet you’re happy to see me, right?

Diane: Yeah. You know, we’re never going to be besties, but we are family. So peace for jack’s sake?

Ashley: Absolutely. You saved my life.

Diane: Oh, there is that.

Ashley: So, I will try very hard not to hate you.

Diane: Well, I will try hard not to hate you back.

Ashey: Great. How’s everybody, anyway?

Diane: Um, uh, well, kyle left this morning. I haven’t seen him. Traci, I think she had dinner plans, and, oh, my grandson is upstairs getting ready for his bath.

Ashley: Oh, my grandson. I have to see dominic tomorrow. Absolutely.

Diane: Ashley.

Ashley: Yeah.

Diane: Um, hey, I’m– I’m sorry about the way your marriage turned out. I mean, I– I– I don’t know your side of things directly, of course, but, um, there is no doubt in my mind that tucker is to blame for whatever happened.

Ashley: Yeah. You know what? It’s okay. We don’t really have to dwell on that, okay?

Diane: Okay.

Ashley: Yeah. Uh, I mean, I would like to know what tucker’s been up to since he came back to town. Obviously, I’ve been in touch with abby and jack, so I know, you know, some of the things tucker’s been saying, but… what have you heard? Just, you know, I mean, is he planning something? Um, he came right back to genoa city when he left paris, right?

Diane: Oh, yeah, he’s– he’s here.

Ashley: Okay. So, lay it on me. Tell me the whole ugly truth.

Diane: Of course, I’m going to tell you the truth. Look, we might have our differences, but we do share a common goal. And we both want to protect the abbotts and jabot from whatever plan tucker has up his sleeve.

Ashley: Right.

Jack: When I realized you were listening in, I was tempted to beat you at your own game.

Tucker: All right.

Jack: Yes. Some fake conversations, send you charging off in the wrong direction. The entertainment value was hard to pass up.

Tucker: But you did, pass it up.

Jack: Well, I realized I didn’t want to stoop to your level.

Tucker: There’s good old jack, righteous as ever.

Jack: I don’t need to stoop to your level. See, I have no doubt in my mind, the abbotts will always have the upper hand where you’re concerned, so whatever it is you’re really up to here, whatever it is you want to accomplish, I have some advice. Give it up. Go away, back to your monastery or your mountain top. Anywhere but here.

Tucker: No, I like being close to my son and my grandson. Besides, running away is really not my style. It sounds like more of an abbott trait.

Jack: I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, we have some serious dirt on you. If it is released, and my brother, billy, is all too eager to do that, you would be disgraced in the business world. Totally discredited.

Tucker: Ah, credibility. Who needs it, really? Look at you. It’s obviously not a prerequisite for success or accomplishing any of my goals.

Jack: And what are those goals, tucker? Creating mayhem, getting revenge? What else?

Audra: It’s tucker’s plan, not mine. I’m just along for the ride.

Kyle: And the top spot at jabot.

Audra: That too.

Kyle: Ah. But the basic idea is that tucker would assume control of my family’s company.

Audra: Look, as I understand it, tucker is so angry at ashley that he’s gone back to his original idea. You know, what brought him to town in the first place? Taking over jabot.

Kyle: Jabot is a top cosmetics company, but it’s not a conglomerate like he’s used to running. Like mccall, which he doesn’t even own anymore.

Audra: Well, tucker sold mccall for ashley, you know, and then she just changed her mind at the last minute about partnering with tucker on a new venture. So, I think he feels like he’s owed something.

Kyle: Look, I– I don’t know details about what happened between my aunt and tucker. I mean, I’ve heard a few things from my dad and abby, but surely tucker doesn’t think the breakup with ashley was all her fault.

Audra: Well, tucker doesn’t like to take the blame for anything. And with breakups, don’t we usually point the finger at the other party?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. So, where’s tucker’s head now? What’s he thinking?

Audra: Well, I can’t be sure. You know, tucker’s hard to read sometimes. It’s hard to know his true intentions. You know, it’s a skill I admire when he and I are on the same side, but it’s infuriating as hell when we’re not.

Kyle: I don’t get it, audra.

Audra: Get what?

Kyle: Why do you trust the guy? And why do you think I should?

Nikki: Where did you get that?

Nick: Adam found it in dad’s desk drawer.

Victor: Did he? So, adam went through my desk?

Nikki: And he gave it to you?

Nick: I took it from him. Adam has no idea what it means. But I do.

Nikki: Well, what does it mean?

Nick: It’s from a story. The serpent of names. Dad used to read it to me when I was little. Do you remember that?

Victor: Yeah, I have a vague recollection.

Nikki: Oh, yes, I remember. It was one of your favorites.

Nick: It was my absolute favorite. I would make dad read it to me every night when he put me to bed. The serpent of names was our thing, dad. We shared that. That drawing was for my benefit. You wanted me to find it.

Victor: Now, wait a minute. You have a rather fertile imagination, don’t you?

Nick: I think it was a cry for help. You realized something’s wrong and you need me. You can’t trust victoria and adam right now. But you can’t possibly think that victoria would use whatever struggles you’re having to betray you. I couldn’t betray you. I’m not at the company right now, but adam–

Nikki: For god’s sake, victor, this has to stop. Please tell nicholas the truth.

Nick: Tell me the truth about what? Mom? Dad?

Nikki: Victor.

Nick: Has this whole thing been a setup? Have you been putting on an act? The mental slippage, the forgetting of past events, calling people by the wrong names? Are you kidding me? God, I knew there was more to it than that. There’s no way your faculties declined that far, that fast. I just don’t understand why. Why would you do that? Why would you let us be so worried and afraid for you? Why?

Victor: Because I had to find out who could be trusted.

Danny: All right. So, now that we’ve got you properly caffeinated, tell me about the trip. What happened?

Christine: I’d rather hear about you.

Danny: Come on, you’re upset. Talk to me.

Christine: I mean, why would I want to talk about my not-so-wonderful life when I can hear about the latest adventures of a rock star? Or– or what brings you back to genoa city for starters?

Danny: Well, I got a couple of months off from the tour. We scheduled it that way so I could spend more time with daniel.

Christine: And with phyllis?

Danny: Phyllis?

Christine: Yeah, I saw her leaving when I got here.

Danny: Oh, well, you know, I mean, she sort of comes with the daniel package. I know how you feel about her. We both feel that way, but I think she’s sincere about wanting to change.

Christine: Like you’ve never heard that before.

Danny: Okay, that’s– that’s fair.

Christine: I mean, for what, like the last 25-plus years?

Danny: She talks passionately about turning her life around after she beat this murder charge.

Christine: She didn’t beat the charges. I mean, she walks around telling people that. She was guilty. She had as much as admitted that. She talked a good game of remorse and the judge gave her a pass. It’s not exoneration as much as she’d like to pretend that it is. And, you know, let’s not forget that she should have been put away years ago for attempted murder.

Danny: Hey, I get it. Okay? I really do. It’s hard for you to give phyllis a break.

Christine: It’s impossible, danny.

Danny: It’s hard for me too. We both know what she did. All the harm she caused for so many years. But maybe, just maybe, this is the one time to try.

Ashley: I was at the most incredible cafes all over paris and somehow I still managed to miss mrs. Martinez’s coffee. So tell me, you’re convinced that tucker’s planning something. Is there anything specific I should know about?

Diane: No, it’s just a bit of cat and mouse at the moment.

Ashley: What does that even mean?

Diane: Billy found evidence that tucker was trying to bury a cover-up of some criminal activity by one of the artists signed to the mccall label.

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. The statutory rape case. I know that the pr people covered it up and then audra and tucker tried to bury the cover-up, but they did a crappy job of it because there’s emails out there, so.

Diane: Exactly. You knew about that?

Ashley: Well, yeah, I mean, we were married. He told me after the wedding.

Diane: Uh, well, we tried to use it as leverage to get tucker out of town.

Ashley: That didn’t work, obviously.

Diane: Nope, he’s still here.

Ashley: So, now what?

Diane: Billy wants to take the information public. Use it to discredit tucker, ruin his reputation, with the hopes that it’ll stop any idea he has of coming after us.

Ashley: That’s ridiculous. I mean, tucker does not care if he’s seen in a bad light. He knows that people have very short memories and he’s very good at spinning everything in his favor. You know what? I need to talk to jack, and billy, right now.

Jack: I am done with your games, tucker.

Tucker: I’m not. I’m having such a ball getting under your skin and keeping you guessing. It’s immensely rewarding.

Jack: We’re done here. Now, I pretend you don’t exist.

Tucker: No, no, don’t do that, jack. That would make it far too easy for me. I mean, you do you, as they say, but with that attitude, you’ll never see me coming.

Jack: Why, that’s a lot of talk. A lot of bravado for a man trying so hard to cover his desperation. You’re running scared, tucker. As delightful as this conversation has been, it is over.

Audra: Tucker may be hard to read sometimes, but you know, I feel like I know him better than almost anyone else. I’m a pretty perceptive gal and you know, I can read his demeanor and– and push him in whatever direction I think he should go.

Kyle: Okay. So, you know how to use him. That’s what you’re saying?

Audra: It’s a good skill to have.

Kyle: Look, I know you and tucker go way back, that you used to be close, but it’s sounding more and more like you still are. Just how close are we talking?

Audra: Well, you know, we, um– we have an interesting dynamic. You know, at times it’s one thing, then it’s another.

Kyle: Has it ever been sexual?

Audra: Would it bother you if I said yes?

Christine: It’s unbelievable that phyllis can have you brainwashed after all this time.

Danny: No, no, wait a minute. I– I’m not defending anything that phyllis has done. I just– I’m just saying that some second chances are warranted.

Christine: Second, third, a hundredth. You know, I don’t want to talk about phyllis.

Danny: Okay. Let’s talk about your trip then.

Christine: No, I– there have to be other topics, you know, than my trip or phyllis. How about my godson? Omegasphere is doing really well, right?

Danny: I know you so well, cricket. I think you do want to talk about what went down in lisbon. And who better with than me? Long time friends. Great listener. Always gives his exes another chance. Come on, talk to me.

Christine: So, I went to see paul in portugal. I think, you know, that he went there to stay with lucy and heather after he retired. So, we hadn’t seen each other in months.

Danny: But you stayed in touch?

Christine: Yeah, I’m– I don’t think we talked about this when you were here for the bicentennial, but paul and I had been going through some problems. Nothing huge or insurmountable. At least not that I thought. But as soon as he retired and spent more time at home, it was like our issues became magnified and– and we had such differences of opinion.

Danny: But you didn’t think the marriage was over?

Christine: I thought we’d separate. You know, spend some time apart and– and figure things out. We were still communicating. I was texting him every now and again. I– I– I called him on his birthday, but I knew that I needed to give him some space. Because after all, he crossed an ocean to get away from me.

Danny: I’m sure it wasn’t like that.

Christine: If you say so. Anyway, at the end of phyllis’s case, paul reached out and asked if I wanted to come to lisbon so we could discuss our future. And I– I looked at that as a really positive sign.

Danny: Yeah, it sounds positive to me.

Christine: So, I got there and– and at first it really did seem like he wanted to work things out. You know, we explored the city. And we went to all these like really great places to eat and we– and we went to the beach. I mean, you guys were friends. You– you know how fun he can be.

Danny: Yeah. I do, I do.

Christine: We just– we didn’t talk about our problems or what was next. We just… we just enjoyed each other’s company. And for a minute, it felt like the good old days. It felt like we traveled back to when– when we were happy, you know? When… when things weren’t strained. When– when we wanted the same things.

Danny: Well, it sounds wonderful.

Christine: Yeah. It just didn’t last because eventually, we realized that we had to talk about things. You know, really talk and not just gloss over all of our conflicts and– and try and pretend like everything was okay, only because we wanted it to be.

Danny: Okay. So, you talked.

Christine: We talked and we talked and– and we tried to figure out if there was any hope for us. Or for our marriage.

Danny: And?

[ Christine exhaling ]

Christine: There’s nothing. There’s nothing.

Kyle: Okay. You and tucker as colleagues, as friends, I guess I can see that. But sleeping together, I mean, you seem too strong and independent to be seduced by him.

Audra: Maybe I seduced him.

Kyle: I guess that’s more plausible, but why? Tucker is– well, tucker is a lot of things, and devious is pretty high on the list. Why would you want that kind of involvement?

Audra: What are you saying?

Kyle: Well, tucker isn’t the most stable guy in the world? I mean, look at what happened with ashley. One hint of betrayal, at least in his eyes, and he goes ballistic.

Audra: Yeah. Well, um, I can control tucker. That’s never been a problem. And as far as I’m concerned, he’s just a means to an end. For me, okay? And for you too if this all works out. So, kyle, are you in? Are you ready to sit in that jabot co-ceo chair you deserve? You know, the one your father doesn’t want you to have.

Jack: Hey, welcome home, ash.

Ashley: Hey, thank you. Good to be here.

Jack: Oh, I missed you.

Ashley: Thank you.

Billy: Yeah, so did I.

Ashley: Hello.

Billy: Hi.

Ashley: Hello.

Jack: Listen, I am so sorry for all you have been through. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna push or reach out in any way beyond simple business stuff until you told me you were ready.

Ashley: Okay. It’s fine. I knew I had your support. Thank you so much.

Billy: That husband of yours is an idiot.

Ashley: I told you so? Is that where this is going?

Billy: No, I just think it needs to be said.

Ashley: Because honestly, I have been beating myself up enough about another failed marriage, billy. So, please don’t rub my nose in it. I don’t need you for that and i don’t need you for that either.

Jack: I would never do that, ash.

Ashley: Of course you would. But please, could we just focus on what tucker’s up to and what we’re gonna do to stop him?

Billy: Yes. Abbott band back together.

Ashley: Yeah. We need to have a united front against what I’m sure is a planned attack.

Jack: We are absolutely united against tucker mccall, but I don’t think he has the ammo for a big attack. He is a hurt and desperate man these days.

Billy: I agree. He– he seems to be trying to hold on to power, make himself seem relevant.

Ashley: Right. Okay, so I don’t think it’s a very smart idea to underestimate tucker. You know, I don’t think that’s smart.

Diane: Ashley’s right.

Billy: Okay, let me ask you a question. I, um– clearly, we’re very, very thrilled that you’re back home, but why– why are you here now? I know that you were concerned that coming face to face with tucker would only make him more angry, so–

Ashley: Yeah, I was. I was and then he reached out to me a couple of times. You know, he said he wants to fix things so, I thought I could use it to my advantage.

Jack: I think I have some idea where this is heading and I don’t like it at all.

Audra: So, does that mean you’re in?

Kyle: Oh, I am totally, completely in.

Audra: You know, you were worried about betraying your family. You’re not anymore?

Kyle: I’m tired of being pushed to the side. Treated like jabot isn’t my birthright just as much as it is my father’s and my uncle’S. I’m going to take control of my future by helping you and tucker take control of jabot.

Nick: Let me just get this straight. You put me and vic through hell just so you could prove what we already knew? That adam cannot be trusted. Or more accurately, adam and nate.

Victor: You have got to trust that I know what I’m doing, all right?

Nick: Just so you know, I have no problem whatsoever with any plan that proves adam’s quest for redemption is a load of crap. But dad, you cannot keep letting victoria go through this. It’s cruel.

Nikki: Yes, it is. And I’ve been opposed to this idea since I first learned of it.

Victor: And I don’t like the idea that you exposed it before I was ready.

Nick: Dad, come on. You wanted me to figure it out.

Victor: And you did.

Nick: Why didn’t you just come to us instead of letting us worry about you? Instead of testing us? You obviously don’t trust victoria. You don’t trust me. It’s more than just adam you’re worried about.

Victor: I have faith in you. Now that you know the truth, I’m counting on you.

Nick: You used me. You stressed me out. You let me worry about you night and day. And now you want me to be your ally? You gotta be kidding me.

Nick: If you need my help to sell your mental state to victoria, adam, and nate, that means you don’t trust my sister, your daughter.

Victor: You know damn well how furious she was when I demoted her.

Nick: Vic would never let you suffer in order to get her position back.

Nikki: Of course, she wouldn’T. And you know that.

Nick: Yes, vic likes to be in charge. I mean, I’ve had my run-ins with her. She chose nate over me. You think that didn’t hurt? That it still doesn’t hurt? But I have no doubt about her loyalty to this family or to you. She needs to know the truth, dad.

Victor: Son, it’s all too soon. I need to know who I can trust.

Danny: I think I’m missing something here. You and paul are in lisbon together. It’s going well, you’re having fun. And then, all of a sudden, what? You’ve decided it’s over?

Christine: I’m giving you the shortened version. After paul and I spent some time in portugal, we decided to take a trip. We had the time. I had all these vacation days saved up for something. And so, we thought it would be a good idea. And we– we realized that you really get to– to know people better when you travel.

Danny: That’s true.

Christine: So that was, you know, part of it. We were gonna– we were gonna get to know each other again. And we were gonna go to places that we had been before that made us happy. And we were gonna use all those good times as a backdrop. To try and figure out what went wrong after all these years together and a couple trips down the aisle.

Danny: It sounds like a good plan.

Christine: Except it backfired. Instead of all those romantic memories bringing us closer together, it actually… it made it very obvious that the distance between us had grown to a point where there was just– there was no way back.

Danny: Chris, I…

Christine: We just don’t work together anymore. You know, we both saw it so clearly and it wasn’t about us growing apart. It was– it was about paul pulling away. He’s just not in love with me anymore.

Jack: What? You’re not seriously considering pretending to rekindle things with tucker to find out what he’s really up to?

Ashley: Well, it worked before. I know him better than anybody.

Jack: Yes, you know, his volatility up close and personal. You know he’s a wild card and you cannot be sure that he will believe that your overtures are real. Ash, there are too many variables. I cannot let you do this.

Ashley: It’s a good thing I don’t need your permission.

Danny: I’m so sorry, chris.

Christine: Thank you.

Danny: You know, I love you both. You and paul. And I hate to see you like this. You’re positive there is no hope? Counseling or maybe some more time apart.

Christine: No, no, no. It’s– it’s over. I– I don’t have any more doubts. Not anymore. And there’s something about that conviction that almost brings me a sense of peace.

Danny: So, what happens now?

Christine: I’m just gonna have to figure it out.

Danny: And you will.

Nick: You really need to tell victoria what’s going on.

Victor: That is not a good idea right now.

Nick: If you’re that concerned about adam being a threat, then we should all fight him together.

Victor: Let me tell you something. Adam is not the only threat.

Nick: You can’t possibly mean victoria. Is it nate? Is that who you don’t trust?

Victor: I cannot rely on victoria not telling and not alerting nate.

Nick: Okay. I can understand that. But I’m telling you, if vic finds out about this on her own, she is never gonna forgive you.

Ashley: Hey.

Kyle: Ashley, you’re home.

Ashley: Yeah. Hi.

Kyle: Nobody told me you were coming back.

Ashley: It was a surprise.

Jack: And we’re all very happy about it.

Kyle: Well, I’m sure abby’s thrilled. I mean, how are you doing after everything that happened? I guess you’ve been discussing tucker.

Jack: So, where were you, kyle? Linda came down a little while ago saying that harrison was ready for his bedtime story. I didn’t know where to tell her you were.

Kyle: Yeah, I’ll get right on it. Um, you know dad, if you must know, um, I was with audra.

Diane: I thought you said things were over with her.

Kyle: Well, it’s not. No reason for us not to see each other now that I’m no longer working at newman media.

Jack: Kyle, I know you and summer are divorcing. You are certainly free to date anyone you want, but don’t you think you could do better than audra charles?

Kyle: Oh, seriously, dad? Have you learned nothing about judging other people’s choice in partner?

Jack: I am just trying to spare you–

Kyle: No, no, no, no. You know nothing about her. I mean, not really, and you, of all people, mom, should know what it’s like to be judged unfairly and not given a second chance.

[ Diane scoffing ]

Ashley: Ah, I mean, you do know that tucker and audra are close, right? I mean, they’re very close.

Kyle: I’m aware of this.

Diane: We just want what’s best for you, kyle.

Ashley: Ah, she’s his confidant, actually. And I mean, have you considered the possibility that she’s using you? I mean, have you even considered that?

[ Knocking on door ]

Audra: Oh, my god. What are you doing here, tucker?

Tucker: Well, I just saw handsome kyle abbott downstairs, and a-ha, I figured he might have come from here. How goes the conquest?

Audra: Well, you gave me an assignment and I’m– I’m carrying it out. I don’t need you breathing down my neck.

Tucker: Sometimes you like it when I breathe down your neck. Oh, sorry. How about a little progress report?

Audra: All you need to know is that kyle is on board.

Tucker: Good job.

Audra: I mean, surely you didn’t doubt my ability to convince him?

Tucker: Oh, no, no, no. I know how persuasive you can be.

Audra: So, what’s next?

Tucker: We find out if we can trust him.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, October 25, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Ava: Trina!

[ Gasps ] Ava. Hi. Hi. Oh! Hi. I’d like to arrange a visit with a prisoner. Drew cain.

[ Ominous chord strikes ] Why? Is he okay? He was just transferred back there from the hospital. Then why can’t I see him? Well, then I’d like to speak to the warden. Okay. Yeah. I’ll speak to someone else. James, wait. What do you mean you want a new halloween costume? I just bought you one. You picked it out. I know, but I found one that would be way cooler. Great. You can wear that next year. It won’t be cool then. And, plus, halloween is the most important holiday of the year. Who told you that? Oma. Oh, you look marvelous,

mein lieber. And you’re back to work. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. ‘Twas nothing. You saved my life. And I would do it again. We haven’t heard from you in so long. Where have you been? Purging my demons and reinventing myself.

[ Telephone rings ] Yeah. Oh! Send him right in.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Michael. It’s nice to see you. That’s some beautiful flowers. From my dad? Yes, they are. I’m so lucky, aren’t I? Yeah, you’re very lucky. Yeah, too bad luck runs out. Congratulations, my man. I’m happy for you. Thanks, brick. Now, uh, I thought you were supposed to be having the wedding at the metro court… and olivia was supposed to be planning it…

and I was supposed to be invited. That was the plan, but it kind of — ah. Plans change. Plans change. Yeah, well, I just couldn’t wait any longer, you know? No surprise there. I can see how in love you two are. Did you have the wedding on the island? Yeah. Beautiful. Just you and her? Well, I mean, michael was there. Donna was there. And kristina and willow and my grandson wiley. You…

[ Chuckles ] No, but avery didn’t come, and dante was busy taking down mason gatlin. Hm. Oh! Look at you, man. Back on the job. Hey! As a matter of fact, I do still have a job, thanks to your mom. Yeah, of course you do. Yeah, I kind of just figured I’d, you know, get fired after going awol for a couple of weeks, but mama q wouldn’t have it. Well, that’s my mother. Yeah, she said, “there is no way that cody is getting fired for trying to help save sasha’s life.” Well, sasha will be happy to hear that you did not lose your job, either. Yeah. She’s probably gone by now, though. I know you can’t always count on luck. No. No. Of course not. And I — I don’t intend to, michael. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure this family, sonny and I, have the happiest life possible. And I am so sorry that you and willow and wiley had to leave so soon after the ceremony. But, then again, sonny and I had to cut our honeymoon short because he also had business to attend to. Hm. Yeah, I know. I heard. I just came from his office. He seems as happy as you are. Well, thank you for saying that. Yeah, we can hardly wait to get back to the island for an extended stay, and we were hoping that you and willow and the kids would join us. You know, the whole family. Yeah, I — you know, I don’t — I don’t see that happening. Well, we haven’t actually picked out a specific date, so we’ll work around your schedule. No, I — what I’m saying is I have to look out for my family’s best interest, and that means they’re not gonna be spending too much time with you in the future. Liesl: Of course, the ice baths came after the 8-mile hikes and before the daily colonics. And you actually paid to be put through that? Only $10,000 a week. It was heaven. Sounds kind of pricey. Ah! I would have paid double! After that horrible time in greenland with victor… and then giving my bone marrow to help you, I was a shell of myself. Well, you look great now. I do, don’t I? Because I am back to 100%.

[ Laughs ] While flying home, I — I was thinking how wonderful it would be if you and nina and I could go back to the spa together. Yeah, that sounds great, but I’m not sure nina will want to go anywhere without sonny now that they’re married. What? Oh. You didn’t know? Good to hear that ava’s alright. Sounds like dex and dante did their jobs. Yeah, they did. Too bad mason gatlin survived. And renault was released from prison earlier the same day. Short. Is the same guy that’s on the board of a foundation to reduce recidivism? Turns out they’re proponents of rehabilitation rather than incarceration. So cyrus — supposedly he’s given a lot of money to this cause. Yeah, well, regardless of whatever behind-the-scenes dealings were going on, it doesn’t matter at this point. He’s out. We just have to figure out what cyrus is gonna do next. Why didn’t you tell me when you asked me to cover for you at the gallery? Oh, I — I didn’t want to upset you. Uh — joss told me that you were almost killed! Oh. Right. I-I’m sorry. I should have realized that you would talk to joss. Thank god for her and dex. Are you sure you’re alright now? Yes. I’m sure I’m alright now. And avery’s fine. It was wonderful to see her and — and hold her when it was all over. Just like it’s wonderful to see you. I can’t lose you, ava. Hey, maxie. James. It’s so nice to see your faces. What can I get you? Katrina had to run an errand. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. I want an ice-cream sundae, like the one I split with cody before, please. For dessert, but would you like your dinner

before your dessert? I’m having a backwards dinner. Ice-cream sundae first then grilled cheese. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I’ll have a backwards dinner, too. Uh, chocolate pie and then a chicken caesar salad. Okay. I love it. Two backwards dinners coming right up. Yeah, sasha was all packed up. So you went to go see her? I did. I wanted to say goodbye before she took off. But you tried to talk her out of leaving, right? I did. But she’s got to make her own decisions. Yeah. Yeah, well, this one’s the wrong one. I don’t know, man. I mean, I understand her wanting to start fresh in a place that doesn’t have bad memories everywhere. Yeah. And some good ones, too. Well, I guess she’s got to weigh the difference between the good and bad ones and make a decision. Thanks for going to see her. Yeah. Just wanted to make sure she was okay. You think she is? I hope so. What about you, man? You okay? One piece of chocolate pie and one sundae. Thank you, carly. Thank you. You’re welcome. Enjoy! Oh! Okay. So you don’t want to wear the halloween costume we ordered? Please, mom, I have to wear a different one. James, you haven’t even told me what it is yet. You’re not going to like it. Oh. Hi! Hey. Hi, hi, hi, hi. Mwah. Oh. Hmm. Okay. Why — why are we, uh — thank you. Why are we meeting here? I mean, they do not serve wine, you know. And right now I could really use a glass of wine. Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry about that. I thought it would be a little more intimate. In any case, never mind that. Where did you wander off to? I was waiting for you at the metro court. I know. Sorry. Okay. So I — I had that contract I had to sign to give 51% of my deception to tracy, right? So I decided I would go to the quartermaines’ and I wanted to look her in the eye and then I wanted to take that contract and just…cram it down her throat. But she wasn’t there. Well, that was a blessing. Erm. Mnh. Anyway, so not only now did tracy blackmail me out of control of my company… she’s completely trying to derail my creative vision. You’re never gonna lose me, trina. I almost did. Joss said that you were kidnapped by some horrible man. W-why? You know, none of that even matters now. He’s in police custody, and he’s gonna get the punishment that he deserves for what he did. How can you be so calm about it? Believe me, I wasn’t calm when it was happening. If dex and dante hadn’t shown up when they did… joss said dante shot the man. Yeah. And he survived. Of course. Men like him usually do. He’s being treated at G.H. That must have been awful. It was. I have to move on, move forward. You know, for avery’s sake. I have to put it behind me. You’re so strong, ava. Yeah, maybe. Maybe not as strong as you think.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I thought about you so much when I was in new york city. Mm! Yes! Tell me about it. I hope you had a wonderful time. I did. I did. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it weren’t for you. You changed my life forever, ava. After much, much digging, I found this. What’s this? Confirming what you already knew. Renault is mason and austin’s boss. Good. Then I have proof that cyrus was pulling the strings. Brick: Yeah. So he’s the guy responsible for ava’s kidnapping and he’s the one who planted betty in your house to dig up information. And he turned over that doctored evidence she came up with to the feds. Yeah. If you weren’t a step ahead, you would have been going into prison right around the time he was being released. And port charles would have been wide open for cyrus to take over. No matter. You’re still here. And because you’re still here, he’s not in any position to take over any territory whatsoever. Well, you know what? That is true. But he’s still a threat. I cannot believe nina wouldn’t contact her only aunt to let her know she was getting married! Do I mean nothing to her?! Actually, the whole thing was totally last-minute. I mean, nina and sonny eloped. Oh! So it was just the two of them? Well, not exactly. Be exact. Please. A few people were there. How few? Michael and kristina and wiley and donna and me. Well, that’s more than a few! You and michael went to the wedding? I have missed a lot. I am sure nina wanted you there, but you were at the spa, and she probably didn’t want to bother you. She could’ve given me a choice, but she didn’t! No matter. I shall move on. If I learned anything in gdansk… gdansk? That’s where the spa was. And on my hikes and meditation, I learned that we must not spend time lamenting the past. We must stay in the present and be thankful and curious about what is going on in the here and now. That sounds like a good philosophy. So, tell me, my beautiful grand-niece, how is your here and now? It couldn’t be better. Nina: I don’t understand, michael. When you said that you would bring willow and wiley to the wedding, I thought we reached a new agreement. That’s because that’s what my father wanted, and willow agreed to go. No. You were happy for us. You were happy for both of us. And so was willow. And wiley — he had a wonderful time at the wedding. Yeah, he did. And you said that your father is happy. He is. No, michael. You’re not pretending. I saw your face when you were watching me and your father after the ceremony. I knew that you knew how much that moment meant to us. And I finally felt like that animosity between us was finally falling away. I felt so — what, lucky? That’s because you were lucky, nina! Because sonny, willow, not even I knew what you did. But now I know. And your luck has run out. Yeah. I’m fine. And if that’s the only reason why you came here, then I got work to do. Besides, you were always useless in a barn anyways. Yeah, I’m useless in a barn, but I’m sure there’s some — I don’t know — menial task even I can do. Okay, yeah. Uh, well… trigger could use an apple. There you go. Half it up. Okay. You remember camp. Didn’t think you were able to do it, so I did it. It’s all good. I got you, trigger. Hey, buddy. -Just don’t bite my hand. -Only if you’re evil. So you want to tell me why you think I’m so screwed up? What are you talking about, man? I never said you were screwed up. “What about you, cody? Are you okay?” Wow! Wow. So a guy just can’t ask a buddy if he’s doing okay? Why do you think I’m not okay? I don’t know. Maybe because you pretended to be crazy so you could get institutionalized so you could save sasha, then you save her… and she decides to move to texas. That’s her choice. You know, it’s okay to admit that you’re gonna miss her and you like her and all that kind of stuff. I’m going to miss her. That’s good. That’s a good first step. Mm-hmm. And I’m sure you’re gonna tell me the second step that I should be taking. I will. I’ll tell both of you the next step. Uh-huh. You tell mac that you’re his kid and stop pretending that you’re not. We’ve been through all of that. Yeah, I remember. You know what? I actually love the fact that I’m not the only one who knows anymore. What does that mean? Well, you told sam. You told sasha. I’m no psychiatrist, but I, uh, kind of have a feeling that deep down you kind of want mac to find out that you’re his kid. Martin: I don’t understand. You like sasha. I love sasha. I have told you that many, many times. I adore her. And she still has an interest in deception. So wouldn’t you think it’d be in her best interest if our company was as profitable as possible and as soon as possible? I suppose. You suppo– yes! But tracy doesn’t see that. You understand? She is mandating that sasha remain the “face of deception.” But you know what? We haven’t even asked sasha. Does she want that? So, I spoke to selina wu and let her know who’s in control. She’s definitely gonna be cooperating when it comes to cyrus. She’s not a stupid woman. She understands the power structure. Yeah, I know. But I need your expertise, brick. Name it. What’s up? Cyrus has, you know, given a lot of money to this foundation, and I want to know where the money’s coming from. Do you really think a guy like renault would give all his money away? Not likely. He probably has a stash somewhere else. But we have to figure out who else he’s working with. Seems like a renegade to me, but I’ll check it out. I’ve got a lot of enemies in this town, you know? Cyrus is not going anywhere, and he’s got a lot of connections in port charles. I’ll do a deep dive into his finances, see where the money leads.

[ Knock on door ] Brick: Ah! This is a bonus. Brick! Getting to see my favorite girl.

[ Laughs ] How you doing? I don’t know what you’re accusing me of, michael. Accusing you? You only wish that I was accusing you. See, I’m — I’m stating a fact.

[ Beep] Martin: I called the sec at nina reeves’ direction

and I suggested

they investigate drew cain and carly spencer for insider trading.

[ Beep ] Where did you get that? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that martin is telling the truth. Now, the question is, what am I gonna do with it? Wiley and amelia are both doing so well. And michael has been amazing. I was very impressed with how how loving and supportive he was in your time of need. He still is. And somehow things have gotten better with nina. You went to her wedding. That’s a good sign. I’m certain she was so happy you were there. She loves you very much. I’m starting to think we might actually be able to develop some kind of relationship. Of course you will. It sounds as if everything is perfect. Well, not everything. Drew cain is still locked up in pentonville. Injustice. That man not only saved my life — in turn, yours as well. Yes. And I pray that he will be released soon. From your mouth… but there’s something else. No. I can see it. Please share with me. I… I keep having this dream. Dreams are important. Tell me. It’s harmony. In the dream, it’s as if she’s warning me not to trust someone. Classic freudian. After all you’ve been through, your mind is trying to tell you to stay alert. It’s trying to protect you from your deepest fear, that the uncertainty and struggle you’ve been through will return. But it is a false dream. You must ignore it. Your future, your family’s future, now your future with your birth mother — they’re all bright and beautiful! Wolf: Don’t mind me. Did you get to all the museums on your list? Yeah. And they were amazing. And guess what. Spencer got us a first-class tour of the archives at the met. That’s incredible. Yeah, and I was walking through, and I realized that I liked art before I worked at the gallery. I just didn’t understand why or — or how to really appreciate it. You had a great eye from the moment we met. But you opened my eyes to that. You helped me realize that it’s more than just about the strokes or the beautiful sculpture. It’s — it’s something else. A meaningful piece of art can give you an understanding and — no, it can — can give you an actual feeling of what the artist went through to create it. Yes. Yeah. And that’s what I felt when I went to the met. Those paintings made me feel something. Hm. You are extraordinary. No. You opened my eyes to all of it. I love my mom and I love both of my dads, and I’m so lucky to have both of them. All of them. But I’m also lucky because when I met you… it’s like I found a second mom. So you haven’t even spoken to sasha? Um, no. I mean, come on. After that horrible ordeal with that barbaric doctor and her crazy mother-in-law, I just thought she needed space. She needed her privacy. And I completely understand. But she doesn’t know about tracy’s plans. Uh, no. And according to maxie, sasha is leaving town today. But tracy — she wants me to somehow track down sasha and demand — what am I supposed to do? Really? Force her to remain the “face of deception”? Well, don’t you at least owe it to her to let her know it’s an option?

[ Sighs ] I-I guess. I-I don’t know. Because I have found the perfect choice to be the “face of deception” to replace sasha.

[ Sighs ] Then I could wear the first costume for the halloween parade at school… and the second costume for trick-or-treating. Sounds like you got it all figured out. I do. You don’t need two costumes, james. Of course he does. Because halloween is the most important holiday of the year. Oma!

[ Giggles ] Ohh! Hello. Beautiful boy. What do you want, michael? You know, I expected a denial. Oh, there’s no point. Clearly, you coerced martin into betraying attorney/client privilege. You said that you saw your father earlier. I assume that you didn’t tell him or anyone else. No, I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna tell everybody what you did. I didn’t do anything illegal… unlike your mother and drew. Right. So you don’t care if I tell everyone what you did. Just tell me what you want! I want you to stay away from willow forever! But that’s only gonna make her suspicious. So this is what’s gonna happen. From now on, you are going to get my permission before even setting foot near them. Why? Why would you even think that? Willow and wiley had a wonderful time at the wedding. Your father is finally happy. Why don’t you just leave it alone? What, you think you’re gonna get off that easy for what you did to my mom and drew? Me? Me get off that easy? Me get off that easy? Your mother kept both of my daughters from me. I didn’t know that nelle was my daughter until after she was dead, but did carly know? Yes, she did. I could have helped nelle. No one could have helped nelle. You are talking about wiley’s mother and my daughter, so watch it! And after carly put me through hell, did she change? No. She found out that willow was my daughter, too. Did she tell anyone? Did she tell me? Did she tell you? Did she tell willow or anyone? No. She waited until willow was literally dying! Yeah, people are gonna be a little angry at me that I turned in carly and drew to the sec for doing something illegal, but that is nothing compared to what she has done to me. And I am telling you this — you are not keeping me away from my daughter. Or my grandchildren. Well, that is crazy. I do not want mac to know that I’m his son. Well, why do you keep telling everybody? Three people. I told three — three friends. I’m just saying that you don’t want anyone to know something, you don’t tell anyone. I knew I could trust you. And sam and sasha.

[Mockingly] Yes and yes. I’m just saying. People slip up when they know stuff. Well, I knew you weren’t gonna tell anyone. Neither is sam. A-and sasha’s on her way to texas. This is ridiculous. Why am I even arguing this? Okay? Mac has this tight-knit family. He’s happy. The last thing he needs is to be stuck with a guy like me for a son. Mac trusted you. He bent the rules to help you take down montague. He did that for sasha, and I-I’m thankful for it. I don’t think so. I think he did it ’cause he believed in you. He’s seen, you know, the side of you that can sabotage yourself with poker games and such. Okay. See? See? Exactly. Who in their right mind would want to be stuck with someone like that as a son? Because he’s also seen the other side of you that does good stuff — like saving sasha. I saw the way he looked at you after you did that. He was proud of you. Be proud to call you his son. I didn’t know you were in town! Just got back. Just got back. I hope you’re doing okay. I-I’m trying. I am really sorry that I had to call you, but I’m glad you’re here. You did the right thing. She’s the one who told me that cyrus was set free. Yeah. Is he harassing you? That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because drew went back to pentonville this morning, and when I called to arrange a visit, they said he wasn’t allowed any visitors. Is he in the infirmary? I don’t know. I mean, the G.H. Doctor said he was well enough to go back into general population, but when I asked why I couldn’t see him, they wouldn’t tell me. Okay. Let me — let me check this out. I’ll be right back. -Alright. -Thank you. Stop worrying. He’ll get to the bottom of it. Oh, god, I hope so. How are you? Life is good. Lots of changes in port charles. Yes, and I’m still trying to get used to them all. Same here. You know, I haven’t been back to kelly’s since you took over. You should drop by. You should. I’ve made some improvements. I’m sure you have. I’m usually pretty good about rolling with the punches. Change can be good sometimes. Yes. But I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get used to calling anybody else mrs. Corinthos. My dry eye’s made me a burning, not going to ask yourpermission to see my child. You’re not gonna play god with my life. You know, the only reason why I turned carly and drew in to the sec for doing something illegal? Because I wanted your mother brought to justice! It was impulsive. I will explain it to willow. Oh, right. You think willow will understand? Do you know what drew means to her? I know he helped her. He saved her life! Drew saved your daughter’s life, and you got him sent to prison. No, i didn’T. Oh, no, no. He’s only there because of you, nina. He was beaten so badly that he almost died. Do you think willow’s gonna forgive you for that? No, I didn’t mean for him to get hurt. Oh, you didn’t mean for him to get hurt. You don’t mean for a lot of things to happen. But you know what? Bad things always do happen when it comes to you, nina. And you know who’s been going out of their way, who’s doing everything he possibly can to protect drew while he’s in pentonville? Sonny. And how do you think he’s gonna feel when he finds out that his new wife is responsible for drew being in prison and costing my mother everything?! You are a shameless flatterer, brick. I am.

[ Chuckles ] But I mean this. How many mrs. Corinthoses have you known? A few. But you’ve always been the one. Thank you. Yeah. But I’m not anymore. Nina is. And I wish them both happiness. Well, I wish sonny happiness. I can see that. He wants the same for you. I know. And I care about what happens to him. That’s why I’m glad you’re in town. Especially with cyrus being out of prison. Well, you know this guy pretty well. I remember you and jason facing off against him several times when sonny was away. When sonny was away? You mean when his new wife let us all believe he was dead?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Did I say that out loud? I didn’t hear a word. I heard nothing.

[ Laughs ] Hey. Jason and I wouldn’t have gotten through that time without you. Cyrus is vicious. Please look out for sonny. Consider it done. Thank you. Not a lot of mothers would be so open to their daughters working with me, let alone becoming friends with me. But you’re more than a friend, ava. And my mom knows how important you are to me. And she really appreciates everything that you’ve done for me. You know, when — when I lost kiki… look. It’s okay. Thank god for avery. Now I have avery. And I love her. And I know that she loves me. But she’s just…. she’s just a kid. You know? And… there aren’t — there aren’t many people in my life who care about me. With no agenda, you know? And I’m just — I feel so lucky to be sitting with one of those people right now. You really think mac was proud of me?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, man, I do. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise. Thanks, dante. T-that means a lot to me. But you’re still not gonna do anything about it, right? I really — I really think that things are better the way that they are. What are you talking — how can they be better for mac not knowing he’s got a kid? I’m a loner. You know that. Hey. You know that about me. And you also know that I’m only gonna screw things up again. Mac’s happy now. I don’t need to mess up his life. Okay, but what are you talking about being a loner? ‘Cause I think you have more friends than I do at this point.

[ Chuckles ] I did get lucky. Hm. Hey. Why don’t you come to the house next sunday? Watch the game with me, sam, and the kids. I mean, provided scout doesn’t commandeer the tv and put on “lilo & stitch” again, that is. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. Look. I’ll be there either way, okay? Okay. Good. And, uh, you know what? Texas ain’t mars. Alright? Remember that. Yeah. I know. I know. Texas isn’T… hey, dante. Hey. Yeah? Um, dude, I meant what I said. I am lucky to have you as a friend. Yeah, I know.

[ Chuckles ] Liesl. We obviously missed you very much. Very much. Oh, and I have missed my family. Mwah! Although my time at the spa was divine. Ohh! Can’t wait to hear about it. Grandma, do you want half of my grilled cheese sandwich? James! Sorry, liesl. James, we agreed we would do backwards dinner if you ate your entire grilled cheese. M-o-o-om! J-a-a-ames! Liesl: James, you must listen to your mother, hm? Blaze is not only beautiful,but she is a fantastic singer. So picture this. We go to “home & heart.” She sings this wonderful song, belts out that tune, knocks everybody’s socks off, and then we sell lots and lots of deception product. Slam dunk. But tracy doesn’t see it your way? No. The answer to digging ourselves out of the hole that we’re in is right in front of us, and tracy will have nothing to do with it. Tracy is right. My mom’s alzheimer’s never onna be for halloween, oma? Oh, it is a difficult choice. Either an alpine maiden or a nascar driver. Nascar driver! Okay. [ Chuckles ] Okay, yes, blaze would be a fabulous idea… if sasha wasn’t already the “face of deception.” We discussed this with tracy. We agreed. You did? Uh, well, you know, you’re right, but — there’s a but! Lucy, come on. We owe sasha the option to continue. But you said that sasha is leaving town today, so… we agreed that we would call her! Come on. Lucy, you know how important sasha was in getting deception off the ground. We owe her another chance. Dante has a different life. It’s hard for him to see that it doesn’t pay to invest too much in other people. And it’s not their fault, and I-I don’t regret anything that I did. I understand that people need to look out for themselves. Sometimes that means starting over someplace else. It just really sucks when someone who cares gets left behind.

[ Door creaks ] Tell me more about your trip. And I don’t mean the museum part. Well, spencer and I had a wonderful time. He had so much planned, and it was all so special. We had dinner on a beautiful rooftop with beautiful views. And it was the first time you were really alone together. Yeah. Um… a-and he got me this. Wow. Well, that boy has excellent taste. And not just in necklaces. The whole trip was just a dream. And… now we’re back to reality. Ah. Esme. And ace. Yeah. He still has so much to work out. Well… I’m glad you had a great trip. And, trina, if it’s meant to be… I know. Hey. Did you hear anything? The reason drew can’t have any visitors is ’cause he’s in solitary. What? Yeah. Why? Drew was the one attacked and almost killed. Why the hell is he being punished? Carly, they might be doing this for his protection. Brick is right. And to cover their butts. They either don’t know or don’t want to know who attacked drew. But the prison — they don’t want a repeat. That would be

horrible press. Carly, the fact that he’s in solitary under their observation, that means he’s safe. He’s not gonna be safe until he’s out of pentonville for good. Is that a possibility? Alexis is working on it. Alexis is looking into the judge’s past cases. She thinks she found some improprieties. And I assume you’re helping her. I’m doing everything that I can. The main priority right now is to get drew out of pentonville. When he is set free, we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do with cyrus. I’ll explain it to sonny. I’ll just — I’ll tell him that I acted impulsively. Yeah, I’m sure — yeah. Explain it to sonny. Explain it to willow. I’m sure they’ll understand how you — how you did what you did in the most underhanded, secretive way. No… oh, yeah, I’m sure they’ll understand why you lied to them this whole time. Yeah, I’m sure sonny will understand that when — when my mother stood there and accused ned of turning them in to the sec, you stood silent. I mean, after all, sonny, you know — he’s very understanding of lies and deception. No, you can’t tell sonny. I can and I will. If you don’t do exactly what I tell you to do. You know, I’m not even sure that sonny should be the one you’re most worried about right now because once my mom finds out what you did… don’t you understand? You’re not only trying to control my life. You’re trying to control willow’S. I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the metro court back. She doesn’t have the money, michael. How’s she gonna buy it back? I suggest you figure out a way. No. It’s too much. This is too much. This is all you get, nina. Take it or leave it.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Your assistant said michael was in here. I hope… I’m not interrupting.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Oh, Tate. Come on, I didn’t order croissants. What–

I thought he was working as a dishwasher.

Ah, he was, but Roman, bless his heart, put him on to-go duty.

[sighs] I think he may be screwing these orders up and hoping that he’ll just get fired.

I think he might have remembered that his grandmother likes croissants.

You think I’m being a hard-ass?

[exhales sharply] I think you’re holding him accountable, which is a good thing, and it would be normal for him just to rebel. But I think everybody– everybody–needs a little grace once in a while.

Agreed. I could be overparenting for trying to make up for lost time… for what I can’t give to Rachel right now. But that might be about to change.

Why? What do you mean?

[dramatic music]

Something’s come up, which may help me regain custody of Rachel and… a chance that Kristen may just lose this battle, big-time.

Hey. You haven’t seen Rachel, have you? She keeps disappearing.

Oh, it’s a big house. I’m sure she’ll turn up.

Well, I hope so. I just wanted to say goodbye to her before I leave.

Ah. Where are you going?

Well, EJ is taking me out to lunch at the Bistro. It should be nice to have some brother-sister bonding.

[chuckles softly] Okay, so let’s hear your brilliant idea. How are we going to get Kristen DiMera’s shares and throw EJ on his oh-so-British butt? Uh, brother-sister bonding, huh?

Yeah, you seem surprised.

Well, I just–I didn’t know that you and EJ were buddy-buddy these days.

[chuckles] Well, I am happy to say that we are putting aside our old grudges and getting closer all the time.

[sniffs] All right, Rachel, you have three questions left.

That’s not fair. I would have won yesterday if Holly hadn’t dragged me out for stupid math tutoring.

[chuckles] Okay. But you were this close, and I have no doubt you are going to get it right today.

Okay, okay. Can I have a hint?

Huh, okay. Um… uh, it is big, like, really, really big.

Is it a giraffe? Wait. A hot-air balloon.

Oh, my God! It is a giraffe in a hot air balloon! Ding, ding, ding, ding!

[imitates cheering] Somebody get this super-smart little lady a full ride to Harvard! Oh, and a Happy Meal, right?

What do I really get, Uncle Stefan?

Okay, all right. It is really, really, really cool.

Is it a JoJo Siwa picture with her autograph?

Uh, I don’t know what a JoJo Siwa is, but I have a feeling you’re very warm. So warm, in fact– Hey, somebody, turn on the AC in here, will ya? Hoo!

Is it Taylor Swift tickets?

How–what– who–how–this– Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Yes! That’s exactly what it is!

How did you? Even Mommy can’t score Taylor tickets.

See, that’s the thing, Rachel. I didn’t do anything. You’re going to do the doing.

Wait, what?

There’s just one small condition that has to be met.


I’m sure Clyde would not appreciate you going behind his back to try to influence me.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just–look, I don’t want any part of this. Gil, please, I am begging you. There’s got to be another solution here.

You want your son to keep breathing? This is it. There is no other way.

Ava. You, uh–you seem upset. Is something–something wrong?

No. No, I’m fine. I’m fine.

Who’s this guy?

Oh, uh, this–this is Gil Carter. He’s the new owner of the Bistro… and now my new boss.

Oh, the eyeholes keep moving. Oh, I can’t see. And now I can’t breathe! Ugh! This is the worst Halloween costume since– since that Danish beefcake asked me to wear a Nixon mask and call him a terrible, naughty, no-good boy until he had tears streaming down his face. He could have used a friend.

Leo, might I remind you that this was your idea?

Well, I didn’t know it was going to trigger my heretofore latent claustrophobia.

Hmm. Well, if you can think of another way that we can stealthily access your Salem Inn room, grab some cash, and skip town like, you know, proper fugitives–

Believe me, I am eager to get my custom Italian suit, crocodile-skin loafers, but we don’t have another costume option. Ugh, I hope no one sees us wearing these sheets and thinks we forgot our pointy hats. That’d be a big fat yikes.

Relax. It’s a great idea. They’re going to just think we’re ghosts. This costume is–well, it’s as old as Halloween itself. But, hey, um, perhaps it’s not claustrophobia that you’re feeling. Perhaps you’re just, uh, a little bit nervous.

Why would I be nervous? Just because if we get recognized, my entire life becomes a dumpster fire?

Yeah. Yeah, that.

[chuckles] Listen to me, Leo. You do realize that you have an out here. Remember, I am the fugitive. You, my darling, you are just along for the ride.


I need you to ask yourself… is this really what I want to do? Because this might be the last chance you get to change your mind.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So Gabi says that she and Stefan are going to help you get your daughter back, and you didn’t ask how or why?

Mm. I’d rather not know any more than I need to. You know, plausible deniability and all that.

[laughing] Okay, that’s a strategy. But, you know, I’m–I’m– I’m fond of Gabi. But I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s something in this for her.

I would guess that, most likely, Kristen probably pissed Gabi off. And as far as Stefan is concerned, we all know that as sure as the sun rises in the east, that one DiMera’s probably stabbing the other in the back. But, Marlena, I don’t care about any of that. I don’t want to be involved in it–all that palace intrigue. I… I just want my daughter back.

[dramatic music]

I call BS.

[gasps] Please don’t tell Mommy I said that.

I won’t say a word.

But I still call BS.

Look, kid, I’m just trying to help you here. I–

[sighs] All right, look…

[clears throat] I know how much you and Holly love Taylor Swift. And online the other day, I saw an ad for a Halloween costume contest. And the grand prize– front-row seats to the Taylor Swift concert. And my first thought was, bing! My niece, Rachel–she is so creative, she’s going to win this thing, hands down.

But my mom– she wouldn’t let me be a pirate wench. So now my costume’s so stupid.

Well, don’t you worry, my dear. You are in luck, because we have a fashion designer in residence. You got this in the bag.


Yes, well, EJ and I are on fine terms lately. He’s just so thrilled that his mother is alive that he wants to go out and celebrate.

With you?

Yes, with me.

[chuckles] Look, he was upset that Susan had to leave town, and, uh… well, apparently I remind him of her.

Oh, wow. Paging Dr. Freud.

All right, just, whatever the reason is, I’m just so happy that my brother and I have gotten close again. All right, well, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to continue my search for Rachel.


Okay, well, to state the obvious, Kristen’s not going to willingly sign those shares over to us, right?

Right. So how are we going to make that happen?

Through her Achilles’ heel, of course.

And what would that be?

Who would that be.

Oh, yes, Rachel, of course, the apple of her eye. You know, actually, I just remembered. Harold did say something about taking Rachel out to carve a pumpkin.

Oh. Well, that was very sweet of him.

Yeah, he’s crazy about her. I mean, who isn’t, right? Go, enjoy your lunch. I’ll tell her you said goodbye.

Okay. Thank you.

Well, uh, congratulations. I knew you’d get something, but I had no idea that you, uh, applied for the Bistro.

Right. Well, you know, you and I talked about how maybe I could find a job in the culinary arts, and this sort of just, uh– it sort of fell in my lap.


I’m sorry, and you are?

Oh, I-I’m sorry. This is my friend Harris Michaels.

And I’m Detective Jada Hunter, his partner.

You’re cops?

We are.

Well, it’s a pleasure to meet some of Salem’s finest. And thank you for everything that you do for our community.

You know, and I got to say, I just love your restaurant. So you will be seeing plenty of me.

[chuckles] And, hey, maybe you could consider putting the French onion soup back on the menu?

[scoffs] Of course, anything for the boys in blue.

And girls.

Right, and girls. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I was just about to give our newest team member a little tour of the kitchen.

If I was going to leave you, love of my life, high and dry, would I be here right now wearing these ridiculous sheets? Now, come on, you big handsome lug, let’s do this!

Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. I just–I got to– I got to get this out. Um, when you very bravely sprung me from that hospital, you didn’t exactly have a chance to pause and think all of this through. So let’s just– let’s just pause now. Okay, um…

[chuckles] Leo, not too long ago… you were promised a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune. And now here we are with $ and change and, uh… well, two bedsheets to our name. Darling, it’s not lost on me that this is not the deal that you signed up for.

It was never about the money, ever. It was about you making me happier than I’ve ever been.

I know, but–

There’s no buts. There’s no buts. Shut up. Now kiss me.


Good for Ava. That’s a plum job for someone fresh out of Bayview. Sorry, I didn’t mean–

No, no, no, I get it. I-I didn’t think Rafe would hire me either, so…

Oh, come on. You have a résumé, a skill set.

Yeah, Ava does, too, but–

But what?

I don’t know. Something with that guy Gil just felt off.


What do your instincts say?

I think you’re being protective of Ava. I mean, you cared about her enough to bust her out of Bayview and traveled halfway around the world to help her find Susan Banks.

Okay. So, in other words, you think I’m just– I’m just being overprotective.

Or maybe I want to give Gil the benefit of the doubt. I do like his restaurant.

Yeah. I’m probably just being overprotective.

[dramatic music]

Why didn’t you tell me you were tight with the cops?

You didn’t ask.

This is not good for business. Damn it, I don’t need law enforcement sniffing around this place.

Okay, let’s not forget– you and your boss, Clyde, strong-armed me into taking this job. If I cut ties with Harris now, how’s that going to look? Rather suspicious, no? So, if you want me, you’re stuck with him.

[gasps] Or here’s a great idea. Why don’t you find someone else to run your little drug-front operation? Then we can all live happily ever after.

Honey? Are you sure that… Gabi and Stefan aren’t doing something illegal here?

Oh, I don’t– Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m–I’m–I’m desperate right now. I want my kid back, and that– that family-court judge– she–she had an ax to grind when she gave Kristen full custody of–of my kid. There’s nothing I can do about it. My only recourse is if–if Kristen goes off the rails and does something to jeopardize Rachel. That’s it. I don’t want her to do that, and she’s not going to do that. But you know her. She plays dirty. And if I want to fight her, I have to do the same. Right?

I don’t know. Are you sure the two of you can’t work out some sort of a-a co-parenting agreement?

A co–there’s no– We’re talking about Kristen. There’s no co-parenting. There’s no good faith. There’s none of that. I don’t care what Gabi and Stefan are up to. I know they have their own agenda, but as long as our interests align, I’m going to take whatever–whatever help I can get to get Rachel back.


Hey, where’s little Rachel? Do you have any updates?

Oh, yeah. You’ll be happy to hear she’s trying on concert outfits as we speak.

Okay, good. We can talk. Listen, our plan– we need to step it up. Kristen just told me EJ is taking her out to lunch to celebrate that his mother’s not dead, and we both know what the first topic of conversation is going to be.

Her DiMera shares.

Right. So we need to get sway over Kristen before EJ does, and we need to do it quickly.

Okay, well, Rachel’s game, so, uh, what are we waiting for?

Are you talking about me?

Hey! I was actually just telling Gabi what an incredible team you two are going to make. Why don’t I leave you ladies at it? Hmm?


Okay, so I want to be a vampire princess who’s also a pop star, like this girl I saw on TikTok.

Oh, well, you know what? I was thinking, yeah, something else.

But… Whoa.

Check this out. Oh, yeah.

[groans] Please be here! Please be…here!

What? No. This feels a little too–

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy?


You know what this reminds me of? That time my writer friend Denise and I pitched this show to a big studio. Standing in front of all the big suits, and I say, it’s “Ghostbusters” meets– you’re not going to believe this–“Magic Mike.” You should have seen their jaws drop.

Huh. Well, I just can’t believe we waltzed right past Detective Hunter in the middle of the square, completely unnoticed. By the way, why was she with Harris Michaels?

Maybe they’re having a thing. Who cares? We just need to keep our wits about us and stay one step ahead of them.


All right, so what do you think– we head up to Stark’s room?

Yeah, I can imagine that the hotel management wants that crime-scene tape removed.

You think a fresh set of eyes is going to do some good, huh?

[sighs] Well, you have a history with the Von Leuschners, so you probably have an angle that we haven’t seen yet. And besides, Leo and Dimitri, they could be long gone from Salem by now. And if they fled our jurisdiction, then it’s on to the next case for us.


I assume you’re here regarding the plan.

I am. First, I need assurance that you’re in– like, inin.

Inin, yeah. I’m in, ,%. I’m compelled to ask you a question, though. Uh, should I be worried about what’s in this for you and Gabi?

No, not at all. I mean, it’s… it’s family stuff. I could get into the minutiae of it all, but that would bore you.

Yeah. All right, spare me the details. That’s fine. I do want to tell you I appreciate this, though… you helping me get my daughter back. I really do. And I know that you and I– we didn’t get off on the best foot after your… comeback.

Couldn’t agree more. Usually kidnapping and trying to un-brainwash me with an ice-cream scoop and a waffle iron would be a deal-breaker.


But if you hadn’t have done that, I wouldn’t have gotten my life back, so I’m grateful.

[dramatic music] Well, time is of the essence.

Right. Tell me what you need me to do.

Kristen’s on her way to the Bistro. I need you to intercept her.

Got it. Tell me more.

This is so much fun.

Isn’t it? But you have to make sure you keep your face very still. It’ll be worth it, I promise.


[chuckles] You know who you remind me of? You remind me of my little girl, Ari. She loves Halloween. I wonder if they celebrate Halloween in New Zealand. Well, anyway, you are finished, and I have to say, you look amazing.

I really do.


So… you think you can pull this off?

Are you kidding me? Pick a fight with Kristen and make it look real? I do that in my sleep. I can pull this off.

[dramatic music] You know Rachel loves me. You know she needs me in her life. You know that.

Brady, I know that. I know how you’re feeling right now.

[scoffs] I know what it feels like to be kept from our daughter.

Right, so, please…

Look, I’m not finished.

Tell the judge–

I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I also know what it felt like to watch you try to replace me in Rachel’s life with Chloe Lane.

Oh, my God, Chloe– I did not do that.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, and uh, you and I don’t agree on much… but we do agree on what’s best for Rachel. Now… I listened to the judge lay out your case against you. And… as much as I-I once loved you… I had to agree with her. Now, I’m going to abide by her ruling.

Kristen, Kristen–

You’re going to listen to me now. I am going to abide by her ruling, and I hope that you do, too. And please do not worry. You will get to see your daughter.

[sighs] Your visits will have to be supervised, of course.

I’m not gonna have super–


Kristen. Kristen.

Oh, hello, Kristen.

Marlena, what are you doing here?

I-I brought a little Halloween goody bag for Rachel.


[chuckles] Well…

I’d like to give it to her myself.

Oh, well…

[sighs] She’s moved on from glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, and I don’t allow her to eat candy. But it was very thoughtful of you.

Well, I– I came all this way. I’d like to see my granddaughter. I… I miss her.

Yeah. Well, she doesn’t miss you. Goodbye, Marlena.

Wow, it looks so real.

Yeah, that’s the point.


I can’t wait to show Mommy it.

Well, actually, I was thinking we could surprise Mommy. You know, one second. Let me just make sure that we did everything right to enter this contest. Oh, no!


Oh, it says here that you can’t have help with your costume from anybody but your parents.

Does that mean I can’t enter the contest? But I want those tickets!

I know, I know. Don’t worry, Rachel. It’s okay. There’s always a workaround, right?

Do you have your wallet?


Do you have your phone?

You know I don’t have my phone. You saw me toss it in the lake.

Slipped my mind. Do you have your keys?

Keys? Keys for what? We don’t own anything!

Good point. I have my estranged aunt’s debit card. This is for emergencies only… or if we want to have une soirée of high-society culinary delights, perhaps at the Café-du-Whatever on the Champs-Elysees.

That sounds lovely, darling, but we really have to go.

Okay, do I at least have time to use the bathroom before we become international fugitives?

Yes, but quickly, quickly. Go.

[object clatters

Do you see what happens when you rush people?

Quickly, Leo!


[exhales deeply]


When Clyde Weston pulls you in, the only way you’re getting out of the arrangement is in a body bag.

Okay. I will do my job. But I can’t do anything about Harris. Look, I mean, I can– I can tell him I don’t like to, uh… eat where I work, and that’s true.

You raise a good point.

About what?

The cops. Maybe this fraternization thing you’ve got going on isn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe we can actually make it work in our favor.

Wait a minute. The crime-scene tape– it’s been tampered with.

Well, maybe housekeeping got impatient. Wait, you don’t think Leo would be stupid enough to show up here again, do you?

We’re about to find out.

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Damn it!

Was that pitcher there the last time you were here?

No, it wasn’t. Still damp. We must have just missed them.

Wait a minute. What about– what about those two ghosts, the ones we passed in the lobby a few minutes ago?

Let’s go.

Okay, we got to grab the burner phones, the SIM cards, and then we vamos!

Wait, wait. We need sustenance, too. I’m starving. And we have to get hair dye, remember.

Okay, okay.

Kristen, hi.


Uh, can I have a word?

Uh, yes, but I am on my way to lunch.

Well, it won’t take more than a minute. Promise.

All right.


Um, I want to say thank you for allowing Tate to see Rachel the other day. He said he had a great visit with her.

Well, I am so glad that he enjoyed it. Though if you’re asking to tag along next time, the answer’s no.

No, that’s–that’s okay. I actually–I wanted to talk to you about something else.

Okay, would you just please make it quick?

Sure, I’ll make it quick. Um, I got an email from Rachel’s teacher. Apparently Rachel has a D in math.

Yeah, and that’s why I got her a tutor.

Yeah, you got her Holly Jonas. No, don’t get me wrong. Holly Jonas is a– is a sweet girl, but is that the best you could do? Really?

Rachel just needs a little brushing up on some of her learning gaps.

Well, that’s because you put her in a mathematical level that she’s not ready for.

Okay, she’s too smart for regular math.

Kristen, she’s struggling in math.

Okay, so what are you saying? What are you saying? That our daughter isn’t smart?

No, of course I’m not saying that.

She takes after your side of the family. Just saying.


So now if we are through with this–

Hey! We’re not through yet.


All right. Are you ready, Freddy?

No. Where’s the rest of my costume? I can’t be a black-eyed pea without the pea part.

Right, yes, I have to sew it still. But I’m a great seamstress– very fast. You’re going to be the prettiest black-eyed pea in the whole wide world, okay? Okay, well, are you ready for your close-up? Great.

[camera shutter clicking]

Kristen, listen to me.

No, no, no, you listen to me. I have custody of Rachel now, not you. And I will make the decisions on her schooling. I thought you understood how this worked, Brady.

Jada! There.

Wow. Well, that was quick. You always so fickle?

I prefer to call it flexible.


But I’m not quite clear on your relationship with this Harris guy.

Makes two of us.

[grunts] But I get the impression you two are pretty tight, which means… we get the inside track on what’s going on at the Salem PD. And if their nose is all up in our business, you’ll know. You’ll make sure to know.

[dramatic music]

Word to the wise– Harris Michaels is a trained assassin. If I were you, I would tread very carefully.

Duly noted. Word to the wise to you– don’t go spilling your guts to your “cop/trained assassin” friend. Just remember… Clyde’s got eyes and ears everywhere.

Dimitri Von Leuschner and Leo Stark, you’re under arrest!





Oh, my God, Dimitri! We actually did it!

We did it! We did it! And you know why? Because you are brilliant, as I’ve always said– and fearless.

You are fearless, DVL, aka MP. Although I’m sad they were out of that hair dye. I was really looking forward to my Zac Efron moment.

Darling, you can have your Zac Efron moment. You can have your Jude Law moment. You can have whatever moment you want. It is all yours for the taking.

Ah, you know, I’m feeling a memoir coming on.


I can see it now. I’ll be a guest on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon holding up a copy of “Overcoming Contempt, Disrespect, Ridicule, and Scorn with Chutzpah and Grace: The Ascent of Leo Stark.”

Except there is no contempt. There is no scorn. And why? Because we did it.

Uh, yeah, we did! Although I realize I was remiss just now.

How come?

Well, when I write my memoir, aside from attributing my ascent to–to my chutzpah and grace, I must also add the love and devotion of one Dimitri Von Leuschner, because you, my love, are the main reason for my revivification.

Oh. Is that so?

It is so. And it is about time I show you just how revived I am.

Look– Hey, listen, Kristen, listen. I-I know we’re not getting along lately, okay? And I know that we may hate each other’s guts right now, but we do have one thing in common, right? We want what’s best for Rachel. Now, you have full custody. But, remember, I was a single parent to her for many years. I was the one packing the lunches. I was the one taking her to the parent conferences. I was the one making sure she was early for ballet practice, minutes most of the time.

Brady, Brady, what is your point?

My point is, Tate– he told me that Rachel was very upset the other day. Apparently she didn’t want to do her homework, and you made her do, like, pages worth of extra problems or something.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Pages worth? Seriously?


Come on, Brady. She’s exaggerating.

No, I don’t think she is. And if you keep this up and keep punishing her like that, it’s not gonna go well.

Don’t–don’t–don’t– don’t accuse me of punishing my daughter! Jeez! There are consequences if she doesn’t do her homework.


I am a trained social worker. I know what I’m doing, Brady.

Oh– I don’t think you do.

What? Don’t– She’s my daughter! Which means I will discipline her in any way I see fit!

[softly] Perfect.

Rachel, tell me. So who did this to you? Who–who gave you that black eye?

My mommy did.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure.

You wouldn’t make up something like that, would you?

No, never. How did I do?

You were perfect.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Eric: Mm-hmm. Not bad.

Lilah: Not bad? This gown’s exquisite.

RJ: It’s quintessential classic Forrester, Granddad.

Eric: Let Angelo know that the– everything is on the–

RJ: They’re in his inbox already.

Lilah: Adjustment or not, this is spectacular.

Eric: Thank you, Lilah. Thank you.

Lilah: Mm-hmm.

RJ: Come on.

[ Eric coughing ]

RJ: Hey, Granddad. Are you all right?

Eric: Yeah. As I’ll ever be, yeah.

Donna: Eric’s dying. I still can’t believe it.

Katie: Have you had any luck trying to convince him to be open with the family?

Donna: He refuses. He doesn’t want that kind of attention or worry. He is insistent on living while he’s still alive.

Esther: Wow.

Receptionist: Give me a minute. Let me go check with Luna.

Lauren: Okay.

Esther: Lauren, I can’t believe that you brought me here to Los Angeles for the big Forrester fashion show. Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thank you.

Lauren: Of course! Eric sent me two tickets. You said you always wanted a Forrester Creations original and voila, here we are. See? Dreams do come true.

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Luna: Yep. They’re signed and at the reception desk, Carter. Great, will do. Hi!

Lauren: Hi!

Luna: Ms. Fenmore, I’m Luna. We talked on the phone earlier.

Lauren: Yes, pleasure! This is my guest, Esther Valentine.

Luna: Hi, nice to meet you!

Esther: This– this is incredible.

Luna: Oh, tell me about it. I’m an intern and I just started like, a few weeks back and I– I still can’t believe it. How was your flight?

Esther: Oh, it was magical. I mean, flying in the clouds, Champagne in hand and arriving in Los Angeles? I mean, I– I truly feel like I’m dreaming.

Luna: That’s amazing. Uh, well, uh, Mr. Forrester is just finishing up a fitting, but he’ll be available shortly.

Esther: Oh. I can’t believe that I’m actually gonna meet the Eric Forrester.

Charlie: No, no, no. Pammy, sweetie, you gotta come to the fashion show. I mean, it’s Eric versus Ridge. I mean, you know, two titans slugging it out on the runway. I got a chair for you right here. Y– yeah. Honey, you can bake lemon bars anytime. It’s– yeah, no, no. I understand. I– I just– okay. I miss you, you know.

[ Phone beeping ]

Charlie: Hello? I’m such a loser when it comes to love.

Luna: Um, Eric should be finished shortly.

Lauren: Okay. Thank you, Luna.

Esther: Gosh. I have always dreamed of getting a gorgeous Forrester original gown, just like Mrs. Chancellor used to wear.

Lauren: Aw. Well, you may get that chance. Life is too short not to enjoy it, right?

Katie: What is it?

Donna: Oh, it’s just nothing. It’s, uh… I had a really nice moment with Eric earlier and uh, I was, uh, pushing him to, you know, stop this challenge and tell Ridge what was really going on and um, he, as he always does, charmed me into not worrying. And I said I was, uh, behind him 100%. ‘Til the end. I just, uh, never realized that the end… that was, um, before the diagnosis, obviously.

Katie: Did the doctor really say only six more months?

Donna: Yeah. That’s why last night, I tried to convince him again and again to tell the whole family what is happening with him and he refuses to be pitied. What am I supposed to do, Katie?

[ Eric coughing ]

Eric: Excuse– excuse me.

[ Eric coughing ]

[ Eric panting ]

RJ: Seriously, Granddad, are– are you okay?

Eric: Yeah. Right as I can be.

RJ: Are– are you sure? Do you want me to get you some water?

Eric: No, I’m okay. I’m okay. Yeah, I’m good.

Luna: We’re here, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Hi, Lauren Fenmore! Let the celebration begin.

Lauren: Eric.

Eric: Hello. I see you met Luna. She’s our– our newest intern and this is my youngest grandson, RJ.

Lauren: Ridge, Junior.

RJ: That– that is me. That’s what I have to live up to. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Lauren: Oh. Good things, I hope?

RJ: Um…

Eric: Now, you need to get out of here before you get me in trouble here.

RJ: Okay. Actually, I’m gonna check on– on those, uh– the notes. Make sure they’re locked in.

Eric: Okay, good. Thanks.

RJ: See you later. It was nice meeting you.

Lauren: It was nice meeting you too.

Eric: Wow, look at you. Beautiful as ever.

Lauren: Thank you.

Eric: I’m so glad you can join us for this.

Lauren: Well, when I got your invitation, I got on the next plane to L.A.

Eric: Good.

Lauren: Thank you so much for having me.

Eric: Of course. Of course. When– when– when this came up, I thought it was a no-brainer. I– I was so glad you said yes. Thank you. You’re gonna love this. This is my best collection ever. My grand finale.

Lauren: Well, I wouldn’t miss it, but what? What do you mean your grand finale?

Esther: Lauren and Mr. Forrester go way back. I’m sure they have a lot to catch up on.

Luna: What a beautiful purse.

Esther: Thank you. It was a gift from Mrs. C. Uh, Mrs. Chancellor. Katherine Chancellor of Chancellor Industries. I worked for her many, many years.

RJ: Hey, Luna. I need to talk to– oh, I’m sorry. Were you guys having a conversation? My bad. Let me introduce myself. I’m RJ. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Esther: Oh. Ester Valentine, guest of Lauren Fenmore. I’m so pleased to meet you. I– I follow you online.

RJ: No, you don’t. Do you really?

Esther: I do.

RJ: That’s amazing. I– I really wish we could chat more. I’m so sorry, but actually, I have to take her away from you. We– there’s a shipment, there’s an issue. Something’s still stuck in customs. I’m so sorry.

Esther: Oh, no, no. It sounds important. You– you go, go. I’ll wait here for Lauren and Mr. Forrester.

RJ: Pleasure to meet you.

Charlie: Not so fast, young lady.

Esther: Oh.

Katie: I’m so sorry, sis. I mean, this has just happened so fast. Arthritis, carpal tunnel, coughing up blood. It’s just horrible. Poor Eric.

Donna: I mean, I wasn’t kidding myself. I knew that he was older. There’s a little age difference between– oh, stop. Between us. But I just, you know, he’s so strong and so– so vibrant. I just… always imagined we’d have so many more years together, you know?

Katie: Yeah.

Lauren: So, can we talk about the elephant in the room? Or should I say the devilishly handsome designer in the room?

Eric: Ah.

Lauren: Why are you not in your office? I almost corrected Luna when she brought me here, but to my surprise…

Eric: Well, it’s a little situation that I hope to have resolved very soon.

Lauren: Hm. Does this have anything to do with the way you were talking before? Eric, you’re at the top of your game as an artist. Why are on earth would you think that this is your grand finale?

Eric: Well, I appreciate the flattery, I really do, but, uh, I’m not as young as I used to be and time’s creeping up on me. Not sure how much I have left.

Charlie: Well, let’s just see what you’re packing here, little missy. A-ha! It’s, uh, a feather duster. I know it looks innocent, but you know what this could do in the wrong hands?

Esther: Well, I– I take it wherever I go. I– I’m a compulsive cleaner.

Charlie: Me, too.

Esther: Oh. Um, we haven’t been formally introduced. I– I’m Esther Valentine, guest of Ms. Lauren Fenmore from Genoa City, Wisconsin. We’re– we’re here for the Forrester fashion show.

Charlie: Armed with your, uh, lethal feather duster.

Esther: Oh. Well, I’ve always been told to leave the place cleaner than when you arrived.

Charlie: Sure. Yeah.

Lauren: Esther? Oh, sorry. Um… someone would like to meet you.

Esther: Oh, gosh. Um, sorry. I– I have to go, um…

Charlie: Right. Oh, uh– uh, Charlie.

Esther: Oh, Charlie.

Charlie: Charlie. Okay.

Esther: Bye.

Charlie: See you later.

Luna: Okay, so apparently, there was a mix up with the tariff classification codes, but Desmond is working on it and on his end to update customs. Did I lose you?

RJ: What? Sorry.

Luna: Um, you seem worried. Is it about the shipment or… it’s about your grandfather?

[ Eric coughing ]

Eric: Hey. Ah. Is this the famous plus one I’ve been hearing about?

Lauren: Yes. Eric Forrester, this is Esther Valentine.

Eric: Esther, hello. It’s great to meet you. Welcome. If I’d known that you were gonna bring such VIP people, I would’ve cleaned up around here a little bit. Hi.

Esther: Hi. Oh, my.

Katie: You know, speaking from experience, there’s always a chance that Eric could beat the odds.

Donna: Well, you, you’re a medical marvel.

[ Donna laughing ]

Katie: I am, aren’t I?

Donna: Yeah, you are.

Katie: Still, you know, you keep telling me that Eric wants to live until he dies. Well, I think you need to adopt that same mindset. I mean, go back to the way you were thinking before the diagnosis. Just savor every single second you have with Eric, until the end.

RJ: You’re right. I am concerned. My granddad’s working on this collection for– for weeks now. He’s been working so hard. You know, he’s got all this energy, which is great, but you know, it’s– obviously, it’s taking a toll. His tremors have gotten worse. He– he has this cough now, which is awful, and it wasn’t there before. Yeah, I am concerned about him. But, at the same time, you know, his– his positivity and his just, like, raw belief in his vision for all of this, it actually has me excited about a fashion show, so…

Luna: Well, you should be. I mean, you’re a huge part of Eric’s collection.

RJ: Thank you. I just can’t wait for all this to be over so he can just focus on himself and his health.

[ Luna chuckling ]

RJ; What?

Luna: Oh, nothing. It’s just, you just keep proving what a wonderful, caring guy you are. No wonder why I like you so much.

Katie: Life is short. We try not to take it for granted. And one day, we wake up and someone we love has been taken from us. I know this is heartbreaking, but I just want you to take it as an opportunity. You know how much time you have left, so honor Eric. Love him and support him.

Donna: Okay, I’ll try. I’ll really, really try. It’s just so hard. I’m so scared for Eric.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: So, you two know each other through Katherine Chancellor?

Lauren: Right. Esther worked with her for years.

Eric: Wow. I always admired her. I think she was an incredible woman.

Esther: She was so classy and elegant. I remember how especially beautiful Mrs. C looked whenever she wore a Forrester original.

Eric: Well, she’s the one who made the gown sing, isn’t she? Well, I’m so happy that you’re here to see us for this. I promise you an event tomorrow that you’ll never forget.

Esther: Oh, so exciting.

Lauren: I don’t want to interrupt your process anymore and you should get back to work.

Eric: All right. Thank you. It’s great to see you.

Lauren: Sweetheart.

Eric: Yeah. And lovely to meet you.

Esther: Oh. Oh, my goodness.

Eric: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Lauren: Okay. Goodbye.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: If only the world knew the truth. Eric is dying.

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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

The Forresters work hard to prepare for their big fashion challenge. Eric keeps having coughing fits. RJ worries about his health. Luna comforts RJ and admires his love for his family.

Katie comforts Donna, who is still upset about Eric dying. She urges her sister to try to focus on the positive things, like spending time with Eric while she can.

Lauren and Esther from Genoa City (Y&R) arrive, since Eric invited them to be at the fashion show. Charlie meets Esther and is smitten. He and Pam are having problems. Esther meets Eric. Lauren and Esther both meet RJ and Luna.

Lauren quizzes Eric about why he’s designing at home instead of at Forrester, and why he’s talking about this collection being the last one, but he sidesteps her questions. He just says that he’s not as young as he used to be.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo had a dream that Rafe and Jada found him and Dimitri. Dimitri comforted him, but he let him know they had to leave town soon. They talked about escape plans, and Dimitri wanted Megan’s help. Leo didn’t like the idea of getting her help. Dimitri explained their situation and, Leo finally agreed to look for Megan. They had to get their money together so they could look for her. They didn’t have enough money, but Leo remembered the petty cash he could get from the paper. The money was in his room at the Inn. Leo came up with the idea that they could dress up so they could blend in with the people in the town square. Kayla gave Rafe her statement about Dimitri. She wondered if he had any leads. Rafe let her know they didn’t have any leads, but they were getting close. She was embarrassed that Dimitri and Leo got the drop on her.

Someone knocked on the door and Ava answered it. A man named Gil Carter wanted to talk to her. He works for Clyde. She told him that she told Clyde she wouldn’t work for him. Gil reminded her that Tripp would be killed if she didn’t do it. She wondered if Gil was the one who attacked Tripp, he told her that he didn’t do it. Tripp came out while they were talking. Gil told him that he worked at a restaurant and wanted her to be the new manager. He was thrilled that she accepted the job. Ava and Gil were at the town square, and he tried to convince to get out of Clyde’s deal. She said her heart wasn’t in it so it wouldn’t work. He warned her that she didn’t have a choice. She tried to find a replacement for him.  Harris and Jada arrived and he wondered if Ava was okay.


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Days Short Recap Monday, October 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa didn’t expect Konstantine when she opened her door. He informed her that he’s staying with Maggie. Theresa thought about Konstantine being at Alex’s hotel room in Greece while she read Victor’s will. He couldn’t believe Victor didn’t leave him money when his father gave him money to start his empire. He told him to change his will because he thought he would leave him something. He found the letter that named Victor’s son. They were shocked when they discovered Victor’s son was Xander. Theresa got the idea to change the will. Konstantine agreed to handle the forgery. Theresa told him what happened after he left the room. She let him know that she started a fight with Brady in front of Alex. She also told him that she’s staying with Alex. She didn’t know when she could get his payment to him. He told her that he would find a way to stay in Salem longer. Xander went to Alex’s place. He demanded Alex quit Titan and give Maggie her job back. Alex refused and they argued about it. Alex reminded Xander that he’s Victor’s son and the only one who could make the decision.

Eric and Sloan talked about being parents. He told her that he ran into Nicole at the hospital. He told Sloan that Nicole got another copy of her genetic test results. Sloan panicked when she heard that news. She made up an excuse to leave. She lied and told Eric she was meeting a client. EJ almost wrote on the test results when Nicole stopped him. She told him what’s in the envelope. He teased her about losing the other copy. He wanted to look at the envelope, but he got interrupted by a call. Sloan showed up and watched him at the back door. She waited for an opportunity to switch the envelopes. Nicole went to check on Holly and EJ opened the door when the bell rang. It allowed Sloan the opportunity to sneak inside to switch the envelopes. Sloan took the wrong envelope when she switched them. She ended up taking the fake envelope with her. EJ returned and put the envelope in his safe.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Adam: What does it mean, pop? Huh?

[ Adam sighing ] Something is not right here.

Nate: What the hell are you doing?

Nikki: You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

Victor: Doing what on purpose?

Nikki: You know what I mean. Vacillating between between lucidity and confusion. This is some kind of plot you have concocted, isn’t it? Victor, for god’s sake, will you please tell me the truth? I need to know that you’re not losing your mind.

Victor: Baby, I am not losing my mind, okay?

Nikki: So then, you are tricking everyone.

Victor: Put it this way. Things are beginning to coalesce around me, so…

Nikki: I– I don’t even know what that means.

Victor: Well, that means that I’m beginning to discover certain patterns among my children and it’s somewhat upsetting.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: Oh, thank you for coming, darling.

Victoria: Yes. Of course. Is this about, um… where’s dad?

Nikki: He’s out taking a walk.

Victoria: How does he seem? That’s why you called, right? Because you noticed he’s forgetting things and he’s behaving erratically? Well, how worried do you think we should be?

Danny: All right. To your new home, son.

Phyllis: Woohoo!

Lily: Hear, hear!

Daniel: Thank you.

Lily: Congrats.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you for all of this. And, um, thank you for bringing chairs.

Lily: Well, I know sally’s gonna help you decorate the place, but at least now you have an option other than the floor, right?

Danny: I don’t know. I’m kinda digging this spartan vibe.

Phyllis: I’m just glad that you’re out of the hotel and you have your own place.

Lily: Me too.

Phyllis: Yes.

Lily: Neighbor.

Phyllis: Given everything you’ve gone through, I’m surprised you’re staying, but I’m very happy.

Daniel: You know, it might come as a shock to you, mother, but the current state of our relationship doesn’t dictate why I want to stay in genoa city.

Danny: Okay, how about some more champagne?

Phyllis: No, I’m just saying– sure, sure. I mean, you’re putting down roots. That means you have a reason to stay.

Lily: Yeah, I hope so.

Daniel: You can count on it.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Phyllis: Several reasons, I’m sure, given the current developments.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Danny: I’m sure phyllis is talking about how you and lily found your way back together.

Daniel: Yeah.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Is that what you meant?

Phyllis: Yeah! Yeah. Well, that’s one of the things. For sure, for sure.

Lily: Well, thank you. I’m touched.

Daniel: Well, you are at the top of my list of good things that have happened to me, so…

Phyllis: And don’t forget all of your success with omegasphere.

Danny: Absolutely. You know, all those good things in your life, daniel, they didn’t just happen. You worked hard. You took a video idea and what? Turned it into a whole division of a company? I mean, come on.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. That’s all because somebody believed in me and took a chance on me.

Phyllis: Uh, yes, yes, but don’t sell yourself short. You deserve it.

Daniel: Yes. But I needed someone to believe in me to make it happen.

Lily: Yes, but I heard your vision, I saw how hard you worked and I knew that you could make it a reality.

Danny: And more than a reality. You built a whole new career for yourself.

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay. I will take some of the credit.

Danny: And you’re in a solid relationship with someone who really knows you and gets you. Hey, that’s a lot to celebrate.

Lily: Along with your new home.

Phyllis: Yes. And yay! Heather and lucy are moving back to genoa city. You get to be near your daughter.

Lily: Yeah and I agree. ‘Cause I think it’s great that you get to spend more time with lucy, right?

Phyllis: Yeah?

Daniel: Well, I am looking forward to spending more time with my daughter.

Phyllis: Yes, absolutely. That’s what I meant.

Adam: You know, why does it feel like I just got caught sneaking into my parents’ liquor cabinet.

Nate: I don’t know, adam. Have you been caught? What are you doing in here?

Adam: Why do you care?

Nate: Oh, that you’re sneaking around victor’s office, sitting in his chair like you own the place. Why would that concern me, adam?

Adam: Look, I just was–

Nate: Fantasizing what it would be like, huh?

Adam: Um, I don’t need to fantasize since I’ve actually run this company.

Nate: But right now, you work for me. You know I’m gonna have to tell victor, right?

Adam: And that would be fine. But okay, I admit it, technically, I should have run this by you first. I’m supposed to report to you and I shouldn’t be taking orders from anybody else in the company, but he is, you know, my dad.

Nate: What paperwork did he ask for?

Adam: The kind that he would consider private. Do I aspire to this chair again? Of course, I do. I mean, who wouldn’t? I, uh, suspect it has crossed your mind too.

Nate: If only my last name were newman.

Adam: Hm. That would make a difference, I can’t lie. Look, I, uh, appreciate your concern about my father, but there is nothing to be worried about, boss. All right? Those projections that you asked for are in your inbox, so I’ll see you in the morning.

[ Na what was it, mom? I’m supposed to report to you and I shouldn’t be taking orders from anybody else in the company, but he is, you know, my dad.

Nate: What paperwork did he ask for?

Adam: The kind that he would consider private. Do I aspire to this chair again? Of course, I do. I mean, who wouldn’t? I, uh, suspect it has crossed your mind too.

Nate: If only my last name were newman.

Adam: Hm. That would make a difference, I can’t lie. Look, I, uh, appreciate your concern about my father, but there is nothing to be worried about, boss. All right? Those projections that you asked for are in your inbox, so I’ll see you in the morning.

[ Nate sighing ]

Victoria: Well, something upset you enough for you to reach out to me. What was it, mom? Would you please talk to me? I need to know what’s going on.

Nikki: Victoria, I–

Victor: Sweetheart, everything all right?

Victoria: Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, my darling.

Victoria: Good to see you.

Victor: What brings you by so late? Hope nothing was wrong at the office.

Victoria: No, everything is fine at the office.

Victor: So, why’d you come by? To check up on me or what?

Victoria: Would that be such a bad thing?

Victor: Yes. Perpetuating the notion that your father is losing his marbles.

Victoria: Well, you have–

Victor: It’s absurd. And I hope you were about to tell our daughter that.

Nikki: Words to that effect, yes.

Victor: Good. And I have your support.

Victoria: What’s going on between you two?

Victor: Nothing, okay? We’re having a little private matter we’re discussing. Otherwise, everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. Hi, my name is damion clark. And if you have

Victoria: I get it, dad. I get it. This is not a conversation that you want to have. I know you don’t like when people question your ability to manage things, especially because you’re the one who always holds everything together.

Victor: Especially when that person feels she should be running newman enterprises instead of her father.

Victoria: Oh, come on, dad. That’s not what this is about. I don’t care about that title.

Victor: Give me a break.

Victoria: As much as I care about you. I have a lot of questions.

Victor: The answer’s very simple. There’s nothing wrong with me.

Victoria: You know? You see, that is exactly what I said after what I went through with jt.

Victor: Why do you bring that up now?

Victoria: Because… for months and months, I told people that I was fine, that there was nothing wrong. I just needed to get back to work and look after my family, but then I finally had to face the fact that there was something wrong, that I couldn’t operate at that level.

Victor: So, it’s a totally different conversation. That was forced upon you by jt’s madness.

Victoria: Daddy, I know, I understand. The circumstances were different–

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: But you and me, we’re the same. We’re the decision makers. The ones that people look to and when I finally had to admit that yes, indeed, I was struggling, I needed your help and I needed your guidance and it made all the difference in the world. I just– I want to return the favor.

Nikki: You know, it’s late, we’re all tired. We should have this conversation–

Victor: What do you mean by wanting me to return the favor? What do you mean by that?

Victoria: Just please talk to a professional. Agree to do that. If they talk to you, then maybe they can figure out if something’s going on. If not, if I’m overreacting, then you can throw a big, huge “I told you so” party.

Victor: If I did, would that put an end to this?

Victoria: If I’m wrong, then yes. Yes, most definitely.

Victor: Huh. I’ll think about it.

Victoria: Thank you. I guess that’s the best that I could hope for.

Adam: Nick. Look, I realize that I’m the last person that you want to deal with right now.

Nick: Way to read the room.

Adam: Listen, wait, wait. Can we please just put everything else aside for a minute and talk about dad? Because I’m really concerned something’s wrong with him.

Nick: You know, the first time vic brought this up, that she thought that dad was acting confused, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I just thought that she was exaggerating because she was bitter that dad demoted her.

Adam: Okay. Well then, what changed?

Nick: Dad’s the smartest person in every room, you know? He’s always three steps ahead.

Adam: Yeah, and yet, he’s done some questionable things lately that things that the smartest man in the room would not do.

Nick: But wouldn’t it be just like dad to do something like this as part of a grand plan?

Adam: To what end?

Nick: Well, adam, I no longer think victoria’s exaggerating.

Adam: What changed your mind?

Nick: He made a comment about victoria taking over newman media and not mom.

Adam: Could’ve been a slip.

Nick: Tried to tell myself that.

Adam: Like when he called me by your name?

Nick: That’d be two slips. This coming from the man who’s usually on top of everything.

Adam: Nick, come on. It has to be something bigger than that to make you this concerned. Come on, nick. I– I’m concerned too. Can we just put aside the anger for a minute and act like victor’s sons? What else happened?

Nick: He also said that, uh, you and sally were still expecting a baby.

Adam: He forgot that we lost her?

Nick: I reminded him. He just tried to change the subject.

Adam: Geez. Wow. Th– this morning, dad, he went off on me and then later, it’s like he– he didn’t even realize that he had done it. He seemed like everything was fine, but then he went on this paranoid riff that you and victoria were trying to sabotage him. I, uh, I ended up going to his office. I’m not sure why. Was trying to find clues that could help us put this together and this is what I found. Have you ever known dad to doodle?

Nick: No.

Adam: It’s not like him at all.

Nick: Well, given what we’re talking about, this seems like it’s insignificant to me.Adam: Yeah, I– I thought the same thing until you look more closely. If you look at the lines, they’re little letters. It’s writing.

Nick: It’s just names over and over again. Victoria, adam and nicholas.

Adam: Yeah, you see the image? It’s a snake and fangs. It’s really– it’s weird. And it’s really disturbing.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I had an ulterior motive encouraging heather to move back to town. I did.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: I want to be near lucy, okay? Big deal, sue me. That was my reason.

Lily: Yeah. She’s gonna be off to college before you know it. Trust me.

Danny: Reminds me of when you were a teenager, daniel, you know? Figuring things out. Hey, do you remember when we first realized that he might just have artistic talent? Yeah, remember that? He drew that wild caricature of his gym teacher.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Phyllis: Mr. Pollard. Do you remember that?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: He did not think it was funny.

Daniel: Nope.

Danny: No, no, no. In fact, I think he made him waterboy for a couple of games, didn’t he?

Phyllis: Remember that– remember that tight uniform he made you wear?

Danny: You sent me a picture of it, you know? You did. It was priceless, wasn’t it?

Daniel: Priceless. You also remember before I really found my passion for art, that I want into photography? You should remember. I was the official tour photographer that one summer.

Danny: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Great times.

Daniel: Yeah, great times, until mom found a picture of me and some random girl partying on the tour bus and decided that it would be a good idea to show my current girlfriend at the time and you know, that ultimately led to us breaking up, but yeah, good times.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Danny: And look where we are today, huh? Come on, you channeled those amazing drawing skills and you used them to turn your life around. And you created a video game in which your daughter was the central character. I mean, how amazing is that?

Lily: Yeah, it was amazing. I mean, you gave her an incredible gift.

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Danny: Yeah. And your mother has turned her life around. Yeah, she’s– she’s been through stuff that… might have broken someone else, but it made her strong and I think a newfound appreciation for family and for all the opportunities that you’ve given her.

Phyllis: Thank you. Absolutely.

Danny: I think we should drink to that.

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: I’ll get more champagne.

Danny: It’s so nice.

Daniel: Well, I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me break the place in.

Lily: Yes, and the food. Thank you.

Danny: Hey, that was all phyllis.

Phyllis: That was my pleasure.

Daniel: This feels good. I’m gonna like it here.

[ All chuckling ]

Phyllis: Thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration. I really appreciate it. And I have to tell you, honestly, after my kids have been all over the globe, I’m so happy that my babies– my babies are right here in town. It makes me so happy. Just saying. I’m happy you’re here too.

Danny: Well, I feel the same way.

Daniel: Well, listen. Anytime you’re ready to move out of the athletic club and into your honorary guest room, it’s waiting.

Lily: Which will have furniture soon, hopefully.

Daniel: Oh, I am gonna call sally first thing in the morning, I promise.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: I will. That is assuming that you’re planning on staying in town.

Danny: I told you, I have no place I need to be. I wanna spend time with you, so yes, I am taking you up on that offer. I plan on staying for a while.

Daniel: Great. Fantastic.

Phyllis: Well, that’s great to hear.

Danny: Well, listen. We’re, uh, we’re gonna get out of here. It was great seeing you, lily.

Lily: Yeah, you too.

Phyllis: I’ll see you at work.

Daniel: Sounds like a plan. Good night.

Lily: Good night, guys.

Phyllis: Good night.

[ Danny sighing ]

Danny: I love you. Hey, congrats.

Daniel: Yup. Thank you.

Danny: Bye.

Lily: Bye.

[ Daniel exhaling ]

[ Lily chuckling ]

Daniel: Thank you so much for putting up with my parents, especially with my mom.

Lily: No, it was fine.

Daniel: No, it wasn’T. She just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

Nikki: I’m relieved that you’ll think about taking this step, for everyone’s peace of mind.

[ Phone chiming ]

Victoria: Oh, it’s nate. He wants to meet. Something important that he needs to discuss.

Victor: Well, why don’t you go to it, okay?

Victoria: Thank you, dad.

Victor: I haven’t agreed to anything.

Victoria: I know, but you’re at least thinking about it, right? All I want are some definitive answers and I really feel like you should want the same. I only care about your health. Truly. I don’t have an ulterior motive, I just– I just want everything to be all right.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: Darling, you said that you would consider a professional opinion.

Victoria: And whoever you talk to, if they think that nicholas and i are overreacting or taking things too far, then I will let it go. I give you my word.

Nikki: Yes, I think we will all feel better once we know the facts.

Victoria: I love you.

Victor: I love you too.

Victoria: Just let me know what you decide.

Victor: Yeah, yeah.

Nikki: All right, darling. Uh, have a good evening. I’ll talk to you–

Victoria: I love you so much, all right? Goodbye.

Nikki: Bye. Your daughter is worried about you. You are lucid enough to see that, right?

Victor: She’s just upset that I took over the reins of the company again, that’s all.

Nikki: Victor, she has done everything you have ever wanted. The company was thriving under her leadership and then, you took that away from her. Of course, she feels slighted. She feels manipulated. That’s what you do.

Victor: If I hadn’t stepped in, you would have told her everything. That means I can no longer trust you.

Adam: So, does that mean that he sees us as vipers? Does he think that we’re trying to go after each other or is he imagining that we’re trying to attack him?

Nick: You’re reading too much into it.

Adam: No, I think the message is pretty clear.

Nick: He was doodling, adam. He probably doesn’t even realize what he was drawing.

Adam: Come on. You don’t believe that anymore than I do, okay? Look at this. The time and energy that went into this? This is not some random scribbling. This is a window into his brain.

Nick: How so?

Adam: He didn’t just mix up our names, nick. He forgot that I worked at newman. That he put me working for nate. And nikki’s in charge of newman media. He forgot that his own granddaughter died. You gonna pretend like that’s not serious?

Nick: All right, I’ll figure it out, okay? I will come up with a solution.

Adam: You know we cannot let this go on and the only reason that you’re hedging is because you don’t want me involved.

Nick: Well, you got that right.

Adam: You know, he’s my dad too.

Nick: That won’t stop you from using it to your advantage. You probably see this as some sort of poetic justice.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: You don’t trust that I’m trying to do what’s best for dad. And given my history, I understand. I mean, I’m sure you blame me for whatever confusion sally is going through.

Nick: I know how good you are at manipulating people, and this has nothing to do with you and sally. This is about you and dad, and your messed-up relationship. And the gamesmanship, and the back-and-forth. Like, remember when you messed his medication?

Adam: Okay, I am not that person anymore. And I’m making a genuine effort to prove that.

Nick: For a whole few weeks. Nicely done. Is it even real?

Adam: I’m sorry that it hasn’t been longer, so you can see that I’m sincere. Nick, I can’t just keep my head down and be a good soldier when something could be really wrong with dad. I know, we all see him as indestructible, it’s hard to accept.

Nick: Well, whatever it is, we will figure it out without you.

Adam: I’m already involved. And the best way to get through to dad, to help dad, is to show him his children are working together.

Nick: You’re just trying to maneuver your way back in.

Adam: No, I’m trying to give him what he has always wanted. What he’s desperately craved. Family unity. I mean, he even said that you were coming back to newman. Is that even true?

Nick: No, adam, I’m not. I have no idea why he would say that.

Adam: Because something is wrong. I know it’s hard to accept, but I’m telling you, this is the best thing that we can do for him.

Adam: Do you really hate me that much that you will refuse to work together, to do what’s best for our father?

Victoria: Hi.

Nate: Hey.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: I, um… I just came from the ranch. My mom reached out to me and said that she needed to talk.

Nate: About victor?

Victoria: I assume so. But before she could tell me what was on her mind, my dad came back from his nightly walk.

Nate: How’d he seem?

Victoria: He seemed fine. I mean… no sign of confusion. And when I brought up my concerns, and my idea for him to… to have somebody evaluate him, I mean… he resisted it.

Nate: I’m not surprised.

Victoria: There was, um… there was some sort of tension between him and my mother.

Nate: Maybe your mother’s been after him to get a professional opinion, too.

Victoria: Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, she was being extremely careful about what she said.

Nate: Victor is a proud man. He’s not used to people questioning his authority, much less his mental health.

Victoria: Yeah. I know that, I… I mean, I tried to put it… to him in a way that I thought would be more palatable, that… you know, that he should talk to someone, and relieve our concerns, and if I’ve blown everything out of proportion, that he can lord it over me, for the rest of time, never let me forget it.

Nate: And he agreed?

Victoria: He said he would consider it.

Nate: Maybe he’s, uh…

[ Sighs ] Maybe he’s afraid of what a specialist might find.

Victoria: That’s hard for me to imagine.

Nate: It’s hard to imagine any of this, given it’s victor.

Victoria: He’s so strong and confident, I could see him… going in and assuming that he could fool any specialist, whatever’s going on with him.

Nate: Exactly. So why hesitate this time?

Victoria: Because maybe this time, it’s different. Maybe he is… really scared about what’s going on in his mind.

Daniel: I just feel like it’s so obvious what my mother was trying to do and I hate that she put you in this position.

Lily: What position?

[ Daniel sighs ]

Daniel: I don’t know, you know, making you feel like you have to make allowances for her. Bringing up heather’s name every opportunity that she gets, or her acting like she’s so excited that heather and lucy are moving back to town.

Lily: Well, of course she’s excited. Her granddaughter is moving back here and then you get to be part of lucy’s life again. It’s wonderful.

[ Daniel sighs ]

Daniel: Yeah, but she’s using it to stir up trouble between the two of us.

Lily: Daniel, I don’t see it that way. I think she knows that she screwed up, and that it’s gonna take a long time to gain your trust again.

Daniel: This is not the way to do that. Not at all.

Lily: Daniel, I think she’s just happy that you’re staying in genoa city, and she’s pointing out other reasons to make it long-term.

Daniel: Well, I guess it’s nice that you can give her the benefit of the doubt, even though she’s the one that’s pushing for heather to move here.

Lily: Okay, look, all I saw tonight is that she’s very self-conscious around you, because she’s afraid of being judged, and she is being judged.

Daniel: With good reason. Yeah, she is.

Lily: No, not about this. Not by me.

Daniel: So, you really didn’t see what she was oh so subtly trying to do tonight?

Lily: Okay, daniel, I think you’re the one with the problem.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Lily: You’re the one who’s making this about heather.

Danny: And a tea with honey, thanks.

[ Phyllis sighs ]

Phyllis: Well… that went well, right?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah, it did. It was a really, uh… it was a really nice evening.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m really proud of our son, how he’s turned his life around.

Danny: Me, too. And he and lily, they– well… they seem really happy together.

Phyllis: Oh. I’ll be honest, I don’t see it.

Danny: Oh, come on. Why not?

[ Phyllis chuckles ]

Phyllis: Many reasons.

Danny: Careful, phyllis.

Phyllis: What?

Danny: You’re in the process of rebuilding your trust with daniel.

Danny: You’re not gonna score any points meddling in his relationship.

Phyllis: I’m not meddling. Oh, my goodness, I’m not meddling. It’s an observation, that’s all. That’s it. That’s what I see.

Danny: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: I like lily.

Danny: Yeah, right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Danny: But you just don’t like them together.

Phyllis: Well, I was very nice to her tonight.

Danny: Uh, nice-ish.

Phyllis: I was nice to her. Listen, they have a lot of history, I know.

Danny: Yeah, they were in love once. Passionately.

Phyllis: Yes, and it didn’t work out. For reasons.

Danny: That doesn’t mean it will happen this time.

Phyllis: I just don’T… I don’t want to see our son get his heart broken, that’s all.

[ Danny sighs ]

Danny: Couples do have second chances that work out, you know.

Phyllis: Yes, I do. Thanks for reminding me. You’re a very positive influence to have… in someone’s life who needs it.

[ Danny chuckles ]

Danny: Well, I’M… happy to oblige.

Victoria: You know, my whole entire life, my father has been like this mythic figure, almost. Like, he’s always winning, he’s always… finding a way. So, it’s hard for me to imagine him not thinking that he’s in complete control. I’m sorry, I keep dragging you into my family issues.

Nate: No, no. No need to apologize.

Victoria: So, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?

Nate: It has to do with your family issues. I know you’ve been totally focused on your father’s health, as you should be. So, I’ve made it a priority to keep an eye on adam.

Victoria: If anyone would take advantage of this situation, any perceived weakness, that would definitely be my brother.

Nate: And I think he’s going there.

Victoria: Why? What did he do? I found him sitting behind victor’s desk, looking rather comfortable. Like he owned the place.

Nikki: I was not going to tell victoria that you’re faking this mental decline.

Victor: You were on the verge, weren’t you?

Nikki: Was I tempted? Absolutely. And as much as I dislike what you’re doing, I would never betray your trust. Victor, please. You have to hear what I’m saying and consider the consequences of what you’re doing.

Victor: I know what I’m doing and soon enough I’ll find out which one of my children is ready to betray me.

Nikki: It’s not worth the pain it’s causing.

[ Nikki scoffs ]

Nikki: Nicholas is so distraught, he will never let on, victoria’s beside herself. She worships you. And she is terrified that she might lose you.

Nick: Well, I do admit, you… sound sincere.

Adam: Well, just give me a chance to prove that I am. At least admit that what I’m saying, it makes sense.

Nick: Ever since the day dad announced his intention to step back in as ceo, my mom’s been very concerned about him taking all this on.

Adam: Well, yeah, on top of the pressure of running the company, he’s just been consumed with trying to get all of us to come back to be a part of what he created.

Nick: Which you fought him every step of the way, because the only thing you cared about, adam, was what you wanted, what you felt like you deserved.

Adam: Yes. I did. I admitted that. But I want to do what is right, because dad is not well. So taking care of him has to be our top priority, regardless of you feel about me, personally.

[ Nick sighs ]

Adam: Come on, what’s going on inside your mind? You know what this means, don’t you?

[ Nick sighs ]

Nick: I’ll handle it. You stay out of it.

Daniel: You know, I’m not the one who kept bringing up heather’s name in the conversation tonight. I just brought it up now because I want to apologize for how my mother was acting.

Lily: Look at how worked up you’re getting just talking about her.

Daniel: Because I can’t get my mom to back off. I mean, heather told me that she wanted us to be back together.

Lily: Even if that’s true, so what?

[ Daniel chuckles ]

Daniel: It’s obnoxious, lily, and it’s manipulative.

Lily: Yeah, that is your mother. I mean, I’m gonna pretend that it doesn’t bother me that you’re more upset about this than I am.

Daniel: Okay, look, I am… I am upset because this, because this, right here, this is exactly what my mother wants. She wants heather to be an issue for us.

Lily: Then stop making her one.

[ Daniel sighs ]

Daniel: I’m not. I’m not. She’s not.

Phyllis: Listen to you… wild danny romalotti, dispensing all this wisdom.

[ Phyllis chuckles ]

Danny: Yes, only to a select few.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m honored. I’m honored. It felt really good, being with you tonight, with our son.

Danny: Yeah, for me too.

Phyllis: Oh. Well… I have an early morning tomorrow. I should get home.

Danny: Yeah. I’m just gonna… hang out a bit, finish my tea. Good night, phyllis.

Phyllis: Good night, danny.

[ Danny chuckles ]

[ Danny sighs ]

[ Approaching footsteps ]

Christine: Danny.

Danny: Hi.

Nate: I think adam is up to something. And it didn’t take long for him to revert to his old ways.

Victoria: I never bought his reform act anyway. So, what did he say when you walked in and caught him sitting in my dad’s chair?

Nate: That your father wanted him to grab some documents.

Victoria: What documents?

Nate: Wouldn’t share. Said it was personal.

Victoria: Are you buying that?

Nate: Nope.

Victoria: Well, what do you think he’s after?

Nate: No idea. But I remembered an earlier conversation we’d had. I had mentioned some of the things you and i witnessed with victor. His first response was: We need to look out for the company.

Victoria: There is no question that he’s going to try to use my father’s condition against him.

[ Adam sighs ]

[ Adam clears throat ]

Adam: Hi, dr. Skelton, uh, it’s adam newman. I would like to meet with you. Uh, I’m gonna need your help. No, it’s not me. It’s my father.

Victor: Sweetheart… I needed to do this to be certain.

Nikki: Victor, you are punishing all of your children with this stunt. When you need to focus on adam.

Victor: Yeah, adam seems to be the most obvious one to use this time to come after me.

Nick: Dad, I’m onto you. Time to come clean.

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