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Marlena is in her office, on the phone with John. Marlena says she’s sorry to miss the first dinner at his dad’s new place. Marlena mentions not knowing what she has other than an emergency patient going through a crisis. Marlena then hangs up as Li Shin arrives. Li says thank God they got in touch with her and he knows it’s late, but he thinks he’s losing his mind.

Stefan and Gabi walk through the town square. Stefan says he knew Brady would be upset but he was not expecting that. Gabi understands why he’s mad. Stefan says at least they owned up to what they did. Gabi relates that she would be horrified if she was kept from her daughter but says that’s behind them now. Stefan says there’s actually more of that to come because when EJ catches wind of what they’ve done, it’s going to register on the Richter scale.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ has a drink and says those bastards. Nicole walks in and asks if he’s having a bad day. EJ tells her that Gabi and Stefan got their hands on Kristen’s shares which results in their camps being deadlocked in a tie. Nicole points out that doesn’t mean they have control. EJ worries that all they need is one more shareholder on their side and he’s as good as dead, as he then throws his drink glass in frustration.

At the Brady Pub, Kate asks Chad what happened. Chad responds that they weren’t on the same page and it turned in to a fight. Kate mentions that she sensed things were getting tense and asks what it was about. Chad admits it was about Abigail. Chad doesn’t know what to do as he can’t go chasing after her or they will get in the same fight again. Kate agrees that there’s no point in that. Chad suggests they go get the kids. Kate warns that the kids will no Chad’s upset and says he needs to vent. Kate thinks Chad and Stephanie both need to talk to a neutral party.

Stephanie tells Steve on the phone that she thinks she just needs to be alone for awhile. Stephanie says she loves him too and hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie assumes it’s trick or treaters and answers the door, but then drops her bowl of candy in shock as she sees a man (portrayed by Blake Berris, who previously played Nick Fallon), who wishes her a Happy Halloween.

EJ swears that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay for this, arguing that they had a balance of power until Gabi’s greed tipped it and Stefan lets her lead him around. Nicole asks if EJ knows why Kristen signed over her shares. EJ says she wouldn’t say so he believes it’s blackmail. EJ decides he’s going to find out what it is and bring her to her knees. EJ screams after everything he’s done for that bitch. Nicole argues that EJ would have no problem doing the same thing to Stefan and Gabi. Nicole warns EJ against going to such a dark place.

Li tells Marlena that he’s grateful she could see him tonight as he didn’t feel like he could wait another day. Li tells her that when he sleeps, nightmares wake him up and he paces while being hard on himself, wondering how everything in his life went so wrong. Marlena asks how long this has been going on. Li says it’s been weeks. Marlena is very glad he called and asks if he has any idea what happened to start these symptoms. Li responds that it was when he knew he lost the woman of his dreams.

Gabi gets startled by someone in a zombie costume in the town square. Stefan laughs and says zombies aren’t real. Gabi tells him that he missed a lot when Dr. Rolf had him on ice. Stefan asks if he missed a zombie apocalypse. Gabi informs Stefan that a few years ago on Halloween, she came face to face with a very undead Nick Fallon.

Stephanie can’t believe she is seeing the man at the door. He says he knows it must be a shock and he’s the last person she expected to see. Stephanie asks why he is here. He responds that he came to find her.

Kate tells Chad that she was right that he and Stephanie had a problem, but she hoped it was a minor one. Chad says it was anything but that. Chad reminds Kate about the dinner they had where Steve and Kayla were pushing him to marry Stephanie and after everyone left, they finally got a chance to talk about getting married. Kate asks how it went. Chad thought it went okay as he told her that he wasn’t ready and she seemed to go along with it by saying she wasn’t in a rush, so he thought that was the end of it but she was just telling him what he wanted to hear. Kate guesses she was hurt and disappointed that he wasn’t ready. Chad admits he sees her side and gets that Abigail looms over everything. Chad suggests maybe he moved on too fast and doesn’t think Stephanie understands what it’s like to love somebody like that. Chad mentions that Stephanie was with Alex and that was over pretty quickly and there was a guy in Seattle, but Abigail was his wife and the mother of his children. Kate remarks that Stephanie doesn’t have her past looming over her like Chad does.

The man tells Stephanie that he came a really long way to see her and asks to come in so he can explain. Stephanie says to first let her explain how she felt when he disappeared without a word and didn’t have the balls to tell her they were over. He says she has every right to be upset but there’s another reason for what happened. He tells her that he never ghosted her and he never wanted to break up with her, but there’s a reason for all of this. Stephanie questions if he’s here to tell her and says he’s had long enough to come up with a story. He then reveals to her that he was in a coma.

Stefan questions Gabi about bumping in to Nick Fallon. Gabi points out that Stefan was dead before too. Stefan says his was more hibernation. Gabi admits she might have been the only one to see Nick and that he had help from Marlena, who at the time was possessed by the Devil. Stefan comments on Nick having help from people in undead places.

Marlena asks Li about not being over Gabi. Li says they were in love, but he knew if Stefan came back, that would be in jeopardy so he did everything he could to prevent that from happening. Li adds that when Gabi found out what he had done and what he was capable of, they were done in her mind but it was different for him. Marlena tells Li that she knows he had nothing to do with the plan to brainwash Harris to go after Stefan. Marlena asks what he is thinking. Li responds that it’s important that she knows that what she just said is not true. Li then admits that he was in on the plot against Stefan.

EJ thanks Nicole and apologizes for losing control. Nicole tells EJ that his ultra rational persona that he pulls out when she tries to talk him off the ledge won’t work. Nicole complains that EJ uses that as a cover to get revenge and there’s nothing she can do to stop him. EJ understands that he might have overreacted, but he doesn’t think she can expect him to shrug his shoulders after being stabbed in the back by a brother, sister, and a money grubbing interloper. Nicole can’t believe she’s bringing a baby in to this family. Nicole adds that sometimes, she feels like they are finally a “we”, but just now it felt like her and her baby didn’t exist and nothing did except EJ’s hate, anger, and revenge. Nicole states that what’s scary is that sometimes they are a team and a couple, but then another example of feeling invisible to him is when he decided that Ava needed to pay for what he thought she did to his mother. Nicole feels just like that he goes full DiMera again and that her and the baby factor in to nothing. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him, but she’s responsible for her baby and sometimes, she doesn’t know if she can trust EJ to be the father that the baby needs.

Stefan encourages that Gabi is strong, fierce, and tough as he calls her his favorite human on the planet. Stefan adds that if any undead creatures come after her again, they’ll have to get through him first. Gabi worries more about EJ coming after them when he finds out that they got Kristen’s shares. Stefan says they have serious work to do as he doesn’t see anyone flipping from EJ’s side. Gabi reminds him about Li Shin.

Marlena assumes that Li wanted Stefan out of the way, so he could have another chance with Gabi. Li admits that he was ready to go to the limit to make that happen. Li declares that he did horrible things and was willing to do more, but he still lost Gabi and now he can’t live with the man he turned in to.

Kate asks Chad if this has been brewing for a long time which he confirms. Chad brings up taking the kids to visit Abigail’s grave on Abigial’s birthday and Stephanie said she wanted to join, but he told her that he didn’t want her to and she seemed to understand, but he knows she was hurt and felt excluded. Chad tells Kate about how today, Stephanie was wearing the exact same costume that Abigail wore on her last Halloween, so he didn’t know what to say but she could see he was upset, so he told her about it. Chad says they both knew something bad had happened. Kate realizes that’s why Stephanie wasn’t wearing a costume. Chad talks about having to pretend everything is fine which they both hated. Chad tells Kate that he asked Stephanie if what Steve said was true and it all kind of spilled out that Stephanie wants to get married and he doesn’t. Kate tells Chad that she’s so sorry for both of them. Chad wishes he could make Stephanie understand that there’s not some time table he could follow that leads to a wedding. Chad repeats that he maybe he moved on too soon. Chad admits that he’s scared because he doesn’t want to lose another person he loves and he’s scared that Stephanie just wants to nail him down because of what happened with her ex in Seattle who ghosted her. Chad is scared that Stephanie just wants to get married so that never happens again.

Stephanie questions her ex being in a coma. He insists it’s the truth and reminds her of the last day that they saw each other. Stephanie recalls asking him to mail something for her and then never seeing him again. He says that he was hit by a car right after leaving the post office and all he had was his cell phone with no ID, so they had to put him in a medically induced coma to save him. He knows it sounds far fetched and ridiculous but says that’s the truth. He adds that after he was revived, he had physical issues and he lost his memory which is why he couldn’t contact her, because he couldn’t remember her. He explains that he’s been trying to get better, figure out how to walk and talk again, and figure out who she was. He admits it was hard but tells her that the one good day in that mess was the day he remembered how much he loved her as he then kisses Stephanie. Stephanie pushes him off, identifying him as Everett and argues that he can’t just show up at her door after all this time and expect things to be the same. Everett apologizes and says that hoping things could be the same is all that got him through everything. Everett says he’s here to tell her that she may not realize it, but she saved him. Stephanie tells him that she thought he dumped her, so she moved on and she doesn’t live here alone as she’s with someone new. Everett responds that he knows which she questions. Everett explains that he found out that she moved back to Salem and she runs her company from here. Stephanie questions if he’s been spying on her. Everett explains that he came by earlier and knocked on the door, but when he heard a dude’s voice, he took off. Stephanie recalls Chad answering the door and no one being there so they thought it was a prank. Everett adds that after that, he had to know what he was up against, so he followed her to the Brady Pub. Everett says he just wanted to catch her alone to tell her all this. Everett tells Stephanie that he wants her back and he doesn’t know how serious it is with the other guy, but he saw an argument. He asks her if she’s married or engaged. Stephanie responds that she’s definitely not.

Kate encourages Chad that Stephanie knows he’s a substantial person who is loving and caring, so she doesn’t think she would compare Chad to someone who ghosted her. Chad says maybe not consciously, but Stephanie thought she misread him and his intentions, the same way he did with the guy in Seattle. Chad thought moving in with Stephanie felt right, but now he’s thinking maybe it was too soon. Chad asks Kate if he should have held off. Chad declares that all he knows is that this fight left a lot up in the air for them as Stephanie wants him to move on from Abigail so they can move forward. Chad remarks that he can’t go back and he can’t go forward. Kate guesses that he feels trapped.

EJ tells Nicole how most people felt about Stefano, but he never doubted that his family was the center of Stefano’s world. EJ tells Nicole that he owes that to her and their baby. Nicole calls it scary because not long ago, EJ wanted to elope in Italy but on the way to the airport, he had to have someone killed. EJ admits that he loses track of what really matters and what’s really important which is her and the baby. EJ swears not to lose track of that ever again but Nicole doesn’t believe him. EJ asks her for a leap of faith, reminding her that he still has the marriage license so he can call up the jet to fly to Italy and that nothing will stop them this time. Nicole responds that she is not getting married on Halloween, but says he better be telling her the truth that DiMera Enterprises is just a job and not his life. Nicole remarks that his dysfunctional family isn’t going to change, so he has to which EJ agrees with. Nicole comments that he is such an accomplished liar. EJ tells Nicole that he’s agreeing to marry the one woman on the planet who isn’t scared of him and can see right through him. EJ says he hates that but he loves her so much that he’s signing on for a lifetime of it as they kiss.

Stefan asks Gabi what about Li Shin. Gabi reminds him that she could exploit certain animal urges that she stirs in him. Stefan points out that Gabi has pitched this numerous times and he’s shot it down every time. Stefan argues that Gabi would be willingly putting him back in the crosshairs, reminding her that Li tried to kill him to clear a path to her. Gabi then excitedly calls him a genius.

Li assumes Marlena has dealt with a lot of patients that have obsessions and asks if it’s ever led to the confession of a felony before. Marlena says she doesn’t recall that. Li knows the rules and that what he says here is confidential, including committing a crime. Marlena says that’s if it’s a crime in the past, but if it’s a crime that’s about to happen then that’s a different story. Marlena questions if Li is saying he’s about to do something to get Gabi back that could be criminal. Li pleads with her to understand that he’s here because he doesn’t want to do anything like that ever again or even think about it. Li tells Marlena that he wants to move on as he doesn’t want Gabi in his thoughts or dreams. Li declares that he’s desperate to get past Gabi but without Marlena’s help, he doesn’t know if he can.

Gabi tells Stefan that they need leverage on Li just like they used on Kristen, and Stefan just gave them a way to get it. Stefan acknowledges that it could work but points out that they are missing the proof.

Kate asks Chad how she can help. Chad responds that she already has by listening, so it’s going to be up to him to fix, once he figures out how to get started. Chad says it probably involves him going home so he should go get the kids. Kate says the kids are probably still watching the movie and that they would love to keep them for the night so that Chad can go home to have some privacy with Stephanie. Chad calls that a lovely offer and accepts. Chad decides he will just go say goodnight to the kids then. Chad hugs Kate, who assures him that it’s going to be alright. Chad thanks her and heads upstairs.

Everett questions Stephanie not being engaged, but she says it doesn’t mean anything for them. Stephanie points out that it’s been years. Everett gets that it’s a lot to take in, she has questions and will take time. Everett tells Stephanie that he loves her as much as he did the day he left for the post office and he always will. Everett then guesses her boyfriend will be home soon, so he will take off. He tells her to take care and exits.

EJ says if Nicole doesn’t want to get married on Halloween, they will do it the day after on November 1 as they kiss.

Li thanks Marlena for seeing him at the last minute as he’s very grateful. Marlena states that they will start tomorrow with a formal session. Marlena asks if he’ll be alright tonight. Li responds that he already feels a little better. Marlena notes that he’ll have to put in the work and it will take time, but she will be right there with him and they will work together to help Li close this chapter of his life. Li declares that he will start a new chapter without Gabi in it.

Gabi tells Stefan that if they want proof against Li bad enough, they are going to get it because that’s what they do. Gabi and Stefan then bump in to Everett, who stops and asks if he knows Gabi from somewhere but she says no. Everett wishes them a Happy Halloween and walks away. Stefan asks Gabi if she’s sure she doesn’t know that guy considering how he was looking at her. Gabi responds that she’s never seen him before in her life as they walk off.

Chad comes home and tells Stephanie that the kids are going to stay over with Roman and Kate. Chad tells Stephanie that he’s really sorry and asks if she wants to talk. Stephanie thinks they’ve done enough talking for one day. Chad agrees and decides he will get ready for bed then. Chad heads to the bedroom while Stephanie tearfully looks down at her phone at an old photo of her and Everett.

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