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[shouting, screaming]

Ugh, I hate that I let you talk me into watching these stupid zombies, blood and guts and blech!


[phone rings]

It’s the hospital. Eric Brady. Oh. Yeah, I understand. Thanks for calling.

[somber music]

What is it?

I can’t believe it. He died.

And fade to black.

Did all of those people really have to die?

Uh, it’s a horror movie.

And there are five more “Scream” movies if you want to have a Halloween night marathon.

Yeah, no offense, but I think I’ll pass. Ten bloody murders in one night is plenty for me.

Actually, it was seven.


Yeah, Chanel doesn’t love the scary flicks.

Then she’s missing out. I’m super into ’em, and I totally love the “Scream” movies. If you want to watch another one, Johnny, I’m down.

Really? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

I’m not a kid, Chanel. Besides, there’s so much more to the movies than just the kills. I mean, what about how the danger brought Gale and Dewey together?

Yeah. Sure, always nice to add a little romance with your horror.

I couldn’t agree more.


You know, um, fear and sexual arousal are very closely linked in the human brain.

Hmm. Well, my human brain just reminded me that I have to get to the bakery, because I have to prep for tomorrow. So I will not be getting any sleep tonight.

Are you sure you have to go?

Unfortunately. Walk me out to the car?

Oh, you mean in case Ghostface is waiting out there for you ready to stab you multiple times?

Oh, hilarious.

Don’t worry. I can take care of that guy.

[jazzy music]

Hmm. Maybe a little danger can bring me and Johnny together, too.

I hope you don’t mind that I slipped into something more comfortable.

No, of course not.

[thunder booming]

Oh, sounds like there’s going to be a storm tonight. You’re welcome to stay. Not that I’m expecting you to stay.

Well, I do appreciate the offer, but I’m trying to take John and Marlena’s advice to heart.

You mean that we shouldn’t try so hard?

Yeah. Are you OK with that?

OK with what? Just spending time together, just hanging out and seeing where that will take us? Yeah, that sounds good to me.

[both chuckling]


[phone rings] Mm. Oh. I won’t get that.

Well, maybe you should. It might be important.

Oh, OK. Unknown caller. Ooh. Hello?

[thunder booming] Are you serious? Oh– Oh, OK. Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, thanks. Keep us posted.

[phone beeps]

Everything all right?

That was Commissioner Hernandez. A homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

[ominous music]

[thunder booming]

“Pet Semetary,” huh? Aren’t you coming to bed?

I, uh, thought I’d give you some space, sleep out here.

Chad, I hate that we had that fight.

Yeah, me, too.

Can we talk?


I was– I was laying alone in bed, and I realized something. I think that you and I weren’t actually meant to be together, after all.

What, Steph? Don’t say that.

No, it’s OK. Breaking up is for the best. But I do love you, Chad. So I want to give you something to show you how much.

Give me what?

I’m going to bring Abigail back to life.

[dramatic music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steph, what the hell are you even talking about?

OK, I know it sounds crazy. But my parents found this diary a long time ago on one of their adventures.

What diary?

It was written by this man named Gideon in the s. He wrote about how his wife died tragically. But he was able to cast a magic spell to resurrect her. And that’s what I’m going to do, with a little help, to bring back the love of your life.


[knock at door]

I’ll get it. Mom, hi.


Did you bring it?

Yes. And everything we need to cast the spell.

OK, Kayla, you’re a doctor. You don’t seriously believe in any of this.

Well, being someone who just recently came back from the dead, I do believe in the power of love. So I have the solution already. I just need something of Abigail’s.

I don’t– I don’t have anything.

Here. It’s Abigail’s wedding ring. I found it hidden away in your closet.


No, it’s OK. I’m glad that you kept it. Because tonight, you’re going to get to put it back on her finger.

[thunder booming]

Eric. Who died?

Mr. Dorsey, the former parishioner I visited– visited in the hospital.

[thunder booming] I can’t believe he– I need to pay my last respects.

Well, I’m going with you.

Tate, where are you?


[screams] Damn it, Tate. What took you so long?

I was giving candy to the trick-or-treaters. What’s the, uh– the emergency? What’s the big favor that you need?

I need you to put this on, then go around to the French doors in the living room and stalk me.

Stalk you?

Is that a problem?

Uh, I just thought you didn’t want me going all stalker-y.

I said I wanted to be friends, and friends help each other out, right?

[sighs] What do I do once I’m at the door?

Not much. OK, first, I’ll act all scared and run to Johnny. Once he comes back, you just let him see you and chase you off. Then I go into his arms and let him comfort me.

Seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like you.

Do you want to be my friend or not?

Fine. Fine. I’m putting on the mask. OK? Oh, god. Ugh.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here.

Whoa. This is a real knife.

Well, obviously, I didn’t have time to go to the Halloween store, so I just grabbed it from the kitchen. Now, come on. Let’s see what you got.

Argh. How do I look?

Like someone a girl needs saving from.

[light jazzy music]

This is the second breakout in a month from that loony bin!

Yeah, I wonder who got out this time.


[light bulbs buzzing] Oh! Oh, damn! Can anybody else in this town besides me do their jobs? Oh, I don’t know, who do I call to read my first? The health department for not securing Bayview? Maybe the power company, so they can get the lights back on. Oh. Oh! Oh. Ugh. Abraham? Abraham. Oh, my god. Abraham. Who did this to you?

I did.

[dramatic music]


I sure hope Chanel doesn’t mind me borrowing this.

Oh, he’s still alive. But you could have killed him.

Now, why would I try to kill my own husband?

He’s not your husband.



Oh, Abraham. Oh, you’re OK, Abraham. I got you. Oh, are you OK?

Yes. Yeah, I am, I am, I am. Ugh.

Oh, thank god.

This is going to– this is going to sound strange, but– I remember.


I remember everything.

You mean you remember me?

Oh, I remember you, Whitley King. You’re the lunatic who kidnapped me and tried to make me believe that you’re my wife.

[thunder booming]

[tense music]

[elevator dings]

[light bulbs buzzing]

Hmm. Where is everybody?

I’ll go find a nurse and see where they put Mr. Dorsey.

OK, I’m going wait here.


[ominous music]

[sighs] Oof. Hate hospitals at night. There’s something so creepy about them.



Jeez. Jumpy much?

Nicole. No, I just didn’t– didn’t see you there.

Clearly. I didn’t think you’d be one to scare so easily.

Yeah, well, Halloween’s kind of got me on edge a little bit. Anyway, what are you doing here?

Oh, picking up another prescription. There’s just so many to keep track of these days.

Yeah. Is that supposed to be like a dig?



Oh, my god.


What? Why?

Listen, I don’t have time to explain. But you’d both better come with me if you want to live.

What is going on?

Come on!


Come on!

Johnny! Johnny!

Holly, hey. What? What is it?

There is someone outside. He was watching me.

What? Where?

Outside the French doors.

OK, just stay here. I’m going to go check it out. All right?

Sure. I’ll stay here all alone, by myself, during a creepy storm on Halloween night while some crazed stalker’s on the property!

OK, OK, all right. Just, you can come with me, but stay close.

Don’t worry. I will.



[ring clatters]

[eerie music]

[liquid trickling]

We call the soul of Abigail Johanna Deveraux DiMera. Rest thou now in the reaper’s grim grip, though one’s love here still holds fast. Memento mori, amor aeternus est. Death is not forever. Love is eternal. Though ye have passed through the veil and into the light, we call ye in the name of this man’s devotion to cross back into this darkness.

OK, that was, um, dramatic. I don’t think it worked, though.

[knock at door]

It did work. That must be Abigail.

Looks like the storm’s been banging against the doors. Maybe that’s what spooked you.

I saw a man, Johnny. What, you don’t believe me?

It’s not that I don’t believe you, OK? It’s just that sometimes, after you watch a scary movie, shadows can start to look like serial killers.

They weren’t shadows. Someone is out there. Look, I’m going to lock the front door. Oh, my god!


Holly! Hey, hey!

[gasping] Go! Go!

I’m not Whitley King. She’s Whitley King.

No. No, no, no. She’s my wife, Paulina Price.

Oh, uh-uh, hey, sweetheart, she just smacked you over the head with that rolling pin. She must have scrambled up your brains.

You know who I am. I am your beloved Paulina, and I’m here to rescue you from this homicidal maniac.


[ominous music]

What is going on, Eric? Who is out there?

Oh, you know I came here to see Mr. Dorsey, the old parishioner, a friend of mine.

The man you visited a few days ago?

Yeah. He died.

Oh, no.

But the thing is, he isn’t dead anymore.


I was standing next to his bedside saying a prayer to save his immortal soul. And then he tried to bite me.

Bite you? Like a zombie?

Yeah, like a zombie. The thing is, I was lucky I got away.

So– so what you’re saying is that there’s a zombie that’s running loose around this hospital?

That would explain the lockdowns.

The hospital is on lockdown, because Mr. Dorsey isn’t the only zombie out there. I saw at least five other zombies out there when I was running to get back to you.


What is so funny?

Oh, come on, guys. Zombies? This has to be some kind of elaborate Halloween prank. Eric, are you in on this?

Sloan, listen to me. You can’t–

Sorry, I just– let’s just see what really–

No, don’t! Don’t open that door! You cannot go out there!

Don’t worry. If they turn me, I’ll make sure to eat Nicole first.

Are you insane?

[thunder booming]

[gasps] What was that?

They’re out there.

That door’s not going to hold them forever.

[zombies growling]


I hope I got here in time. I found these pages under some files.


Yeah, they were torn out of the diary.

What do they say?

Well, Sweetness, it’s kind of shocking. Because it looks like his wife, Emily, wasn’t the gentle soul Gideon so fondly remembered.

[thunder booming] She was something else.

What do you mean “something else”?

He called her a rotting, murderous corpse.



It’s a good thing I found these pages, huh?

Well, it’s too late, because we already performed the ritual.

Oh, no.

Yeah, but it didn’t– it didn’t work, though, right? I mean, Abby’s not here.

[thunder booming]


Wait, do you hear that? It sounds like wet footsteps.

Listen, if the spell did work and Abigail is on her way here, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave.

Wait, what– what are you– what are you doing?

Listen. According to Gideon, you’ve summoned an abomination. Whoever or whatever comes through that door may look like your dead wife, but it won’t be Abigail.

So– no, no! You’re just going to shoot her?

Chad, you heard what it says in the diary.

No, I’m not going to stand by and just watch this happen.

Close your eyes. I’ll make it quick.


[gun clicks] Oh!

[tense music]

Give me the gun.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Chad! Chad! Stop, Chad!

Don’t do this, man!


Steve! Oh! Oh. Steve! Oh, god!

Steve. Steve, can you hear me?

What– what happened? The gun– the gun didn’t go off! You heard! I didn’t– I didn’t do anything.

It was Abigail.



I saw her.

What– what do you mean you saw her?

It was dark, but I could just make it out. She was– she was covered in mud, and her face and her body were rotting!

What, no, no, that’s not possible.

She grabbed Papa, and she snapped his neck, and then– and then she was gone.

[thunder booming] Mom, is he–

He’s– he’s not breathing, and his heart has stopped.


How– how could this have happened?

Chad, we have to get him to a hospital.

I can’t. I have to go. I’m so sorry. I have to go. I have to go find Abigail.

[breathing heavily]

[zombies growling]

Oh, my god. They’re going to bust through the door. What do we do?

I think you– I think you have to get at their head. It’s the only way to stop him.

This isn’t happening.



[zombies growling] They moved on. They’ll be back. They’re hungry.

For human flesh?

This is all my fault. I did this.

Yeah, that sounds about right to me. What is it that you did, exactly?

I wasn’t talking to you. You know what? Why don’t you wait in the hallway and let the adults talk for a few minutes?

Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’d love to see me as a zombie snack, Nicole, but I’d rather hear your confession.

I’m sure. Look. I– I don’t know how to say this, but a few months ago, I made up this lie that there was a virus running rampant in the hospital so that I could get a swab from your cheek for your paternity test.

OK, so?

So now, there’s a real virus. So I tempted fate or god or whatever, and now, my baby is never going to be born, or worse, it’s going to be born a zombie baby.

[scoffs] Zombie baby?

Oh, scoff all you want, but you’re going to die in here. And the last thing I want is to die with a guilty conscience. My baby deserves better.

Nicole, I appreciate your honesty. It means a lot.

If we’re all going to die in here, then I have a confession I’d like to make, too.

What kind of confession?

Eric, that baby that Nicole’s carrying– it’s not EJ’s. It’s yours.

[dramatic music]

I’m Paulina Price, your wife. Here, I can prove it. Our wedding day. Best day of my life. Well, some of it was.

[thunder booming]

This is not you in the picture with me. She is.

Let me see that.

[gasps] What the hell?


Oh, you really are delusional, Whitley.

You switched all the photos, didn’t you? Oh, Abraham. You got to know she’s lying. She’s–

What’s the matter, Whitley? Cat got your tongue?

Why you– wait. Cat? Who put all these cats in my apartment? Oh!

[light bulbs buzzing]

What are you saying, Sloan?

What I’m saying is, I– I switched the paternity test at the hospital. I made it look like EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby.

I’m the father?

So that means this baby I’m carrying is ours.

I guess it is. You know how much I wanted a child.

How could you do this, you heartless bitch.

I was afraid of losing you, Eric. I’m sorry.

Damn you, Sloan Peterson.


Eric, Eric. What is it, Eric?

I don’t know. I was running away when one of the zombies attacked me. He must have bitten me. Augh!




I’m infected

Oh, my god.

From what I’ve seen, it won’t take long before I’m one of them.


[thunder booming]

I almost caught him, but uh, I lost him in the rain. Hey, I need to get you to the hospital, I think. You’re probably going to need stitches. Hey, are you OK?

No, I’m definitely not OK. Are you still on hold with ?

Yeah, apparently, Halloween is a busy night for them.

[loud thud]

What was that?

It came from upstairs.

No one else is home.

You know what?

What are you doing?

He’s going to need a lot more than stitches when I find him.

Wait, Johnny! Oh, great.

[ominous music]

Don’t scream.

[panting] Tate?

What happened to your arm?

What do you mean what happened to my arm? You cut me, you freak.

I did not. I just got here.

What are you talking about? You just came through the foyer.

No, I didn’t. I tried to come in through the French doors like we talked about, but it’s all muddy outside, and I didn’t want to ruin my shoes. So I circled around and came in through the kitchen.

But if you didn’t slash me, then who did?

[knife slashing]


[breathing heavily]

I couldn’t find her…

Oh, my god. What happened?

It was Abigail. She came back. She killed my mother, too.

Hey, there’s no one upsta– Holly, what happened here?


[knife slashing] No! Johnny!

[gasping] What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you kill him? Who are you?

Chanel? Why?

Let me tell you a little story, Holly, about when I was in college and I was just a little older than you. You see, like you, I was in love with an older man, and his wife, she tried to come between us.

What– what happened to her?

That bitch? Well, she’s dead now, too.

Why kill Johnny? What did he do to you?

Don’t act like you don’t know.

Because of me? I’m the reason?

I know you wanted him. And I could tell he had feelings for you, too. You two both had so much more in common than he and I did, and you both loved those scary movies.

You really believed he had feelings for me?

You didn’t think I was just going to roll over and let you have him, did you? He got what he deserved. And now, it’s your turn.

Call my daughter, Chanel. She’ll tell you these are not my damn cats. Oh, I’m the one, the only Paulina Price.

If you’re Paulina Price, then why are you wearing that?

What– oh!

[gasps] No! No! This isn’t right.

You escaped from Bayview tonight, and you came to my apartment to hurt us both, to kill us.

Oh, no! No! That wasn’t me! That was you!

Don’t you worry, Paulina. I will protect you from her.

Oh, thank you, Darling.

Oh, Abe, Abe. Please, it’s me. And I don’t know what she did to you, but I’m Paulina. Abe, you– please, please! You have to remember!

[phone beeps]

Rafe, it’s Abe. We have that lunatic Whitney King, who escaped from Bayview and came here to hurt us. Now, she needs to be locked up where we’ll never see her again.

That’s right.


I don’t feel so good.

It’s OK.

We have to get help.

I can go look for a doctor.

You can’t go out there. There’s too many of them.

Well, we can’t stay in here. I mean, what if you turn?

There’s only one choice.


Eric, what are you doing? Eric.

There should– there should be enough sedative in here to do what needs to be done.


Oh, my god. What are you doing? Eric.



Please, I need you to kill me before I kill you both.


No, I don’t want to turn into one of them. I don’t want to end up eating you both… or– or my unborn child.


I can’t. I– I can’t lose you. I’m sorry.


Hey, easy. No.

If you really loved him, you would do what’s right for him and his unborn child.

Are you– No!


Oh! Oh! You bitch. You killed him.

I had to. I couldn’t just sit back and watch the man I love turn into some undead monster.

Abby did this? Are you sure?

She murdered my parents.

[tense music] I shot her… over and over and over again, but she didn’t even flinch.

It’s just so horrible.

Don’t worry, Chad. I saved one bullet. For you.

Stephanie, what are you doing?

I tried to make you happy. I tried to love you. Your obsession with Abigail did this. I don’t know if she’s dead or alive, but either way, you can wait for her in hell.

Stephanie, no.

[tense music]


[gasping] It was just a nightmare.



Are you really going to make me chase you around like a scared animal?

I thought you couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

I thought so, too. Turns out, now that I’ve had a taste of it, I just can’t get enough.

[gasping] This is my worst nightmare.

No. Oh, no.

[thunder booming] He didn’t deserve this.

Finally, something we agree on.

What are you doing? Ah! No! What did you do?

As you die, I will leave you with this thought.

[thunder booming] I will always have Eric’s baby to remind me of the love we shared. Eric, I will take good care of our baby. I promise.

[thunder booming]

Oh, my god. Eric. Eric.

What? What is it?

I thought–

You thought what?

I thought– nothing, never mind. I’m sorry I woke you.

No, it’s OK. I was having the craziest dream.

What were you dreaming about?

I don’t remember. I’m suddenly really hungry.



But Abe, I love you.

Throwing yourself at me is only going to make things worse.

We belong together.

[sighs] I thought we were going to be able to do this the easy way, but it looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way.


[thunder booming]



You know, you’re a beautiful bride. I just– I just wish I could remember that day.

Oh. Our wedding day. Ah. It’s me and you.

Who else would it be?

I don’t know.

Are you all right? You know, we were watching the movie, and you just dozed off.

Oh, well, I’m better now. I dreamed that you forgot who I was again. But you do know who I am, right?

[chuckling] Yes, of course. You are the one and only Paulina Price.

Damn right, I am.

[chuckles] Whew! Too much scary stuff. But being here with you now is it’s treats and no tricks.

Well, Happy Halloween, Paulina.


Happy Halloween, Abraham.

[eerie music]

[thunder booming]

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