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Talk about starting the day off. Right. Hi, happy New, receive. Happy, happy Wedding Day. I can’t believe he’s finally here. Oh, nothing’s getting our way now. Absolutely nothing.

Gabby, you could not marry this man. What the hell? Johnny and Mun, they told me everything. They did not go to Jakarta on some romantic getaway. No. They went to find wolf in search of the truth. Brain washed me, Gabby, to make me forget about my love for you. And Dr. Wolf was only following orders his


I smell a rat. Dang, that’s harsh. All I smell bell peppers, not the food. You promise you wouldn’t go to any trouble for me today. Oh, yeah, I lied. See, here’s the thing. This is your special day and is your brother. I’m obliged to treat you like a queen, but don’t get used to it. . All right, well, you know what?

In that case, What? Is it bad? No, it’s amazing. It’s, no, it’s very rich though. It’s cheesy and buttery. That’s what makes it amazing. Yeah. I’m fattening. How am I supposed to get into my wedding dress after this meal? Okay, fine. If it bothers you that much. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t be so harsh. Bring it back.

Okay. Well, ho, hold on. I’m saying that you’re not worried about bust outta your dress. No. What’s your groom gonna say? Trust me. The man of my dreams loves me the way I am unconditionally.

So no complaints, huh? About me tagging along. I’m not tagging along. Yeah. On your Christmas visit with your mom, are you kidding me? This has been a trip of a lifetime. Yeah. It’s been pretty great for me too. And we haven’t even made it to Miami yet to ring in the new year. Mm-hmm. Which I would be really excited for.

Except I’m feeling a little bit guilty By what? Well, it is Gabby’s wedding day. I’m depriving you of the chance to be there when the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects. You kidding me? If I were there, I would be cheering at the top of my lungs throwing confetti. Those two deserve each other.

So what do you think? I think that. I, I think that I have excellent taste. . Yes, you do. It was actually my favorite Christmas present. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, I plan on wearing it during my brother’s wedding tonight. You don’t think that might, uh, I don’t know. Clash with your. Made of honor dress. Oh, it definitely will

But when I start to feel guilty about keeping these secrets, you can use it to G me and keep me quiet. Oh yeah. Every single one of them, Rachel. Yes, I know Every single new video gave me. You got a promise will play as soon as we see each other. Okay? Yeah. Hey, I’m. I love you. Okay. Bye baby. Is it Rachel?

Yeah. We had the best Christmas. It was great. Almost made me forget about this hall that Christens been putting me through. I already, you can’t forget that. You shouldn’t. The holidays are passed. Now it’s time to put that plan into. Right kid. My own daughter. Listen, it’s the only way we can force Kris’s hand.

I, I, I un, I understood. We just have to make sure that we find the right time to do it tonight. It has to be tonight.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Brady plans to Rachel out the town hall. We have to make him believe that we going on an adventure. Right. And since Kristen will be tied up at Gabby and Lee’s reception, it should be the perfect diversion, I guess. Exactly. But we can’t waste another minute if we’re gonna be, Chris had our own game.

Lee, it’s me. Kristen? Yes.

This is a bad time. Kristen. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you? No. Okay. Whatever. What are you doing? Well I came because it’s your wedding day and uh, although our little alliance has hit some rough patches mm-hmm. , it’s paying them beautifully and I just want to wish you good luck. Thanks. I’m gonna need it.

Patience. No. Can you? None to spare. I’ve been wasting it up. Waiting for my wedding. You. Lee and I, we slept apart last night. Some a sickler for traditions. Oh yeah. You’ve been saving yourself for your wedding, huh? All right, let’s not get too crazy. Although I shouldn’t be impatient in a couple hours, I’m gonna be in front of the justice of the peace, marrying the man that I love.

Ha. What, what? What’s the look? I just hope that Lian is the man that you love.

Not that warrants mentioning, but I am glad that we got outta Salem for the holidays. Does it have anything to do with a certain wedding? Neither one of us wanna attend. That might be part. Hmm. Firstly, I could care less about that wedding. And who’s going or not going? I’m enjoying the memory of Amal and the night visitors.

Hmm. The holiday, classic and strange loop. What an amazing show. Yeah. Your mom and your sister enjoyed it too. Yeah, they did. Stephan, thank you for everything. No, you’ve, you’ve treated us like royalty. And I intend to show you how grateful I am once we get to Miami. Really, something to look forward to.

Dam it. Do what? I just realized that I promised your mom I would pick up locks and bagels from Zbars. I better get going. I could come with you. You stay here. Relax. All right. Zbars is right down the street. It won’t take long. Are you sure? I’m sure.

Good morning, mother. Good morning, daughter. Where’s s Stephan? Uh, he wanted to treat us to some breakfast before we leave. Mm-hmm. Don’t remind me I’m already missing you guys. I know. But we’ll be back to visit. Yes, and Mike and I can come to Salem to visit since we both have family there. You two seem really happy together.

We are, and so are Stephan and I, as you can clearly see. He’s a great guy, isn’t he? Well, he is extremely generous. I am. I just, I just wonder if, oh, nevermind. You can say it, mom. You know what? Actually don’t say it. I know that you were pulling for Brady and me hoping we were the real deal, and you don’t think I’m over him.

Am. Well, are you?

Yes, I’m over Brady. Why wouldn’t I be? He’s moved on with Kristen and I’ve moved on too with a wonderful guy. I mean, come on mom. Haven’t you noticed I’ve been on Cloud nine this entire. . Yes. But you were on Cloud nine with Brady not so long ago, and that’s over now. Did you not get the memo? We split up, yes.

And after you did, you rebounded and landed with Stephan so fast? It really has not been that fast. We’re we’re getting to know each other again. We’re we’re taking things slowly, meaning. meaning I don’t wanna have this discussion with my mother, . So you haven’t slept together yet, mom. Well, maybe there’s a reason for that, a reason that you haven’t done that.

Chloe, yes. Brady hurt you, but Stefan, back in the day, honey, he cheated on you with Gabby, and then he treated you. That’s in the past. I’m, I’m focused on the, right now, the present. And when it comes to Brady and Stephan, the choice is clear. I mean, I understand Brady putting his daughter first, but he didn’t waste one minute moving Kristen in with him.

Chloe, wait. I’m not excusing Brady’s behavior. I just, I know. I know, I know. Okay, mom, I know that you thought that we were meant to be. I get it. And I thought that too. For a while, but I just don’t. I don’t anymore.

Now, this is not gonna be a cakewalk. The wedding may be a good diversion, but Rachel had plans. I mean, my dad and Marlene were gonna babysit her lead did around that. What we need to do is make sure that Christo Doesn. Bail out on the wedding and go home early before we make this happen. I can steal her car keys.

That’s a good idea, but I got a better one. You’re not gonna like it. Tell me you’re kidding. You know I’m not. You want me to take Kristen to the wedding as my date? It’s perfect how he said it’s perfect for you, not for me, because I’m gonna have to deal with her. I know it sounds crazy, but you imagine you showing up with sh Devil on your arm and I kidnap the thing that she loves the most.

Her daughter. It can’t.

Why are you needing luck tonight? You getting cold feet, really cold sweats. I had a bad dream oh one. That’s making you nervous about your wedding. Let’s forget about it. Thanks for stopping by. Was Stephan in your dream? How’d you guess ? Well, When I walked through that door, I noticed guilt all over your face.

It’s not guilt. All right, well, are you afraid of getting caught? I mean, dreamer, no dream. What makes you think this stuff’s gonna find out what you did? I’m certainly not gonna tell it. Oh, don’t worry. I am reporting for standby duty ready to gag you at a moment’s notice, but only if you promise to do the same for.

deal. Look. Yeah. We’ve kept what we found out in. Jakarta to ourselves for this long, that’s gotta count for something, right? Does. But unlike you, I’m actually in the wedding. Yeah, I have to stand next to Gabby while my brother promises to love, honor, and cherish her. Knowing full well he broke that vow before he even got to the ceremony.

Part of me thinks the only way to keep this secret is to suddenly, you know, come down with something, skip the wedding altogether.

Wow. on my wedding day. No less. What I am. Your big. It is my job to ask the important questions. Is it also your job to be a buzzkill? Are, are you seriously questioning my feelings for Lee now? If you are head over heels when you say I do, then we’re all good. What do you mean if, well, I remember how head over heels you were for Stephan before he died.

Yeah. And that’s why I was so hurt when Stephan came back to town and started treating me like something on the bottom of his shoe. And I’m not saying that he and I would’ve gotten together. I mean, Lee and I were already in love, but there was never a choice for me to make. And, and with Stephan’s rejection, he’s obviously just proven to me that the what?

That even before he got shot, everything was a lie. And that he never really loved me.

I, uh, hope we’re past the hood. Do you really love portion of the wedding day? Does sound like a good idea for a game show though? Mm. Yeah. You know, you, you could be the dashing mc. Think of how many more weddings you could ruin . Wow. Don’t need to get snippy. Hmm. You know, being your big brother isn’t as easy as it looks, but you’re great.

Mm. Most of the time, I mean, you could level the playing field and start dating again. Then I could give you grief too. Well, I am actually enjoying my bachelor’s status. Mm. Are you? Mm-hmm. . Well, I happen to have detected a little something between you and Jada at Christmas. Hmm. That was either your imagination or the eggnog.

Well, you did drink a lot of it, so you must be right. Mm-hmm. Jada is a coworker and ze. And even if I had interest, which I don’t, HR has a huge book of rules about dating your subordinates. She’s off limits. Rules don’t apply when it comes to true love. Well, good thing it isn’t there. No, I know. I’m just saying, why don’t you invite her to the wedding?

I know you want to. Have you not listened to anything that I’ve just said? Well, you never listened to anything I say, so let’s just call it even. Hey, seriously, listen, I’m gonna invite her. If you don’t do it, I’m gonna do it. Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. . Jah. I didn’t hear you come in that much was obvious. I never see you anymore, so I just assume that you’ve been avoiding me.

I promise. No, no, that, that would be childish. Um, you’re just hoping that you would never run into me again.

Well, when I ran into Kristen and Rachel on Christmas, Rachel did happen to mention that her mom and Brady are not sleeping in the same room. So maybe things haven’t taken off yet, but it’s only a matter of time. But maybe that means that there’s still a chance for you and Brady sweetheart. Oh my God, mom, do you need to see an eye doctor or something?

Or are you just in some weird denial about how close Stephan and I have become when you saw it? Everything from the opera to Broadway and ice skating at 30 Rock and him taking us to the best restaurants in New York. We’ve had an amazing time. Okay. Okay. So you’re madly in love. I didn’t say that. So you’re not in love, mom.

What I’m saying is that we’re taking the time to make things right, but this is right. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. That fate has stepped in. I’m given Stephen and me another chance. No, I don’t think Stefan will find out. Well, what about your. dreams don’t always follow logic. I mean, that’s certainly true.

Oh, and I don’t, I don’t mean to put you on the spot on your wedding day. In fact, I should express my profound gratitude. See, thanks to you, Chloe is an afterthought to me and to Brady. I mean, , it’s a actually a relief. Why a relief? You were skeptical it would all work. All right. I confess when you told me about your sister going to Jakarta to look for Wolf, uh, I thought everything was gonna implode, but, uh, obviously Wendy and Johnny didn’t find out the truth.

I know why you’d assumed that giving my impending nuptials to Stephan’s ex in a few hours, but brace yourself.

Brace myself for what?

Johnny and Wendy know everything.

Hi. No, no, no, no, no. Not You are not calling Jada. Come. What? What are you gonna do? You’re gonna haul me to the police station on my wedding day. I will . I will. I’m not kidding. I will. It is not your place to invite Jada to your wedding as my date. Fine. Okay, fine. Just thought it’d be nice for you to have someone to talk to and it’d be nice to not spend my wedding day worried about my wallflower brother being bored.

Wow. That. Oh, would you look at that? I don’t have any more time to continue this conversation unfortunately, cuz I have to get to work party pooper. I meant what I said though about before, you know, I just want you to be happy. I know. And grief what you need to know is that that’s the reason I’m marrying Lee, cuz he makes me.

And why aren’t you as alarmed as I am? If Johnny and Wendy know our secret, they won’t default it to anyone I just talked to. Why won’t they diviv it? What did you ask them? Politely not. Because Wendy is my sister and she’s extremely loyal to me. Oh, and Johnny. Johnny has his own reasons for keeping quiet.

Ejs still grieving, and Johnny doesn’t wanna make things worse for him. Okay. Oh hell, you are right? I know. I am. Well, it’s been dodged now, I don’t know. Mm-hmm. It seems there’s a lot riding on those two kids. Stay in the course, and especially for you. Do you know me? I can handle that if it becomes public, but you, that is a different story.

I’m confident Johnny and Wendy will stay the course as you put it. Great. I hope your confidence is justified. See, at the wedding,

skip the wedding. You can’t be serious. W why not? , you and I could have some fun of our own . Yeah. Well, don’t you think that not showing up to the wedding would just raise even more questions? Yeah. Suppose it’s just look, the guilt. All right, I get it. Trust me. But you’ve gotta fight it. Okay,

I’ll try.

And now. It’s time for me to get over to Gabby’s. Just start with the maid of honor duty. Oh, that’ll be fun.

look. I’m sorry.

Hey, look, maybe, maybe the only way to justify keeping this secret is to realize that coming clean is just swapping out one form of guilt for another. Yeah, I know if I break my promise to my brother, I’ll ruin his life and you’ll have the rest of your life to live with it.

That was close. Are you okay?

I don’t blame Jada for being bitter, but we need to focus. Alright? As much as I’m not looking forward to this, I know what I need to do and I need to relieve John and my lady in front of the babysitting so they don’t realize what we’re doing. Okay? Let’s say wish me luck, but I think you’re gonna need it too.

Also, good luck to both of us. Alright.

Can we talk? I thought we just did. I mean, really talk.

I just want you to know that I haven’t been avoiding you. I just haven’t been staying here. Since you got outta jail, you heard I did. And I also heard that your lawyer is a, a full service attorney.

Look, I don’t care. You live your life. I’ll live mine, but I know why you got arrested and I’m not interested in being the reason why you’re spinning out.

I’m not spinning out and you’re not the reason why I got arrested the last few weeks that have been a, a struggle for me. But I would like to find a way to get past that and for us to be friends again. Do you think that’s possible? That’s how we started, isn’t it? I mean, we had enough in common to like each other.

Things have changed. Yeah, they have. You’re right. We’ll never see eye to eye in the pregnancy, but that wasn’t the real issue between us. No. Well, in your opinion, what was, was my getting involved with you? When I had unresolved feelings for Nicole, and I know she was with ra, and I just thought, what time that I could handle it and I didn’t.

And I’m sorry. I owe you an apology for not being honest with you or myself from the very beginning.

Thank you for saying that. And as far as us being friends, I, I’m gonna need some time. Okay. I can wait. Well, I’m, I’m glad we talked and, and I’m sorry for being so hard on you before.

Um, I gotta get to the station now. I’ll see you soon. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. And in the meantime, Try to stay outta jail, huh,

sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I’m, I’m really not trying to put you on the spot and yet that’s exactly what you’re doing. You know, I guess it’s just because it’s New Year’s Eve and I was thinking about my favorite. , which is Oh, when Harry met Sally. Oh, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. They’re on the outs and then while they decide to get back together.

Oh, in the cutest sexiest way. It’s just, and they live happily ever after. Mom, my life is not a. But sweetheart, it could be. I mean, think about it, you can, you could fly home to Salem and meet up with Brady just, just before the clock strikes 12 and oh, just think how romantic that would be. So when I miss.

You’re here . Hope I’m not late. Oh, you’re right on time. I’m so excited. This is gonna be so much fun. , I can’t breathe. I’m sorry. I’m just so excited, aren’t you? Yeah, no idea.

Anything new on that kidnapping case? Uh, not since we went over it together on Christmas morning, which reminds me, uh, it was very generous of you to give me a place to go that day. Well, I’m glad you came. Gabby likes you a lot. Oh, and I like her. She’s smart, funny, kinda like her big.

So today is the big day, right? Gabby’s New Year’s Eve wedding, it sounds like it’s gonna be a blast. Yeah, it’s gonna be great. , would you wanna come? You mean with you?

Hey, you did not miss a thing. Mom and I were just talking about New Year’s. Ah, speaking of which, Zbars was a mad house and it took longer to get the bagels than anticipated. So we’re not gonna have time to indulge if we’re gonna make our flight to Miami to celebrate. Okay, then let’s start packing. Let’s do it.

I’ll get in Harold.

Lee, if you’re, if you’re looking for my father, he is not around. Actually, I came to see you. I’m gonna see you tonight, but the wedding couldn’t wait. Unfortunately not, you see, I came to double check. There will still be a tonight at the wedding.

Yeah. Can you confirm that number with me one more time? Oh, oh my God. Let me call you back. I’m, I’m sorry. I got distracts distracted. I didn’t see. Okay. I was trying to make sure that Gabby and Lee’s wedding gift was delivered on time. Hey, it’s. Um, you can bump into me anytime,

Hey, uh, I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before, but you and I are gonna be leaving the townhouse at the same time for the wedding, and it’s kind of silly for us to go separately. Uh, excuse me. Are you asking me to go with you? Don’t you want to? Well, I do. I do. It’s just, I can’t figure out why you’re asking me.

What , I kind of wanted to beat you to the punch. Kristen, honestly figured with your access to the orchid, you would probably force me to go somehow. So I guess I just wanted to do it on my own terms. Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that. Hmm. Look, Kristen, do you want to go with me or not? . Very, very much. Okay, great.

We’ll go. Okay. We should bring Rachel. Oh, she would love to have an outing together with her family that I’m gonna give her a call.

Well, we could show up together. Sure. And what I meant when I asked you was, since you and Gabby hit it off. I thought if you wanted to go, you could, you know, you could be there. You could congratulate her in person. Thanks. But I’m, I’m not a party crasher. No, no, no, no, no. You, you wouldn’t be. There’s always room for one more besides I have an in with the bride, well, let me put it that way.

How could I say no? Okay.

The guy already gave you my reassurance that I’m not gonna tell anybody what you did to Stephan. Do you? You doubt my sincerity. When we first spoke, this knowledge was new to you as were your reasons for keeping silent. See, you’re concerned that what I, I changed my mind. I’m just covering my bases.

Simple as that. I, I have a promise from Wendy, and it would keep me from sweating for my tugs if I hide yours too. Yeah. You know, you’re a pretty crappy brother. Wendy’s tied up in knots because of her loyalty to you. How dare you speak to me that way. I’m a good brother to Wendy. Yeah. Yeah. Just like you’re gonna be a good husband to Gabby, right.

Starting off the marriage with a lie, which by the. They’ve got their way of coming to the surface, so you might as well just level with her. Now, take your chances. I can’t do that. Hey, it’s your call, but I have a feeling you’re gonna live to regret it.

Hey, we’ll see you tonight. Wendy and I just can’t wait.

now. This is how you get a wedding. De started.

What is it? I was just stinging.

About how incredibly happy you look. It’s because I am starting tonight. Your brother and I will finally be officially together, . Then I’m going to do my very best to help make this a day. You remember? The rest of your life.

Oh, well this has been great fun, but last we must say our goodbyes. Oh, how I wish you two could stay. We’ll be back soon. Yes. Thank you for putting us. Oh no. I should be thanking you for all the wonderful nights out on the town. No, what can I say? Just trying to impress my new girlfriend. Well, you definitely succeeded.

Um, I love you. Say goodbye to Mike. I must,

this is what I want. I’m over Brady. I really am if you say so.

I love you and I love you. Happy New Year. Be safe,

Chris. Christopher. Why not? Don’t think about it. Think. The wedding is at night. Mm-hmm. , it’s New Year’s Eve. The reception is probably gonna go to the wee hours in the morning. Oh, you know what? I hadn’t thought of that. Uh, yeah, I mean, it’s too late for Rachel. Oh, you’re right, you’re right. Okay. And dad, Marlena, they’re already set to babysitter and so we should just stick to that plan and maybe the two of us would have a little bit more fun alone anyway.

Huh? Maybe. We’ll, hm. So it’s just gonna be you and me. New me, shall we? Three Shall

mom. Hey, uh, listen, I know you and John, you’re watching Rachel tonight, but see, I don’t have any plans tonight and there’s no reason why you two should not be going out and having some fun. No, I, I mean it, I really like to watch Rachel . Of course. I will let Kristen and Brady know. Great. Alright. I can’t tell you how much I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my niece.

Love you too.

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Barbara B.

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I am a retired Librarian and a native New Yorker.  Daytime soaps have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve watched all of the ABC soaps at one time or another as well as many others.  I started watching The Young and the Restless several years ago, and I really enjoy it.

Among the things I like to do are walking, emailing with friends around the country, baking and art projects.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, 12/28/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Bill! Bill, oh, my god, thank god you’re here, you have to help tie– tie sheila up.

Finn: She was alive. We were right.

Bill: Yes, I know.

Brooke: I am trying not to be freaked out by it, but sheila is out there somewhere.

Taylor: Yeah, she is. You know what? I have a confession. I– I, um– I double check my locks every night.

Brooke: Me too.

Taylor: You know what? I– I don’t think she’d be stupid enough to come to one of our places. She’d be caught. She’d go to prison.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, that has to happen regardless. There is no way she’s going to avoid being put back behind bars this time.

Katie: Mm! Oh, my gosh. Wow. That’s embarrassing. I can’t even stay dry inside.

[ Laughing ]

Carter: Thunder makes you jumpy, huh?

Katie: Uh, not usually. I guess I’m just a little bit more on the edge these days because of sheila. I’m glad that, uh, I came back here, the rain led us back here, and that I’m with you because I don’t think I would want to be alone in my house on a night like tonight.

Carter: Especially since– hey, sheila broke into your place before, huh?

Katie: Yes. Yes, she did. Which makes it official. I’m never going back there ever again.

Carter: Well, don’t worry. You got me. Not that you need protection.

Katie: Well, anyone would feel extra safe around you.

Brooke: You know, if sheila was going to make an appearance, I think it would have been on christmas. She was so moved last year when I convinced steffy to invite her. I was kind of surprised that she didn’t show up. Oh, thank god she didn’T. So how was your christmas? Over at steffy’s?

Taylor: It was wonderful. Steffy just wanted to do something very low-key, it was, you know, steffy, finn, li was there. Hayes. It was beautiful.

Brooke: Good.

Taylor: Yeah. How about you? Was eric and donna’s party good?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. It was festive, as usual.

Taylor: Good. And how is eric? Was he– was he sad that ridge couldn’t make it?

Brooke: Uh, well, ridge showed up.

Taylor: What? You saw ridge on christmas?

Carter: Aw. That was sweet of will, checking in on his mom after reading about the storm.

Katie: Yeah. I have a feeling his friends are posting updates that make it seem a little bit worse than what it is.

[ Thunder crashing ] Oh! Gosh!

Carter: Worse than it is?

Katie: Yeah. Speaking of sweet, it was really nice of you to chat with him like that. I think he spoke with you, actually, longer than he spoke with me.

Carter: It’s not my fault we listen to the same podcast and you don’T.

Katie: That’s a fair point. Seriously, you’re– you’re really good with him. I can tell you’d be a great dad. You’re patient, and you’re caring, and understanding, and those are all essential parenting skills.

Steffy: Bill, what’s wrong with you?

Bill: Nothing.

Steffy: Help us.

Bill: There’s no reason to tie sheila up.

Finn: Well, I’m not holding on to her until the police get here.

Steffy: Yeah, we haven’t been able to call the police–

Bill: No one is calling the police. Sheila deserves a second chance.

Carter: Have you talked to bill since I picked you up the other night?

Katie: Oh, no, I haven’T. I feel– I feel bad. I probably should check in, but he’s just been so out of sorts lately. He’s wearing his sword necklace. He says he has to wear it to protect himself and I just– I just can’t, you know? I can’t save him from himself. It’s just– it’s too much. You want to know what else is too much? Me going on and on and on about bill. It’s your fault. It’s your fault because–

Carter: It’s my fault?

Katie: Yes, you’re– you’re too good a listener. But I’m sure you didn’t invite me to dinner so that I could rattle on about my ex.

Carter: No, I had other motives. One in particular.

Katie: Oh?

Carter: I got something for you.

Katie: What?

Carter: I wanted to give it to you the other day at eric’s, but I wanted to wait until we were alone.

Katie: Carter…

Carter: Belated merry christmas, katie.

Taylor: Hold on a second. Hold on. You were with ridge on christmas?

Brooke: Yes, but no. No. I mean, I wasn’t with him with him. I’m holding true to our pact, taylor. Seriously.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: I am not going to cave.

Taylor: Hmm.

Brooke: I’m not. Honestly. At this point in my life, I don’t feel like I need a relationship.

[ Sighs ]

Taylor: God, I– I am so proud of you.

Brooke: Really?

Taylor: I– I’m proud of us.

[ Thunder clapping ]

Steffy: Second chance? Her?

Bill: We all make mistakes. We all have moments where we need some… some understanding and a little– little leniency.

Steffy: You know what she’s done?

Sheila: Yes, he does. He knows everything.

Steffy: What is– what is going on with you two?

Bill: Sheila’s become a part of my life.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Okay, enough of this. Okay? We’re calling the police. Now.

Bill: No one’s calling the police. And you won’t be pressing charges.

Finn: Are you insane? Of course we are, she nearly murdered us.

Bill: She’s your mother.

Sheila: You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself knowing that you put your own mother behind bars.

Finn: Shooting us and leaving us for dead? I’m pretty sure you put yourself there.

Sheila: That was a terrible, terrible accident.

Finn: Okay, stop it!

Steffy: You walked away from us. You pretended like it was a robbery. You call that an accident? I can’t believe you’re trying to give her a second chance. You’re defending her?

Bill: I am. Because nobody else will. And I understand what that feels like.

Sheila: We both know what it’s like to get that door slammed in your face over and over again, being told that you’re– you’re cruel, you’re untrustworthy, you’re not worth fighting for. Katie turned her back on bill. And brooke did, too. And that was just so wrong.

Bill: Despite all my efforts to… to be a better man, to prove myself worthy… neither one of them wants anything to do with me. They’re not the only ones. It started with you, steffy. So nobody cares about me. Nobody gives a damn whether or not I live or die.

Bill: This woman knows all about that.

Finn: Okay, but you– you helped my mom rescue me from her. You helped steffy and I reunite. You flew me on your plane to monte carlo. How did you go from that to whatever the hell this is?

Bill: What the hell this is, is me making sure that sheila remains free. Sweet pillows of softness!

[ Sighs ]

Brooke: When I think of all the times that I’ve been let down by ridge through the years…

Taylor: Oh, god. Time and time again.

Brooke: I guess you just grow accustomed to it. You know, at least I did.

Taylor: Me too.

Brooke: But you know what?

Taylor: Hmm?

Brooke: I really do like this new perspective. I like this new version of me.

Taylor: I do, too. You know, I think we’re on to something here, brooke. Seeing the world in a whole new way.

Brooke: Yes, we are.

Katie: Wow, it’s, um… it’s beautiful.

Carter: I couldn’t resist, you know? Knowing your situation and considering you have the strongest, most caring heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

Katie: I love it. Truly, I do. It’s so pretty.

Katie: How does it look?

Carter: Beautiful.

Steffy: Bill, what does sheila have on you?

Bill: I was alone for so long.

[Thunder cracks]

Bill: Did anyone care? Anyone at all?

Steffy: Bill, you lost your mind.

Bill: I have tried, steffy. I tried so hard to be good to you. To brooke. To katie. And none of you wants anything to do with me and– I can’t blame you. I have caused so much pain, right? Tears? I’ve lied. I have cheated. I’ve stabbed people in the back. I’ve caused so much hurt over the years.

Sheila: But– but who’S… who’s that one person? That isn’t ever going to blink an eye at the worst of the worst choices that you’ve made?

Bill: I’m moving on. I’m moving on with someone that I can’t hurt.

Steffy: Ugh. I don’t know what kind of sick, twisted relationship is developing here. And honestly, I don’t care. I don’T. Move on. Be with her, if that’s what you want. But know there will be bars between you because this woman is going to jail.

Bill: No, she’s not. You’re not going to allow it. I absolutely will. This woman traumatized my family. She targeted my mother and my grandmother. The crazy bitch tried to kill me. So I don’t give a damn what you say. This woman is going to jail. I am pressing charges and she’s going to suffer in there for the rest of her life. As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

Katie: Thank you. I love it.

Carter: Good. Now there’s one more thing I owe you.

Katie: What?

Carter: I promised you a slow dance.

Taylor: You know, I wish stephanie were alive and she could hear you say, “I don’t need a man.”

[ Laughing ]

Brooke: Oh, gosh. I-I- don’t think she would believe it.

Taylor: No.

Brooke: And I don’t think she’d believe this. You and I bonding, coming to this realization at the same time.

Taylor: The realization that we have to love ourselves first. First and foremost, that’s the most important thing.

Brooke: It’s such an invaluable lesson. And I’m so glad that our girls got to see that. I mean, all those years of crying over ridge, what kind of an example were we then?

Taylor: Not a very good one.

Brooke: No.

Taylor: No.

Brooke: But we’re moving forward.

[ Laughing ]

Taylor: Yes. Yes, we are.

Brooke: And, uh, I’m just happy to be able to call you a friend. I mean, I can call you a friend, right?

Taylor: Yes. Come here.

Brooke: Oh, taylor. I just never thought I’d feel so good to be in your arms.

Taylor: Yeah, it feels really good to be in your arms, too.

[ Thunder cracks ]

Steffy: Bill, you’ve– you’ve clearly gone to a very, very dark place. You’re lonely. You’re hurt. But convincing yourself to take pity on this woman. No amount of loneliness can justify this. You know what she’s done. She shot her own son. He has a scar for the rest of his life. It is a reminder of her violence. You! You shot your own son. There’s no way we’re not going to the police.

Sheila: Turn.

Finn: Wait, what are you doing?

Sheila: Oh, my. Oh, my, looks like a gunshot wound, doesn’t it?

Finn: A– a what?

Sheila: You two aren’t the only ones who’ve been shot.

Steffy: You wouldn’T.

Sheila: He would.

Steffy: She knows?

Sheila: I know.

Finn: Steffy, what are they talking about?

Steffy: You wouldn’t dare.

Bill: Your mother shot me and I’ve kept it quiet all these years. You go to the police… I go to the police.

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Days Update Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina exchange Christmas gifts at home. Abe got Paulina a bracelet while she got him cuff links. Paulina grabs her phone and complains that she keeps thinking about Sloan Peterson. Abe encourages that Chanel is free of all charges in Sloan’s mother’s death, so they are both free. Paulina says she couldn’t be more grateful that Chanel is home, but she can’t help feeling like this is a long way from being over. The doorbell then rings and startles Paulina.

Stephanie and Alex kiss on the couch and start to undress until Alex stops and asks if she’s sure she’s ready to take the next step. Stephanie reminds him that they would’ve taken to the bedroom last time if Paulina hadn’t called, but now her phone is on do not disturb and so is she. Stephanie assures that she’s definitely ready and asks if he is.

Will arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to surprise Sonny for Christmas, but is shocked to find Sonny shirtless with Leo Stark in the room. Sonny questions Will being there. Will remarks that it looks like he wasn’t expecting him. Sonny responds that he thought he was staying in LA. Leo talks about California but Sonny tells him to shut up. Sonny asks Will why he didn’t tell him that he was coming. Will responds that he wanted to surprise him, but didn’t expect to be surprised himself. Will adds that maybe a more accurate word would be horrified.

Xander and Sarah go in to a waiting room at the hospital after finishing the Christmas party for the kids. Sarah comments on Xander being a huge hit with the kids as Santa. Xander says he was glad to put smiles on their faces, especially since they have to spend Christmas in a hospital. Xander plays Santa again and gives Sarah one more Christmas present.

Bonnie sees the folder that Gwen gave Justin and notices that “Rednax” is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a funny coincidence. Justin responds that he doesn’t think it’s funny at all.

Sarah opens her Christmas present which is tickets to Greece. Xander tells her that recruiting Gwen to help him pick out a gift was a bad idea, so he hoped he could redeem himself and they could enjoy the honeymoon that they never got to have. Sarah calls it incredible but questions how he will pay for it. Xander says he always finds a way and reveals that he already talked to Kayla about getting Sarah the week off because he wanted it to be a surprise. Xander notes that Sarah seemed a bit distant today and asks what it is. Sarah responds that she was wondering why he didn’t tell her that Bonnie had accused him of being the clown that kidnapped her.

Justin questions how he never noticed that Rednax was Xander spelled backwards. Bonnie says he’s had a lot going on. Justin argues that this means there is no Rednax and that Xander must have made it up. Bonnie asks why he would do that. Justin turns to Gwen and asks if she has any ideas.

Sonny repeats that he thought Will was staying in LA. Will responds that the studio wanted him to, but he hated the thought of being away from Sonny on Christmas, so he told them that he would work from Salem and do zoom calls, then hopped on a Christmas red eye flight and got here as quick as he could because he kept picturing Sonny alone on Christmas. Leo points out that just a few days ago, he was picturing both of them alone and now they ended up both not alone. Sonny tells Leo that he’s not helping. Will remarks that it’s also not helping that Sonny has his shirt off. Sonny puts on the shirt that Leo got him and says he can explain, so Will says he’s waiting.

Paulina worries that Sloan is at the door to exact her revenge. Abe tells her that they don’t know who it is and encourages her to relax. Paulina doesn’t know why Sloan has her so on edge. Abe assures that he will take care of it. Abe answers the door and it’s Eli with the twins, surprising Abe and Paulina.

Alex tells Stephanie that this is a bit new for him as he got used to being the guy rushing in and sweeping a woman off her feet, but from the moment he met her, she knocked him off his feet. Stephanie asks if that means he’s ready. Alex confirms that he is, so they start to head to her bedroom. Stephanie stops again to ask if Alex has protection. Alex says he didn’t come here expecting this, so he’ll run to the store and be right back. Alex kisses her and says he’ll be back in 10 minutes as he rushes out.

Paulina tells Eli how good it is to see him and that she’s so happy he’s there as well as the twins.

Xander tells Sarah that he didn’t tell her about Bonnie’s crazy theory because it was just a crazy theory. Sarah talks about Bonnie didn’t think it was crazy and how the clown knew her daughter. Xander says a google search would reveal that. Xander thought they moved past this and asks what happened.

Justin asks Gwen about doing research on Rednax for an article for the Spectator. Gwen says everything seemed to check out. Bonnie questions her having no idea that the company was fake. Gwen claims that there was a website and when she called the number, somebody picked up. Justin mentions being to the website too and it looks real, only there are no employee names including the CEO. Gwen calls that strange. Justin says it is, especially since Gwen gave him the name of Maeve Wilson and asks where she found that. Gwen claims she doesn’t remember and says it must have been a public record or that Xander told her. Justin doesn’t think any of that is true. Justin doesn’t think there is a Maeve Wilson and believes that Gwen made it all up to protect Xander.

Sonny says he understands Will is upset. Will questions why he would be upset over coming home to spend Christmas with his husband, only to find him half naked with Leo. Sonny explains that Leo gave him the shirt as a gift, so he was just trying it on. Leo comments on the shirt fitting Sonny good but Sonny and Will both tell him to shut up. Will tells Sonny to make this make sense. Will questions why Leo is giving Sonny a Christmas present and why he is wearing pajamas. Will adds that if he didn’t know better, he’d think Leo spent the night. Sonny then admits that he did.

Stephanie waits for Alex to return, but instead Chad shows up at her door. Chad says she looks flushed and asks if she’s okay. Stephanie says she is and was just cleaning up. Stephanie admits she thought he was Alex. Chad asks if he’s coming over. Stephanie explains that he was already there but stepped out to run an errand. Chad apologizes for not calling first but Stephanie says it’s fine and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Chad gives her a present from Thomas and Charlotte as they wanted to make sure their mom’s cousin got something. Stephanie guesses it’s an Olivia Rodrigo CD from when she helped Charlotte through her nightmares. Stephanie says now she just needs to get a CD player and says to thank the kids for her. Chad wishes her a Merry Christmas. Stephanie acknowledges that today must be so hard for him. Chad admits that it is, but most days are. Stephanie asks how the kids are holding up. Chad thinks they are better than he is. Chad says when the kids saw the presents under the tree, it made him forget for a second that Abigail wasn’t there to share it. Chad says that Abigail was always really good at making the day perfect for them. Stephanie is sure he did that for Thomas and Charlotte too. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry and hugs Chad right as Alex returns.

Sarah tells Xander that she did apologize for accusing him of being the clown that kidnapped Bonnie. Xander points out that now it feels like she’s accusing him again. Sarah says she’s sorry and that Bonnie just got in her head. Xander reminds her that Bonnie was seeing clowns everywhere. Sarah admits that Bonnie is suffering from very serious PTSD and she shouldn’t let her get to her. Sarah apologizes again for doubting Xander since she knows how hard he’s worked to become a better man. Sarah declares that he’s been honest with her and she knows he wouldn’t lie to her as she hugs him. Sarah then suggests they go back to their motel so she can give him his Christmas present. They kiss and then Sarah exits to go change out of her costume.

Gwen admits to Justin and Bonnie that Xander did lie about the job. Justin asks if Rednax is not real. Gwen confirms that it is not, that she made the website, and forged his unemployment contract. Justin realizes that’s why Xander was so against him filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Bonnie questions the whole thing being a cover. Justin asks why she went through all of this. Gwen responds that Xander did this because he was ashamed to let Sarah know that he didn’t have a job. Gwen says she’s sorry but she was just helping a friend and took it a bit too far.

Will tells Sonny that this must be a nightmare. Sonny asks Leo to give them a second. Leo responds that he’ll go change out of his pajamas and give them a chance to catch up. Leo tells Will to try to find some Christmas spirit while he’s gone. After Leo exits, Will tells Sonny to start talking.

Xander changes out of his Santa suit and gets a call from Gwen. Xander answers and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Gwen says she hates to bring him coal on Christmas and says it seems he might end up on the naughty list. Gwen asks if he’s done playing Father Christmas. Xander confirms he is and asks what’s going on. Gwen says they have to figure this out and asks where he’s at. Xander tells her he’s at the hospital but they can meet at the park in ten minutes. Xander asks if he should be worried. Gwen says she’ll see him in ten minutes and hangs up. Xander exits the room and then Sarah comes back around the corner.

Paulina gives Jules and Carver toys as presents for their birthday and says she always keeps toys ready to spoil her grandbabies. Paulina says nothing gives her more joy than seeing their smiles, especially after the month her family had. Paulina wishes the twins a happy birthday. Abe wishes Lani was here to see this.

Chad apologizes to Alex and mentions that Stephanie had said he just went out to get something which Alex confirms. Stephanie covers by saying he went to get candy canes because she was craving them. Alex asks if Chad is alright. Chad claims he’s good and asks to use the restroom to splash water on his face before picking up the kids. Alex then asks Stephanie what he missed.

Sonny explains to Will that it was really sad that Leo had no place to go for Christmas, so he invited him over for dinner and a place to stay. Will questions why Sonny cared if Leo had no place to go since he can’t stand the guy. Sonny argues that it’s Christmas. Will argues that there are limits. Will brings up that Leo put Sonny through Hell, drugged him, and took pictures of him in bed and now he’s trying a new angle to get him to trust him. Sonny insists that Leo is not working an angle. Will asks how he knows that. Will complains that he flew through a blizzard to get here and instead of holding each other and enjoying their holiday, they are fighting because of Leo. Sonny argues that they are fighting because Will isn’t even trying to understand him. Will shouts that what he understands is that Leo is always trying to get between them and that’s what he is doing now. Will doesn’t understand why Sonny doesn’t see that.

Justin and Bonnie sit together in the town square. Bonnie has a drink and says she knows it’s early but jokes that she will need it to get through Christmas dinner with Victor. Bonnie notes that Justin is distracted. Justin says he can’t stop thinking about the story Gwen told them and says it seems like a lot of trouble to go through. Justin points out that Sarah knows who Xander is and married him anyway. Bonnie admits that she doesn’t buy it either. Bonnie says there’s a lot more to it than Gwen is letting on and she thinks she knows where it is.

Xander meets Gwen in the park. Gwen informs him that Bonnie and Justin came to see her and that Bonnie figured out “Rednax” was just Xander spelled backwards. Xander asks what she said. Gwen says she covered for him as best she could and said Xander made up the company because he didn’t want Sarah to know that he didn’t have a job. Xander thanks her but notes that if Justin doesn’t believe her, he won’t let this go. Xander wonders about Justin saying something to Sarah since she still has her suspicions and doubts. Xander then worries about Sarah finding out what he did to Susan and Bonnie. Sarah then appears behind him and announces that she already knows.

Stephanie explains to Alex that Chad came over to give her a gift from the kids and they started talking about Christmas and Abigail. Alex understands the holidays are rough when you lose someone you love. Alex declares that they obviously can’t throw Chad back out in the cold if he’s hurting that bad. Chad comes back in to the room and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Alex stops him and invites him to stick around for a bit but Chad doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Chad tells him about the racing video game that they have been playing and asks Chad to help him figure out how to beat Stephanie. Chad then agrees to stay but jokes that he’s probably going to beat him even worse than Stephanie does.

Paulina finishes a call with Chanel, saying she will see her soon and she loves her. Eli asks how Chanel is. Paulina responds that she’s free. Paulina mentions that Chanel and Allie are at Marlena’s but they will be over soon as they have birthday presents for the twins. Eli jokes that he should’ve brought a trailer just for the gifts. Paulina hopes Eli plans to take the twins to see their other grandmother too. Eli confesses that he took them to see Julie last night. Paulina questions him not coming to her first but then decides he’s here now and that’s all that matters. Abe then asks Eli how Lani is. Eli responds that she’s strong but he knows it’s killing her to not be with family for Christmas. Abe hopes that next year she will be out and they will all be together. Eli says at least Paulina and Chanel aren’t locked up for the holidays as well. Eli asks if that whole nightmare is over. With no response, Eli asks what he’s missing. Abe informs Eli that Sloan has been making threats against Paulina and Chanel. Eli offers to go let Sloan to know whose family she’s messing with.

Sonny doesn’t think Will understands how hard it is for him when he’s gone. Sonny assures that he’d rather spend time with Will than Leo, but Will wasn’t here. Will thought they both agreed that he couldn’t miss out on this opportunity in LA. Sonny stands by that and says he’s so proud of him. Sonny apologizes for not telling Will about this sooner but says it just kind of happened. Will asks what kind of happened. Sonny responds that he and Leo just started hanging out and it wasn’t planned, but they just kept running into each other and they talked about a lot. Sonny thinks he’s come to understand Leo a bit better. Sonny knows Leo comes off as an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Sonny states that Leo has had a really hard life and has made a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying to be a better guy. Will knows Sonny tries to see the best in everyone, but says sometimes you have to see reality. Will declares that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and didn’t suddenly leave Leo a conscience under the tree. Sonny argues that Will always sees the worst in people and complains that when Will walked in, the first thing he thought was that he was cheating on him. Will argues that Sonny did the same thing when he found him in Phoenix with Leo. Sonny shouts that he had reason to think that since Will had already cheated on him once.

Bonnie tells Justin that Gwen’s a good liar, but she doesn’t buy that she went through all that trouble just to make Xander look good to his wife. Justin agrees, so Bonnie thinks Rednax must be a cover for something else. Justin wonders what Xander’s secret is. Bonnie informs Justin that she believes Gwen and Xander are having an affair.

Xander questions what Sarah is doing here. Sarah reveals that she overheard him on the phone, saying he was going to meet Gwen in the park, so she followed him. Xander asks her to let him explain. Sarah tells him to go ahead and start with how he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan or how he lied to her over and over again or how he’s been sneaking around behind her back with Gwen. Xander calls Gwen just a friend. Sarah calls her a friend that helps him lie to his wife and commit felonies. Gwen tries to speak but Sarah tells her to shut her mouth as this is between her and her husband. Xander says this isn’t Gwen’s fault. Sarah questions if he’s seriously defending Gwen right now. Sarah then asks if Gwen put Xander up to this. Sarah asks if Ava recruited Gwen to get Xander to do her dirty work. Xander says that’s not how it happened. Sarah then demands he tell her how it happened and to tell her the truth for the first time in forever.

Paulina tells Eli that he’s not going anywhere. Eli argues that Sloan doesn’t get to push her around. Paulina appreciates him wanting to defend his family but she doesn’t want him going anywhere near Sloan. Abe agrees and points out that everybody is safe, so they don’t want any more trouble than there already is. Eli asks if they are sure they don’t need him. Paulina assures that they need Eli to be a husband to Lani and a father to their grandbabies. Paulina suggests making it a party for the grandbabies’ birthday, so Eli agrees to stay.

Justin questions Bonnie thinking that Xander is sleeping with Gwen behind Sarah’s back. Bonnie responds that in her experience, when a man lies, it’s usually about his pay check or his love life and she thinks Xander is lying about both. Justin hopes that’s not true. Bonnie points out that Rednax is a fake company but Gwen is a real person and she sees the way Gwen looks at Xander. Justin acknowledges that Gwen does seem to still be enamored with Xander. Bonnie suggests that while Xander was telling Sarah that he was going to work at Rednax, he was going to play with Gwen.

Xander explains to Sarah that Ava overheard that he was desperate for cash and he wanted to prove to Sarah that he wasn’t a loser who couldn’t pay his rent. Sarah yells at him to stop and not to make this about her. Sarah asks if Rednax is even real. Xander admits that it’s not. Sarah questions if Ava was his boss all along. Xander confirms that she was. Sarah then asks what Ava hired him to do. Xander reveals that the plan was to kidnap Susan for a simple transaction of EJ paying up and then Susan is free, but there was a complication when Bonnie found Susan, so he panicked and didn’t know what to do. Xander says when he came to his senses, he let them go and Ava swore to him that Susan wasn’t going to get hurt. Sarah points out that Susan went off of a cliff and died in a fiery car crash. Xander says he feels horrible about that but he let Susan go and couldn’t have known that she would get in between EJ and Ava. Sarah argues that if Xander hadn’t kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive, so her blood is on his hands. Xander tries to say he didn’t mean to but Sarah states that he did it. Sarah declares that Susan is dead and Bonnie is traumatized while Xander lied to her, so everything she thought they had between them is a lie too.

Will can’t believe Sonny would bring up the time he cheated on him. Sonny argues that it wasn’t just a time. Will thought they got past that and it wasn’t an issue for them anymore. Sonny apologizes and complains that Will is accusing him of cheating on him with Leo when clearly Leo is just a lonely guy on Christmas who he’s trying to be a friend to. Will decides that he believes Sonny is just being a good person and nothing is going on with he and Leo. Sonny asks Will to promise that he trusts him as he would never do anything to hurt him or their relationship because he loves him so much. Will responds that he trusts him. Leo opens the door and listens in. Sonny tells Will that he doesn’t want to fight with the man he loves on Christmas or any day. Sonny cries that he’s so glad to see Will and that he’s home. Will says he is too but declares that now that he is home, Leo has to go.

Chad and Alex play the racing video game against each other. Stephanie brings them snacks and watches with a smile.

Paulina, Abe, and Eli sing happy birthday to Jules and Carver. Eli knows their wish for Christmas and their birthday is for their mom to be home. Paulina says that’s what they all wish and pray for.

Leo comes back in and says it’s okay as he’s not one to overstay his welcome. Leo mentions that he’ll be going to the soup kitchen. Leo thanks Sonny for his kindness and generosity. Leo wishes them a Merry Christmas and goes to leave but Sonny stops him and declares that he’s not kicking him out. Will argues that Sonny can’t be seriously falling for Leo’s sad act. Sonny knows he’s playing it up a bit but he invited Leo to stay, so he’s not going to throw him out. Will then declares that if Leo’s not leaving, he will. Sonny says he can’t be serious but Will then walks out.

Bonnie tells Justin that she hates to gossip about Xander after he saved her from the clown, but says it’s obvious to her that Xander and Gwen share a deep dark secret. Justin finds it hard to believe that after all they’ve been through, that Xander would betray Sarah that way. Bonnie asks if he really doesn’t think Xander and Gwen are doing the deed. Justin states that whatever they are keeping from them, he’s worried it’s even worse than an affair.

Xander pleads with Sarah to go on their trip together so they can figure this whole thing out but Sarah refuses to go anywhere with him. Sarah declares that she never wants to see him again. Sarah gives him the trip tickets back and tells him to take Gwen to Greece because they deserve each other. Sarah then storms off.

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GH Short Recaps Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn tells Maxie she came to the hospital because she has a headache, a stomachache and can’t sleep. Maxie makes Brook Lynn realize that she isn’t sick…she is in love with Chase and feeling sad because she broke up with him. Maxie advises Brook Lynn to work to get Chase back because he loves her too. Sasha and Chase talk and Chase tells Sasha that his relationship with Brook Lynn only have a professional relationship not a romantic relationship. Sasha tells Chase she hopes that he and Brook Lynn can work things out because she can see Brook Lynn makes him happy

Gladys owes Selina Wu money because she lost a poker game and Ms. Wu wants her money now. Gladys gives Ms. Wu some expensive earrings that she is wearing to cover part of the debt that she owes MS Wu. MS Wu also gives Gladys’s credit for the next poker game. Gladys considers using Sasha’s money to pay the debt she owes, as well as, using the money to play in the next poker game.

Wiley has a temper tantrum because Michael and Willow have to go to the doctor and can’t take him sledding. Michael puts Wiley in a time out for thirty minutes and Drew and Carly arrive to babysit Wiley.

Drew asks Carly to help him look through some pictures of some men named Josiah to see if one of them could be the Josiah that was the leader of the commune where Willow grew up. Carly compares pictures of a young Josiah to pictures of some men named Josiah and finds the man she thinks could be the former commune leader. Carly lies to Drew and tells him that none of r pictures look like they could be the former commune leader. Drew calls the reporter that has been helping him look for Willie’s parents and tells him to interview all the men named Josiah he found and not stop until he finds the former commune leader.

Cody comes clean to Britt and tells her that he blackmailed Spinelli to match them because he wanted to get close to her because he thought Faison had stolen the necklace from his father Leopold Taub. Cody tells Britt that once he got to know her he knew he liked spending time with her. Cody asks Britt for another chance to show her they could be good together. Britt cries and tells Cody it means a lot that he told her the truth, but it is too late for them to have a second chance at a relationship. Cody assumes that it is because he has made too many mistakes for Britt to give him a second chance.

Britt meets with Selina Wu who gives her papers with a new identity in exchange for promising never to see Brad again. Sonny and Dex meet with Mr. Hume who represents Pikeman Security Group. Mr. Hume gives Sonny a briefcase full of money, and Sonny agrees to allow Pikeman Security Group to move their guns through Port Charles. Dex later tells Sonny that he has heard of Pikeman Security Group and the group is very dangerous. Sonny, appreciates Dex’s warning and tells him he intends to watch Pikeman Security Group closely and everything will be fine.

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Y&R Short Recaps Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Christine sees a post on Danny’s social media that Danny is in Genoa City to spend the holidays with his family. Christine remembers the good and bad times of her marriage to Danny while the audience sees flashbacks of the best and worst of their relationship.

Daniel finally tells Danny and Phyllis that his relationship with Heather ended because his art career stalled, and her law career was on the rise. Daniel explains to his parents that he felt jealous that Heather’s career was doing well and his was not and that led to the end of his relationship with Heather.

Lucy decided to go to boarding school near Heather’s new job in Europe and they are both happy. Daniel explains to his parents that he hit rock bottom and creating this video game gave him a sense of purpose. Danny agrees to provide the music for the video game. Phyllis agrees to take the job running the day-to-day operations of Daniel’s video game company.

Abby is sad because she received the divorce papers for her to sign which will put an end to her marriage.

Chance has his first visit with Dominic at Seconds place while Devon is doing errands.

Billy and Chelsea work on Connors school project of an egg drop device.

Victor tells Adam that he wants him to go back to go to work at Newman Enterprises, but Adam tells Victor that he will never be respected or appreciated by him as much as he respects and appreciates Nick and Victoria. Adam thinks that Connor shouldn’t spend so much time with Chelsea until she gets better. Adam tells Victor that Chelsea and Connor spending time together is good for both of them and he won’t do anything to damage that relationship.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Victoria about how well Christian did with his older cousins at the Christmas Day gathering and how he was exhausted from all the activity. He also gives props to Victoria for dealing so well with the situation involving Johnny finding out that Chelsea is his bio mom.

Victor lets Nick and Victoria know that he had a conversation with Adam earlier that day, which did not go well because Adam has no desire to return to the family company. Nick says that Adam will never change to which Victor replies that this is coming from someone who is competing with his brother       romance. He adds that Nick needs to stop cavorting around with Sally Spectra. Nick becomes frustrated, tells Victor that if this type of talk continues, he won’t like how things will be between them, and leaves.

Afterward, Victor lets Victoria know that he thinks she’s doing a fantastic job running Newman Enterprises.  He adds that he wants her to learn how to take a step back, take a deep breath

At Crimson Lights, Sally is sipping tea and flashing back to her date with Nick when they sat on the park bench and she started feeling nauseous. Adam comes into the coffeehouse, sees her and saunters over. He notices that she is drinking herbal tea and asks since when does she drink that because she has triple espresso for her afternoon pick-me-up. Adam notices that there’s something off about Sally so he asks her what’s wrong.

After a short while, Chloe comes into the coffeehouse for a business meeting with Sally so Adam excuses himself and gets a coffee to go. Like Adam had, Chloe notices that Sally is drinking herbal tea and wonders why.

Chloe is eating a huge cinnamon roll and when she offers to share it, Sally says no, that she’s fine with just the tea. She also mentions that the aroma is bothering her.

The women get down to work, preparing their business proposal for Chancellor-Winters.

At Society, Summer and Phyllis talk about the latest happenings in their lives.  Phyllis tells Summer that Danny is in town and Summer excitedly says she hopes he’ll have time for a visit with her. When Phyllis mentions to Summer that Daniel has offered her a job with his gaming platform,  mentions that Daniel has offered her a job with his gaming platform for Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis tells her that she has been hoping that Summer would change her mind about firing her and rescind the notice of termination.

Summer says that Daniel’s job offer is a perfect fit for Phyllis and is great, but Phyllis lets her know that she was hoping that she would change her mind about firing her and rescind the notice of termination. Since this isn’t going to happen, Phyllis tears up and gets weepy, telling Summer that she has lost her daughter. Summer tries to assure Phyllis that this is far from the case, but Phyllis isn’t having it. She gets up and leaves the restaurant.

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Diane that she shouldn’t have left the cabin and returned to Genoa City with Kyle, Summer and Harrison. This doesn’t matter to Diane as she says that they must stop Jeremy. Trying to assuage Jack’s concerns, Diane tells him that she got away from Jeremy once before and she can do it again. She wants to set a trap for Jeremy to get rid of him.

In his suite, Jeremy looks at the briefcase full of cash, picks up a roll, and flips through it. His phone rings and it’s Diane. She tells him that she wants to talk with him, but not on the phone. She wants to meet with him in person.

Victor asks Victoria if she is stll trying to acquire Chancellor-Winters. Victoria tells him that she lost her inside source of information about the company, and she has lost leverage.

At Society, Nick sits down at the bar with Adam. Nick gives props to Adam for doing such a good job at Newman Media and laying down a solid foundation for Sally there.

Over at Crimson Lights, Sally apolgizes to Chloe about having left abruptly to use the bathroom. Chloe asks Sally if she could be … and does not complete her sentence. Knowing what Chloe is implying, Sally says it’s not possible.

When Sally returns to her suite, continuing to feel sick, she looks at the calendar on the phone There’s a knock on the door and it’s Nick arriving for their date. He mentions that they’re supposed to have drinks and she cancels, saying she’s feeling under the weather.

At Society, Jeremy is waiting for Diane at a table, doing something on his phone. Diane shows up and he is happy to see her. She tells him she wants to broker a truce, something to settle her debt and wipe the slate clean. Jeremy asks what she has in mind, as Jack lurks in a corner in the hallway leading to the restaurant’s kitchen.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, December 27, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I-I have a lot on my mind. Okay, well, I got plenty of time here, so what’s on your mind? This is probably a stupid question, but…

two happenecarly. Hey. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. So, what’s in the box? Hopefully the answers to finding willow’s birth parents.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Willow, you okay? Sure you got enough to eat?

[ Sighs ] Does it matter? It’s not like it’s going to stay down. If you’re here to lobby for an invite to my party… I’m not. I’m not. Britt, I haven’t been honest with you, and I intend to fix that right now. Oh, is that the blq that saved christmas? Don’t hug me. I’m sick. Oh, no. With what? The flu? Bronchitis? Strep? My kids have had everything. I don’t know. But I feel like hell. Zero energy, and I can’t sleep. I have this huge headache. Hoping a doctor can prescribe something to get rid of it. What time’s your appointment? Not soon enough. Okay, well, I can wait with you. It’s the least I can do since you got me to georgie in time for christmas. With a major assist from your ex. You can say his name, you know. I’m fine. Really? Yeah. I mean, you know, breakups are hard, especially during the holidays. But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?

[ Cellphone chimes ] I’m telling you, when that engine came to life, it was like an actual christmas miracle. And then the fact that britt used it to get to the quartermaines’ to deliver a baby?! Brando would be so proud. I know. He would be so thrilled to know that his motorcycle helped someone.

[ Laughs ] I mean he would be proud of you. I know i am. Brando would be proud of you, too. No. Mnh-mnh. He would. Gladys, the way that you have stepped up for me… I don’t even know how to thank you and tell you how much it means to me. We’ve come a long way, huh? I bet you brando is looking down on us right now… smiling. God, I miss him. Me too. Will the party you’re meeting bring their own security? That’s why I brought you and frank here. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. If the worst happens? Then we make them regret they ever crossed me.

who exactly are we dealing with? A group that wants to run exports through port charles. That’s all you need to know, dex.

[ Knock on door ] Mr. Corinthos. I came alone. Roman hume. I know you’re a busy man, so I don’t want to waste your time. Should we get started? First and foremost, I don’t negotiate. You want to do business here, you follow my rules. Or what? You don’t want to find out. All checked in? What makes you think chase and I have broken up? Have you talked to him? Nina told me that chase ended up performing at gingerbread jam, from which I deduced that he was not hurt or sick, which led me to believe that something went down with the two of you for you to think that he wasn’t coming. Wow. That is some sleuthing. Unless my relationship radar is on the fritz? I wish. Unfortunately, it’s spot-on. So when did it happen? Sometime around thanksgiving? How did you know that? Well, you were putting on a pretty good face at work, but I could tell something was going on.

[ Sighs ] So what’d you do?

[ Scoffs ] What makes you think it wasn’t chase who messed up?

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn, I love you, but chase is basically a boy scout in a man’s body. Oh, he’s not that innocent. Really? Yeah, he cheated on willow. That was fake to get wiley away from nelle.

[ Sighs ] You’re right. Chase is, like, the most selfless person on the planet. And I am… not. How delusional was i to think I could hold on to him? I still can’t believe I own actual diamond studs! What a christmas gift from the best daughter-in-law. They look fabulous on you. They really do, don’t they? Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to say “hi.” Hi. Gladys, this is — harrison chase, former detective turned pop star. I saw your performance on the gingerbread jam. Downloaded the new single right away.

I’ll find a way to you catchy. I appreciate that. Would you like to join us? I’m just here to pick up a to-go order. Oh. Okay. Well, at least let me get you a mimosa while you wait… on my way back from powdering my nose. I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll be right back. Look at you, all famous. Guess I’ll have to say I knew you when.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Humming ] Selina: Gladys corbin. Just the woman I was looking for. I don’t have time for this conversation. I have important party prep to plan. Britt, just hear me out, and you’ll never have to see me again. Well, that is an offer I can’t refuse.

[ Sighs ] Any day now, cody.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I’ve asked you to hear me out, and… I don’t even know where to start. The beginning works. Okay. All right, then. Uh… when we first met, I was playing you. I had zero romantic interest in you. Wow. Don’t sugarcoat it. No, look, all right, you were just this uptight drunk girl that I crashed into when I was parachuting into a pool. I-I mean, you were beautiful, obviously. You are beautiful. But I do tend to date girls with a little more chill. Okay. Can we — is there a point in here somewhere or… okay. But… then I found out something that did make me more interested in you. Your father. Suddenly you became the key to changing my life — in more ways than one. You remember brian, the guy I told you about, right? Your reporter from clairborne county? Right. Well, he did a deep dive through the county’s records, and he managed to find a photograph that was actually taken on the commune. Oh. I’m surprised they are any photographs of that place. Yeah, well, there’s not many, but there was a photojournalist who was trying to do a whole story and got shut out, but managed to get a photo of josiah, the commune leader. So I had brian do a whole background check on all the josiahs in the tri-state area that matched around the same age. And unfortunately, there’s no evidence that any of them were part of the commune. So our best bet is to take their photographs and compare it with the one that we have of josiah. And see if any match. Yeah, I mean, that’s our best bet of finding this guy and seeing what he knows about willow’s birth. Mommy, are we going sledding? Not today, sweetie. But you promised. We will go sledding another day. Okay? It’s just, daddy and I have to go to the doctor right now. You’re always at the doctor. Hey, wiley, how’s this? I will take you sledding when mommy and I get back. Okay? But I want mommy to come, too. I know. I know you do, wiley.

[ Knock on door ] But…I-I can’t today. No, no! No doctor! I want to go sledding now!

the name faison,but I had no clue he had kids. I just knew he was an associate of my father’S. Leopold taub. I realize that your father may have had some of taub’s possessions, and if that were the case, they belonged to you. So I decided to get close to you. And was this before or after we matched on society setups? Before. Spinelli matched us up because I asked him to. And he just did that out of the goodness of his heart. I didn’t really give him a choice. Aka you blackmailed him. I knew that you wouldn’t give me a chance if I didn’T. Okay, so this proves more or less what I already knew. And it certainly doesn’t change anything. So — so what is the point of this big confession? Okay, look, I’m not condoning what you did, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t get it. Really? You don’t think I’m a horrible person? Brook lynn, come on. You know I would never think that about you. Especially after what you did for bailey and me. I bet chase would disagree. Yeah, well, playing god with his future — probably not the best idea. Now the universe is paying me back. I probably have some rare disease. I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. Did you make a mistake? Yes. Are you human? Also yes. I just kept hoping that chase would come around, you know? He still might. No. Chase has made it abundantly clear that our relationship is strictly professional. Dude, karma is real. My mystery fever got way worse after that. You don’t feel hot. I meant it metaphorically. So no fever? I’m actually having super-weird symptoms. This is more serious than I thought. It was really good to see you again on christmas eve. It was good to see you, too. How have the holidays been? You mean without brando? That time of year can be hard in general. When you add in what you’ve been through… it’s been a struggle. I’ll bet. But I’m okay. It [Sighs] It’s funny. While brando and liam have been on my mind constantly, I’ve also been very aware of how lucky I am, how just surrounded by love I am from friends and family. I’ve barely even had a chance to feel lonely. I’m glad. And I hope you include me in those friends and family. I do. Because if you ever need to talk, or if you need anything, I’m here. Thank you, chase. I-I hope this doesn’t sound out of bounds… what? You seem good. Like, in a more stable place. I am. You know, I’m — I’m really trying to get better. Not just for me, but for brando. He only ever wanted the best for me. For me to be whole and happy, healthy, to pursue my dreams, whatever they may be. No, brando didn’t care if I was a model or a veterinarian’s assistant… as long as I was happy. So little by little, I am finding my way. Learning to trust myself again. And I admit — it feels good. Does that mean your guardianship could be over soon? How was your, um, holiday?

[ Chuckles nervously ] Could have been better. Seeing as how you owe me money. About that. Um… don’t worry. I understand. You do? I’m not an unreasonable woman, gladys.

[ Laughs nervously ] Well, I really am sorry. The last couple poker games I was at, well [Stammers] Things just got away from me. I swear, it was just bad luck. Your luck is of little concern to me. Your debt, on the other hand… so should we discuss when you intend to pay me back? Wiley is in his room in time-out. I told him he can’t talk to his mother that way no matter how disappointed he is. -Mm. -What a welcome, huh?

[ Laughs ] Hi. Oh! Hi. Thanks for coming on such short notice. Melanie, she’s having a family emergency. It’s okay. You know I cherish any time I can have with my grandson. Even when he’s acting out? I remember how you were when I was pregnant with morgan. Oh, I was angelic, I’m sure. Oh, yeah. I think wiley sees all the attention the baby’s getting, and he’s wondering if there’s any left for him. I think it’s pretty normal. Oh, well, that…makes sense. I come bearing good news. Yeah? Yeah. While you guys are at the doctor, carly and i are gonna be working. We’re gonna be working to find your birth parents. I couldn’t believe it when you gave me the news. And I can still hardly believe it now. My birth family may still be out there. Thank you, drew. I really appreciate everything you’re doing. Both of you. Yeah, no thanks needed. We should get going. Okay. Alright. How long is wiley in jail? I told him 30 minutes. Just text us if you need anything. Okay. Take your time. Drew: See you. Bye. Time to get to work.

No disrespect intended,but there’s always room for negotiation in business. All right. If you’re gonna move potentially dangerous materials through my territory, then I’m gonna need assurance. We acknowledge the corinthos organization holds these ports. The goal isn’t trouble with you — merely to ship our goods via your facilities. And my superiors need assurances from you, too. Tell me what they are, and I’ll see if I can accommodate. Their biggest concern is discretion. We need to know the details of our operation won’t be leaked. Discretion is mutual. I don’t want any blowback to me or my organization. And I don’t want anything to happen to any innocent civilians. Meet those conditions, we won’t have a problem. Is this assurance enough for you? It’s a start. Like I said, it was a streak of bad luck. I can recoup my losses in no time, um, if you’ll just have my back. Of course I will. You will? I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my poker games. Oh. The other players say you have a knack of livening up the room. Oh, well, I-I love those guys. We — we have a lot of fun. So I’ll see you at the next one? Um… truthfully, I’m running low on cash. So add that to what I already owe you, and — perhaps we can work something out. I’m definitely headed in the right direction, but I don’t think I’m quite at the finish line yet. And shockingly, things have been pretty good with gladys at the helm. Really? I was nervous at first. You know, the thought of a guardianship without brando seemed impossible. He was pretty much the only one I trusted to control my life. But gladys is doing a good job? Better than good. It’s actually brought us closer together. Wow. Who would’ve thought? Not me. I just wish it didn’t take a tragedy to make it happen. Yeah. Life is kind of bizarre that way, isn’t it? Sometimes it takes something horrible to make you appreciate everything you had to begin with. Well, just so there’s no misunderstanding, you have me. Okay? I’m always in your corner. Right back at you. This definitely isn’t the guy either. Carly: No.

[ Sighs ] Okay, what if we’re wasting our time? Even if we do find this josiah, what are the odds that harmony told him anything? I don’t know. I don’t know. But we’re running out of options. I already did a search on babies and pregnant women that went missing in the tri-state area, and I got nothing there. I-I don’t understand. How does a child disappear without any record of it?

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, this is aurora. I got to take this. Okay. I’ll be here. Hey.

[ Muttering ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Well, hello, josiah. I’m telling you all this because… I was hoping that maybe it’d convince you to give me another chance.

[ Laughs ] Wow. Sorry. That — that just came out.

[ Chuckles ] What I meant to say was, why would I? You lied to me. You manipulated me. I know. I know. And I am so, so sorry for all of it. Britt, I know people say this all the time, but it’s true — if I could go back, I would, becau– the more time I spent with you, the more I started enjoying it, the more I started enjoying you. Who wouldn’t? You’re incredible, britt. There’s no excuse for my actions. No, there isn’T. But I did start to develop real feelings for you. By the time we found the necklace, I almost didn’t even care about it anymore. Almost. No, no. Hey. Whoa, whoa. What I really cared about was you. Okay, I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, the thing that I had been chasing was standing right in front of me and…

[Sighs] …To just let it go didn’t feel right. And I didn’t want to lose you either. I didn’T… yeah, you wanted your cake and eat it, too. Well, you know, joke’s on me because I ended up losing both. Unless I didn’T. Britt, I see now how wrong my actions were. How my agenda got between us and what we were building. The real thing that I think that we could… I think we could get back to if you just let us, britt.

Less I’m totally off baseand you disagree that… what happened between us was real. No, it was. Okay, then. And there is a part of me that wishes we could get it back. Well, then just listening to that part, you know? Forget about the rest. I can’T. Cody, you used me. And that is just… it’s messed up. I know, I know. But doesn’t it count for something that I’m owning it? It does. The fact that you came to me, heart on your sleeve, that takes guts, and I really do appreciate it. Yeah, but that’s not enough. Look…

[Sighs] …Just so we’re clear, I… I know what it’s like to make mistakes, okay? Like, huge, life-altering ones. So I’m not — I’m not being hypocritical here. It’s just… I can’T. See, you keep saying that. You keep saying “can’T.” Like there’s something that’s keeping us from giving this another shot. From where I’m standing, britt, it’s just you and me. All right? So what is it? Tell me. What’s keeping us from trying to see how good we could be together? How long have you not been feeling well? It’s actually been quite a while. I remember feeling particularly bad the day chase ended things. As if life wasn’t crappy enough, I had to go and get sick on top of it. What are your symptoms? Aside from no energy, headaches, and lack of sleep? Well, I’ve lost interest in basically everything. Even things I used to love, like my job. Good to know. What else? Well, my chest is all tight, I have a stomachache, and my eyes are all watery. I’ll just start crying out of nowhere. You know, I read online that that could be a sign of pesticide poisoning. Do you think olivia’s sneaking in non-organic products? I don’t think olivia is your problem. Well, I’m not pregnant, if that’s what you’re thinking. I wasn’t gonna go there. Then what’s wrong with me? You’re not sick, brook lynn. You’re in love.

[ Scoffs lightly ] So are you gonna tell me what happened between you and brook lynn at the gingerbread jam? What makes you think something happened? Well, I mean, we were all worried that you weren’t gonna show for the performance. And then there you were, last minute. Very astute. I try. I found out that brook lynn did something for me. Very vague. I try. No, brook lynn finally submitted a letter on my behalf to the ccrb. But I thought the meeting already happened, and the board made their decision. They did. But apparently they read the letter anyway, and they agreed to revisit my case. Chase, that’s amazing. Mm-hmm. I mean, it’s no guarantee, but who knows? At least there’s still a chance. Thanks to brook lynn. Yeah, it appears that way. So… does that change things for you, knowing what she did? You’ve dug quite the deep hole for yourself, mm? In debt with no means to repay it. Um… what about… these should cover part of it, right? I trust these aren’t cubic zirconia? No, no, no, no. They’re the real deal. And if you’ll just extend my credit for one more game, I will win back the rest. I’d be happy to. You would? Of course. How else will you break that bad luck streak? But be warned — your line of credit is only good for one game. After that, all bets are off… pun intended. Mm?

[ Laughs ] Carly: Yeah, it’s definitely him.

[ Sighs ] Carly? I love my hardwood floors. But honestly, I didn’t really know how to take care of them. That’s until I found swiffer wetjet wood. It’s specially made for wood floors with a microfiber-like pad that’s really soft. And it sprays with a light mist that dries in half the time. That dirt and grime gets absorbed and locked away. The coolest part… it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. Yeah, this is definitely the way to go. Wetjet wood with a money-back guarantee. Also try new sweeper wood cloths. Nicorette knows quitting smoking is freaking hard. You get advice like… just stop. Go for a run. Go for ten runs. Run a marathon. Instead, start small with nicorette, which will lead to something big. Introducing… weightwatchers simplified program. With an easy to use app and over 200 zero-point-foods you’ll never go hungry. Losing weight with weightwatchers just got easier. Start today at ww.Com when cold symptoms keep you up,try vicks nyquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. For max-strength nighttime relief, nyquil severe. St getting my lipbalm because my lips are dry, you know, from the cold. Really? Mm-hmm. Because they felt pretty soft to me. Well, now they’re better. Mm. I do believe they are. How long did michael say wiley’s time-out was? 30 minutes. 30 minutes. Really? Yeah. Mm. Mm…

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want wiley to come down and see something he shouldn’T. Yeah. You’re right. We really need time together where we are just completely and totally alone. We really, really do. Meanwhile… any luck while I was on my call? Did you find anything? No. Unfortunately, no. Okay. Well, hail mary time, then. Well, you know, we knew it was gonna be a long shot. Yeah. It just doesn’t make any sense. How does a baby go missing and nobody files a report? That’s what happens. If it was me and it was my child, I’d be banging down doors. I’d be blowing up news stations trying to find my kid. It’s as if this baby vanished and nobody gave a damn. Okay, well, our theory that harmony took willow from her parents is just that. It’s a theory. Maybe something else happened. Yeah, like what? And this guy. This guy is the only guy that may have any answers, and who knows where he is? It’s almost like there’s another angle and we’re just not seeing it. Okay, I’m gonna have to put a stop to this. Michael, I just — I really want to go home. I’m exhausted. I know, but this is important. What is? Look at that those newborns.

[ Monitor beeping, baby fussing ] They’re beautiful. Yeah. And in the not-too-distant future, one of them is gonna be ours. And we’re gonna be standing here not thinking about cancer or chemo, but about how perfect our little girl is. She’s going to be perfect, huh? Oh, yeah. Just look at her mom. That is ridiculous. Isn’t it? I am not in love.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Sure. I’m not! Look, do I care about chase? Yes, a lot. But we haven’t been together long enough for me to have fallen in love with him. It doesn’t take long. A couple months. You guys have been together longer than that. Hello? You faked having his baby. You guys lived together. He punched out two guys for you. I remember. And now he’s gone. And you feel terrible. This is the hardest I’ve ever taken a breakup.

[ Sighs ] The guilt I feel over hurting chase is, like, next level, and this feeling of emptiness, I just — I can’t shake it. Oh, god. I’m in love with chase. She says, like I didn’t just say that exact thing to her. Have I never been in love before? I guess I haven’T. That’s so sad. It is. But I think you’ve been waiting for the real thing. Yeah, so that I could finally find it and promptly throw it away. Do you think chase was in love with me, too? Brook lynn and I are done. So you showed up at the gingerbread jam just as a thank you? And because it’s the right thing to do. I made a promise to brook lynn to help take down her ex-manager — not just for her sake, but for every up-and-coming artist that he intends to prey on. And I’m committed to seeing that through. Sounds like the chase I know. So is brook lynn clear on where you guys stand? I told her that our relationship was strictly professional and we will never be in a romantic relationship again. Never say never. We’ll be in touch about getting things under way. Looking forward to it… as long as the conditions are met. You know to do with this. Yes, sir. That is not how I expected this meeting to go. What were you expecting, dex? For starters, I didn’t think the guy would show up alone. These guys are confident. They’re smooth. That’s why we have to keep an eye on them. Yeah. I was also surprised to see the guy was ex-military.

[ Sighs ] How do you know that? I didn’t even want to use a stupid matchmaking service, but my mother got a subscription to society setups and then nagged me until I used it, so I just finally caved. Do you regret it? If you’re asking if I regret meeting you, no.

[ Voice breaking ] But this… us — it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe if things were different. No, I get it. I made one too many mistakes. Maybe more than one too many. For the record, it really means a lot that you came here to me, even if it doesn’t change anything. Goodbye, cody. Bye, britt.

I can’T. I can’t stop. I promised willow that I would find her birth parents. Okay, I don’t mean stop for good. I just mean maybe we take a little break, right? And then we come back to it with fresh eyes.

[ Sighs ] What kind of break we talking about? Well, I remember a certain someone gave me a key for christmas. Mm. That does ring a bell. I say we use that key and we get away, go somewhere where we can be alone and do whatever we want. I am seeing real wisdom in this plan. Yeah? Yeah. I have to go check on wiley. Yes. Okay. Brian. Hey. Drew cain. Yeah. I wasn’t able to determine josiah’s identity, so I’m gonna need you to question every josiah in the area. And do not stop until you find the right one.

[ Monitor beeping, baby crying ] Look, I know we’re going through a dark time right now. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. When you say it, I actually believe it. Well, believe it. Willow tait, I love you. I love you, too. And wiley loves you. Our daughter loves you. Are you sensing a theme here? That’s a whole lot of love. Right. And there’s nothing more important in the whole world. Yeah, the four of us… we have a long life ahead of us… full of — full of joy, hope, laughter. And I need you to not lose sight of that. Okay? I won’t if you won’T. You got a deal. You’re late. Sorry. I was held up. Did you get it? I did. But it’s going to cost you. I’m just saying that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that you and brook lynn get back together. Look, I’m not there yet. And honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be. Fair enough. Well, whatever the future holds, I have faith that it will all work out for the best. You deserve it, chase. So do you. Well, I can’t speak for chase, but as an outside observer, he did step up for you time and time again. So if he wasn’t in love with you, he certainly cared — a whole lot. I’m the worst. There is a silver lining. What? Well, now that you know how you feel, there’s only one thing to do. Go to the store and stock up on ice cream. No. If you really love chase, you got to win him back. That was a long trip to the bathroom. Is everything okay? Oh, right. Yes. Yes. I got sidelined by a phone call, that’s all. You ready? Yeah. I’m just gonna check on a friend real quick, and then we can go. Okay. I’m prepared to hold up my end of the bargain. After tomorrow night, you have my word — I will never see brad again. You’ve given me your word before, and you’ve turned on me. How do I know that won’t happen again? You have that information over me, right? If I double-cross you, you can release it. Everything you asked for. All the documents you need… …to disappear. Trust me, I know ex-military when I see it, and that guy was. Pikeman does private military contracting. Maybe they’re promoting from within. Pikeman security group? You know them? Among others. We encountered a lot of private contractors when we were in the service. We knew to steer clear of them. You worried about me, dex? Don’t be. ‘Cause we’re gonna get everything under control. And the payoff is gonna be huge. You’ll see.

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GH Update Monday, December 26, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Terry walks into Britt’s office and asks what she needs. Britt says that she received a message telling her to meet Terry in her office. Britt says that if this is someone’s idea of a joke she doesn’t have time for it. About that time, Austin bursts in saying that the three need to discuss work. The work of “saving lives.”

In the 10th floor lobby at General Hospital, Brad runs into Maxie, who is working on Britt’s party. Maxie explains that she is the official party planner because she has impeccable taste. Brad explains that Britt asked him to check her impeccable taste because he is a professional party animal.  Maxie is not amused.

Dante, arriving at GH in his dress blues straight from the memorial for Rory, checks on Heather, who is being evaluated for a return to D’Archam Asylum. Heather sees Dante and says, “Hello Detective Dreamboat” and indicates she could help him find the killer if he helps her in turn. Portia arrives to perform the exam for Heather and Dante leaves. Portia explains to Heather that this will be a routine evaluation to determine if she can return to D’Archam. Heather notices Portia’s last name and asks if she’s related to the young lady who was on trial for making a sex tape of her friends. Portia gives a Heather a cold stare. Heather quickly adds that it was “so obvious” that Trina was framed.

At Rice Plaza: Trina, Marshall, Curtis, Robert and Laura exit the public memorial for Rory. Marshall wonders when these killings will end. Spencer and Sam approach the group, and Spencer says, “It ends when we find Esme.” Laura inquires, “Who is “we?” Spencer covers and says he meant we, as in the people of Port Charles. The mayor reminds Spencer it’s important to support Trina, but it’s also important to let the PCPD do their jobs. 

Robert receives a phone call from Dante, who says Heather has alluded to the fact that she might be able to help with the Hook killing investigation. Robert excuses himself and tells Dante he is on his way to GH.

Laura is asked for a comment about the Hook killer and the loss of Rory in the line of duty.  She speaks to the reporter and gives him her official quote. As she finishes up, Spencer asks Trina if she has changed her mind about their plan. Trina says absolutely not and they decide to step into the photo with Laura because it will definitely get them some attention in the press. So, Spencer and Trina step into the photo with Laura hoping that Esme will see it and it will drive her out.  The two of them are unaware of the danger they have just put themselves in because Esme is obviously not the Hook killer, as she has been locked away in Wyndemere for quite some time.

Curtis approaches Trina and Spencer and remarks, “That was a nice photo, but what was it really about?” They play innocent.  Laura asks to speak to Spencer alone. After Laura and Spencer walk away, Curtis suggests that Trina continue to hang out with Cam and Josslyn and to always remember how heartless Spencer can be. Trina listens, but she is also aware that she and Spencer have already put their plan into motion with the photograph for The Invader.

Marshall approaches and tells Curtis he will see that Trina gets home. Curtis thanks him and departs to meet Portia. Marshall warns Trina of Spencer and says that he is a liar and can’t be trusted. Trina tells Marshall that he has also lied to his loved ones. She pointedly recalls that some lies are told for the greater good.  

Laura asks Spencer what exactly he and Trina are up to. Spencer tells Laura that he is simply trying to live up to the image she has of him as “a good man.” Laura says he is already living up to that image. Laura tells him that he needs to exercise caution with Trina because he has already hurt her once. Spencer says that he will never hurt Trina again and neither will anyone else.

Back at GH, Maxie and Brad try to figure out why this party is so important to Britt. Maxie asks him what he knows.  Brad says that he knows that Britt wants to be remembered as someone other than the person that was crushed by Cody when he parachuted onto the roof of the Metro Court. Maxie recalls that Britt wanted to party like it was 1999, so to speak. She seemed to begin to piece the mystery together in her head.

Mac, in his dress blues, joins Cody who is standing at the windows looking at newborn Britta Noel. Mac tells him he heard he had a hand in the delivery and got the mother and baby to GH. Cody brushes it off, and Mac asks why he always does that.  Cody says, “what?”  Mac says when someone gives you a compliment you act as if you don’t deserve it.  Cody says that is because he doesn’t. Cody wishes that Cody had a good dad growing up. Cody says if he had a dad like Mac, maybe he could have stopped him from making the one decision he will always regret. Dante interrupts them and tells Mac that Heather is claiming to have important information for them regarding the Hook killer.

In Terry’s office, Austin pitches the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment that will cost millions. However, Terry says they can’t afford or approve it themselves. Britt suggests they pitch it to the board and let them decide. Terry senses something is going on with Britt because she is usually very budget conscious. Austin asks Britt if she wants to tell her or should he. But, Britt leaves to plan her birthday party. Terry instructs Austin to remain in the meeting room. She demands that he tell her what is wrong with Britt.

Robert interrupts and says he heard Heather has information for them. Heather says she can help them track down the Hook killer. Robert asks Portia if Heather is clear to go back to D’Archam, and Portia says she can’t find a single reason why she can’t be back in her cell by that evening. Heather offers to tell Robert what she knows if he offers to help her. Mac heads into Heather’s room, where she explains that she’s gotten to know Ryan and can get him to open up. In return, she wants to stay at Spring Ridge. Heather takes them through the myriad of reasons why she wants to stay at Spring Ridge.

Mac and Robert leave. Robert doesn’t trust Heather but he thinks Heather may be their best shot to uncover the identity of the killer.  He mentions to Mac the lack of leads they have on the case.

Later a cop enters and checks to make sure Heather’s cuffs are secure. He gets a news update from The Invader on his phone. At the same time, one of the nurses interrupts him to have the officer sign some papers. He exits but leaves his phone behind. Heather grabs it and reads The Invader article with the photo of Spencer and Trina together with Laura.

Back on the maternity floor, Dante admits to Cody he told Mac about Cody helping to deliver the baby. Dante says he deserved a gold star for it and for connecting him and Sam a few days back. Cody says that’s what friends are for and he wishes he had been a better friend to Britt instead of using her to get a prize that he thought belonged to him. He says that he and Britt made a great team delivering the baby. Dante says maybe 2023 will be their year.

Britt finds Brad and Maxie arguing over the theme of her party. Brad suggests a disco theme, but Maxie will not hear of it. Both of them are being obstinate. Britt tells them that it is her party, and they are both her friends, so they need to get along for her sake. Brad asks why it’s so important they get along. Britt basically says that she won’t always be around and she hopes if they work together on the party it could be something that will bring them together. They question what she meant by the fact that she “won’t always be around” and ask each other where she is going? Anyway, Britt’s efforts are successful as Maxie and Brad agree to work together to make this party a huge success.

Britt returns to her office, and Austin joins her. Austin suspects her party is her way of saying goodbye without having to say goodbye. Britt says, “What if it is?” Austin feels people deserve to know the truth. Britt tells him she’s busy and she doesn’t have much time. He leaves her. 

Later, Cody walks in and finds a clearly frustrated and annoyed Britt.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Hey, son. Good to see you. Have a seat. Gives me a chance to tell you how much I appreciated you and connor coming by and spending time with us at christmas.

Adam: Well, thank you for including us…

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: …And not being too overbearing with chelsea and connor.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] What? Your father overbearing? When the hell did that happen? And I promised you I’d behave, and I did, right?

Adam: As I said, I appreciate it.

Victor: Yep. If you don’t mind my saying so, I thought that chelsea seemed a little fragile.

Adam: She’s going through a few complicated things lately, but overall, she’s — she’s doing well.

Victor: But, you know, I thought about it. Maybe while she is dealing with whatever problems she has, not necessarily a good idea that connor spends a lot of time with her, is it?

Chelsea: Billy, it’s me. I hope I’m not interrupting your post-christmas celebration. I was just wondering if you had any time to get together.

Phyllis: Say, “rock star.”

Danny: Rock star!

Daniel: Rock star!

Phyllis: Okay.

Danny: Oh, good note.

[ All laugh ]

Phyllis: I’m going to tag you. I’m going to post this, okay? I’ll tag both of you. Alright.

Danny: Can I just say how thankful I am that I had a break in between gigs and freed up my schedule to be with you for the holidays?

Daniel: I’m thankful, too. You know, being able to be around my family has meant the world to me at this time of year.

Phyllis: Yeah. So, you must miss lucy, heather. Did you call them on christmas and wish them a merry christmas?

Daniel: Unfortunately, no, I, um, haven’t had the chance.

Christine: “Genoa city’s very own rock star has returned for a limited time only. Glad to spend time with the people he loves most. We love you, too, danny.”

Danny: You know what? This married business — I really like it a lot.

Christine: Oh, you do, huh?

Danny: Yes, I do. Last year, this place was just an apartment. And this year, because of you, it’s a home.

Christine: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Lily.

Lily: Hi!

Devon: How you doing?

Lily: Good. Oh, where is my nephew? I want to see him.

Devon: Shh-shh-shh!

Lily: What?

Devon: He’s napping. He’s taking his afternoon nap.

Lily: Oops! Sorry!

Devon: It’s okay.

Lily: My gosh, I didn’t know he was sleeping.

Devon: Uh-huh.

Lily: Oh, my god. He’s so adorable! Did he have a good christmas?

Devon: Yeah, I’d say so. Got more toys than he has time to play with.

Lily: Aw, I know. I wish I had more time to spend with him. Christmas eve was not enough.

Devon: Well, speaking of family time, you’ll never guess who I spent christmas day with.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: You should know, um, I got the divorce papers this morning. Can I return this love-hate relationship with cookies?

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Chance: I’m sorry. I requested for the divorce papers to be sent after the holidays.

Abby: I appreciate your consideration.

Chance: How was the rest of dom’s christmas?

Abby: It was good. We spent the morning with my mom and traci and uncle jack. And then, in the afternoon, we went over to the ranch. It was kind of crazy. All my siblings were actually together, so dominic got to spend some time with his older cousins.

Chance: That’s great.

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: All I can hear is what you’re not saying. I’m sure that you two also got together with devon.

Lily: I don’t know. Who did you spend christmas with?

Devon: I spent it with nate.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: I mean, last I checked, you two couldn’t be in the same room as each other.

Devon: Well, it wasn’t my idea, that’s for sure. Abby and elena talked to each other and tried to use christmas and the christmas spirit to force us into a truce or something.

Lily: Well, I mean, is that sincere, if you two were kind of forced into it?

Devon: Exactly. Who’s to say? I mean, if anything, it was nice to spend a day and not get into a fight with him. You know, just because before he started working for the company, we had gotten our relationship back to being somewhat decent after everything that happened with elena, which I thought we had both moved on from. But I was clearly wrong about that.

Danny: Look, I don’t mean to push too hard, but I am really curious about what’s going on with your family. And I know that lucy’s your pride and joy.

Daniel: She always will be.

Danny: And, you know, sometimes relationships with partners don’t work out. I mean, that happens, right? But that should never be the case with a parent and child.

Phyllis: Yeah. Hey, obviously, something’s going on. You know, you can talk to us, right?

Danny: Absolutely. And you can turn to us for any kind of advice, support, whatever you need. We’re here for you.

Phyllis: Daniel, you’re obviously troubled. Talk to us.

Chelsea: I like being here. It’s comforting, being able to see people’s faces. And I know if I get overwhelmed, I can just go upstairs, feel safe and sound in my apartment. It’s reassuring.

Billy: Yeah, I know life can feel like it’s moving a million miles a minute, but you seem to be doing great on the outside. Is that true?

Chelsea: Having a safe space has made everything more tolerable for me. I have to be honest with you. Christmas at the ranch was a bit overwhelming, though, with all the newmans and adam. It felt like a collision of all my problems at once. And victoria was there with katie and johnny. Before you ask, everything went great. It was fine. You know, johnny and connor are inseparable these days, and it’s wonderful.

Billy: Yeah, I agree. It’s great. I’m really proud of those boys. But you do seem to be glossing over the elephant in the room. Victor. I’ve been telling everyone…

Chelsea: Victor tried to be on his best behavior, but it was still very clear that he doesn’t trust me. But adam was there, and he was by my side and very supportive, kept checking in, making sure I was okay.

Billy: Well, victor doesn’t trust anyone, so it sounds like your visit went par for the course. However, I am grateful that adam was watching out for you.

Chelsea: You’re grateful to adam. Well, this is a first.

Billy: Keep that down, please. Don’t tell anyone I said that. More importantly, it sounds like you held your own.

Chelsea: To be honest with you, the day was great. The night was not. I just started getting these nagging, racing thoughts. My therapist calls them a thought spiral. So, she gives me techniques to try to manage them.

Billy: That’s good. And how are they working?

Chelsea: I just don’t understand why I can’t control it. Maybe I’m not working hard enough. I don’t understand why something as normal as a holiday dinner should be so difficult for me.

Billy: See, I object to that description. There’s nothing normal about spending any time with victor newman, even on a holiday.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Oh, I knew calling you was a good idea.

Adam: Chelsea is great with connor.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: He loves the nights that he gets to spend with his mother.

Victor: Bet he does, you know? But I think it might be a good idea if he spent some more time at the ranch, away from her, giving chelsea time to deal with whatever she’s dealing with.

Adam: Look — I promise you. Chelsea is doing just fine.

Victor: Son, I hate to remind you that chelsea is very good at covering up whatever is bothering her. Remember how long she faked her paralysis before anyone noticed?

Adam: She’s come a long way since then. I think connor’s more comfortable having his mother around, and she prefers to have him with her. It’s the best thing for both of them right now.

Victor: Well, to be frank with you, adam, I wouldn’t mind if he spent some more time at the ranch, because then you would have to visit more often. And I think it would be wonderful if you spent some more time with your family.

Lily: I will say I am happy that you and nate were able to put your differences aside, at least for the holiday.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I mean, who knows? Maybe the three of us one day can get together and try to work. No?

Devon: No. You don’t need to do any of that. It was one day of us being nice to each other. You don’t need to make more of it. What’s — what’s happening with work? What’s new?

Lily: Well, I know you have your doubts, but jill wants to move forward with the ipo.

Devon: God. Why?

Lily: Why? What do you mean why? I don’t understand. What is your concern?

Devon: You know exactly what my concern is. We’d be giving up too much control of the company.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: I’ve said this to you many times. We’ll be having to answer to a board of people that we don’t know and that we may or may not agree with. I’ve never been a fan of giving up something that we’ve worked this hard to build. I was just talking about this with tucker the other day.

Lily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m sorry. Tucker? He has a say in our business ventures now?

Daniel: Yes, you’re right. There is a lot going on, but it’s nothing that you need to worry about.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, maybe you and heather are having problems. Alright. You didn’t talk to your daughter on christmas day. I mean, what’s going on?

Daniel: Fine. Probably time that I come to grips with the fact that i failed both as a father and a partner.

Phyllis: No, I’m not buying that. It can’t be that bad.

Daniel: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I, um, hit a bit of a rough patch recently. Hid it all from you when you came out to visit because I was just too upset with myself.

Danny: Daniel… what happened?

Daniel: My painting career stalled, you know? So, I got frustrated. I got bitter… sitting there watching heather’s career continue to grow and thrive. I just… I don’t know, just failed to handle everything properly, i guess. Should have been more supportive of her success and not resented it.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, come on. You’re human. I mean, we all have moments of jealousy.

Daniel: It’s not an excuse. I was seeing myself as less of a partner and less of an equal contributor, less of a father. I just… I got really angry. You know, I don’T… I don’t know why I was angry at stupid things. I was angry at little things, sometimes nothing at all. Basically, I made their lives so miserable that they just couldn’t take it anymore. Heather, she wound up taking a job in europe. Lucy, she got into this great boarding school that was right where heather was working and um… hey, I pushed them to the brink, and then I let them slip away, right? Eww, the toilet sneeze.

Phyllis: Daniel, you’re not a failure. We all go through rough patches, right? I mean, I’ve been through a few myself.

Danny: Coddling him won’t help. Our son knows he’s not a failure. But he did fail at being the kind of partner and father he vowed to be. But he recognizes it now, right? He’s coming to terms with it. You are working on it, aren’t you?

Daniel: Yes, I’m working on it. Of course I am. I’ll admit after they left, things got bad for a while. You know, I was drinking too much. I was partying too much. I was basically doing anything I could to keep my mind off the fact that I tanked my relationship and my career all at once.

Phyllis: Why don’t you let me know? I would have been on the first plane down to savannah.

Daniel: Come on. I couldn’t face you. Hell, I couldn’t even face myself. And then, you know, I really just kind of bottomed out. I was feeling lost and lonely. And this one day, I was digging through this box of games and trinkets of lucy’S. And I came across this video game, one that we used to play together when she was younger. And I just, you know, I got obsessed with it. It’s going to sound dumb, but it’s like I thought if I could just finish the game, I don’t know, maybe I could get back to those happier times in my life, you know?

Phyllis: I-I get this. I understand what you’re saying. I have been known to escape in video games myself. It helps de-stress me. So, I understand.

Daniel: Anyway, you know, as part of the game’s resolution, there was this message about finding hope by using your inner strength. It was simple, very simple, but just profound. And that was it. It was like a light switch, you know, a turning point for me. I…I don’t know. It set me on this path to create something mammoth and enriching.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, you wanted to turn your life around. It helped you with that. I get that. That’s what the grand phoenix did for me.

Daniel: Exactly.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: That’s when I came up with “finding princess louisa.” It’s going to be the debut title for the chancellor-winters’ gaming division. It’s for younger kids. But, you know, the gamer, they’re going to travel through this mysterious, mythical landscape in search of missing princess.

Danny: Like you’re missing princess lucy. Daniel… are you hoping this will bring heather and lucy back to you?

Daniel: You know, of course, I wish that I could have them back, but I have this new career now. This is going to be my way back up from rock bottom. I can only focus on and control myself — not heather, not lucy, not anyone. It’s just all got to start with me.

Billy: I’m happy to hear that you’re listening to your doctor. That should always be your first line of defense. But just know that I will be there waiting in the backfield just in case anything gets through. What I mean is I will always be there for you, just in case anything slips through the cracks.

Chelsea: I get it. I know football.

Billy: Okay. What’s going on today? Should we do something fun? Should we go watch a movie or go for a walk or something?

Chelsea: Actually, I had something else in mind.

Devon: No, I’m not letting tucker in on any of our business decisions.

Lily: But you’re telling him company plans and letting him act as some sort of advisor?

Devon: No. What do you mean, advisor? I’m just talking to him. I’m having conversations. I haven’t told him any privileged information.

Lily: Okay, good. I would hope not, because it wasn’t that long ago that you thought he was trying to steal the company from us.

Devon: I remember that. I do. And I was wrong about him, okay? I still believe that nothing is worth the risk of losing control of our company. We literally almost had somebody take everything from us, who we were supposed to trust, right? Can we not learn our lesson from that?

Lily: I thought we were past this.

Devon: Well, I’m not.

Lily: Look — jill wants to do this, okay? It is not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Devon: And I think that if we do, we’re going to live to regret it.

Abby: We did stop by devon’s, but it’s only because i wanted dominic to see him on christmas.

Chance: No point in hiding it. I understand the guy is going to be around. He’s dominic’s other father. Plus, whatever’s going on between you is none of my business. I was actually hoping I could come by the house today and see dom. Is that cool?

Abby: Actually, dom’s not home. He’s still over at devon’S.

Chance: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, well, alright. Well, my request still stands. Guess we got to get used to this new dynamic, right?

Adam: I’m surprised that you would admit that outright, that you wished I’d come around more.

Victor: Son, I am too damn old to beat around the bush. I would love you to spend some more time with your family, alright?

Adam: Well, I’m not going to get all sentimental about a little holiday visit. I can assure you, it was purely for connor’s sake.

Victor: Right. If that had been the case, you would have dropped him off and picked him up later. I think you miss your connection with your family.

Adam: What connection are you talking about, father? The one that is tethered and severed, depending on your mood, where at any time, at the convenience of the rest of the newman clan, I can be dropped? There’s nothing I miss about that. I’m jonathan lawson Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. You spend the holidays making everyone else smile,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Danny: I am proud of you, son. I am. You took a pretty bad spill. But you know something? Character isn’t revealed through how we fall, but it’s through how we get back up. It’s all about learning from our missteps and finding your way to move forward. And that’s the beautiful thing about mistakes. It shows us what we still have left to learn.

Daniel: That is a good way of looking at things, dad.

Danny: And if there is any way that I can help you through this journey of yours, you just, just let me know, okay?

Daniel: Really? You know, I’m — I’m glad you brought that up, because there is actually something I could use your assistance with. You know, this game I’m developing, it’s going to need a score. I know you’re a famous rock star out there, touring all over the world, but if you can maybe find some time to write a little music for it, your number-one fan here would be forever in your debt.

Danny: I don’t really know if you can afford me. Okay, okay, a joke, bad joke. For you, we will work on a family discount. What do you say?

Phyllis: You better not charge him at all.

Danny: No, it’s a deal.

Phyllis: You can’t charge him at all! Oh, my goodness. You guys already have a hit collaboration. That picture I just posted, 5,000 likes. Wow!

Danny: That was quick.

Phyllis: You’re superstars.

Danny: I violated our commitment, our marriage vows, our love, and our trust. I couldn’t live with my own betrayal. But that was only part of it.

Christine: I’m listening.

Danny: The woman made some threats. She threatened to go public with the story of our affair. She promised to drag you into this whole thing. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t do it to you, christine. This had nothing to do with you.

Christine: How can you say it had nothing to do with me? I was your wife! But, you know, you’re right about one thing. I did need to hear this. But the fact is, it doesn’t change anything. I can’t believe that over a year ago, I was all packed for new york. I was ready to leave my career and my job for the man I loved. And then you called, and you said, “don’t come,” that you’ll get back to me. Well, you got back to me, alright. You said you wanted a divorce, never a reason, not even a hint. Do you have any idea what those words did to me? The hurt and the pain, the utter disillusionment? And now you walk back in here, and what do you want me to say? “Hi, honey. I’m so glad to see you. Let’s pick up right where we left off”? The truth is, I don’t even know what your life is about anymore. Are you married or… you know what? Don’t answer that because I don’t care. I don’t want to know because it is over between us. It is — it’s over.

Danny: I said what I came here to say. Again, I’m sorry.

Christine: This pregnancy, um, was there a baby? Is — is there a baby?

Danny: Yes.

Christine: Do you have a son or a daughter?

Danny: A son.

Christine: Get out. Alright, just leave. Just get out!

Danny: You can’t know how sorry I am, christine. Goodbye. I want to be with you. I have always wanted to be with you.

Christine: We missed our chance.

Danny: We’re single. We’re both consenting adults.

Christine: Who have different lives very far apart.

Danny: Okay, maybe, um, maybe it’s not my most realistic idea. I would have shown you the time of your life.

Christine: I have no doubt. You have a plane to catch. Got to go.

Danny: Yeah. Good luck with your case and, you know, everything.

Christine: Okay. You too, huh? Okay.

Danny: Alright, you take care, okay?

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: Abby, hey. Dominic, mommy is on the phone.

Abby: Hi. Um, I actually just ran into chance at the park, and he wants to stop by and see dom for a visit.

Devon: Okay. Uh, sure. That’s fine. I can… I can take myself somewhere and have the nanny with you guys.

Abby: Actually, that’s not necessary. Chance thinks that we should get used to being around each other for dom’s sake.

Devon: Yeah, I agree with that, but I would just prefer if it not be today, if you don’t mind. So, I’ll go and run an errand and have the nanny get dominic dressed and ready for some hang time.

Abby: Okay. Thanks. Alright. We can go whenever you’re ready.

Phyllis: This is nice. I like this. I’m glad you were honest with us. I hate that you were going through this alone.

Daniel: You don’t have to worry about me. I’m strong, and I’m focused now, and I’m definitely not alone. I mean, I’m with my family. I’m with people who know and love and respect me. I feel empowered.

Danny: As you should.

Daniel: And now with dad on board, I feel unstoppable. I’m gonna make a success out of this business and myself.

Phyllis: Yeah, you are. That’s for sure. You’re my son. You’re confident, and you are powerful.

Daniel: You know, I’ve just got a few loose ends that i still need to tie up. Got to make sure I secure the right people around me. I’ve been patient. I’ve been waiting, you know, a few days now. But it’s time to move forward. So, mom, what is your answer? Will you come work with me? Who says you have to spend more on skincare

Victor: I know you better than you realize. You’re a newman. You love competition. You want to build something big. It’s in your blood.

Adam: Where is this going, dad?

Victor: What the hell would it take for you to come back to our company, to our family, huh? Some new role, some business? You don’t belong at jabot, son.

Adam: Oh, man. This — wow. This — this might be your most blatant attempt to buy my loyalty and love. How is it that you still don’t know all it would have taken, dad, is for you to just provide me with some actual loyalty and some actual love?

Chelsea: Whew!

Billy: You know, with all these supplies, connor’s going to be able to make five different projects. Extra credit, maybe?

Chelsea: Hmm, I don’t think my son is going to sign up to do more than one egg-drop device.

Billy: Okay, explain to me exactly what is an egg-drop device?

Chelsea: You really want to know? Because you’re going to be in for a crash course.

Billy: Hit me.

Chelsea: It’s a hand-crafted contraption designed to protect an egg in case it falls, you know? Gives it another day. Makes it more than just a raw yolk and cracked shell on the sidewalk.

Billy: Well, you’ve got my attention now. Let’s get to building.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: As much as i appreciate your offer, I just, um, I have to be honest. I’m still sort of holding out hope that summer will come to her senses and rescind the notice of termination.

Daniel: Well, you know, if I’m being honest, it just seems like most of the issues you’re having are really because of jack and diane. So, why would you want to get caught up in the middle of that?

Danny: Yeah, I remember diane was a sticking point for you in the past, and you’re not one to let bygones be bygones. Hey, daniel came clean with us. Now it’s your turn.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Danny: Come on.

Phyllis: Um, diane has truly pushed me to the edge. Um, she has definitely wormed her way back into the abbott family and…into my daughter’s life.

[ Clears throat ] I… I don’t understand how they just ignore the fact that she is duplicitous and deceitful. I just don’t get it.

Daniel: How can you be sure about that?

Phyllis: Really? You too? I’m sure about it because ever since she’s come into town, it’s been one lie after the other. I’ve uncovered it. Not only that, she did horrendous things in los angeles, but they’re all just ignoring it.

Daniel: It sounds like you’re right to feel the way you do about her.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m 100% right. But somehow I’m the bad guy. I-I’m the one who’s wrong. I lost my job. I mean, the only thing I’m guilty of is just trying to protect my family. That’s it.

Danny: Hey… I know how frustrating this must be for you, okay? No one likes to feel like they’re the scapegoat. And you have worked so hard and come so far. You deserve better.

Daniel: Yeah, you do deserve better. Why the heck would you want to go to marchetti and deal with all that drama? I mean, I’m offering you a brand-new career. This is a role you’d be perfect for, a job that you were born to do, not to mention the added bonus of getting to work with a family member that, you know, actually wants you there.

Danny: I got to say, daniel’s right. Sounds like the perfect venue for you. Did you know, some ordinary cold medicines can raise your blood pressure?

Abby: I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you here. It was too soon.

Chance: It’s not your fault. I thought I was ready. I’m not. I’ll call you when we’re on our way back.

Abby: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Danny: To your new game.

Daniel: To the new game.

Danny: Hear, hear!

Lily: What a cute, little family photo. Danny! Hi! Oh, my god. It’s been so long. I haven’t seen you.

Danny: I know. It’s good to see you.

Lily: Yeah, you too.

Danny: You look great, lily.

Lily: Thank you.

Daniel: Uh, I have some amazing news. Danny romalotti will be scoring “finding princess louisa.”

Lily: No way. You’re kidding. That’s fantastic.

Daniel: Do we have other good news to share?

Phyllis: Well, after hearing your passion for what you’re doing and your passionate plea to have me work for you, I am on board.

Daniel: I cannot wait to start working with you.

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: Now that I got the key part of my creative team in place, it’s full steam ahead.

Phyllis: Speaking of which, I have to get my team together, because — well, I’ll leave that there. I have to bring my son’s incredible dream into fruition. That’s for sure.

Danny: I’ll head out with you. I’ll be seeing the two of you later? Yep?

Lily: Yes. Yeah. And thank you so much for scoring our game. I mean, honestly, that’s — that’s huge for us. Thank you.

Danny: You’re very welcome. Alright. See you.

Phyllis: Um, listen.

Danny: Yeah.

Phyllis: As much as i resented you — I hated you for taking daniel away from me when he was a baby…

[ Voice breaking ] You laid a really amazing foundation for him.

Danny: Hey, I should never have taken him away from you for so long. But you know what? In spite of all that, you’ve done pretty incredible work, finishing the job of raising him. You know that?

Daniel: You want to get something to drink?

Lily: Um, sure.

Phyllis: Thank you for saying that to me. Who’s going to take credit for the man he’s become?

Danny: You know what? I think daniel deserves the credit himself on this one. What do you think?

Daniel: Can you believe it? Both my parents are on board.

Lily: Yeah. Are you sure it’s a good idea to bring phyllis into this?

Daniel: I know. I know a lot of people don’t trust her, but she needs this. You know, she’s going to be good at it, too. And I can’t tell you how much it’s going to mean to me just to have her be a part of this venture.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, I mean, it’s your project, so you can staff it how you see fit.

Victor: There’s just no winning with you, is there?

Adam: That’s the thing. This isn’t supposed to be a game.

Victor: It isn’t a game, son. I’m telling you that you have a father who cares about you deeply.

Adam: Really? Just name me one time, just one time, when you have treated me like someone you consider to be a priority.

Victor: I made you an offer right now. I offered you a chance to reconcile with your father, to come back to his company. You turned me down.

Adam: You want me to quit my job so I can take a position working for you, where I would be victoria and nick’s subordinate. Why would I say yes to that?

Victor: [ Sighs ] You’re your own worst enemy, son. All the hurdles in your path have been created by you. What other than your son do you have? You have nothing, son. Nothing! And it’s your own damn fault.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Cuff links. . Oh, . Thank you. Can’t have too many cuff links, right? Oh, definitely not. Definitely not. These are, these are just lovely . Oh, you know, you bought me too many gifts. . Well, you overdid it yourself. Husband . But. I love everything you got for me, . Oh, especially this bracelet. Oh, you, well, you know, Chanel helped me pick that out.

are you expecting a call? Uh, No, I, I keep thinking about Sloan Peterson. Well, you, Chanel is cleared of all charges in Sloan’s mother’s death. And you, well, you both are free. I know, I know. But, and I, you know, I couldn’t be more grateful that my baby’s home. I can’t up feeling like this. A long way from being over.

What is that? I may kick myself later for stopping this momentum, but are you sure? You ready? Take the next step.

We would’ve ended up in my bed the other night if Paulina hadn’t called and interrupted. Okay. My phone is on do not disturb mode, and so am i. I’m definitely ready, aren’t you? Will? No, you’re here. Yeah. It looks like you weren’t expecting. No, I, I wasn’t. I thought you were staying in la No. I can’t even imagine being in SoCal right now.

Probably 80 degrees there, right? In Santa. What does he wear? Shorts, sunglasses. Shut up, please. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Why do you think I wanted to surprise you? Didn’t expect to be surprised myself or, or maybe a more accurate word would be horrified.

Molly, you were a huge hit with the kids. O Lovely’s Personal and their face is special since they have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Put little souls. I know it’s gotta be so tough. Sure. But if you’ll allow me, I just need to slip back into the Santa character for a second. Cause it turns out there is someone who’s been very nice all year long and not naughty at all.

And so they definitely deserve one more gift. Ah, and that person is a young lady named Sarah,

r e d n. Rednecks, you have one for? What about it? Oh, it’s just, I’m really good at Word games. You know, jumbles, anagrams, that sort of thing. Well, couldn’t help but notice Zander went to work for a company that is actually his name spelled backwards, and it’s just a funny coincidence, right?

I don’t think it’s funny at all.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You got us tickets to Greece? I did. I mean, after the gift I gave you yesterday, I Oh, you mean the lingerie that your ex helped you pick out? Yeah. That, mm-hmm. , the, obviously recruiting Gwen for that particular mission was a bad idea, so I, I dunno, I was hoping you’d give me a chance to redeem myself and that we could enjoy the honeymoon.

We never got.

This is really incredible, honey. Um, but how are you gonna pay for it? Oh, you know, zer always finds a way and, you know, I talked to Kayla about giving you the week off.

Are you upset that I talked to your boss? I mean, I just, I just wanted it to be a surprise, you know? Uh, no. Um, It.

What is it? I mean, you seemed a bit distant today.

I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me. I tell you what, that Bonnie accused you of being the clown that kidnapped her.

How did I not notice red? Is Xander spelled backwards? Honey, don’t ease yourself up. You have a lot going on. Don’t you see what this means? There is no rednecks. Xander must have made it up. Why would he do that? Gwen, any ideas?

I thought you were staying in. The studio wanted me to, but I hated the thought of being away from you for the holidays. So I told them I would write from here. I’d do my meetings from Zoom. I hopped on a Christmas red eye. I, and I came here as fast as I could because I kept picturing you alone. On Christmas, you know, Amir, a few days ago I was picturing both myself and Sonny alone on Christmas.

But how lucky are we, especially me since I was going without lodging, is that we gravitated toward each other. Now, here we are. Neither of us alone. You’re not helping Leo. Yeah. You know what else is not helping you with your shirt off? Oh, um, right, I, I can explain it. Okay. I’m waiting.

It’s her. It’s slow. She’s here. Exact her revenge on quick. Sh sh. Take a breath. Take a breath. All right. We don’t know who it is. Before you start panicking, you’re right. I know, I know. I don’t know why she asked me so On edge, it’s all right. I’ll take care of it. All right, I got it. Who is it? Opened up. Oh dear Lord.

Hey, Merry. Oh, Merry


You know, this, uh, this is a little bit new for me. I got used to being the guy rushing in and sweeping a woman off her feet. But from the moment I met you, you knocked me off mine. So does that mean you ready? I’m ready.


Okay. I know I said I’m ready. And you said you’re ready. Yeah. But are we ready? Ready. I don’t know. I don’t know what you mean. Um Oh, oh. Um, you mean do I have a Yeah, because I don’t, well, just so you know, I didn’t come here expecting to, um, no, of course not. You know what I. I’ll run to the store. I’ll run to the store.

Five minutes, 10 minutes tops. 10 minutes, cops. And, and I’ll, and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be right back. Do you, do you have any requests or, um, how about a Christmas theme? Christmas theme, red or green? The boat. Striped. Striped, yeah. , like, like a candy cake. Are we talking flavors or what, what, what, No, no. Nevermind, nevermind.

I, I will see what the options are and I will, uh, I will be right back.

10 minutes tos.

You have no idea how good it’s to see you. Oh, Eli, honey. Oh, I’m just, I’m so happy that you’re here. No, you are gonna be super happy to see. These two, Jules and Carver say hi to grandma and grandpa. Oh.

I I didn’t tell you about Bonnie’s crazy theory cause cuz the crazy theory and especially since I got kidnapped by the psycho clown too. Bonnie didn’t think it was very crazy. Well cuz I said some phrase that reminded her of Mr. Claran that, and she also said that the clown knew that her daughter was Mimi.

Right. Very simple. Google search would reveal that. I mean, it’s totally a state secret. Is it

Sarah? I know you had your doubts about me. You apologize, so we’d move past it. Well, haven’t we,

Gwen, you said you did research on rednecks for an article that you were going to write for the Spectator. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, that’s right. And everything seemed to check out. You had no idea the company is a fake. Well, there was a website and I phoned the number and somebody picked. You know, I’ve been to that website too.

Um, it looks real. Only, there are no employee names, including the CEO who supposedly fired Xander. Hmm. That’s strange. Yes, it is. Especially since you gave me the name Mave Wilson. Where did you find that? Uh, I don’t remember. Uh, it must have been in public record or maybe Zander told me. Mm-hmm. . You see, I don’t think any of that is true.

I don’t think there is a Mave Wilson. I think you made it all up to protect Xander.

Okay. Look, I can tell you’re upset. Why would I be upset, son? Why would I be upset? Because I come home to spend Christmas with my. And I walk in to find you half naked with him. He gave this to me as a gift. Well, I was just trying it on for what it’s worth. I think it fits you very nicely. A little tight, which is good.

Shut up, Leo. Up. Leo. Wow. Did you two practice that

son? Make this make sense. Why is Leo giving you a Christmas present, and why is he wearing pajamas? If I didn’t know better, I, I would think he spent the night here. He did.

Did you find the candy cane one? What about candy canes?

You look flushed. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. I was just, Straightening up. Uh, I thought you were Alex . Oh, is he supposed to be coming over? He was already here actually. He just stepped out to run an errand. Uh, I’m, uh, I’m sorry. I should have called first. No, it’s fine. Merry Christmas. I, um, Merry Christmas for me.

I didn’t get you anything. I was from Thomas in. The kids bought me a present. Yeah, they wanted to make sure that mommy’s cousin got something.

Okay. I’m guessing it’s a CD if, do you know who Olivia Rgo? Stop it. How’d you know when Charlotte kept having those nightmares on Halloween? She made me listen to driver’s license like a million times. Right. She said you loved it. I do. Now I just need to get a CD player. Nah, you just look at the cover and you can stream it and tell them thank you.

It means a lot. I will. Ah, Merry Christmas. Oh, today must be so hard for you. Yeah, uh, it is, but uh, most days are hard, so. And how are the kids holding up? Better than I am. I think. This morning, they, um, they came downstairs and they saw the presents under the Christmas tree. And, uh, I, I turned, uh, around for a second and, uh, for a second I, I forgot that Abby wasn’t there to, to share.

She was always really good at making the day perfect for all of us. I am sure you did that for Thomas and Charlotte too.

Yeah, . I’m so sorry

babe. I got all kinds of options cause I couldn’t.

I did apologize for accusing you of being the clown, the kidnap Bonnie. All right. I know it feels like you’re accusing me again. I’m sorry. I just, Bonnie got in my head. But then you say that she’s seen clowns everywhere like you were a clown. Roman was a.

Yes, yes. Bonnie is suffering from some very serious P T S D. I shouldn’t let her get to me. I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t doubt you. I know how hard you’ve worked to become a better man, and you’ve been honest with me and I trust. I know that you wouldn’t lie to me.

Now I’m going to go get out of this Mrs. Claus costume so that we can go back to the motel and I can give you your Christmas present. I love that.

Okay. I’ll be honest with you, Zander did lie about the job. I knew it. Rednecks is not real. No, I helped him create it. I built the website and I forged his unemployment contract, which is why he was so against me filing a wrongful termination suit. So the whole thing was a cover. I wouldn’t call it a cover.

What would you call it? I mean, why go through all of this? Well, Zander did this. Zander did this because he was ashamed to let Sarah know that he didn’t have a job. I’m sorry, I was just. Helping a friend, and I suppose I just took it a bit too far.

Th this isn’t, this must be a nightmare, right? I, I’m like, I’m like George Bailey, and it’s a wonderful life. I made a crazy wish and now I get to see what the world would look like if I died. Okay. Leo, can you give us a second, please? Sure. I’ll go change out of my PJ’s and give. You and Scrooge Mc Grinch Pants, a chance to catch up.

Go. Hey, see if you can scrounge up some Christmas spirit while I’m gone. Okay.

Start talking.

Merry Christmas one. Yeah, don’t speak so soon. What’s up? I hate to be the one to have to put coal in your stocking, but it seems that you may have landed on somebody’s naughty list. Are you done playing by the Christmas? Yeah. Why? What’s going on? We have to figure this out. Where are you? The hospital. But why don’t we meet the, the park?

Near the entrance on Magnolia, I can be there in 10 minutes. Okay? Yeah, that works for me. Should I be worried? I’ll see you in 10.

Look at those angels. They love those toys. . Paulina, I thought you had already given Carver and Jules all their presents. I sent their Christmas presents. These are birthday presents, but you didn’t even know they were coming today. , I always keep toys at the Ready , spoiling my grand baby. This is not a seasonal activity.

No, no, no. That’s, uh, a year long situation. I see. Oh, , nothing. Nothing gives me so much joy just to see those smiles, . Ooh. Especially after the month we’ve had in this family. Oh, happy birthday kids. Grandma, love you. I wish, I wish Lonnie were here to see.

Alex, I’m so sorry. I, uh, Stephanie said you were gonna go grab something. Yeah, I just want to go candy canes. I was craving them. We needed candy canes. Needed them badly for later.

So you All right, man. Yeah, I’m phenomen, I’m good.

Mind if I go, uh, just use the bathroom and splash water on my face before I have to go pick up the kids? Of course, you know where it is.

So what did I miss?

It was, it was really sad. Okay. Leo had no place to go for Christmas, so I invited him here for, for dinner and a place to stay. Why do you care if he had no place to go? You can’t stand the guy. It’s Christmas Will, so there are limits. L l Leo pushed you through hell, he drugged you, he tried you into bed, he took pictures of you.

He sold those pictures to a newspaper and now he’s trying some new angle, trying to get you to trust him clearly. So, So I, I, I don’t know, steal the, the Christmas presents from under the street. He’s not, he’s not working in anchor h. How do you know that? Because we, it is Christmas. I flew through a blizzard to get to you, and instead of holding each other and enjoying our holiday, we are fighting thanks to Lee.

No, we’re fighting because you’re not even trying to understand me. What, what I understand is that Leo was always trying to get between us, and that’s what he’s doing right now. What I don’t underst. It’s why you don’t see that. I know it’s a little early furthering, but I think I need this dose of liquid courage if I’m gonna get through seven courses of Christmas dinner with Victor at the table.

What was that? I was just saying how much I’m dreading Christmas dinner with your uncle. What’s up with you? Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about that story Gwe told us. Mm-hmm. , you don’t believe her, that she was helping Xander because he was afraid to admit to Sarah that he was unemployed. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through.

I mean, Sarah knows who Xander is and she married him anyway. Mm-hmm. , I didn’t wanna say anything before, but yeah, I don’t buy it either. , there’s a lot more to Bridget Jones than she’s letting. And I think I know what it is. Mm-hmm. . Hey, what’s going on? What’s this about a North? Yeah. Um, I’ve just had a chat with Bonnie and Justin came to see you.

Apparently Bonnie figured out that rednecks is just Zander spelled backwards. Well, it’s not exactly the Da Vinci code is it? What did you say? I did my best to cover for you. I said the reason that you made up the company is cuz you didn’t want Sarah to know that you didn’t have a job. Thanks. But if Justin doesn’t believe you, you won’t let this go away.

If he says something to Sarah, she still has her suspicions. She tells me she trusts me, but I can see her D and if those two start comparing nose, all roads feed back to you. Oh my God. I mean, Sarah finds out what I did to Susan and Bonnie. I already know

Chad came over to bring me a gift from the kids and we started talking about Christmas and Abigail and well, you saw holidays are rough when you lose someone you love. We obviously can’t throw Chad back out in the cold if he’s hurting that bad.

All right. Merry Christmas. Hey, Merry Christmas, Mary. Hey, Chad. You wanna stick around for a bit? Nah, I’m, I’m not gonna be a third wheel. It’s funny you say that. Stephanie and I have been playing this little race car game every time I’m about to pass this. My car throws a flat and she’s got some little secret trick that allows her to go faster than me all the time, and she won’t tell me how to do it.

Maybe you can help me figure it out. You wanna play video games? You’re my only hope, buddy.

All right. But I’m probably gonna beat even worse than she does . Wow.

I, I’ll see you soon. I love you too, baby. How is Chanel? She’s free , so that matters. . Well, she and Allie, they’re over at Marla’s, but they’ll be over soon. They have their own birthday presents for the twins. Oh my God. I, I should have brought a trailer just for the gifts. . , and I hope you plan on bringing those little angels to visit their other grandma.

But don’t tell Julie that you brought ’em here first to see me. And you know how she gets a little possessive sometimes? Hmm. I got a confession to make. Hmm. . I took the twins to see Julie last night. You, you didn’t bring them to see me first. I’m, I’m sorry. I, I should have told you, I’m sorry. . So Julie’s the possess him.

That’s okay, darling. You are here now. That’s all that matters. Yeah. So, Eli, how’s my daughter? How you know Lonnie? She’s, she’s strong, but I, I know it’s killing her to not be here with family for c. Well, hopefully next year she will be out and we’ll be together. Mm-hmm. , from your lips to Gods ear. Well, at least you and Chanel are locked up for the holidays as well.

Mm-hmm. , amen to that. So that whole nightmare is over.

What am I missing? I’m showing Peterson. It’s been making threats against Paul and Chanel. What kind of threats? The threatening kind, well, sounds like I need to go over there and pay her a friendly visit and let her know whose family she’s messing with.

I don’t, I don’t think you understand how hard it is for me when you’re gone. Of course. Of No, look at me. Of course. I would rather spend time with you than with Leo. But like I said, you, you weren’t here.

I, I, I thought that we, we both agreed that I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity in la and I stand by that, and I’m so proud of you. Will.

You’re right. I’m sorry. I, I should have told you about this sooner. Okay. But. It kind of happened. What, what, what kind of happened? Me and Leo, I don’t know. We just started hanging out and nothing planned at all. Nothing planned. We just kept running into each other and we talked about what? A lot, a lot of stuff.

I think I’ve come to understand him a little bit better. All right. I know he comes off as an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone besides himself, but he’s acting really hard life and he’s, he’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying to be a better guy. Son.

I know that you always try and see the best in people and that you’re, and that’s a bad. No, no, I, it’s one of the many things I love about you, but sometimes you have to face reality. Santa Claus doesn’t exist, Sonny, and he didn’t suddenly leave Leo Stark a conscience under the tree. No, no. See, this is your problem.

You always see the worst in people. This is Leo Stark. He is the first. I’m not talking about Leo Stark. I’m talking about me. The first thing you thought when you came in here was that I was cheating on you. Well, you did the same thing in Phoenix when you walked in on me and I was with him. I had reason to think that seems that you’re already cheated on me once.

When’s a good liar, but, um, I don’t buy that. She’d got all that trouble just to make Santa look good to his wife. You know? I’m with you. Yep. So red. Must be a power for something else. Hmm. But what is it mean? What is Xander’s? Secret? Nude What? Nude. N E W G. It’s Gwen Backwards. Okay. What does that mean?

Gander having an affair. Sarah, what? You, what? What, what do you do? I overheard you on the phone saying you were going to meet her in the park, so I followed you. Please let me explain. I keep, oh, yes, please go ahead. Maybe you wanna start with how you kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Or how you lied to me over and over again, or how you were sneaking around my back with Herwe.

Let’s just, she’s my friend. A friend. A friend that helps you lie to your wife and commit felonies. Sarah, I, you shut your mouth. This is between me and my husband. Sir, this isn’t her fault. Are you seriously defending her right now? Did you put him up to this? Huh? I know you and Ava are thick as thieves.

Did she ask you to recruit Sandra, do her dirty work? That’s not how I happened. Then tell me how it happened and for the first time and forever, tell me the truth.

You are not going anywhere. Sloane Peterson doesn’t get to push you around. I appreciate you wanting to defend your family, baby, but I don’t want you going near that awful woman she is right now. Everybody’s safe so it, we just don’t want any more trouble than they’re already. Are you sure you don’t need me?

Oh, we sure as hell need you. We need you to be a husband, Talani and a father to our beautiful grandbabies cuz it’s their second birthdays. So I say, well, let’s make it a party.

Hi. Hi. So you think Xander is sleeping with Gwen behind Sarah’s? Honey, in my experience when a man lies, it’s usually about his paycheck or his love life. I think Xander’s lying about both. Hope that’s not true. Redneck is a fake company. Gwen is a real person. I see the way she looks at him. She does seem to still be enamored.

Think about it. Xander kisses Sarah on the cheek. Goodbye. Tells her he’s going to work at redneck, and instead he’s going to play with Gwen.

Eva heard that I was having financial problems. I was desperate for cash. Fuck, I just wanted to impress you. I wanted to prove that wasn’t some loser who can pay his rent. What up? Don’t make this about. Was redneck even real? No.

Was Ava Vitali your boss all along? Yes. What did she hire you to do? The plan was to kidnap ejs mother. It was supposed to be a simple transaction. I, I hold her. EJ pays up. Susan goes free. It was complications. Gimme Bonnie. Yeah, and she went to the shed looking for lanterns and she found Susan instead. I, I panicked.

I didn’t know what to do, so I knocked her unconscious and tied her up. When I came to my senses, I let her go and Ava, she swore to me that Susan wasn’t gonna get hurt. She’s dead. Sandra. She went off of a cliff and she died in a fiery car crash. I know, and I feel horrible about that, but I, but, but I let Susan go too.

And how could I know that she was gonna end up getting in between EJ and Ava and getting into that car? And don’t you see that if you hadn’t have kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive. So her blood is on your. I know, but I didn’t mean to. Oh, you didn’t mean to. You didn’t mean to. You did. Susan is dead.

Funnies is traumatized

and you lied lie to me.

And everything that I thought we had between us is a lie.

Wow. I, I can’t believe you’d bring up that time. It wasn’t just a time will, I mean, you slept with another man. Yeah. I thought we’d got past that. I thought that wasn’t an issue for us.

You’re right. I’m sorry. Okay. I just, you’re accusing me of cheating on you with Leo when clearly he’s just a lonely guy on Christmas and I’m trying to be a friend to him.


Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I, I, I believe you, you’re, you’re just being a good person and, and nothing is going on with you and you okay? Yes. And please, please tell me that you trust me. Promise that you trust me. I, I would never do anything hurt you or are our relationship. I’d love you so much. I trust you. Okay.

I don’t wanna fight with the man. I love Christmas or any other day, and I’m so glad to see you and I’m so glad you’re home.

But Sunny, now that I am,

Leo Esco,

you really are bad at this, aren’t you? Oh my God. Keep talking that smack pal. See what happens next time. Yeah. What are you gonna do? Throw a wheel at me, . There it is. The Der Kays. That’s the reason why you’re gonna lose this race. So the only way I lose this race is if I finish it backwards, my friend

Happy birthday Dear Julian. Happy, happy birthday. Thank you. Can daddy blow your candles out? I’m gonna blow, I’m gonna blow your candles out. Yeah. Oh. Yay. All right. All right. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, . I know what they wish for for Christmas and their birthday for their mom to be home. Oh, my little angels.

That’s, that’s, that’s what we all wish for and pray for.

It’s okay. I am not one to overstay my welcome, since when anyway, I hear the soup kitchen isn’t making one. Choose between stuffing and mashed potatoes this year. Lucky me.

Thank you, sunny, for your kindness and your generosity. Merry Christmas.

And to you. Well,

Leo, wait.

I’m not doing it. I’m not kicking it home. Come on. Come on, Sonny, you’re, you’re not seriously falling for his sad little tiny Tim act. I know that he’s playing it up a bit, but I, I’m not gonna. I invited him to stay and I’m not gonna throw him out. Really? Really?

Okay. If he’s not leaving, I will. He’d be serious. Will. Well, well,

Honestly, I hate to gossip about Sandra after he saved me from that crazy clown, but it is crystal clear that he and Gwen share some deep, dark secret. I’m just having a hard time believing that after all they’ve been Throughand would betray Sarah that way. You really don’t think that Xander and Gwen are doing the deed.

Honestly, whatever it is they’re keeping from us. I am worried that it’s even worse than an affair.

Come on darling. Come on. Let’s take that trip together. Just you and me. We can figure this all out. I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t ever wanna see you again. You take Gwen to Grace. You two deserve each other.

Talk about starting the day off. Right. Hi, happy you receive Gabby Happy wedding day. I can’t believe he’s finally here. Oh, nothing’s getting our way now. Absolutely nothing,

Gabby. You cannot marry.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, 12/27/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Oh, my god. Sheila?

Taylor: Ugh, hi.

Brooke: Hi. Wow, it’s really coming down out there.

Taylor: Yes, it is getting worse. Oh, I thought it was gonna let up.

Brooke: I’m sorry I had you come all the way over here.

Taylor: No, I have been driving around in this mess all day long. I’m happy to be indoors. Most of the traffic lights are out.

Brooke: Oh, you know, the lights have been flickering on and off in here.

Taylor: It’s a ghost. So, why did you want to see me?

Brooke: Uh, I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier with thomas.

Taylor: What happened?

Brooke: Thomas was voted out of forrester creations tonight.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

Carter: Oh, this did not make for a very good umbrella.

Katie: Oh, you tried, but it was raining sideways out there.

Carter: Oh, man, I should’ve checked the weather before suggesting we walk back from dinner.

Katie: Oh, well, I guess we won’t be having that glass of wine on your rooftop either.

Carter: Rain check?

Katie: Oh– that’s– oh, there you go. That’s good. That’s a good one.

Carter: Oh, man, we were supposed to toast to your health and slow dance under the stars.

Katie: Mother nature had other ideas, I guess.

Carter: Fortunately, so do I. I think I know where I can find a bottle of wine around here. And we can still slow dance. But first, we should get out of these wet things.

[ Katie chuckling ]

Katie: Hm, you really got the worst of it. Trying to use your jacket to shield me from the rain.

Carter: It’s the least I can do after dragging you into a storm.

Katie: You really are soaked. You should take this off. We can throw it in one of the dryers downstairs.

Carter: That’s a good idea. Unless this is you trying to get me out of my shirt.

Katie: You caught me.

[ Thunder booming ]

Taylor: No. How? How? The vote was unanimous. Ridge? Steffy?

Brooke: I’m sorry you have to hear this from me. I really thought ridge might have told you.

Taylor: Oh, I don’t– I don’t think that steffy or ridge could tell me that right now. They must be going through a lot, too. Thomas hasn’t called me. He must be devastated. His work at forrester was everything.

Brooke: We did what was best for the company. It’s not like we were trying to get back at him.

Taylor: I understand.

Brooke: Do you?

Taylor: I’m trying to. Um, you know, I’m– I’m– I’m seeing things from a different perspective these days. Thomas’ behavior. My relationship with ridge. With you. I mean, it’s– it’s really affected my kids, you know? There was a time when something like this would have caused a huge logan/forrester battle.

Brooke: Not anymore.

Taylor: Not anymore. I love my son so much. He’s not a bad person. He’s not. He just– he makes bad decisions. I am just so sorry for everything. He’s put us all through a lot. And– and what he did to you is… I don’t blame you for not wanting to see him around here.

Steffy: Oh, my god! No, oh, my god, no, finn!

Sheila: I don’t have any weapons, I swear. I just– I just want to talk. I’ll stand right here. I won’t move.

Steffy: There’s no phone service, the power’s out.

Finn: What did you do? What did you do?

Sheila: Just must’ve– must’ve been the storm.

Finn: The storm.

Sheila: Please, just listen to me. The police aren’t coming, and your security’s indisposed at the moment. And I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere. And you need– you need to hear. I just– I want to live in peace and harmony. I want– I’ve always wanted my previous family.

Finn: Never say that. You are not our family! You’re going to prison for the rest of your life. Nicorette knows quitting smoking is freaking hard.

Carter: Getting out of these wet things is not a bad idea.

[ Katie shivering ] Look at you. You’re shivering.

Katie: So, you want to strip down to warm up?

Carter: I’m feeling warmer already. And it’s a good thing this is a fashion house. There are robes right down the hall.

Katie: Okay, well, then… give me your clothes. I’ll put them in the dryer with mine.

Carter: Okay. Uh.

[ Katie chuckling ] There we go. Pants are wet, too.

Katie: Oh, boy, all right.

Carter: All right.

Katie: Thanks, mother nature.

[ Both laughing ]

Carter: Ugh. Thank you.

Katie: No, carter, really, thank you.

Carter: For what? This was supposed to be a romantic celebration. Evening on my terrace overlooking the gorgeous view of the ocean.

Katie: Well, the storm is pretty romantic. And I’m liking the view just fine.

Taylor: Things would have been so different for thomas if we would have made this choice sooner.

Brooke: What thomas did made us realize that it was necessary.

Taylor: Well, there’s a bright spot in all of this.

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: You know, I was thinking about what you said. About how thomas had to watch his dad go back and forth between us for all those years. Seeing his mother heartbroken all the time. It made him so angry.

Brooke: I think our kids just want us to be happy.

Taylor: Yes, they do. Isn’t it so crazy that we thought our happiness depended on ridge?

Brooke: Yeah, but not anymore.

Taylor: No, not anymore. You know what? I– I want our kids to see this. I– I– I- our grandkids. Everyone we care about.

Brooke: Gosh, it feels so good, right?

Taylor: Yes!

Brooke: Choosing ourselves!

Taylor: It feels amazing and not running away from it because I think I have to. You know what, brooke? I’m happy. I’m– I feel fulfilled right now. I really do. And there is– there is nothing that is gonna mess that up for me. Well, almost nothing.

Brooke: Don’t worry, thomas will contact you–

Taylor: No, it’s not just about thomas. It’s sheila.

Brooke: Ah, yeah.

Taylor: Sheila carter is alive. She is out there and she is still a huge threat to our families.

Sheila: You don’t need to be afraid of me–

Finn: You’re the one that should be afraid, sheila.

Steffy: Finn, no! No, no.

Finn: You’re sick. Okay? You– you faked your own death.

Sheila: I did that for you so you can move on.

Finn: You did it so you could escape.

Finn: So, you could have closure–

Steffy: Then why are you still here?

Sheila: I couldn’t leave! I needed to make sure you were all right.

Steffy: You’re a liar. You were– you were stalking us. I saw you at il giardino!

Sheila: I didn’t know you were going to be at il giardino and I’m not following you. I’m not a threat to you. I– I– I understand, if– if you don’t want me to be a part of your family–

Steffy: We don’t want you here. We want you behind bars.

Finn: You should have run away when you had the chance to never come back.

Sheila: Don’t you think I tried that? I came up with a brilliant plan. I executed it perfectly and everyone believed it. Everyone. Except for you, my brilliant, gifted son.

Steffy: What you did was sick!

Sheila: It was horrible and it was excruciating, but that’s what you do when you love family, and I would do anything for you. I would do anything, regardless of how much it hurt me.

Finn: Then turn yourself in.

Sheila: I don’t– I don’t need to go to prison. I am not a threat to you. If you could just let me explain.

Finn: Explain what? You shot me. Your own son. And then, you shot my wife. You could have made your grandson an orphan. A child you claim to love.

Sheila: I do love hayes. I love you all.

Steffy: Hayes will never know you existed. You’re going to rot behind bars for the rest of your miserable life.

Finn: You’re coming with me.

Steffy: Oh, no.

Sheila: Let me explain, let me explain. No, no, no, no, no. Please, just… just hear me out. Even if it is for the last time.

Sheila: Please.

After advil.

Katie: Okay.

Carter: Nice and warm?

Katie: Yes. Here you go.

Carter: Thank you.

Katie: Oh, you found some wine.

Carter: I did. I have to make good on some of my promises.

Katie: I think you’re doing just fine.

Carter: Well, let’s toast to you. To your grace, to your health, to your beauty.

[ Katie chuckling ] So much for a night away from the office, huh?

Katie: Well, our night is just getting started. And I like where it’s going so far.

Brooke: So, the police were sure it was sheila that steffy saw at il giardino?

Taylor: Yeah. And they have no idea where she is now.

[ Thunder roars ]

Brooke: Oh! Gosh.

Sheila: Just hear me out. Just this once.

Finn: Yeah. What– what? Then what? You think we’re just gonna let you walk out of here? No, sheila. You’re not getting away this time. If I wanted to get away, I could have. I could be living a new life somewhere else. But leaving you wasn’t an option for me. I just– I want your acceptance, your understanding.

Steffy: There’s nothing to understand. Everyone is against you. And that’s exactly what you were saying in that alley when you pulled the gun on me.

Finn: Whoa, whoa, whoa–

Sheila: No one’s more sorry for what happened that night than I am. It was a terrible accident.

Finn: Accident? You nearly killed her.

Steffy: I thought my husband was dead. My family mourned him!

Sheila: I didn’t mean to shoot you, finn.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Sheila: I didn’t mean to shoot anyone. Steffy just kept coming at me over and over again, threatening to keep us apart. I know that you both despise me and that all you can see is the bad, the mistakes that I’ve made, but coming back to los angeles to meet you was not a mistake. And I can say that because I love you. I am still your mother, I am hayes’ grandmother, and there is nothing that is going to change that. Things could just be so different. Will you just please give me a chance? I just– I just– I just want your acceptance. I– I want to be at peace with you. I– I want to find a way that the two of us can move forward together. That’s all I want.

Steffy: You’re insane, you’re insane, you’re insane.

Finn: You’re going away, sheila. We’re pressing charges. You’re gonna pay for your crimes.

Sheila: I’m not going back to prison. There’s nothing that you could say or do to convince steffy and me to let you go. You’re going to prison, sheila. Tonight. Second date, wish me luck buddy.

Brooke: Nobody has seen sheila since that car chase?

Taylor: No, no. It’s terrifying. Where could she be?

Brooke: Well, she had to have left town.

Taylor: Well, you’d think a rational person would leave town, but sheila’s not rational. She cut off her own toe. She faked her own death. She convinced everyone she was dead, and then she came back.

Brooke: And if she tries that again, she’ll be caught for sure.

Taylor: Yeah, but we just have to keep our guard up. Especially steffy and finn.

Brooke: Maybe it’s safer if they go out of town for a while.

Taylor: Yeah, I wish they would, but, you know, sheila’s caused such an upheaval in their lives. Steffy and finn are determined to stand their ground.

Brooke: You think she’d go after them again?

Taylor: I think she’d try to go after hayes.

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: But I– I– I– that would be so stupid. She…

Brooke: Well, like you said, she’s not rational.

Taylor: My god, brooke. What is she gonna do next?

Steffy: There’s nowhere to run, sheila. No way to avoid your fate.

Sheila: You know, that’s the problem. People have always underestimated me. Lauren fenmore underestimated me in genoa city. She thought my life was over. But actually, you know what? My life was just beginning. I started an amazing new existence right here in sunny california. And then, jack. Jack thought he could keep me a secret, keep me from my son. And now you’re saying it’s over? That– that there’s no chance of escape? That– that I’m going back to prison? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Oh, you know, I– I’ve gotten used to hearing that over and over again. But it’s never been true for me, steffy. Not for me, because I always find a way out.

Finn: Sheila, there is not one person in this town that has any sympathy for you.

Steffy: Everyone knows you’re crazy and dangerous.

Finn: And you believing that you’re just gonna get away shows how truly disturbed you are.

Sheila: Oh, no, you know what? You’re wrong again, sweetheart, because I’m a free woman right now, and I’m going to continue to be a free woman.

Finn: Okay, that’s enough. Steffy, I think there’s some rope in the top drawer.

Sheila: Oh, here. What, you want to tie me up?

Finn: You don’t realize the evil that you have brought into our lives.

[ Thunder cracks ]

Steffy: Here, here, here.

Finn: You shot me and my wife. You left us for dead. It’s over, mother. Right here, right now. You hear me?

Steffy: Bill.

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Days Update Monday, December 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie is at home on the phone with Kayla. Stephanie thanks her for her necklace and says she misses everybody. Stephanie sends her love and hangs up. Stephanie comments on having a depressing little Christmas tree, until Alex shows up at her door, surprising her with a larger Christmas tree as he wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Leo comes downstairs and in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where he greets Victor. Victor questions what the hell Leo is doing in his house. Leo questions if he hasn’t heard and announces that he lives here now.

Bonnie goes to the hospital and wishes Sarah a Merry Christmas. Sarah asks how Bonnie is. Bonnie assures that she will be okay but Justin convinced her that she should talk to someone about the clown visions she’s been having. Bonnie notes that Marlena agreed to meet her this morning and they just had their first session. Bonnie says it’s just beginning but she feels really good about it. Bonnie then sees a clown in the hospital and worries that it’s happening again.

Gwen goes to Xander’s hotel room. Xander thanks her for coming and hopes he didn’t pull her away from any holiday family festivities. Gwen assures that he saved her from having to go to church with the Hortons, specifically Julie. Gwen asks him what was so urgent. Xander informs her that Sarah is at the hospital, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to be alone. Gwen questions what for. Xander then presents the lingerie he got for Sarah which catches Gwen by surprise.

Justin goes to the police station to ask Rafe and Jada if Ava has said anything about who her accomplice was. Jada explains that they tried questioning her, but mentally she is completely checked out, so they won’t be getting any answers anytime soon. Justin questions if that’s it and he’ll just never figure out who kidnapped and terrorized his wife. Rafe assures that they are not giving up. Rafe says they are waiting on a forensics report from the warehouse and if anything turns up, they will let him know. Justin thanks them and says this whole ordeal has traumatized Bonnie. Justin worries that Bonnie is starting to feel like she’s losing her mind.

Bonnie confronts the clown in the hospital and says she knows he’s not real and is only a hallucination. Bonnie says she is facing her fears until Sarah comes over and explains that he is Clarence the Christmas Clown, the entertainment for the pediatric patients. Bonnie questions him being real. Clarence tells her to stay away from him and calls her a freak as he walks away. Bonnie decides she’s going to need a few more therapy sessions as Sarah hugs her.

Gwen asks if this is because she told Xander that he owed her one. Xander says it is, but Gwen says he doesn’t have to repay her in this way as she would never ask him to be unfaithful to his wife. Xander clarifies that he’s not suggesting they have sex. Gwen questions the lingerie then. Xander explains that it’s the gift he got Sarah and that Thomas overheard Gwen on the phone saying he owed her, so Gwen told Thomas that she helped him with the gift. Gwen realizes that Thomas told Sarah which Xander confirms. Xander adds that now Sarah thinks that he asked Gwen to pick out some sexy lingerie for her. Gwen remarks that she’d have much better taste. Xander asks if they are on the same page. Gwen says yes but her one request is that they forget the part where she assumed he wanted to have sex with her.

Leo sits with Victor and asks how Christmas mornings work around here and when they open gifts. Victor responds with about an hour after they throw Leo out on his sugar plum ass. Victor calls Henderson to escort Leo out of his house, but Leo reveals that he can’t do that because he is an invited guest. Victor questions by whom. Sonny then walks in and declares he invited Leo.

Stephanie tells Alex that she wasn’t expecting him until tonight, but this is exactly what she needed as they decorate the Christmas tree. Alex figured she might be lonely this morning since her family is out of town. Alex asks if she’s talked to them. Stephanie confirms that she did right before he came. Alex asks how Tripp is. Stephanie says he’s still upset about his mom and he wanted to stay nearby but Steve pointed out it would be a couple days before Ava can even have visitors at Bayview, so it was good that Tripp went to be with Steve, Kayla, and Joey in Seattle. Alex mentions seeing Paulina’s statement about stepping down as Governor, so he thought for sure that she would’ve gone to Seattle. Stephanie responds that it wouldn’t have worked out time-wise since she’s been so busy dealing with the fallout of Paulina’s resignation. Stephanie adds that she’s looking forward to spending Christmas with him and his family. Alex jokes that she might end up rethinking that by the end of the night between Bonnie’s hallucinations and Sonny’s new houseguest as the place is a little more nutty than usual.

Sonny explains to Victor that he was going to tell him last night but he was already asleep when he got home and then this morning, he had to get Arianna ready for Gabi to pick her up. Victor tells him to cut to the chase as to why he invited Leo in to their house. Sonny informs Victor that he told Leo he could stay with them temporarily because he was about to be evicted. Victor questions why that’s his problem. Sonny argues that he couldn’t let Leo spend Christmas Eve alone out in the cold. Victor says that Sonny gave him a warm bed and now it’s time for Leo to scamper back to Hooville. Sonny says that he told Leo that he could stay with them for the holidays. Victor says absolutely not and demands he have Leo removed from the house now or else he’ll call the police to have them do it.

Jada hands Rafe the crime scene analysis and asks if he wants her to stick around to go over it with him. Rafe tells her that her shift is over so she doesn’t have to stay but Jada says she does or else she wouldn’t have an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation to a Very Brady Christmas lunch. Jada says it was kind of Kate to invite her but with Eric there, it would just be awkward as hell. Rafe understands and decides she can stay and help, joking that she can’t say he never did anything nice for her. Jada points out that Rafe will be paying her double overtime since doesn’t work for free, but says she will return the favor by helping him crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

Gwen is sure that Sarah wasn’t too pleased that she supposedly picked out a sexy nightie for her. Xander confirms it was awkward but it was better than telling the truth since if Sarah ever finds out that he was the kidnapping clown, she’ll never forgive him. Gwen assures that she’ll never say anything and Leo won’t either. Xander asks how she knows. Gwen responds that she trusts Leo and jokes that he enjoyed wearing the muscle suit and wrestling around with Xander a bit too much. Gwen tells Xander that she best get going. Xander thanks her again for everything. Gwen tells him any time. Xander then opens the door for Gwen to leave, right as Justin arrives and asks if he’s interrupting.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she can’t believe she almost punched an innocent clown. Sarah encourages that she didn’t and she was facing her fears. Bonnie worries that therapy won’t be a quick fix. Sarah assures that it’s important to stick with it. Bonnie responds that she’s just tired of being scared all the time, knowing the clown is still out there. Sarah says she’s so sorry that she’s dealing with this. Bonnie talks about how thankful she is that Xander was there to save her from the clown and how it made her feel so bad that she accused him of being the kidnapper which Sarah is surprised to learn. Bonnie says she was sure of it and she was so mean to him about it. Sarah questions why Bonnie thought Xander was her kidnapper.

Justin tells Xander that he can come back another time but Xander says he’s not interrupting anything and that Gwen just came by because he forgot his scarf at the Hortons last night, so she returned it. Xander then asks what Justin is doing there. Justin responds that he stopped by the police station to ask Rafe if he had any more information on who kidnapped Xander and Bonnie but he didn’t have any new information and was awaiting a forensics report from the warehouse. Xander says that’s too bad but thanks Justin for the update. Justin then gives Xander an envelope which he says is a Christmas present and a thanks for rescuing Bonnie. Xander opens it and asks what it is. Justin reveals that he drew up some papers because he’s going to help him sue the pants off Rednax.

Bonnie questions Sarah about Xander not telling her that she went off on him and says that proves what a good guy he is because he probably knew she made a fool of herself. Sarah asks her what happened. Bonnie explains that the night they were both kidnapped, she had run in to Xander earlier in the park and overheard him say the exact words that the Clown said to her and Susan which was “I will not let this situation destroy my life.” Sarah calls that odd and wonders why Xander would be saying that and who he was saying it to. Bonnie adds that she never got the chance to ask as Xander then said to keep your voice down which is another thing the Clown said. Sarah calls that a very strange coincidence. Bonnie says that then she explained to Xander that the Clown texted Justin and Maggie that she was going to see Mimi, which indicated the Clown was someone who knew her, like Xander. Bonnie adds that the clown was also muscular like Xander so it all seemed to fit.

Stephanie tells Alex that she’s glad Bonnie is getting help. Stephanie informs him that she also once suffered from PTSD and it was one of the worst times of her life. Alex asks her what happened. Stephanie reveals to him that EJ DiMera had her kidnapped which shocks Alex. Stephanie explains that when she was dating Philip, she got caught in the feud between the Kiriakis family and the DiMeras. Stephanie says she was held in a morgue. Alex tells her that he’s sorry. Alex says he knew that EJ was a ruthless bastard. Stephanie assures that it was cruel and unjust punishment. Alex brings up EJ being responsible for Tripp’s kidnapping too and wonders why it seems like EJ is making a habit out of messing with her family. Stephanie says he doesn’t know the half of it. Stephanie turns the topic back to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about Alex saying Sonny has a guest. Alex reveals that Sonny asked Leo Stark to stay with them which shocks her after everything Leo has done to Sonny. Alex remarks that Sonny is a big softie and the opposite of Victor. Alex adds that when Victor finds out, the place is going to be a war zone…

Victor asks if Sonny has completely lost his senses, reminding him that Leo blackmailed him in to marriage and almost destroyed their company with a lawsuit. Sonny responds that he’s well aware of Leo’s past. Victor points out that it was just last year when Leo drugged him and took compromising photos of him in bed to sell to the tabloids. Leo notes that he has apologized to Sonny repeatedly as he feels so terribly guilty about that, especially in light of how incredibly kind and forgiving Sonny has been. Victor doesn’t understand why Sonny would forgive Leo. Sonny argues that he forgave Leo just like many people have forgiven Victor for his transgressions, because he’s genuinely sorry and he’s expressed profound interest in becoming a better person. Sonny is surprised that Victor is so shocked given how many people have forgiven him. Sonny declares that he would now consider he and Leo friends. Victor calls that the stupidest thing he’s ever heard. Victor demands Sonny get rid of Leo now or he’s fired. Sonny questions Victor firing him for giving his friend a place to stay. Victor argues that Sonny calling Leo his friend shows his judgment is impaired. Victor declares that until Sonny comes to his senses, he will just replace him with his brother, Alex. Leo says he will leave but Sonny argues that Victor can’t keep holding his job over his head, especially since Victor begged him to take it but now every time he does something he doesn’t like, he threatens to fire him. Sonny declares that he’s not going to be pushed around anymore. Victor tells him that he can take his righteous indignation and shove it because he’s still out on his ass. Sonny tells Victor to fire him and he doesn’t care. Sonny offers his phone and tells Victor to call Alex to tell him he’s got the job. Sonny declares that he’d rather have his integrity and help out a friend in need than bow down to his ridiculous demands.

Stephanie makes hot chocolate for her and Alex. Alex finishes decorating the tree, so Stephanie declares that it finally feels like Christmas. Alex then gives her a Christmas present of a video game system. Alex explains that Stephanie said she loved playing video games with her brothers back in Seattle and she looked forward to having a tournament with them, but since she couldn’t get back to Seattle, he thought they could have their own tournament. Alex realizes it’s not the most romantic gift, but Stephanie calls it the most thoughtful so it is the most romantic gift that anyone has ever given her as she thanks him.

Xander tells Justin that it’s very kind of him but they talked about this and he doesn’t want to pursue legal action. Justin argues that he was wrongfully terminated for refusing to do something illegal by his boss, so they can’t let this company get away with it. Xander responds that he doesn’t have the money to pay him. Justin says it’s pro-bono after what he did for Bonnie. Justin adds that he could end up with a huge settlement and all of his financial problems would disappear. Xander argues that it would be he said, she said. Justin says he’s worked with less. Justin tells him that all he will need is the full name of his boss before he can file the lawsuit. Xander tells Justin that he doesn’t want to do this. Justin asks why not and if there’s something he’s not telling him. Gwen stops Justin and declares that she will tell him everything.

Sarah asks Bonnie what Xander said when she accused him. Bonnie explains that he vehemently denied it and she was going to tell Justin her theory when she got knocked out from behind. Bonnie says the next thing she knew, she and Xander were both tied up and then the Clown came in which is when she knew Xander was telling the truth because obviously it couldn’t have been him.

Rafe and Jada go over the analysis. Jada notes there isn’t much to go on with no evidence or fingerprints. Rafe notes that it seems like after Bonnie and Xander escaped, the Clown went back there and cleaned up before their guys got there. Rafe then discovers that he might have missed something as forensics found a torn piece of flesh colored polyester fiber which didn’t match anything Bonnie or Xander were wearing. Rafe adds that Bonnie said the clown was wearing a blue suit again, nothing flesh colored. Jada calls it strange.

Stephanie and Alex play a racing video game together. Stephanie wins the game. Alex jokes that he never would’ve bought it for her if he knew she’d be such a monster at it. Stephanie says she’s just competitive. Alex jokes that she had an unfair advantage due to her racing background, so they decide to try a different game.

Victor gives in and tells Sonny to keep his job which surprises him. Victor declares that he changed his mind because he has a heart of gold. Victor tells Sonny that he’s made his decision, so he should just accept it. Sonny decides that it’s accepted and that means Leo can stay. Victor says as long as he’s put in a room far away from he and Maggie. Leo thanks him and says any room is fine, joking that he wants one with a bathroom. Leo gives Victor his word that he will never hurt Sonny again. Victor doesn’t know how Leo expects people to take him seriously while sitting there in pajamas. Victor then asks Sonny how his husband feels about his little sleepover party. Sonny admits he hasn’t told Will yet which Victor says he suspected. Sonny explains that Will decided to stay in LA to work instead of coming home for Christmas, so he doesn’t get a say in this. Victor remarks that if he did, Leo would be out on a park bench while Sonny would have a lot of explaining to do.

Justin asks what Gwen knows about Xander’s situation. Gwen responds that she knows the name of his boss and claims that it’s Maeve Wilson. Justin asks how she knows that. Gwen claims she was going to interview her to do some press for the company but when she found out they were crooked, she ditched the story. Justin asks if he has her contact info. Gwen says she has her e-mail in her research file somewhere. Justin says he has to pick up Bonnie from the hospital and asks if he can come get the info from Gwen after. Gwen says sure. Xander adds that he actually has to get to the hospital too since Sarah has enlisted him to play Santa for the kids in pediatrics. Gwen jokes that she’d love to see that. Xander asks Justin for a ride over there so maybe he can talk him out of the lawsuit on the way. Justin says sure but insists he won’t change his mind. Xander tells Justin to let him grab his costume and then he’ll meet him at the car. Justin tells Gwen that he will see her later and exits. Xander questions Gwen as to what the hell that was all about. Gwen argues that Justin was getting suspicious. Xander understands but questions who she’s going to get to play Maeve Wilson, asking if she’s going to Leo to dress in drag or call his old friend Jackie. Gwen assures him that Maeve Wilson actually exists and is a girl that she went to school with who was a real proper bitch. Xander questions how that’s relevant. Gwen says it’s not as they are going to send Justin on a wild goose chase and Xander will never be found out.

Jada asks Rafe if it’s possible that the fabric is from the clown mask. Rafe says it’s hard to say as all they know is that Susan bought the mask in the town square and it was made of latex. Jada asks if there’s anything else. Rafe notes that forensics also found piece of poly filled padding like the kind used in stuffed animals or pillows. Jada wonders if it could’ve been made at the factory or the warehouse. Rafe says his gut is telling him that this ties back to the kidnapper but he’s just not sure how. Rafe gets a call from Gabi and promises he’s leaving work soon and won’t be late. Rafe hangs up and tells Jada that he will have to pack it in soon because he can’t be late for Christmas lunch. Jada tells Rafe that he can go ahead while she sticks around to work on the file. Rafe suggests Jada come with him instead. Jada doesn’t want to impose but Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be as it’s just Gabi, Li, and Arianna so it’s all very casual. Jada asks if he’s sure. Rafe says she’d be doing him a favor since he wouldn’t be the odd man out. Jada agrees but says she would like to stop somewhere first and she’d like him to come with her.

Justin goes to the hospital to pick up Bonnie. Justin asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to stick around for the Christmas party. Bonnie assures that she doesn’t want another run-in with Clarence the Clown. Xander arrives dressed as Santa Claus and gives Bonnie a candy cane. Justin wishes Xander good luck with the kids and says he’ll get back to him regarding what they discussed. Justin tells him to have fun as he exits with Bonnie. Sarah asks Xander what that was all about. Xander responds that Justin was just helping him with something and he’ll explain later. Xander and Sarah as Santa and Mrs. Claus then head for the party.

Sonny and Leo eat together in the living room. Leo talks about Sonny going above and beyond by sticking up for him and being willing to lose his job rather than have Victor throw him out. Sonny says it was as much for himself as for Leo as he is sick of Victor pushing him around. Leo calls it totally impressive. Leo then gives Sonny a Christmas present. Sonny argues that Leo is broke so he shouldn’t have got him anything. Leo insists and calls it a small token of his appreciation for letting him stay. Sonny opens the present and it’s a t-shirt that says “Gay as Christmas Morning”. Leo says he saw it in the store window and immediately thought of him. Sonny thanks Leo and says he loves it.

Stephanie and Alex play a dancing rhythm based video game. Alex gives up and jokes that Stephanie must be a professional dancer. Stephanie says she wasn’t but she was a cheerleader in high school. Alex jokes that he gives up at the games because she has all these secret advantages. Alex says he does have some talents as he kisses her.

Rafe and Jada arrive at the hospital. Jada tells Rafe about how her dad used to talk about the hospital Christmas party. Rafe calls it a wonderful tradition. Jada thanks him for coming with her. Xander as Santa speaks to the kids and has Sarah read the Christmas Story to the kids. Rafe, Jada, Xander, and the kids watch and applaud when Sarah finishes.

Stephanie jokes that she knew Alex was good at something. Alex guesses he’s not a total loser. Stephanie calls him a champion kisser. Alex asks for a victory lap as they continue kissing. Alex stops and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie suggests they move this to her bedroom.

Xander and Sarah pass out presents to the kids. Jada remarks to Rafe that she’s surprised that a man as vain as Xander would willingly cover up his muscles with all that padding. Rafe then comes to a realization about flesh colored filling and the padding. Rafe declares that the kidnapper was wearing a bodysuit under his clothes. Jada asks why which Rafe calls a good question.

Justin and Bonnie go to see Gwen at the Horton house. Gwen gives Justin a folder that she says includes Maeve’s e-mail and all her research into Rednax. Justin thanks Gwen. Justin says he knows Xander is hesitant to pursue the case, but calls it the right thing to do. Bonnie then sees the folder and notices that Rednax is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a coincidence.

Sonny tells Leo that it was really sweet of him to get him the shirt and says he can’t wait to wear it. Leo says it’s the least he could do and suggests Sonny try it on now, adding that if it doesn’t fit then he will return it to get him the right size. Sonny says okay and removes his shirt. Will then walks in to surprise Sonny for Christmas but sees him shirtless with Leo in the room. Will then questions what the hell is going on here.

A tribute video aired to John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) who passed away on November 11, 2022 as this was his final episode.

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Days Short Recap Monday, December 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie saw Sarah at the hospital. Bonnie finished her session with Marlena. Bonnie saw a clown and started yelling at it. Sarah calms her down. Bonnie said she was tired of being scared. She said the clown was still out there. She said she was grateful that Xander was there for her. She said she felt bad for accusing Xander of being one of the kidnappers. Sarah wondered why she felt that Xander was one of the kidnappers. Bonnie told her why she felt that way. Justin asked Rafe and Jada about the person who kidnapped Bonnie. Rafe said they were waiting on a forensics report on the warehouse where Bonnie and Xander were held. Rafe said they would let him know if they find out anything. Justin left the police station. Rafe and Jada went over the report. They saw a piece of polyester that didn’t match Bonnie or Xander’s clothes. They saw stuff that was in pillows. Gabi called him to remind him about their lunch. He asked Jada to come with him. She agreed to go, but she wanted him to go somewhere with her first. Xander wanted Gwen to come to his motel room. She showed up. He showed her the lingerie that he got for Sarah. He said it was the gift he told Thomas that she helped him get for Sarah. He said if Sarah asked, she would know what to do. When Xander opened the door for Gwen to leave, Justin was there.

Justin told Xander that he was going to help him sue Red Nax since he helped find Bonnie. Justin said he needed the boss’s name so he could file the suit. Xander tried to tell Justin that he didn’t need his help. Gwen said the boss’s name is Maeve Wilson. She said she had the contact information from when she started the story on Red Nax. Justin said he would get it from her later. When Justin left, she told Xander that Maeve Wilson was someone she went to school with. She said they would send Justin on a wild goose chase. She said Xander would never be caught. Jada and Rafe went to the hospital for the hospital party. She said it was one of her father’s traditions. Xander was at the hospital dressed as Santa. Sarah was dressed as Mrs. Claus. Xander read to the kids. Jada told Rafe that she was surprised that Xander would cover up his muscles with the padding. Rafe figured out the flesh-colored material and padding was a body suit worn under the clown clothes. He wondered why the person would do that. Leo showed up in the living room at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor was upset that Leo was living there. Victor wanted Henderson to throw him out. Leo said he was invited. Sonny showed up and said Leo was telling the truth. Victor wanted to know why Sonny would invite Leo to stay. Sonny said he needed a place to stay. Victor said it was time for Leo to leave. Victor wondered why Sonny would forgive Leo. Sonny said he forgave Leo the same way people forgave Victor. Sonny said Leo was genuinely sorry and wanted to be a better person. Sonny said he considered him a friend. Victor said that was the stupidest thing he heard. He told Sonny to get rid of him or he was fired. Sonny said he would rather help a friend to give in to his demands. Victor gave in and let Sonny keep his job. He said Leo could stay as long as he is far away from him and Maggie. He asked what Will thought of it. Sonny said Will didn’t know. Victor said he had a lot of explaining to do. While Sonny and Leo were alone, they started playing around. Will walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

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GH Transcript Monday, December 26, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Baby crying ] You have a beautiful daughter. I know. I mean, she — she’s not m– she’s not my — she’s not my kid. I just delivered her. Well, helped, anyways. Right, the christmas miracle baby everyone’s been buzzing about. Isn’t she spectacular? Do you know her name? Britta. Britta noelle. Oh, that’s quite a special name. Yeah, well… she’s named after a very special woman. “Join me for my first ever birthday party on new year’s eve.” Britt, you wanted to see me? Excuse me? I got a message to meet here. So, what’s up? I have no clue. I got the same message. I assumed it was from my co-chief of staff. If this is somebody’s idea of a joke — oh, good. You’re both here. Can we take care of a little piece of business? And what business is that?

[ Door closes ] Well, the business we’ve all chosen, dr. Westbourne — the business of saving lives. Brussels sprouts? That is so 2022. Maxie? What are you doing here? Oh, I’m meeting with britt to go over the menu and details about her big birthday party. What’s your excuse? Uh, actually, britt wants my opinion to make it a birthday bash this town will never forget.

[ Chuckles ] No offense, but I’m the professional party planner. And I’m a professional party animal, so, uh, move over. Hmm. Heather: Hello?! How long do you have to wait to see a doctor in this hospital?! I’m a very important pers– oh, my. If it isn’t detective dreamboat. You didn’t have to get all dressed up just to see me, you know. Oh, I didn’T. Oh, you were at that memorial, weren’t you? I read about that in the paper. That brave young officer killed in the line of duty. I do so wish that you’d let me help you find his killer. And then, you know, you could maybe help me in return.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Another mourner. Ooh, that’s a really nice dress, doc. Is that armani? Ugh. You let me know when I can take this one back where she belongs. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. No, detective, though, think about it. Seriously. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Just to be clear, this is a court-appointed evaluation. Right. This is gonna help the judge determine whether you are sufficiently rehabbed so that you can return to custody at d’archam. You know, the only thing is my neck still really hurts, um, dr. Robinson? Yes. Oh. Are you by any chance related to that lovely young girl who was on trial earlier this year? That’s my daughter, yes. Please look right here. Pcpd. Did rory proud. But I’m surprised his — his family didn’t attend. Oh, well, commissioner ashford told me that she invited them personally, but they were just too upset to come. They’re having a private burial just for family, which I totally get, ’cause this is still really hard to believe that it’s happening. Good morning, trina, curtis, marshall. Trina, I just want to assure you that whoever took officer cabrera’s life will be made to pay the price. That I solemnly promise. This killer’s already claimed too many lives. Makes you wonder, when’s it gonna end? It ends when we find esme. Who’s we?

I just meant we, the people of this great city. Hello, laura, curtis. Hey, sam. Trina, how are you? I’m getting through it. Thanks for asking. You know, spencer, I think it’s very nice of you to be here to support your friend, but I just want to say to everyone it’s very important that we all stand back and let the pcpd do their jobs. Of course, grandmother. I’m a cassadine, not a cop. The last thing that I want to do is stick my neck out there and, well… spencer, it is best if you stay in your lane.

[ Cellphone rings ] Dante? Yeah. Where are you? Hey. I was just in with hannah webber. She’s dropping hints like she could give us some information on the hook.

But it’s gonna come

with a price tag. How much? I don’t think she’s talking about money. Got it. On my way. Robert, is dante okay? Oh, overworked, underpaid. Yeah, he’s fine. Does he have a lead, I hope? Well, that remains to be seen. But if there is one, you’ll be the first to know. No text from britt. Or did she text you? Nope. Hm. Wonder what’s keeping her. Well, I’ve already started preparing a wish list for the party. From swag for the guests to a signature cocktail. Don’t bother. I already designed a cocktail for britt. Bourbon, rice wine, and ginger. And what’s it called? The britch. What else? And what makes you the expert?

[ Chuckles ] She’s my best friend, as well as my drinking buddy. Okay, well, I’m family — mother to her nephew. I know britt’s likes and dislikes. I’m family, too. Chosen family. Congratulations. Oh, she’s not — oh, hey, it’s you. I heard what you did. I guess the saying is true. It really does take a village to bring a new life into this mixed-up world.

[ Monitor beeping ] Yeah, well, britt, you know, dr. Westbourne, she — she did all the heavy lifting. Honestly, I was just trying not to pass out. Really? Because the way I heard it, you pitched in until the paramedics could get through the snowstorm and deliver mother and child here to G.H. To be honest, I was scared to death. I mean, I-I’ve delivered a foal to a nervous filly before, but [Sighs] This was a whole new ballgame. To top it off, the — the pregnant woman, she was dressed as mary on christmas eve. So no pressure there.

[ Baby coos ] Why do you always do that? Do what? Someone tries to give you a compliment or pat you on the back, and your first response is that you don’t deserve it. Well, that’s easy. Because I don’T. Okay, so what we’re talking about here is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that’s been recently federally approved. And its ability to locate cancer cells and other potentially life-threatening illnesses is so cool. I-it’s remarkable. Sounds great, but I’m gonna beat britt to the punch and ask how much. Um, yeah, I’m not gonna lie. It’s — it’s pricy. But I think it would be a great investment for G.H. How much? Low six figures. You don’t have to say it. We can’t afford that. Um, yeah, you’re right. You know, we — we can’t — we can’t approve that big of a purchase. So why don’t we just recommend it to the board and pull the trigger? Wait, wait. What is happening? Normally, when I zig, you zag, that’s our deal. Now, all of a sudden — I zig, you zig, we zig together. Are we done here? No, britt, stop. You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s really going on. The only good thing about d’archam is we do get access to the media. And your daughter’s trial was a really big deal in the padded cells. You know, ’cause it was so salacious. College student taping her best friends doing the dirty and then sending the sex tape to the entire university? The inmates really ate that up. You know, ’cause it was so juicy. It must have been so hard for you, you know, as trina’s mother, to watch, right? I mean, of course, I knew right from the beginning she was totally innocent. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Open up. Say ahh. Ahh.

[ Speaks indistinctly ] Sorry. As someone who’s been falsely accused myself many times over the years, I always root for the underdog. And besides, I mean, it was obvious from the beginning she was totally set up. What was the name of that, um, other suspect again? That was esme prince. Right, esme prince, yeah. The girl that’s gone missing. So tell me, dr. Robinson, does your daughter ever talk about that esme?

This doesn’t make any sense. Always when it comes to spending, you’re squeezing every dime. And now suddenly you’re all about letting the money flow? This isn’t you, britt. So what gives? Britt, you want to tell her, or should I? Tell me what? Okay. N-n– you know, everyone thinks that terry is some great healer, and I’m just ebenezer scrooge in charge of the budget. Well, you know what? I delivered a miracle breech baby on christmas with the roads blocked by snow assisted by two doctors who are not ob-gyns, the quartermaine family, and their — their lame… stable bum. Okay. The conditions weren’t ideal, but I know you’re an experienced ob trained for anything, right? No, no, no amount of training prepared me for how I felt. Here at the hospital when you have a breech baby, we usually opt for a c-section. At the quartermaines’, I had to deliver the baby breech. Do you have any idea all the things that could have gone wrong? After I delivered that little girl and I put her in her mother’s arms, it was the first time ever I realized life is a miracle and it should never be taken for granted. What? Suddenly you’re agreeable. Then you start talking about miracles. Were you visited by three ghosts last night, showing you how your life might turn out? Okay, chosen family, if you know britt so well, tell me why this party is so important to her. I’m not sure. There are some things even drinking buddies don’t share. But britt did mention to me that she wanted to be remembered as more than the woman who wound up getting knocked into the metro court pool when cody parachuted into town. Remembered? Is she planning on leaving port charles? Nah, I think it has to do more with her birthday and the reminder she’s not getting any younger and she just wants to make the most of every second. Hmm. Well, I guess that is our job to make it happen. So, what are you thinking about for music? Show tunes? No. I meant should we have a deejay or a live band?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Deejay, for sure. You know, I actually know this guy from the foam party circuit who’s a genius and totally ripped and… wait. Do not even go there. That’s the theme. Foam party! You know, it’s too bad you didn’t turn out to be mine, because if you were, I would have talked some sense into you a long time ago. So you’re a fan of tough love or something? I don’t know a lot about your past, but it’s clear to me that you’ve been burned before and you’re letting that define who you are today. Because honestly, all love is tough, and a lot of people fail at it. The trick is to get back on that horse. Am I right? I’m assuming you’re in your formal dress for the memorial service for that cop who was killed in the line of duty. Is that what you told the others? Honor officer cabrera by getting back on the horse or squad car? That’s what he would have done? It’s a good speech. Wish I would’ve thought of it. For what it’s worth, even if it wasn’t me, I genuinely wish you had a good dad growing up. Every kid deserves that. If I’d had a good dad like you, I hope I would’ve listened to him. Might have spared me from doing something I’ll always regret. You know, that’s the second time you made a reference to a bad decision. Do you want to talk about it? Um, sorry to interrupt. I got your text. Do you have an update on heather webber? Uh, yeah. She thinks she can get ryan to open up about esme prince. Well, this I got to hear for myself. Deep breaths, please.

[ Inhales deeply ] Hello, heather. Remember me? Of course I do. How could I forget my favorite scorpion? Scorpio.

[ Chuckles ] Detective falconeri suggested that, uh… you and i have a chat together. Did he? Why don’t I step outside and give you two a little bit of privacy? Uh, doc, why don’t you stick around? I’d like some help on evaluating looney tunes here. Now, hey, is that any way, really, to talk about a witness who could help you track down a killer? A killer, I might add, that the pcpd has been clueless to track down so far. Doctor, do you feel that our friend here is ready to go back to d’archam? Without a doubt. I see no ill effects from the crash of the transfer van. I don’t see why she can’t be back in her cell by tonight. That is so what I wanted to hear. Oh, robert, come on. Wait. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Why do I feel there’s a “but” in there somewhere? Smart as a whip and handsome. Just like I remember. Come on. Just pull up a chair and we’ll see how we can help each other. Toda y’s ceremony was toughon everyone, but I know that it was especially tough on you, trina. Yeah, it was. But I keep telling myself that rory won’t be forgotten and his killer will be found. Mayor collins. Raymond mcavoy with the invader. Any thoughts on the hook killer claiming another victim? Officer cabrera represented everything that was good and fine in port charles. And as his good friend trina robinson just told me, rory will never be forgotten. Officer rory cabrera was in his rookie year… now is as good a time as any to put our plan into action. Unless you’re having second thoughts. Not one. If we have to make ourselves the targets to catch rory’s killer, then so be it. Esme’s gonna pay. Hey, thanks for helping me out. Of course. You can easily get helpful customer service over the phone or on the progressive app pretty much anywhere. Thank you, mayor collins. This will be posted to the invader’s website as part of ongoing coverage on the hook killings. Can I get a picture? Sure. Of course we will. It’s the least we can do to honor rory’s memory. I didn’t know spencer and trina were on speaking terms. Yeah. I didn’t know there were either. I got it. Thank you so much.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I hope they post that photo with the story. Mm. Nice photo. Now, do you want to tell me what this is really about? Mac: How’s the patient? Oh, crazy like a fox or up to no good — you take your pick. But robert didn’t need me to tell him that. I’m gonna get her paperwork together right now and get her out of this hospital asap. Spring ridge? Well, of course, I’d prefer unconditional freedom, but if you’re unable to give me that, I’ll take spring ridge over d’archam any day. For one thing, the food is so much better. They let me paint. And it’s also where I got to know ryan chamberlain. What about ryan chamberlain? What is it about a man in uniform? Heather feels she can get ryan to open up. What can I say? I’ve got a touch. But your help doesn’t come without a price. Oh, mac, it’s not like I’m asking you to pay me. All you guys would have to do is let the bus back to d’archam leave without me on it.

[ Monitor beeping ] Dante, did you, uh — did you tell mac about the small little part I played in delivering that little bundle of dynamite? Yeah, I did, man. I thought you deserved a gold star. And not just for delivering a baby, but you got — you got me and sam face to face the other day. Well, you were grieving a fellow cop who died doing his job. Yeah, but I don’t — I don’t think I knew how much I needed sam to pull me through that. And you stepped in. So thank you. Hey, that’s what friends are for. Don’t worry, terry. I’m not gonna order a christmas turkey and say “god bless us, everyone.” Tiny tim. He lived, remember? Yeah. It’s a sweet story. That’s all it is. A story. Things don’t work out that neatly in real life. Now, um, back to the fancy, new, and extremely expensive equipment dr. Gatlin-holt is recommending. What do you say, terry? Thumbs up or thumbs down? So you’re not gonna zag when I zig? Not this time. Cross my heart. Then let’s recommend to the board that they approve this purchase. Awesome! Done. Great. If the two of you don’t mind, I have a birthday party to plan. Austin, give me a minute. I’ve got a patient waiting. That wasn’t a request. Right.

[ Sighs ] What’s up? You got your pricy new toy. Now give me what I want. What is it that you want, terry? The truth. Britt’s never been this cooperative, this agreeable, this nice. It’s refreshing, right? More like terrifying. What’s wrong with britt? Shingles. Some describe it as an intense burning sensation or an unbearable itch. I get bladder leaks. It’s just a new all right, to be clear, you are complaining that britt’s too nice. Well, when you put it that way, I guess not. But still, we work so closely together and sharing responsibilities. From an administrative perspective — okay, what I’m hearing is that you care about her. Yeah, I do. We started out on the wrong foot, but knowing we had to make it work allowed me to see britt’s strengths. Her drive, her dedication, her refusal to give up on a patient. I’ve grown fond of her myself. Yeah, I mean, knowing britt has made me a better doctor, better person. I know what you mean. Seriously? A foam party? You do know that scott baldwin is gonna be there, right? Do you really want to see him drenched? He could slip and break a hip. Well, for britt’s very first birthday party, we ain’t gonna go with simple and tasteful, all right? Britt westbourne is all about glitter and go-go boots, disco and drama. The girl wants to party like it’s 1977 when the bee gees’ number-one song was “stayin’ alive.” Now you want a disco-themed party? What are you gonna wear? A skintight white suit and some platform heels? You had me at skintight. Now, maybe you were just joking, but that actually sounds like a lot of fun and super hot. I mean, you would look fantastic in glitter eye shadow and farrah fawcett hair. That will never happen. Okay, okay, both of you. Time-out. This party is supposed to bring people together, not launch a twitter war. I asked you both to help me plan this. So it’s time to forget your differences and work side by side as friends.

[ Scoffs ] Friends? Who? Us? We are definitely not friends. Okay, but you’re both my friends, so can’t you just fake it for my sake? Look, britt, brad and I, we’ve been trying, but we do not have the same taste. In anything. Well, get over it. You two have to get along. Don’t you see that? No, not in the slightest. Why is it so important to you that maxie and I become friends? I’m the D.A. I am not a magician. You’re in d’archam for a reason. You’re considered a threat to yourself and to others. Oh, I see. I’m a threat, and I should be in maximum security. But ryan chamberlain, who has a trail of victims from here to hackensack, gets sponge baths at spring ridge? D-do the citizens of port charles really see that as justice? Ryan is hardly a threat. He’s basically a vegetable that blinks. You really believe that?

[ Sighs ] You know something we don’t? Look, ryan may only be able to communicate by blinking, but he can help you find esme prince. The gossip around spring ridge was they had some chemistry when she was an intern there. You know, you might call them two psycho peas in a pod. But, hey, look, if you don’t want to stop esme prince before she murders another cop, I mean like she did that poor officer — I don’t want to hear you say rory cabrera’s name. Do you understand me? Easy, mac. I respect the thin blue line. But if you want to find his killer… I’m your best hope. And I think you know that. What makes you think spencer and I are up to something? Well…I saw you step aside together for a bit. 10 seconds later, you were posing for pictures with the mayor. We just wanted to hear what my grandmother was saying about rory. Since when are your cousin and trina on speaking terms? I don’t know. I guess you would have to ask them. Trina just lost someone she cares about. She’s vulnerable. I’d hate to think your cousin would take advantage. No. Spencer has been through a lot of loss. He knows what it means to grieve. I don’t think he would ever take advantage of trina. Yeah, well, his track record says otherwise. Hey, look, I — I get it. I’m sure when you look at spencer, you see a rich and spoiled kid who you can’t sympathize with. But think about what he did. He went on the stand for trina, gave her an alibi, and even got himself sent to pentonville for his trouble. Yeah, he did the right thing on that occasion. Give him a chance. He’ll do the right thing now. Spencer. May I have a word with you? I know you’re hurting, trina, and I know your friends mean a lot to you, but might I recommend that you stick with joss and cam and remind yourself how spencer has treated you since he’s come back to town? I haven’t forgotten. Don’t you forget either. Forget what? Boundaries. Remember? I guess I can’t help myself. It’s because I — I know. I love you, too. And I’m grateful that you care. But I know what I have to do. I hope so. Hey, son, if you want to join portia, I’ll see to it that trina gets home safely. Does that fit with your boundaries? It does. Tell mom I love her. Will do. What’s going on with you and trina? I promise you, grandmother, I know what I’m doing. Oh, that’s good. Then you won’t mind telling me what it is. Cheese. 10 more. Go! Grandmother, when you said that I’m a better person than I think, I vowed to live up to those words. I want to be worthy of your faith in me. I’m so glad to hear that. Just be the good man that I know you are. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I realize that you and curtis are working on your boundaries. Just so you know, boundaries don’t apply to grandfathers. But you’re not my grandfather. I’ll be your step-grandfather. Look, trina, just remember, whatever else he is, that boy is still a cassadine. Be careful. Don’t worry. I will be. I’ve learned my lesson about spencer. You must have lost what little is left of your marbles if you think we’re going to cut a deal with you. Wait, wait, wait, now. Let’s not be hasty, little brother. I mean, uh, she’s right about one thing — w-we’re short on new leads. So… if ryan came to care about esme, why would he want to give her up? What’s your plan b? You tossed ryan’s room at spring ridge and came up empty. Now all you’ve got is a little earring that links one of ryan’s earliest victims with the murder of officer cabrera. So what? So I can take esme’s place in ryan’s world, become his nanny, his buddy. Whatever he needs. I’ll work him hard and fast, and I promise you I’ll get him to squeal for me. And when he does, I pass the information on to you. You can track down esme prince and end this nightmare. So, boys, we have a deal or don’t we? Wish I’d been a better friend to britt. I was less than up-front with her from the start. About what? Not to get into the gory details, but I-I knew she might be in possession of something that rightly belonged to me.

[ Inhales deeply ] I had my eye on the prize, so to speak. And you used her to get to that prize? You put it that way, I sound like a real horse’s ass. No, you sound like that kid with a chip on his shoulder that I knew back at camp.

[ Sighs ]

[ Baby crying ] Our lives sure have gone in different directions, though, huh? I mean, you’re a police detective in a healthy relationship with sam, a bunch of kids between you. I’m still chasing after shiny objects instead of what really matters. Like a little baby britta noelle. Y-you know, for a minute there on christmas day, britt and I put our egos and agendas aside, focused on something that was higher and better than both of us. And to be honest, we made a damn good team, too. Well, hey, I mean, you did it once. What’s to say you can’t do it again? Maybe you and britt have a chance. You might even go into 2023 on a high note. I get it. The two of you may never become friends. But one day, you’ll look back on my party and I hope you’ll remember how much it meant to me that you were both there. That the two of you helped me make it happen. And if you can work together to create one magical night, then maybe you can look out for each other when I’m not around. Why? Where are you going? Yeah, you going somewhere?

[ Sighs ] I’m just saying things change. People change. Like you and cody. Y-you guys can still patch things up.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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Y&R Update Monday, December 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Update written by Barbara

At Crimson Lights, Chance comes in too late to help Sharon put together Christmas boxes for Noah to deliver to the local shelter.  When he asks Sharon if there’s anything else he can do, she has him help her with some cleanup, starting with sweeping the floor.

Once they’re both done with their cleaning, Sharon and Chance sit down at a table. She tells him that she misses Rey very much and how she had no idea she would only be spending one Christmas – last year’s – with him as a married couple.  She grieves the family unit she had with Rey and her children, and Chance mentions that his family unit has taken on a shape  he never imagined.

Nate and Elena run into Abby and Dominic  in the hallway outside Devon’s penthouse. Abby realizes that they don’t know about her marriage to Chance being over so she fills them in about the impending divorce. Nate and Elena are shocked and saddened.  While they’re talking, Devon opens the door, saying that he thought he heard them in the hall, all the while glaring at Nate. Abby and  Dom go into Devon’s penthouse for a visit.

Once Nate and Elena are in their penthouse, Nate says that he was thinking about what Abby told them about her and Chance. He also brings up Abby spending Christmas Day with Devon, even for Dom’s sake.  It is apparent that Nate wonders about the timing of Devon and Amanda’s split and Chance and Abby’s breakup. Elena asks if he thinks there’s something going on between Devon and Abby and tells him that he’s jumping to a huge conclusion.

Elena also says that Devon and Amanda’s breakup is none of their business and she doesn’t get why he’s spending the time to speculate about it. Nate says it’s because Devon has gone out of his way to condemn him for being deceitful and duplicitous and wonders if Devon could be described the same way. Elena points out that Nate is trying to turn Devon into a hypocrit. She tells Nate to let it go and try to fix things with his family.

Across the hall in Devon’s apartment, Abby texts Elena about getting the four of them together for a drink at Devon’s.  Abby doesn’t say anything to Devon and Elena doesn’t tell Nate, but the women are optimistic that the men will be on board with it.

Shortly thereafter, Nate and Elena go over to spend time in with Abby and Devon in his penthouse apartment. Things between Nate and Devon start off tensely, but the tension dissipates somewhat when they start talking about old photos and treasured family memories.

At the cabin, Kyle takes Harrison outside to build a snowman. While he’s gone, Summer goes off on Diane about keeping secrets, such as the one Diane pleaded with Kyle not to tell, that being how she actually worked with the authorities to convict Jeremy. Diane is surprised that Kyle told Summer about this. Summer adds that Diane put him in a horrible position, asking him to lie to her like that.

Diane brings up Summer’s mother, Phyllis, who has gone beyond the pale causing trouble for Diane. Phyllis is responsible for Jeremy Stark coming to Genoa City and causing Diane to hide out in the cabin to begin with. Diane tells Summer that she feels for her regarding how Summer has to split her feelings between being loyal to her mother and being supportive of Kyle.

Summer tells Diane not to underestimate her again and to please not put Kyle in a position where he has to choose between his mother and his wife.  Summer adds that there will be a serious problem if Diane inserts herself in a way that causes this to happen again.

When Kyle and Harrison return to the cabin, Kyle gets a call from Jack, who lets him know that  Jeremy claims  he will leave town after he gets the second installment of Jack’s money. Kyle replies that his mother is still in danger.

At the Abbott house, Tucker comes over wearing a Santa hat, bringing presents for the whole Abbott family in a large red sack.  He invites Ashley out to lunch and she accepts. After they’re gone, Traci talks with Jack about how she’s concerned that their family has become unsettled.

Ashley and Tucker arrive at the door to Society, and realize that Abby closed the restaurant for Christmas Day.  However, Ashley tells Tucker that she has a key to the place that Abby gave her in case of emergencies. She says that she doesn’t think Abby would mind if she and Tucker use the kitchen, provided they clean up after themselves.

Tucker and Ashley have fun preparing their meal, then chat and laugh as they eat. Tucker tells her that an opportunnity has presented itself and he has created a business plan for the venture, a brand new company entirely theirs, no ties to Jabot, no ties to the Abbotts. He adds that it would be a dream come true for her.

After leaving Society and arriving at the front door to the Abbott house, Ashley lets Tucker know that she’s not prepared to even consider leaving Jabot, but is flattered by his efforts to lure her away.  Tucker leans in to give Ashley a kiss, she responds, then pulls way, grinning.

When she goes inside, Jack is in the living room and she says that she presumes he saw the close moment between her and Tucker. A frustrated Jack tells her she’s making one mistake after another and Ashley says she wishes he would just trust her for once.

At the cabin, Kyle tells Diane that he brought Summer up to speed on Jack’s news and lets Diane her know it will be a lot harder to get rid of Jeremy than they thought. He adds that if they can’t buy him off then he has another reason to stick around Genoa City.  Diane tells them that she refuses to just sit there and fall apart. She mentions that they need another way to neutralize Jeremy as a threat and she has an idea for how to handle him.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, December 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: Hey, chance. Merry christmas.

Chance: Merry christmas to you. I am here reporting for volunteer duty. Am I late?

Sharon: Actually, noah and mariah and tessa were here earlier packing up food and gifts for the local shelter. They just finished a lot sooner than they thought they would.

Chance: You’re kidding. I am — I’m so sorry. I, uh — I really wanted to help out today, sharon. I figured it’d be a good use of my time between shifts.

Sharon: Yeah, I remember you said you’d be working a lot over the holiday. Did you get a chance to spend some time with dom?

Chance: Yeah, we did christmas eve together, which was great. It was a good time. But, uh, he spent the night with abby, and he’s with her today, too.

Sharon: Well, since you’re here, I could use some help cleaning up. And I could throw in a pot of coffee and some food in return.

Chance: You got yourself a deal.

Abby: [ Gasps ] Happy holidays!

Nate: Happy holidays.

Abby: Hi!

Elena: Ooh, same to you! Did you guys have a good christmas morning?

Abby: We did. I think I might have gone a little overboard with the presents, though.

Elena: How could you not with this little guy?

Nate: Best day of the year, right?

Abby: He thinks so. Although I think he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts themselves.

[ Laughter ]

Elena: Stop. That is so adorable.

Abby: What are you guys up to today?

Elena: Well, thankfully, I am not on call. So, we had a nice little walk in the snow, and now we are looking forward to a peaceful afternoon. How about you? Is chance still working?

Abby: I’m not sure if you guys know, but, um — well, I guess you don’T. Uh, chance and I — we’re getting a divorce.

Elena: Abby. I’m so sorry.

Nate: Wow. This is sad news. I hope you’re doing okay.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Hey. Thought I heard you out here. Come on in.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Bye.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorknob rattles, lock disengages ]

Traci: Could dominic have been any cuter this morning? Seriously.

Ashley: It was such a gift to see christmas through his eyes.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Nice to see abby enjoying herself, too.

Ashley: Yeah, well, it’s difficult for her, splitting with chance right now, but she’s determined to give her little boy a beautiful holiday.

Traci: Yeah. She — she seems like she’s holding everything together well.

Ashley: I think she’s stronger than even she knew she was.

Traci: Well, it’s just a shame that she and dom had to leave before kyle and summer and harrison got back from their christmas eve getaway.

Ashley: Yeah. True. I would have loved to have seen them interact.

Traci: Mm-hmm. It is adorable, though, that they took harrison on a santa scouting mission.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure they’re having a blast playing in the snow and cuddling under blankets and drinking hot cocoa. I just… I just thought they’d be home by now.

Ashley: Me too.

Traci: Yeah.

Ashley: So, jack, you must know where kyle is, huh? What’s keeping him?

Jack: Actually, I haven’t heard from kyle. I don’t know that they had a specific time in mind for their return. I think they just planned on getting home today.

Traci: Well, I don’t want to assume anything, but I have to wonder. Maybe they’re avoiding coming home because it’s upsetting for them to be here with diane gone.

Jack: Well, I just hope they’re having a fun time together, the three of them. And maybe you’re right. Maybe there is an escape in all of it. Whatever they’re doing right now, it’s got to be a lot more fun than sitting here constantly worried what’s going to happen next now that jeremy stark has made his surprise arrival. I wish that had never happened to begin with.

Diane: How awesome is it that santa brought you so many things from your wish list? You must have been a very good boy.

Summer: He has been a perfect angel, and I feel pretty lucky, too. I love these fuzzy slippers that you picked out for me.

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

Summer: This has been the best adventure ever, huh?

Kyle: What a great surprise it was to visit dee dee. It was worth driving super far to visit her in her special christmas place. But we should probably keep that to ourselves. We don’t want anyone else getting jealous that we got to see her and no one else did. Does that sound like a plan?

Diane: I am in heaven right now. I kind of expected that I’d be alone this christmas, like i have been for so many. So, to be here with you right now is the greatest gift I could get. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. So, hey, what do you want to do now? Do you want to play with one of your new games?

Harrison: I want to build a snowman.

Diane: Pbht! I guess he knows what he wants. I like it.

Kyle: You done with your presents? Well, who can blame you after the way it snowed all night? Snowman it is. Your wish is my command.

Diane: Alright. Hey. Whoa. Let’s go get your coat. This way. Come on.

Devon: He fell asleep before his head even hit the pillow.

Abby: Ah. He’s exhausted. Thank you so much for all of these presents. And please thank auntie lily, too.

Devon: Of course. Of course. She had so much fun hanging out with him for christmas eve. It was so cool to see. You know, last year he was so young, he didn’t really know what was going on, but this year he got to experience it in a whole new way. It was fun to watch.

Abby: Mm. I agree. It was just so sweet to see him filled with so much christmas spirit and just surrounded by so many people in his family that love him, yesterday and today.

Devon: Yeah. Did he get to see chance?

Abby: Yeah, we saw him last night. And I think it just shows dominic that, no matter what’s going on, this holiday is all about family. But from what I saw when we came in, I think maybe his daddy lost sight of that.

The long-lasting scent

of gain flings

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Elena: Nate.

[ Singsong voice ] Hello? Nate? A little something to warm you up?

Nate: Mmm. Thank you.

Elena: Where’d you go just then?

Nate: I was thinking about what abby told us about her and chance.

Elena: Ah. Yeah. I feel for both of them, especially after everything they’ve been through. I thought they were solid.

Nate: Me too. I wonder what happened. Must have been something pretty intense for them to just split up.

Elena: Yeah, I guess you never really know what’s going on in someone else’s marriage.

Nate: True. But I have a theory. Remember when I told you about devon and amanda’s breakup?

Elena: Yeah, and now amanda’s staying in virginia. That was pretty shocking, too.

Nate: Especially because it seemed to just come out of the blue, just like this news with abby and chance’s divorce. And now abby is spending christmas day with devon?

Elena: Are you saying you think there’s something going on between devon and abby?

[ Chuckles ] Whoa. You are jumping to a huge conclusion.

Nate: When I tried to talk to devon about his breakup, he got extremely defensive and shut me down.

Elena: Yeah, I’m sure because it’s incredibly personal and you two aren’t on the best of terms. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m assuming that you didn’t handle the topic with the level of sensitivity that you might have if you hadn’t had a falling-out.

Nate: You might be right, but what about abby showing up today, out of all days?

Elena: She brought dom to see his other father on christmas. And I’m sure with the divorce, she wanted to spend time with her friends.

Nate: You really don’t think there’s more to it?

Elena: What I think is irrelevant because it’s none of my business — or yours. I don’t get why you’re even spending the time to speculate about this.

Nate: Because devon has gone out of his way to condemn me for being deceitful and duplicitous. I’m wondering if the same could be said about him.

Abby: Okay, stop stalling. Fill me in on you and nate. I was hoping that you guys would be in a better place by now.

Devon: Yeah? I don’t know why. I don’t know why you would think that after everything he’s done. His latest move is trying to find out what happened between me and amanda and pass it off as being concerned about me.

Abby: Are you sure that he’s not just trying to reconnect?

Devon: I don’t care if that is what he’s trying to do. Digging into my personal business isn’t the way to go about it. He seems very suspicious of the reason that amanda and I broke up, and I feel like he’s trying to find something to use against me as retaliation. So, if anyone’s forgotten what this holiday is about, it’s not me.

Tucker: Ho, ho, ho.

Ashley: Well, you’re kind of late, aren’t you, santa?

Tucker: [ Sighs ]

[ Feet stomping ] Hello.

[ Door closes ]

Ashley: Don’t you think this is a little much?

Tucker: Well, you know I like to go big.

Jack: Well, thank you for sparing us the helicopter this time.

Tucker: Oh, well, my sleigh is out front.

[ Laughs ] Hope you don’t mind my dropping by. I got presents for everyone in the family.

Ashley: Aww, that’s very generous of you.

Jack: And quite unnecessary.

Tucker: I realize that.

Jack: Well, we don’t have anything for you under our tree.

Tucker: I wouldn’t expect that. Uh, no, I just got a little caught up in the spirit of the season, you know, the joy in giving and not receiving and all that.

Traci: Well, thank you so much, tucker, for the gifts. If you had hoped to hand-deliver something to dominic, I’m sorry — [Chuckles] I’m sorry, but they’ve already gone.

Tucker: Oh, no, that’s okay. I’m gonna see dominic later at devon’S. Um, which means my day is free. And I was hoping maybe you would agree to have lunch with me? Although I don’t want to impose on any abbott family time here.

Ashley: Not at all. I mean, well, we’re having a very quiet christmas, so… yeah, I would actually really like to get out of the house. Let’s go. Bye, you guys.

Tucker: Okay. See ya. Merry christmas.

Jack: Merry christmas.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Oh, gosh.

Kyle: Aha! Dee dee’s got a carrot for the snowman’s nose and a hat for his head.

Diane: Here you go.

Kyle: Now all we have to do is find rocks for his eyes. You ready?

Harrison: Ready!

[ Laughter ]

Summer: You guys have fun.

Diane: Alright. And stay bundled up. It’s cold out there. I can’t wait to see mr. Snowman.

Kyle: Thank you.

Diane: Yeah. Whew! Thank you again for making this happen. I know that kyle had planned on coming alone until you convinced him that you and harrison should join him.

Summer: You’re welcome. You know, you should keep that in mind going forward. Like it or not, diane, we are a family, and we’re supposed to be sticking together. And yet you’re still keeping secrets. You pleaded with kyle not to tell me that you actually did work with the authorities to convict jeremy stark.

Diane: He told you?

Summer: Of course he told me. And quite some time ago, too. You know, you put him in a horrible position asking him to lie to me like that. You really should know better.

Sharon: Thank you so much for helping me clean up.

Chance: Yeah, well, it’s the least I can do, given I missed the bulk of the work.

Sharon: Well, I don’t really consider this work today. You know, I’m happy to help folks who are less fortunate, especially this time of year. It’s very gratifying for me.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, I totally get that.

Sharon: Well, you would because you’ve devoted your life to public service. Didn’t you bust a thief recently? Wait a minute. What was his name? It was merry mc…?

Chloe: Mcjingles.

Sharon: Yes!

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: How could I forget that name? You’re a man of many talents.

Chance: Well…

Sharon: Here. Thanks again for helping me.

Chance: Hey, no problem. I, uh, figured the sooner you can get out of here and get back to your kids, the better, right?

Sharon: Uh, actually, I’m not in a hurry. I already had a video chat with faith this morning, and the rest of us aren’t getting together until later today. Noah’s with allie at the club, setting up for the christmas crowd.

Chance: They’re open today?

Sharon: Yeah. He wanted it to be a place where people without families could go and celebrate.

Chance: Wow.

Sharon: He’s very passionate about it. I’m so happy for him.

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: And mariah and tessa are just spending some private time alone right now. They’re very hopeful because they received a photo, a sonogram photo, from a pregnant woman who may place her baby with them.

Chance: Wow. So, they might have a kid soon. Huh.

Sharon: Well, nothing’s set in stone, but it’s possible.

Chance: Well, you know, i heard about all the support that they gave abby while I was gone. And of course, after everything mariah has done for dominic, they deserve all kinds of happiness.

Sharon: They certainly do. And they’re not the only ones, chance. You deserve some happiness, too.

Diane: You have every right to feel the way you do. I was just terrified of anyone other than kyle or jack knowing the truth.

Summer: Look, I’m not trying to start a fight with you. I just feel like you should know by now that harrison and kyle come first for me. Their safety and happiness is my number-one priority.

Diane: I appreciate that, as well as the kindness you’ve shown me. But at the same time, I — i can’t ignore who your mother is. I mean, I — I feel for you, constantly having to balance your loyalty to her and supporting kyle’s relationship with me.

Summer: I’m not gonna lie to you. The balance has been difficult. I love my mom, but I’m not gonna excuse her behavior. She’s been out of bounds.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Thank you for acknowledging that.

Summer: I’m also not gonna turn my back on her. We’ve been through rough patches before, and we always get through them, but you don’t need to worry about that because i can manage the situation.

Diane: Fair enough.

Summer: Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not gonna share any information with my mother that could put kyle or harrison or even you in jeopardy. But I am telling you — don’t underestimate me again. And please don’t put kyle in the position of having to choose between his mother and his wife. Because if you do, we are gonna have a serious problem.

Diane: Alright. Wow. Honest and protective. I can see why kyle adores you. And, more importantly, why he respects you. I am sorry for my mistake. It won’t happen again.

Tucker: I guess we should have called ahead.

Ashley: I should have known it was closed today, considering my daughter owns the place. I just assumed abby was leaving the staff in charge, though.

Tucker: Let’s just go somewhere else.

Ashley: All the good places are probably booked, don’t you think? Uh, there might be another way, though, that we can have lunch here.

Tucker: Should we break in?

Ashley: Oh, good idea. No. I think —

[ Keys jangle ] I think I’ve got a key. Abby gave it to me in case of an emergency, and I don’t think she’d mind if we use the kitchen if we promise to clean up.

Tucker: Aren’t you full of surprises.

Ashley: Yes. I keep you on your toes.

Tucker: Yes, you do.

[ Keys jangling ]

Ashley: [ Gasps ] Yay! My most important kitchen tool?

Elena: [ Sighs ] I wouldn’t continue down this path regarding devon and abby. I worry that you’re projecting your guilt onto devon and turning this into some type of condemnation. And acting on your suspicions probably won’t end well.

Nate: I never said I was going to do anything about it.

Elena: Yeah, but I can see the wheels turning in your head.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] You’re talking like this is consuming me. I promise you, it is not.

Elena: Okay. Then it should be easy for you to give it up. We broke up because you got caught up in the same kind of negativity. I thought you were past this. I thought you understood that you don’t need to pull anyone down in order to lift yourself up.

Nate: You’re making too much of this.

Elena: Am I? You are thriving in your new position at newman media.

Elena: The two of us are doing well. And instead of focusing on that on christmas, you’ve decided to look for a reason to call devon a hypocrite. That is so unhealthy. You need to focus on the good and find a way to fix things with your family instead of making them worse.

Abby: You and nate have to find a way to resolve this conflict.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Do we? It doesn’t have to be today. I’ll tell you that. We really don’t need to even keep talking about him. It’s kind of killing the mood.

Abby: That is the wrong answer. Today is the best day to put aside all of your anger and your resentment. Think about all the blessings that you have in your life. You have your company with lily. You have the most perfect son, who is happy and healthy, and he adores you. And you have a really good friend and co-parent in yours truly. And I, for one, am very thankful for our friendship, even though our connection has caused a lot of drama recently.

Devon: Right, and it’s that drama that I’m worried that nate is gonna try and exploit.

Abby: Come on. What could he possibly do? We have already suffered the worst possible consequence from what happened.

Devon: I don’t know. I don’t want to find out what he can do. You know? He’s clearly running off of emotions right now, and that’s when people lash out.

Abby: Okay. So, maybe try to find a way to put out the fire instead of fuel it.

Devon: It’s not that easy.

Abby: You have to start somewhere. What would your dad think about all of this?

Devon: What would my dad think? You’re really gonna go there?

Abby: Well, I think it’s relevant to the situation. You and neil — you betrayed each other over the years. But you found a way to forgive each other, too. And think about how great it was, I mean, just how close you were in the end. So, what would he think about you having a cousin who lives across the hall and you guys being so disconnected, today of all days?

Traci: Jack, as happy as I am to have been able to spend this time with you, um [Chuckles] The house is just a lot emptier than I expected it would be. It seems like our family is so unsettled right now, with abby’s impending divorce and ashley spending extra time with tucker?

[ Sighs ] And with diane’s departure. I mean, that has its whole set of ripple effects.

Jack: I know this last remark was aimed at me, and I’m sorry that you’ve been caught up in all the tension surrounding diane. I know I didn’t make things any better going after ashley just now, and… look, I-I — I want more than anything for things to go back to the way they were.

Traci: Well, I’m glad to hear it, and I hope it happens sooner than later.

Jack: You and me both.

Traci: [ Sighs ] Okay, well, I — I guess I will go upstairs and pour myself a glass of wine and have a soak in a hot tub with my new peppermint bath oil I got in my stocking. Merry christmas, jack.

Jack: Merry christmas.

Traci: Mm.

Jack: [ Smooches ]

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: [ Breathes deeply ]

Kyle: Whew.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, dad.

Jack: Hey, son. Merry christmas. How things going on at the cabin?

Kyle: Great. Harrison and I just came in from building a snowman.

Jack: Oh, boy, I’ll bet he loved that.

Kyle: He did. Had lots of opinions. Took on more of a supervisory role. I was the manual labor.

Jack: Listen, I’m glad things are going well up there. When are you planning on coming home?

Kyle: Not sure. Mom, summer, and harrison are out now collecting pine cones. He’ll be pretty worn out after that, but we’ll have to wait for him to fall asleep before we get him back in the car so he doesn’t realize exactly where we are. Why do you ask? Is there something going on i should know about?

Jack: I don’t want to take anything away from your fun time up in the cabin, but I thought you should know what you’re coming home to. I spoke to jeremy stark, made the offer that we discussed, and he said he’s gonna leave town as soon as he gets the second installment. I wish I was confident that he was telling the truth.

Kyle: So, mom is still in danger. I get bladder leaks.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Tucker: See, now, isn’t this nice, working together, being in sync?

Ashley: It’s kind of like riding a bike, isn’t it? You never really forget.

Tucker: I don’t know if I’d put it that way, but certainly being in sync was never a problem for us.

Ashley: Oh, you’re being a little naughty, aren’t you?

Tucker: Oh, says the woman who broke into her daughter’s restaurant.

Ashley: Mm. Needs something.

Tucker: Oh, yes, I’m sure you’re gonna find the absolute perfect blend of flavors, huh?

Ashley: I can’t help it. It’s the chemist in me.

Tucker: Yeah, that makes sense. Be almost embarrassing if you weren’t a good cook.

Ashley: Now, that’s either a dig or a compliment. I think I’m gonna go with the latter.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Here.

Tucker: Mmm. Mmm. That is fantastic. That is going to bring out the essence and the energy of the vegetables.

Ashley: The essence and the energy.

Tucker: Yes. You know, I became quite a student of the culinary arts during my travels.

Ashley: Oh, of course you did. Tell me more.

Tucker: Well, I learned to cook from this master at the monastery in south korea.

Ashley: Ah.

Tucker: And he taught me that food is the, um — [Clears throat] The connection that brings the — the mental and the physical energies together and that food harmonizes our body and we become one with the ingredients, et cetera, et cetera.

Ashley: Oh, so, you’re saying that this lunch is actually gonna be a spiritual experience for the two of us?

Tucker: If we did it right.

Ashley: Huh. So, you were an apprentice chef before the racecar driving, I’m assuming, right?

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: And I’m sure you’ve just had tons of experiences between those two. So, what’s next?

Tucker: Lunch.

Sharon: You really haven’t said that much since we sat down. Did I say something wrong?

Chance: No, no. No, not at all. You’ve been — you’ve been great company. I don’t know. I just, um…

[ Chuckles ] I don’t really think today’s the day to dump all my personal issues on you, you know? Even you deserve a break on christmas.

Sharon: Friends don’t take a day off. So, if you don’t want to talk about yourself at the moment, I — I could maybe share something with you.

Chance: Please, yeah.

Sharon: Um, okay. Well…I wanted to try to keep myself very busy today so that i wouldn’t end up, you know, feeling. But it’s there. I-I really do miss rey.

Chance: Yeah, I, uh… I figured you did.

Sharon: Last year, we had such a special but ordinary christmas, and I thought it would be one of many, of course. I had no idea that I’d be sitting here now, looking back with nothing but the memories.

Devon: I’ll be down in a minute.

Abby: I will be here.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Devon: He’s still out like a light.

Abby: You’re back.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: What’s that look about? What’s going on?

Abby: Okay. As someone who cares about you a lot…

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: …Can you do me a big favor? I love what downy does for my sheets and towels.

Diane: Wow!

Summer: Look at all the pine cones we collected!

Diane: Oh, they’re awesome, special.

Kyle: Wow. They look amazing. We’ll definitely have to take them home with us.

Diane: Hey, harrison, do you want to show those to your new stuffed animal? Yeah? Let’s go into the bedroom.

Kyle: Okay.

Diane: There you go.

Harrison: Keep it.

Diane: Come on. Aww!

Kyle: Aww. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ]

Summer: What’s going on?

Kyle: Our hopes that my mom will come home soon have been dashed.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: You know, it’s hard to believe that rey and I only shared one christmas together as a married couple.

Chance: It’s unfair. I mean, you guys deserved a lifetime of memories.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, my kids have been a tremendous comfort to me. And my therapy clients and running this place — you know, that’s kept me busy and given me something to focus on. Um…I take pride in having the strength to carry on with my life the way that I know that i should, the way that I know rey would want me to.

Chance: Yeah. I get that. You know, not that what I’m going through compares to what you suffered, but I do understand struggling to come to terms with a big shift in your life as you knew it.

Sharon: Well, loss is loss, and you lost the family unit you had with abby and dom.

Chance: It’s weird not living together. And it’s weird having to divide our time up with our son. And it’s really hard figuring out how to be a good father in the shape that our family’s taken now.

Sharon: I can imagine how hard that must be to navigate.

Chance: Got any advice?

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] No, neither one of us need any advice today, just someone to listen.

Ashley: Whoa.

Tucker: Are you enlightened?

Ashley: I think I am. That was pretty fabulous.

Tucker: Of course. With the combined talents of a scientist and a spiritual master…

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Tucker: …How can you go wrong?

Ashley: You are a businessperson at heart, and you know it.

Tucker: So are you. Mm, and this is just a small sample of what you and I could accomplish if we were to join forces professionally.

Ashley: You’re actually gonna pitch me on christmas day?

Tucker: Yes. The opportunity has presented itself. And you should know that I have created a business plan for the new venture — brand-new company, all ours, no ties to jabot, no ties to the abbotts, very grand in scale. Um, it would involve paris and would require my deep pockets to bankroll it. And you could invest however much you wish, of course. Be a dream come true for you.

Ashley: You think you know what my dreams are?

Tucker: I know you.

Ashley: Hmm. I’m kind of surprised that you’ve given this so much thought. And even though I don’t know that much about it, I don’t find it totally unappealing.

Tucker: Oh, wait till I lay it out in great detail. And of course you can amend however much you want. But, yeah, you’re gonna see that I am, uh, in fine tune with you, your talent, your personality.

Ashley: Interesting.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Sometimes I feel like, um, I know you. And then other times, I feel like I don’t know you at all.

Tucker: Yeah, you know me, better than anyone else ever has.

[ Glasses clink ] (Music throughout)

Abby: Well, cheers.

Elena: Yeah. Salud.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Cheers.

[ Glasses clink ]

Elena: Mmm.

Abby: Mmm.

Elena: Pinot.

Devon: Hmm. Alright.

Abby: Well, I am so happy that we got snow for christmas.

Elena: Yeah. It makes everything even more magical.

Abby: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Elena: [ Clears throat ]

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: So, did dominic get a chance to take a picture with santa?

Abby: He sure did. You have to see this. Look.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: It’s her background. How cute. Look.

Abby: He was so excited. Like, when we were waiting to meet santa, he was so happy. And then as soon as we got up there, he just lost it. I guess he’s not up for christmas photo shoots.

[ Laughter ]

Devon: Poor little guy. That reminds me of this story that dru told me when I was a kid. When she was young, they used to make her and olivia wear the exact same dresses every christmas for their annual photo.

Nate: Yeah, my, um — my mother told me this story. Uh, they hated dressing alike because they were so different.

[ Light laughter ]

Devon: Right. Right. Yeah. They, uh, — dru would, uh — she said she wanted to buy ballet slippers with the money instead.

Nate: And my mother would have gladly bought a microscope with it.

[ Laughter ]

Devon: That’s right, but they didn’t let them do that. They made them wear these really cutesy dresses with these big bows.

Nate: “Cutesy” is not a word I’d ever use to describe my mother or my aunt.

Devon: Yeah, no. No, me neither. They, uh — they stayed true to their personalities, though. They didn’t hide their feelings. There’s a ton of pictures that I’ve seen with dru’s face that looks just like dominic.

Abby: Aww.

Nate: Fast-forward two years later. They would go on and on about how much they hated those christmas photos, but the second those old photo albums came out, they would start cracking up until tears streamed down their faces.

[ Laughter ]

Devon: Yeah, man. Those pictures became their favorite. Treasured memories.

Nate: Mm.

Ashley: I’m not even prepared to consider leaving jabot, but I’m still very flattered by the effort you’re going to, to lure me away.

Tucker: [ Chuckling ] Okay. Should I take encouragement in that?

Ashley: No.

[ Laughs ] Sorry. I mean, it is a basic human response because it’s so nice to be wanted.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, I meant what I said about creating the dream situation for you. And, uh, we could have this great new company, work side by side with each other. That’s my dream come true. Merry christmas.

Ashley: Hello.

Jack: Hi.

Ashley: I’m assuming you saw what just happened at the door.

Jack: Boy, you’re just making one mistake after another, aren’t you?

Ashley: Oh, jackie, could you please just trust me for once?

Kyle: I brought summer up to speed on dad’s news. Stark is going to be a lot harder to get rid of than we thought, and if we can’t buy him off, he has another motive for sticking around.

Diane: I was initially scared when jeremy came to town, but now that I’ve had a little time to process things, I refuse to just sit here and fall apart. I mean, I thought it would be smart for me to hide out for a while, and then if jeremy thought that I had run off, maybe he would leave town himself. But if that’s not the case, then I am not going to continue to hide in fear.

Summer: So, what are you gonna do?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, we need another way to neutralize jeremy as a threat. But that can’t be done from here. So I need to go back to town and show my face.

Kyle: I admire your desire to stand up to him, but he hasn’t become any less dangerous.

Diane: Hear me out. I have an idea about how to handle jeremy stark.

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Days Transcript Monday, December 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Thank you, mom. No, the necklace you got me is perfect. I’m wearing it now. I miss you guys too. Please give everybody my love.

Okay? I’ll talk to you later. Merry Christmas.

I thought you’d be festive, but nope. Depressing. And now I’m talking to a tree. Even more depressing.

Oh, oh, oh.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. Stuck. Hell are you doing in my house? Haven’t you heard? I live here now.

Hey, Sarah. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Fun. How are you? Oh, um, okay. Emmi. I will be, I’m gonna be okay. , uh, just Justin convinced me that I should, well talk to someone about the visions I’ve been having about the clown and kid me, so that’s right. Um, Dr. Evans Saint that she is agreed to meet me this morning and we just had our first session.

Wow. How was. Well, I wasn’t so sure about it at first, and uh, you know, this is still just the beginning and often. Mm-hmm. . I actually, I, I’m feeling pretty good about it really. , I think it’s gonna,

Oh no. Oh no.

Happy Christmas. Thanks for coming over. Hope I didn’t pull you away from any fun holiday festiv. Oh no, you actually saved me from having to go to church with the Hortons specifically Julie. So what was so urgent that I had to high Taylor over here. Oh, Sarah’s at the hospital. So it’s a perfect opportunity for us to be totally.

For what?


like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So Steve told me that Ava’s at Babe, but has she said anything about who her accomplice was? We tried questioning her, but mentally she’s completely checked out. Don’t think we’ll getting any answers from her anytime soon. So that’s. We will never find out who kidnapped and terrorized my wife. Hold on a second, Justin.

We’re not giving up. In fact, right now we are waiting on a forensics report on the warehouse when Bonnie and Xander were held and if anything turns up, of course we will let you know. Thank you both. This whole ordeal has traumatized Bonnie. One minute, she’s fine. The next minute she’s terrifi.

Hallucinating evil clowns. She’s starting to feel like she’s losing her mind. Are you alright? Hey, bozo. Uh, I’m not bozo. Whatever the hell your name is. I’m not afraid of you. Okay? Not anymore. I know you’re not real. You are just a hallucination. Bonnie. Talk to Robinson. I should face my fears and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do and I’m gonna show you who’s boss.

You ready buddy? Bonnie. Bonnie. Bonnie. This is Clarence. The Christmas clown. What? Yes, he’s, he’s here as entertainment for the pediatric.

You real? Uh, stay away from me. You freak.

Okay. Mm-hmm. , I think I need a few more sessions. Yes.

Zander. Is this because I said that you owed me? Yes, exactly.

You don’t need to repay me this way, huh? Well, I’m not that person anymore. Sandra. I would never ask you to be unfaithful to your wife, Gwen. No, no, I, that’s not what I’ve, I’m not suggesting that we have sex. Oh. What’s all this business then with the lingerie? This is the gift I give Sarah for Christmas.

And you’re showing me because, because. It’s my understanding that Thomas Damara overheard you on the phone and I You said that I owe you one? Yes. And then I gave him a cover story saying that I helped you pick out a Christmas present for Sarah. Oh my God. The little snitch he told her, didn’t he? Yes, he did.

And so now Sarah thinks that I asked you, my ex, the one who drugged her to help me pick out some sexy lingerie for her. So she brings it up. This is what you chose? Well, I’ve got much better taste than that thing. Okay. Right. Not the point. I got it. We are on the same page. Yes. Yes. Just one request though.

Go on.

Well now I’ve been made a fool with my. Certain assumption. Can we just forget the part where I thought that you wanted to have sex with me?

So how do Christmas mornings work around here? When do we open the gifts? About an hour after we throw you out on your sugar plum as, oh Victor, you’re such a cut up Henderson. I need you to escort this deranged woodland critter out of my house. You can’t do that. I’m an invited guest. Invited by whom? By me.

I wasn’t expecting you until tonight. Should I leave? No. ? No. This is exactly what I needed. Well, good. I just thought you might be lonely this morning since your family was out of town. Have you talked to him? Yes. Right before he came. How’s trip? Ah, he’s still pretty upset about his mom. He wanted to stay nearby, but as my dad pointed out, it would be a couple days before Eva could even have visitors at Bayview.

So I think it was good that he went to be with my parents and Joey. Yeah. Well, I saw Pauline’s statement about stepping down as governor. Thought for sure. You’d end up going to Seattle. Yeah, wouldn’t have worked out time-wise. I have been so busy with the fallout from her resignation. Besides, I’m looking forward to spending Christmas dinner with you and your.

Yeah. Well, you might end up rethinking that idea by the end of the night. , why is that? Uh, just between Bonnie’s hallucinations and Sunny’s new house guest places a little bit more nutty, even more than usual. I’m sorry. Uncle Vic, I was gonna tell you last night, but you already sleep. By the time I got home and this morning, I had to help Ari get ready in time for Gabby to pick her up, cut to the.

Why God’s name? Would you invite us into our house? Holly Kesser. What? It’s, it’s a, a Greek golan who murders from the ground each Christmas. And I, I told him he could stay with us temporarily because he was about to be evicted, which is my problem because come Uncle Vic, I, I couldn’t let him sleep out in the cold on Christmas Eve.

Fine. You gave him a warm bed. Now it’s time for him to scamper back to Ville. But I told him he could stay with us for the holidays. Absolutely. Get him outta here right now, or should I call the police and have them do it?

Merry Christmas boss. Ooh, just what I’ve always wanted. A crime scene analysis. Yes. Want me to stick around and go over it? . Nah, your shifts over. You don’t have to stay. Oh, but I do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation into a very Brady Christmas lunch. I mean, it was kind of hard to invite me, but with Eric being there, it’ll just be awkward as hell.

Yeah, I could understand that. Okay, fine. You can stay in work, but don’t say, I never did anything nice for you. All right. Well, just to be clear, you are paying me double overtime for. I don’t work for free, you know? Geez. You try and do someone a favor and I’ll return the favor by helping you crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

Well, I’m sure that Sarah wasn’t too pleased that I supposedly picked out a sexy 90 poor. It was definitely awkward, but preferable to telling you the truth, obviously. I mean, she finds out then I was that kidnapping clown. She’ll never forgive. . Well, don’t worry, I’ll never say anything. Oh, what about Leo?

He won’t either. As you know, I trust Mattie. Besides, I think he enjoyed wearing that muscle suit and having a little wrestle with you. A bit too much

Right. Well, I best be off. Thanks again, Gwen, for everything. Anytime.

Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting?

I can’t believe I almost punched him and innocent clown. Well, you didn’t, uh, and like you said, it was just, , you facing your fears? Oh yeah. My fears of a kindhearted volunteer who is about to entertain sick children. Sure, yeah. Yeah. I think my therapy isn’t gonna be a quick fix after all. Maybe not, but it is important to stick with it.

I dunno. I, it just,

I’m tired of being scared all the time, you know, knowing that the. Still out there. Oh my. I’m so sorry that you’re having such a tough time with this. I’m just glad Sandra was there when that C clown came after me again. I mean, he was brave, heroic, and God, it just makes me feel so bad that I accused him of being the kidnapper You did.

Yeah, I was sure of it and I was so mean to him about it.

Bye, Bonnie. Why? Why did you accuse him? Why did you think that Xander was your kidnapper?

I can come back another time. She’s not interrupting anything. Uh, Gwen just stopped by because she. She was dropping off my scarf. I, I stupidly left it at the Hortons last night and she was kind enough to drop it by somewhere. What you doing here? Well, I stopped by the police department this morning to ask Ray if he had any new information about who may have kidnapped you and Bonnie and what did he say?

Nothing to report yet. Ava is still in no condition to be questioned and they are awaiting a forensic report from the warehouse. Ah, it’s too bad. But thanks for the update. I want you to have this Christmas gift, Tina. A thank you. If you hadn’t come to Bonnie’s rescue, I don’t know what could have happened.

What this? I drop some papers. I am going to help you sue the pants off rednecks.

Andrew didn’t tell you how I flipped out on him. No, not a word. Now see, that just proves what a good guy he is. He probably didn’t wanna embarrass me because I totally made a fool of myself. Uh, well, what happened the night we were both kidnapped? I ran into Xander beforehand in the park and. I overheard him say the exact same words the clown said when he held Susan in the hostage.

What did he say? He said, I will not let this situation destroy my life.

That is, that’s odd. Why? Why would Alexander be saying that? And to whom? Well, he never got the chance to explain, because then he said, dammit, would you keep your voice down? And that’s another thing that the clown. That is a very strange coincidence. Yes. And then I explained to him that the clown texted Justin and Maggie and told them that I was gonna go visit my daughter, Mimi, which indicated that the clown was someone who knew me like Zander.

And then to top it all off, your husband’s very muy like the clown. I don’t know. It all seemed. Well, it all seemed to fit together. You know what I mean?

I’m glad Bonnie’s getting help. I, um, I once suffered from P T S D too, one of the worst times in my life.

If you don’t mind me asking what.

EJ Damara had me kidnapped. What? Why? When I was dating Philip, I, um, I got caught in the middle of the feud between your family and the Damaris.

Wow. Yeah. I, um, I was held in a drawer at the. You serious, you in a morgue? Yeah. It was me and a whole lot of corpses. Stephanie, I’m sorry I, I knew EJ was a ruthless bastard, but yeah, that’s definitely goes under the heading of cruel and unusual punishment. Wasn’t EJ responsible for trips kidnapping? We can’t prove it, but yes.

Why does it seem like Chad’s big brother is just making it a habit of messing with your family? You don’t even know the half of it

anyway. Back to the craziness at your place. Yeah. , you um, you said that Sonny has a guest. Yeah, he’s got a guest. Get this. He asked Leo Stark to stay with. Seriously. Seriously. After everything Leo’s done to him, after everything he has done, baby bro is a big softie. Kinda the opposite of your Uncle Vic, huh?

Exactly the opposite. Speaking of the old man, when he finds out that Leo is staying with us, plays is gonna be a war zone. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah. Have you completely lost your senses, man? Blackmailed you into marriage? Almost destroyed our company with fraudulent lawsuit. I am well aware of his past. His past. It was just last year that he drugged you, so compromising pictures of you and then sold them to the tabloids for which I have apologized to Sonny profusely and repeatedly I have in fact Groveled because I feel so terribly guilty about it, especially in light of how wonderfully kind and forgiving son has been.

This is exactly what I don’t understand. Why in God’s name would you forgive this? I forgave him. Uncle Vic, just like many people have forgiven you over the years for your many transgressions because he’s genuinely sorry, and he has expressed a profound interest in becoming a better human being. And, you know, seeing as so many people have forgiven you, I’m a little surprised your show shocked.

I’m giving Leo a second chance that we’re, we’re starting over in fact. I would call his friends.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Get rid of him now, or You’re fired.

You’re gonna fire me for giving my friend a place to stay. We keep calling him your friend, which confirms that your judgment is seriously. Until you come to your senses, I’ll just replace you with your brother, Alex son. I’m gonna leave. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You cannot keep holding this job over my head, uncle Vic.

Especially since you’re the one who begged me to take it in the first place. And now whenever I do something you don’t like, you threaten to fire me. You know what? Screw that. I beg your part. No, no. I’m not gonna be pushed around by you or anyone else anymore. I’m not gonna stand. Well, you can take your righteous indignation and shove it.

You’re still out on your ass. Fine. You know what? Fire me. I don’t care. You know what? Here, call Alex. Tell him he has the job. I’d rather keep my integrity. I’d rather help a friend in need than bow down your ridiculous demands.

Right? Hot chocolate is ready. Oh, perfect timing. I just finished the tree. Ready? Yeah.

I love it. . It finally feels like Christmas. Good.

What’s that? Uh, that is your gift. I was going to give it to you tonight, but I figured it might come in handy right now. Well, I never say no to open gifts early. Well done right this way. You made the nice list. . Oh, good.

Wow. Mm-hmm. . Oh,

a video game system. Mm-hmm. , you told. That you loved playing video games all the time with your brothers back in Seattle, and that you were looking forward to having a tournament with them when you were home for the holidays. Since you couldn’t get back there, I figured maybe you and I could have our own little tournament.

And I do realize this is not the most romantic gift everybody, are you kidding me? This is the most thoughtful and therefore romantic gifts anyone has ever given me. Thank you, Alex.

This is very kind of you, Justin, but yeah, we talked about this. I don’t really want to pursue legal action. You are wrongfully terminated for refusing to do something illegal for your boss. We can’t let this company get away with it, but I don’t have the money to pay you. It’s pro bono after what you did for Bonny.

It’s the least I can do, and with any luck, you’ll end up with a huge settlement and all of your financial problems will just disappear. But as he said, she said, I’ve worked with Les. All I need is the name of your boss. I’ve left that blank for now, but I will need her full name before I can file the suit.

Just to know I, I don’t wanna do this. Why not? Bender? Is there something you’re not telling me? Justin? Stop. Okay. I will tell you everything.

Uh, what did Sanders say when you accused him? Well, he vehemently denied it and then Justin called and I was about to tell Justin my theory when I got knocked out from behind by the clown, I didn’t see him. Oh right. Cuz it was from behind. Exactly. Mm-hmm. . So the next thing I know I come to in the warehouse and Xander and I are both tied to chairs and I thought he was pretending to be a prisoner.

Then the clown came in and that’s when I knew Sandra was telling the truth. Obviously it couldn’t have been him.

There’s not much to go on here. No dna n no fingerprints. Not even those are the victims. Nope. You know, it seems like after Xander and Bonnie. Our clown went back to the place and cleaned up before our guys got there. Oh, gimme a second here. Oh, looks like you might have missed something. According to this, forensics found a torn piece of flesh colored polyester fiber, and it didn’t match anything that Xander or Bonnie were wearing.

No, Bonnie said the clown was wearing a blue suit again, that some flash color. How’s strange?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I tough pla loser. Oh my God. No, seriously, I would’ve never bought you this thing if I knew you were gonna turn it to a pure monster. Sorry, not sorry. I’m just really. And you also have an unfair advantage given your background. Okay. Except when I was driving in real life, I didn’t throw bananas out the window to sabotage the other drivers.

Oh yeah. Well, I wouldn’t put it past you. Okay. Poor sport. Mm. How about we try a different game? You’re on. Let’s go. Hmm.

Fine. Keep the damn job. Oh. Really, why would I say it if I didn’t mean it? You were just saying like 10 seconds ago that you were gonna fire me, Sonny, gift horse in the mouth. Much. It was at a point I changed my mind cause I’m a heart of gold. Made my decision, which is probably a foolish one. Just accept it.

Okay. Okay. Accept. And that means that Leo can stay right as long as you put him in a room. Far, far away from me then, Maggie? Yes. Thank you. Any room is fine. So long as it has an en suite bathroom. We’re not, I suppose I could walk down the hall to take a shower. And Victor, you have my word. I will never again hurt Sonny.

I. I dunno how you expect people to take you seriously when you’re sitting there and baby me. Jam jams.

Don’t make something funny. What does your husband think of your little sleepover party? I haven’t told him yet. I suspected as much Will decided to stay in LA and work instead of coming home for Christmas so he doesn’t get a sand. Of course not. If he did this creepy, he’d be sitting on a park bench somewhere and you, sonny would’ve a lot of explaining to do.

What do you know about Xander’s situation? I, um, know the name of his boss. It’s Mave Wilson. Oh, how do you know that? Well, I was going to interview. See, I, I was gonna do some press for his company and then when I found out that they were crooked, I just ditched the story. Hmm. Do you have Mave Wilson’s contact info?

I have her email in my research file somewhere. Okay. Um, I have to pick up Bonnie at the hospital. Is it possible for me to come by your place afterwards and get the contact info? Sure. Great. I actually have to go to the hospital as well. Sarah’s enlisted me to play Santa for the kids in pediatrics. Wow.

I’d love to see that and chance, you can gimme a lift over there and maybe I can talk you outta this lawsuit nonsense on the way. Sure. But I’m not gonna change my mind. All right, we’ll just gimme a minute to grab my costume and I’ll, I’ll see you at the car. Yeah. Okay. I’ll see you later. Mm-hmm.

What the, saw that babe? Why he was getting suspicious. Oh, I understand that. But who we gonna get to play Mave Wilson. I’m gonna, I dunno. Get Leo to Don Dre, who maybe give his mate Jackie Mave Wilson actually exists. She’s a girl. I went to school with a real proper bitch. How is that relevant? It’s not. But guess what?

We’re gonna send Justin on a wild goose chase and you’re never gonna be found out.

Is it possible the fabric is from the clown mask? Hard to say. Look, all we know for sure is that Susan Banks bought the mask in the square and it was made of latex. Interesting. Is there anything else? Yeah. Forensics also found pieces of batting polyfill. It’s sort of like the filling use for stuffed animals and pillows.

Yeah. Right. Huh? Could it have been made at the factory or the warehouse? Possibly. My gut’s telling me that this ties back to the kidnapper. I’m just not sure how.

Hi, Gabby. Yes, I am leaving work soon. I promise I won’t be late. Okay, bye. All right. I gotta pack it in soon. Can’t be late for Christmas lunch. Then you should go. I can stick around and keep working on the file. You know what? I’ve actually got a better idea. Why don’t you come with me, uh, to your lunch? I, I don’t wanna impose No, no, no, no.

You would not be imposing. It’s, uh, you know, it’s just Gabby and her fiance and my niece. It’s all very casual. You sure? Yes, I am sure. You know what? In fact, you will be doing me a favor because this way I won’t be the odd man out. Okay. Uh, but before we go, I’d like to stop somewhere first and I’d like you to come with me.

Okay. , are you sure you don’t wanna stick around for the party? Oh, and risk another run in with Clarence to Christmas clown. Hi. Not ho, ho, ho, ho. Sander, you are so fetching as Santa Claus. Oh, thank you. Kind love. Thank you. Good luck with the kids Zander. And uh, I’ll get back to you regarding, uh, what we discussed.

If you must have fun.

What was that all about? Oh, ju Justin was, uh, he’s, he’s just helping with something I’ll explain later. Okay. So are you ready to jingle ve rock? Mrs. Claus? It’s, uh, Dexon halls.

I mean, talk about going above and beyond here, have another muffin. Not only did you stick up for me, you were willing to lose your job rather than have your uncle throw me out. Well, it was as much for me as it was for you. Stick of that guy pushing me around. Well, it was totally impressive. A real Julia Sugar Baker moment, only Hunter.

Okay, thank you. And since you did such a nice thing for me, maybe now is a good time for me to give you your little gifty. Leo, you’re broke. You shouldn’t have gotten me anything. Of course I should have. And they gave me 20% off, so it didn’t even send me back that much. It’s just a small token of my appreciation for living me Crash here.

Gay is Christmas morning. Mm-hmm. . I saw it in the store window. I immediately thought of you,

Thank you Leo. I love it.

Alright. Alright. Okay. Alright. Knocks. Nope. Nope. Okay. Okay. I beat you again. Did you neglect to tell me that you were a professional dancer? Me, of course not. Oh, I think you did. You were you, you were the backup dancer for Katy Perry, weren’t you? That was you. That was, you tell the truth right now. You were the left shark at the Super Bowl halftime show.

That was you. No, but I was a cheerleader in high school. Oh, that’s it. Nope, I’m out. Nope. Not playing the game anymore with you. Not only. Very, very sore winner. But you have a whole lot of secret advantages. And I’m just, come on. I’m sure you’re good at something. I do have some kind of talent. Yes. Like one or two.

Like what? Like, um, like this.

Let’s get you some down.

You know my dad always talked about this party. Oh yeah. One of his favorite memories from working here. Ah, such a good tradition. It is. Thank you for coming with me. Yeah. All right. Listen up, kids. My lovely messes has a story for you that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. So take it away, Dr. Mrs. Claus

Okay. When it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be. The first census took place while Cornus was governing Syria, so all went to be registered everyone to his own city. Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the city of Nazareth into Judea to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and lineage of David to be registered with Mary, his Betroth wife, who’s with child, and so it.

That while they were there, the days were accomplished, that she should be delivered and she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger cuz there was no room for them in the end.

See, I know you were good at something. I mean, I guess I’m not a total loser. , you’re definitely a champion. Kisser. Can I get a victory lap?

What’s wrong? I was just thinking maybe we should move this to my bedroom.

You know, I’m surprised a man as vain as Xander would willingly cover up his muscles with all that padding

That’s it. What’s it? Flash colored filling the padding. The kidnapper was wearing a bodysuit under his clothes. Good. Why? Good question.

You are. Thanks MA’s. Email is in there along with all my research regarding the company. Thank you, Gwen. I know Xander’s a little hesitant to pursue this case, but it’s the right thing to do. Huh? That’s funny. What is Ben next? It’s Zander backwards. What a coincidence.

It was really sweet of you to get me this sale. Like I said, it’s not a big deal. It’s the least I could do. Well, I cannot wait to wear it. Why don’t you try it home like right now, it is Christmas morning. You are gay. What better time besides if it doesn’t fit? I wanna return it. Make sure I can get you the right size, okay?

Why not?

Holy nutcrackers. Excuse me. What Barry? Chris,

I’m, I’m sorry, what? What the hell is going on here?

Hey, hey, Mr. K. What’s happening, dude? I dunno who you think you’re nobody. And I mean, nobody talks to me and left on the voices. That’s very clear. He tried to do something to my family. That was a fatal mistake on his part. I’m going to destroy him. I would like to drink a toast to the health and happiness.

That’s a woman that I love.

You ready to be best man? Yeah. Hi Victor. Thank you. Carly, Vivian, Katherine, Nicole, Vivian. This is Vivian. Maggie, it’s not so fast. I have something to say. You can object to your own wedding. Says who? Bastar murderer. You live to make me miserable. It’s what you richly deserve. I’ve let you get away with a lot.

Paint me because I don’t listen to most of what you say. Sarah Lumi. She finally admitted. Oh, good God, Peggy, I love you, but I am not putting that ridiculous hat on my head. I got ordained in prison last year. You couldn’t take up macrame. I have so much to offer. Offer it to somebody else. Don’t let the doorknob pitch you in the ass on the way out.

Like fish in the barrel. I hope you believe me when I say the boy I really care about is your happiness. Most of you. That is, I took the liberty of letting myself in, Victor, my friend. I heard about your debilitating stroke and I heard about your debilitating coma . I could also give you a lovely piece of ye, oh my god, my eyes.

I need a drink. Anybody order a hooker

in an old age as a way of softening you, and at the end of the day, it’s family that counts. Go Victor. There’s no man that I consider a better friend to me than you’ve been. In my heart, you’re my best. Oh, Victor, I love you so much. Nothing else matters. Most people think of me as a man who’s rich and powerful.

You saw me as a man who was humbled by the fact that an amazing woman like you loves me. You inspire me to be a better man. I have loved you and looked up to you my entire life. I know I can’t change overnight, but I’m gonna. I’m gonna try and be a better father. The risk of contradicting you. I think you do.

Okay. I love you, grandpa. I love you too. You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to keep you happy and safe. Respect. He’s just gone. You’ll always be a part of my family. We love you. I love you very much. Thank you.

It’s wonderful to be home, which is exactly where I’m going. You know, we’re lucky.

Damn lucky. Yeah. I love you. Love of you too. You are still the man.

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B&B Transcript Monday, 12/26/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Heavy rain, thunder clapping]

Steffy: Oh, I love this rain.

Finn: Yeah. So, it’s official, we have the house to ourselves tonight?

Steffy: Yes, we do. Kelly’s with liam, hayes is spending the night with grandma li.

Liam: Perfect.

[Chuckles] I mean, not that I don’t love being with our kids.

Steffy: Our kids are amazing. But you’re right, this is– this is nice.

[ Thunder clapping]

Finn: Oh.

Steffy: Oh.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Engine revving ]

[ Thunder clapping ]

Ridge: All right. Thank you all for coming on this stormy night.

Brooke: Will steffy be here?

Ridge: No, she doesn’t have to go through any more of this. Dad, steffy, and I, we talked about it and we all agreed on what needs to be done. All right. Good. You’re here.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, I was summoned.

Ridge: You created a problem, thomas. We’re here to fix it.

Finn: What do you wanna do for food? We have some christmas leftovers or I could cook something.

Steffy: No, I don’t wanna be away from you for too long.

Finn: Hmm. Sounds like a plan, but plans are flexible. They can change.

Steffy: I don’t wanna change anything about this night.

Finn: Okay. But there’s a pretty important meeting happening at forrester.

Steffy: I’ve said all I have to, to my brother. It’s time for him to learn about his future at forrester.

[ Thunder clapping ]

Thomas: You know, before I get the lecture I deserve I’d like to say a few words, if that’s all right. If you can actually believe it I’m glad you’re all here. Means I can tell you all at once just how badly I screwed up. I don’t know what I was thinking, calling cps on myself. Actually, that’s it. I wasn’t thinking. I was filled with emotion. I mean, brooke threatened to call cps on me. And I– I just, I got so angry with that. And I said, “you know what? Let’s call cps and they’ll show up and see how great of a father I’m being and how irrational that is.” But I also wanted my parents together, and brooke, that meant getting you outta the way and lying to make that happen. And for that, I am so sorry.

Steffy: I am convinced that if thomas just left things alone, my parents would be married right now. Of course, he just ruins everything. And it just proves that he is the same manipulator he’s always been.

Finn: I’m sorry he disappointed you, but I am so proud of you. Hey, it would’ve been easy to let ridge and taylor get married, but you told the truth.

Steffy: I couldn’t let my mom and dad start building a future based on a foundation of a lie. My dad deserved to know that brooke didn’t betray him.

Finn: Have you checked in on your mom?

Steffy: Yeah. She’s okay, considering. I was wondering how this was all gonna hit her, but she seems empowered, her and brooke.

Finn: I mean, I still can’t believe they both walked away from ridge.

Steffy: I know. Feels like closure is in the air. The mom, dad, brooke cycle, thomas’s future will be decided. Now, there’s only one unsettling loose end left.

[ Thunder claps ]

[ Rain splattering ]

Thomas: I don’t know what switch flipped. It made me think framing brooke was a good idea. I mean, obviously I need more years of therapy and I thought these kind of stunts were behind me.

Ridge: We all thought that.

Hope: That’s why this is so shocking and hurtful.

Thomas: I made a terrible mistake and I backslid on my progress. But I think you’ve all seen the progress I’ve been making over the last couple of years, and I’m taking more steps forward than I am steps back. So give me the opportunity and I will take it to show you that I’m becoming a better man and I’m still an integral part of the forrester design team.

Eric: All right. Stop. Stop right there. You’re getting ahead of yourself here, thomas, presuming that you still have a– a place here.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Eric: Do you have any idea how disappointed I am in you? I trusted you. I– I believed in you and I invited you into my home, into my house to give you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your– your boy. And then you do this to ridge and to brooke. I can’t even look at you.

Thomas: Don’t say that grandpa. I can still make amends.

Eric: No, you can’T. You can’T. The person that you should beg forgiveness of is brooke.

Brooke: I know how you feel about me, thomas. You’ve made it abundantly clear. Sure, you can say I’m sorry in front of everybody in this room, but I know how you really feel. When I found out the truth about the cps call, you showed me no remorse whatsoever. And you made sure that I knew that you would do whatever it takes to keep ridge out of my life. I didn’t want it this way. I just didn’t wanna see the stress and the strain on ridge’s face. So I tried, I tried to have some kind of relationship with you to show you some kind of love, support. And this is what I get. This is what you throw back in my face, sabotaging our love. You don’t care about our feelings and our marriage. You have no respect.

Thomas: You’re right. I didn’t respect your marriage, but I’m sorry about lying and hurting your feelings. I really am.

Brooke: I’m sorry? How many times are you gonna say, I’m sorry? You said I’m sorry to your son. You said I’m sorry to hope. You said I’m sorry to me. Are we gonna continue believing you forever, thomas?

Thomas: I wanted my family back together.

Brooke: [Sighs] Well, you can’t justify this. There are no more excuses. This is the end of the road.

[ Music playing ]

[ Rain splattering ]

Carter: You know, I liked you, thomas. I really did. And as ridge’s best friend and ceo of this company, I was always rooting for you to make a comeback after every time you messed up. I thought it would stick this time. I really did. You were doing so great. Your designs were fire, had a great working relationship with hope and zende. And your father was so proud of the way you turned your life around. The man, the father you were becoming. How can you do this? You devastated this man. Is there anything else you should tell us? Any other lapse in judgment that might blow back on hope or hope for the future?

Thomas: Carter, do you understand how much work I put into this line? Why would I do something to jeopardize that, a line that I’m working on? And you know how much I care for hope. I mean, why would I do something to hurt her or my son? I mean, hope you– you believe that, right?

Hope: I did. I believed everything you said about learning from your past, making an effort to move forward. How we could co-parent together, work together. Hey, even be friends despite our history. But after all this.. I should’ve– I should’ve listened to all the warnings. You have hurt douglas. You continue to just think about yourself. You didn’t even think about how traumatizing this might be for your son.

Thomas: I wasn’t thinking about anything, hope. And I’m so sorry. Look, I love douglas. He means more to me than anything else in the world. I never wanna hurt him. And you have to give me another chance to be–

Hope: Thank you to be for all your hard work on my line. I do know how many hours you have put into it and all of the hard work that has gone into it, and you were a very important part of the team. But zende is an excellent designer and he has really come into his own. So I think the line will do just fine without you.

Thomas: You don’t actually believe that, hope.

Hope: You used our son to destroy my mother’s happiness. How could I ever trust you again?

[ Heavy rain splattering ]

[ Thunder clapping ]

Steffy: Babe, it looks so nice in here.

Finn: Oh, well, it’s all part of my master plan.

Steffy: Which is?

[ Thunder clapping ]

Steffy: Oof.

Finn: Oh, wow.

Steffy: As if I didn’t already know.

Finn: A serious seduction. We have the whole house to ourselves for an entire night and I intend on using every single room. I need this. I need you.

[ Thunder clapping ]

Sheila: Almost there.

[ Chuckles ]

Thomas: I made a mistake. I got caught up in a dream, a dream of wanting to have my family back together again.

[ Thunder clapping ] And it was so close. All it needed was a nudge and I pushed it right off a cliff. And that’s what I’m saying. I know what I did was wrong. And for that I am so, so sorry. Granddad, you– you opened your home to me and my son and I failed you and my son both. And I’m so sorry. Brooke, as much as you don’t wanna believe it, I– I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry, brooke. Hope, I never ever wanted to see that look a disappointment in your eyes again. And I have to see it now every day. I’m so sorry, hope. Dad, I wanted our family back together, but what I did… it wasn’t okay. And you know what? Dad, I can move forward. I can learn from this and I can grow. You just– you have to gimme a chance.

Ridge: What are you asking me right now? To forget what you did or… forgive you? What is it? I stood by you when no one else did. Even blamed myself because I wasn’t there when you were a kid. But I was there when you were a grown man and you played me.

Thomas: That was never my intention, dad.

Ridge: Intention? It’s not about intentions. It’s about your actions, boy. It’s about your actions. Maybe this is who you are. Maybe you can’t change. This is you. You are making me do this for the family, for this company. I’m sorry.

Thomas: Dad, please don’t do this.

Ridge: We all agree, and that includes steffy, your days at forrester creations are over. Goodbye, thomas.

[ Fire crackling ]

Steffy: When you look at your scar, do you think about sheila?

Finn: I did at first, but now I barely notice it. I try to make a conscious effort not to think about sheila unless I’m forced to. Okay? Because tonight’s just about us. And our love.

[ Thunder clapping ]

[ Clanging ]

[ Thunder clapping ]

[ Thunder clapping ]

Steffy: Oh my god, sheila.

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GH Update Friday, December 23, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Port Charles Police Department, Laura and Jordan assess the state of the city after the previous night’s winter storm.  Jordan reports that although the roads are in terrible shape and the city’s sanitation department will be slow at clearing them, she tells Laura that there have been no reports of serious injuries or casualties.  They both agree that is very good news.

At the Quartermaine’s, Austin helps Brook Lynn clean up the mess created by wrapping paper and boxes from everyone opening their gifts. Brook Lynn says Leo loved Austin’s gift, a video game about marine biology. Olivia jokes that she would thank him but they may never see Leo again. Austin thanks Olivia for letting him stay at the Quartermaine mansion, and she says no one should be alone for Christmas.

Ned pulls Olivia aside and asks if she prepped enough food for another guest. She says there is always room for one more guest. Suddenly Cody appears at the front door shivering and tells her the road in front of the Quartermaine estate is closed and a complete mess, so no one will be getting out until the roads are cleared. Olivia asks what his plans are, and he admits he was supposed to go into town for dinner. Olivia insists he stays.

Ned tells Olivia they don’t have enough food. Olivia says she’ll whip up a lasagna and she’ll cheat on the noodles (she makes the mark of the cross). She runs off to the kitchen. Ned tells Cody that Leo will be happy to see him. Austin says “and just like that I’ve been replaced.” Brook Lynn says that wrangler trumps doctor every time. Austin tells Brook Lynn that she must think he is an awful person. She says no and that she knows what it’s like to tell some white lies when you think it’s for the greater good.

TJ and Molly arrive unexpectedly. They explain they were out caroling when they got stranded. Olivia invites them in and says to make themselves comfortable.

At Nina’s, Britt heads out after opening gifts as she has work, the polar bear plunge, and is meeting Brad at the soup kitchen. Liesl walks her daughter out and tells her she will have many more Christmases so she needs to stop killing herself trying to check everything off of her list. Britt says she knows this will not be her last Christmas but how many will she have left where she is able to care for herself. Liesl suggests she live every day like it’s her first (rather than her last), so she doesn’t lose sight of the magic around her.

Back in Nina’s place, Maxie screams “No,” as she picks up her phone.  Nina asks what is wrong.  Maxie replies that her flight to Portland has been canceled and now she will never be able to see Georgie on Christmas.

In Portland, Spinelli brought Georgie to see Ellie for Christmas. She thanks Spinelli as she missed her last year. Spinelli says she’ll always be Georgie’s third parent. He also thanks her for including Maxie as Georgie will be thrilled. Ellie thinks it won’t just be Georgie who is glad to see her. Spinelli says perhaps she can invite this new guy she’s seeing over too. Later, Maxie video calls them and breaks the news that her flight has been canceled until tomorrow. Georgie responds (in typical brat-like Georgie fashion) by rushing from the room. Spinelli excuses her behavior and says that she really does understand that these things happen. 

As soon as Spinelli hangs up the phone, Ellie brings up the fact that she believes that Spinelli has fallen for Maxie again. He says that he did think that having Maxie there in Portland might be a good chance for them to determine if they could be a family again, but then admits that he guesses that it was not meant to be. Ellie tells Spinelli that Christmas is a time for miracles.

Maxie calls Brook Lynn and tells her about the bind she’s in. She hopes one of the planes in the Toronto hangar belongs to ELQ. Brook Lynn tells her she will see what she can do.  Brook Lynn makes a few calls and is able to secure one of the jets; however, she has no way to get Maxie to Toronto. Austin calls Mason and tells him he has been doing his bidding for months without asking for anything, but now he is asking.  He demands that Mason make arrangements to get Maxie from the Port Charles pier to the Toronto airport.

Meanwhile back at the Quartermaine’s, Olivia is stunned when the doorbell rings and she finds a pregnant woman looking like the Virgin Mary standing there. She blurts out, “Holy mother of God!” The woman explains she was part of a live nativity and couldn’t get home because the roads are blocked. She asks if she can stay until a ride-share shows up. Olivia looks at Ned who says, “the more the merrier.”

Back at Nina’s, Maxie gets a call from Brook Lynn telling her the jet is hers, but she must take a boat to Canada. She tells her to go immediately to the pier that arrangements have been made to get her there.

Over at the Quartermaine’s, everyone finishes dinner and Olivia thinks her sauce went over well. Ned notes that it was a very spicy sauce and asks if she thinks that it was a good idea given that they have a pregnant woman as their guest. Olivia says all that spicy food nonsense is just a bunch of old wives tales.  As soon as she gets the words out of her mouth, the woman’s water breaks.

Everyone rushes to help the woman give birth, and Molly points out that T.J. and Austin are doctors. Later, Austin pulls Cody aside and tells him that the baby is breached and it will take a trained OB to deliver the baby successfully.

Sonny finds Sasha working at Brando’s garage. She explains the garage is being sold, and Brando’s 2022 resolution was to finish his bike by 2023. Sonny offers her a hand so that they can get it done quickly and they both can enjoy Christmas dinner.

Britt shows up. She explains her car spun on out the road, and this was the only place she could find open. Sasha says it’s not open, but she is welcome to stay until she can get a ride. Cody calls Britt, Britt actually answers the phone and asks what he wants. He tells her about the woman about to give birth at the Quartermaine’s. Austin takes the phone and tells Britt they need her help, and no car or ambulance can get through the roads. Suddenly, Sasha and Sonny get Brando’s bike to start. Britt looks at it and formulates a plan.

Back at the Quartermaine’s, chaos ensues as everyone wonders what they are going to do if help doesn’t arrive to deliver this baby.  When suddenly the sound of an engine can be heard.  Then like a Christmas miracle, Sasha and Britt step through the patio doors and Britt takes off her helmet ready to get to work delivering the baby. 

Britt helps deliver the baby safely, and the woman decides to name the little girl Britta Noel, in honor of the doctor who helped her in her hour of need.

Eventually, Jordan and the Port Charles EMS arrive.  Jordan says she heard there was an emergency at the Quartermaine’s, but she had no idea that T.J. was there. It was a pleasant surprise because she hadn’t thought she would get to see him today. Jordan explains the roads are still hazardous but traffic is slowly starting to move, so T.J. thinks they should get out of the Quartermaine’s hair. Ned suggests that he is sure the roads are still dangerous and it is probably best for everyone to stay put. He suggests that they should all stay at the mansion and celebrate Christmas together.

Scott gets smacked in the head by a snowball as he approaches Elizabeth’s place.  Then he picks up a snowball himself and hurls it back, a full-on snowball fight begins. Inside, Liz looks at a photo of her family, and then another picture of her with Finn and Violet. Cam asks his mom if everything is okay because she’s been quiet about Finn. Cam assures Elizabeth that she can always talk to him.  Elizabeth tells Cam that she knows she can count on him but she assures him she’s fine. She asks if Joss is stopping by, but he says that she is without a car and the roads are still not in the best of conditions.

Scott comes inside and Cam goes out to take his place in the snowball fight. Scott lets Liz know that both he and Laura are worried about her. She admits that she has never spent a Christmas with her parents since she left California, but that for some reason it feels final now.  Scott says that Elizabeth’s father is a fool and that she will always be a Baldwin.

Laura arrives to check on Elizabeth. They share a hug. Elizabeth realizes that instead of focusing on the parents that were never there she should be thankful for the family that has always been there for her.  Elizabeth, Scott and Laura share a hug. Liesl then arrives and does a little dance with mistletoe over her head, and Scott pulls her in for a kiss. 

At Nina’s place, Sonny finally makes it for Christmas dinner, carrying a wreath. Nina gives him a big kiss and they share a laugh.

Maxie arrives at the Edmonton, Alberta airport, after the plane she had boarded in Toronto was forced to land because of the weather. She’s told by an attendant that with the severity of the storm, there will be no flights departing from Edmonton until at least the next day.

Maxie calls Spinelli and leaves a message asking why he’s not answering his phone. As she hangs up, Spinelli and Georgie appear. He explains they had intended to fly into Canada in hopes of driving to Port Charles but their flight was also grounded. They can’t believe that they all ended up in the same place on Christmas. They open gifts while eating airport pizza.

Back in Portland, Ellie gets a call from the guy she has just begun dating.  It is Griffin Munroe.

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Days Update Friday, December 23, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad visits Abigail’s grave with flowers and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Gwen sets the table at home, while on the phone with Leo. Gwen talks about Leo getting a spot at the Kiriakis Mansion. Gwen tells him that she has no details to share since she didn’t have to help Xander out of that jam after all. Gwen adds that she made sure to let Xander know that he still owes her one. Chad’s son Thomas then walks in and questions why he owes her one.

Xander is at home, reading The Intruder article about Ava saying her dead son made her do it. Xander remarks that Ava lost the last of her marbles which he calls a Christmas miracle. Sarah comes out of the bathroom and asks what he said about a Christmas miracle. Xander responds that if he told her, it wouldn’t come true. Sarah says that’s a birthday wish. Xander jokes that he was saying it’d be a miracle if they make it to the party at Doug and Julie’s in time given how much preparing she was doing. Xander tells her that she looks lovely and jokes that they can skip the party and go straight to the afterparty. Sarah gives Xander a Christmas present that she says has to be opened tonight. Xander opens it and it’s his personal Christmas ornament with his name on it to add to the Horton Christmas Tree.

Doug is on the phone with Hope at home as Julie walks in with the box of ornaments. Doug wishes Hope a Merry Christmas and hands the phone to Julie. Julie wishes she was here with them now. Julie says she loves her and hangs up. They note that Hope sounds in good spirits. Julie says Hope is devoted to her skating students but wishes she wasn’t long distance. Julie calls this the first Christmas that they won’t have one child or any of their grandchildren with them as Hope is in Montreal while Ciara and Ben are sailing the ocean with little Bo, and Shawn and Belle went to Africa to be with Claire. Julie feels for Eli being away from Lani and comments on he and the twins being so far away in Maryland. Julie wishes she could see them with her own eyes. Eli then appears with the twins, Carver and Jules, and says he thinks that can be arranged. Julie is thrilled and excitedly rushes to hug Eli as he wishes her a Merry Christmas. Julie asks if Doug knew they were coming. Doug responds that he was sworn to secrecy. Julie says she’s so thrilled and she can’t believe they are really here. Julie asks how Eli managed to cross country from Maryland with the twins all by himself. Eli responds that he’s learned to do a lot of things on his own since Lani went away.

Sarah explains to Xander that the ornament is for the Horton tree. Xander thought that was just for family. Sarah responds that he is family since he is her husband. Xander responds that he doesn’t feel worthy of having an ornament on her family’s tree.

Chad talks at Abigail’s grave about how tonight is her family’s big Christmas tree trimming party. Chad mentions that he will bring the kids tomorrow to wish Abigail a Merry Christmas. Chad vows that he will do his best to make Christmas okay for the kids because that’s what she would want. Chad says some people say it gets easier with time, but he misses her more and not less. Chad adds that he will see to it that the kids will have joy on Christmas because they will be surrounded by a lot of people that loved Abigail. Chad tells Abigail that he will love her forever as he leaves the flowers at her grave. Jennifer then arrives and joins Chad, asking where else she would be. Chad thought Jack was picking her up from the airport. Jennifer says that she knew Jack was on grandpa duty so she took a car service. Chad states that Abigail should be there with them as he hugs Jennifer.

Gwen tells Leo that she will call him back and hangs up. Gwen tells Thomas that she didn’t see or hear him come in. Gwen asks if he shouldn’t be upstairs getting ready for the party. Thomas responds that he’s already ready. Gwen suggests he could help Charlotte get ready too. Thomas tells her that Jack is helping her. Thomas asks Gwen again why Xander owes her. Gwen tells him that it’s impolite to eavesdrop. Thomas comments that he wasn’t eavesdropping, she just talks loud. Thomas asks what she did for Xander. Gwen says she just did him a favor. Thomas asks what kind of favor.

Xander tells Sarah that an ornament with his name doesn’t belong in the hallowed family Christmas tree. Sarah understands he’s heard about how her family is filled with saints but says it’s also filled with sinners. Sarah tells Xander that her dad and her uncle Bill’s rivalry over Laura was so bad that it almost turned deadly. Sarah adds that Julie and her mother fell in love with the same ex-con, Doug. Xander is shocked to learn that Doug was an ex-con. Sarah says she won’t even get started on her cousins as that’s a whole other story. Sarah asks if Xander still thinks he’s not worthy. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, so Xander goes to answer the door.

Jack brings Charlotte in to the living room and tells Eli that it’s so good to see him with the twins. Doug declares that now it’s Christmas time. Jack suggests Charlotte take the twins upstairs to show them her playroom. Julie talks about Lucy the babysitter she has hired. Eli and Jack then take the kids upstairs. Julie and Doug agree that it’s wonderful and Christmas now. Eli comes back and says Jack’s in charge now. Julie asks Eli how he’s really coping. Eli admits it’s been tough. Doug is sure Valerie has been a great help. Eli confirms that he doesn’t know how he wouldn’t have done it without his mother and says the twins love her but she’s no substitute for Lani.

Gwen comments on Thomas being persistent. Thomas says he is curious. Gwen asks if he can keep a secret, so he nods. Gwen then claims that she helped Xander pick out Sarah’s Christmas present but he can’t say anything to anyone because Xander wouldn’t want Sarah to know that he needed help and this has to be their little secret. Jack then walks in and asks what they are conspiring about.

Maggie tells Xander and Sarah that she was on her way to Julie’s and figured she would swing by to see if they needed a lift. Xander thanks her and says that’s very thoughtful of her. Maggie feels like she walked in on something. Xander says they are all fine here but Sarah says they are not. Sarah tells Maggie that Xander is being hard on himself and has reservations about putting his ornament on the Horton family Christmas tree. Maggie tells Xander that Victor got his own ornament when they got married. Xander asks if the Hortons were okay with that. Maggie admits they were not exactly at first as some family members were crazy that Mickey’s widow had taken up with a reformed Greek mobster, but they got over it when they realized how much she and Victor loved each other. Maggie encourages that Xander is also reformed and a wonderful husband to Sarah. Maggie adds that he also rescued Bonnie from the sadistic kidnapping clown. Maggie tells Xander to face that he’s one of the good guys now as she calls him a hero.

Julie acknowledges this is the twins’ first Christmas without Lani. Eli comments that it’s not nearly as sad as what Thomas, Charlotte, and Chad are going through. Eli says the good news is that Lani will be eligible for parole in a year, so he can at least reassure his kids that Lani will be home soon while Chad can’t make that promise to his kids.

Jennifer apologizes to Chad for not being here for him more. Chad tells her that she had to take care of herself and she did that, so now she’s back. Jennifer talks about being back and facing the reality of losing Abigail is different without the crutch of getting high on pills. Jennifer feels less self-centered in her grief but more worried about Chad and how he and the kids are doing. Chad responds that they are managing. Chad admits that focusing on other work things has really helped. Jennifer mentions hearing that he’s working at Stephanie’s PR firm and asks how that’s going. Chad says it’s been a lifeline and praises Stephanie as a great boss and friend. Jennifer says it sounds like they’ve gotten close which Chad confirms. Jennifer mentions getting cold so Chad gives her his jacket and suggests they get going to the house where there will be lots of people who can’t wait to see her. Jennifer says that sounds good. Chad hugs her as Jennifer wishes Abigail a Merry Christmas. Chad and Jennifer then walk away together.

Julie tells Eli that she missed him so much. Eli says the kids are always asking about Doug and Julie. Julie is thrilled he’s here with the twins for Christmas and says she can’t imagine anything that would make this day any better. Chad walks in and asks if she’s sure about that as he brings in Jennifer which thrills Julie even more.

Gwen tells Jack that she and Thomas were just bonding. Jack is glad to hear that and suggests they get ready for more family bonding since Eli and the twins just got there. Gwen says she will meet them out there because she has to check on dessert in the kitchen. Jack then takes Thomas and says they’ll see Gwen soon. Gwen mutters that Thomas is a nosy little brat.

Sarah asks Maggie how Bonnie is doing. Maggie says she’s still suffering from the kidnapping and seeing demented clowns everywhere she looks. Sarah hopes Bonnie goes through with seeing a therapist. Maggie says that Bonnie is alive and well thanks to Xander and that they are all very grateful to him for his bravery. Sarah tells Xander that he has a very important appointment to keep with a certain Christmas tree and she intends to make sure he keeps it. Maggie jokes that he can’t argue with her. Xander admits he can’t fight off both of them.

Jack brings Thomas to the living room where he excitedly runs up to hug Jennifer and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Jennifer asks about Charlotte. Jack tells her that she’s upstairs with Jules and Carver and the babysitter Lucy. Jack asks why Jennifer didn’t let him pick her up at the airport. Jennifer looks to Chad and tells Jack that she had to make a quick stop first. Jack tells Jennifer that he missed her so much as they hug. Chad greets Eli and asks how he’s doing. Eli responds that he’s well and asks how Chad is. Chad says he’s just taking each day as it comes. Eli says that’s all he can do and he knows this Christmas will be tough for him and the kids. Chad says it will be for Eli too. Eli is thankful they have each other and that the kids are surrounded by many people who love them. Eli goes to check on the twins. Julie tells Doug that it’s turning out to be a lovely Christmas after all. Jennifer agrees that there’s nothing like being with family for the holidays as she hugs Thomas. Eli comes back with Charlotte, who joins Jennifer, Thomas, and Jack on the couch. Eli says that Jules and Carver went down for a nap as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Julie mentions having to get the desserts but Jack informs her that Gwen is already doing that. Julie questions that and states that she and Allie are doing the desserts, so she heads to the kitchen. Eli jokes that Julie is on the warpath while Doug jokes that now it’s officially Christmas.

Julie enters the kitchen and questions what Gwen is doing. Gwen explains that British Christmas pudding is a Christmas tradition in the UK and remarks that she surely has room in her iron stomach for more than donuts. Julie argues that her grandmother created the recipe for those donuts and they are a Horton family legacy passed on through generations. Julie adds that Alice also created this home and warns Gwen to show a little respect. Gwen thinks Julie should show her respect since if it wasn’t for her, Jennifer would be spending the holidays in prison.

Sarah, Maggie, and Xander arrive at the Hortons. Sarah jokes that they were starting the party without them. Sarah and Jennifer hug, saying how good it is to see each other. Maggie wishes Jennifer and Jack a Merry Christmas. Jennifer says it’s so good to be home. Eli jokes that he heard Sarah finally made an honest man out of Xander. Eli welcomes Xander to the family and they shake hands. Xander thanks him and says that means a lot. Xander knows Eli and Lani didn’t always have the highest opinion of him. Eli says that changed after Xander helped rescue the twins from Vivian. Xander says he was glad to help and asks how Lani is doing. Eli says she’s counting down the days but she’ll be home soon. Sarah sends their love to her. Eli says he will tell Lani that Xander has changed his life and is making Sarah a very happy lady.

Julie argues that Gwen can’t be telling the truth and that this has to be another manipulation. Gwen assures it’s not and that she can ask Jennifer if she doesn’t believe her, but it might be stressful for Jennifer to have to relive the accident as she guesses it was quite traumatic for Jennifer to get behind the wheel while high and run down her stepdaughter. Gwen remarks that they wouldn’t want to trigger a relapse for her. Julie stops Gwen and questions what’s in it for her and why she’s keeping it a secret. Julie asks if she plans on blackmailing Jennifer or using it as a get out of jail free card. Gwen explains that she and Jennifer will never be friends but she is her father’s wife and she loves her father which is why she isn’t going to say anything. Gwen then asks Julie if there’s room at her Christmas party for her and her pudding. Julie tells her to go ahead but warns that there will never be room on the Horton Christmas tree for an ornament with her name on it. Gwen doesn’t think she will have much say in the matter but Julie argues that she always will, even if she has to send a directive from the great beyond. Julie then exits the kitchen.

Sarah tells Xander that she’s a bit chilly so she’s going upstairs to grab a sweater. Xander tells her to hurry back and kisses her. Sarah exits the room and runs in to Thomas. Sarah tells him that she hopes he’s having a nice Christmas. Thomas says it’s okay but he misses his mom. Sarah says they all do very much. Thomas mentions Chad saying that Abigail is watching over them from Heaven which Sarah assures that she is. Thomas then tells Sarah that he hopes she likes her present from Xander. Sarah says she’s sure she will. Thomas then adds that Aunt Gwen helped him pick it out which Sarah questions. Thomas then remembers it was supposed to be a secret and that Gwen only told him because he heard her on the phone. Sarah asks what he’s talking about. Thomas tells her that he heard Gwen tell somebody that Xander owed her one. Sarah tells Thomas that she will keep his secret.

Gwen enters the living room and greets Maggie. Gwen wishes Jennifer a Merry Christmas and says she’s glad that she is doing better. Gwen goes over to Xander and asks where Sarah is. Sarah then comes back in to the room and wishes Gwen a Merry Christmas. Gwen says the same to her. Julie announces that it’s time to trim the Horton Christmas Tree. Jennifer asks if Doug is going to sing for them this year and insists that he has to. Jennifer gets everyone to chant for Doug to sing. Doug then sings O Come All Ye Faithful and they all join in. Julie hangs her family’s ornaments. Maggie then hangs the ornaments for herself, Victor, and Mickey. Eli hangs the ornaments for himself, Lani, Jules, and Carver. Sarah brings Xander to the tree where they hang their ornaments as Gwen watches on. Jack and Jennifer hang their ornaments. Chad hangs Abigail’s ornament along with Charlotte and Thomas.

After everyone leaves, Doug tells Julie that she outdid herself. Julie says in spite of all the sadness of the year, she thinks tonight’s party was as lovely as it’s ever been. Doug agrees that Julie managed to lift everyone’s spirits with her generous heart. Julie tells Doug that she loves him so much. Doug tells her the same. Julie suggests they head to bed as they have another big day tomorrow. Doug can’t wait to spend Christmas Day with her. Julie tells him the same as they kiss.

Jennifer comes downstairs as Jack is texting Maggie to make sure she got home safe. Jack asks if the kids are all sleeping which Jennifer confirms they are. Jennifer adds that Eli is in bed too, totally exhausted. Jack says traveling with kids will do that. Jennifer asks if Jack wants to go to sleep too. Jack responds that sleep was not what he had in mind. Jennifer questions doing that in a house full of people. Jack jokes that he can be quiet and show her his stealth moves. They get interrupted by Jennifer’s phone ringing. Jack tells her to ignore it but it’s their son JJ, who called to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Gwen returns to the living room and looks at Xander’s ornament on the tree. Gwen remarks that at least someone will have a Merry Christmas..

Xander and Sarah return home and prepare for bed. Xander hopes Sarah had fun tonight. Sarah responds that she did until a certain point. Xander acknowledges that it was sad too with Abigail gone and Lani not being there, but her family was great and made him feel so welcome like he really belonged. Xander then gives her a Christmas present. Sarah questions him wanting her to open it now. Xander points out that it’s after midnight. Sarah then asks if this is the gift that Gwen helped him pick out for her which Xander questions. Sarah explains that’s what Gwen told Thomas as he apparently overheard Gwen telling someone that Xander owed her one. Xander tells Sarah that ran in to Gwen in the town square while he was shopping and she saw that he had no clue what to get her, so she agreed to help him. Sarah remarks that they’ll see what happens when Xander and Gwen put their heads together then. Sarah opens the present and it’s lingerie, which she questions that being what Gwen helped him pick out for her. Xander tries telling her Merry Christmas but Sarah is not pleased.

Chad returns to the living room and stands at the Christmas tree. Chad looks at Abigail’s ornament and says that he made it through his first Christmas Eve without her and he managed to stay strong for the kids. Chad thinks the kids had some fun. Chad says they are so sweet and brave. Chad mentions getting them some gifts from Abigail with things he thinks she may have gotten them. Chad hopes that helped them. Chad hears Abigail’s voice saying she’s sure it did. Chad then imagines Abigail appearing before him as the angel from the top of tree. Abigail tells Chad that she’s always there and that death won’t come between a love like theirs. Chad tells her that he misses her. Abigail encourages Chad to be strong for himself because there is so much left for him to do and so much joy for him to feel. Abigail declares that she will be with him every step of the way as well as with the kids. Abigail tells Chad to look for her in the kids’ faces. Abigail wishes Chad a Merry Christmas as Chad’s vision of her then disappears. Chad looks back at the tree and sees the angel is back in it’s place atop the tree. Chad wishes Abigail a Merry Christmas.

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GH Update Thursday, December 22, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Brook Lynn was thrilled to see Chase at Rice Plaza and he was clearly dressed to perform the duet with Blaze. She went up on the stage and announced that the performance would start soon. She announced the 1st runner up to the Ugly Sweater competition as Detective Dante Falconieri, just as Dante and Sam arrived.  Sam asked Dante if he had known anything about the competition.  He said no and that he was wearing his favorite sweater and thought it looked nice. 

Brook Lynn approached Chase. Chase told her that the CCRB would be revisiting his case in the spring and that he had a sneaking suspicion she had done more than just write the letter. Linc appeared and shouted that Chase and Blaze were supposed to have already performed.  He wanted to know why the event had been delayed. This put an end to Brook Lynn’s conversation with Chase as she was called back to the stage.

Mac and Felicia arrived, and Mac, who was actually wearing an ugly sweater, was angry that he’d missed the judging. Just then, his phone went off, and he said, “Duty calls.” Nina and Sasha were dressed up as Mrs. Claus and an elf, and they greeted Sonny and Donna. Donna handed Nina a gift bag, containing an ornament that she had made.  Nina asked if Sonny had helped her make it.  She admitted that he had helped a little with the glitter. Sasha gave Donna a candy cane and took her to see the reindeer.

Brook Lynn announced the beginning of the performance and Chase and Blaze took the stage. The two performed their new duet, which Blaze said would be dropped that very night. The song got a big round of applause. Mac returned to Felicia and apologetically told her that he had to go. Dante approached and wondered if there had been a break in the case. Mac informed them that the earring that had been found in Rory’s personal belongings had belonged to one of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims from over twenty years ago.  Dante questioned how that could be. Mac said that was what they had to find out.  He requested Dante and Felicia go with him to Spring Ridge.  Dante said goodbye to Sam and the three of them were on their way.

Esme, still locked away in her tower prison, was singing a song about how her father would come to make Nikolas pay (set to the tune of Jingle Bells), when Nikolas arrived upstairs.  Nikolas asked her about her family.  She changed the subject and instead complained about her accommodations.  She said that it was freezing in the north tower, she had to sleep on linens that were half eaten by moths and that she had no one to talk to.  Nikolas, who had clearly been drinking, said that if she wanted to talk he was listening.  Esme remarked that the only reason Nikolas was there was because he had no one else to talk to, because he had driven away everyone else in his life.  Nikolas exited the room and Esme could be heard taunting and laughing at Nikolas.  Later, he returned with fresh linens from downstairs and what appeared to be a book.  Esme flashed a crooked smile, as if she was back to her old scheming self.  But, Nikolas quickly exited the room, locking her away again.

Nina told Sonny she had been thinking a lot about the people who put their lives on the line for the city every day, she specifically mentioned Rory as having brought her thoughts to a place of remembrance. She then mentioned Nathan and Dante. Sonny thought they should light candles for Nathan and for Dante. Nina thought that was a great idea.

Sasha asked Donna what she had requested from Santa for Christmas. Donna said that she had requested Santa to bring Sasha a happy New Year. Sasha said, “your request to Santa was for me?”  Donna replied that it was. Sasha was touched by the depth of Donna’s kindness, and the two then went for cocoa. Donna asked Sasha if they could have extra marshmallows and Sasha agreed.

At Spring Ridge, Mac showed Ryan the earring and demanded information about it. Dante’s patience for Ryan’s games had grown then and he got in Ryan’s face and shouted that a cop was dead and it was time Ryan started talking. Mac ordered Dante to take a walk. When he was gone, Mac said he knew that Ryan and Esme were connected, so Ryan needed to give her up. 

On the side of the road, Josslyn was annoyed that she had no cell service. A car approached and pulled off to assist her and she thanked the person for stopping. When the headlights were out of her eyes, she saw it was Dex. She asked how he knew she was there and Dex replied that he had been following her. Josslyn asked what Sonny would do if he knew they were together.  Dex replied, “What would he do if I left you here on the side of the road?”  Josslyn told Dex that she had finally gotten enough bars to call for a tow truck and that there was no need for him to wait with her, as it was freezing.  Dex gave Josslyn his coat. “If I want you to take your clothes off, you’ll know,” she said.

Dex admitted that he liked how direct Josslyn was, and she assured him that she was fully in touch with all her feelings. He challenged her to be fully honest with how she was feeling at that moment and promised to do the same. The two began a back and forth challenge consisting of single word descriptions of how they were feeling. The interaction got more heated and they grew closer until they passionately kissed. She pulled away as the tow truck arrived. Dex apologized for complicating her life, but she told him he should never apologize for her choices. She walked away from Dex, leaving him standing by the car.

At home, Carly left Josslyn a message to text when she left Trina’s. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly was ecstatic to see Avery, who was accompanied by Ava. Ava explained that they were on their way to the Gingerbread Jam, and Avery had wanted to visit. Carly offered to prepare hot cocoa and Ava agreed they had just enough time for Avery to have some before they got underway. Ava said she would wait in her car, but Carly wouldn’t hear of it. She mentioned it being Christmas and insisted Ava come inside. Avery opened a gift of walkie-talkies from Carly, and she ran into another room to test them out. There was an awkward silence between Carly and Ava. Carly asked about Nikolas, and the look on Ava’s face turned cold. Carly mentioned trouble in paradise. Ava said, “ironic, isn’t it?  Right after I scoffed at the troubles in your marriage. Karma is a bitch.”

Ava explained what had happened with Nikolas, and Carly was shocked that he’d cheated on Ava, as she’d thought he was smarter than that. Avery’s voice rang through on the walkie-talkie and Ava responded. She thanked Carly for the gift, and Ava did the same. As Ava and Avery made their way to the door, Carly wished them both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. She pointedly told Ava she hoped the New Year would be a “fresh start” for them all.

At Rice Plaza, Brook Lynn asked Chase if they could work past their disagreements and Chase said no.  Chase said that she had taken away his agency and “played God” with his life.  

Later, Chase and Blaze returned to the stage and began singing “Silent Night” as snow began to fall.

A short while later, Josslyn arrived home, and Carly was surprised to see Dex. Josslyn explained that Dex was filling in for Steve and that she’d had car trouble so Dex had given her a ride home. Carly thanked Dex for his help. Josslyn asked Carly if she had started the movie yet?  She said that she hadn’t and that she was just about to start the popcorn.  Carly wished Dex a Merry Christmas and he did the same. Carly then went to the kitchen to make the popcorn for their movie night. Josslyn thanked Dex again, and he looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging over the door. Later, Josslyn and Carly watched their movie and ate popcorn as Dex walked outside in the snow, thinking about his kiss with Josslyn earlier.

At Portia and Curtis’ house, Trina was surprised to see Spencer at the door, as she’d thought he was leaving town. He replied that he’d realized he’d been wrong about having nothing left for him there. He told her if she didn’t want him there to just say the word and he would leave.  “Shoes off,” Trina demanded as she invited him in.  Spencer took his shoes off and entered.  After coming into Trina’s living room, he complimented the slight excessive decorations. She admitted that her family had tried to cheer her up, and she’d played along like it had worked, but it hadn’t. Spencer liked it, he said that your first year in a new home you have to “go big.”  All she wanted was to wake up and realize that the past few days had been a nightmare. Spencer said it would be more like a few years for him, except he still would have returned to Port Charles, as he wouldn’t have met Trina otherwise.

Spencer expressed sincere sympathy for Trina’s loss, and he took responsibility for Rory’s death, since he was the one who had brought Esme to town. He vowed to help catch Esme by luring her out of hiding. Trina didn’t want Spencer to be bait, and she threatened to tell Jordan. She admitted that the idea had potential, but that it was missing one thing. Spencer asked what that was.  Trina replied, “me.”  Spencer refused, as it was too dangerous. However, Trina suggested that Esme wouldn’t be able to handle it if Trina and Spencer pretended to turn to each other after Rory’s death. “Are you in?” she asked, and they shook hands in agreement. She walked him out into the snow. She brushed some off his face, he smiled and then walked away into the snow.

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GH Short Recaps Friday, December 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

The residents of Port Charles spend Christmas stranded because the roads are still icy because of the Christmas Eve storm.

The Quartermaine house is full of friends and family because their cars are stranded in the ice. A pregnant woman arrives and asks Ned and Olivia for shelter because her car won’t start. The pregnant woman goes into labor after eating the spicy sauce on Olivia’s lasagna. Austin, and T.J help deliver the baby but, when Austin sees the baby is going to be a breech birth he calls Britt for help. Britt uses the motorcycle that Brandon was rebuilding to get to the Quartermaine Mansion. Britt Austin and T.J deliver the baby girl whom her mother names Britta Noel and then everyone has Christmas dinner.

Spinelli and Georgie are in Portland visiting Ellie for Christmas and Maxie is planning to join them, but all the planes are grounded because of the ice. Maxie is stuck at the airport in Canada unable to get to Portland. Maxie is surprised to see Spinelli and Georgie get off a plane because they are on their way back to Port Charles to be with her.

Elizabeth is sad over her breakup with Finn. Cameron tries to get her to talk about it but she tells him she is fine. Scott and Laura arrive to check on Elizabeth because they are worried about her. Elizabeth decides to concentrate on her chosen family that has always been there to support her rather than think about her biological parents.

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Y&R Short Recaps Friday, December 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa celebrate Christmas Eve at the Glam Club with Nick, Sharon, and Noah. Once the dinner is over, Tessa tells Mariah that she reserved a room upstairs as a Christmas present for her. Once Mariah goes to sleep, they both dream that a young woman named Sonia who has car trouble and comes in to Crimson Lights to call a tow truck. Sonia is pregnant and when she goes into labor, Mariah Tessa, and Sharon help her deliver the baby.. Sonia thanks everyone for their help and tells Mariah and Tessa they will be wonderful mothers someday. Sonia tells Mariah and Tessa that holding her baby girl has given her the strength she needs to take charge of her life Mariah and Tessa awaken and talk about the intense dream they both had and, after a long talk they decide that the dream is a sign that they, will, adopt a child someday. Mariah and Tessa head to Crimson Lights to help Sharon deliver presents and food to the needy. Mariah gets a text message from Delphine the second potential birth mother they have been texting, she sends Mariah a sonogram picture of a baby girl with the words “we can’t wait to meet you”

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Days Short Recap Friday, December 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to visit Abby’s grave. He was sad to spend Christmas without her. He said he would make it okay for the kids, but he missed her. He said he missed her more than he expected. He said he would love her forever. Someone touched him from behind. It turned out to be Jennifer. He said Abby should be there to hang her ornament and help the kids hang their ornaments. Jennifer apologized for not being there for him. He said she had to take care of herself. She said that now that she is clean, she felt less self-centered. She said she was more worried about him and the kids. He said he was focusing on work. He said it helped him. He suggested they go to Doug and Julie’s party. Xander read an article about Ava going crazy. Sarah was dressed for Doug and Julie’s party. She gave him an ornament for the Horton tree. He said he wasn’t worthy of the ornament. She said her family isn’t perfect. She said he shouldn’t feel like he wasn’t worthy. Maggie showed up to pick up Sarah and Xander. They talked about Xander not feeling worthy of the ornament.

Maggie told Xander that the Hortons weren’t pleased to accept Victor at first, but they gave him an ornament. She said they got over it when they saw how much she and Victor loved each other. She said he was one of the good ones since he reformed himself, loved Sarah and saved Bonnie. Gwen was setting up the Horton table. She was on the phone with Leo. She told him that she didn’t have to help Xander, but she made sure he owed her one. Thomas walked in and asked what Xander owed her. She got off the phone. He asked her what Xander owed her. She said she helped Xander pick out a gift for Sarah, but it had to be a secret. Doug and Julie talked to Hope on the phone. When they got off the phone, Julie talked about the family who wasn’t there. Eli showed up with the kids. Julie was excited to see them. Eli told Doug and Julie how hard it has been with Lani away. He said it wasn’t as bad as what Thomas and Charlotte had to go through. He said Lani would be eligible for parole in a year. Chad came in with Jennifer. Jack showed up and was happy to see Jennifer. Maggie, Sarah and Xander showed up to the party. They all spent time together and put the ornaments on the tree.


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