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Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

Interview with Jon Lindstrom of “General Hospital” on ABC by Suzanne 2/15/24

It was great to interview veteran actor Jon Lindstrom, who has his first novel, “Hollywood Hustle” out for only 10 days, and it’s already a best seller on USA Today’s Booklist! He’s most known for playing Kevin Collins, and his evil twin Ryan Chamberlain, on “General Hospital” since 1992 (off and on). He was on the soap “Santa Barbara” before that, and of course he also played Craig on “As The World Turns” (where he met his wife, Cady, who played Rosanna) and reprised his roles of Kevin and Ryan on “Port Charles,” the GH spinoff. He’s also been in quite a few films, and many primetime series, most notably “Bosch” on Prime Video and “True Detective” on HBO.

There are many more questions I could have asked him, but we were already on Zoom for a half an hour – I didn’t want to keep him longer. I felt that he was generous enough to speak to me as long as he did. I would have liked to have heard more about his working with Genie Francis (Laura); about playing Ryan; about working with Alley Mills (Heather); about those pitches he mentioned; about Cady; and more.  Buy his book here!  If you love detective novels, you should enjoy this one.  Of course, you can also watch him on “General Hospital” on ABC and HULU.


Suzanne: So, thanks for being here today.

Jon: It’s my pleasure to be here. Thanks for asking.

Suzanne: Are you feeling okay? I saw you had a cold….

Jon: Well, you can kind of hear it in my voice. I’m a little froggy, but I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday.

Suzanne: So, when did you, start writing your book and how long did it take you to finish it?

Jon: Oh boy, that’s kind of a loaded question. all in all, it took about four years, but I, I have to qualify that because I had written for about a year and was making good progress. And then all of a sudden the show I’m on being general hospital decided to bring back a dead twin. And suddenly I was working so hard I didn’t have time to write.

I was up every day at 530 to go to the studio and pull off double duty as Kevin and Ryan on GH. So I had to put it down for about a year. And then COVID hit and I was able to pick it up again for about six months. And then of course, the first shows to go back into production during COVID were soap operas.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: I guess means we’re just a little bit expendable.

Suzanne: You did have strict COVID protocols and vaccine requirements, so..JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Jon: We had very strict COVID protocols. Yeah, we, we were a lot of masks. Daily testing, a lot of swabs in the nose. but. We picked up right where we left off. So I had to put the book down again, and that was probably another six months.

And then it took me another year or so through several drafts, working with editors and getting it into shape to actually submit. So all in all, the writing process took about two years, but the entire span was about four.

Suzanne: Okay. And did you have any difficulties getting it published?

Jon: Amazingly, no. I mean, I look at my experience, and my experience really was much easier than I think most people.

Now, of course, I do have a little bit of a platform, in terms of followers and, at Insta and Twitter, and I, I just can’t seem to call it but, excuse me, I, I, I did go to at the behest of an author who I had narrated because I have this little side hustle narrating audio books, which is great for me because I just, I love books. JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

But one of those authors was the great Alex Finlay he’s one of the best thriller writers, I’ve ever read. I wrote to him to thank him for. The inspiration to get me over that hump and start actually writing a book. And he wrote me right back within five minutes and we’ve since become good friends. but he told me flat out, John, if you’re serious about this, you have to go to the book conferences.

And being that you’re a crime writer, which falls under Thriller Mysteries, you need to go to Thriller Fest. Which is in New York every June. And it’s, it’s huge. Takes over the entire hotel, the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. And, so I went. And that’s where I actually pitched agents. About 12 of them.

Cause there’s a thing they’re called pitch fest. And I recommend anybody do this because there’s just something about sitting down in front of someone. And not only do they get a sense of you, you get a sense of who they are. And I met my agent there. I sat down with a woman named Liza Fleissig from the Liza Royce Agency.

And as soon as I sat down, I liked her. And I think she liked me because we sat and we talked for a few minutes before we even got to my pitch. And that’s who I eventually went with. And she was able to get a deal within a few months. And we had a few offers. Settled with Crooked Lane Books because they just Kind of totally got the book.

Suzanne: So it sounds more like what you do to pitch a series or a movie nowadays than the old time where you just sent in your manuscript.

Jon: Yeah, I, that’s where I had a bit of an advantage because I have pitched movies and TV show ideas and things. So I knew, I knew the basics of how to pitch. When they say five minutes, that means get it down to three because you need a couple of minutes for them to ask questions if they’re interested.

Suzanne: Sure.

Jon: I got my pitch down to one minute, 45 , . I, pardon me, I really wanted to be succinct and straightforward and really nail it. And, and fortunately that worked for me. I had, I pitched 12 agents. I had 12 or requests for the manuscript. So what made you wanna write a detective novel? Is that your favorite genre?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s just, one of my favorite writers was, was Elmore Leonard. I used to read his stuff all the time. and I, and I love the, the OGs of the genre, the Raymond Chandler’s, Dashiell Hammett’s, James Cain, those guys just invented something that’s very specific to Los Angeles.

About that darkness that that lurks underneath the sun and the palm trees and it’s a it’s a really to me. It’s just a really layered fascinating kind of. Setting for stories. So I’ve always loved it. So I just kind of, and right. But, I’ve been living most of my adult life here, except for a few years in New York.

I’ve been here in Los Angeles since I was 20.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And so I, I know it pretty well.

Suzanne: Oh, by the way, congratulations on getting on the USA Today bestseller list.

Jon: Thank you.

Suzanne: And also congratulations for being on General Hospital over 30 years. That’s amazing.

Jon: Going on 32…

Suzanne: Off and on, but still.

Jon: Yeah, Yeah. I, I go and I come back, but you know what, as long as they keep asking Right. , why not?

Suzanne: That’s right. Well, I, I been watching off and on since 84, mostly on, and so I remember when you started on the show, .

Jon: Wow. 84.

Suzanne: Yeah. I was in college.

Jon: So that’s when people get home.

Yeah. Yeah. If you don’t have grandma or mom watching, it’s college that doesn’t, it’s either college or I watched you with my grandma.

Suzanne: So, what are some other, favorite authors or influences on your writing that you haven’t mentioned yet?

Jon: Well, film noir, definitely. my, my favorite Saturday night now is to stay home and watch TCM. because it, You know, Eddie Muller and Noir Alley comes on every Saturday night. and he digs into a very deep library of, of film noir in that canon that, that was really unlike anything else that was ever made before or since.

You know, it was post war malaise. They were lower budget, so they often had to shoot at night when the rest of the studio was asleep. Wow. There was a lot of night shooting and a lot of use of light and shadow and, beautiful, uh Cinematography. So I, I just, I don’t know. There’s something about that genre where your main character is, is faced with a choice of Do it or don’t do it.

If I do it, whether it’s for love or lust or greed or whatever, even altruism. If I do this as a very good chance, it will end me.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And he does it anyway. So I, there’s something about having to make a choice like that, that I find very interesting.

Suzanne: And, you were in Bosch, one of my favorite shows. what about Michael Connolly? Did you read a lot of him?

Jon: Oh yeah, I was a big fan. I got turned on to Harry Bosch back in the 1980s, when he started writing them. And, so yeah, to get a season of Bosch as one of his bad guys, was, was, was a bit of a dream come true. And he’s a lovely man. He, he was on set all the time.

So sorry for this cold, but, he, he’s a, he’s a big guy, now I’m 6’1 and he’s, I gotta look up at him, he, but he was the crime writer for the L. A. Times for many years, and he, he’s another one who really gets this city, and really understands how to accurately portray crime here.

And how it gets just kind of somebody asked me the other night. We have our launch event at Book Soup up on Sunset Boulevard, and there was a woman there who I didn’t know, but she asked a really good question. She said, what’s the difference between L. A crime and New York crime? And I thought, wow, that’s, I never thought of that.

But when I, once I did, I remember being down in Soho and I lived in New York and I came out of a restaurant or something right across the street was an armored car that was waiting for the guys to come out and deliver the money. And I see him come out and this crowded street and the guy, has his hand on the handle of his sidearm.

And he looks both ways and looks all around and then signals the guy to come out and they quickly got into that car, that armored car and took off. and I thought that’s the difference. It’s like New York, it’s going to be in your face. If you’re going to hit that place, you’re going to hit it right in the middle of Soho on a Tuesday afternoon.

And it’s, it’s like crime in your face. Whereas here. It’s all it’s easier to kind of hide it under so it’s all spread out. It’s so spread out here that it can happen. And it’s like, if, if a crime falls in the forest, it’s anyone here,

Suzanne: I imagine it’s harder for them to find the culprit too, because if they’re staying in the area, because they have so much more land to cover. Whereas in New York, if they’re going to be in that area, it’s a lot easier.

Jon: And everybody knows you in New York.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s true.

Jon: Here, again, there’s another layer of this kind of hidden world. You know, I mean, fortunately, I know my neighbors. We all look after each other. But, that’s not always been the case in most places I’ve lived in LA.

Suzanne: No, in California, the whole thing is like that. I grew up there. I’m from San Diego. So we almost never knew my neighbors. Yeah, now that we’ve lived strange phenomenon and it’s, it’s, it was funny because to me that’s normal because that’s how I grew up. But we’ve lived in the South. I’m in Arkansas right now.

We, I know, and my husband just thinks it’s weird because California, but it is nice to know, especially during the pandemic when we were out walking the dog and. Everyone was like, oh, hi, because they were so happy to see, to see anybody, anybody, anybody, but their kids and their family. But, yeah, so that’s awesome.

I understand that completely. and we’re actually moving to New York in June. we, we lived there a long time ago, when I got into GH actually, when I was in college.

Jon: So, are you moving to the city?

Suzanne: No, but we’re going to be about half an hour from there.

Jon: I understand.

Suzanne: We don’t actually know what town we’re moving to yet. We have to find a place, but he’s going to work at SUNY Old Westbury. Oh, great. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be in a city again, in a small town here. I won’t know my neighbors.

I read some of the book. I haven’t had time to finish it, but, to me, the description of when sounds a lot like Steve Burton, at least physically.

Jon: Steve was– no, no, no. Steve was not an inspiration at all. There was a Steve, but it was Steve McQueen.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. Well, then they have a lot in common [physically].

Jon: It’s not Steve Burton. Steve, Steve’s way too muscled for Win, Winston green. Now, my inspirations for Wynn were, were Steve McQueen, Kevin Costner, in terms of physicality. and I, I do describe him in there that a director that Winston had worked with described Winston Green as a landmine that’s been stepped on and you’re just waiting for you to step off before he blows, he’s wired tight.

There’s a, there’s an edge to him. but sadly, the other inspiration was, was really Tom Sizemore and some of the other people in my business who have, who came to town with just brilliant talent. I mean, just, you would take Tom Sizemore, just look at his work and Saving Private Ryan and Heat and, he was working with the very best of the best because they wanted him and, and his demons got him.

And, and it really sidelined his career and, yeah, it was very sad, but it’s, that’s, I’ve known a lot of guys like that, just their lives and careers have taken a hard left due to. Due to substance abuse and some made it and some didn’t. Yeah, well, I’d like to see Winston as somebody who made it and got himself together.

but he’s just hanging on. All he’s doing, he’s just hanging on to just trying to keep some stability. So now I hit, I’ll, I’ll let Steve. No, sorry, Steve.

Suzanne: Well, I think if I recall, it was the blue eyes and the buzz cut and I don’t remember what else, but it just sounded like him.

Jon: So I thought more of Steve McQueen in “Bullit.”

Suzanne: No, I can see that. Now that you say that. Just to touch on, you’re talking about sad things, the GH family set, whatever you want to call it, has had a lot of loss in the last year. has that really changed, how things run there or?

Jon: Well, no, it hasn’t changed how we run anything. It’s just, I think we’re all just really aware of how fragile and, and, How quickly something can end.

it’s too bad that people have to pass away before you’re reminded of these things. But yeah, we’ve taken some real hits this year behind the camera and in front of the camera and. You know, we miss them all. So, we just try to appreciate each other when we’re there, I noticed nobody, nobody raises their voice, nobody’s, popping off out of anger.

I noticed a lot, right?

Suzanne: Yeah. There’s a, the fans are very sad too.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. There was a, there was a huge outpouring from, from people and, and we really, we all heard it and saw it and felt it, very of that. Yeah, I, I know .Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Suzanne: All right. so that wasn’t on my list, but I just had to mention that.

So as a first time author, would you say that you’re still learning?

Jon: Oh, definitely, definitely. Yeah. I’m, I’m struggling with book two.

Suzanne: I just, yeah, if you’re gonna, that was my next question. Are you planning to write more?

Jon: Yeah, I, I, book two and book three, I mean, I pitched this really as. a series, maybe all of which would have the word Hollywood in the title.

They’re all crime novels. But, and I tried to keep everything grounded the way Elmore Leonard did, that’s like, this is a real world, that you find these people walking through. but yeah, I, I’m, I’m hoping to, I, suddenly being a bestseller and seeing four stars from everywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble, gives you a nice kick of confidence.

So I’m looking back to, I’m getting ready to get back into it.

Suzanne: I bought two of them. I bought the–

Jon: Oh thank you

Suzanne: Kindle version and the, audio version.

Jon: Oh, alright. Which I recorded in my basement.

Suzanne: I know… Oh, in your basement?

Jon: In my basement. Yeah. I have a little collapsible frame with these acoustic blankets.

Suzanne: Wow.

Jon: It’s not a whisper room, which is like silent, but it is fine. But I still have to, I have to suffer helicopters and dogs and leaf blowers. Yeah. , things like that.

Suzanne: I’m torn between… I’m not a big books on tape, what they call, I don’t know what they call them now, audios, fan, because I read really fast, but I wanted to hear your voice and, and hear it that way while, while I was, doing other things.

Jon: So I, I keep going back and forth, but I really liked the accents that you do and the voices.

Oh, great. Thank you. Thanks.

Suzanne: You have a lot of practice from all the voiceovers.

Jon: Yeah, I had a little bit of a, an easy runway to get on that airfield.

Suzanne: I have a tough question. So you can feel free not to answer it. If you don’t like it. I’ve read many good reviews and a few bad ones. Some criticize you for being overly descriptive. Is that writing style or do you plan to cut back on some of the description in your future novels?

Jon: You know, I would say what’s the matter? You never read Stephen King because, if there’s anybody who knows how to, how to, describe a place and place is very important, listen, you got to take, you got to take the bad with the good and you’re not going to make everybody happy.

  There was one guy who, who took issue with my, my description of. Of firearms.

Suzanne: Oh, I saw that one.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. and you know what? He’s fair enough. He can have his opinion, but I grew up around guns and his point was technically correct. Right? There are automatic weapons. But those are divided into semi automatic and fully automatic.

But when you discern between an automatic weapon or a revolver as in a single or double action revolver, you don’t need those descriptions. Everybody knows what you’re talking about. So, it’s funny. He knocked me off half a star for that, but you know what, Hey, listen, the guy’s got his opinion and that’s what he’d like to read.<br />
and that’s fine. That’s totally fine. the point is he, he still liked the book and the story, so, I say thank you , are you, you can’t, you can’t get bogged down in this, you know?

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: This thing of, I mean, that’s one guy, and, and he’s entitled to that opinion as is anybody who says, he overwrites the description.

Well, it is about la it’s also about Hollywood, so you don’t, you can gloss over.

Suzanne: You’re right.

Jon: Don’t have. You don’t have to get mired in it, it says you have to do that too. Yeah, that’s, it, they’re different writing styles and you can’t say one different styles and different tastes and that’s, that’s fine.

I mean, somebody who really knows LA, I can see why they would go, Oh man, this is really overwritten. You know, but somebody who doesn’t, and I hear this more than I hear the opposite there, they really appreciate the, the description of characters and backstory and setting and, and all that stuff. <br />
So, like I said, you can’t, you can’t please everybody.

Suzanne: And as an actor, as an actor, you’re used to people criticizing you and rejecting you and. Giving you bad reviews, all that stuff. So yeah, it’s over the average writer.

It just, yeah, it just comes with the, it just comes with the territory.

Suzanne: Now, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan?

JOHN LINDSTROM, GENIE FRANCIS GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)Suzanne: NNow, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan? Jon: Yeah, well, I like Kevin very much. I think Kevin’s a really good guy. I think that there’s, there’s been kind of a, we, we’ve kind of lost a little bit of Kevin along the way, remember when Kevin was, was first around and we had first gotten rid of. Of Ryan. Kevin was an artist. He was a psychiatrist, but he was an artist who lived in a, in a lighthouse and painted all the time to paint out a demon and, and we’ve kind of, we’ve kind of veered away from that. And, we have some new writers coming in now. So I think that I, I think we’re going to have some, um. I think there’s going to be some changes, in how Kevin, but I mean, that’s a long answer, but to answer your question, I love playing Kevin. I love, I love playing Kevin. I love playing Ryan. I love, I love working with Genie. I love working with Lynn Herring and, and Ken Shriner and everybody that, that goes along in Kevin’s world. You know, he’s, to me, it’s just fun.

Suzanne: There’s so many great, stories that Kevin has had over the years. Although my favorite, I have to say, is on Port Charles. I believe it was the Miracles Happen, book, they called it, when he and Lucy got remarried and the little girl came, showed up. Yeah, but even though later, I think they took the little girl away and he got divorced and all that stuff, but that was my favorite because it was so Christmassy and so happy and, and like, we rarely get enough of those moments.

Jon: Yeah, that’s true. You know, I, I love doing, I love doing Port Charles. It was like, it was like the little half hour that could, and I’m, I know that there was somebody at the network paying attention, but it never felt like that. It always felt like we could. It was like our secret corner of daytime TV where we could do whatever we wanted.

I saw the, the executive producer the other day, Julie Hayden Carruthers, and she, she said the same thing. It goes, I, I know there was somebody at the network, but every time we said we’d like to do this, they just said, okay. You know, that’s great, and we got the vampires and we got the six week books that tell a novella style and really fun things. <br />
Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I’m such a huge fan of that show. but I just, I just occurred to me, didn’t Kevin write a novel, “General Homicide?” And it foretold your future.

Jon: There you go.

Suzanne: Let’s hope nobody gets killed in a way.

Jon: I, I, I wanted to, and it’s, they would never go for it. But, but I had this idea that Kevin could walk into the room and, and Laura is, is reading Hollywood hustle.

I said, Oh, what’s your reading? Oh, it’s Hollywood hustle. I said, Oh, how is it? Oh, it’s good. Oh yeah. Is it better than general homicide? And have her say, better.

Suzanne: That’s funny.

Jon: Kevin will take a double take.

Suzanne: Yeah, I guess the thing that most annoys me about it is that Kevin has a daughter out there that they never mention, Livvie. I mean, she might be dead. Vampire or something.

Jon: She looks just like Kelly Monaco.

Suzanne: II know. She could do a twin role, you know. You’re good.

Jon: Yeah. But it’s just. Yeah, there’s a lot of things that we left on the, on the floor. You know, with the. Yeah. With, General, General Homicide slash Port Charles.

Suzanne: So, how different is it now on GH as opposed to when you started over 30 years ago?

Jon: Well, the main thing that’s changed is the structure of production because, the, budgets everywhere have just been constricted to the point of not being choked. But, and this is true, I mean, virtually on every show that I work on because I do a lot of work outside of General Hospital.

Suzanne: Mm hmm.

Jon: You know, everything is just so damn expensive now that sometimes it can feel like if you cut 10 off the budget, you wouldn’t be able to make the week, but somehow they managed to do it. I think Frank Valentini is a terrific producer. You know, the, the shows themselves, the airtime has been cut down from, I think, 49 minutes and change the rest of being advertising during the hour down to about 36 minutes and change.

So, And yet, ABC keeps pumping money into it. You know, it was right before the pandemic. I think I went up to the editing bay and they were putting in a brand new Abbott system. So the, the network is still investing money into that show. They feel it’s, it’s viable for the future. So. You know, the main thing is, you have to show up with your track shoes on. You don’t get to kind of feel your way through scenes and rehearsals anymore. You need to, you need to show up and do your job quickly and efficiently.

Suzanne: And, so now that you’re a writer, is it, is it harder for you to say other writers lines?

Jon: No.

Suzanne: Oh, you don’t say, Oh, I wish they would have written it this way, or…?

Jon: No, but I mean, we have a lot of permission to just transpose or paraphrase things as long as you get the thought across because the writers in daytime are very good and they know the rule. If it doesn’t move the story forward or expose character, get rid of it.

And they’re pretty good at trimming things down to those two rules. So. There’s really not much you have to change. And if you were to change it, you might be messing up something that’s gonna happen tomorrow, so.

Suzanne: Right, right. And so you posted that you’re playing the president in a new movie. Can you tell us about the new movie?

Jon: Oh, it was a, what is, it’s called a Proof of concept Short.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. So it’s not yet a movie.

Jon: Yeah, I was asked to come down to, to Dallas and play the president for a day while they put together, um. A, essentially a proof of concept real that would show that this movie could work. On a as a film. So I spent the day. It was something. That’s why I have a cold right now because I pushed myself a little too hard over the last week or two. yeah, so I spent the day working with Jesse Metcalf. Who’s a lovely guy. I had worked with him on something before, 8 or 9 years ago. And, and, and then I had to deliver a page and a half monologue as the president and I did it in one take.

Suzanne: Wow, that’s great.

Jon: Well, that’s that. So daytime comes in handy.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I was going to mention when we were talking about Bosch…. They have a lot of former daytime stars on there.

Jon: Oh, sure. Yeah, they, that’s what was beautiful about Bosch. They, they didn’t there’s other places that will say, oh, they were on daytime. We don’t want to Bosch doesn’t care. Yeah, you’re either right for the part or you weren’t. And if you were right for it, they didn’t mind what your background was. As long as, as long as you could walk and talk and not trip over the furniture, they were happy. They wanted people who knew what they were doing.

Suzanne: II mean, it’s such a silly, prejudice to have because you guys usually are better actors and better prepared and know everything and can do so much than.

Jon: Yeah. I, listen, I liken it to, to people who knock country music usually don’t even listen to country music. And the same people would go, Oh, well they’re on soap opera.

They don’t, what do they know? They don’t know anything.

Suzanne: Or the people who say, Oh, rap.

Jon: Yeah, I think. Yeah, exactly. You know, the fact is you can dance to rap, may not be able to dance to a death metal, but you can dance to rap.

Suzanne: There’s a lot of people my age who are prejudiced against it because we didn’t grow up with it. And this new thing came along and took over the radio.

Jon: That’s it. Our parents hated the Beatles too.

Suzanne: Exactly. I think my mom loved the Beatles, but that was, I think she’s an outlier. So, is there anything else that you’d like to tell us about your book or GH or any other upcoming work that you have?

Jon: You know, I’m a, I’m a busy guy. I, I try to put everything up online. If you’re curious about what I’m doing, what book signings I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing one, actually. I don’t know when this goes up, but I’ve got one on the 17th of February in Glendale with Michael Easton. who is a terrific, in his own right. Yeah, and Michael’s just such a talented guy, but we’re going to sit down and talk at the Barnes and Noble over there.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: Two o’clock, Saturday, February 17th. The Americana at Brand. Then I’m going to be flying to New York for the 27th, at the Mysterious Bookshop. I’ll be in Portland. Actually, technically, Beaverton at Powell’s bookstore, because it’s the Beaverton place they do their mystery and thriller events. And, and then we’re looking at, Petaluma, St. Louis, Raleigh, North Carolina, Phoenix.

Suzanne: Wow. You’re not home much.

Jon: I’m not home much. I, I’m a busy guy.

Suzanne: But I know your wife is not home much, either. She’s always flying somewhere.

Jon: she’s always flying somewhere. And I, I have to show the new cover. And the publisher sent that to me there where it says USA Today bestseller.

Suzanne: Oh, great. That’s great.

Jon: Was that backwards to you? Does it look?

Suzanne: No, it looks fine to me.

Jon: Oh, okay. It looks backward on my side, but that’s.

Suzanne: Technical stuff.

Jon: Oh, I’m very excited. I meant to mention that. yeah, I just happened.

Suzanne: I’m behind on about a little less than a month, but I happen to see that Kevin and Laura are going to, adopt ace.

Jon: Yes, yes.

Suzanne: Kevin got put in the hospital by aces by aces mother.

Jon: Yeah. You know, I do wish we had a little more Kevin as may time work out their stuff. But, cause I, and I love working with Avery Pohl. I think she’s just a. but yeah, I, I like that they decided to do that and based on what I’ve seen online, boy, there’s a lot of grandparents out there who are taking on their grandchildren to raise.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: So if we’re going to do it, I hope we do it in a, in a real way. Where it’s, it’s a, it’s a huge undertaking for anybody to be a parent and, I’d like to see it. So, but, like I say, we’ve got new writers coming in. They’ve already started. So we’ll see what, yeah, see what they decide to do. You know, we’re all pretty excited.

Suzanne: II just don’t want the, Laura and Kevin to be stuck in the grandparent mode and not doing anything else.

Jon: No, we’ll try and avoid that.

Suzanne: Yeah, I hope so. All right. Well, thank you so much for talking to me. I really enjoyed it.

Jon Lindstrom taking a fan photo with the author, Suzanne, at the 1998 Port Charles Party.
Jon: My pleasure. Thanks. Thanks so much for having me today.

Suzanne: I’ll send you a

Jon: again, sorry about this froggy voice.

Suzanne: Oh, it doesn’t sound that bad, honestly.

Jon: okay.

Suzanne: II have to send you a picture. I have, that I took, years ago, like 99. I went to GH convention that they have the, fan club events and I have a picture with you, so…

Jon: Oh, great. Send that to me.

Suzanne: I’ll love to. Alright. I’m gonna try to get this out as soon as possible. I’ll let you know.

Jon: Okay. All thanks. Thank you so much.

Jon Lindstrom and Michael Easton event 2/17/24 in L.A.


Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024 by Jon Lindstrom (Author) book cover

Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024


From 4-time Emmy-nominated actor Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital, Bosch, and True Detective fame, comes a gripping debut thriller.

Set in the dark underbelly of the LA film industry, Hollywood Hustle is the perfect read for fans of Alex Finlay and Jeffery Deaver.

Winston Greene, a has-been film star, wakes one morning to find his six-year-old granddaughter at his bedside—traumatized, unattended, and gripping onto a thumb drive. She comes bearing video proof that her mother, Win’s troubled adult daughter, has been kidnapped by a murderous gang demanding all his “movie money” for her safe return. But what they don’t know is…his movie money is long gone.

Unable to go to the police for fear the kidnappers will make good on their promise to kill his daughter, Winston turns to two close friends—a legendary Hollywood stuntman and a disgraced former LAPD detective.

There’s no easy way out for Winston or his daughter—the gang is violent and willing to do anything to get the money they’re after, and Winston begins to realize that to get his daughter back, he’ll have to beat the kidnappers at their own game.

This propulsive and tense thriller will transport readers to the seedier side of LA, depicted in bold prose by a Hollywood insider.

Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Jon Robert Lindstrom is an American actor, writer, director, producer, and musician. He is well known for his roles of Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles.

Please visit Jon’s site or social to see his next book signing or other events!

Jon Lindstrom’s Web Site Instagram Twitter/X Facebook Cameo

IMdB Wikipedia

Fan pages: Joan’s Port Charles Archive Unofficial Jon Lindstrom Page

Fans of Jon Lindstrom

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, “General Hospital” continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that has depicted the ongoing lives of the diverse and evolving citizens of the fictional town of Port Charles set in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind-blowing plot twists abound on “GH” with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

JON LINDSTROM. GENERAL HOSPITAL – “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling” – ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” will celebrate its milestone 60th anniversary with a primetime special, “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling,” airing THURSDAY, JAN. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/Christine Bartolucci)


Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Interview with Gary Anthony Sturgis

TV Interview!


Gary Anthony Sturgis plays warlock Julius on "Wicked City" on ALLBLK

Interview with Gary Anthony Sturgis of “Wicked City” on ALLBLK by Suzanne 11/20/23

I had a blast chatting with Gary! He is so funny, smart and entertaining, and he loves to talk. We’ve been Facebook friends for 14 years, so it was great to finally “meet” face to face. He’s been in many great shows and movies. Not only is he a talented actor, he’s also an accomplished writer!



Gary Anthony Sturgis plays warlock Julius on "Wicked City" on ALLBLKGary Anthony Sturgis is a New Orleans born actor/writer/director best-known for his portrayal of the villain in two of Tyler Perry’s biggest hit films, “Diary of A Mad Black Woman” (as Jamison Jackson) and “Daddy’s Little Girls” (as Joseph Woods). He also co-starred opposite Terrence Howard in “Pride”, as the charming yet sinister pimp/drug dealer Franklin Washington. Recently, he has stepped out the role of bad guy to co-star in the comedy “Chicago Pulaski Jones” with Kel Mitchell and Cedric the Entertainer.

Also a professional voice artist, Sturgis has voiced network promos for UPN, CBS, PBS and ABC, cartoons and video games (Static Shock, Batman, Scooby Doo and The Cyber Chase, Fairly Odd Parents, Spiderman) and is heard on countless commercials for radio and television. His raspy bass-baritone voice that the women find hard to resist has even been heard on national movie trailers and promotions for; “Bones”, “Two Can Play That Game”, “The Others”, “The Brothers” and “The Wood” to name a select few. In addition, he is also the voice for the History Channel’s “K-9 Cops”. For another surprise, Gary also produces and writes rap music and has a successful recording under the moniker Illuminati called Fahrenheit, which is still available on iTunes.

As a writer/producer, Gary is producing some of his own feature-length screenplays (he has written more than ten), and has packaged his works into three and four picture deals and commenced to shopping them around town for financing and distribution. We have only scratched the surface of this multi-faceted creative soul.

Since Sturgis had been writing for years, the next natural progression was to direct. After directing “Lend A Hand”, a 90-second short film for the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), Gary realized that directing was yet another feather he could stick in his talented cap.

Follow Gary on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

WICKED CITY Official Site

"Wicked City" season 2 streams on ALLBLK

A group of urban witches push their powers to new heights and uncover dark secrets that attract dangerous enemies their way. Explore other projects that were filmed in Atlanta, Georgia at


Cast: Vanessa Bell Calloway, Taylor Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Rhonda Morman, Chantal Maurice, Mercedez McDowell, Chanel Mack

Director: Dale S. Lewis




Cast Includes Vanessa Bell Calloway, Karon Joseph Riley, Taylor Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, Chantal Maurice, Chanel Mack, and more


New York, NY – October 4, 2023 – Today, ALLBLK, the popular streaming service for Black television from AMC Networks, released the trailer for the sophomore season of supernatural drama, Wicked City. The 8-episode series premieres Thursday, October 19, with new episodes dropping every Thursday exclusively on ALLBLK 

In season one, we followed a coven of Black witches who pushed their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden. This season, three months after failing to stop a magical slaver named The Handler (Karon Joseph Riley, Ambitions), the Atlanta coven find themselves broken and separated. Jordan (Shaquita Smith,The Couch) – who now runs The Mystic Haven – and Angela (Chantal Maurice, P-Valley) try and fail to find Sherise (Chanel Mack, The Harder They Fall) who’s being held captive by The Handler. Mona (Mercedez McDowell, The Resident) has moved away, and Camille (Taylor Polidore, Snowfall) is put in permanent hiding by her birth mother, Claudette (Rhonda Redette Morman, Hush). Unbeknownst to the coven, Tabitha (Vanessa Bell Calloway, Shameless) and Caden (Malika Blessing, The Perfect Man) are trapped inside a nightmare realm as Claudette exacts her revenge. Meanwhile, Sherise is forced to do The Handler’s bidding at his high-class magical supper club “Obsidian Dream.” 

Additional cast includes India Marie Cross (It Wasn’t Me),  Yandy Smith-Harris (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), Gary Anthony Sturgis (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Samantha James (Black and Blue), Kamilah Meek (Young Rock), Kurtis D. Glenn (The Assistant 3), Clover J. Adams (Taylor’s Diary), Maurice P. Kerry (Atlanta), Krystal Monique Mosley (Dhoom 3), Michael Silberblatt (Hawkeye), Marco Reese Maldonado (A Killer Romance), Carrie Anne Hunt (Magic Mike XXL), Michael M. Jones (P. Valley) and Sasha McKoon 

Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood (MegaMind Media) and Donte Lee executive produced the series created & written by Kristin Iris Johnson and Serena M. Lee. Head of Content, Brett Dismuke and SVP of Development & Original Production, Unscripted, Nikki Love, executive produce for ALLBLK.  


ALLBLK is an invitation to a world of streaming entertainment that is inclusively, but unapologetically – Black. Featuring a diverse lineup of content that spans across genres and generations, the ALLBLK library includes exclusive original series such asA House DividedandDouble Cross; must-see independent films, nostalgic Black cinema, popular WE tv originals, lively stage plays, and so much more. ALLBLK is available everywhere streaming services are found – iOS, Android, Amazon Prime Video Channels, Apple TV and Apple TV Channels, Roku and Roku Channels, Amazon Fire TV,YouTube TV, Cox, DISH, Sling TV, Charter and more., ALLBLK offers a free 7-day trialand thereafter is just $5.99/month or $59.99/year.Keep up with ALLBLK on Facebook Twitter/Instagram @WatchALLBLK. 

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Gary Anthony Sturgis plays warlock Julius on "Wicked City" on ALLBLK

GH Update Thursday, August 17, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn is spending some time with Tracy.  Tracy says that the flower necklace is “what she has always wanted.”  Brook Lynn finally admits that she has asked Tracy to the Metro Court pool to get her away from the family and the staff.  Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she is easy to get along with which causes Brook Lynn to question Tracy’s sense of self awareness.  Brook Lynn offers Tracy a drink and Tracy gets a bit tipsy.  Tracy becomes emotional and confides in Brook Lynn about all the things she misses about Luke.  She begins to cry as she tells Brook Lynn how much she misses him.  Brook Lynn asks her to lower her voice and Tracy says, “wait a minute it was you who brought me to this pineapple purgatory and now I can’t even speak my mind.  Brook Lynn is really not concerned about Tracy speaking her mind, she is worried that she will launch into some diatribe about The Deceptor.  Which Tracy, of course does, shouting about how she is going to get it lock, stock and barrel.  Brook Lynn asks Tracy why she is so laser focused on the Deceptor product.  Tracy finally admits that it is distracting her from her feelings of longing for Luke. Brook Lynn finally gets Tracy to leave the pull as she is starting to cause a scene.

Elizabeth arrives at Finn’s apartment to be greeted by Violet.  Violet asks why Elizabeth is picking Finn up instead of Finn picking Elizabeth up. Violet looks puzzled and turns and tells Finn that Elizabeth is there to pick him up.  When Finn looks at her and agrees, Violet turns back towards Elizabeth at the door and says, “girl power,” while gesturing for a fist bump from Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and Finn depart for their date shortly after Gregory arrives.  After Finn and Elizabeth leave, Violet and Gregory begin making bracelets with beads.  Gregory is having some degree of difficulty making the bracelets, but the situation only gets worse when he loses his balance and falls to the floor. Violet is out of the room when Gregory falls, but she quickly returns and asks if she should call Finn. Gregory of course says no, that he doesn’t want to burden her father and besides he feels fine now.

At Molly and T. J.’s apartment, Molly calls together a meeting of the Davis girls (complete with Jordan) with a notably absent Kristina.  Molly tells the group that she has family news.  Sam says that if it’s family news, then shouldn’t all members of the family be present?  This remark garners an extremely sarcastic facial expression from Alexis.  Molly tells everyone that she and T.J. have found their surrogate.  Alexis questions the timing of the decision. Alexis and Sam stare at Molly with disbelief as she says that she and T. J. have been thinking about their surrogate for quite some time. Which is obviously not the case.

Kristina arrives at General Hospital for a meeting with Dr. Randolph and runs into a confused T.J.  T.J. tells Kristina that he didn’t realize that she and Dr. Randolph were friends. Kristina says that they are not close, but she is hoping that Dr. Randolph will serve on the board of her new foundation. She tells T.J. that she wants a member of the LGBTQ+ community to serve on the board to add credibility to the center’s leadership.  T. J. says that Dr. Randolph would be a great pick because she is thorough, thoughtful and detail-oriented. T.J.’s discussion with Kristina is cut short when the elevator arrives and Kristina heads up to Dr. Randolph’s office for their meeting.  Kristina thanks T.J. for the advice as the elevator doors come to a close.

Cody continues his unruly behavior at the PCPD.  He tells Dante and Mac that it’s no wonder that people don’t have a positive view of the police because the police are too busy protecting the guilty at the expense of the innocent.  Cody threatens Gladys before knocking over a desk chair and pushing several files into the floor.  Mac tells Cody that if he keeps it up he will personally arrest him.  After speaking to Dante in the hall, Mac tells Dante to get his friend (Cody) under control.  Dante tells Mac that he will handle Cody and that Mac can go ahead and leave for the evening.  Dante returns to the interrogation room and asks Cody if he is trying to get arrested.  Cody continues to act ridiculous and it is at that moment that Dante figures it all out.  Cody is not trying to get arrested.  Cody is trying to get committed.  If Cody can get to Ferncliff then maybe he can help Sasha in her current predicament.  Cody continues to act crazy, slamming his head up and down on the interrogation room table while screaming, “Dante, Dante, Dante you’re giving me a headache.” But, Dante’s not having it and says he is not going to commit Cody no matter what. Dante raises the issue that if Cody actually managed to get himself committed, it might not be to Ferncliff.  He asks Cody what he would do in that contingency?  Dante tells Cody that he is free to go, but tells his friend that he needs to be careful and thoughtful about what he does next.

Mac arrives for a date on the roof of the Metro Court.  He tells Felicia about Gladys filing for the restraining order so that Cody can not get near Sasha.  Felicia finds that odd that they are filing for a restraining order when Cody is the one who was stabbed.  Mac says that the whole situation reeks of suspicion.  Felicia agrees.  Felicia tells Mac that she feels that there is so much more she should be doing with her life.  Mac begs her not to go back to work as a private investigator.  Felicia says that is not in her plan.  Mac says that if Felicia wants to make a difference in the lives of the people in their community that there is no better place for her than General Hospital.

When Kristina comes off the elevator in the lobby at General Hospital, T.J. once again sees her and asks how it went.  Kristina said that it went better than expected.  She said that Dr. Randolph was engaging and extremely focused.  T.J. says that sounds great and says that Dr. Randolph would be an asset to her team.

T.J. takes notice of the time and remarks that Kristina must have had to miss the sushi dinner at his place that Molly had thrown for everyone.  But, Molly never invited Kristina and T.J. was completely unaware, landing him in a position he would just as soon not be in.  

Molly tells Sam that after giving it some amount of thought, they had decided that they want Sam to be the baby’s guardian.  Sam, who at first looks overwhelmed, says Yes of course and that she is truly honored.

A few minutes later as Sam was exiting Molly and T.J.’s apartment, Kristina is found standing in the doorway looking not so happy.  Kristina demands to speak to Molly alone.  Sam looks to Molly to make sure that it is OK that she leaves, Molly assures her that it is.  When Sam leaves the apartment, Kristina looks at Molly and says simply, “How could you?”

As Finn is putting Violet to bed.  Violet tells him about the fall.  Finn being an extremely perceptive doctor then confronts Gregory.  He asks Gregory if the reason that he fell is because he is clumsy, or is it something else.

Gregory, looking to unburden himself of this secret to his son, says to Finn, “it is something else…..something horrible.”

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Update Wednesday, August 16, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Trina and Ava talk about what is going on in Trina’s life. Ava asks what Trina’s plans are for the new school year.  Trina asks Ava if she can come back to work at the Jerome Gallery.  Nina says of course she can and she asks why Trina would want to work at her gallery and not one of the more sophisticated galleries in town. Trina says that she enjoys setting her own hours and the more relaxed atmosphere. Nina arrives and Trina goes to spend time with Spencer and Ace who are swimming in the pool. 

Nina wants to know what is going on with Ava and Sonny.  Ava doesn’t tell her much, only that everything is going to get better soon. Nina is irritated at first but then resigns herself to the fact that Ava is her friend and she can trust her when she says that Ava and Sonny are protecting Nina by not telling her.

Marshall goes to see Portia at General Hospital and as soon as he arrives he steps into Portia’s office and says, “we have a problem.” He then tells Portia they have got to provide Neka with some help because she is overwhelmed at the Savoy without Curtis’ daily presence. Marshall and Portia agree that the family will step in to fill the void left by Curtis’ absence.

Michael and Willow arrive at General Hospital for Willow’s appointment with Dr. Randolph.  They are greeted by Austin, who notes how well Willow is looking. Michael notices Dex watching Austin and after Willow goes in for her appointment, he follows Dex outside and asks him what is going on. Dex tells him that he is on an assignment from Sonny but doesn’t give him many details.

Betty and Mason go into Austin’s office so Betty can tell them both what she found at Sonny’s penthouse. Austin remarks that no one bothers to knock anymore. Austin then tells Mason and Betty that he is done as Dex tries to listen outside. Mason reminds Austin that they are all employees of the boss and that no one gets out until the boss says so. 

Spencer and Trina talk about her feelings about what is going on with her mother and Curtis as Esme watches them from across the roof of the Metro Court. Spencer encourages her to go to Portia to check in on her. After Trina kisses him and leaves, Esme walks over and asks Ace if he wants to go swimming with his mother. She takes off her wrap revealing a pink bikini which Spencer takes notice of. 

Portia is looking at accessibility options for the house when Trina arrives bearing latte’s. She tells her mother that it was Spencer’s idea for Trina to check in on Portia but that the lattes were her idea. Trina sees the accessibility equipment on Portia’s screen and says she had no idea that it was so expensive to make a home handicap accessible.

Curtis is working with his therapist Roy when Roy insists they take a break. Roy tells Curtis that it is important that he not push himself too hard too quickly. Curtis isn’t happy but he agrees. At that moment, Selina Wu comes into the room and tells Curtis she is there as a friend to offer to run the Savoy while Curtis is out of commission.  She actually then makes an offer to take it off of Curtis’ hands altogether. “Over my dead body,” Marshall tells her. Marshall tells Selina that their family will take care of the club for his son. Wu makes some pointed remarks about Marshall not knowing anything about running a club.

Sam meets Cody at the coffee bar and he tells her that he thinks Sasha is being drugged and wants the entire situation to be investigated. Cody tells Sam that the reason why Sasha took a downward spiral is because she was considering removing Gladys as her guardian. Cody tells Sam about the situation that happened on the Home and Heart show and how well Sasha handled it.  He also says the timing of Sasha’s breakdown is just too coincidental. Sam says that they need concrete evidence before they can get the police to do anything like that and Cody gets up to leave.  Sam says, “where are you going?”  Cody tells Sam he is going to get the proof she needs. 

At the PCPD Gladys files for a restraining order to keep Cody away from Sasha. Mac comes over to them and sends her to another officer to get the paperwork for the restraining order processed.

At Ferncliff, Mandy tries to figure out why Sasha is acting the way she is because her medications shouldn’t be causing it. She tries to talk to her but Dr. Montague comes in. Mandy talks to him and tells him that she ordered a blood test and he tells her to not do anything else with his patient without talking to him first. After she leaves he tries to convince Sasha she is using again and gives her another injection.

Cody goes to the PCPD and tells Dante and Mac that they need to help Sasha and then Gladys comes out and pushes the restraining order in Cody’s face. But, Cody has finally had it with Gladys and goes off on her, screaming and yelling about what she has been doing to Sasha.  Cody says that Gladys has left Sasha scared and alone at Ferncliff.  He then says, maybe it is time that Gladys felt “scared and alone” and he lunges at Gladys. Dante drags Cody into an interrogation room and Gladys demands that Mac arrest Cody. Mac tells her that he can do that but if he does then the PCPD will have to investigate all of Cody’s claims. Gladys, knowing that she is guilty of everything Cody has accused her of, finally relents.

At Ferncliff, Dr. Montague tells Janice that someone on staff is smuggling drugs to Sasha and asks her to remove Mandy from Sasha’s case. Later Janice goes in to check on Sasha and Sam sneaks around the corner and watches through the window as Sasha screams at Janice to leave her alone.

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Update Friday, August 11th

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Elizabeth runs into  Finn on the roof of General Hospital.  Elizabeth tells him that he is sitting in her spot.  Finn asks her if she is really up there enough to claim her own spot.  Elizabeth tells him that it comes with being the head nurse. Elizabeth tells Finn she prefers the night shift because nights pay time and a half.  She also tells Finn she comes to the roof to make sense of everything that goes on in the hospital.  Finn says that is exactly why he is up there. 

Elizabeth asks Finn if he is OK.  Finn tells her that he lost a patient during his shift.  Finn tells Elizabeth that the patient’s daughter was a classmate of Violet’s.  He tells Elizabeth that the whole situation just made him think about things.  Elizabeth tells Finn that it is a natural reaction to think about your own life when someone dies.  Finn tells her that this time is different. Finn worries about what would happen to Violet if something happened to him because he is her only parent.

Finn says that he has no family to raise Violet because Chase is a cop and that he could be killed every time he goes to work.  Finn then asks Elizabeth to be Violet’s guardian. Elizabeth looks stunned at first but agrees to be Violet’s guardian.

Sonny, on the phone with Ava, tells Ava that he is handling their situation.  Avery comes in and Sonny has Ava put her on the phone.  She does and Sonny tells her she will not have a good time at school if she falls asleep because she didn’t sleep any during the night.

Later after Sonny and Nina have gone to sleep, Sonny takes a call.  Nina awakes to find him gone and she goes looking for him in the other rooms of the penthouse.

She returns and calls Ava and tells her that Sonny is gone.  Ava asked Nina what she expected.  Ava tells Nina that she is engaged to a mobster and that things like that are going to happen. 

Chase arrives at the PCPD, with Ned, Olivia and Carly in tow.  Ned and Carly are in  handcuffs from their scuffle at the Hard Cider Bar.  Chase demands to know what happened at the bar.  Olivia gives him a very long and confusing explanation.  At that moment, Chase’s phone rings, it is the owner of the Hard Cider Bar.  He informs Chase that he will not be pressing charges.

Anna goes for a jog.  When she leaves her home, it is clear she is being watched.  She begins to jog. Back at Anna’s house, we see an unidentified individual pick the lock to Anna’s french doors.  The individual then enters her home.  Kerosene is quickly doused all over Anna’s furniture and the walls of her home.  The burglar then lights Anna’s home on fire. Within moments the entire home is engulfed in flames. Anna returns home and finds her home in ruins. She phones the fire department and pleads with them to hurry because the fire that started on the lower floors of the home is quickly spreading.

Dante is working on the Pikeman case when Sam enters and puts his laptop away.  Sam tells Dante that work is over.  Dante agrees.  Sam discusses allowing Maxie to lease the house that Dante owned with Lulu and Dante says it is a great idea.  He says that Maxie’s kids would love the place and the kids would each have their own room and a yard to play in. Dante thinks its a great idea.  He says there is no point in the house being empty, when Maxie can live their with the kids and he mentions that he is sure that Maxie would handle the upkeep as well.

The phone rings and Chase tells Dante that Olivia is at the PCPD and needs someone to sign her out.  Dante goes down to the PCPD and after some drama, he signs out Olivia.  Sonny arrives and says he will sign for Ned and Carly.  Carly says that Sonny can take Ned but that she isn’t going with him. 

Dante finally gets back to his apartment and Sam is asleep.  He watches her sleep for just a moment. Dante goes to change and when he comes back and gets into bed, Sam awakens.  Dante tells her about the situation down at the police department.  

Austin goes to his office and finds Mason sitting in his chair.  Mason shows him the wounds from his run in with Carly and the bottle at the Hard Cider Bar. He tells Austin that he needs a doctor but Austin doesn’t look at all interested in helping him.  Austin tells Mason that he can’t just show up and make himself comfortable in his office whenever he wants.Austin says that he can treat him but he is going to have to know what happened.  Mason tells him that he had a “run in” with a lady in a bar. 

Mason asks Austin how Betty is doing with Ava and Sonny.  Austin tells Mason that as far as he knows, Ava and Sonny are pleased with Betty’s services.

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Update Thursday, August 10, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Sam shows up at Maxie’s front door and Maxie asks if she is her fairy godmother.  Sam has brought a bottle of wine in hopes that the two can catch up.  But, she quickly hears the kids fighting in another room of the apartment.  Maxie raises the wine bottle like she could really use a drink and they both smile. Maxie disciplines the children and sends Georgie to her room.  Sam, in the meantime, gives James some ice cream.  Maxie tells Sam that they need a new place and Sam says that she could lease Dante’s place.  Maxie asks if she means the house where Dante lived with Lulu.  Maxie then begins to speak about Lulu and how much she misses her, she tells Sam it’s been nearly three years.  Maxie asks if Sam thinks that Dante would let her live there.  Sam tells Maxie that if he decided to lease the place that she believes there would be no better candidate than Maxie. 

Maxie and Sam then discuss Sasha’s descent into madness.  Maxie tells Sam that Brook Lynn saw her at Fern Cliff and that Sasha was crying and screaming and Maxie tells Sam she doesn’t want to see her that way.  Sam can’t believe that Sasha has taken such a rapid downturn. Maxie agrees and says that there was absolutely no evidence that Sasha was abusing drugs before her breakdown. Sam then tells Maxie that she has to leave soon and Maxie is disappointed.  Maxie says it was so nice to spend time with an actual adult.

Marshall arrives home at Portia’s place and Portia tells him he is just in time. “In time for what?” Marshall asks.  Portia informs him that Trina has moved back home.  Portia tells Marshall she will get Trina from her room so that they can visit together.  Marshall seems distracted.  Portia finds that Trina has left  and she tells Marshall that she has to go out.  She tells Marshall that she hopes that Trina hasn’t gone to see Spencer.  Portia tells Marshall that she feels responsible for what happened to Curtis.  Marshall tells her that focusing on the what ifs and the might have beens is no way to live.  He insists that they have to move forward.  Marshall tells Portia that he will be there for her and Curtis. Portia and Marshall share a hug.  

In Curtis’ room at General Hospital, Curtis has a flashback to the sounds of the shooting and then pulls the covers up and stares at his legs.  Elizabeth enters his room and asks him if he is OK.  Elizabeth discusses Curtis’ transfer to rehab the next day. She tells Curtis that the rehabilitation will be difficult but he will be fine because he is strong.  Curtis asks Elizabeth to just be honest and say that he will be stuck in a chair for the rest of his life.  

Trina arrives at General Hospital and asks Finn to sneak her in to see Curtis.  At first he is hesitant, but then he relents. Finn goes to visit Curtis and lets Trina in.  Trina tells Curtis that regardless of what the future holds he will always be her father.  “Yes I will,” Curtis replies.  Trina asks Curtis if he remembers the first words he uttered when he regained consciousness after his surgery.  Curtis says, “I need my daughter.”  Trina says that she needs him too and she will always be there for him.

Alexis comes home and startles Kristina who is watching “How To Catch A Killer” on TV.  Alexis tells Kristina that she thought she didn’t watch TV anymore.  Kristina says that her internet has been shut off and besides she prefers to watch TV at Alexis’ place. Alexis tells Kristina from now on if she could tell her she was coming by that would be nice.  Alexis says that would help prevent her from having a heart attack in the future.  Kristina said she didn’t expect Alexis to be out this late.  Alexis says that she was out helping someone check off an item on their bucket list. Kristina asks for details and Alexis says that she was out throwing hatchets with a friend.  Kristina tells her that she has heard about those places and she has also heard they can be a lot of fun.  Alexis then notices that Kristina has brought over books on business management that Sam had purchased for her.  Alexis then becomes convinced that Kristina was planning on burning the books in the fireplace.  But, Kristina convinces her that she has really enjoyed the knowledge she has acquired from the books.  She says it makes her feel empowered and she intends to use the knowledge while setting up her new center for at-risk youth.  Alexis then tells Kristina she is very proud of her.

The doorbell rings at Anna’s home, she comes down the stairs and finds Dante at the door.  When Dante enters Anna’s home, it is clear that they are both being watched by an unseen party. Anna thanks Dante for coming over so late and she asks him if there has been any progress on the investigation of the shooting at the Metro Court.  Dante tells her that they still have more questions than answers and that he really wouldn’t call that progress.  Anna informs Dante that Pikeman Security Group may be involved in the shooting. Anna says she has recently learned that Pikeman often recruits former WSB agents to work for them.  Dante asks her how she knows this for sure.  Anna tells him that Valentin was recruited to work for them.  Dante asks where Valentin is and Anna tells him that there was a water main break at ELQ and that he had to go and deal with that.  Dante tells Anna that he can’t believe that Valentin admitted that he was recruited by Pikeman.  Anna tells him he was hesitant at first, but after pressing him, he shared the information with her. 

Dante asks Anna if she believes that Pikeman tried to kill her that day at the Metro Court pool. Anna is not certain but she tells Dante when she was debriefed by a WSB agent after what happened in Greenland that she noticed that he had a portfolio with a Pikeman logo on it.  Dante says that maybe the presence of the logo was just a coincidence.  Anna disagrees and says that the bureau may be using Pikeman to further its own political agenda. Dante assures Anna that he will go back to the PCPD and work the Pikeman angle. As he leaves her home, the person watching Anna’s front door is still present.

At General Hospital, Finn gets a call about a patient.  He orders an ER to be made ready and another doctor to be paged to assist.  He then hangs up the phone and rushes away as Elizabeth watches from across the lobby.

Carly and Olivia show up at a dive bar that Carly says reminds her of Jake’s.  Olivia excuses herself to go to the ladies room while Carly orders drinks.  To Carly’s surprise, Ned walks across the room and begins a conversation with her.  Olivia comes back and finds Ned talking to Carly.  Olivia says to Carly, “is it possible that my husband is trying to pick up my best friend?”  Carly says she doesn’t think so, but then is immediately proven wrong. Olivia quips that she guesses she should be thankful that he is hitting on her and not some other loser.  At this point, Mason enters the picture and makes a pass at Olivia.  Mason tells Olivia that she looks, “lonely and hot.”  Olivia rolls her eyes.  Mason starts hitting on Olivia and Ned punches Mason, which leads to a fight between the two.  Mason knocks Ned out and then continues hitting on Olivia.  The bartender, seeing the situation is getting out of hand, passes Carly a bottle which she then breaks over the back of Mason’s head.  Mason falls to the floor.  Ned then regains consciousness and asks Olivia, “did I get him?”  Olivia says, “you got him all right.”  Carly rolls her eyes with exasperation.

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GH Update Wednesday, August 9, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At The Invader, Alexis is furious about Senator Wilkins being acquitted even though he was caught red handed and indicted on criminal charges. Alexis and Gregory discuss how the senator’s attorneys must have outsmarted the incompetent prosecutors. Alexis tells Gregory the senator can escape prosecution because he can afford great lawyers. She then pounds on her desk and tells Gregory that the whole situation makes her want to break something. Gregory says, “why don’t you?” Alexis replies that she might also enjoy sweeping her hand across her desk and pushing everything into the floor. Gregory says that the didn’t mean for Alexis to take his situation literally. He said he knew of a place that would help them dispose of their aggressive feelings. He said that it was an establishment that Finn and Chase had recommended and that he had come to take their recommendations seriously.

The two of them end up at an axe-throwing bar. Alexis proves to be not as good at axe-throwing as Gregory, but she quickly learns how to hit the bullseye. The activity helps Alexis blow off some steam and the two of them have an excellent time until Gregory’s ALS causes him to become symptomatic. He then became emotional and admitted to Alexis that his pain is growing worse by the day. This turn of events brings about a serious discussion of life and Gregory’s bucket list. Alexis does her best to empathize with Gregory as he is moved to tears thinking about how bad his illness may become. Alexis gives Gregory a big hug. He tells Alexis that he has started to avoid both Chase and Finn because he is concerned that he will no longer be able to conceal his illness.  Alexis encourages Gregory to come clean with Finn because he is a medical doctor and will be able to help. Gregory insisted he did not want to dump his problems on Finn.

Olivia is surprised to see Carly when she comes by the Metro Court to check on her. Carly remarks how strange it is to be standing in her old office. She tells Olivia that she is surprised that Nina hasn’t taken it over. Olivia says she would never allow that to happen and Carly thanks her. Carly explains that she is at the Metro Court because she could not help but be concerned with everything Olivia is going through. Nina hears the conversation between Carly and Olivia and can’t help but insert herself into the conversation. Nina thanks Olivia (in front of Carly) and tells Olivia they can have a detailed discussion the following morning. After Nina leaves, Carly immediately asks what Nina was talking about. Olivia then admits that she is helping Nina and Sonny plan the wedding. She also tells Carly that the ceremony is going to be at the Metro Court. Carly is surprised that Nina and Sonny would ask Olivia to plan their wedding. Olivia concedes that it was actually her idea. Olivia does admit that she is doing it because it will distract her from the ongoing situation with Ned (Eddie). Olivia tells Carly that Tracy wants to have Ned (Eddie) institutionalized. Carly says that she thinks that is a bit extreme. Olivia says that she believes that Leo is handling the whole situation better than she is. 

To Olivia’s surprise, Carly offers to help with the wedding. Olivia can’t believe Carly would even want to help her after the way she treated her at the hospital. Carly tells Olivia that they will always be best friends. They hug and reflect on key moments in their friendship and then Carly offers to take Olivia somewhere to have fun and take her mind off of things. “Where are we going?” Olivia asks.  “You’ll see,” Carly says.

Portia is sitting at home when the doorbell rings. She is ecstatic to see Trina at the door and the two embrace. Portia exclaims, “you’re home.”  Trina asks her mother if that is OK? Portia then sees Spencer at the door carrying Trina’s things and her facial expression immediately changes. Portia says that seeing Trina is the highlight of her day.  Portia says it is fine that Trina has come home but she admits she has been using Trina’s room for extra storage.  She tells Trina she will have to move some books and things out of her way.  Trina heads upstairs and Spencer says he will take Trina’s things upstairs, Portia tells him that won’t be necessary. Portia continues by telling Spencer that her house is Trina’s home and that she will always be there for Trina and that she is more that capable of helping Trina move her stuff upstairs. Spencer says that he is aware of that but that Trina asked for his help and she is expecting him to stick around. Portia says that she is concerned about Spencer being around Trina because she believes that Sonny (Spencer’s uncle) may have been the intended target of the sniper that critically injured Curtis. Spencer says that he is by no means perfect, but he insists he is nothing like his Uncle Sonny or Victor. Portia refuses to let Spencer go upstairs and say “good night” to Trina. Portia tells Spencer that she will tell Trina that he had to “take off.”  Spencer leaves and Trina returns downstairs, Portia tells Trina that Spencer had to go. Portia lies to Trina again when she tells Trina that Spencer was probably thinking about his baby brother. Trina quizzes Portia about the house and Portia discusses her plans for the house now that Curtis is paralyzed. Portia tells Trina she plans to make the entire house accessible for Curtis. Portia tells Trina that Curtis hasn’t exactly agreed to even move back into their home.  Portia tells Trina that patients sometimes have a difficult time with these types of injuries and that she just has to be patient and wait for Curtis to come to terms with being paralyzed.

Dante is working in an interrogation room for some peace and quiet when Jordan comes in and asks what he is working on. He asks why Jordan is interested since she is no longer the commissioner. She says just because she is not the commissioner doesn’t mean she can’t be curious. Dante concedes that he is working on the Metro Court pool shooting and informs Jordan that the gun was traced back to the WSB. Jordan wonders why the WSB isn’t more involved in the case. Dante says the only action the WSB has taken is to totally turn its back on Anna. Dante also shared with Jordan that Anna was having a tough time. Jordan said that she was willing to help in any way she could and said that she owed it to Anna and Curtis. They briefly discuss her new job as Deputy Mayor and then she leaves to let him concentrate on his casework.

Sonny is watching movies with Donna at his penthouse. When the movie ends and Donna falls asleep, Sonny turns on a boxing match. He then calls Dante to give him updates but Dante doesn’t want to hear anything about the fight because he is recording it to watch later. Sonny inquires why Dante is still at work. Sonny tells Dante he will talk to him later. 

When Nina gets home they talk about his love of boxing and then he asks her why she was late. Sonny quickly realized that Nina wasn’t at all interested in boxing. Nina said that anything that made Sonny smile made her happy. As Sonny and Nina cuddled, Nina recalled having just left Metro Court. Nina said that she had seen Carly. Sonny said he didn’t want Nina to feel that she had to avoid Carly. Nina said that she had gone to Olivia’s office to talk about wedding plans, but she said that it is difficult to make wedding plans without a wedding date. Sonny said that he would marry Nina with a justice of the peace or in Las Vegas if he had to. Sonny and Nina started to kiss. They later agreed to pick a date for the wedding the following day.

Marshall goes to see Curtis and brings a deck of cards. They play ‘go fish’ like they did when he was a kid and talk about the rehab facility Curtis is supposed to go to. Curtis doesn’t want to go because he feels like by going to the rehabilitation facility he would be giving up and accepting being paralyzed but Marshall does his best to try to change his mind. Curtis tells Marshall that Portia is determined to stick with him through this difficult time but Curtis tells Marshall that just seeing Portia is a reminder of the life that they will never have together.  At this point, Jordan enters Curtis’ hospital room and Marshall leaves them alone to talk. She asks Curtis if he remembers anything about the events surrounding the shooting. Curtis asks Jordan why she is investigating the shooting, now that she is deputy mayor. However, he promises to tell her if anything comes back to him.

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GH Update Tuesday, January 17, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In Paris, Anna was disheartened that her search with Valentin had not revealed more details on Lucy’s location.  

Anna admitted her guilt over having involved Lucy in her quest to bring down Victor. There was a knock at the door and Valentin answered. Outside, a young boy named Antoine indicated he had information for Valentin.  Anna and Valentin invited him in. Antoine spoke in French and told Valentin and Anna that his father had been complaining about the American woman who would not stop speaking. Antoine said that the woman had uttered the words “Ciao” and “Ta” often. Anna and Valentin realized the woman he spoke of was Lucy.

Valentin thanked Antoine and gave him money for the information and asked him to remain quiet about their meeting. Antoine said that he had never met Valentin.  Valentin and Anna smiled and bid Antoine goodbye. After he left, Valentin and Anna realized that Antoine was the son of one of Victor’s men. Anna and Valentin were thrilled to know that Lucy was alive and still putting up a fight. They spoke of how to rescue Lucy. Valentin said that perhaps they could use the sewer system to gain access to Victor’s compound. Anna believed the catacombs would be of better use to them.

Anna studied the maps of the catacombs and realized that the location of Victor’s prison for Lucy was a veritable fortress and not easily accessed by any means. Valentin suggested that there were many areas of the catacombs not reflected in the blueprints or on any map.  He said that there still might be a way to reach Lucy and they both agreed they would make an attempt to free Lucy from Victor’s men.

At GH, Victor visited Esme. Victor spoke to Esme as if she was faking her amnesia, but Esme had no clue who he was. Victor told Esme to call him “Uncle Victor.”  He manipulated Esme into thinking that he was there to make sure she received the best of care and representation because she was carrying the “next Cassadine heir.”  Victor was obviously surprised that Esme had a genuine case of memory loss.

Esme said that given the awful things she stood accused of, it might be better if she never regained her memory. Victor asked Esme what she planned to do after leaving the hospital. Esme replied that she would go to court and hoped to avoid prison.

At that point, Martin entered. Victor reminded Martin and Esme that the police had no physical evidence to tie Esme to any of the hook killings. Martin grew angry, and asked to speak to Victor outside the room. Martin called Victor an “unrepentant sociopath,” and conversation became heated when Martin spoke of Lucy. Martin issued a veiled threat by implying that he didn’t know if he would be able to fully concentrate on Esme’s case because he was so worried about Lucy’s disappearance. He said that Esme might have to have her baby behind bars. Victor asked Martin if he was threatening him. Martin said that he was only stating the facts.  Both men stared at each other with enmity, Martin knowing all too well that Victor was behind Lucy’s disappearance and Victor not doing a very good job of concealing his guilt. Martin walked away from Victor knowing he had the upper hand now that he was Esme’s only hope of being exonerated.

Later, Victor placed a call to a henchman named Gavin in France. Victor asked about their “guest,” and he warned Gavin that Anna and Valentin had still not been located and he feared that they might be headed in his direction.  He ordered the guard to double security.

Heather made her way into Ryan’s cell and was startled when he leapt from his wheelchair and approached her.  Heather told Ryan that her favorite security guard had been fired for stealing.  She revealed her plan to bust Esme out of GH and that they would run from the authorities.  It bothered Heather that Esme had no idea who she was and probably didn’t even know her name.  Ryan confirmed that Esme had no clue who Heather was.  This further angered Heather, who despite Ryan’s objections said she was carrying out her plan immediately with no delays. Ryan insisted she needed a better plan and to think things through.  She dismissed him and when she left the cell she said that she would “send him a postcard.”

In Willow’s room at the hospital, Willow told Michael that she didn’t want to deliver their baby prematurely. Michael grew angry, and he said that Willow having the baby a month before its due date would not pose a great risk to the baby’s overall health. Michael added that by delaying treatment for the leukemia, Willow was gambling with her life. 

Michael left Willow’s room to go for a walk with Chase, who had come to the hospital to offer their support for Michael. In Willow’s room, Sasha confirmed that she knew that Willow had leukemia. Sasha was floored when Willow said that she had just learned that Nina was her biological mother. Willow sarcastically said that she was “better off with Harmony” as a mother. Sasha asked if Willow was thinking about refusing a transplant merely because Nina was the donor.

Willow believed that Nina would “leverage” her bone marrow as a way to gain visitation with Wiley. Willow claimed that she wouldn’t refuse a transplant from Nina. After Michael returned, Sasha departed.

Alone in the room, Michael apologized for having grown angry with Willow. Willow said that she had decided she would bring their baby into the world if Dr. Randolph thought it was too risky to delay treatment. Michael was relieved, and he told Willow that he loved her. 

At Sonny’s penthouse, Nina kept calling the hospital and asking if she was a bone marrow match for Willow.  She became angry at how long it was taking the lab to perform a “simple blood test.”  Nina was thrilled that she might be able to save Willow.

Nina, who was overcome with emotion and couldn’t stop crying, said that she would never forgive Carly for having kept the truth from her. Sonny admitted that he was “mad as hell” over Carly’s actions. Sonny told Nina that he and Michael had shared a moment the previous night. Sonny said that he had seen a glimpse of the person Michael used to be.  

Nina received a phone call and learned she was a potential bone marrow match donor for Willow.  She shared the news with Sonny, who told Nina that “as long as there is life, there is hope.”

Nina said that she had to get to the hospital and Sonny asked her if she would like him to go with her.  Nina said that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  The two kissed and laughed.

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GH Update Friday, January 13, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Robinson residence, Trina revealed that she had been in touch with Spencer. Portia lectured Trina about remaining in contact with Spencer. Trina recalled how helpless Esme had seemed when she had approached Trina and Spencer on the Haunted Star on NYE, and she admitted that she did have sympathy for Esme. Trina wondered aloud if it were possible that her amnesia had changed Esme.

Trina said she was ready to move on with her life. Portia asked how letting Spencer back into Trina’s life would help. Trina said that Spencer had been there for her like no one else since Rory’s death. Portia then began blasting the entire Cassadine family. She claimed that she had tried to keep an open mind about Nikolas, but then immediately started picking apart Nikolas and Victor in particular. Portia very condescendingly added that Spencer was a convicted felon.

Trina said that one day she hoped they could see eye to eye on Spencer but she added that this was not a necessity because Spencer was her friend and she called the shots in her life.  She made it clear she was disgusted with Portia’s actions and words and retired for the night to her bedroom.

Curtis entered the room carrying both he and Portia a glass of wine. Portia asked if he had overheard her conversation with Trina.  Curtis said that he had heard most of it. Portia vowed that Spencer wouldn’t become a habit. “Not if I have anything to say,” Portia said.

At Sonny’s penthouse, Alexis visited Spencer.  She and Spencer discussed Esme’s claim to have memory loss, and he was still heartbroken at the loss of Britt. Alexis said that whatever Spencer decided about the baby it was imperative that he not hold an innocent child to blame for their family problems. Spencer said he would never hold a grudge against an innocent baby, but he was concerned that Esme might take the baby far away from Port Charles. Alexis nixed that idea, when she told Nikolas that his father was resigned to have total custody of the child.  When she told Spencer about the conversation she had with Nikolas about custody of the baby and how Nikolas didn’t want Esme anywhere near his child because she was unstable.  Spencer paused and said, “pot meet kettle.”  Alexis agreed and told him she had reiterated that point to Nikolas as well.

Alexis wanted Spencer to tell her about anyone that might have been loyal enough (other than the psychopath Ryan Chamberlain) to Esme to kill those people she regarded as threats to Esme and her child. Spencer recalled that Sam had looked into Maggie, Esme’s nanny, whose last whereabouts had been in London. Spencer told Alexis that Maggie had warned Esme in a letter not to have anything to do with her birth father. Alexis thanked Spencer for the scoop.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan asked Dante for a lead on the hook killer. Soon afterward, Josslyn appeared. Dante, Jordan, and Robert started to formally question Josslyn about her encounter with the hook attacker. Dante showed Josslyn a grainy photo that he said had been taken 15 minutes before Britt had called in the attack on New Year’s Eve. Jordan asked if it was Josslyn’s life that Britt had saved. Before Josslyn could say anything, Diane arrived and ended the interview by looking at Josslyn and saying, “not another word.”

Diane, Robert, and Jordan were pushed out of the interrogation room so that Diane could confer with Josslyn. Diane soon reappeared and said Josslyn was prepared to give a statement. In the statement, Josslyn admitted that she had been on the pier during the night of the attack and that someone had attacked her with a knife. Josslyn claimed that during the night of the attack, she hadn’t seen anything that could help the police. Dante asked if the attacker had looked pregnant, and Josslyn said she couldn’t recall.  Josslyn said there was no need for this interrogation style meeting, she told Dante if she could have helped the police in any way she would have come to Dante on her own.  Dante agreed.

Dante asked Diane for permission to speak to Josslyn alone, and Diane asked Josslyn sho said that it would be fine. Alone in the interrogation room, Josslyn self-righteously claimed that Dante had “ambushed” her, and she gloated that she had “learned from the best” to not talk to the police. “Yeah, you did,” Dante said. So, what was the family emergency?” Dante asked Josslyn.

At the hospital, Drew told Michael that Nina was Willow’s birth mother. Michael was livid and his face did not hide his disgust and exasperation. Drew tried to console Michael and to remind Michael that the important thing now was to get Nina tested for the bone marrow donor registry.  Michael begrudgingly agreed and returned to Willow’s room.

In the hospital chapel, Carly said that Nina might be the only person who could help Willow. “Nelle isn’t your only daughter. Willow is, too,” Carly told a confused Nina. Nina became her typical self-righteous self and demanded answers from Carly, who explained that years earlier, Nina had given birth to twin daughters under medical supervision. “So, if Willow was Nelle’s twin, you’re saying that Madeline handed Willow off to…” Nina said. “Harmony. Your mother gave the baby to Harmony,” Carly answered without any doubt in her mind.

Carly admitted that Harmony had suspected that Nina was Willow’s mother on the night that Harmony had died. Carly later added that she knew for a fact that Nina was Willow’s biological mother, and she admitted that she had proof. Carly admitted that she had run a DNA test on both Nina and Willow and that the results were conclusive. This made Nina angrier as she accused Carly of stealing her DNA and then conducting an unauthorized DNA test without her knowledge or consent.  Carly said that none of this mattered because what was done was done; and that Nina and Willow were mother and daughter.

Nina remained skeptical that Carly was telling the truth, but Carly pleaded with her that now was not the time for doubts. Nina needed to be tested. Nina flashed back to a series of conversations and run-ins with Willow through the years. Carly continued to plead with Nina, who grew visibly angry. Nina rushed to the door of the chapel, but she turned to look at Carly again. “You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over how I was wrecking your family. What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?” Nina said as her voice started to give out.

Carly said that Nina could lash out at her after Nina had been tested. “Don’t tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell… you selfish bitch! I’m gonna go save my daughter,” Nina yelled. Slamming the chapel door.  Carly looked absolutely wrecked.

Sonny sat with Willow in Willow’s room. Sonny told an unconscious Willow that she was tough and that Michael would get her the best of care. Sonny said he wished he could take care of both Willow and Michael.

Sonny continued to praise Willow, and he thanked her for having never lost hope in repairing his relationship with Michael. Just then, Michael entered the room.  Sonny explained to Michael that Josslyn had to leave and that she had asked Sonny to stay in the room with Willow so that she would not be alone. Michael said he appreciated Sonny having stayed with Willow. Sonny left to give Michael and Willow space. Alone with Willow, Michael whispered that he needed Willow, and he pressed his face against her hand. Willow awoke, and she asked what had happened. Michael recalled that Willow had passed out and had been brought by ambulance to GH.

Willow recalled that Nina had been in the gatehouse with Wiley. Michael confirmed that Wiley had seen Willow pass out, and he said they would explain everything to Wiley. Willow surmised that there was something Michael wasn’t telling her, and she asked what was wrong. Michael said that what he had to say was about Nina. Willow coldly remarked that she never wanted to hear Nina’s name again.

Just then, Nina entered the room. Willow demanded that Nina leave. “I’m sorry, but your life may depend on me,” Nina said still reeling from the news herself.

Outside Willow’s room, Sonny chatted with Drew. Sonny was surprised that Drew hadn’t known about Willow’s diagnosis until recently. “Can I ask you a question? Carly’s in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?” Sonny asked Drew.

Drew remained tight-lipped, and he said that it wasn’t his place to share why Carly had wanted to speak to Nina. Sonny “suggested” that Drew tell him the truth. After leaving the chapel, Carly appeared. Carly told Sonny to “back off.”

“What’s going on, Carly?” Sonny asked directly.


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GH Update Monday, January 9, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Nina continued going through the box of items that she and Liesl had retrieved from Britt’s office. She picked up the Doctor of the Year award and held it close to her chest. She then began to sort through papers, but was interrupted by Ava returning home.  She told Ava that she had to separate the things that belonged to the hospital from Britt’s personal possessions. Nina also told Ava that Liesl was napping in Nina’s bedroom and that Nina felt like she had not been able to console Liesl in the way she had hoped.  She told Ava that Liesl wouldn’t eat and Nina was growing increasingly concerned. 

Ava said that it was admirable that Nina wanted to take care of her aunt.  But, quickly added that Nina needed to consider taking a minute for some self-care. Nina told Ava how nice it had been getting to know Britt when she returned to Port Charles and that she just couldn’t believe that Britt was gone. Their chat continued on the sofa and Nina revealed to Ava that Britt had Huntington’s disease at the time of her death. 

Nina asked about Esme’s return and Ava’s face shifted to sheer disgust as she remarked that Esme was full of surprises. Ava told Nina that Esme was pregnant and Nikolas was the father. Nina was horrified, and Ava told Nina she didn’t believe there was a word for how angry she was. Ava announced her plan to get divorced as quickly as possible and she stated that if her plan was successful there would be a small reward for Nina.

Ava told Nina she planned on taking Wyndemere for herself. She maintained that she had leverage now with Nikolas’ infidelity and out-of-wedlock child. Ava flashed back to Nikolas’ confession of killing Esme (although she did not reveal it to Nina). Nina had grown accustomed to having Ava around and said that she would actually miss her. They laughed about that, and Ava confessed that she felt the same way. Ava grabbed Nina’s hands, and they agreed that they depended on each other. “You go get ’em,” Nina ordered. Nina also reminded Ava that her bedroom would not be going anywhere.

As Alexis walked into Kelly’s, she told someone on the phone that she would have to reschedule, something had come up, with her family. Just as she ended the call, Nikolas arrived and heard the word “family.” They sat down at a side table, against the wall and Nikolas announced that he needed legal advice, even if it was unofficial. Alexis inquired as to why Nikolas wasn’t using Martin. Nikolas said that Martin was defending Esme from criminal prosecution. Alexis found that humorous and wished him “good luck with that.” He then told her that he was the father of Esme’s baby, and Alexis was mortified. As Nikolas told her that he wanted full custody of the baby, Alexis continued to look at him in disbelief.

Alexis explained that Sam had been taken from her and she would never help someone to take another child away from its mother. She reminded Nikolas that his record as a parent was also lacking. Nikolas said that he would not repeat the errors of the past.  Alexis said the only reason he wanted custody of the unborn baby was to attempt to make up for his horrible mistakes with Spencer. Nikolas insisted that Spencer had cut ties with Nikolas, for good reason. But, Nikolas claimed that he had a responsibility to the unborn child. Alexis insisted that things simply do not work like that, and the parent had to take care of the child because it was their responsibility. Nikolas said that he wanted to protect the new baby from Esme. Alexis promised to find Nikolas an attorney with a good record on child custody cases, but she insisted that he not give up on Spencer as part of the agreement.

Spencer and Sonny walked into Wyndemere and were immediately met by Victor. Sonny said that Spencer would be living with him. “Like hell he is,” Victor responded. Spencer announced that the original date to remain in Victor’s care had passed.  Spencer added that if it were just Victor living at Wyndemere, he would consider staying but that he could not be in the presence of his father after everything that had happened.  Spencer waited for Victor’s response. “Go get your things,” Victor said.  Victor then turned to Sonny and offered him a seat in the living room which Sonny politely refused.  Victor said that he hoped Sonny would do the family a favor.  “Not even when hell freezes over,” Sonny replied. Victor insisted that he was willing to set his pride aside, but Sonny acknowledged that he was only there for Spencer. Victor said that he had hoped to reunite his family, and he hoped that Sonny would use his influence to help reconcile Spencer and Nikolas.

Sonny asked Victor if he thought that it was in Spencer’s best interest to be around Nikolas. He added that Nikolas had the opportunity to be a father. Victor replied that Nikolas was incapable of repairing Spencer’s trust, but he loved Spencer. Victor had hoped to use Sonny’s fractured relationship with Michael as leverage to achieve his point.  But, Sonny wasn’t having it. Victor stated that Sonny and Mike had repaired their relationship, and he wanted Sonny to give Spencer the same chance. Sonny maintained that both people have to be willing to work at it and want it and in this case, Nikolas wouldn’t work for it and Spencer no longer wanted the relationship.

Spencer returned with a small bag. Both Victor and Sonny found it odd that Spencer’s belongings fit inside this tiny bag. Spencer said that he had bumped into Demetrius, who had volunteered to have the rest of Spencer’s things sent to Sonny’s. He noted that Demetrius had headed back up to the North Tower.  “Not the North Tower, it’s closed,” Victor replied.  Spencer said that he had watched Demetrius ascend the stairs himself. Victor looked like he was up to something as Sonny and Spencer exited.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow rode the elevator to the 3rd floor for their meeting with Dr. Randolph. Willow was excited about the bone marrow transplant donor. She remarked that normally when they got on the hospital elevators, she was overcome with a feeling of dread.  That was not the case on this particular day.

Martin attempted to bar Jordan and Dante from questioning Esme. Martin took the issue to Terry who was standing at the nurses station with Elizabeth. He said that his patient was in no condition for questioning and demanded that Terry intercede. Terry said that as long as Esme’s neurologist had signed off on it she saw no problem with Esme answering questions from the police. As Terry was speaking, Finn stepped off the elevator onto the 10th floor, and Terry asked him to double-check with Esme’s neurologist and then to monitor her condition as the police questioned her. 

Terry was upset that she had to immediately catch up on all the work that Britt was overseeing. She couldn’t understand how Britt could be gone, and she and Elizabeth talked about how much Britt had changed. Terry cried, and Elizabeth offered to be there if she wanted to talk. Terry said that she and Britt had made a good team. Elizabeth agreed. Then, Terry received a notification that her next patient was waiting. Terry thanked Elizabeth for being a good friend.

Terry arrived, and she, Michael, and Willow sat around her desk. Willow extended her condolences. Terry revealed that if Britt were there she would want to concentrate on patient care and get right down to business.  She reviewed Willow’s lab work and looked concerned.  She said that Willow’s numbers weren’t where the doctors wanted them to be, and the chemo hadn’t worked as they’d hoped. However, she did say that the baby was healthy and strong. Terry wanted to schedule the transplant as soon as possible, and she suggested that with Willow being eight months pregnant, the baby should be delivered first. She left the room so that Michael and Willow could discuss it, but Willow wasn’t sure she wanted to deliver the baby early.

Michael did his best to reassure Willow until Terry returned with bad news. She announced that donors always needed a physical, and Willow’s donor had not been cleared by her doctor for the procedure. She said that a search for a donor would be resumed immediately and Michael asked her about other treatments.  “We have to consider them,” Terry said.  She reiterated that they needed to buy time to find Willow another donor.

Jordan, Dante, Martin, and Finn stood in front of Esme’s bed. Dante scrolled through photos of Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Oz, on his phone. Esme maintained that she didn’t recognize anyone. She grew agitated, and Martin asked Jordan to end the interrogation, which the commissioner did.

As everyone else left, Martin assured Esme that he knew how to have her set free. He asked Esme the location of where she had been hiding.

In the corridor, Dante and Jordan believed they could charge Esme with the revenge porn and that alone would carry a sentence.  But, Dante didn’t believe Esme could have committed the murders.  He said the evidence was leading them down a different path. Dante thought they needed to find out where Esme had been hiding out for months.

Elizabeth ran into Finn at the nurses’ desk, and he stuttered that he was only there to pick up a chart. Elizabeth stated that she had something to tell him, but was interrupted by Jordan and Dante.

Jordan wanted a statement regarding Elizabeth and Esme. Elizabeth said that she had already given a statement to the police and that nothing had changed. She maintained that she had been surprised to see that Esme was pregnant in the hospital.  She said that it had been too dark at the pier to see on the night she first encountered Esme on the docks. Dante noted that no one in any of the attacks had mentioned the attacker as being pregnant. Jordan revealed that they didn’t think Esme was the killer, and Dante thought it would be helpful to know where Esme had been hiding and why. Finn said that he thought that Wyndemere should be checked again and this time, thoroughly.

Back at the penthouse, Ava hoped that Nina would stop by Wyndemere whenever Sonny had to transport Avery. She was amused that Nina was with Avery’s father. Sonny arrived, and he told Ava that Spencer would be living with him for a while. Ava felt bad for Spencer, and she disclosed that Spencer had apologized to her. Ava also announced to Sonny that she was going to take Wyndemere in the divorce and she rushed off to talk with her lawyer. 

Sonny took off his coat and sat down, while Nina rushed off to the kitchen to fix them drinks.When Nina returned with the drinks, she found Sonny staring at one of the papers from Britt’s box which had been on the table in front of him. She knew that something was wrong.  “Is everything alright?” Ava asked.  Sonny replied simply, “No.”

Nikolas was greeted by Victor when he returned to Wyndemere. Victor, holding up a slightly burned Christmas ornament, demanded that Nikolas tell him what had been going on in the North Tower.

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GH Update Friday, January 6, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At GH, Nina looked through Britt’s belongings as she packed up Britt’s office. Sonny arrived, and he asked how she and Liesl were doing. Nina said that she was fine, but that she hadn’t been able to locate Liesl since she arrived. Sonny then asked how Liesl seemed to be coping.  Nina then explained to Sonny that she had received a text message from Liesl asking her to meet Liesl in Britt’s office, but when Nina arrived she couldn’t find Liesl anywhere.  Sonny quickly asked Nina if Liesl was aware that Esme was in custody and being treated at General Hospital. Nina’s face went from concern to panic as she and Sonny rushed out of Britt’s office en route to locate Liesl.

In Esme’s room at GH, Esme asked what Liesl wanted. Liesl told her she was there to exact revenge on her for killing her daughter the previous night. Liesl produced a syringe and when Esme screamed, Liesl gagged her with a cloth. Esme and Liesl struggled and Liesl promised Esme if she continued putting up a fight she would make her death “exquisitely painful.”  Esme quickly realized she was in no condition to fight off an assault, so she pushed back her hospital table, revealing her pregnancy.  “You’re pregnant?” Liesl asked. Liesl briefly paused to think. But, she said that her pregnancy would not save Esme. She told Esme that her death would be far more merciful than Britt’s was.  She injected Esme with the contents of the syringe.  Seconds later, Nina entered the hospital room and asked Liesl what she had done. 

Liesl told Nina that she had injected Esme with a sedative, she then began smothering Esme with a pillow. This prompted an immediate response from Nina. Nina and Liesl fought over the pillow. Nina, trying very hard to keep the noise controlled because of the guard outside the door, pleaded with Liesl to stop.  Nina said that this was not what Britt would have wanted.  Nina then asked if Liesl would kill a mother and her child for revenge.  Liesl said that she had no intention of killing the baby and made an evil grin. Nina then changed tactics and asked if Liesl wanted to spend the rest of her life in prison. Liesl said that she didn’t care. “Well, I care,” Nina pleaded. She added that James, Maxie, Scott, they would all be devastated if Liesl threw her entire life away in a simple act of rage.  Nina continued to beg Liesl to take a moment and reassess.  Nina said that Liesl was not thinking clearly.  Liesl seemed to calm a bit, although she showed no remorse for what she had done.  Nina was able to convince her to leave the room quickly.  The two stepped out of the room while the guard was distracted and onto an elevator, and quickly descended from the 10th floor.

Sonny appeared at the 10th floor nurses’ station, and asked Elizabeth if she had seen Liesl. Elizabeth said that she hadn’t seen Liesl since the previous night at the Haunted Star

Nikolas then approached Sonny and wanted to know if Sonny had spoken to Spencer. Sonny asked Nikolas to try speaking to his son himself.  Nikolas told Sonny that he was only asking because Spencer was not taking his calls and that he didn’t want Spencer to hear of Britt’s death from a stranger or through the media. Nikolas then admitted to Sonny that Esme was pregnant, and that he was the baby’s father. Sonny lunged at Nikolas and began punching him.  However, the altercation was quickly contained by a guard and Nikolas declined to file charges.

Afterwards, Sonny left the hospital so that he could find Spencer and deliver the news of Britt’s death personally. 

Elizabeth asked what had happened to Nikolas, who revealed that Sonny had punched him. Nikolas added that he had admitted to Sonny that he had sex with Esme and that she was carrying his baby. “Do you have a death wish?” Elizabeth asked.

Elizabeth scolded Nikolas for trying to stand near Esme’s door. Elizabeth said that Esme had no reason to fake amnesia, that she held all the leverage and could easily bury the two of them. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Esme had not recognized her, but she feared seeing Nikolas could trigger the return of her memory.  Elizabeth grew increasingly angry, and then replied with something she knew would get Nikolas’ attention.  If you go to prison, Victor will love nothing more than to mold another Cassadine into his image (speaking of Spencer). “That cannot happen,” Nikolas said defiantly. Elizabeth then said that Nikolas needed to pull it together and insisted that he not make any more asinine attempts to enter Esme’s room.  Elizabeth insisted that they “hold tight” and buy themselves more time.  

Later, Elizabeth entered Esme’s room. Esme grabbed her arm, and begged Elizabeth not to hurt her. Esme asked where that horrible woman was and what she intended to do to her.  Elizabeth insisted that Esme was safe in the hospital and that it sounded as if she was recalling events from a bad dream.

In the kitchen of Carly’s mansion, Josslyn was shaken when she entered the room and saw Carly with Dex. Dex told Josslyn that Britt had been attacked by the hook after her party.  Dex was clearly trying to maintain their secrecy in front of Carly. He informed Josslyn that Britt had intervened in an attack that was already in progress and that Britt was not the intended target.  Dex told her that the person who was targeted got away. Josslyn said that sounded terrible and said that it was fortunate that no one was hurt.  Dex and Carly exchanged a look of sadness.  Josslyn saw it, and asked if Britt was OK. Carly crossed the room to hold Josslyn’s hands. Carly said, “No she’s not okay.” Carly told Josslyn that Britt had died as a result of the attack.  She explained that the hook had scratched Britt and that the hook had been laced with poison.  Josslyn burst into tears and said that she was the reason Britt had died. Carly was clearly shaken by her daughter’s words. Josslyn then told Carly the whole truth, that she was the intended target and that Britt had simply gotten in the way trying to defend her.

Carly was in shock. She asked Josslyn why she hadn’t remained on the docks with Britt until the police came. Carly also wanted to know why Britt would tell the police that she didn’t know the identity of the person who got away. Dex said they had convinced Britt to let them leave because he had been carrying an unregistered gun that Sonny had given him. At that point Josslyn told Dex that she needed to speak to her mother alone. Dex resisted, but Josslyn walked him out. Dex said that he felt as though he should stay and face Carly with her. Josslyn said that wouldn’t be necessary.  Josslyn told Dex that her only regret about the previous night was that they had left Britt alone.

Back in the kitchen, Josslyn told Carly the entire story.  She had been on the way to Britt’s party and was attacked on the docks.  She said that she couldn’t run because she was in heels and that Britt had saved her. She told Carly that Dex had also arrived on the docks as Britt struggled with the killer and Dex had fired a single shot. She said that was the main reason they had left.  Carly wanted to know if Dex had actually hit the killer.  Josslyn said that there was no way to be sure.  Josslyn swore to Carly that Britt was fine when they left her and that no one, not even Britt, was aware that she had been scratched with the hook. Carly knew that Josslyn would never have left Britt if she had known.  Carly was overcome with emotion that the killer had come that close to Josslyn and she kept repeating, “Thank God you’re alive.”

Josslyn also told Carly that she had gone from Dex’s apartment straight to Kelly’s, to speak to Cameron. She told Carly that she had broken up with Cameron. She began to cry again when she told Carly that Cameron was “so hurt.” This clearly affected Carly as she grabbed for Josslyn’s hand.  Josslyn said that after the attack, it became clear to her that she could not put off the conversation with Cameron any longer.  Josslyn felt she had to tell Cameron the truth—they had grown apart and that she did not want to continue in the relationship.  Josslyn said that Cameron absolutely deserved that from her. Carly reached for Josslyn, and they hugged.

Arriving back at Nina’s penthouse, an exhausted Liesl said that she just wanted to get some rest.  Nina said that was a good idea and told Liesl to sleep in her room and she would be there in the living area if Liesl needed anything.  Nina discovered a trophy and a photograph of Britt and Brad in the box of Britt’s stuff. Underneath the photo and the trophy, was a close-up of a document from Dr. Terry Randolph detailing the chemotherapy treatment being received by Willow Tait. Nina grabbed the trophy and held it to her chest, but she did not notice the document.

At Kelly’s Diner, Spencer ordered coffee and then remarked that Cameron looked like he felt.  Cameron simply said that he had not gotten any sleep and that he was not scheduled to work that day but someone had called in sick.

Spencer told Cameron that Esme had been found and that she was pregnant. Spencer added that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and he also stated that Esme claimed to have near total memory loss. Cameron asked if Nikolas knew that Esme was pregnant before she went into hiding.  Spencer said that he wasn’t sure but that he definitely got the feeling that Nikolas knew before the previous night’s events.

Cameron asked if Spencer thought Esme was faking her memory loss. Spencer said he wouldn’t put it past her, but he added that he, Cameron, Trina, and Josslyn should get together to figure out what to do next. Cameron said that Spencer would have to meet with Trina and Josslyn separately. Spencer demanded to know what Cameron was not telling him. “Joss and I broke up,” Cameron said. Spencer immediately asked if their breakup had been caused by Dex.

Cameron asked what Spencer wasn’t telling him. He wanted to know why Spencer would immediately think that the breakup with Josslyn anything to do with Dex. Spencer asked Cameron to excuse him, then said that after the night he had just had, he didn’t have a lot of faith in others. As Spencer was speaking, Sonny entered Kelly’s. Spencer greeted him and Sonny said that he had been looking for Spencer. Sonny pulled up a chair, Cameron started to get up, but Sonny asked him to say.  Sonny then told Cameron and Spencer that Britt had been attacked by the hook killer and had died from her injuries.

Spencer was heartbroken, his face frozen, he kept insisting that it must be a mistake. Sonny said that it was no mistake. Spencer stood up, and told Sonny and Cameron he just needed a minute to himself. Spencer started up the stairs at Kelly’s but sat down before ascending them.  He then began to cry. 

Spencer returned, and Dex entered the diner. Dex approached Sonny, who told Dex to give him a minute. Cameron gave Dex a stringent stare and then he stood up and returned to work.

Spencer poured out his heart to Sonny. He asked if Britt had been alone and Sonny quickly replied that she was with her mother when she passed. Spencer was relieved that Britt had not been alone. Spencer then told Sonny that he couldn’t bear the thought of returning to Wyndemere to face Nikolas and Victor. Sonny said there was an “easy fix,” and he invited Spencer to come home with him. Spencer left the diner with Sonny and Dex.  As they left, Dex and Cameron made eye contact and held the awkward stare for several seconds.

In the stables on the Quartermaine estate, Willow told Michael that she believed her strength was returning following her first round of chemo, and she vowed to continue to fight the leukemia. 

Drew entered the stables and remarked that Willow and Michael seemed to be doing better. Willow asked how the search for her parents had progressed.

Drew asked if Willow had ever heard of a man named Josiah, at the commune in Colorado. Willow replied “Yes!.”  She then revealed that Harmony had taken her to visit someone named Josiah after they had left the commune. Willow said she couldn’t remember much about the actual visit, but did recall it being her first time on an airplane. She remembered that Harmony had given her chewing gum to make her ears pop to relieve the air pressure.  

Willow asked Drew if he thought that Josiah would be able to identify her birth parents.  Drew said that he couldn’t be sure, but it was definitely a step in the right direction. Drew wanted to make sure that Michael and Willow were not losing hope that they would be able to locate her birth parents. Willow vowed that she was determined to stay alive to see Wiley and her unborn daughter grow up together.  

After making that comment, Willow received a call from Dr. Terry Randolph, who said that Willow had been matched with a bone marrow donor. Willow told Michael and Drew the news and then exclaimed, “I’m going to live!”  Drew smiled, and Michael and Willow embraced.

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GH Update Wednesday, January 4, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Curtis met Portia at Haven Bistro. He told Portia that Trina had called him and was concerned about her mother’s safety after Britt’s death. Portia talked about all the bad things their family had been through. She was still reeling from Britt’s death. She told Curtis that she had admired Britt not only as a boss, but as a doctor and colleague. Curtis, wanting to shift the conversation away from talk of the past,  presented Portia with a calathea plant he’d gotten at the florist. He told Portia they symbolized new beginnings. Portia and Curtis both looked forward to the day when they would be wed.

Felicia arrived at the stables, looking very somber in search of Cody. She told him that Mac had been trying to reach him, and she burst into tears as she told him of Britt’s death. She advised him of exactly what the police knew. Cody said that life had never cut Britt a break. Felicia implied that this was something they both he and Britt had in common, and it was no surprise that they had enjoyed each other’s company for a while. Cody regretted that he had not simply been honest with Britt. He told Felicia that now Britt would never know the truth, that all he really wanted was Britt.  He thanked Felicia for coming to deliver the news in person. She said for him to thank Mac, because Mac had insisted that someone personally go to the Quartermaine’s to give Cody the news. She asked Cody if she could hug him and he said of course.  They shared a hug and then Felicia left.  Cody looked crushed and clearly felt alone.

Heather entered Ryan’s room at Spring Ridge, and he demanded to know where she’d been the night before. She said she had gone out for a bit of fresh air. Ryan commented that Britt had been killed by the Hook, and he realized that Heather was the killer. Heather said that someone had to protect their daughter from the killer. Ryan told Heather that she needed to confess so that their daughter could go free. Heather refused the idea, but insisted that she had done everything a mother could do to protect Esme.

Ryan then informed Heather that their little girl was going to have a baby.  Heather was thrilled and couldn’t wait to become a grandmother.

Outside of Britt’s room in the Metro Court, a reporter asked hounded Maxie with questions about Britt’s death. Brad appeared, yelling at the man, and Nina demanded that he leave the hotel or she would have him physically removed. He snapped a few photos as she pushed him, and he was gone. She thanked Maxie and Brad for meeting her there and informed them that the funeral home needed something for Britt to wear. Brad commented that Britt would love to hear people talking about her like a hero, and he suddenly got angry that she was gone. Maxie reminded him of how Britt had wanted them to be friends, and she suggested that they honor Britt that way by choosing her last outfit together.

The three of them entered Britt’s hotel room and found it empty.  The closets were also empty.  Nina made some calls and found out that Britt had her clothes sent to her destination and the rest of her things were put into the hospital’s charity donation bins.  Maxie and Brad were beside themselves.  Why would Britt have done such a thing?  They couldn’t understand it.  They spoke and questioned each other about Britt’s motives until Nina finally broke her silence.  She told them that Liesl had told her that Britt had late stage Huntington’s disease.  Maxie and Brad were speechless.  They showed a momentary moment of unity but that quickly dissolved into an argument over what type of outfit they would have Britt buried in.

Austin entered Britt’s office and found a crying Liesl packing Britt’s things. Austin advised LIesl that he would handle the packing.  He said that he would make sure what belonged to the hospital was returned to the hospital and what was personal would be forwarded to Liesl.  She thanked him for his birthday gift to Britt, and she asked Austin if Britt had been loved, to which Austin responded, “yes she was.” Austin chose to believe that Britt had changed her mind about leaving for good, and Liesl realized that Britt had planned on going away to die. Austin was sorry that Liesl had to hear that news from him.

Austin mentioned the incredible last week Britt had, including delivering a baby at the Quartermaine mansion and throwing an epic birthday party, all culminating in saving a life. He was sad that she was gone, but he believed that she’d picked a “badass way to go.” He then he made the mistake of mentioning that Esme had been admitted and was being held by the police there at General Hospital. After Austin left, Liesl picked up Britt’s lab coat with her badge on it.

Minutes later Nina entered Britt’s empty office. She responded to a text from Liesl, telling Nina to meet Liesl in Britt’s office.  “Where are you?” Nina responded to the original message.

At GH, Esme awoke and asked Elizabeth to remove the restraints.  Elizabeth said that she was not allowed to do that. Elizabeth asked Esme if she could remember anything at all. But, Esme said all she remembered was waking up in the hospital. 

There was a knock at the door, and Dr. Kevin Collins entered. “I remember your face,” Esme said, but when Kevin introduced himself, she didn’t recognize his name. Kevin asked to be left alone with his new patient.

Kevin said he would explain how Esme knew his face, even though she did not know him, if she would answer some basic questions.  Kevin asked Esme if she recalled her name, where she had been, how she ended up in the water? She could not answer these questions. Kevin then asked her if she knew Spencer or Nikolas Cassadine.  She said she did not. Kevin then mentioned that Esme had previously cared for his brother Ryan, but as he was speaking they were interrupted when Martin barged into the room and demanded that Kevin “cease and desist” his questioning of his client by order of a Port Charles County judge. Martin advised Esme that he was her lawyer, and from that moment on she was to speak to no one but him. Kevin said, “far be it for me to disagree with the judge,” and he left. Martin asked Elizabeth for privacy, but Esme didn’t want her to go. Esme said that Elizabeth was the only one that had been very kind to her since she arrived. Esme asked about what she had supposedly done, and Martin mentioned a list of crimes, ending in murder and Esme appeared to briefly lose consciousness.

Elizabeth asked Martin for a minute with Esme, so he left the room.  Elizabeth advised Esme to simply rest and concentrate on her health and her baby.

Later, Esme was alone in her room and a doctor entered. Esme asked if she could have something stronger to help her sleep. The doctor closed the door and turned around, it was Liesl.  She said, “yes, that can be arranged.”

At the PCPD, Nikolas asked for a phone call, as he didn’t want Spencer to find out from anyone else about Britt’s death. Dante interrogated Nikolas about his involvement with Esme, and he suggested that Esme (since she is pregnant) had obviously had help staying hidden. “Who would have more reason to help than the father of her baby?” Dante wondered. Nikolas said that Dante was badgering him because he had nothing on him.  Dante said if that is the case, why are you getting so angry? Nikolas then left the police station because he was not being detained.

Kevin arrived to inform Dante that Martin had been assigned to Esme’s case. Dante doubted the legitimacy of Esme’s amnesia. Kevin said he needed more time to observe her and to consult with a neurologist, but he did believe that she had significant memory loss. He couldn’t say if the condition was short or long term. Dante was having a hard time believing that a pregnant woman could possibly overpower a cop (Rory) and a marine veteran (Brando).  He was determined to unveil the identity of the actual killer and bring them to justice.

Martin and Nikolas had a heated conversation about him being assigned to Esme’s case when Nikolas told him not to blame the judge. Nikolas said that he had pulled strings to have Martin assigned to the case. He then told Martin that Esme was carrying his child and that he knew she would be in good hands with a member of the family. Nikolas promised to double Martin’s normal fee until Esme gave birth, and thereafter triple it. Martin said they had a deal. However, they did not see Elizabeth approaching as Martin agreed to the deal. “Esme is in good hands with Uncle Martin,” Nikolas said.


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GH Update Tuesday, January 3, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Kelly’s, Dante and Sam enjoy a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration.  

Dex walks in to Kelly’s.  Dante and Sam wish him a Happy New Year.  Dex wishes them the same.  Dante asks Dex how things are working for his father and asked if there is any “residual friction.”  Dex asks why would there be?  Dante tells Dex that he saw his wrists and Dex holds them up and says they are just fine.  Dante says that might be, but Michael was very detailed in his description of what Sonny had done to Dex.  Dante gives Dex the opportunity to amend his statement that Sonny had nothing to do with his injuries.  Dex says that will not be necessary.  He then says, “I guess I will skip the hot chocolate.”  

Britt arrives on the dock and complains because her boat is not waiting to take her to the airport and far away from Port Charles.  She sees the fireworks display go off from Pier 47 and enjoys them.  She remarks how much she loves fireworks.  She recalls Liesl telling her that she never has to be alone.

Dante and Sam’s conversation then turns to whether or not Dante has compromised his badge by treating Sonny differently than he would any other perp.  Sam has finally had enough of the discussion and she asks Dante pointedly, if cops sometimes step away from cases because they have a personal interest in the outcome.  Dante says, all the time.  Sam says have you ever done that.  Dante says yes.  Sam says, have you ever done that in a case your father was involved in.  Dante says absolutely.  Sam finally says, then you haven’t compromised your badge, you have gone out of your way to make sure that your badge and your oath have not been compromised.  

Nearby, the Hook takes a swing at Josslyn and she pushes him away and runs only to fall because she is wearing formal shoes.  The Hook approaches, Josslyn regains her footing and tries to run but the Hook takes another swipe at her, Josslyn, realizing that the Hook is a woman, tries to overpower her and grabs but gets pinned against the wall.  Josslyn screams, “HELP ME!!!!!” Josslyn and the killer struggle over the hook.  Once again, Josslyn breaks free, but the hook punches her in the stomach, and she collapses to the deck of the pier.  The hook approaches, and prepares to finish her.  However, before she can do anything, Britt knocks her down and screams, “back off bitch!”  The hook then focuses her attention on Britt, the killer swipes at Britt but Britt blocks her assault with her handbag.  The hook is able to free the weapon from the handbag and prepares to launch a final blow when she is shot by Dex.  The killer falls to the deck, but quickly rebounds and begins to run. Britt screams for Dex to shoot her again.  But, Dex rushes to Josslyn’s side and asks her if she is injured and if she can walk.  Britt sarcastically says, “I’m fine, Thanks.”  Britt removes her phone from her handbag to call the police but Dex asks her not to, at least until he and Josslyn have made their escape.  

Maxie walks back into the Haunted Star and tells Liesl, “well, that’s it!”  Everyone has headed over to Pier 47 to the see the fireworks.  She says it was a good party if she does say so herself.  Liesl was thrilled that Maxie and Brad did so much for Britt.  Maxie says, “Please, Britt threw her own birthday party, Brad and I just assisted.”  

Carly arrives framed in the doorway of the Haunted Star and asks if she missed the party.  She says she knew she was late but she didn’t think she was that late.  She feigns disappointment.

Liesl and Maxie reminisce about Nathan, Peter and Austin.  Liesl tells Maxie that Nathan was taken far too soon. Maxie remarks what a good man Nathan was.  He was the perfect provider, protector, husband, father and partner. Liesl says that Peter was a horrible person who wanted Maxie to only see the best.  She added that Austin was just not the right man for Maxie.  She agrees. 

After they left the pier, Dex took Josslyn to his apartment. Dex poured them both a glass of scotch, and Josslyn said she owed Dex for having saved her and Britt’s lives. Dex said that Josslyn didn’t owe him anything.

Dex said that he had shot the killer with a gun that Sonny had given him. He also produced a shell casing, and he said there was no evidence to tie the gun back to Sonny.  “Anything to protect the boss, right?” Josslyn snapped. Dex grabbed her and said that he had prayed that Josslyn wouldn’t die when he found her on the docks. Dex added that he had been afraid that he would never get to kiss Josslyn again. The two kissed passionately and slowly began to undress.  The two then had sex on the couch in Dex’s apartment.

The police finally arrive and find Britt on the dock.  They initially don’t believe her claims when she says she was attacked by the Hook killer.  The police say they have had multiple hook sightings already.  Britt then coyly points to the actual Hook which is lying on the deck and asks the police if all the other posers left something like that behind.  The police then take her seriously and order more manpower be brought to bear on the pier and docks, and a perimeter be set up to keep anyone from getting in or out.  The police interrogate Britt.  Britt tells them she was on the dock waiting for a boat, when she heard a struggle and then a scream.  She says she responded and found a young woman in distress.  She tells the police she fought off the killer, and both the killer and the young woman escaped.  The police drill Britt, asking her a series of questions:  who was the victim, where is she, where did she go, was she injured, did she get a good look at the killer and in what direction did the killer run?  Britt tells the police that she doesn’t know.

Drew arrives at the Haunted Star this time, interrupting some tender recollections of Nathan between Maxie and Liesl.  Drew tells Liesl what a wonderful woman Britt is and that she should be so proud of her.  Liesl says that she is proud of her.  

Carly and Drew met up on the pier. Drew asked Carly if she remembered where they were the previous New Year’s Eve? Carly said that they were on the bridge, both mourning Jason. Drew said that he was done focusing on the past and instead wanted to look to the future. Drew added that he saw a great future in Carly’s eyes. Carly returned Drew’s affections and they kissed. Drew produced a bottle of champagne and they shared a toast.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Spencer and Trina stayed near each other — to give the appearance that they were turning to each other. Spencer was thrilled that Britt had such a wonderful party and he recalled the days when Britt was engaged to Nikolas.  He said that he loved the idea of her being his stepmother because she wasn’t maternal in any way and she said never talked down to him.

Spencer leaned in to kiss Trina. But before they could kiss, they were horrified when they saw an extremely pale Esme in the doorway. Spencer asked where she had been. Esme collapsed before she could answer. Spencer rushed to cover Esme and to check her pulse. Trina said, “she’s pregnant.” Spencer put his coat around Esme, and he said they needed to get Esme to GH.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas brought Elizabeth up to speed on Esme’s escape. Nikolas told Elizabeth that Esme had started a fire and that as he fought the fire she ran passed him and straight out onto the turret.  Elizabeth demanded to know where Esme was at that moment.  Nikolas told Elizabeth that she had gone over the parapet.  Elizabeth didn’t believe Nikolas, it was obvious in her eyes and demeanor.  Nikolas then swore that Esme had raised her hands and fell backwards into the water below.  Nikolas was so upset that Elizabeth realized he was telling the truth.  Nikolas told Esme that he had searched the house, the waters and the shore but there was no sign of her.

Elizabeth grew panicked over the crimes she had committed, but Nikolas said that there was no way she could survive that fall. Elizabeth was adamant that she wouldn’t continue to cover up the crimes that she and Nikolas had committed.

Elizabeth’s phone rang and she took the call, it was Spencer. Spencer told Elizabeth that he and Trina had found Esme on the deck of the Haunted Star. He told Elizabeth she was suffering from hypothermia and that the police had been called and she would soon be in police custody.  Elizabeth, held the phone away from her face and looked at Nikolas as if to say that both of their lives were over.

Later, Dante appeared at the hospital. Dante questioned Spencer and Trina about Esme’s appearance. Elizabeth and Nikolas stepped off the elevator. Dante asked why they had come to the hospital. Spencer explained that since Esme had assaulted Elizabeth that he had called her to let her know that Esme was at GH.  Nikolas said that he had been with Elizabeth at the time she got the call. 

A doctor emerged from Esme’s room in the ER and Dante identified himself and asked if he could have access to Esme’s room to question her. In Esme’s room, the doctor gave Dante a bag of Esme’s belongings which included a Christmas tree ornament. Dante asked Esme if she could tell him what had happened to her.  She seemed to attempt to speak but she was still shivering too violently to speak.

Later, on the docks, the hook reappeared from out of the frigid water, revealing a gash on her right wrist. The attacker took off her mask, revealing the Hook killer to be Heather Webber. 

Back inside the Haunted Star, as Liesl was singing “Happy Birthday”, Britt reappeared and sang the last line – altering the words. Britt said that she had far too many reasons to stay in Port Charles than to leave.  She and Liesl poured themselves a toast of champagne, but before they could drink.  Liesl noticed that Britt’s dress was torn and then quickly thereafter inquired, “are you bleeding?”  Britt didn’t answer and headed toward one of the couches, as she got closer to the couch, she became woozy and then finally collapsed to the floor.

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GH Update Friday, December 30, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Michael and Willow began their New Year celebration very low key after putting Wiley to bed. Willow felt sorry for Wiley that he never could quite make it to midnight.  Michael remarked that it was already midnight in London and the two shared a laugh. Michael and Willow toasted with cider this year rather than Willow’s drink of choice, champagne; and they looked forward to spending New Year’s Eve together the following year. Willow asked Michael about the possibility that she wouldn’t be around to celebrate next year.

“There was a long time when I was alone, and now my life is so rich and so full beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And most of it came from you,” Willow told Michael. She credited his love, their son and even Michael’s dysfunctional family who live only steps up the driveway.  Michael asked Willow to hold all of those thoughts and left the room.  When he returned, he had his great-grandmother’s wedding ring.  Michael said that the ring rightfully belonged to Willow because neither one of them had wanted to have their marriage annulled.  Michael got down on one knee and asked Willow to marry him.  Willow was thrilled and quickly answered yes, Michael slid the ring onto her finger and the two shared a kiss during the final moment of 2022.

At Wyndemere, Laura asked if Nikolas had fallen so far that Victor was his only way back. Nikolas insisted that he only had himself to blame for his problems. Nikolas said that he felt it had been his life’s work to disappoint Laura. Laura assured Nikolas that nothing he could do would make her stop loving him.

“The Cassadines have been trying to take you away from me since the day you were born, and I am not gonna let them win,” Laura insisted. “Mother, I love you. For fighting for me and for whatever bit of soul that I have left. But it’s not just about me,” Nikolas said.

Nikolas said that he regretted ever returning to Port Charles and that he should have just remained dead.  Laura scolded him for speaking that way and she told him of how heartbreaking it was thinking he was dead.  She also mentioned that she believed that Spencer spirit had been crushed by Nikolas pretending to be dead and that he had never been able to find his way back from it.

Laura told Nikolas that it was never too late for him to start over, and she vowed that she would back Nikolas with every resource she could muster. “If you could have a clean slate….wipe it clean and start over, would you do it?” Laura asked. Nikolas didn’t think that was really possible. Laura emphatically said that it was possible. Laura pleaded with Nikolas, “It is never too late! It can start tonight. All you have to do is decide…do you belong to Victor? Or do you belong to yourself?” Nikolas walked Laura into the foyer at Wyndemere, and he promised he would think about what she had said.  “Throw Victor out. Throw him out, change the locks, and then you stand back and dare him to do his worst. Because you are not just a Cassadine. You are my son, and you are Spencer’s father. And as long as we stick together, we are going to be just fine,” Laura said adamantly.

Laura threw her arms around Nikolas, and she said she loved him.

Upstairs in the tower, Esme set fire to the Christmas tree in her room with the match that Demetrius had mistakenly left her. 

Downstairs, after Laura had left, Nikolas heard the sound of the fire alarm sound. Nikolas rushed upstairs.

By that time, the fire was raging and Esme conceded to the baby that starting the fire might have been a mistake.

Nikolas appeared outside Esme’s door, and he rushed inside the room with a fire extinguisher. As Nikolas began to use the fire extinguisher, Esme ran past Nikolas with her mouth and nose covered and out onto the parapet. 

Esme stood near the edge of the parapet. Nikolas pleaded with Esme not to jump, and he vowed that Esme would live a life of comfort once she got to Cassadine Island. Nikolas asked Esme to take his hand. Instead, Esme stood up on the rail of the parapet with her back facing the freezing waters below.  Nikolas begged Esme to step down from the parapet. Esme turned a cold stare at  Nikolas. “I’ve survived the drop from the parapet once before… and I’ll do it again,” she said. Esme then fell backward. “NO!” Nikolas screamed as Esme fell.  

At the Haunted Star, Britt’s birthday cake was brought in but before she could offer a wish, Austin reminded her that she still had time to change her mind. Britt ignored Austin, and she blew out all but a few candles on her cake. Maxie said that since Britt was new to the whole “birthday party thing,” that she and Brad probably should have explained the rules.  Maxie explained that it is customary to blow out all the candles if you want your wish to come true. Nina immediately noticed that Britt was out of breath and blew out the remaining candles. Brad announced it was time to cut the cake, but when Britt attempted to do so, her hands were trembling too much to complete the task. Terry rushed over and offered to do the honors.

Afterwards, Liesl took the microphone and announced that she planned to perform the song that she had done at the 2014 Nurses Ball which she claimed had “brought the house down.”  

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Elizabeth told Finn that she wasn’t carrying a baby. Elizabeth claimed that she had a miscarriage. Finn said he was sorry for Elizabeth’s loss.  Elizabeth told Finn that she hadn’t told the boys and Finn said that they would never hear it from him. Finn wished Elizabeth a Happy New Year, and he left to go back inside as Terry walked out to find Elizabeth. Terry put her arms around Elizabeth, and the two hugged. Elizabeth said there is so much I would love to tell you.  Terry said, “and when you’re ready, you will.”

On the opposite deck of the Haunted Star, someone hid behind a large crate and watched Spencer and Trina. 

Trina soon heard the sound of jingling, and she asked what Spencer thought the sound had been. Spencer remarked that it had probably been the wind. Just then, a masked person cloaked in black appeared in the background with a hook in their hand. The person raised the hook and it appeared they would attack Spencer. But, Maxie appeared and she loudly demanded that Spencer and Trina step inside because the good stuff was about to get started.

Later, Scott took the stage, and he grabbed the microphone. Sonny jokingly pleaded with Scott not to sing. Scott laughed at Sonny’s joke, and he said there was one thing missing. “Presents?” Britt asked, and the place went crazy with applause.

Maxie took the microphone from Scott, and she said Britt’s closest friends had put together a special birthday present. Britt was handed a gift box by Liesl, which contained a remote control. A giant TV was brought in for everyone to view the video montage. The video showed a series of photos of Britt from her childhood through her adult years. The montage featured photos of Britt with Brad, Maxie, Nina, Finn, Austin, Epiphany and other friends and co-workers at the hospital.

After the video ended, Britt thanked everyone for the video and she whispered a thank you to Austin. Afterwards, Spencer made his way over to Britt, and he introduced Britt to Trina, and he recalled how special Britt had been to him.

Britt “joked” that if Trina was truly Spencer’s friend, Trina would make sure Spencer turned out to be nothing like her. Spencer looked Britt in the eye, and he said he would be proud to become the person that she had become. Britt and Spencer shared a hug, and Britt mouthed to Trina that Spencer was “the best.”

Afterwards, Spencer asked what Britt had said about him over his shoulder. Trina said she “would never tell.”  

Finn started to leave. Austin asked where he intended to go. Finn recalled that you should be with someone you love at midnight, and he announced that he would go home to ring in the New Year with Violet. 

After Finn departed, Britt then put her arm around Austin and thanked him for having kept quiet about her plans to leave during the countdown. 

As 2022 drew to a close, Britt quietly walked out of the Haunted Star as “Auld Lang Syne” started to play over the speakers. 

Elizabeth hugged Terry, and the two wished each other a Happy New Year. They resolved that 2023 had to be better than 2022. Maxie and Brad asked Austin if he had seen Britt. Austin only remarked that Britt knew how to make an exit.

At Kelly’s Diner, Sam told Dante that she preferred to have a quiet evening instead of attending the party on the Haunted Star. Dante was glad that he and Sam were alone in Kelly’s. Their solitude didn’t last long as they were interrupted by Josslyn, who said that she’d gone to Kelly’s to finally talk with Cameron. However, a waitress from behind the bar told Josslyn that Cameron wouldn’t be back until after midnight, and Josslyn started to leave. Dante encouraged Josslyn to join him and Sam at their table, and the three talked about their New Year’s resolutions.

This prompted Josslyn to compare the differences between Dante, whom she regarded as a good man and his father Sonny, who she said every time she thought she had seen his lowest point, he sank even lower. Josslyn went on and on about Sonny which clearly made Dante and Sam uncomfortable.  At some point, the awkwardness caught up with Josslyn, who apologized and said that she should probably get going.

Afterwards, Sam asked if she could make an observation. “I think you’re smart. But being hung up on Sonny, it’s a waste. You have better things to do with your time,” Sam said.

Josslyn thanked Sam. Dante invited Josslyn to watch the fireworks with them, but Josslyn said she wanted to get to Britt’s party before the end of the year. The three hugged, and they wished each other a Happy New Year.

After Josslyn left, Sam and Dante stood outside Kelly’s. Sam admitted that she hadn’t wanted to share Dante with anyone that night, and the two kissed to ring in the New Year.  Dante felt uneasy and asked Sam if he should have driven Josslyn to the Haunted Star.  Sam said that she thought that Sonny had Josslyn under his protection.

Later, Josslyn stood on the deck of the Haunted Star. The hook killer slowly approached Josslyn. The attacker raised the hook, and Josslyn reacted in horror.

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GH Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Dex stood waiting for someone on the pier.  Michael descended the stairs to meet Dex on the lower level.  Dex drew his gun, prompting Michael to say, “it’s just me.”  Michael and Dex spoke on the dock. Dex told Michael all about Sonny’s meeting with Pikeman Security Group. Michael knew of Pikeman and their shady reputation for shipping military weapons to private security people.  Dex told Michael that Pikeman was notorious for supplying weapons to people who probably shouldn’t have access to those weapons. Dex said that during his time in the military, Pikeman was a constant headache. Michael stated that this move by Sonny would easily get him indicted for aiding terrorists.  “This is how we bring Sonny down,” Michael stated. Dex warned that things could get “messy” if Pikeman were ever able to tie the evidence back to Michael. Michael didn’t seem too concerned about that fact and believed that he could get the evidence into the right hands without exposing himself as the source. Dex wondered if Michael was prepared for Sonny to go to prison forever. But Michael, who was unswayed by Dex’s advice on the amount of time that Sonny would be facing if convicted, said that this was a new low (even for Sonny).  MIchael said that he didn’t want Sonny around his family. “Forever is fine with me,” Michael said.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth gave Nikolas a list of things Esme needed, and he said he appreciated her. “I’m not doing it for you,” she said, and headed upstairs.  The doorbell rang and Nikolas answered it to find Laura waiting outside. He told her it wasn’t a good time, but she entered, anyway. She told him about visiting Cyrus, and learning some information from him had made her wonder what else she didn’t know, especially about Nikolas. Laura was tired of being kept in the dark and wanted to know what Nikolas had done to alienate Spencer.  

Elizabeth entered Esme’s room, and Esme wasn’t happy to see her. As Elizabeth examined Esme, Esme begged Elizabeth to help her get out of Wyndemere, as she feared that Nikolas would kill her after she gave birth. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn’t let anything happen to Esme or the baby. Esme was concerned about complications, and Elizabeth said her pregnancy was progressing normally. She said that she would ask Nikolas for a portable ultrasound machine so Esme could have a picture of the baby. Elizabeth again urged Esme not to worry, and she left the room.

A short while later, Demetrius served Esme with a candlelight dinner. When she was done eating, she expressed how sorry she was that Demetrius couldn’t join her, but she toasted to his kindness. She wished him a happy New Year, and he took the tray and left. She pulled one match out of her pocket and said, “Happy New Year to us.”

“I’m leaving now!” Elizabeth called out as she arrived downstairs. Laura greeted her and proposed that they catch up soon, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura sensed the awkwardness between Elizabeth and Nikolas until Elizabeth left. “Tell me it wasn’t Elizabeth,” Laura begged, and she scolded her son. Nikolas told Laura that he had an affair with Elizabeth.  Laura was shocked and said that Elizabeth was like family and now she understood why Spencer was so displeased with his father.  Laura’s inquiries finally drew a rebuke from Nikolas as he told her that there would be no baby, because Elizabeth had suffered a miscarriage. Laura apologized for the loss of his child. However, she was still worried about Spencer, and Nikolas informed her that Spencer’s release was contingent on Victor’s guardianship. A shocked Laura knew that Victor would try to use Spencer, and she vowed to do anything she could to take Victor down. Nikolas pleaded with her not to, he said that if she took down Victor, she would also take him down in the process. 

Trina arrived on the deck of the Haunted Star for Britt’s party, and Spencer said she looked beautiful. He said that they should take a selfie and suggested they could post throughout the night to drive Esme crazy. Sonny and Nina arrived, and Sonny was disappointed that Spencer hadn’t visited him since his release. Spencer apologized to Sonny for not coming to see him following his release.  Sonny said that he was only kidding that he knew Spencer had a lot on his plate. Nina expressed her sympathy for Trina’s loss, and they talked about what a good man Rory had been.

When Sonny and Nina were gone, Spencer took his coat off and put it on Trina, and she reminded him that no one was watching. Trina feared that the Hook killer could be someone they’d never expected, but Spencer thought that Esme was the likeliest suspect. Trina apologized for telling Spencer that they weren’t friends and insisted that she hadn’t meant it. Spencer was glad to hear it, as he had few. He talked about how Britt had always stuck by him, and how much they had in common, like pushing people away when they needed them most. She suggested that they go in, but he asked for five more minutes. As they got closer, they invented a story about how they’d gone out for air, and old feelings had resurfaced.

Terry arrived at the party and waded through the people to find Finn. She joked that the party didn’t seem like his scene. 

Britt and Liesl made their entrance. Liesl went to see Scott as Maxie and Brad approached. Britt expressed how great of a job they’d done with her party. Austin walked over, and Maxie excused herself and Brad to check on Britt’s next surprise. Austin reiterated that it wasn’t a good idea for Britt to run away and that she had time to rethink the plan. 

Sonny and Nina entered, and Nina thanked him for accompanying her to the party. Nina commented on the huge toll that being with her had taken on his life. 

Maxie and Brad wheeled someone heavily covered up into the middle of the dance floor, and the person shook off the clothing to reveal the master of ceremonies for The Britch Fest, a drag queen. The drag queen called Britt to the center of the floor, and everyone began to dance. 

Terry asked Finn if Elizabeth was all right, but he told her that he was the wrong person to be asking. He told Terry that he and Elizabeth had broken up. 

Liesl got Britt off the dance floor and advised her not to overdo it, she said that dancing took a toll on your body. Britt told Liesl to stop worrying and have fun. 

Just then, the drag queen got up onstage and announced that Britt and Brad’s favorite pastime was karaoke, and she called them up to the stage. A song began to play, and Britt and Brad sang “I Knew You Were Waiting” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. They finished the song to a huge ovation. 

The drag queen asked the “boys” to show Britt what they had. They emerged from the back in a line with cake and flatware. Maxie knew that Britt hated the birthday song, but she wanted Britt to make a birthday wish. Britt made her wish and glanced over at Liesl. Britt looked around the room, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

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GH Update Wednesday, December 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In the Netherlands, Anna and Valentin meet with a former colleague of Anna’s, Andre Maddox. Andre is thrilled to see Anna and the two share a hug, while Valentin casts an envious glare. Andre tells Anna that it has been far too long since they have seen each other and Anna insists she needs his help in clearing her name. Valentin doesn’t understand how Andre can help them, as he is a psychiatrist. Andre agrees. Anna states that she is interested in any interactions he may have had with Victor during the time Victor was working on his projects involving the mapping of the mind.

Anna asks how he and Victor communicated during this time period and Andrew states that there was a secret base in Paris.  It was deep below the city and he was always blindfolded when they took him there, but he does remember accessing it via elevator and it was bunker-like, well below the city.

After Andre leaves, Valentin tells Anna he still doesn’t trust him. He also doesn’t understand why he would put himself at risk to help them. Anna says Andre has plenty of reasons to hate the Cassadines and to want to see Victor dealt with permanently.

At the Metro Court, Britt packs a suitcase to make her exit after her party. Liesl knocks on the door. She lets her mother in, and Liesl says that she thought she would help Britt get ready for the party. Liesl sees the dress Britt is going to wear and absolutely loves it. Liesl asks Britt what is with the suitcase. Britt explains she’s decided to take an extended vacation and is headed out right after the party.

Liesl begins to cry and tells Britt that she has betrayed her trust by telling not only Nina about her Huntington’s disease but Sonny too. Liesl says that keeping the secret had broken her. She didn’t anticipate that keeping the secret would be so hard on her. Britt apologizes for dropping that secret on her mother and says that it has been an honor and an adventure to be her daughter. Liesl takes a selfie of them to remember the moment.

At Wyndemere, Victor tells Spencer he was hoping they could have New Year’s Day brunch. Spencer stops him right there and says that he is kidding himself if he thinks that he will ever sit down at a brunch or any other event with his father.  

Meanwhile, Nikolas checks on Esme, he finds that she is still not eating and tells her that her scheme is not going to work. 

Nikolas then heads to the living room to find Spencer and Victor fighting over Spencer wanting to leave Wyndemere. Nikolas agrees it’s best that Spencer leaves. Spencer storms out, and Victor doesn’t know why Nikolas is not fighting for his son. 

Back in Esme’s room, Demetrius checks on her and pleads with her to eat. He says he’ll have the chef make her anything she wants, even a steak if she wishes. 

Trina meets with Ava at Kelly’s, and Trina mentions that she can always count on Ava. Ava shows her the photo of her and Spencer in the paper and wonders if she can count on him. Trina admits she still has feelings for Spencer, and she was on her way to break up with Rory when he was attacked. Trina feels she can’t tell Spencer any of this now. Ava tries to comfort her, but Trina vents that nothing will be okay until Esme is brought to justice.

Spencer enters, and Ava starts to exit. However, Spencer asks if he can speak to Ava in private and then wants to speak with Trina about Britt’s party.

Trina leaves them, and Ava begins saying that she doesn’t want to discuss his trust fund. Spencer tells her to shut up because he’s trying to apologize. Ava is floored. Spencer says that he put Ava through hell because he didn’t believe she was good enough for his father.  But, he confesses that now he believes the opposite is true.

Ava leaves after her conversation with Spencer.  Trina and Spencer then begin discussing how they can use Britt’s party as a way to put their plan into motion to catch Esme and bring her to justice.  

Laura meets up with Martin at Pentonville. Martin thanks her for helping him in Ireland. Laura tells him that he didn’t have to come to Pentonville, but he wouldn’t let her face Cyrus alone. Cyrus enters the room and says that a visit from both of his siblings is a gift from God.

Laura asks Cyrus why he wanted to see her. Cyrus warns of a “serpent in her garden”, and then informs her outright that Deputy Mayor Ashby is on Victor’s payroll. It was she who pulled strings to get Spencer released, and that could look bad for Laura if the information is leaked to the press. Laura doesn’t seem shocked at all and Cyrus realizes that Laura was already on to Deputy Mayor Ashford. He suggests the two of them can work together to take down Victor. Laura gets up to leave, and Cyrus tells her that he’ll be here when she needs him.



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GH Update Tuesday, December 27, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Michael comforted a pregnant Willow, who wasn’t feeling well. Wiley wanted to go sledding, but Willow said that she and Michael had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Wiley said “that’s all you ever do is go to the doctor.” As Carly and Drew walked in, they heard Wiley yell at Willow.

Michael took Wiley upstairs and told him never to speak to his mother that way again. Carly and Drew were there to babysit, and Michael and Willow left for the hospital. Michael instructed Carly and Drew that Wiley’s was in time out for at least 30 minutes.

Drew had stacks of files of men who might be “Josiah,” the man that Drew is looking for.  Carly pretended that it was all like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Drew’s phone rang and he left the room.  Carly continued the search for Josiah.  After flipping through one file, she came across the man Drew was looking for.  She said, “Hello Josiah.”  After glaring at the photograph, Carly was certain that she was looking at Willow’s birth father.  Carly then sneaked the file and the photo into her purse so that Drew would never find it.  Drew entered the room while Carly still had her hand in her purse.  She claimed she was retrieving her lip balm. Drew said that he had thought her lips felt very soft earlier when they shared a kiss. Carly was flattered but she said that she and Drew couldn’t be caught by Wiley in a compromising situation.  

Drew returned to the subject of Willow’s parents, and he couldn’t believe that the man who had lost his child had not filed multiple reports and had not come looking for Willow.  He said that if it were him in the same situation, he would move mountains to find his child. 

Carly left the room to check on Wiley.  Drew made a call and told the person on the other end,  “I wasn’t able to determine Josiah’s identity, so I’m going to need you to question every Josiah in the area. And do not stop until you find the right one,” Drew said forcefully.

Later, Willow and Michael appeared outside the newborn unit at the hospital. Michael told Willow that he loved her, and that pretty soon they would have a new little girl of their own.  He said they were going to have many more memories and happy times with their new family of four.

In Britt’s office at the hospital, Cody walked in. Britt said she wanted nothing to do with Cody, but agreed to listen to him, after he insisted that he had lied and he had to set things straight. Cody admitted that his intentions toward Britt were not on the up and up when they had first met at the Metro Court pool. Cody admitted that he had known that Faison had once been associated with Leopold and that it was the reason Cody had initially wanted to know Britt. Cody added that he had blackmailed Spinelli into matching Cody and Britt through Society Setups. Britt said that she wasn’t surprised by any of his shady dealings.

Cody hoped that Britt would give him another chance. Britt admitted that a part of her wanted to get back whatever she and Cody had lost, but she kept saying, “I can’t.” Cody demanded that she tell him what was keeping them from being together.

Britt said that she appreciated Cody coming to see her and she began to cry.  She said that it meant a lot to her that he had made the effort, but that it was simply too late for them.  She said, “Goodbye, Cody,” and she walked out of her office.

At the nurses’ station at the hospital, Brook Lynn told Maxie that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to be seen ASAP. On a bench nearby, Maxie asked Brook Lynn about her symptoms. Brook Lynn said that she had lost interest in things she had previously loved, had tightness in her chest and had a general sense of malaise about everything. Brook Lynn added that she also was having random crying spells. “You’re not sick, Brook Lynn. You’re in love,” Maxie said.

Brook Lynn offered no contest regarding being in love with Chase. Brook Lynn said she didn’t know the signs of being in love because she had never been in love before. Brook Lynn wondered if Chase had been in love with her, too. Maxie said that if he wasn’t in love with Brook Lynn he at least cared deeply for her.  “If you really love Chase, you’ve got to win him back,” Maxie said.

At the Metro Court, Sasha told Gladys about how Britt had helped deliver the “miracle baby” at the Quartermaine mansion on Christmas. Sasha thanked Gladys for helping her get through Brando’s death and by stepping up to be her guardian. Chase dropped by to say hello to Sasha, and Gladys told Chase that she caught his performance at the Gingerbread Jam and said she had downloaded the new single that very night. Sasha asked Chase what it was like to be newly famous.

Chase asked how the holidays had been for Sasha. Sasha admitted that her first Christmas without Brando had been a struggle, but she added that she had felt blessed to have been surrounded with friends and family like Sonny, Gladys and Nina.. Chase said that he was also one of Sasha’s friends. Sasha thanked Chase for saying that. Chase offered to be there for Sasha if she ever needed to talk.

Chase added that Sasha seemed to be doing so much better. Chase asked if Sasha’s guardianship would be over soon. Sasha was hopeful that the guardianship would end soon, but she admitted that Gladys had done “such a good job” as a guardian and that it had brought them closer than ever.

Chase was happy for Sasha. Sasha put her hand on Chase’s arm, and said she was always in his corner. “Right back at you,” Chase said, and the two smiled at one another.

After Gladys left, Selina appeared. Selina asked Gladys how she planned to repay the money she owed her. She said that she had dug herself in quite deep and she would have to work herself out. Selina wanted to know when Gladys planned on paying her the money she owes her. Gladys offered Selina a pair of diamond earrings that Sasha had paid for and said they should cover a good portion of the debt. After making a crack about them possibly being cubic zirconia, Selina agreed to grant Gladys a one-time line of credit to help her try to win her way out of the debt she had run up at Selina’s poker game.

Afterwards, Gladys rejoined Sasha at their table. Sasha excuse herself and after Sasha left, a waitress brought the check for Sasha and Gladys’ lunch. Gladys opened her purse, which contained a credit card with Sasha’s name on it. She paid for their meal with the credit card.

Also at the Metro Court, Britt met Selina in the lounge area. She asked Selina if she had everything she needed.  She said that if she had brought everything, she promised that after the following night, Britt would never see Brad again. “You’ve given me your word before, and you’ve gone back on it. How do I know that won’t happen again?” Selina asked. Britt explained that if she were to double cross Selina, then Selina was free to release the information that she had on Britt. Selina then handed Britt a small folder, and she remarked that it contained everything Britt had asked for. Britt opened the folder, and she found a passport and driver’s license under the name Rita Jenkins. “All the documents you need…to disappear,” Selina said.

In a suite at Metro Court, Sonny, Dex, and Frank met a middle-aged man with graying hair named Roman Hume. Dex was intrigued that Roman Hume had come alone to this meeting when even Sonny had brought two guards. Sonny told Roman that no one did business in Port Charles without following his rules. Sonny told him the two rules were discretion (which Mr. Hume had said was an absolute necessity for Pikeman Security Group) and the second rule was that no innocent civilians would be harmed in any way.  Sonny said that if they could agree on those terms then they could do business.  Mr. Hume agreed. 

Sonny said that he also needed certain assurances.  Mr. Hume produced a huge briefcase filled with large sums of cash, his movements made Dex nervous and Dex briefly gripped his gun while the contents of the briefcase were revealed. Sonny gave the briefcase to Frank, who left the room. Alone in the room with Sonny, Dex remarked that he had noticed that Roman was ex-military. Sonny asked how Dex had known. Dex replied that he knew ex-military members when he saw them. Sonny remarked that the company Roman worked for, Pikeman, dabbled in military contracts. Dex asked if Pikeman was short for Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was impressed that Dex knew about the company. Dex shared that the company was a group that Dex and his unit had learned to steer clear of. “You worried about me, Dex? Don’t be. We’re gonna get everything under control, and the payoff is gonna be huge. You’ll see,” Sonny told Dex, who seemed unsettled.

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GH Update Monday, December 26, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Terry walks into Britt’s office and asks what she needs. Britt says that she received a message telling her to meet Terry in her office. Britt says that if this is someone’s idea of a joke she doesn’t have time for it. About that time, Austin bursts in saying that the three need to discuss work. The work of “saving lives.”

In the 10th floor lobby at General Hospital, Brad runs into Maxie, who is working on Britt’s party. Maxie explains that she is the official party planner because she has impeccable taste. Brad explains that Britt asked him to check her impeccable taste because he is a professional party animal.  Maxie is not amused.

Dante, arriving at GH in his dress blues straight from the memorial for Rory, checks on Heather, who is being evaluated for a return to D’Archam Asylum. Heather sees Dante and says, “Hello Detective Dreamboat” and indicates she could help him find the killer if he helps her in turn. Portia arrives to perform the exam for Heather and Dante leaves. Portia explains to Heather that this will be a routine evaluation to determine if she can return to D’Archam. Heather notices Portia’s last name and asks if she’s related to the young lady who was on trial for making a sex tape of her friends. Portia gives a Heather a cold stare. Heather quickly adds that it was “so obvious” that Trina was framed.

At Rice Plaza: Trina, Marshall, Curtis, Robert and Laura exit the public memorial for Rory. Marshall wonders when these killings will end. Spencer and Sam approach the group, and Spencer says, “It ends when we find Esme.” Laura inquires, “Who is “we?” Spencer covers and says he meant we, as in the people of Port Charles. The mayor reminds Spencer it’s important to support Trina, but it’s also important to let the PCPD do their jobs. 

Robert receives a phone call from Dante, who says Heather has alluded to the fact that she might be able to help with the Hook killing investigation. Robert excuses himself and tells Dante he is on his way to GH.

Laura is asked for a comment about the Hook killer and the loss of Rory in the line of duty.  She speaks to the reporter and gives him her official quote. As she finishes up, Spencer asks Trina if she has changed her mind about their plan. Trina says absolutely not and they decide to step into the photo with Laura because it will definitely get them some attention in the press. So, Spencer and Trina step into the photo with Laura hoping that Esme will see it and it will drive her out.  The two of them are unaware of the danger they have just put themselves in because Esme is obviously not the Hook killer, as she has been locked away in Wyndemere for quite some time.

Curtis approaches Trina and Spencer and remarks, “That was a nice photo, but what was it really about?” They play innocent.  Laura asks to speak to Spencer alone. After Laura and Spencer walk away, Curtis suggests that Trina continue to hang out with Cam and Josslyn and to always remember how heartless Spencer can be. Trina listens, but she is also aware that she and Spencer have already put their plan into motion with the photograph for The Invader.

Marshall approaches and tells Curtis he will see that Trina gets home. Curtis thanks him and departs to meet Portia. Marshall warns Trina of Spencer and says that he is a liar and can’t be trusted. Trina tells Marshall that he has also lied to his loved ones. She pointedly recalls that some lies are told for the greater good.  

Laura asks Spencer what exactly he and Trina are up to. Spencer tells Laura that he is simply trying to live up to the image she has of him as “a good man.” Laura says he is already living up to that image. Laura tells him that he needs to exercise caution with Trina because he has already hurt her once. Spencer says that he will never hurt Trina again and neither will anyone else.

Back at GH, Maxie and Brad try to figure out why this party is so important to Britt. Maxie asks him what he knows.  Brad says that he knows that Britt wants to be remembered as someone other than the person that was crushed by Cody when he parachuted onto the roof of the Metro Court. Maxie recalls that Britt wanted to party like it was 1999, so to speak. She seemed to begin to piece the mystery together in her head.

Mac, in his dress blues, joins Cody who is standing at the windows looking at newborn Britta Noel. Mac tells him he heard he had a hand in the delivery and got the mother and baby to GH. Cody brushes it off, and Mac asks why he always does that.  Cody says, “what?”  Mac says when someone gives you a compliment you act as if you don’t deserve it.  Cody says that is because he doesn’t. Cody wishes that Cody had a good dad growing up. Cody says if he had a dad like Mac, maybe he could have stopped him from making the one decision he will always regret. Dante interrupts them and tells Mac that Heather is claiming to have important information for them regarding the Hook killer.

In Terry’s office, Austin pitches the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment that will cost millions. However, Terry says they can’t afford or approve it themselves. Britt suggests they pitch it to the board and let them decide. Terry senses something is going on with Britt because she is usually very budget conscious. Austin asks Britt if she wants to tell her or should he. But, Britt leaves to plan her birthday party. Terry instructs Austin to remain in the meeting room. She demands that he tell her what is wrong with Britt.

Robert interrupts and says he heard Heather has information for them. Heather says she can help them track down the Hook killer. Robert asks Portia if Heather is clear to go back to D’Archam, and Portia says she can’t find a single reason why she can’t be back in her cell by that evening. Heather offers to tell Robert what she knows if he offers to help her. Mac heads into Heather’s room, where she explains that she’s gotten to know Ryan and can get him to open up. In return, she wants to stay at Spring Ridge. Heather takes them through the myriad of reasons why she wants to stay at Spring Ridge.

Mac and Robert leave. Robert doesn’t trust Heather but he thinks Heather may be their best shot to uncover the identity of the killer.  He mentions to Mac the lack of leads they have on the case.

Later a cop enters and checks to make sure Heather’s cuffs are secure. He gets a news update from The Invader on his phone. At the same time, one of the nurses interrupts him to have the officer sign some papers. He exits but leaves his phone behind. Heather grabs it and reads The Invader article with the photo of Spencer and Trina together with Laura.

Back on the maternity floor, Dante admits to Cody he told Mac about Cody helping to deliver the baby. Dante says he deserved a gold star for it and for connecting him and Sam a few days back. Cody says that’s what friends are for and he wishes he had been a better friend to Britt instead of using her to get a prize that he thought belonged to him. He says that he and Britt made a great team delivering the baby. Dante says maybe 2023 will be their year.

Britt finds Brad and Maxie arguing over the theme of her party. Brad suggests a disco theme, but Maxie will not hear of it. Both of them are being obstinate. Britt tells them that it is her party, and they are both her friends, so they need to get along for her sake. Brad asks why it’s so important they get along. Britt basically says that she won’t always be around and she hopes if they work together on the party it could be something that will bring them together. They question what she meant by the fact that she “won’t always be around” and ask each other where she is going? Anyway, Britt’s efforts are successful as Maxie and Brad agree to work together to make this party a huge success.

Britt returns to her office, and Austin joins her. Austin suspects her party is her way of saying goodbye without having to say goodbye. Britt says, “What if it is?” Austin feels people deserve to know the truth. Britt tells him she’s busy and she doesn’t have much time. He leaves her. 

Later, Cody walks in and finds a clearly frustrated and annoyed Britt.

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GH Update Friday, December 23, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Port Charles Police Department, Laura and Jordan assess the state of the city after the previous night’s winter storm.  Jordan reports that although the roads are in terrible shape and the city’s sanitation department will be slow at clearing them, she tells Laura that there have been no reports of serious injuries or casualties.  They both agree that is very good news.

At the Quartermaine’s, Austin helps Brook Lynn clean up the mess created by wrapping paper and boxes from everyone opening their gifts. Brook Lynn says Leo loved Austin’s gift, a video game about marine biology. Olivia jokes that she would thank him but they may never see Leo again. Austin thanks Olivia for letting him stay at the Quartermaine mansion, and she says no one should be alone for Christmas.

Ned pulls Olivia aside and asks if she prepped enough food for another guest. She says there is always room for one more guest. Suddenly Cody appears at the front door shivering and tells her the road in front of the Quartermaine estate is closed and a complete mess, so no one will be getting out until the roads are cleared. Olivia asks what his plans are, and he admits he was supposed to go into town for dinner. Olivia insists he stays.

Ned tells Olivia they don’t have enough food. Olivia says she’ll whip up a lasagna and she’ll cheat on the noodles (she makes the mark of the cross). She runs off to the kitchen. Ned tells Cody that Leo will be happy to see him. Austin says “and just like that I’ve been replaced.” Brook Lynn says that wrangler trumps doctor every time. Austin tells Brook Lynn that she must think he is an awful person. She says no and that she knows what it’s like to tell some white lies when you think it’s for the greater good.

TJ and Molly arrive unexpectedly. They explain they were out caroling when they got stranded. Olivia invites them in and says to make themselves comfortable.

At Nina’s, Britt heads out after opening gifts as she has work, the polar bear plunge, and is meeting Brad at the soup kitchen. Liesl walks her daughter out and tells her she will have many more Christmases so she needs to stop killing herself trying to check everything off of her list. Britt says she knows this will not be her last Christmas but how many will she have left where she is able to care for herself. Liesl suggests she live every day like it’s her first (rather than her last), so she doesn’t lose sight of the magic around her.

Back in Nina’s place, Maxie screams “No,” as she picks up her phone.  Nina asks what is wrong.  Maxie replies that her flight to Portland has been canceled and now she will never be able to see Georgie on Christmas.

In Portland, Spinelli brought Georgie to see Ellie for Christmas. She thanks Spinelli as she missed her last year. Spinelli says she’ll always be Georgie’s third parent. He also thanks her for including Maxie as Georgie will be thrilled. Ellie thinks it won’t just be Georgie who is glad to see her. Spinelli says perhaps she can invite this new guy she’s seeing over too. Later, Maxie video calls them and breaks the news that her flight has been canceled until tomorrow. Georgie responds (in typical brat-like Georgie fashion) by rushing from the room. Spinelli excuses her behavior and says that she really does understand that these things happen. 

As soon as Spinelli hangs up the phone, Ellie brings up the fact that she believes that Spinelli has fallen for Maxie again. He says that he did think that having Maxie there in Portland might be a good chance for them to determine if they could be a family again, but then admits that he guesses that it was not meant to be. Ellie tells Spinelli that Christmas is a time for miracles.

Maxie calls Brook Lynn and tells her about the bind she’s in. She hopes one of the planes in the Toronto hangar belongs to ELQ. Brook Lynn tells her she will see what she can do.  Brook Lynn makes a few calls and is able to secure one of the jets; however, she has no way to get Maxie to Toronto. Austin calls Mason and tells him he has been doing his bidding for months without asking for anything, but now he is asking.  He demands that Mason make arrangements to get Maxie from the Port Charles pier to the Toronto airport.

Meanwhile back at the Quartermaine’s, Olivia is stunned when the doorbell rings and she finds a pregnant woman looking like the Virgin Mary standing there. She blurts out, “Holy mother of God!” The woman explains she was part of a live nativity and couldn’t get home because the roads are blocked. She asks if she can stay until a ride-share shows up. Olivia looks at Ned who says, “the more the merrier.”

Back at Nina’s, Maxie gets a call from Brook Lynn telling her the jet is hers, but she must take a boat to Canada. She tells her to go immediately to the pier that arrangements have been made to get her there.

Over at the Quartermaine’s, everyone finishes dinner and Olivia thinks her sauce went over well. Ned notes that it was a very spicy sauce and asks if she thinks that it was a good idea given that they have a pregnant woman as their guest. Olivia says all that spicy food nonsense is just a bunch of old wives tales.  As soon as she gets the words out of her mouth, the woman’s water breaks.

Everyone rushes to help the woman give birth, and Molly points out that T.J. and Austin are doctors. Later, Austin pulls Cody aside and tells him that the baby is breached and it will take a trained OB to deliver the baby successfully.

Sonny finds Sasha working at Brando’s garage. She explains the garage is being sold, and Brando’s 2022 resolution was to finish his bike by 2023. Sonny offers her a hand so that they can get it done quickly and they both can enjoy Christmas dinner.

Britt shows up. She explains her car spun on out the road, and this was the only place she could find open. Sasha says it’s not open, but she is welcome to stay until she can get a ride. Cody calls Britt, Britt actually answers the phone and asks what he wants. He tells her about the woman about to give birth at the Quartermaine’s. Austin takes the phone and tells Britt they need her help, and no car or ambulance can get through the roads. Suddenly, Sasha and Sonny get Brando’s bike to start. Britt looks at it and formulates a plan.

Back at the Quartermaine’s, chaos ensues as everyone wonders what they are going to do if help doesn’t arrive to deliver this baby.  When suddenly the sound of an engine can be heard.  Then like a Christmas miracle, Sasha and Britt step through the patio doors and Britt takes off her helmet ready to get to work delivering the baby. 

Britt helps deliver the baby safely, and the woman decides to name the little girl Britta Noel, in honor of the doctor who helped her in her hour of need.

Eventually, Jordan and the Port Charles EMS arrive.  Jordan says she heard there was an emergency at the Quartermaine’s, but she had no idea that T.J. was there. It was a pleasant surprise because she hadn’t thought she would get to see him today. Jordan explains the roads are still hazardous but traffic is slowly starting to move, so T.J. thinks they should get out of the Quartermaine’s hair. Ned suggests that he is sure the roads are still dangerous and it is probably best for everyone to stay put. He suggests that they should all stay at the mansion and celebrate Christmas together.

Scott gets smacked in the head by a snowball as he approaches Elizabeth’s place.  Then he picks up a snowball himself and hurls it back, a full-on snowball fight begins. Inside, Liz looks at a photo of her family, and then another picture of her with Finn and Violet. Cam asks his mom if everything is okay because she’s been quiet about Finn. Cam assures Elizabeth that she can always talk to him.  Elizabeth tells Cam that she knows she can count on him but she assures him she’s fine. She asks if Joss is stopping by, but he says that she is without a car and the roads are still not in the best of conditions.

Scott comes inside and Cam goes out to take his place in the snowball fight. Scott lets Liz know that both he and Laura are worried about her. She admits that she has never spent a Christmas with her parents since she left California, but that for some reason it feels final now.  Scott says that Elizabeth’s father is a fool and that she will always be a Baldwin.

Laura arrives to check on Elizabeth. They share a hug. Elizabeth realizes that instead of focusing on the parents that were never there she should be thankful for the family that has always been there for her.  Elizabeth, Scott and Laura share a hug. Liesl then arrives and does a little dance with mistletoe over her head, and Scott pulls her in for a kiss. 

At Nina’s place, Sonny finally makes it for Christmas dinner, carrying a wreath. Nina gives him a big kiss and they share a laugh.

Maxie arrives at the Edmonton, Alberta airport, after the plane she had boarded in Toronto was forced to land because of the weather. She’s told by an attendant that with the severity of the storm, there will be no flights departing from Edmonton until at least the next day.

Maxie calls Spinelli and leaves a message asking why he’s not answering his phone. As she hangs up, Spinelli and Georgie appear. He explains they had intended to fly into Canada in hopes of driving to Port Charles but their flight was also grounded. They can’t believe that they all ended up in the same place on Christmas. They open gifts while eating airport pizza.

Back in Portland, Ellie gets a call from the guy she has just begun dating.  It is Griffin Munroe.

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GH Update Thursday, December 22, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Brook Lynn was thrilled to see Chase at Rice Plaza and he was clearly dressed to perform the duet with Blaze. She went up on the stage and announced that the performance would start soon. She announced the 1st runner up to the Ugly Sweater competition as Detective Dante Falconieri, just as Dante and Sam arrived.  Sam asked Dante if he had known anything about the competition.  He said no and that he was wearing his favorite sweater and thought it looked nice. 

Brook Lynn approached Chase. Chase told her that the CCRB would be revisiting his case in the spring and that he had a sneaking suspicion she had done more than just write the letter. Linc appeared and shouted that Chase and Blaze were supposed to have already performed.  He wanted to know why the event had been delayed. This put an end to Brook Lynn’s conversation with Chase as she was called back to the stage.

Mac and Felicia arrived, and Mac, who was actually wearing an ugly sweater, was angry that he’d missed the judging. Just then, his phone went off, and he said, “Duty calls.” Nina and Sasha were dressed up as Mrs. Claus and an elf, and they greeted Sonny and Donna. Donna handed Nina a gift bag, containing an ornament that she had made.  Nina asked if Sonny had helped her make it.  She admitted that he had helped a little with the glitter. Sasha gave Donna a candy cane and took her to see the reindeer.

Brook Lynn announced the beginning of the performance and Chase and Blaze took the stage. The two performed their new duet, which Blaze said would be dropped that very night. The song got a big round of applause. Mac returned to Felicia and apologetically told her that he had to go. Dante approached and wondered if there had been a break in the case. Mac informed them that the earring that had been found in Rory’s personal belongings had belonged to one of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims from over twenty years ago.  Dante questioned how that could be. Mac said that was what they had to find out.  He requested Dante and Felicia go with him to Spring Ridge.  Dante said goodbye to Sam and the three of them were on their way.

Esme, still locked away in her tower prison, was singing a song about how her father would come to make Nikolas pay (set to the tune of Jingle Bells), when Nikolas arrived upstairs.  Nikolas asked her about her family.  She changed the subject and instead complained about her accommodations.  She said that it was freezing in the north tower, she had to sleep on linens that were half eaten by moths and that she had no one to talk to.  Nikolas, who had clearly been drinking, said that if she wanted to talk he was listening.  Esme remarked that the only reason Nikolas was there was because he had no one else to talk to, because he had driven away everyone else in his life.  Nikolas exited the room and Esme could be heard taunting and laughing at Nikolas.  Later, he returned with fresh linens from downstairs and what appeared to be a book.  Esme flashed a crooked smile, as if she was back to her old scheming self.  But, Nikolas quickly exited the room, locking her away again.

Nina told Sonny she had been thinking a lot about the people who put their lives on the line for the city every day, she specifically mentioned Rory as having brought her thoughts to a place of remembrance. She then mentioned Nathan and Dante. Sonny thought they should light candles for Nathan and for Dante. Nina thought that was a great idea.

Sasha asked Donna what she had requested from Santa for Christmas. Donna said that she had requested Santa to bring Sasha a happy New Year. Sasha said, “your request to Santa was for me?”  Donna replied that it was. Sasha was touched by the depth of Donna’s kindness, and the two then went for cocoa. Donna asked Sasha if they could have extra marshmallows and Sasha agreed.

At Spring Ridge, Mac showed Ryan the earring and demanded information about it. Dante’s patience for Ryan’s games had grown then and he got in Ryan’s face and shouted that a cop was dead and it was time Ryan started talking. Mac ordered Dante to take a walk. When he was gone, Mac said he knew that Ryan and Esme were connected, so Ryan needed to give her up. 

On the side of the road, Josslyn was annoyed that she had no cell service. A car approached and pulled off to assist her and she thanked the person for stopping. When the headlights were out of her eyes, she saw it was Dex. She asked how he knew she was there and Dex replied that he had been following her. Josslyn asked what Sonny would do if he knew they were together.  Dex replied, “What would he do if I left you here on the side of the road?”  Josslyn told Dex that she had finally gotten enough bars to call for a tow truck and that there was no need for him to wait with her, as it was freezing.  Dex gave Josslyn his coat. “If I want you to take your clothes off, you’ll know,” she said.

Dex admitted that he liked how direct Josslyn was, and she assured him that she was fully in touch with all her feelings. He challenged her to be fully honest with how she was feeling at that moment and promised to do the same. The two began a back and forth challenge consisting of single word descriptions of how they were feeling. The interaction got more heated and they grew closer until they passionately kissed. She pulled away as the tow truck arrived. Dex apologized for complicating her life, but she told him he should never apologize for her choices. She walked away from Dex, leaving him standing by the car.

At home, Carly left Josslyn a message to text when she left Trina’s. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly was ecstatic to see Avery, who was accompanied by Ava. Ava explained that they were on their way to the Gingerbread Jam, and Avery had wanted to visit. Carly offered to prepare hot cocoa and Ava agreed they had just enough time for Avery to have some before they got underway. Ava said she would wait in her car, but Carly wouldn’t hear of it. She mentioned it being Christmas and insisted Ava come inside. Avery opened a gift of walkie-talkies from Carly, and she ran into another room to test them out. There was an awkward silence between Carly and Ava. Carly asked about Nikolas, and the look on Ava’s face turned cold. Carly mentioned trouble in paradise. Ava said, “ironic, isn’t it?  Right after I scoffed at the troubles in your marriage. Karma is a bitch.”

Ava explained what had happened with Nikolas, and Carly was shocked that he’d cheated on Ava, as she’d thought he was smarter than that. Avery’s voice rang through on the walkie-talkie and Ava responded. She thanked Carly for the gift, and Ava did the same. As Ava and Avery made their way to the door, Carly wished them both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. She pointedly told Ava she hoped the New Year would be a “fresh start” for them all.

At Rice Plaza, Brook Lynn asked Chase if they could work past their disagreements and Chase said no.  Chase said that she had taken away his agency and “played God” with his life.  

Later, Chase and Blaze returned to the stage and began singing “Silent Night” as snow began to fall.

A short while later, Josslyn arrived home, and Carly was surprised to see Dex. Josslyn explained that Dex was filling in for Steve and that she’d had car trouble so Dex had given her a ride home. Carly thanked Dex for his help. Josslyn asked Carly if she had started the movie yet?  She said that she hadn’t and that she was just about to start the popcorn.  Carly wished Dex a Merry Christmas and he did the same. Carly then went to the kitchen to make the popcorn for their movie night. Josslyn thanked Dex again, and he looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging over the door. Later, Josslyn and Carly watched their movie and ate popcorn as Dex walked outside in the snow, thinking about his kiss with Josslyn earlier.

At Portia and Curtis’ house, Trina was surprised to see Spencer at the door, as she’d thought he was leaving town. He replied that he’d realized he’d been wrong about having nothing left for him there. He told her if she didn’t want him there to just say the word and he would leave.  “Shoes off,” Trina demanded as she invited him in.  Spencer took his shoes off and entered.  After coming into Trina’s living room, he complimented the slight excessive decorations. She admitted that her family had tried to cheer her up, and she’d played along like it had worked, but it hadn’t. Spencer liked it, he said that your first year in a new home you have to “go big.”  All she wanted was to wake up and realize that the past few days had been a nightmare. Spencer said it would be more like a few years for him, except he still would have returned to Port Charles, as he wouldn’t have met Trina otherwise.

Spencer expressed sincere sympathy for Trina’s loss, and he took responsibility for Rory’s death, since he was the one who had brought Esme to town. He vowed to help catch Esme by luring her out of hiding. Trina didn’t want Spencer to be bait, and she threatened to tell Jordan. She admitted that the idea had potential, but that it was missing one thing. Spencer asked what that was.  Trina replied, “me.”  Spencer refused, as it was too dangerous. However, Trina suggested that Esme wouldn’t be able to handle it if Trina and Spencer pretended to turn to each other after Rory’s death. “Are you in?” she asked, and they shook hands in agreement. She walked him out into the snow. She brushed some off his face, he smiled and then walked away into the snow.

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GH Update Wednesday, December 21, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Alexis’ house, Alexis had quite a few of her clan gathered together, including Molly, T.J., Christina, Sam, Dante and Spencer. Spencer seemed slightly removed from the group both in proximity and in his state of mind. At one point, everyone went to replenish their drinks. Alexis took this opportunity to engage with  Spencer who had wandered over to the Christmas tree. Alexis asks him what was going on, because he seemed a million miles away. Spencer assured Alexis that he was having fun. Alexis pointed out that for a Cassadine, Spencer was a terrible liar. Reluctantly, Spencer admitted that he had a lot on his mind.

“Am I destined to be like my father?” Spencer asked. Alexis wanted to know what Nikolas had done, Spencer chose his words with the utmost care as he explained that he had discovered some things about Nikolas that Spencer feared would make him seem “bad by association.” Spencer assured Alexis that he wanted a life outside of his family — including Victor — but Spencer was unable to find a way out. “How do I escape my own family?” Spencer asked. “You can’t,” Alexis answered. “But, you can survive them,” she added.  

“Okay. How?” Spencer asked. Alexis told Spencer that she and her daughters had chartered their own course and had their own lives. Alexis acknowledged that Victor had a special interest in Spencer, and she advised Spencer to exercise extreme caution because of that interest. “Because this band of psychopathic, murdering megalomaniacs are ours. They are our family and always will be,” Alexis said. “So, basically I’m doomed,” Spencer replied. Alexis smiled and urged Spencer to forge his own path. Do the things that made him happy, the things that made him feel alive. Alexis pointed to her daughters as she reminded Spencer that a person’s genetics don’t necessarily dictate their actions. “Find out what makes you feel good,” Alexis said. She encouraged him to figure out what made him happy and to let it be his guide. Alexis promised that there would come a day when he would be able to forget Victor and Nikolas and live his own life free of their influence.

Elsewhere at the party, Sam scolded Dante for checking his phone. Dante confessed that he had was worried about Cody spending Christmas alone. Sam suggested Dante invite Cody to the Gingerbread Jam at Rice Plaza. Dante asked Sam if he had mentioned that she was the greatest yet that day.  She responded by saying “a few times, but it never gets old.” Moments later, Dante received a text message. Sam grew concerned when she noticed his reaction. Dante assured Sam that the Hook hadn’t struck again, but he admitted that he had to leave for a short time to take care of something.

After Dante left, everyone returned to the living room with plates of pie. Spencer explained that he had to leave and he thanked Alexis for the talk.  It had clearly given him a lot to think about.

At Finn’s apartment, Gregory was so glad that he would be spending Christmas with both of his sons and his granddaughter. Chase admitted that he just didn’t feel into Christmas this year and he offered to leave so as not to be a downer on everyone else’s holiday. Gregory and Finn said absolutely not. When Gregory mentioned Chase canceling the performance at Rice Plaza, Chase accused Brook Lynn of putting herself first. Chase confessed that he had no regrets about backing out of the Gingerbread Jam and leaving Brook Lynn to deal with the fallout. Gregory asked Chase if the whole thing was about revenge. Gregory suggested that just because Brook Lynn hadn’t done the right thing didn’t mean that Chase should do the same thing. Gregory reminded Chase that Chase’s badge had been taken away, not Chase’s moral compass, so Gregory encouraged Chase to right a wrong. Before Chase could reply, there was a knock at the door. It was Dante. Dante explained that he had something to tell Chase and he didn’t think it could wait until after Christmas.

Chase stepped into the hallway for privacy. Dante told him that the review board had agreed to take another look at Chase’s case in the spring when the board reconvened. To Chase’s surprise, Dante credited Brook Lynn for the unprecedented decision. Dante told Chase that somehow Brook Lynn had found a way to get her letter to the board.  “Merry Christmas, partner,” Dante said as he departed to return to Alexis’.

Inside, Violet left the room to go to her bedroom. Gregory took an opportunity to tell Finn how proud he was that he hadn’t let the breakup with Elizabeth affect Violet’s holiday. Gregory told Finn that he didn’t mean to pry into his son’s personal relationship, but that he wanted Finn to know how much Violet cared for her Aunt Elizabeth. Finn admitted that Elizabeth would remain a part of Violet’s life but that he believed he had finally learned his lesson. He told his father that he was just not cut out for love and relationships and that he was going to throw himself into his work and give up on love. Gregory pointed out that he had been given Violet as the result of one of those relationships that he had dubbed as a failure.  He asked if Finn would change that. “Not for a minute,” Finn said. Gregory told Finn that he should probably not throw in the towel just yet.

When Chase reentered the apartment, Gregory and Finn asked why Dante had stopped by. “To deliver a Christmas miracle,” Chase said. Shortly after Chase left, and Gregory, Finn, and Violet settled on the sofa with hot chocolate. Finn handed his father a book, and Gregory began to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

At Alexis’ house, Sam opened the front door and happily welcomed Dante back. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” Dante said. On the sofa, Molly and T.J. shared a tender kiss.

At Curtis and Portia’s house, Curtis, Marshall, and Josslyn watched as Portia comforted her daughter. Trina pulled away from her mother and tearfully apologized for ruining everyone’s Christmas, but Josslyn insisted that Trina had nothing to be sorry for. Portia agreed, and she made it clear that she wanted Trina to set the tone for the holiday. Curtis reminded Trina that the holidays were all about family. Trina admitted that she was both sad and scared, but she was also grateful to have her family.

Later, Marshall helped Portia set out snacks. Curtis said that he wanted to celebrate the first Christmas in his new home with Portia. He also pointed out that it was his first Christmas with Marshall in a very long time. Curtis handed gifts to both Portia and Marshall. Portia received a gift card to the Metro Court for a spa day, which she loved. Marshall’s gift was impressed by the music collection that he said was like stepping into a “time machine.”

Trina and Josslyn sat in front of the fireplace as Trina expressed concern about the traffic to Rice Plaza. Josslyn promised to take the back roads. Trina opened up to Josslyn about her feelings surrounding Rory’s death and she admitted that Rory might have ended things with her anyway, but now she would never know.  Trina blamed herself for Rory’s death which Josslyn immediately said was not her fault in any way.  Trina said that if she had not become involved with Rory then he would never have gone to that apartment to try and apprehend the Hook killer.  Josslyn made it clear that the only person responsible for Rory’s death was “the monster who killed him.”

Marshall returned the gift-giving sentiment with Curtis, by giving him a special gift. It was a photograph of Marshall, his wife, Thomas, Curtis, and Stella taken during Curtis’ first Christmas. Marshall explained that the picture had always been a family favorite because Stella was a blur in the photograph because she had not allowed enough delay on the timer to capture the image appropriately. Curtis wished his father a merry Christmas.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned, Olivia, Michael, and Willow were seated in the living room as they watched Leo and Wiley each open a gift. Drew and Carly stood nearby. Later, Brook Lynn entered the living room. Brook Lynn was surprised that they had decided to open presents, but Olivia explained that the boys had been given only one gift each to open. 

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow sat on the floor with Wiley and told him that he would be getting a baby sister. “I can’t wait,” Wiley said. 

At the patio doors, Drew and Carly chatted. Carly was very happy to have time to spend with Michael, Willow and Wiley. The conversation turned to Willow when Carly expressed concern about Willow’s pale complexion. Carly worried that the pregnancy was difficult on Willow. Drew agreed, and he admitted that the news that Denise had shared with them didn’t help matters any.

Drew made it clear that he was determined to find Willow’s birth parents. “You are a man on a mission,” Carly said. Carly advised caution before they offer any more theories to Willow and was concerned how coming up empty handed would affect her pregnancy.  Carly, with an obvious agenda, believed they should keep all information to themselves until it could be confirmed.  

In the living room, Michael assured Willow that they would spend many more Christmases together. Willow smiled as Michael wrapped his arms around her and Wiley. A short time later, Carly said her goodbyes to everyone, and Drew walked her out. The minute they were alone on the front steps, Drew pulled Carly into his arms for a kiss. Afterwards, he surprised Carly with a gift. A Jacksonville, Florida keychain.

Carly loved the key chain, and she thanked Drew. However, she was curious about the key attached to it. Drew told her that she would find out soon what the key was all about. He went to kiss her again, but Carly playfully pulled away. “Merry Christmas,” Carly said. Drew smiled as she walked away.

On the way to Rice Plaza, Josslyn jerked the steering wheel of her car as another car blared its horn at her. After rebounding from that, she was blinded by oncoming headlights and she slammed on the brakes.


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GH Update Tuesday, December 20, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Carly’s house, Dex and Josslyn continued to talk. Cameron texted Josslyn to ask if she was okay. Josslyn ignored the text. Dex apologized for causing problems in their relationship. Josslyn asked what Dex had to be sorry about. She said that she was the problem in her relationship with Cameron, and that she should have already spoken to Cameron about her feelings. Before Dex left, he asked if Josslyn was sorry that they had kissed. She looked at him and smiled, choosing not to answer. “Yeah, me, neither,” Dex said.

At Volonino’s Gym, Sam told Cody that Dante hadn’t come home the previous night. She told Cody that she had communicated with him via text, but that she was concerned about Dante and how he was dealing with Rory’s death, since Dante had been the first person on the scene.

At General Hospital, Mac told Dante that an autopsy report had confirmed that venom had been found in Rory’s bloodstream. Dante said, “So, it’s official.  We have a serial killer on our hands.”  

Mac’s phone rang and he was surprised to see that it was Cody.  Cody told Mac that he was with Sam and that she was concerned about how Dante was doing. He asked if Mac knew where Dante was.  Mac said that he was standing right next to him and the two cooked up a plan to get Dante to the gym.    

Later, Mac and Dante appeared at the gym, and Dante quickly deduced that Mac and Cody had teamed up to get Dante to the gym. Mac thanked Cody for having helped reunite Dante with Sam. Cody asked how Mac was doing in the aftermath of Rory’s death. Mac said that it was always difficult to lose a brother in the line of duty.  Mac started to leave and Cody said that he wouldn’t bother him anymore and offered to delete Mac’s information from his phone. Mac encouraged Cody to keep his number and to call if Cody ever needed him.

At Charlie’s Pub, Drew confronted Denise about the lies Denise had told regarding the identity of Willow’s birth mother. The whole conversation got very heated and Denise got up to leave, but Carly intervened. Carly made excuses for why Denise had lied. Denise said that the truth is that Harmony, or “Lorraine,” had already had the baby when Harmony had joined the commune years earlier and that Denise had no idea who Willow’s birth mother or father were. Drew wanted to know if that was the case then why had Denise lied in the first place. Denise said that Harmony had been her friend and she was just trying to defend her and her baby from whatever had caused her to run.  Drew questioned what she meant by that statement.  Denise said that Harmony was very jittery and always seemed fearful of something or someone.  This story seemed to match up with the account that Phyllis had given Drew and Alexis previously.  Denise said she did not believe he should continue to investigate Harmony’s past because doing so could expose Willow to the same threat that had made Harmony so fearful.  On her way out of the pub, Denise left a pair of gloves on the table. Carly rushed to return the gloves to Denise outside the pub. Carly handed Denise the gloves, along with a cash payment for Denise’s story.

“Question: were you telling the truth to Drew? Was Lorraine really running from someone?” Carly asked. “She was jumpy around strangers. Always seemed to be looking over her shoulder,” Denise replied.

Also at Charlie’s Pub, Phyllis listened to Nina’s latest drama. Nina recalled that she had gotten into a verbal spat with Willow and Willow had become so upset that she had passed out. Nina told Phyllis that she hoped everything would be okay and that she had no idea that Willow was having such a difficult pregnancy.

Drew approached Phyllis. Drew asked if Phyllis had ever known Harmony to talk about a baby when Phyllis had known Harmony in New York. “Not that I recall,” Phyllis answered.

Carly came back inside from her conversation with Denise. Drew wondered if Harmony had stolen Willow from Willow’s real parents. Drew said now that they knew the story about Willow’s birth mother having died from an overdose was a lie that meant that someone, somewhere was wondering what happened to their little girl.

In the chapel at the hospital, Ava asked Elizabeth how she dared even enter a chapel.  “Aren’t you scared of being struck by lightning?” Ava said.  She promised that Elizabeth and Nikolas didn’t know the meaning of the word pain, but that they  would both be sorry.  Not only will you lose everything you cost me, but by the time I am done, you will have lost so much more,” Ava threatened.

Elizabeth largely stayed quiet as Ava hurled insult after insult until finally Elizabeth had enough.  “Oh, my God, Ava! Shut up! Not everything is about you!” Elizabeth snapped.

Ava mentioned that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and she was surprised when she discovered that Elizabeth already knew about it. Ava then brought up the baby Elizabeth was carrying. “There’s not going to be a baby!” Elizabeth replied. Elizabeth said that she had miscarried and that Nikolas didn’t know yet. Ava showed no remorse, and in the most cold way possible, she said that she was “sorry” for Elizabeth’s loss. On her way out of the chapel, Ava told Elizabeth not to expect any sympathy from Nikolas, because he only cared for himself and had no regard for others.

After Ava had left, Elizabeth remained in the chapel. She stared at the cross and spoke to herself. “What am I doing?  If the truth is supposed to set me free, then how come it feels like a stone around my neck? But I guess it’s not the truth that’s the problem, is it? Nope. It’s me and the choices I’ve made.” Elizabeth said she had torn her life down over the past few months, piece by piece.  “I lost Finn. I’m helping Nikolas hold a pregnant woman captive because I thought I was keeping everybody else from getting hurt. But now that cop is dead, and I know it can’t be Esme who’s the killer. This isn’t me. I’m a good person, aren’t I?” Elizabeth asked. Elizabeth paused. “Aren’t I?” she asked again.

At Wyndemere, Spencer walked into the living room where Nikolas was sitting. Nikolas told Spencer that they needed to talk. Nikolas recalled having served Ava with divorce papers. Spencer said that he guessed that meant that a reconciliation was right around the corner. Nikolas told Spencer that he had been unfaithful to Ava and there would be no reconciliation. Spencer assumed that Nikolas had been referring to the affair with Esme, and he was shocked to learn that Nikolas was admitting to a separate affair.  Spencer was outraged when Nikolas admitted that it had been Elizabeth.  He said that Elizabeth was practically family and he recalled Elizabeth’s stint in Shady Brook months earlier because she had been taking sleeping pills that altered her memory.  Spencer implied that Nikolas had taken advantage of her and her situation and asked how he would ever be able to face his friend Cameron again.  Spencer called Nikolas disgusting and said that their relationship was through. Spencer said that there was one “positive” thing that would come out of all of this.  He said that he was now determined to be a better man and a better father than Nikolas.

Nikolas told Spencer that he loved him and said that he was already a better man. Spencer left the room.

Nikolas’ phone rang. It was Elizabeth.  She informed Nikolas about her confrontation with Ava and that she had told Ava she had suffered a miscarriage.  She was relieved that she would no longer have to pretend to be pregnant.  “Now I just have to fix all the other mistakes I’ve made,” Elizabeth told Nikolas. “I know this is hard, but we made our choices. There’s no going back,” Nikolas told his best friend.

Later, in the alley behind Charlie’s Pub, Ava told Nina about having confronted Elizabeth. Nina (with great irony) said that she absolutely hated Elizabeth for what she had done. Ava admitted that she actually felt sympathy for both Elizabeth and Nikolas.  She said that she just didn’t believe she could go after them after they had just lost a child, throwing her plans for revenge for both of them up in the air.

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GH Update Monday, December 19, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Volonino’s gym, Chase worked until Brook Lynn showed up. Chase complained to Brook Lynn that his singing career (which has pointedly told her–he doesn’t want) is all she ever wants to talk about.  He mentioned Rory’s death and how he hadn’t been there on the force to show Rory the ropes because of her fantasy of him being a singer.  Brook Lynn admitted that she had written the letter, but that it had been too little, too late.  Chase said that he wasn’t giving up on his career.  Brook Lynn said that he should do the single with Blaze and use the money to finance his efforts to get his badge back. Chase told her that if he needed extra money he would work extra shifts at a regular job.  He told her that they needed space.  Brook Lynn said that she would draw up the paperwork to end their relationship as client and manager and Chase told her to send it certified, they had no reason to see each other again. 

Sonny and Nina called out Ava’s name as they rushed into the art gallery, followed by Dex. They were concerned that her door had been unlocked, and Nina wondered where Ava had been the previous evening. Nina said that she had even called Nikolas to see if Ava was at Wyndemere.  Ava admitted that she had stayed at the gallery all night and that Wyndemere was no longer her home. Sonny departed as Nina and Ava continued their conversation.  On their way out, Dex asked if he should arrange protection for Ava, but Sonny said no because issues with Nikolas would take precedence. 

Ava claimed that she had been doing paperwork through the night, which had created a sore neck. Nina noticed there was broken glass all over the floor and she helped to clean things up. Nina asked about Nikolas. Ava revealed that Nikolas had served her with divorce papers, and Nina was shocked because she was sure that Ava and Nikolas were on the road to reconciliation. Ava disclosed that Nikolas had not only slept with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was also pregnant. Nina was floored.

Ava vowed to shed no more tears for Nikolas and that she fully intended to take Nikolas for everything he was worth, thanks to Victor, who wanted to keep family skeletons in the closet. Nina asked Ava if she had lost her mind.  “You do not want to attempt to extort a member of that family,” she said.  But, Ava was undeterred.  She was focused on the task at hand and said that she was leaving to go to the pharmacy to get something for her sore neck.

Josslyn finished her daily run to find Carly just finishing up a phone conversation with Jax. Carly told Josslyn that Jax wanted her to come to Australia.  He thought it was important for her to get out of Port Charles with The Hook still on the loose. Josslyn said that she couldn’t walk out on her life. Carly was concerned about Josslyn’s safety, and she wanted Josslyn to be careful. She gave Josslyn strict orders to remain on the grounds, along with several other rules. She was also worried about Josslyn’s association with Dex.

Carly said that she had faith in Josslyn and that she would always be in her corner. She knew that Josslyn was aware of what life would be like with Dex because of Carly’s relationships with Jason and Sonny. Josslyn apologized for calling Jason an idiot for working for Sonny.  She also told Carly that after what happened the previous night with Spencer that she believed Dex would no longer be an issue.  Carly was shocked to hear that Spencer had been released from Pentonville early.  Josslyn filled her in on Spencer’s release and what had happened at Kelly’s.  The doorbell rang and Carly answered it.  It was Sonny and Dex. Sonny said that he wanted to assign protection to Josslyn and Carly was in full support of that idea.  Carly said that she and Josslyn had a lunch date with Michael and Willow.  Josslyn said she had decided to skip lunch and Sonny asked Dex to stay with Josslyn until he could get someone else as her full time protection.  He told Carly to give Michael and Willow his best wishes.  

Outside Carly’s house, Sonny asked his man to send a gender neutral gift to Michael and Willow without a card. Inside the house, Dex thanked Carly for her assistance when he was wounded, and he promised to keep an eye on Josslyn until the new guard arrived. “That’s what I’m afraid of,” Carly remarked as she departed. Josslyn wanted Dex to leave, but he exclaimed that he had his orders. “It’s clear where we stand,” Josslyn insisted. “Aren’t you tired of pretending?” Dex replied. He told her that it was okay to be scared, even though he knew she was tough. He added that she was safe with him. Josslyn began to cry and ran into his arms.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow were ready for Dr. Navarro to do an ultrasound.  There was some trepidation at whether or not they should find out the sex of the baby and they went back and forth discussing the issue. But, in the end, Willow said go ahead with her ultrasound, since she’d promised to disclose the baby’s gender at lunch.

Dr. Navarro was called to the room and performed the ultrasound. She announced that everything looked good, and they listened to the baby’s heartbeat. She showed Michael and Willow the screen and revealed that they were going to have a baby girl. 

Nikolas found Elizabeth at the nurses’ station and demanded they talk. Elizabeth said that she was working and Nikolas insisted that he would wait.  Elizabeth told him that he would have a long wait because she had just started her shift. Nikolas wanted to know if Elizabeth intended to tell the police about his holding Esme against her will. Elizabeth finally agreed to walk to the chapel once she saw that the conversation was going to get incredibly personal.

Elizabeth said that she had only gone along with Nikolas’ plans because they had thought that Esme was The Hook killer. Elizabeth thought she was in too deep and worried that she would be charged as an accomplice. She said she felt trapped. Nikolas suggested that he hire someone else to take over as Esme’s  nurse. Elizabeth said that it wouldn’t matter. Esme would talk, and Elizabeth’s career would be over, even if she escaped jail time. Elizabeth saw no other option but to continue on as Esme’s nurse.  Elizabeth said that they would have to deal with all of the people they had hurt as part of their scheming and that things were about to get very difficult. Nikolas apologized and left, and soon after, Elizabeth headed to the door and found Ava standing in the doorway. “Going somewhere?” Ava asked before adding, “I don’t think so.”

Drew and Alexis met at Charlie’s Pub and sat at a table. Alexis announced that she had done some “digging” for him regarding Willow’s search for her mother and she had discovered after speaking with a local reporter that there was no Joan at the commune and there were certainly no heroin-related deaths in that county. Alexis and Drew were able to surmise from the available information that Denise had falsified the information she had funneled to Drew.  

Drew flashed back to Carly saying that Harmony had told her that Nina was Willow’s mother, and Alexis noted that she was glad to have verified the information and uncovered the lies. Alexis added that Harmony had been quite the liar herself. Drew agreed that Harmony had definitely told lies, and Phyllis overheard them as she came to offer a refill on their coffee.

Phyllis asked about the investigation and noted that Harmony (or Lorraine as she had known her) had always kept secrets. Phyllis recalled the day she had run into Harmony at Charlie’s pub and said that the way she spoke to her seemed as though she were trying to rewrite history. She went off to see other customers, and Drew said that he wanted to question Denise again because everything she had told him seemed to be a lie.  Just as Drew made the statement about Denise’s lies, Carly walked in and overheard him.  She looked shocked and realized that Drew was on to the campaign of lies that she had set into motion.


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GH Update Tuesday, December 13, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Sonny’s penthouse, Nina found a crayon drawing stuffed in the cushions of the couch with the word “MOMMY” written on it.. Sonny came in, and he said that he was glad that Donna and Nina had started to grow close. Nina recalled that Josslyn had stopped by to point out that  Nina was not allowed to spend time with Donna. Nina wondered if spending time with Donna was worth it.

Nina shared that because Nelle had been taken away from her at birth, she had a hole in her heart that she would always try to heal. She said that the more time she spent with Donna the more she was afraid that she was opening her heart to  heartbreak at a later date. Sonny understood, but he didn’t think she had anything to worry about. Nina still insisted that she should keep her distance from Donna. Sonny agreed to Nina’s new terms (despite how much grief he had been put through getting Carly to agree to allow Nina to see Donna in the first place), but he said there was nothing he would like more than for Nina to have a close relationship with Donna. 

In a private room of Metro Court, Denise told Carly that Drew no longer had a reason to search for Willow’s birth mother. Carly asked about Willow’s biological father. Denise remarked that the check Carly had given her would only cover one deceased parent and that information on Willow’s father would cost Carly more.

Denise threatened to expose Carly for the lies she had told Drew and Willow. Carly was disgusted, but needed the information so she gave Denise another check. She told Denise that she was an awful person. “It could be worse. I could be paying someone to lie about someone else’s parents being dead. At least I own who I am and what I’m doing. Trust me, your life would be a lot easier if you looked in the mirror and did the same,” Denise told Carly.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Drew shared with Willow’s biological mother had died. Drew encouraged Willow not to give up hope. An upset Willow left to go for some air. Outside on the patio, Willow struggled to control her emotions. Drew found Willow, and he realized she was in tears.  It was at that moment, that Drew connected all the times that Willow had looked pale, when she had passed out, when she had felt faint, when she said she was “just tired.”  “Oh, my God.  You’re sick, aren’t you? He asked.

Willow shared that she had Stage 4 leukemia, and she added that she didn’t know how much time she had unless she could find a family member for a bone marrow donation. Drew hugged Willow and did his best to consoler her.

Willow said that although she was receiving chemotherapy, it wasn’t enough. Drew was sympathetic, and Willow asked Drew to promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone that Willow was sick. “Not even Carly,” Willow emphasized.

Carly told Willow she was sorry that her birth mother was dead. She said that Willow had all the family she needed in Port Charles. Willow thanked Drew, and she left. Afterwards, Carly remarked that she hadn’t realized how important it was for Willow to find her birth parents. “Neither did I,” Drew replied.

At Charlie’s Pub, Alexis and Gregory shared cocktails before Finn arrived at the bar. Alexis asked Gregory to give her a chance to talk privately to Finn, and Gregory agreed. Finn then told Alexis that things between him and Elizabeth were over.

Finn left the pub, and afterwards, Gregory said that his family was in Alexis’ debt. Later, outside Charlie’s, Ava encountered Finn. Ava asked what was on Finn’s mind. He totally ignored her and walked away.

At Wyndemere, Ava wanted to discuss her marriage to Nikolas. Nikolas said that while he wanted Ava to move back in, the timing was wrong because Spencer had just moved back in, as well. Ava said she hoped Nikolas would “press pause” on their plans for divorce. Elizabeth arrived in the foyer.

A surprised Ava wanted to learn from Nikolas why Elizabeth was at Wyndemere and why she had her own set of keys to the castle. Elizabeth made up an excuse about Nikolas having volunteered his family’s history for a school project that Aiden was working on. Ava bid Nikolas goodnight, and she left.

Alone in the living room, Nikolas shared that he and Elizabeth would have to be careful because Spencer had moved back into the mansion. Elizabeth replied that that wasn’t their only concern, and she handed Nikolas the bottle of prenatal vitamins. “Congratulations! You’re gonna be a father again… to my child,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

Elizabeth called her ridiculous plan to tell Finn that the prenatal vitamins he had found at GH and Wyndemere were hers.  She wanted to tell Finn the truth but Nikolas told her that if she did, Finn would send the cops to Spoon Island and she and Nikolas would likely go down for the false imprisonment of Esme.  He warned that this could mean she would be required to serve time away from her boys. Elizabeth couldn’t believe that she had become the kind of person that would go along with Nikolas’ plan.  Nikolas said that sometimes you had to do deplorable things because they were in the interest of the greater good.  Elizabeth said that if that were true that he must sacrifice his relationship with Ava, so that he could concentrate on the task at hand; keeping Esme off the streets.

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GH Update Thursday, December 15, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Sam met Maxie at the café, and Sam questioned Maxie on why they were meeting.  Maxie mentioned that she thought that Sam would be the best possible person to provide her with some well-needed perspective on her current situation. She told Sam about what had transpired between Austin and Spinelli. The lying, the blackmail, the ordering of her and Austin’s compatibility report behind her back and Spinelli’s constant interference in her relationship with Austin. Maxie mentioned that she had trusted Austin when they first met but that trust had faded. Maxie confessed that perhaps Spinelli and Georgie had been right from the beginning and she should have trusted their intuition.  Sam advised Maxie to reassess her entire situation using her own intuition and then proceed accordingly. 

Nikolas arrived at the gallery, startling Ava. He told her that he would always love her, and she replied wistfully, “If only that was all it took to fix things.” She invited him to join her for takeout, but he said he would not be staying. He admitted that he was only there to make a special delivery. He handed her an incredibly thick group of papers and a pen. Ava looked at the papers and all the happiness drained for her face.  “Divorce papers?” she snapped.  She believed that something had driven him to go ahead with the divorce and Victor was first in line. After some badgering, he blurted out that he’d had an affair with Elizabeth.

Ava wanted details of the affair, but Nikolas would only tell her that Elizabeth was pregnant. He was determined not to fail another child. He advised her to look at the very generous offer. Ava saw a letter opener on the table and picked it up. She swung at him, but only pinned the papers to the wall. “That’s what I think of your offer,” she murmured. “You could have killed me!” he exclaimed. “Remember that,” she shot back. He apologized, as he’d never wanted to hurt her. “God have mercy on you because you’ll get none from me,” she said coldly, and he left.

Josslyn arrived at Kelly’s with an armful of toys for donation, and Dex offered to help her, but she insisted that she could do it herself. With Spencer acting incredibly rude toward Dex, Dex asked Cameron to cancel his order, and said that he would gladly go to another restaurant. Cameron said that was fine, but Spencer demanded that Dex pay for his order. Dex smugly took out a roll of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     cash and told Spencer that Sonny paid him well. Spencer punched Dex, who fell on the floor. Dex popped back up, and Spencer dared Dex to punch him.

Cameron separated Spencer and Dex, and Josslyn couldn’t believe that Spencer was already causing problems, freshly out of prison. Spencer explained that Cameron had told him that Dex had put Josslyn in danger, and he yelled at Dex to leave. Josslyn assured Dex that he didn’t have to listen to Spencer. “You have no clue what I do or don’t have to do,” Dex responded, and he left Kelly’s. Cameron didn’t want Spencer to hurt people because of anything he had said. Spencer believed that the attitude of his group of friends had changed in his absence, and he said he didn’t believe he was no longer wanted or needed.  Spencer then stormed out. Cameron suggested that, with all the craziness around them, he and Josslyn go somewhere nice, just the two of them. Josslyn said that sounded really nice but they needed to talk first.

Rory arrived outside at the address of an apartment that he had gained knowledge of by improperly looking through Dante’s filed. He knocked. The door opened when he knocked, so he announced himself and went in. The door slammed shut behind him, and the Hook appeared. From outside the apartment, Dante heard gunshots and called for backup. He announced himself and kicked in the door to the apartment. He found a man bleeding on the floor and checked for a pulse. Just then, Rory emerged, bleeding, from another room. He fell onto the couch and told Dante it had been, “The Hook.”

Trina entered Jordan’s office and asked if she’d seen Rory. Jordan informed Trina that Rory was probably around the station somewhere, as his shift had just ended. Jordan advised Trina to stick around because Rory would love to see Trina. “Not for long,” Trina muttered. She excused herself to go to Kelly’s, and she left. A few minutes later, Jordan’s phone rang, and she learned of Dante’s call for backup.

Jordan arrived at the apartment which was now an official crime scene.  The suspect lay on the floor with what appeared to be at least one gunshot wound to the chest. Dante explained that he had to have just missed the killer, and the woman they suspected could have jumped out the window. Jordan advised an officer to set up a 10 block perimeter to look for the killer. Jordan didn’t think Rory could wait for the ambulance, so Dante and the other officer carried Rory out of the apartment. Jordan put in a call for the medical examiner and crime scene unit to get to the apartment.

At General Hospital, Portia showed Elizabeth some of her options for wedding dresses. However, Portia was unsure about getting married in February, when “the Hook” killer was still on the loose. Elizabeth thought it would give everyone in Port Charles something nice to look forward to. Portia reminded Elizabeth that she and Finn hadn’t yet RSVP’d. Elizabeth said that she would definitely be there, but she couldn’t speak for Finn, as they had ended their relationship.

Gregory ran into Finn at the elevators on the 10th floor of General Hospital, he insisted on taking him to dinner. He knew that Finn hadn’t been doing well, and he told Finn that Violet had also picked up on it. Finn admitted that he and Elizabeth were through. Gregory wondered if Finn wanted to salvage the relationship, but the conversation was interrupted. 

Jordan arrived with Rory, Dante, and the other officers, and Portia, Finn, and Elizabeth got Rory onto a stretcher. Dante revealed that they’d need the antivenom, as Rory had been attacked by the Hook.

At Volonino’s gym, Curtis helped Alexis out with the punching bag. He explained that they needed to “establish a winning mindset” before they tried to catch a serial killer. A short while later, Alexis emerged from the locker room after having changed. Curtis told her that the PCPD had been “tight-lipped” with any information about “the Hook” killer, and Alexis wasn’t sure what else they could do. 

Dex arrived at the gym, and thought about Josslyn as he beat up the punching bag. Curtis returned a short while later and eyed Dex, deeming him far enough away to talk to Alexis. As Curtis explained that Ryan didn’t think that Esme was the killer, his phone rang, Jordan asked Curtis to pick up Trina and bring her immediately to the GH, as there had been another attack. While he talked to Jordan, Alexis got a text from Gregory that read, “911 at GH.” They ran out, Dex thought about Josslyn more as he worked over the punching bag.

Spencer ran into Trina as he exited Kelly’s. He sarcastically talked about how he wasn’t supposed to stick up for anyone anymore. Whatever he’d done, Trina said she was sure that his heart had been in the right place, and he probably just needed to work on his execution. He figured he could do that the next time he was in town. He revealed that he was leaving as soon as the terms of his prison release were met, as Port Charles was no longer a home. He said, “I’m going to move on, and I’m going to disappoint strangers” instead of the people he loved.

Curtis arrived with news for Trina that he said Cameron and Josslyn needed to hear, also. The three went into Kelly’s, and Curtis informed the kids that they needed to go with him to the hospital immediately, on Jordan’s orders, as she wanted eyes on all four of them. He revealed that there had been another attack. Trina asked who had been attacked, and Curtis reluctantly answered that it was Rory.

At the hospital, Alexis asked Dante if the Hook killer had struck again. Jordan ordered Dante to go get cleaned up, so he left. Jordan stated that an officer was fighting for his life after a cowardly and brutal attack, and she would do anything she could for justice. “I’ll be damned if we lose another one of our own, and you can quote me on that,” she added, and she walked away. 

In the operating room, Finn, Portia, and Elizabeth worked on Rory. Finn ordered Elizabeth to administer the antivenom, but she reminded him that it was in short supply. Finn replied that the poison would kill Rory if the injuries didn’t, so she injected the antivenom into the I.V.

Jordan informed Dante that Mac was at the apartment, and Dante offered to see if Mac needed help. But , Jordan refused and said she wanted him to stay at the hospital, as he needed to see things through for Rory’s sake. Trina and Curtis arrived with Josslyn, Cameron and Spencer in tow.  Trina immediately asked how Rory was doing. Portia told her that Rory had lost a lot of blood, and he was bleeding internally. Trina wanted to see him, but Portia added that he was very weak. But moments later Rory was being wheeled to the elevators, and Trina ran over to him. He took his oxygen mask off and groaned that he knew it had been too soon to tell her how he felt about her, but he wasn’t sorry for doing it. “When you know, you know,” he said, and he passed out.

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