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At the Port Charles Police Department, Laura and Jordan assess the state of the city after the previous night’s winter storm.  Jordan reports that although the roads are in terrible shape and the city’s sanitation department will be slow at clearing them, she tells Laura that there have been no reports of serious injuries or casualties.  They both agree that is very good news.

At the Quartermaine’s, Austin helps Brook Lynn clean up the mess created by wrapping paper and boxes from everyone opening their gifts. Brook Lynn says Leo loved Austin’s gift, a video game about marine biology. Olivia jokes that she would thank him but they may never see Leo again. Austin thanks Olivia for letting him stay at the Quartermaine mansion, and she says no one should be alone for Christmas.

Ned pulls Olivia aside and asks if she prepped enough food for another guest. She says there is always room for one more guest. Suddenly Cody appears at the front door shivering and tells her the road in front of the Quartermaine estate is closed and a complete mess, so no one will be getting out until the roads are cleared. Olivia asks what his plans are, and he admits he was supposed to go into town for dinner. Olivia insists he stays.

Ned tells Olivia they don’t have enough food. Olivia says she’ll whip up a lasagna and she’ll cheat on the noodles (she makes the mark of the cross). She runs off to the kitchen. Ned tells Cody that Leo will be happy to see him. Austin says “and just like that I’ve been replaced.” Brook Lynn says that wrangler trumps doctor every time. Austin tells Brook Lynn that she must think he is an awful person. She says no and that she knows what it’s like to tell some white lies when you think it’s for the greater good.

TJ and Molly arrive unexpectedly. They explain they were out caroling when they got stranded. Olivia invites them in and says to make themselves comfortable.

At Nina’s, Britt heads out after opening gifts as she has work, the polar bear plunge, and is meeting Brad at the soup kitchen. Liesl walks her daughter out and tells her she will have many more Christmases so she needs to stop killing herself trying to check everything off of her list. Britt says she knows this will not be her last Christmas but how many will she have left where she is able to care for herself. Liesl suggests she live every day like it’s her first (rather than her last), so she doesn’t lose sight of the magic around her.

Back in Nina’s place, Maxie screams “No,” as she picks up her phone.  Nina asks what is wrong.  Maxie replies that her flight to Portland has been canceled and now she will never be able to see Georgie on Christmas.

In Portland, Spinelli brought Georgie to see Ellie for Christmas. She thanks Spinelli as she missed her last year. Spinelli says she’ll always be Georgie’s third parent. He also thanks her for including Maxie as Georgie will be thrilled. Ellie thinks it won’t just be Georgie who is glad to see her. Spinelli says perhaps she can invite this new guy she’s seeing over too. Later, Maxie video calls them and breaks the news that her flight has been canceled until tomorrow. Georgie responds (in typical brat-like Georgie fashion) by rushing from the room. Spinelli excuses her behavior and says that she really does understand that these things happen. 

As soon as Spinelli hangs up the phone, Ellie brings up the fact that she believes that Spinelli has fallen for Maxie again. He says that he did think that having Maxie there in Portland might be a good chance for them to determine if they could be a family again, but then admits that he guesses that it was not meant to be. Ellie tells Spinelli that Christmas is a time for miracles.

Maxie calls Brook Lynn and tells her about the bind she’s in. She hopes one of the planes in the Toronto hangar belongs to ELQ. Brook Lynn tells her she will see what she can do.  Brook Lynn makes a few calls and is able to secure one of the jets; however, she has no way to get Maxie to Toronto. Austin calls Mason and tells him he has been doing his bidding for months without asking for anything, but now he is asking.  He demands that Mason make arrangements to get Maxie from the Port Charles pier to the Toronto airport.

Meanwhile back at the Quartermaine’s, Olivia is stunned when the doorbell rings and she finds a pregnant woman looking like the Virgin Mary standing there. She blurts out, “Holy mother of God!” The woman explains she was part of a live nativity and couldn’t get home because the roads are blocked. She asks if she can stay until a ride-share shows up. Olivia looks at Ned who says, “the more the merrier.”

Back at Nina’s, Maxie gets a call from Brook Lynn telling her the jet is hers, but she must take a boat to Canada. She tells her to go immediately to the pier that arrangements have been made to get her there.

Over at the Quartermaine’s, everyone finishes dinner and Olivia thinks her sauce went over well. Ned notes that it was a very spicy sauce and asks if she thinks that it was a good idea given that they have a pregnant woman as their guest. Olivia says all that spicy food nonsense is just a bunch of old wives tales.  As soon as she gets the words out of her mouth, the woman’s water breaks.

Everyone rushes to help the woman give birth, and Molly points out that T.J. and Austin are doctors. Later, Austin pulls Cody aside and tells him that the baby is breached and it will take a trained OB to deliver the baby successfully.

Sonny finds Sasha working at Brando’s garage. She explains the garage is being sold, and Brando’s 2022 resolution was to finish his bike by 2023. Sonny offers her a hand so that they can get it done quickly and they both can enjoy Christmas dinner.

Britt shows up. She explains her car spun on out the road, and this was the only place she could find open. Sasha says it’s not open, but she is welcome to stay until she can get a ride. Cody calls Britt, Britt actually answers the phone and asks what he wants. He tells her about the woman about to give birth at the Quartermaine’s. Austin takes the phone and tells Britt they need her help, and no car or ambulance can get through the roads. Suddenly, Sasha and Sonny get Brando’s bike to start. Britt looks at it and formulates a plan.

Back at the Quartermaine’s, chaos ensues as everyone wonders what they are going to do if help doesn’t arrive to deliver this baby.  When suddenly the sound of an engine can be heard.  Then like a Christmas miracle, Sasha and Britt step through the patio doors and Britt takes off her helmet ready to get to work delivering the baby. 

Britt helps deliver the baby safely, and the woman decides to name the little girl Britta Noel, in honor of the doctor who helped her in her hour of need.

Eventually, Jordan and the Port Charles EMS arrive.  Jordan says she heard there was an emergency at the Quartermaine’s, but she had no idea that T.J. was there. It was a pleasant surprise because she hadn’t thought she would get to see him today. Jordan explains the roads are still hazardous but traffic is slowly starting to move, so T.J. thinks they should get out of the Quartermaine’s hair. Ned suggests that he is sure the roads are still dangerous and it is probably best for everyone to stay put. He suggests that they should all stay at the mansion and celebrate Christmas together.

Scott gets smacked in the head by a snowball as he approaches Elizabeth’s place.  Then he picks up a snowball himself and hurls it back, a full-on snowball fight begins. Inside, Liz looks at a photo of her family, and then another picture of her with Finn and Violet. Cam asks his mom if everything is okay because she’s been quiet about Finn. Cam assures Elizabeth that she can always talk to him.  Elizabeth tells Cam that she knows she can count on him but she assures him she’s fine. She asks if Joss is stopping by, but he says that she is without a car and the roads are still not in the best of conditions.

Scott comes inside and Cam goes out to take his place in the snowball fight. Scott lets Liz know that both he and Laura are worried about her. She admits that she has never spent a Christmas with her parents since she left California, but that for some reason it feels final now.  Scott says that Elizabeth’s father is a fool and that she will always be a Baldwin.

Laura arrives to check on Elizabeth. They share a hug. Elizabeth realizes that instead of focusing on the parents that were never there she should be thankful for the family that has always been there for her.  Elizabeth, Scott and Laura share a hug. Liesl then arrives and does a little dance with mistletoe over her head, and Scott pulls her in for a kiss. 

At Nina’s place, Sonny finally makes it for Christmas dinner, carrying a wreath. Nina gives him a big kiss and they share a laugh.

Maxie arrives at the Edmonton, Alberta airport, after the plane she had boarded in Toronto was forced to land because of the weather. She’s told by an attendant that with the severity of the storm, there will be no flights departing from Edmonton until at least the next day.

Maxie calls Spinelli and leaves a message asking why he’s not answering his phone. As she hangs up, Spinelli and Georgie appear. He explains they had intended to fly into Canada in hopes of driving to Port Charles but their flight was also grounded. They can’t believe that they all ended up in the same place on Christmas. They open gifts while eating airport pizza.

Back in Portland, Ellie gets a call from the guy she has just begun dating.  It is Griffin Munroe.

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