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Update written by Shane

Brook Lynn was thrilled to see Chase at Rice Plaza and he was clearly dressed to perform the duet with Blaze. She went up on the stage and announced that the performance would start soon. She announced the 1st runner up to the Ugly Sweater competition as Detective Dante Falconieri, just as Dante and Sam arrived.  Sam asked Dante if he had known anything about the competition.  He said no and that he was wearing his favorite sweater and thought it looked nice. 

Brook Lynn approached Chase. Chase told her that the CCRB would be revisiting his case in the spring and that he had a sneaking suspicion she had done more than just write the letter. Linc appeared and shouted that Chase and Blaze were supposed to have already performed.  He wanted to know why the event had been delayed. This put an end to Brook Lynn’s conversation with Chase as she was called back to the stage.

Mac and Felicia arrived, and Mac, who was actually wearing an ugly sweater, was angry that he’d missed the judging. Just then, his phone went off, and he said, “Duty calls.” Nina and Sasha were dressed up as Mrs. Claus and an elf, and they greeted Sonny and Donna. Donna handed Nina a gift bag, containing an ornament that she had made.  Nina asked if Sonny had helped her make it.  She admitted that he had helped a little with the glitter. Sasha gave Donna a candy cane and took her to see the reindeer.

Brook Lynn announced the beginning of the performance and Chase and Blaze took the stage. The two performed their new duet, which Blaze said would be dropped that very night. The song got a big round of applause. Mac returned to Felicia and apologetically told her that he had to go. Dante approached and wondered if there had been a break in the case. Mac informed them that the earring that had been found in Rory’s personal belongings had belonged to one of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims from over twenty years ago.  Dante questioned how that could be. Mac said that was what they had to find out.  He requested Dante and Felicia go with him to Spring Ridge.  Dante said goodbye to Sam and the three of them were on their way.

Esme, still locked away in her tower prison, was singing a song about how her father would come to make Nikolas pay (set to the tune of Jingle Bells), when Nikolas arrived upstairs.  Nikolas asked her about her family.  She changed the subject and instead complained about her accommodations.  She said that it was freezing in the north tower, she had to sleep on linens that were half eaten by moths and that she had no one to talk to.  Nikolas, who had clearly been drinking, said that if she wanted to talk he was listening.  Esme remarked that the only reason Nikolas was there was because he had no one else to talk to, because he had driven away everyone else in his life.  Nikolas exited the room and Esme could be heard taunting and laughing at Nikolas.  Later, he returned with fresh linens from downstairs and what appeared to be a book.  Esme flashed a crooked smile, as if she was back to her old scheming self.  But, Nikolas quickly exited the room, locking her away again.

Nina told Sonny she had been thinking a lot about the people who put their lives on the line for the city every day, she specifically mentioned Rory as having brought her thoughts to a place of remembrance. She then mentioned Nathan and Dante. Sonny thought they should light candles for Nathan and for Dante. Nina thought that was a great idea.

Sasha asked Donna what she had requested from Santa for Christmas. Donna said that she had requested Santa to bring Sasha a happy New Year. Sasha said, “your request to Santa was for me?”  Donna replied that it was. Sasha was touched by the depth of Donna’s kindness, and the two then went for cocoa. Donna asked Sasha if they could have extra marshmallows and Sasha agreed.

At Spring Ridge, Mac showed Ryan the earring and demanded information about it. Dante’s patience for Ryan’s games had grown then and he got in Ryan’s face and shouted that a cop was dead and it was time Ryan started talking. Mac ordered Dante to take a walk. When he was gone, Mac said he knew that Ryan and Esme were connected, so Ryan needed to give her up. 

On the side of the road, Josslyn was annoyed that she had no cell service. A car approached and pulled off to assist her and she thanked the person for stopping. When the headlights were out of her eyes, she saw it was Dex. She asked how he knew she was there and Dex replied that he had been following her. Josslyn asked what Sonny would do if he knew they were together.  Dex replied, “What would he do if I left you here on the side of the road?”  Josslyn told Dex that she had finally gotten enough bars to call for a tow truck and that there was no need for him to wait with her, as it was freezing.  Dex gave Josslyn his coat. “If I want you to take your clothes off, you’ll know,” she said.

Dex admitted that he liked how direct Josslyn was, and she assured him that she was fully in touch with all her feelings. He challenged her to be fully honest with how she was feeling at that moment and promised to do the same. The two began a back and forth challenge consisting of single word descriptions of how they were feeling. The interaction got more heated and they grew closer until they passionately kissed. She pulled away as the tow truck arrived. Dex apologized for complicating her life, but she told him he should never apologize for her choices. She walked away from Dex, leaving him standing by the car.

At home, Carly left Josslyn a message to text when she left Trina’s. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly was ecstatic to see Avery, who was accompanied by Ava. Ava explained that they were on their way to the Gingerbread Jam, and Avery had wanted to visit. Carly offered to prepare hot cocoa and Ava agreed they had just enough time for Avery to have some before they got underway. Ava said she would wait in her car, but Carly wouldn’t hear of it. She mentioned it being Christmas and insisted Ava come inside. Avery opened a gift of walkie-talkies from Carly, and she ran into another room to test them out. There was an awkward silence between Carly and Ava. Carly asked about Nikolas, and the look on Ava’s face turned cold. Carly mentioned trouble in paradise. Ava said, “ironic, isn’t it?  Right after I scoffed at the troubles in your marriage. Karma is a bitch.”

Ava explained what had happened with Nikolas, and Carly was shocked that he’d cheated on Ava, as she’d thought he was smarter than that. Avery’s voice rang through on the walkie-talkie and Ava responded. She thanked Carly for the gift, and Ava did the same. As Ava and Avery made their way to the door, Carly wished them both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. She pointedly told Ava she hoped the New Year would be a “fresh start” for them all.

At Rice Plaza, Brook Lynn asked Chase if they could work past their disagreements and Chase said no.  Chase said that she had taken away his agency and “played God” with his life.  

Later, Chase and Blaze returned to the stage and began singing “Silent Night” as snow began to fall.

A short while later, Josslyn arrived home, and Carly was surprised to see Dex. Josslyn explained that Dex was filling in for Steve and that she’d had car trouble so Dex had given her a ride home. Carly thanked Dex for his help. Josslyn asked Carly if she had started the movie yet?  She said that she hadn’t and that she was just about to start the popcorn.  Carly wished Dex a Merry Christmas and he did the same. Carly then went to the kitchen to make the popcorn for their movie night. Josslyn thanked Dex again, and he looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging over the door. Later, Josslyn and Carly watched their movie and ate popcorn as Dex walked outside in the snow, thinking about his kiss with Josslyn earlier.

At Portia and Curtis’ house, Trina was surprised to see Spencer at the door, as she’d thought he was leaving town. He replied that he’d realized he’d been wrong about having nothing left for him there. He told her if she didn’t want him there to just say the word and he would leave.  “Shoes off,” Trina demanded as she invited him in.  Spencer took his shoes off and entered.  After coming into Trina’s living room, he complimented the slight excessive decorations. She admitted that her family had tried to cheer her up, and she’d played along like it had worked, but it hadn’t. Spencer liked it, he said that your first year in a new home you have to “go big.”  All she wanted was to wake up and realize that the past few days had been a nightmare. Spencer said it would be more like a few years for him, except he still would have returned to Port Charles, as he wouldn’t have met Trina otherwise.

Spencer expressed sincere sympathy for Trina’s loss, and he took responsibility for Rory’s death, since he was the one who had brought Esme to town. He vowed to help catch Esme by luring her out of hiding. Trina didn’t want Spencer to be bait, and she threatened to tell Jordan. She admitted that the idea had potential, but that it was missing one thing. Spencer asked what that was.  Trina replied, “me.”  Spencer refused, as it was too dangerous. However, Trina suggested that Esme wouldn’t be able to handle it if Trina and Spencer pretended to turn to each other after Rory’s death. “Are you in?” she asked, and they shook hands in agreement. She walked him out into the snow. She brushed some off his face, he smiled and then walked away into the snow.

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