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Victor: Hey, son. Good to see you. Have a seat. Gives me a chance to tell you how much I appreciated you and connor coming by and spending time with us at christmas.

Adam: Well, thank you for including us…

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: …And not being too overbearing with chelsea and connor.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] What? Your father overbearing? When the hell did that happen? And I promised you I’d behave, and I did, right?

Adam: As I said, I appreciate it.

Victor: Yep. If you don’t mind my saying so, I thought that chelsea seemed a little fragile.

Adam: She’s going through a few complicated things lately, but overall, she’s — she’s doing well.

Victor: But, you know, I thought about it. Maybe while she is dealing with whatever problems she has, not necessarily a good idea that connor spends a lot of time with her, is it?

Chelsea: Billy, it’s me. I hope I’m not interrupting your post-christmas celebration. I was just wondering if you had any time to get together.

Phyllis: Say, “rock star.”

Danny: Rock star!

Daniel: Rock star!

Phyllis: Okay.

Danny: Oh, good note.

[ All laugh ]

Phyllis: I’m going to tag you. I’m going to post this, okay? I’ll tag both of you. Alright.

Danny: Can I just say how thankful I am that I had a break in between gigs and freed up my schedule to be with you for the holidays?

Daniel: I’m thankful, too. You know, being able to be around my family has meant the world to me at this time of year.

Phyllis: Yeah. So, you must miss lucy, heather. Did you call them on christmas and wish them a merry christmas?

Daniel: Unfortunately, no, I, um, haven’t had the chance.

Christine: “Genoa city’s very own rock star has returned for a limited time only. Glad to spend time with the people he loves most. We love you, too, danny.”

Danny: You know what? This married business — I really like it a lot.

Christine: Oh, you do, huh?

Danny: Yes, I do. Last year, this place was just an apartment. And this year, because of you, it’s a home.

Christine: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Lily.

Lily: Hi!

Devon: How you doing?

Lily: Good. Oh, where is my nephew? I want to see him.

Devon: Shh-shh-shh!

Lily: What?

Devon: He’s napping. He’s taking his afternoon nap.

Lily: Oops! Sorry!

Devon: It’s okay.

Lily: My gosh, I didn’t know he was sleeping.

Devon: Uh-huh.

Lily: Oh, my god. He’s so adorable! Did he have a good christmas?

Devon: Yeah, I’d say so. Got more toys than he has time to play with.

Lily: Aw, I know. I wish I had more time to spend with him. Christmas eve was not enough.

Devon: Well, speaking of family time, you’ll never guess who I spent christmas day with.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: You should know, um, I got the divorce papers this morning. Can I return this love-hate relationship with cookies?

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Chance: I’m sorry. I requested for the divorce papers to be sent after the holidays.

Abby: I appreciate your consideration.

Chance: How was the rest of dom’s christmas?

Abby: It was good. We spent the morning with my mom and traci and uncle jack. And then, in the afternoon, we went over to the ranch. It was kind of crazy. All my siblings were actually together, so dominic got to spend some time with his older cousins.

Chance: That’s great.

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: All I can hear is what you’re not saying. I’m sure that you two also got together with devon.

Lily: I don’t know. Who did you spend christmas with?

Devon: I spent it with nate.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: I mean, last I checked, you two couldn’t be in the same room as each other.

Devon: Well, it wasn’t my idea, that’s for sure. Abby and elena talked to each other and tried to use christmas and the christmas spirit to force us into a truce or something.

Lily: Well, I mean, is that sincere, if you two were kind of forced into it?

Devon: Exactly. Who’s to say? I mean, if anything, it was nice to spend a day and not get into a fight with him. You know, just because before he started working for the company, we had gotten our relationship back to being somewhat decent after everything that happened with elena, which I thought we had both moved on from. But I was clearly wrong about that.

Danny: Look, I don’t mean to push too hard, but I am really curious about what’s going on with your family. And I know that lucy’s your pride and joy.

Daniel: She always will be.

Danny: And, you know, sometimes relationships with partners don’t work out. I mean, that happens, right? But that should never be the case with a parent and child.

Phyllis: Yeah. Hey, obviously, something’s going on. You know, you can talk to us, right?

Danny: Absolutely. And you can turn to us for any kind of advice, support, whatever you need. We’re here for you.

Phyllis: Daniel, you’re obviously troubled. Talk to us.

Chelsea: I like being here. It’s comforting, being able to see people’s faces. And I know if I get overwhelmed, I can just go upstairs, feel safe and sound in my apartment. It’s reassuring.

Billy: Yeah, I know life can feel like it’s moving a million miles a minute, but you seem to be doing great on the outside. Is that true?

Chelsea: Having a safe space has made everything more tolerable for me. I have to be honest with you. Christmas at the ranch was a bit overwhelming, though, with all the newmans and adam. It felt like a collision of all my problems at once. And victoria was there with katie and johnny. Before you ask, everything went great. It was fine. You know, johnny and connor are inseparable these days, and it’s wonderful.

Billy: Yeah, I agree. It’s great. I’m really proud of those boys. But you do seem to be glossing over the elephant in the room. Victor. I’ve been telling everyone…

Chelsea: Victor tried to be on his best behavior, but it was still very clear that he doesn’t trust me. But adam was there, and he was by my side and very supportive, kept checking in, making sure I was okay.

Billy: Well, victor doesn’t trust anyone, so it sounds like your visit went par for the course. However, I am grateful that adam was watching out for you.

Chelsea: You’re grateful to adam. Well, this is a first.

Billy: Keep that down, please. Don’t tell anyone I said that. More importantly, it sounds like you held your own.

Chelsea: To be honest with you, the day was great. The night was not. I just started getting these nagging, racing thoughts. My therapist calls them a thought spiral. So, she gives me techniques to try to manage them.

Billy: That’s good. And how are they working?

Chelsea: I just don’t understand why I can’t control it. Maybe I’m not working hard enough. I don’t understand why something as normal as a holiday dinner should be so difficult for me.

Billy: See, I object to that description. There’s nothing normal about spending any time with victor newman, even on a holiday.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Oh, I knew calling you was a good idea.

Adam: Chelsea is great with connor.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: He loves the nights that he gets to spend with his mother.

Victor: Bet he does, you know? But I think it might be a good idea if he spent some more time at the ranch, away from her, giving chelsea time to deal with whatever she’s dealing with.

Adam: Look — I promise you. Chelsea is doing just fine.

Victor: Son, I hate to remind you that chelsea is very good at covering up whatever is bothering her. Remember how long she faked her paralysis before anyone noticed?

Adam: She’s come a long way since then. I think connor’s more comfortable having his mother around, and she prefers to have him with her. It’s the best thing for both of them right now.

Victor: Well, to be frank with you, adam, I wouldn’t mind if he spent some more time at the ranch, because then you would have to visit more often. And I think it would be wonderful if you spent some more time with your family.

Lily: I will say I am happy that you and nate were able to put your differences aside, at least for the holiday.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I mean, who knows? Maybe the three of us one day can get together and try to work. No?

Devon: No. You don’t need to do any of that. It was one day of us being nice to each other. You don’t need to make more of it. What’s — what’s happening with work? What’s new?

Lily: Well, I know you have your doubts, but jill wants to move forward with the ipo.

Devon: God. Why?

Lily: Why? What do you mean why? I don’t understand. What is your concern?

Devon: You know exactly what my concern is. We’d be giving up too much control of the company.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: I’ve said this to you many times. We’ll be having to answer to a board of people that we don’t know and that we may or may not agree with. I’ve never been a fan of giving up something that we’ve worked this hard to build. I was just talking about this with tucker the other day.

Lily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m sorry. Tucker? He has a say in our business ventures now?

Daniel: Yes, you’re right. There is a lot going on, but it’s nothing that you need to worry about.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, maybe you and heather are having problems. Alright. You didn’t talk to your daughter on christmas day. I mean, what’s going on?

Daniel: Fine. Probably time that I come to grips with the fact that i failed both as a father and a partner.

Phyllis: No, I’m not buying that. It can’t be that bad.

Daniel: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I, um, hit a bit of a rough patch recently. Hid it all from you when you came out to visit because I was just too upset with myself.

Danny: Daniel… what happened?

Daniel: My painting career stalled, you know? So, I got frustrated. I got bitter… sitting there watching heather’s career continue to grow and thrive. I just… I don’t know, just failed to handle everything properly, i guess. Should have been more supportive of her success and not resented it.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, come on. You’re human. I mean, we all have moments of jealousy.

Daniel: It’s not an excuse. I was seeing myself as less of a partner and less of an equal contributor, less of a father. I just… I got really angry. You know, I don’T… I don’t know why I was angry at stupid things. I was angry at little things, sometimes nothing at all. Basically, I made their lives so miserable that they just couldn’t take it anymore. Heather, she wound up taking a job in europe. Lucy, she got into this great boarding school that was right where heather was working and um… hey, I pushed them to the brink, and then I let them slip away, right? Eww, the toilet sneeze.

Phyllis: Daniel, you’re not a failure. We all go through rough patches, right? I mean, I’ve been through a few myself.

Danny: Coddling him won’t help. Our son knows he’s not a failure. But he did fail at being the kind of partner and father he vowed to be. But he recognizes it now, right? He’s coming to terms with it. You are working on it, aren’t you?

Daniel: Yes, I’m working on it. Of course I am. I’ll admit after they left, things got bad for a while. You know, I was drinking too much. I was partying too much. I was basically doing anything I could to keep my mind off the fact that I tanked my relationship and my career all at once.

Phyllis: Why don’t you let me know? I would have been on the first plane down to savannah.

Daniel: Come on. I couldn’t face you. Hell, I couldn’t even face myself. And then, you know, I really just kind of bottomed out. I was feeling lost and lonely. And this one day, I was digging through this box of games and trinkets of lucy’S. And I came across this video game, one that we used to play together when she was younger. And I just, you know, I got obsessed with it. It’s going to sound dumb, but it’s like I thought if I could just finish the game, I don’t know, maybe I could get back to those happier times in my life, you know?

Phyllis: I-I get this. I understand what you’re saying. I have been known to escape in video games myself. It helps de-stress me. So, I understand.

Daniel: Anyway, you know, as part of the game’s resolution, there was this message about finding hope by using your inner strength. It was simple, very simple, but just profound. And that was it. It was like a light switch, you know, a turning point for me. I…I don’t know. It set me on this path to create something mammoth and enriching.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, you wanted to turn your life around. It helped you with that. I get that. That’s what the grand phoenix did for me.

Daniel: Exactly.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: That’s when I came up with “finding princess louisa.” It’s going to be the debut title for the chancellor-winters’ gaming division. It’s for younger kids. But, you know, the gamer, they’re going to travel through this mysterious, mythical landscape in search of missing princess.

Danny: Like you’re missing princess lucy. Daniel… are you hoping this will bring heather and lucy back to you?

Daniel: You know, of course, I wish that I could have them back, but I have this new career now. This is going to be my way back up from rock bottom. I can only focus on and control myself — not heather, not lucy, not anyone. It’s just all got to start with me.

Billy: I’m happy to hear that you’re listening to your doctor. That should always be your first line of defense. But just know that I will be there waiting in the backfield just in case anything gets through. What I mean is I will always be there for you, just in case anything slips through the cracks.

Chelsea: I get it. I know football.

Billy: Okay. What’s going on today? Should we do something fun? Should we go watch a movie or go for a walk or something?

Chelsea: Actually, I had something else in mind.

Devon: No, I’m not letting tucker in on any of our business decisions.

Lily: But you’re telling him company plans and letting him act as some sort of advisor?

Devon: No. What do you mean, advisor? I’m just talking to him. I’m having conversations. I haven’t told him any privileged information.

Lily: Okay, good. I would hope not, because it wasn’t that long ago that you thought he was trying to steal the company from us.

Devon: I remember that. I do. And I was wrong about him, okay? I still believe that nothing is worth the risk of losing control of our company. We literally almost had somebody take everything from us, who we were supposed to trust, right? Can we not learn our lesson from that?

Lily: I thought we were past this.

Devon: Well, I’m not.

Lily: Look — jill wants to do this, okay? It is not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Devon: And I think that if we do, we’re going to live to regret it.

Abby: We did stop by devon’s, but it’s only because i wanted dominic to see him on christmas.

Chance: No point in hiding it. I understand the guy is going to be around. He’s dominic’s other father. Plus, whatever’s going on between you is none of my business. I was actually hoping I could come by the house today and see dom. Is that cool?

Abby: Actually, dom’s not home. He’s still over at devon’S.

Chance: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, well, alright. Well, my request still stands. Guess we got to get used to this new dynamic, right?

Adam: I’m surprised that you would admit that outright, that you wished I’d come around more.

Victor: Son, I am too damn old to beat around the bush. I would love you to spend some more time with your family, alright?

Adam: Well, I’m not going to get all sentimental about a little holiday visit. I can assure you, it was purely for connor’s sake.

Victor: Right. If that had been the case, you would have dropped him off and picked him up later. I think you miss your connection with your family.

Adam: What connection are you talking about, father? The one that is tethered and severed, depending on your mood, where at any time, at the convenience of the rest of the newman clan, I can be dropped? There’s nothing I miss about that. I’m jonathan lawson Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. You spend the holidays making everyone else smile,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Danny: I am proud of you, son. I am. You took a pretty bad spill. But you know something? Character isn’t revealed through how we fall, but it’s through how we get back up. It’s all about learning from our missteps and finding your way to move forward. And that’s the beautiful thing about mistakes. It shows us what we still have left to learn.

Daniel: That is a good way of looking at things, dad.

Danny: And if there is any way that I can help you through this journey of yours, you just, just let me know, okay?

Daniel: Really? You know, I’m — I’m glad you brought that up, because there is actually something I could use your assistance with. You know, this game I’m developing, it’s going to need a score. I know you’re a famous rock star out there, touring all over the world, but if you can maybe find some time to write a little music for it, your number-one fan here would be forever in your debt.

Danny: I don’t really know if you can afford me. Okay, okay, a joke, bad joke. For you, we will work on a family discount. What do you say?

Phyllis: You better not charge him at all.

Danny: No, it’s a deal.

Phyllis: You can’t charge him at all! Oh, my goodness. You guys already have a hit collaboration. That picture I just posted, 5,000 likes. Wow!

Danny: That was quick.

Phyllis: You’re superstars.

Danny: I violated our commitment, our marriage vows, our love, and our trust. I couldn’t live with my own betrayal. But that was only part of it.

Christine: I’m listening.

Danny: The woman made some threats. She threatened to go public with the story of our affair. She promised to drag you into this whole thing. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t do it to you, christine. This had nothing to do with you.

Christine: How can you say it had nothing to do with me? I was your wife! But, you know, you’re right about one thing. I did need to hear this. But the fact is, it doesn’t change anything. I can’t believe that over a year ago, I was all packed for new york. I was ready to leave my career and my job for the man I loved. And then you called, and you said, “don’t come,” that you’ll get back to me. Well, you got back to me, alright. You said you wanted a divorce, never a reason, not even a hint. Do you have any idea what those words did to me? The hurt and the pain, the utter disillusionment? And now you walk back in here, and what do you want me to say? “Hi, honey. I’m so glad to see you. Let’s pick up right where we left off”? The truth is, I don’t even know what your life is about anymore. Are you married or… you know what? Don’t answer that because I don’t care. I don’t want to know because it is over between us. It is — it’s over.

Danny: I said what I came here to say. Again, I’m sorry.

Christine: This pregnancy, um, was there a baby? Is — is there a baby?

Danny: Yes.

Christine: Do you have a son or a daughter?

Danny: A son.

Christine: Get out. Alright, just leave. Just get out!

Danny: You can’t know how sorry I am, christine. Goodbye. I want to be with you. I have always wanted to be with you.

Christine: We missed our chance.

Danny: We’re single. We’re both consenting adults.

Christine: Who have different lives very far apart.

Danny: Okay, maybe, um, maybe it’s not my most realistic idea. I would have shown you the time of your life.

Christine: I have no doubt. You have a plane to catch. Got to go.

Danny: Yeah. Good luck with your case and, you know, everything.

Christine: Okay. You too, huh? Okay.

Danny: Alright, you take care, okay?

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: Abby, hey. Dominic, mommy is on the phone.

Abby: Hi. Um, I actually just ran into chance at the park, and he wants to stop by and see dom for a visit.

Devon: Okay. Uh, sure. That’s fine. I can… I can take myself somewhere and have the nanny with you guys.

Abby: Actually, that’s not necessary. Chance thinks that we should get used to being around each other for dom’s sake.

Devon: Yeah, I agree with that, but I would just prefer if it not be today, if you don’t mind. So, I’ll go and run an errand and have the nanny get dominic dressed and ready for some hang time.

Abby: Okay. Thanks. Alright. We can go whenever you’re ready.

Phyllis: This is nice. I like this. I’m glad you were honest with us. I hate that you were going through this alone.

Daniel: You don’t have to worry about me. I’m strong, and I’m focused now, and I’m definitely not alone. I mean, I’m with my family. I’m with people who know and love and respect me. I feel empowered.

Danny: As you should.

Daniel: And now with dad on board, I feel unstoppable. I’m gonna make a success out of this business and myself.

Phyllis: Yeah, you are. That’s for sure. You’re my son. You’re confident, and you are powerful.

Daniel: You know, I’ve just got a few loose ends that i still need to tie up. Got to make sure I secure the right people around me. I’ve been patient. I’ve been waiting, you know, a few days now. But it’s time to move forward. So, mom, what is your answer? Will you come work with me? Who says you have to spend more on skincare

Victor: I know you better than you realize. You’re a newman. You love competition. You want to build something big. It’s in your blood.

Adam: Where is this going, dad?

Victor: What the hell would it take for you to come back to our company, to our family, huh? Some new role, some business? You don’t belong at jabot, son.

Adam: Oh, man. This — wow. This — this might be your most blatant attempt to buy my loyalty and love. How is it that you still don’t know all it would have taken, dad, is for you to just provide me with some actual loyalty and some actual love?

Chelsea: Whew!

Billy: You know, with all these supplies, connor’s going to be able to make five different projects. Extra credit, maybe?

Chelsea: Hmm, I don’t think my son is going to sign up to do more than one egg-drop device.

Billy: Okay, explain to me exactly what is an egg-drop device?

Chelsea: You really want to know? Because you’re going to be in for a crash course.

Billy: Hit me.

Chelsea: It’s a hand-crafted contraption designed to protect an egg in case it falls, you know? Gives it another day. Makes it more than just a raw yolk and cracked shell on the sidewalk.

Billy: Well, you’ve got my attention now. Let’s get to building.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: As much as i appreciate your offer, I just, um, I have to be honest. I’m still sort of holding out hope that summer will come to her senses and rescind the notice of termination.

Daniel: Well, you know, if I’m being honest, it just seems like most of the issues you’re having are really because of jack and diane. So, why would you want to get caught up in the middle of that?

Danny: Yeah, I remember diane was a sticking point for you in the past, and you’re not one to let bygones be bygones. Hey, daniel came clean with us. Now it’s your turn.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Danny: Come on.

Phyllis: Um, diane has truly pushed me to the edge. Um, she has definitely wormed her way back into the abbott family and…into my daughter’s life.

[ Clears throat ] I… I don’t understand how they just ignore the fact that she is duplicitous and deceitful. I just don’t get it.

Daniel: How can you be sure about that?

Phyllis: Really? You too? I’m sure about it because ever since she’s come into town, it’s been one lie after the other. I’ve uncovered it. Not only that, she did horrendous things in los angeles, but they’re all just ignoring it.

Daniel: It sounds like you’re right to feel the way you do about her.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m 100% right. But somehow I’m the bad guy. I-I’m the one who’s wrong. I lost my job. I mean, the only thing I’m guilty of is just trying to protect my family. That’s it.

Danny: Hey… I know how frustrating this must be for you, okay? No one likes to feel like they’re the scapegoat. And you have worked so hard and come so far. You deserve better.

Daniel: Yeah, you do deserve better. Why the heck would you want to go to marchetti and deal with all that drama? I mean, I’m offering you a brand-new career. This is a role you’d be perfect for, a job that you were born to do, not to mention the added bonus of getting to work with a family member that, you know, actually wants you there.

Danny: I got to say, daniel’s right. Sounds like the perfect venue for you. Did you know, some ordinary cold medicines can raise your blood pressure?

Abby: I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you here. It was too soon.

Chance: It’s not your fault. I thought I was ready. I’m not. I’ll call you when we’re on our way back.

Abby: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Danny: To your new game.

Daniel: To the new game.

Danny: Hear, hear!

Lily: What a cute, little family photo. Danny! Hi! Oh, my god. It’s been so long. I haven’t seen you.

Danny: I know. It’s good to see you.

Lily: Yeah, you too.

Danny: You look great, lily.

Lily: Thank you.

Daniel: Uh, I have some amazing news. Danny romalotti will be scoring “finding princess louisa.”

Lily: No way. You’re kidding. That’s fantastic.

Daniel: Do we have other good news to share?

Phyllis: Well, after hearing your passion for what you’re doing and your passionate plea to have me work for you, I am on board.

Daniel: I cannot wait to start working with you.

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: Now that I got the key part of my creative team in place, it’s full steam ahead.

Phyllis: Speaking of which, I have to get my team together, because — well, I’ll leave that there. I have to bring my son’s incredible dream into fruition. That’s for sure.

Danny: I’ll head out with you. I’ll be seeing the two of you later? Yep?

Lily: Yes. Yeah. And thank you so much for scoring our game. I mean, honestly, that’s — that’s huge for us. Thank you.

Danny: You’re very welcome. Alright. See you.

Phyllis: Um, listen.

Danny: Yeah.

Phyllis: As much as i resented you — I hated you for taking daniel away from me when he was a baby…

[ Voice breaking ] You laid a really amazing foundation for him.

Danny: Hey, I should never have taken him away from you for so long. But you know what? In spite of all that, you’ve done pretty incredible work, finishing the job of raising him. You know that?

Daniel: You want to get something to drink?

Lily: Um, sure.

Phyllis: Thank you for saying that to me. Who’s going to take credit for the man he’s become?

Danny: You know what? I think daniel deserves the credit himself on this one. What do you think?

Daniel: Can you believe it? Both my parents are on board.

Lily: Yeah. Are you sure it’s a good idea to bring phyllis into this?

Daniel: I know. I know a lot of people don’t trust her, but she needs this. You know, she’s going to be good at it, too. And I can’t tell you how much it’s going to mean to me just to have her be a part of this venture.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, I mean, it’s your project, so you can staff it how you see fit.

Victor: There’s just no winning with you, is there?

Adam: That’s the thing. This isn’t supposed to be a game.

Victor: It isn’t a game, son. I’m telling you that you have a father who cares about you deeply.

Adam: Really? Just name me one time, just one time, when you have treated me like someone you consider to be a priority.

Victor: I made you an offer right now. I offered you a chance to reconcile with your father, to come back to his company. You turned me down.

Adam: You want me to quit my job so I can take a position working for you, where I would be victoria and nick’s subordinate. Why would I say yes to that?

Victor: [ Sighs ] You’re your own worst enemy, son. All the hurdles in your path have been created by you. What other than your son do you have? You have nothing, son. Nothing! And it’s your own damn fault.

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