Days Short Recap Friday, December 23, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to visit Abby’s grave. He was sad to spend Christmas without her. He said he would make it okay for the kids, but he missed her. He said he missed her more than he expected. He said he would love her forever. Someone touched him from behind. It turned out to be Jennifer. He said Abby should be there to hang her ornament and help the kids hang their ornaments. Jennifer apologized for not being there for him. He said she had to take care of herself. She said that now that she is clean, she felt less self-centered. She said she was more worried about him and the kids. He said he was focusing on work. He said it helped him. He suggested they go to Doug and Julie’s party. Xander read an article about Ava going crazy. Sarah was dressed for Doug and Julie’s party. She gave him an ornament for the Horton tree. He said he wasn’t worthy of the ornament. She said her family isn’t perfect. She said he shouldn’t feel like he wasn’t worthy. Maggie showed up to pick up Sarah and Xander. They talked about Xander not feeling worthy of the ornament.

Maggie told Xander that the Hortons weren’t pleased to accept Victor at first, but they gave him an ornament. She said they got over it when they saw how much she and Victor loved each other. She said he was one of the good ones since he reformed himself, loved Sarah and saved Bonnie. Gwen was setting up the Horton table. She was on the phone with Leo. She told him that she didn’t have to help Xander, but she made sure he owed her one. Thomas walked in and asked what Xander owed her. She got off the phone. He asked her what Xander owed her. She said she helped Xander pick out a gift for Sarah, but it had to be a secret. Doug and Julie talked to Hope on the phone. When they got off the phone, Julie talked about the family who wasn’t there. Eli showed up with the kids. Julie was excited to see them. Eli told Doug and Julie how hard it has been with Lani away. He said it wasn’t as bad as what Thomas and Charlotte had to go through. He said Lani would be eligible for parole in a year. Chad came in with Jennifer. Jack showed up and was happy to see Jennifer. Maggie, Sarah and Xander showed up to the party. They all spent time together and put the ornaments on the tree.


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