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[ Baby crying ] You have a beautiful daughter. I know. I mean, she — she’s not m– she’s not my — she’s not my kid. I just delivered her. Well, helped, anyways. Right, the christmas miracle baby everyone’s been buzzing about. Isn’t she spectacular? Do you know her name? Britta. Britta noelle. Oh, that’s quite a special name. Yeah, well… she’s named after a very special woman. “Join me for my first ever birthday party on new year’s eve.” Britt, you wanted to see me? Excuse me? I got a message to meet here. So, what’s up? I have no clue. I got the same message. I assumed it was from my co-chief of staff. If this is somebody’s idea of a joke — oh, good. You’re both here. Can we take care of a little piece of business? And what business is that?

[ Door closes ] Well, the business we’ve all chosen, dr. Westbourne — the business of saving lives. Brussels sprouts? That is so 2022. Maxie? What are you doing here? Oh, I’m meeting with britt to go over the menu and details about her big birthday party. What’s your excuse? Uh, actually, britt wants my opinion to make it a birthday bash this town will never forget.

[ Chuckles ] No offense, but I’m the professional party planner. And I’m a professional party animal, so, uh, move over. Hmm. Heather: Hello?! How long do you have to wait to see a doctor in this hospital?! I’m a very important pers– oh, my. If it isn’t detective dreamboat. You didn’t have to get all dressed up just to see me, you know. Oh, I didn’T. Oh, you were at that memorial, weren’t you? I read about that in the paper. That brave young officer killed in the line of duty. I do so wish that you’d let me help you find his killer. And then, you know, you could maybe help me in return.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Another mourner. Ooh, that’s a really nice dress, doc. Is that armani? Ugh. You let me know when I can take this one back where she belongs. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. No, detective, though, think about it. Seriously. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Just to be clear, this is a court-appointed evaluation. Right. This is gonna help the judge determine whether you are sufficiently rehabbed so that you can return to custody at d’archam. You know, the only thing is my neck still really hurts, um, dr. Robinson? Yes. Oh. Are you by any chance related to that lovely young girl who was on trial earlier this year? That’s my daughter, yes. Please look right here. Pcpd. Did rory proud. But I’m surprised his — his family didn’t attend. Oh, well, commissioner ashford told me that she invited them personally, but they were just too upset to come. They’re having a private burial just for family, which I totally get, ’cause this is still really hard to believe that it’s happening. Good morning, trina, curtis, marshall. Trina, I just want to assure you that whoever took officer cabrera’s life will be made to pay the price. That I solemnly promise. This killer’s already claimed too many lives. Makes you wonder, when’s it gonna end? It ends when we find esme. Who’s we?

I just meant we, the people of this great city. Hello, laura, curtis. Hey, sam. Trina, how are you? I’m getting through it. Thanks for asking. You know, spencer, I think it’s very nice of you to be here to support your friend, but I just want to say to everyone it’s very important that we all stand back and let the pcpd do their jobs. Of course, grandmother. I’m a cassadine, not a cop. The last thing that I want to do is stick my neck out there and, well… spencer, it is best if you stay in your lane.

[ Cellphone rings ] Dante? Yeah. Where are you? Hey. I was just in with hannah webber. She’s dropping hints like she could give us some information on the hook.

But it’s gonna come

with a price tag. How much? I don’t think she’s talking about money. Got it. On my way. Robert, is dante okay? Oh, overworked, underpaid. Yeah, he’s fine. Does he have a lead, I hope? Well, that remains to be seen. But if there is one, you’ll be the first to know. No text from britt. Or did she text you? Nope. Hm. Wonder what’s keeping her. Well, I’ve already started preparing a wish list for the party. From swag for the guests to a signature cocktail. Don’t bother. I already designed a cocktail for britt. Bourbon, rice wine, and ginger. And what’s it called? The britch. What else? And what makes you the expert?

[ Chuckles ] She’s my best friend, as well as my drinking buddy. Okay, well, I’m family — mother to her nephew. I know britt’s likes and dislikes. I’m family, too. Chosen family. Congratulations. Oh, she’s not — oh, hey, it’s you. I heard what you did. I guess the saying is true. It really does take a village to bring a new life into this mixed-up world.

[ Monitor beeping ] Yeah, well, britt, you know, dr. Westbourne, she — she did all the heavy lifting. Honestly, I was just trying not to pass out. Really? Because the way I heard it, you pitched in until the paramedics could get through the snowstorm and deliver mother and child here to G.H. To be honest, I was scared to death. I mean, I-I’ve delivered a foal to a nervous filly before, but [Sighs] This was a whole new ballgame. To top it off, the — the pregnant woman, she was dressed as mary on christmas eve. So no pressure there.

[ Baby coos ] Why do you always do that? Do what? Someone tries to give you a compliment or pat you on the back, and your first response is that you don’t deserve it. Well, that’s easy. Because I don’T. Okay, so what we’re talking about here is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that’s been recently federally approved. And its ability to locate cancer cells and other potentially life-threatening illnesses is so cool. I-it’s remarkable. Sounds great, but I’m gonna beat britt to the punch and ask how much. Um, yeah, I’m not gonna lie. It’s — it’s pricy. But I think it would be a great investment for G.H. How much? Low six figures. You don’t have to say it. We can’t afford that. Um, yeah, you’re right. You know, we — we can’t — we can’t approve that big of a purchase. So why don’t we just recommend it to the board and pull the trigger? Wait, wait. What is happening? Normally, when I zig, you zag, that’s our deal. Now, all of a sudden — I zig, you zig, we zig together. Are we done here? No, britt, stop. You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s really going on. The only good thing about d’archam is we do get access to the media. And your daughter’s trial was a really big deal in the padded cells. You know, ’cause it was so salacious. College student taping her best friends doing the dirty and then sending the sex tape to the entire university? The inmates really ate that up. You know, ’cause it was so juicy. It must have been so hard for you, you know, as trina’s mother, to watch, right? I mean, of course, I knew right from the beginning she was totally innocent. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Open up. Say ahh. Ahh.

[ Speaks indistinctly ] Sorry. As someone who’s been falsely accused myself many times over the years, I always root for the underdog. And besides, I mean, it was obvious from the beginning she was totally set up. What was the name of that, um, other suspect again? That was esme prince. Right, esme prince, yeah. The girl that’s gone missing. So tell me, dr. Robinson, does your daughter ever talk about that esme?

This doesn’t make any sense. Always when it comes to spending, you’re squeezing every dime. And now suddenly you’re all about letting the money flow? This isn’t you, britt. So what gives? Britt, you want to tell her, or should I? Tell me what? Okay. N-n– you know, everyone thinks that terry is some great healer, and I’m just ebenezer scrooge in charge of the budget. Well, you know what? I delivered a miracle breech baby on christmas with the roads blocked by snow assisted by two doctors who are not ob-gyns, the quartermaine family, and their — their lame… stable bum. Okay. The conditions weren’t ideal, but I know you’re an experienced ob trained for anything, right? No, no, no amount of training prepared me for how I felt. Here at the hospital when you have a breech baby, we usually opt for a c-section. At the quartermaines’, I had to deliver the baby breech. Do you have any idea all the things that could have gone wrong? After I delivered that little girl and I put her in her mother’s arms, it was the first time ever I realized life is a miracle and it should never be taken for granted. What? Suddenly you’re agreeable. Then you start talking about miracles. Were you visited by three ghosts last night, showing you how your life might turn out? Okay, chosen family, if you know britt so well, tell me why this party is so important to her. I’m not sure. There are some things even drinking buddies don’t share. But britt did mention to me that she wanted to be remembered as more than the woman who wound up getting knocked into the metro court pool when cody parachuted into town. Remembered? Is she planning on leaving port charles? Nah, I think it has to do more with her birthday and the reminder she’s not getting any younger and she just wants to make the most of every second. Hmm. Well, I guess that is our job to make it happen. So, what are you thinking about for music? Show tunes? No. I meant should we have a deejay or a live band?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Deejay, for sure. You know, I actually know this guy from the foam party circuit who’s a genius and totally ripped and… wait. Do not even go there. That’s the theme. Foam party! You know, it’s too bad you didn’t turn out to be mine, because if you were, I would have talked some sense into you a long time ago. So you’re a fan of tough love or something? I don’t know a lot about your past, but it’s clear to me that you’ve been burned before and you’re letting that define who you are today. Because honestly, all love is tough, and a lot of people fail at it. The trick is to get back on that horse. Am I right? I’m assuming you’re in your formal dress for the memorial service for that cop who was killed in the line of duty. Is that what you told the others? Honor officer cabrera by getting back on the horse or squad car? That’s what he would have done? It’s a good speech. Wish I would’ve thought of it. For what it’s worth, even if it wasn’t me, I genuinely wish you had a good dad growing up. Every kid deserves that. If I’d had a good dad like you, I hope I would’ve listened to him. Might have spared me from doing something I’ll always regret. You know, that’s the second time you made a reference to a bad decision. Do you want to talk about it? Um, sorry to interrupt. I got your text. Do you have an update on heather webber? Uh, yeah. She thinks she can get ryan to open up about esme prince. Well, this I got to hear for myself. Deep breaths, please.

[ Inhales deeply ] Hello, heather. Remember me? Of course I do. How could I forget my favorite scorpion? Scorpio.

[ Chuckles ] Detective falconeri suggested that, uh… you and i have a chat together. Did he? Why don’t I step outside and give you two a little bit of privacy? Uh, doc, why don’t you stick around? I’d like some help on evaluating looney tunes here. Now, hey, is that any way, really, to talk about a witness who could help you track down a killer? A killer, I might add, that the pcpd has been clueless to track down so far. Doctor, do you feel that our friend here is ready to go back to d’archam? Without a doubt. I see no ill effects from the crash of the transfer van. I don’t see why she can’t be back in her cell by tonight. That is so what I wanted to hear. Oh, robert, come on. Wait. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Why do I feel there’s a “but” in there somewhere? Smart as a whip and handsome. Just like I remember. Come on. Just pull up a chair and we’ll see how we can help each other. Toda y’s ceremony was toughon everyone, but I know that it was especially tough on you, trina. Yeah, it was. But I keep telling myself that rory won’t be forgotten and his killer will be found. Mayor collins. Raymond mcavoy with the invader. Any thoughts on the hook killer claiming another victim? Officer cabrera represented everything that was good and fine in port charles. And as his good friend trina robinson just told me, rory will never be forgotten. Officer rory cabrera was in his rookie year… now is as good a time as any to put our plan into action. Unless you’re having second thoughts. Not one. If we have to make ourselves the targets to catch rory’s killer, then so be it. Esme’s gonna pay. Hey, thanks for helping me out. Of course. You can easily get helpful customer service over the phone or on the progressive app pretty much anywhere. Thank you, mayor collins. This will be posted to the invader’s website as part of ongoing coverage on the hook killings. Can I get a picture? Sure. Of course we will. It’s the least we can do to honor rory’s memory. I didn’t know spencer and trina were on speaking terms. Yeah. I didn’t know there were either. I got it. Thank you so much.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I hope they post that photo with the story. Mm. Nice photo. Now, do you want to tell me what this is really about? Mac: How’s the patient? Oh, crazy like a fox or up to no good — you take your pick. But robert didn’t need me to tell him that. I’m gonna get her paperwork together right now and get her out of this hospital asap. Spring ridge? Well, of course, I’d prefer unconditional freedom, but if you’re unable to give me that, I’ll take spring ridge over d’archam any day. For one thing, the food is so much better. They let me paint. And it’s also where I got to know ryan chamberlain. What about ryan chamberlain? What is it about a man in uniform? Heather feels she can get ryan to open up. What can I say? I’ve got a touch. But your help doesn’t come without a price. Oh, mac, it’s not like I’m asking you to pay me. All you guys would have to do is let the bus back to d’archam leave without me on it.

[ Monitor beeping ] Dante, did you, uh — did you tell mac about the small little part I played in delivering that little bundle of dynamite? Yeah, I did, man. I thought you deserved a gold star. And not just for delivering a baby, but you got — you got me and sam face to face the other day. Well, you were grieving a fellow cop who died doing his job. Yeah, but I don’t — I don’t think I knew how much I needed sam to pull me through that. And you stepped in. So thank you. Hey, that’s what friends are for. Don’t worry, terry. I’m not gonna order a christmas turkey and say “god bless us, everyone.” Tiny tim. He lived, remember? Yeah. It’s a sweet story. That’s all it is. A story. Things don’t work out that neatly in real life. Now, um, back to the fancy, new, and extremely expensive equipment dr. Gatlin-holt is recommending. What do you say, terry? Thumbs up or thumbs down? So you’re not gonna zag when I zig? Not this time. Cross my heart. Then let’s recommend to the board that they approve this purchase. Awesome! Done. Great. If the two of you don’t mind, I have a birthday party to plan. Austin, give me a minute. I’ve got a patient waiting. That wasn’t a request. Right.

[ Sighs ] What’s up? You got your pricy new toy. Now give me what I want. What is it that you want, terry? The truth. Britt’s never been this cooperative, this agreeable, this nice. It’s refreshing, right? More like terrifying. What’s wrong with britt? Shingles. Some describe it as an intense burning sensation or an unbearable itch. I get bladder leaks. It’s just a new all right, to be clear, you are complaining that britt’s too nice. Well, when you put it that way, I guess not. But still, we work so closely together and sharing responsibilities. From an administrative perspective — okay, what I’m hearing is that you care about her. Yeah, I do. We started out on the wrong foot, but knowing we had to make it work allowed me to see britt’s strengths. Her drive, her dedication, her refusal to give up on a patient. I’ve grown fond of her myself. Yeah, I mean, knowing britt has made me a better doctor, better person. I know what you mean. Seriously? A foam party? You do know that scott baldwin is gonna be there, right? Do you really want to see him drenched? He could slip and break a hip. Well, for britt’s very first birthday party, we ain’t gonna go with simple and tasteful, all right? Britt westbourne is all about glitter and go-go boots, disco and drama. The girl wants to party like it’s 1977 when the bee gees’ number-one song was “stayin’ alive.” Now you want a disco-themed party? What are you gonna wear? A skintight white suit and some platform heels? You had me at skintight. Now, maybe you were just joking, but that actually sounds like a lot of fun and super hot. I mean, you would look fantastic in glitter eye shadow and farrah fawcett hair. That will never happen. Okay, okay, both of you. Time-out. This party is supposed to bring people together, not launch a twitter war. I asked you both to help me plan this. So it’s time to forget your differences and work side by side as friends.

[ Scoffs ] Friends? Who? Us? We are definitely not friends. Okay, but you’re both my friends, so can’t you just fake it for my sake? Look, britt, brad and I, we’ve been trying, but we do not have the same taste. In anything. Well, get over it. You two have to get along. Don’t you see that? No, not in the slightest. Why is it so important to you that maxie and I become friends? I’m the D.A. I am not a magician. You’re in d’archam for a reason. You’re considered a threat to yourself and to others. Oh, I see. I’m a threat, and I should be in maximum security. But ryan chamberlain, who has a trail of victims from here to hackensack, gets sponge baths at spring ridge? D-do the citizens of port charles really see that as justice? Ryan is hardly a threat. He’s basically a vegetable that blinks. You really believe that?

[ Sighs ] You know something we don’t? Look, ryan may only be able to communicate by blinking, but he can help you find esme prince. The gossip around spring ridge was they had some chemistry when she was an intern there. You know, you might call them two psycho peas in a pod. But, hey, look, if you don’t want to stop esme prince before she murders another cop, I mean like she did that poor officer — I don’t want to hear you say rory cabrera’s name. Do you understand me? Easy, mac. I respect the thin blue line. But if you want to find his killer… I’m your best hope. And I think you know that. What makes you think spencer and I are up to something? Well…I saw you step aside together for a bit. 10 seconds later, you were posing for pictures with the mayor. We just wanted to hear what my grandmother was saying about rory. Since when are your cousin and trina on speaking terms? I don’t know. I guess you would have to ask them. Trina just lost someone she cares about. She’s vulnerable. I’d hate to think your cousin would take advantage. No. Spencer has been through a lot of loss. He knows what it means to grieve. I don’t think he would ever take advantage of trina. Yeah, well, his track record says otherwise. Hey, look, I — I get it. I’m sure when you look at spencer, you see a rich and spoiled kid who you can’t sympathize with. But think about what he did. He went on the stand for trina, gave her an alibi, and even got himself sent to pentonville for his trouble. Yeah, he did the right thing on that occasion. Give him a chance. He’ll do the right thing now. Spencer. May I have a word with you? I know you’re hurting, trina, and I know your friends mean a lot to you, but might I recommend that you stick with joss and cam and remind yourself how spencer has treated you since he’s come back to town? I haven’t forgotten. Don’t you forget either. Forget what? Boundaries. Remember? I guess I can’t help myself. It’s because I — I know. I love you, too. And I’m grateful that you care. But I know what I have to do. I hope so. Hey, son, if you want to join portia, I’ll see to it that trina gets home safely. Does that fit with your boundaries? It does. Tell mom I love her. Will do. What’s going on with you and trina? I promise you, grandmother, I know what I’m doing. Oh, that’s good. Then you won’t mind telling me what it is. Cheese. 10 more. Go! Grandmother, when you said that I’m a better person than I think, I vowed to live up to those words. I want to be worthy of your faith in me. I’m so glad to hear that. Just be the good man that I know you are. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I realize that you and curtis are working on your boundaries. Just so you know, boundaries don’t apply to grandfathers. But you’re not my grandfather. I’ll be your step-grandfather. Look, trina, just remember, whatever else he is, that boy is still a cassadine. Be careful. Don’t worry. I will be. I’ve learned my lesson about spencer. You must have lost what little is left of your marbles if you think we’re going to cut a deal with you. Wait, wait, wait, now. Let’s not be hasty, little brother. I mean, uh, she’s right about one thing — w-we’re short on new leads. So… if ryan came to care about esme, why would he want to give her up? What’s your plan b? You tossed ryan’s room at spring ridge and came up empty. Now all you’ve got is a little earring that links one of ryan’s earliest victims with the murder of officer cabrera. So what? So I can take esme’s place in ryan’s world, become his nanny, his buddy. Whatever he needs. I’ll work him hard and fast, and I promise you I’ll get him to squeal for me. And when he does, I pass the information on to you. You can track down esme prince and end this nightmare. So, boys, we have a deal or don’t we? Wish I’d been a better friend to britt. I was less than up-front with her from the start. About what? Not to get into the gory details, but I-I knew she might be in possession of something that rightly belonged to me.

[ Inhales deeply ] I had my eye on the prize, so to speak. And you used her to get to that prize? You put it that way, I sound like a real horse’s ass. No, you sound like that kid with a chip on his shoulder that I knew back at camp.

[ Sighs ]

[ Baby crying ] Our lives sure have gone in different directions, though, huh? I mean, you’re a police detective in a healthy relationship with sam, a bunch of kids between you. I’m still chasing after shiny objects instead of what really matters. Like a little baby britta noelle. Y-you know, for a minute there on christmas day, britt and I put our egos and agendas aside, focused on something that was higher and better than both of us. And to be honest, we made a damn good team, too. Well, hey, I mean, you did it once. What’s to say you can’t do it again? Maybe you and britt have a chance. You might even go into 2023 on a high note. I get it. The two of you may never become friends. But one day, you’ll look back on my party and I hope you’ll remember how much it meant to me that you were both there. That the two of you helped me make it happen. And if you can work together to create one magical night, then maybe you can look out for each other when I’m not around. Why? Where are you going? Yeah, you going somewhere?

[ Sighs ] I’m just saying things change. People change. Like you and cody. Y-you guys can still patch things up.

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