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Recap written by Eva

Christine sees a post on Danny’s social media that Danny is in Genoa City to spend the holidays with his family. Christine remembers the good and bad times of her marriage to Danny while the audience sees flashbacks of the best and worst of their relationship.

Daniel finally tells Danny and Phyllis that his relationship with Heather ended because his art career stalled, and her law career was on the rise. Daniel explains to his parents that he felt jealous that Heather’s career was doing well and his was not and that led to the end of his relationship with Heather.

Lucy decided to go to boarding school near Heather’s new job in Europe and they are both happy. Daniel explains to his parents that he hit rock bottom and creating this video game gave him a sense of purpose. Danny agrees to provide the music for the video game. Phyllis agrees to take the job running the day-to-day operations of Daniel’s video game company.

Abby is sad because she received the divorce papers for her to sign which will put an end to her marriage.

Chance has his first visit with Dominic at Seconds place while Devon is doing errands.

Billy and Chelsea work on Connors school project of an egg drop device.

Victor tells Adam that he wants him to go back to go to work at Newman Enterprises, but Adam tells Victor that he will never be respected or appreciated by him as much as he respects and appreciates Nick and Victoria. Adam thinks that Connor shouldn’t spend so much time with Chelsea until she gets better. Adam tells Victor that Chelsea and Connor spending time together is good for both of them and he won’t do anything to damage that relationship.

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