Days Short Recap Monday, December 26, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie saw Sarah at the hospital. Bonnie finished her session with Marlena. Bonnie saw a clown and started yelling at it. Sarah calms her down. Bonnie said she was tired of being scared. She said the clown was still out there. She said she was grateful that Xander was there for her. She said she felt bad for accusing Xander of being one of the kidnappers. Sarah wondered why she felt that Xander was one of the kidnappers. Bonnie told her why she felt that way. Justin asked Rafe and Jada about the person who kidnapped Bonnie. Rafe said they were waiting on a forensics report on the warehouse where Bonnie and Xander were held. Rafe said they would let him know if they find out anything. Justin left the police station. Rafe and Jada went over the report. They saw a piece of polyester that didn’t match Bonnie or Xander’s clothes. They saw stuff that was in pillows. Gabi called him to remind him about their lunch. He asked Jada to come with him. She agreed to go, but she wanted him to go somewhere with her first. Xander wanted Gwen to come to his motel room. She showed up. He showed her the lingerie that he got for Sarah. He said it was the gift he told Thomas that she helped him get for Sarah. He said if Sarah asked, she would know what to do. When Xander opened the door for Gwen to leave, Justin was there.

Justin told Xander that he was going to help him sue Red Nax since he helped find Bonnie. Justin said he needed the boss’s name so he could file the suit. Xander tried to tell Justin that he didn’t need his help. Gwen said the boss’s name is Maeve Wilson. She said she had the contact information from when she started the story on Red Nax. Justin said he would get it from her later. When Justin left, she told Xander that Maeve Wilson was someone she went to school with. She said they would send Justin on a wild goose chase. She said Xander would never be caught. Jada and Rafe went to the hospital for the hospital party. She said it was one of her father’s traditions. Xander was at the hospital dressed as Santa. Sarah was dressed as Mrs. Claus. Xander read to the kids. Jada told Rafe that she was surprised that Xander would cover up his muscles with the padding. Rafe figured out the flesh-colored material and padding was a body suit worn under the clown clothes. He wondered why the person would do that. Leo showed up in the living room at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor was upset that Leo was living there. Victor wanted Henderson to throw him out. Leo said he was invited. Sonny showed up and said Leo was telling the truth. Victor wanted to know why Sonny would invite Leo to stay. Sonny said he needed a place to stay. Victor said it was time for Leo to leave. Victor wondered why Sonny would forgive Leo. Sonny said he forgave Leo the same way people forgave Victor. Sonny said Leo was genuinely sorry and wanted to be a better person. Sonny said he considered him a friend. Victor said that was the stupidest thing he heard. He told Sonny to get rid of him or he was fired. Sonny said he would rather help a friend to give in to his demands. Victor gave in and let Sonny keep his job. He said Leo could stay as long as he is far away from him and Maggie. He asked what Will thought of it. Sonny said Will didn’t know. Victor said he had a lot of explaining to do. While Sonny and Leo were alone, they started playing around. Will walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

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