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Cuff links. . Oh, . Thank you. Can’t have too many cuff links, right? Oh, definitely not. Definitely not. These are, these are just lovely . Oh, you know, you bought me too many gifts. . Well, you overdid it yourself. Husband . But. I love everything you got for me, . Oh, especially this bracelet. Oh, you, well, you know, Chanel helped me pick that out.

are you expecting a call? Uh, No, I, I keep thinking about Sloan Peterson. Well, you, Chanel is cleared of all charges in Sloan’s mother’s death. And you, well, you both are free. I know, I know. But, and I, you know, I couldn’t be more grateful that my baby’s home. I can’t up feeling like this. A long way from being over.

What is that? I may kick myself later for stopping this momentum, but are you sure? You ready? Take the next step.

We would’ve ended up in my bed the other night if Paulina hadn’t called and interrupted. Okay. My phone is on do not disturb mode, and so am i. I’m definitely ready, aren’t you? Will? No, you’re here. Yeah. It looks like you weren’t expecting. No, I, I wasn’t. I thought you were staying in la No. I can’t even imagine being in SoCal right now.

Probably 80 degrees there, right? In Santa. What does he wear? Shorts, sunglasses. Shut up, please. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Why do you think I wanted to surprise you? Didn’t expect to be surprised myself or, or maybe a more accurate word would be horrified.

Molly, you were a huge hit with the kids. O Lovely’s Personal and their face is special since they have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Put little souls. I know it’s gotta be so tough. Sure. But if you’ll allow me, I just need to slip back into the Santa character for a second. Cause it turns out there is someone who’s been very nice all year long and not naughty at all.

And so they definitely deserve one more gift. Ah, and that person is a young lady named Sarah,

r e d n. Rednecks, you have one for? What about it? Oh, it’s just, I’m really good at Word games. You know, jumbles, anagrams, that sort of thing. Well, couldn’t help but notice Zander went to work for a company that is actually his name spelled backwards, and it’s just a funny coincidence, right?

I don’t think it’s funny at all.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You got us tickets to Greece? I did. I mean, after the gift I gave you yesterday, I Oh, you mean the lingerie that your ex helped you pick out? Yeah. That, mm-hmm. , the, obviously recruiting Gwen for that particular mission was a bad idea, so I, I dunno, I was hoping you’d give me a chance to redeem myself and that we could enjoy the honeymoon.

We never got.

This is really incredible, honey. Um, but how are you gonna pay for it? Oh, you know, zer always finds a way and, you know, I talked to Kayla about giving you the week off.

Are you upset that I talked to your boss? I mean, I just, I just wanted it to be a surprise, you know? Uh, no. Um, It.

What is it? I mean, you seemed a bit distant today.

I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me. I tell you what, that Bonnie accused you of being the clown that kidnapped her.

How did I not notice red? Is Xander spelled backwards? Honey, don’t ease yourself up. You have a lot going on. Don’t you see what this means? There is no rednecks. Xander must have made it up. Why would he do that? Gwen, any ideas?

I thought you were staying in. The studio wanted me to, but I hated the thought of being away from you for the holidays. So I told them I would write from here. I’d do my meetings from Zoom. I hopped on a Christmas red eye. I, and I came here as fast as I could because I kept picturing you alone. On Christmas, you know, Amir, a few days ago I was picturing both myself and Sonny alone on Christmas.

But how lucky are we, especially me since I was going without lodging, is that we gravitated toward each other. Now, here we are. Neither of us alone. You’re not helping Leo. Yeah. You know what else is not helping you with your shirt off? Oh, um, right, I, I can explain it. Okay. I’m waiting.

It’s her. It’s slow. She’s here. Exact her revenge on quick. Sh sh. Take a breath. Take a breath. All right. We don’t know who it is. Before you start panicking, you’re right. I know, I know. I don’t know why she asked me so On edge, it’s all right. I’ll take care of it. All right, I got it. Who is it? Opened up. Oh dear Lord.

Hey, Merry. Oh, Merry


You know, this, uh, this is a little bit new for me. I got used to being the guy rushing in and sweeping a woman off her feet. But from the moment I met you, you knocked me off mine. So does that mean you ready? I’m ready.


Okay. I know I said I’m ready. And you said you’re ready. Yeah. But are we ready? Ready. I don’t know. I don’t know what you mean. Um Oh, oh. Um, you mean do I have a Yeah, because I don’t, well, just so you know, I didn’t come here expecting to, um, no, of course not. You know what I. I’ll run to the store. I’ll run to the store.

Five minutes, 10 minutes tops. 10 minutes, cops. And, and I’ll, and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be right back. Do you, do you have any requests or, um, how about a Christmas theme? Christmas theme, red or green? The boat. Striped. Striped, yeah. , like, like a candy cake. Are we talking flavors or what, what, what, No, no. Nevermind, nevermind.

I, I will see what the options are and I will, uh, I will be right back.

10 minutes tos.

You have no idea how good it’s to see you. Oh, Eli, honey. Oh, I’m just, I’m so happy that you’re here. No, you are gonna be super happy to see. These two, Jules and Carver say hi to grandma and grandpa. Oh.

I I didn’t tell you about Bonnie’s crazy theory cause cuz the crazy theory and especially since I got kidnapped by the psycho clown too. Bonnie didn’t think it was very crazy. Well cuz I said some phrase that reminded her of Mr. Claran that, and she also said that the clown knew that her daughter was Mimi.

Right. Very simple. Google search would reveal that. I mean, it’s totally a state secret. Is it

Sarah? I know you had your doubts about me. You apologize, so we’d move past it. Well, haven’t we,

Gwen, you said you did research on rednecks for an article that you were going to write for the Spectator. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, that’s right. And everything seemed to check out. You had no idea the company is a fake. Well, there was a website and I phoned the number and somebody picked. You know, I’ve been to that website too.

Um, it looks real. Only, there are no employee names, including the CEO who supposedly fired Xander. Hmm. That’s strange. Yes, it is. Especially since you gave me the name Mave Wilson. Where did you find that? Uh, I don’t remember. Uh, it must have been in public record or maybe Zander told me. Mm-hmm. . You see, I don’t think any of that is true.

I don’t think there is a Mave Wilson. I think you made it all up to protect Xander.

Okay. Look, I can tell you’re upset. Why would I be upset, son? Why would I be upset? Because I come home to spend Christmas with my. And I walk in to find you half naked with him. He gave this to me as a gift. Well, I was just trying it on for what it’s worth. I think it fits you very nicely. A little tight, which is good.

Shut up, Leo. Up. Leo. Wow. Did you two practice that

son? Make this make sense. Why is Leo giving you a Christmas present, and why is he wearing pajamas? If I didn’t know better, I, I would think he spent the night here. He did.

Did you find the candy cane one? What about candy canes?

You look flushed. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. I was just, Straightening up. Uh, I thought you were Alex . Oh, is he supposed to be coming over? He was already here actually. He just stepped out to run an errand. Uh, I’m, uh, I’m sorry. I should have called first. No, it’s fine. Merry Christmas. I, um, Merry Christmas for me.

I didn’t get you anything. I was from Thomas in. The kids bought me a present. Yeah, they wanted to make sure that mommy’s cousin got something.

Okay. I’m guessing it’s a CD if, do you know who Olivia Rgo? Stop it. How’d you know when Charlotte kept having those nightmares on Halloween? She made me listen to driver’s license like a million times. Right. She said you loved it. I do. Now I just need to get a CD player. Nah, you just look at the cover and you can stream it and tell them thank you.

It means a lot. I will. Ah, Merry Christmas. Oh, today must be so hard for you. Yeah, uh, it is, but uh, most days are hard, so. And how are the kids holding up? Better than I am. I think. This morning, they, um, they came downstairs and they saw the presents under the Christmas tree. And, uh, I, I turned, uh, around for a second and, uh, for a second I, I forgot that Abby wasn’t there to, to share.

She was always really good at making the day perfect for all of us. I am sure you did that for Thomas and Charlotte too.

Yeah, . I’m so sorry

babe. I got all kinds of options cause I couldn’t.

I did apologize for accusing you of being the clown, the kidnap Bonnie. All right. I know it feels like you’re accusing me again. I’m sorry. I just, Bonnie got in my head. But then you say that she’s seen clowns everywhere like you were a clown. Roman was a.

Yes, yes. Bonnie is suffering from some very serious P T S D. I shouldn’t let her get to me. I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t doubt you. I know how hard you’ve worked to become a better man, and you’ve been honest with me and I trust. I know that you wouldn’t lie to me.

Now I’m going to go get out of this Mrs. Claus costume so that we can go back to the motel and I can give you your Christmas present. I love that.

Okay. I’ll be honest with you, Zander did lie about the job. I knew it. Rednecks is not real. No, I helped him create it. I built the website and I forged his unemployment contract, which is why he was so against me filing a wrongful termination suit. So the whole thing was a cover. I wouldn’t call it a cover.

What would you call it? I mean, why go through all of this? Well, Zander did this. Zander did this because he was ashamed to let Sarah know that he didn’t have a job. I’m sorry, I was just. Helping a friend, and I suppose I just took it a bit too far.

Th this isn’t, this must be a nightmare, right? I, I’m like, I’m like George Bailey, and it’s a wonderful life. I made a crazy wish and now I get to see what the world would look like if I died. Okay. Leo, can you give us a second, please? Sure. I’ll go change out of my PJ’s and give. You and Scrooge Mc Grinch Pants, a chance to catch up.

Go. Hey, see if you can scrounge up some Christmas spirit while I’m gone. Okay.

Start talking.

Merry Christmas one. Yeah, don’t speak so soon. What’s up? I hate to be the one to have to put coal in your stocking, but it seems that you may have landed on somebody’s naughty list. Are you done playing by the Christmas? Yeah. Why? What’s going on? We have to figure this out. Where are you? The hospital. But why don’t we meet the, the park?

Near the entrance on Magnolia, I can be there in 10 minutes. Okay? Yeah, that works for me. Should I be worried? I’ll see you in 10.

Look at those angels. They love those toys. . Paulina, I thought you had already given Carver and Jules all their presents. I sent their Christmas presents. These are birthday presents, but you didn’t even know they were coming today. , I always keep toys at the Ready , spoiling my grand baby. This is not a seasonal activity.

No, no, no. That’s, uh, a year long situation. I see. Oh, , nothing. Nothing gives me so much joy just to see those smiles, . Ooh. Especially after the month we’ve had in this family. Oh, happy birthday kids. Grandma, love you. I wish, I wish Lonnie were here to see.

Alex, I’m so sorry. I, uh, Stephanie said you were gonna go grab something. Yeah, I just want to go candy canes. I was craving them. We needed candy canes. Needed them badly for later.

So you All right, man. Yeah, I’m phenomen, I’m good.

Mind if I go, uh, just use the bathroom and splash water on my face before I have to go pick up the kids? Of course, you know where it is.

So what did I miss?

It was, it was really sad. Okay. Leo had no place to go for Christmas, so I invited him here for, for dinner and a place to stay. Why do you care if he had no place to go? You can’t stand the guy. It’s Christmas Will, so there are limits. L l Leo pushed you through hell, he drugged you, he tried you into bed, he took pictures of you.

He sold those pictures to a newspaper and now he’s trying some new angle, trying to get you to trust him clearly. So, So I, I, I don’t know, steal the, the Christmas presents from under the street. He’s not, he’s not working in anchor h. How do you know that? Because we, it is Christmas. I flew through a blizzard to get to you, and instead of holding each other and enjoying our holiday, we are fighting thanks to Lee.

No, we’re fighting because you’re not even trying to understand me. What, what I understand is that Leo was always trying to get between us, and that’s what he’s doing right now. What I don’t underst. It’s why you don’t see that. I know it’s a little early furthering, but I think I need this dose of liquid courage if I’m gonna get through seven courses of Christmas dinner with Victor at the table.

What was that? I was just saying how much I’m dreading Christmas dinner with your uncle. What’s up with you? Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about that story Gwe told us. Mm-hmm. , you don’t believe her, that she was helping Xander because he was afraid to admit to Sarah that he was unemployed. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through.

I mean, Sarah knows who Xander is and she married him anyway. Mm-hmm. , I didn’t wanna say anything before, but yeah, I don’t buy it either. , there’s a lot more to Bridget Jones than she’s letting. And I think I know what it is. Mm-hmm. . Hey, what’s going on? What’s this about a North? Yeah. Um, I’ve just had a chat with Bonnie and Justin came to see you.

Apparently Bonnie figured out that rednecks is just Zander spelled backwards. Well, it’s not exactly the Da Vinci code is it? What did you say? I did my best to cover for you. I said the reason that you made up the company is cuz you didn’t want Sarah to know that you didn’t have a job. Thanks. But if Justin doesn’t believe you, you won’t let this go away.

If he says something to Sarah, she still has her suspicions. She tells me she trusts me, but I can see her D and if those two start comparing nose, all roads feed back to you. Oh my God. I mean, Sarah finds out what I did to Susan and Bonnie. I already know

Chad came over to bring me a gift from the kids and we started talking about Christmas and Abigail and well, you saw holidays are rough when you lose someone you love. We obviously can’t throw Chad back out in the cold if he’s hurting that bad.

All right. Merry Christmas. Hey, Merry Christmas, Mary. Hey, Chad. You wanna stick around for a bit? Nah, I’m, I’m not gonna be a third wheel. It’s funny you say that. Stephanie and I have been playing this little race car game every time I’m about to pass this. My car throws a flat and she’s got some little secret trick that allows her to go faster than me all the time, and she won’t tell me how to do it.

Maybe you can help me figure it out. You wanna play video games? You’re my only hope, buddy.

All right. But I’m probably gonna beat even worse than she does . Wow.

I, I’ll see you soon. I love you too, baby. How is Chanel? She’s free , so that matters. . Well, she and Allie, they’re over at Marla’s, but they’ll be over soon. They have their own birthday presents for the twins. Oh my God. I, I should have brought a trailer just for the gifts. . , and I hope you plan on bringing those little angels to visit their other grandma.

But don’t tell Julie that you brought ’em here first to see me. And you know how she gets a little possessive sometimes? Hmm. I got a confession to make. Hmm. . I took the twins to see Julie last night. You, you didn’t bring them to see me first. I’m, I’m sorry. I, I should have told you, I’m sorry. . So Julie’s the possess him.

That’s okay, darling. You are here now. That’s all that matters. Yeah. So, Eli, how’s my daughter? How you know Lonnie? She’s, she’s strong, but I, I know it’s killing her to not be here with family for c. Well, hopefully next year she will be out and we’ll be together. Mm-hmm. , from your lips to Gods ear. Well, at least you and Chanel are locked up for the holidays as well.

Mm-hmm. , amen to that. So that whole nightmare is over.

What am I missing? I’m showing Peterson. It’s been making threats against Paul and Chanel. What kind of threats? The threatening kind, well, sounds like I need to go over there and pay her a friendly visit and let her know whose family she’s messing with.

I don’t, I don’t think you understand how hard it is for me when you’re gone. Of course. Of No, look at me. Of course. I would rather spend time with you than with Leo. But like I said, you, you weren’t here.

I, I, I thought that we, we both agreed that I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity in la and I stand by that, and I’m so proud of you. Will.

You’re right. I’m sorry. I, I should have told you about this sooner. Okay. But. It kind of happened. What, what, what kind of happened? Me and Leo, I don’t know. We just started hanging out and nothing planned at all. Nothing planned. We just kept running into each other and we talked about what? A lot, a lot of stuff.

I think I’ve come to understand him a little bit better. All right. I know he comes off as an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone besides himself, but he’s acting really hard life and he’s, he’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying to be a better guy. Son.

I know that you always try and see the best in people and that you’re, and that’s a bad. No, no, I, it’s one of the many things I love about you, but sometimes you have to face reality. Santa Claus doesn’t exist, Sonny, and he didn’t suddenly leave Leo Stark a conscience under the tree. No, no. See, this is your problem.

You always see the worst in people. This is Leo Stark. He is the first. I’m not talking about Leo Stark. I’m talking about me. The first thing you thought when you came in here was that I was cheating on you. Well, you did the same thing in Phoenix when you walked in on me and I was with him. I had reason to think that seems that you’re already cheated on me once.

When’s a good liar, but, um, I don’t buy that. She’d got all that trouble just to make Santa look good to his wife. You know? I’m with you. Yep. So red. Must be a power for something else. Hmm. But what is it mean? What is Xander’s? Secret? Nude What? Nude. N E W G. It’s Gwen Backwards. Okay. What does that mean?

Gander having an affair. Sarah, what? You, what? What, what do you do? I overheard you on the phone saying you were going to meet her in the park, so I followed you. Please let me explain. I keep, oh, yes, please go ahead. Maybe you wanna start with how you kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Or how you lied to me over and over again, or how you were sneaking around my back with Herwe.

Let’s just, she’s my friend. A friend. A friend that helps you lie to your wife and commit felonies. Sarah, I, you shut your mouth. This is between me and my husband. Sir, this isn’t her fault. Are you seriously defending her right now? Did you put him up to this? Huh? I know you and Ava are thick as thieves.

Did she ask you to recruit Sandra, do her dirty work? That’s not how I happened. Then tell me how it happened and for the first time and forever, tell me the truth.

You are not going anywhere. Sloane Peterson doesn’t get to push you around. I appreciate you wanting to defend your family, baby, but I don’t want you going near that awful woman she is right now. Everybody’s safe so it, we just don’t want any more trouble than they’re already. Are you sure you don’t need me?

Oh, we sure as hell need you. We need you to be a husband, Talani and a father to our beautiful grandbabies cuz it’s their second birthdays. So I say, well, let’s make it a party.

Hi. Hi. So you think Xander is sleeping with Gwen behind Sarah’s? Honey, in my experience when a man lies, it’s usually about his paycheck or his love life. I think Xander’s lying about both. Hope that’s not true. Redneck is a fake company. Gwen is a real person. I see the way she looks at him. She does seem to still be enamored.

Think about it. Xander kisses Sarah on the cheek. Goodbye. Tells her he’s going to work at redneck, and instead he’s going to play with Gwen.

Eva heard that I was having financial problems. I was desperate for cash. Fuck, I just wanted to impress you. I wanted to prove that wasn’t some loser who can pay his rent. What up? Don’t make this about. Was redneck even real? No.

Was Ava Vitali your boss all along? Yes. What did she hire you to do? The plan was to kidnap ejs mother. It was supposed to be a simple transaction. I, I hold her. EJ pays up. Susan goes free. It was complications. Gimme Bonnie. Yeah, and she went to the shed looking for lanterns and she found Susan instead. I, I panicked.

I didn’t know what to do, so I knocked her unconscious and tied her up. When I came to my senses, I let her go and Ava, she swore to me that Susan wasn’t gonna get hurt. She’s dead. Sandra. She went off of a cliff and she died in a fiery car crash. I know, and I feel horrible about that, but I, but, but I let Susan go too.

And how could I know that she was gonna end up getting in between EJ and Ava and getting into that car? And don’t you see that if you hadn’t have kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive. So her blood is on your. I know, but I didn’t mean to. Oh, you didn’t mean to. You didn’t mean to. You did. Susan is dead.

Funnies is traumatized

and you lied lie to me.

And everything that I thought we had between us is a lie.

Wow. I, I can’t believe you’d bring up that time. It wasn’t just a time will, I mean, you slept with another man. Yeah. I thought we’d got past that. I thought that wasn’t an issue for us.

You’re right. I’m sorry. Okay. I just, you’re accusing me of cheating on you with Leo when clearly he’s just a lonely guy on Christmas and I’m trying to be a friend to him.


Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I, I, I believe you, you’re, you’re just being a good person and, and nothing is going on with you and you okay? Yes. And please, please tell me that you trust me. Promise that you trust me. I, I would never do anything hurt you or are our relationship. I’d love you so much. I trust you. Okay.

I don’t wanna fight with the man. I love Christmas or any other day, and I’m so glad to see you and I’m so glad you’re home.

But Sunny, now that I am,

Leo Esco,

you really are bad at this, aren’t you? Oh my God. Keep talking that smack pal. See what happens next time. Yeah. What are you gonna do? Throw a wheel at me, . There it is. The Der Kays. That’s the reason why you’re gonna lose this race. So the only way I lose this race is if I finish it backwards, my friend

Happy birthday Dear Julian. Happy, happy birthday. Thank you. Can daddy blow your candles out? I’m gonna blow, I’m gonna blow your candles out. Yeah. Oh. Yay. All right. All right. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, . I know what they wish for for Christmas and their birthday for their mom to be home. Oh, my little angels.

That’s, that’s, that’s what we all wish for and pray for.

It’s okay. I am not one to overstay my welcome, since when anyway, I hear the soup kitchen isn’t making one. Choose between stuffing and mashed potatoes this year. Lucky me.

Thank you, sunny, for your kindness and your generosity. Merry Christmas.

And to you. Well,

Leo, wait.

I’m not doing it. I’m not kicking it home. Come on. Come on, Sonny, you’re, you’re not seriously falling for his sad little tiny Tim act. I know that he’s playing it up a bit, but I, I’m not gonna. I invited him to stay and I’m not gonna throw him out. Really? Really?

Okay. If he’s not leaving, I will. He’d be serious. Will. Well, well,

Honestly, I hate to gossip about Sandra after he saved me from that crazy clown, but it is crystal clear that he and Gwen share some deep, dark secret. I’m just having a hard time believing that after all they’ve been Throughand would betray Sarah that way. You really don’t think that Xander and Gwen are doing the deed.

Honestly, whatever it is they’re keeping from us. I am worried that it’s even worse than an affair.

Come on darling. Come on. Let’s take that trip together. Just you and me. We can figure this all out. I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t ever wanna see you again. You take Gwen to Grace. You two deserve each other.

Talk about starting the day off. Right. Hi, happy you receive Gabby Happy wedding day. I can’t believe he’s finally here. Oh, nothing’s getting our way now. Absolutely nothing,

Gabby. You cannot marry.

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