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Abe and Paulina exchange Christmas gifts at home. Abe got Paulina a bracelet while she got him cuff links. Paulina grabs her phone and complains that she keeps thinking about Sloan Peterson. Abe encourages that Chanel is free of all charges in Sloan’s mother’s death, so they are both free. Paulina says she couldn’t be more grateful that Chanel is home, but she can’t help feeling like this is a long way from being over. The doorbell then rings and startles Paulina.

Stephanie and Alex kiss on the couch and start to undress until Alex stops and asks if she’s sure she’s ready to take the next step. Stephanie reminds him that they would’ve taken to the bedroom last time if Paulina hadn’t called, but now her phone is on do not disturb and so is she. Stephanie assures that she’s definitely ready and asks if he is.

Will arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to surprise Sonny for Christmas, but is shocked to find Sonny shirtless with Leo Stark in the room. Sonny questions Will being there. Will remarks that it looks like he wasn’t expecting him. Sonny responds that he thought he was staying in LA. Leo talks about California but Sonny tells him to shut up. Sonny asks Will why he didn’t tell him that he was coming. Will responds that he wanted to surprise him, but didn’t expect to be surprised himself. Will adds that maybe a more accurate word would be horrified.

Xander and Sarah go in to a waiting room at the hospital after finishing the Christmas party for the kids. Sarah comments on Xander being a huge hit with the kids as Santa. Xander says he was glad to put smiles on their faces, especially since they have to spend Christmas in a hospital. Xander plays Santa again and gives Sarah one more Christmas present.

Bonnie sees the folder that Gwen gave Justin and notices that “Rednax” is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a funny coincidence. Justin responds that he doesn’t think it’s funny at all.

Sarah opens her Christmas present which is tickets to Greece. Xander tells her that recruiting Gwen to help him pick out a gift was a bad idea, so he hoped he could redeem himself and they could enjoy the honeymoon that they never got to have. Sarah calls it incredible but questions how he will pay for it. Xander says he always finds a way and reveals that he already talked to Kayla about getting Sarah the week off because he wanted it to be a surprise. Xander notes that Sarah seemed a bit distant today and asks what it is. Sarah responds that she was wondering why he didn’t tell her that Bonnie had accused him of being the clown that kidnapped her.

Justin questions how he never noticed that Rednax was Xander spelled backwards. Bonnie says he’s had a lot going on. Justin argues that this means there is no Rednax and that Xander must have made it up. Bonnie asks why he would do that. Justin turns to Gwen and asks if she has any ideas.

Sonny repeats that he thought Will was staying in LA. Will responds that the studio wanted him to, but he hated the thought of being away from Sonny on Christmas, so he told them that he would work from Salem and do zoom calls, then hopped on a Christmas red eye flight and got here as quick as he could because he kept picturing Sonny alone on Christmas. Leo points out that just a few days ago, he was picturing both of them alone and now they ended up both not alone. Sonny tells Leo that he’s not helping. Will remarks that it’s also not helping that Sonny has his shirt off. Sonny puts on the shirt that Leo got him and says he can explain, so Will says he’s waiting.

Paulina worries that Sloan is at the door to exact her revenge. Abe tells her that they don’t know who it is and encourages her to relax. Paulina doesn’t know why Sloan has her so on edge. Abe assures that he will take care of it. Abe answers the door and it’s Eli with the twins, surprising Abe and Paulina.

Alex tells Stephanie that this is a bit new for him as he got used to being the guy rushing in and sweeping a woman off her feet, but from the moment he met her, she knocked him off his feet. Stephanie asks if that means he’s ready. Alex confirms that he is, so they start to head to her bedroom. Stephanie stops again to ask if Alex has protection. Alex says he didn’t come here expecting this, so he’ll run to the store and be right back. Alex kisses her and says he’ll be back in 10 minutes as he rushes out.

Paulina tells Eli how good it is to see him and that she’s so happy he’s there as well as the twins.

Xander tells Sarah that he didn’t tell her about Bonnie’s crazy theory because it was just a crazy theory. Sarah talks about Bonnie didn’t think it was crazy and how the clown knew her daughter. Xander says a google search would reveal that. Xander thought they moved past this and asks what happened.

Justin asks Gwen about doing research on Rednax for an article for the Spectator. Gwen says everything seemed to check out. Bonnie questions her having no idea that the company was fake. Gwen claims that there was a website and when she called the number, somebody picked up. Justin mentions being to the website too and it looks real, only there are no employee names including the CEO. Gwen calls that strange. Justin says it is, especially since Gwen gave him the name of Maeve Wilson and asks where she found that. Gwen claims she doesn’t remember and says it must have been a public record or that Xander told her. Justin doesn’t think any of that is true. Justin doesn’t think there is a Maeve Wilson and believes that Gwen made it all up to protect Xander.

Sonny says he understands Will is upset. Will questions why he would be upset over coming home to spend Christmas with his husband, only to find him half naked with Leo. Sonny explains that Leo gave him the shirt as a gift, so he was just trying it on. Leo comments on the shirt fitting Sonny good but Sonny and Will both tell him to shut up. Will tells Sonny to make this make sense. Will questions why Leo is giving Sonny a Christmas present and why he is wearing pajamas. Will adds that if he didn’t know better, he’d think Leo spent the night. Sonny then admits that he did.

Stephanie waits for Alex to return, but instead Chad shows up at her door. Chad says she looks flushed and asks if she’s okay. Stephanie says she is and was just cleaning up. Stephanie admits she thought he was Alex. Chad asks if he’s coming over. Stephanie explains that he was already there but stepped out to run an errand. Chad apologizes for not calling first but Stephanie says it’s fine and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Chad gives her a present from Thomas and Charlotte as they wanted to make sure their mom’s cousin got something. Stephanie guesses it’s an Olivia Rodrigo CD from when she helped Charlotte through her nightmares. Stephanie says now she just needs to get a CD player and says to thank the kids for her. Chad wishes her a Merry Christmas. Stephanie acknowledges that today must be so hard for him. Chad admits that it is, but most days are. Stephanie asks how the kids are holding up. Chad thinks they are better than he is. Chad says when the kids saw the presents under the tree, it made him forget for a second that Abigail wasn’t there to share it. Chad says that Abigail was always really good at making the day perfect for them. Stephanie is sure he did that for Thomas and Charlotte too. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry and hugs Chad right as Alex returns.

Sarah tells Xander that she did apologize for accusing him of being the clown that kidnapped Bonnie. Xander points out that now it feels like she’s accusing him again. Sarah says she’s sorry and that Bonnie just got in her head. Xander reminds her that Bonnie was seeing clowns everywhere. Sarah admits that Bonnie is suffering from very serious PTSD and she shouldn’t let her get to her. Sarah apologizes again for doubting Xander since she knows how hard he’s worked to become a better man. Sarah declares that he’s been honest with her and she knows he wouldn’t lie to her as she hugs him. Sarah then suggests they go back to their motel so she can give him his Christmas present. They kiss and then Sarah exits to go change out of her costume.

Gwen admits to Justin and Bonnie that Xander did lie about the job. Justin asks if Rednax is not real. Gwen confirms that it is not, that she made the website, and forged his unemployment contract. Justin realizes that’s why Xander was so against him filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Bonnie questions the whole thing being a cover. Justin asks why she went through all of this. Gwen responds that Xander did this because he was ashamed to let Sarah know that he didn’t have a job. Gwen says she’s sorry but she was just helping a friend and took it a bit too far.

Will tells Sonny that this must be a nightmare. Sonny asks Leo to give them a second. Leo responds that he’ll go change out of his pajamas and give them a chance to catch up. Leo tells Will to try to find some Christmas spirit while he’s gone. After Leo exits, Will tells Sonny to start talking.

Xander changes out of his Santa suit and gets a call from Gwen. Xander answers and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Gwen says she hates to bring him coal on Christmas and says it seems he might end up on the naughty list. Gwen asks if he’s done playing Father Christmas. Xander confirms he is and asks what’s going on. Gwen says they have to figure this out and asks where he’s at. Xander tells her he’s at the hospital but they can meet at the park in ten minutes. Xander asks if he should be worried. Gwen says she’ll see him in ten minutes and hangs up. Xander exits the room and then Sarah comes back around the corner.

Paulina gives Jules and Carver toys as presents for their birthday and says she always keeps toys ready to spoil her grandbabies. Paulina says nothing gives her more joy than seeing their smiles, especially after the month her family had. Paulina wishes the twins a happy birthday. Abe wishes Lani was here to see this.

Chad apologizes to Alex and mentions that Stephanie had said he just went out to get something which Alex confirms. Stephanie covers by saying he went to get candy canes because she was craving them. Alex asks if Chad is alright. Chad claims he’s good and asks to use the restroom to splash water on his face before picking up the kids. Alex then asks Stephanie what he missed.

Sonny explains to Will that it was really sad that Leo had no place to go for Christmas, so he invited him over for dinner and a place to stay. Will questions why Sonny cared if Leo had no place to go since he can’t stand the guy. Sonny argues that it’s Christmas. Will argues that there are limits. Will brings up that Leo put Sonny through Hell, drugged him, and took pictures of him in bed and now he’s trying a new angle to get him to trust him. Sonny insists that Leo is not working an angle. Will asks how he knows that. Will complains that he flew through a blizzard to get here and instead of holding each other and enjoying their holiday, they are fighting because of Leo. Sonny argues that they are fighting because Will isn’t even trying to understand him. Will shouts that what he understands is that Leo is always trying to get between them and that’s what he is doing now. Will doesn’t understand why Sonny doesn’t see that.

Justin and Bonnie sit together in the town square. Bonnie has a drink and says she knows it’s early but jokes that she will need it to get through Christmas dinner with Victor. Bonnie notes that Justin is distracted. Justin says he can’t stop thinking about the story Gwen told them and says it seems like a lot of trouble to go through. Justin points out that Sarah knows who Xander is and married him anyway. Bonnie admits that she doesn’t buy it either. Bonnie says there’s a lot more to it than Gwen is letting on and she thinks she knows where it is.

Xander meets Gwen in the park. Gwen informs him that Bonnie and Justin came to see her and that Bonnie figured out “Rednax” was just Xander spelled backwards. Xander asks what she said. Gwen says she covered for him as best she could and said Xander made up the company because he didn’t want Sarah to know that he didn’t have a job. Xander thanks her but notes that if Justin doesn’t believe her, he won’t let this go. Xander wonders about Justin saying something to Sarah since she still has her suspicions and doubts. Xander then worries about Sarah finding out what he did to Susan and Bonnie. Sarah then appears behind him and announces that she already knows.

Stephanie explains to Alex that Chad came over to give her a gift from the kids and they started talking about Christmas and Abigail. Alex understands the holidays are rough when you lose someone you love. Alex declares that they obviously can’t throw Chad back out in the cold if he’s hurting that bad. Chad comes back in to the room and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Alex stops him and invites him to stick around for a bit but Chad doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Chad tells him about the racing video game that they have been playing and asks Chad to help him figure out how to beat Stephanie. Chad then agrees to stay but jokes that he’s probably going to beat him even worse than Stephanie does.

Paulina finishes a call with Chanel, saying she will see her soon and she loves her. Eli asks how Chanel is. Paulina responds that she’s free. Paulina mentions that Chanel and Allie are at Marlena’s but they will be over soon as they have birthday presents for the twins. Eli jokes that he should’ve brought a trailer just for the gifts. Paulina hopes Eli plans to take the twins to see their other grandmother too. Eli confesses that he took them to see Julie last night. Paulina questions him not coming to her first but then decides he’s here now and that’s all that matters. Abe then asks Eli how Lani is. Eli responds that she’s strong but he knows it’s killing her to not be with family for Christmas. Abe hopes that next year she will be out and they will all be together. Eli says at least Paulina and Chanel aren’t locked up for the holidays as well. Eli asks if that whole nightmare is over. With no response, Eli asks what he’s missing. Abe informs Eli that Sloan has been making threats against Paulina and Chanel. Eli offers to go let Sloan to know whose family she’s messing with.

Sonny doesn’t think Will understands how hard it is for him when he’s gone. Sonny assures that he’d rather spend time with Will than Leo, but Will wasn’t here. Will thought they both agreed that he couldn’t miss out on this opportunity in LA. Sonny stands by that and says he’s so proud of him. Sonny apologizes for not telling Will about this sooner but says it just kind of happened. Will asks what kind of happened. Sonny responds that he and Leo just started hanging out and it wasn’t planned, but they just kept running into each other and they talked about a lot. Sonny thinks he’s come to understand Leo a bit better. Sonny knows Leo comes off as an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Sonny states that Leo has had a really hard life and has made a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying to be a better guy. Will knows Sonny tries to see the best in everyone, but says sometimes you have to see reality. Will declares that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and didn’t suddenly leave Leo a conscience under the tree. Sonny argues that Will always sees the worst in people and complains that when Will walked in, the first thing he thought was that he was cheating on him. Will argues that Sonny did the same thing when he found him in Phoenix with Leo. Sonny shouts that he had reason to think that since Will had already cheated on him once.

Bonnie tells Justin that Gwen’s a good liar, but she doesn’t buy that she went through all that trouble just to make Xander look good to his wife. Justin agrees, so Bonnie thinks Rednax must be a cover for something else. Justin wonders what Xander’s secret is. Bonnie informs Justin that she believes Gwen and Xander are having an affair.

Xander questions what Sarah is doing here. Sarah reveals that she overheard him on the phone, saying he was going to meet Gwen in the park, so she followed him. Xander asks her to let him explain. Sarah tells him to go ahead and start with how he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan or how he lied to her over and over again or how he’s been sneaking around behind her back with Gwen. Xander calls Gwen just a friend. Sarah calls her a friend that helps him lie to his wife and commit felonies. Gwen tries to speak but Sarah tells her to shut her mouth as this is between her and her husband. Xander says this isn’t Gwen’s fault. Sarah questions if he’s seriously defending Gwen right now. Sarah then asks if Gwen put Xander up to this. Sarah asks if Ava recruited Gwen to get Xander to do her dirty work. Xander says that’s not how it happened. Sarah then demands he tell her how it happened and to tell her the truth for the first time in forever.

Paulina tells Eli that he’s not going anywhere. Eli argues that Sloan doesn’t get to push her around. Paulina appreciates him wanting to defend his family but she doesn’t want him going anywhere near Sloan. Abe agrees and points out that everybody is safe, so they don’t want any more trouble than there already is. Eli asks if they are sure they don’t need him. Paulina assures that they need Eli to be a husband to Lani and a father to their grandbabies. Paulina suggests making it a party for the grandbabies’ birthday, so Eli agrees to stay.

Justin questions Bonnie thinking that Xander is sleeping with Gwen behind Sarah’s back. Bonnie responds that in her experience, when a man lies, it’s usually about his pay check or his love life and she thinks Xander is lying about both. Justin hopes that’s not true. Bonnie points out that Rednax is a fake company but Gwen is a real person and she sees the way Gwen looks at Xander. Justin acknowledges that Gwen does seem to still be enamored with Xander. Bonnie suggests that while Xander was telling Sarah that he was going to work at Rednax, he was going to play with Gwen.

Xander explains to Sarah that Ava overheard that he was desperate for cash and he wanted to prove to Sarah that he wasn’t a loser who couldn’t pay his rent. Sarah yells at him to stop and not to make this about her. Sarah asks if Rednax is even real. Xander admits that it’s not. Sarah questions if Ava was his boss all along. Xander confirms that she was. Sarah then asks what Ava hired him to do. Xander reveals that the plan was to kidnap Susan for a simple transaction of EJ paying up and then Susan is free, but there was a complication when Bonnie found Susan, so he panicked and didn’t know what to do. Xander says when he came to his senses, he let them go and Ava swore to him that Susan wasn’t going to get hurt. Sarah points out that Susan went off of a cliff and died in a fiery car crash. Xander says he feels horrible about that but he let Susan go and couldn’t have known that she would get in between EJ and Ava. Sarah argues that if Xander hadn’t kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive, so her blood is on his hands. Xander tries to say he didn’t mean to but Sarah states that he did it. Sarah declares that Susan is dead and Bonnie is traumatized while Xander lied to her, so everything she thought they had between them is a lie too.

Will can’t believe Sonny would bring up the time he cheated on him. Sonny argues that it wasn’t just a time. Will thought they got past that and it wasn’t an issue for them anymore. Sonny apologizes and complains that Will is accusing him of cheating on him with Leo when clearly Leo is just a lonely guy on Christmas who he’s trying to be a friend to. Will decides that he believes Sonny is just being a good person and nothing is going on with he and Leo. Sonny asks Will to promise that he trusts him as he would never do anything to hurt him or their relationship because he loves him so much. Will responds that he trusts him. Leo opens the door and listens in. Sonny tells Will that he doesn’t want to fight with the man he loves on Christmas or any day. Sonny cries that he’s so glad to see Will and that he’s home. Will says he is too but declares that now that he is home, Leo has to go.

Chad and Alex play the racing video game against each other. Stephanie brings them snacks and watches with a smile.

Paulina, Abe, and Eli sing happy birthday to Jules and Carver. Eli knows their wish for Christmas and their birthday is for their mom to be home. Paulina says that’s what they all wish and pray for.

Leo comes back in and says it’s okay as he’s not one to overstay his welcome. Leo mentions that he’ll be going to the soup kitchen. Leo thanks Sonny for his kindness and generosity. Leo wishes them a Merry Christmas and goes to leave but Sonny stops him and declares that he’s not kicking him out. Will argues that Sonny can’t be seriously falling for Leo’s sad act. Sonny knows he’s playing it up a bit but he invited Leo to stay, so he’s not going to throw him out. Will then declares that if Leo’s not leaving, he will. Sonny says he can’t be serious but Will then walks out.

Bonnie tells Justin that she hates to gossip about Xander after he saved her from the clown, but says it’s obvious to her that Xander and Gwen share a deep dark secret. Justin finds it hard to believe that after all they’ve been through, that Xander would betray Sarah that way. Bonnie asks if he really doesn’t think Xander and Gwen are doing the deed. Justin states that whatever they are keeping from them, he’s worried it’s even worse than an affair.

Xander pleads with Sarah to go on their trip together so they can figure this whole thing out but Sarah refuses to go anywhere with him. Sarah declares that she never wants to see him again. Sarah gives him the trip tickets back and tells him to take Gwen to Greece because they deserve each other. Sarah then storms off.

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