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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Oh, my god. Sheila?

Taylor: Ugh, hi.

Brooke: Hi. Wow, it’s really coming down out there.

Taylor: Yes, it is getting worse. Oh, I thought it was gonna let up.

Brooke: I’m sorry I had you come all the way over here.

Taylor: No, I have been driving around in this mess all day long. I’m happy to be indoors. Most of the traffic lights are out.

Brooke: Oh, you know, the lights have been flickering on and off in here.

Taylor: It’s a ghost. So, why did you want to see me?

Brooke: Uh, I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier with thomas.

Taylor: What happened?

Brooke: Thomas was voted out of forrester creations tonight.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

Carter: Oh, this did not make for a very good umbrella.

Katie: Oh, you tried, but it was raining sideways out there.

Carter: Oh, man, I should’ve checked the weather before suggesting we walk back from dinner.

Katie: Oh, well, I guess we won’t be having that glass of wine on your rooftop either.

Carter: Rain check?

Katie: Oh– that’s– oh, there you go. That’s good. That’s a good one.

Carter: Oh, man, we were supposed to toast to your health and slow dance under the stars.

Katie: Mother nature had other ideas, I guess.

Carter: Fortunately, so do I. I think I know where I can find a bottle of wine around here. And we can still slow dance. But first, we should get out of these wet things.

[ Katie chuckling ]

Katie: Hm, you really got the worst of it. Trying to use your jacket to shield me from the rain.

Carter: It’s the least I can do after dragging you into a storm.

Katie: You really are soaked. You should take this off. We can throw it in one of the dryers downstairs.

Carter: That’s a good idea. Unless this is you trying to get me out of my shirt.

Katie: You caught me.

[ Thunder booming ]

Taylor: No. How? How? The vote was unanimous. Ridge? Steffy?

Brooke: I’m sorry you have to hear this from me. I really thought ridge might have told you.

Taylor: Oh, I don’t– I don’t think that steffy or ridge could tell me that right now. They must be going through a lot, too. Thomas hasn’t called me. He must be devastated. His work at forrester was everything.

Brooke: We did what was best for the company. It’s not like we were trying to get back at him.

Taylor: I understand.

Brooke: Do you?

Taylor: I’m trying to. Um, you know, I’m– I’m– I’m seeing things from a different perspective these days. Thomas’ behavior. My relationship with ridge. With you. I mean, it’s– it’s really affected my kids, you know? There was a time when something like this would have caused a huge logan/forrester battle.

Brooke: Not anymore.

Taylor: Not anymore. I love my son so much. He’s not a bad person. He’s not. He just– he makes bad decisions. I am just so sorry for everything. He’s put us all through a lot. And– and what he did to you is… I don’t blame you for not wanting to see him around here.

Steffy: Oh, my god! No, oh, my god, no, finn!

Sheila: I don’t have any weapons, I swear. I just– I just want to talk. I’ll stand right here. I won’t move.

Steffy: There’s no phone service, the power’s out.

Finn: What did you do? What did you do?

Sheila: Just must’ve– must’ve been the storm.

Finn: The storm.

Sheila: Please, just listen to me. The police aren’t coming, and your security’s indisposed at the moment. And I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere. And you need– you need to hear. I just– I want to live in peace and harmony. I want– I’ve always wanted my previous family.

Finn: Never say that. You are not our family! You’re going to prison for the rest of your life. Nicorette knows quitting smoking is freaking hard.

Carter: Getting out of these wet things is not a bad idea.

[ Katie shivering ] Look at you. You’re shivering.

Katie: So, you want to strip down to warm up?

Carter: I’m feeling warmer already. And it’s a good thing this is a fashion house. There are robes right down the hall.

Katie: Okay, well, then… give me your clothes. I’ll put them in the dryer with mine.

Carter: Okay. Uh.

[ Katie chuckling ] There we go. Pants are wet, too.

Katie: Oh, boy, all right.

Carter: All right.

Katie: Thanks, mother nature.

[ Both laughing ]

Carter: Ugh. Thank you.

Katie: No, carter, really, thank you.

Carter: For what? This was supposed to be a romantic celebration. Evening on my terrace overlooking the gorgeous view of the ocean.

Katie: Well, the storm is pretty romantic. And I’m liking the view just fine.

Taylor: Things would have been so different for thomas if we would have made this choice sooner.

Brooke: What thomas did made us realize that it was necessary.

Taylor: Well, there’s a bright spot in all of this.

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: You know, I was thinking about what you said. About how thomas had to watch his dad go back and forth between us for all those years. Seeing his mother heartbroken all the time. It made him so angry.

Brooke: I think our kids just want us to be happy.

Taylor: Yes, they do. Isn’t it so crazy that we thought our happiness depended on ridge?

Brooke: Yeah, but not anymore.

Taylor: No, not anymore. You know what? I– I want our kids to see this. I– I– I- our grandkids. Everyone we care about.

Brooke: Gosh, it feels so good, right?

Taylor: Yes!

Brooke: Choosing ourselves!

Taylor: It feels amazing and not running away from it because I think I have to. You know what, brooke? I’m happy. I’m– I feel fulfilled right now. I really do. And there is– there is nothing that is gonna mess that up for me. Well, almost nothing.

Brooke: Don’t worry, thomas will contact you–

Taylor: No, it’s not just about thomas. It’s sheila.

Brooke: Ah, yeah.

Taylor: Sheila carter is alive. She is out there and she is still a huge threat to our families.

Sheila: You don’t need to be afraid of me–

Finn: You’re the one that should be afraid, sheila.

Steffy: Finn, no! No, no.

Finn: You’re sick. Okay? You– you faked your own death.

Sheila: I did that for you so you can move on.

Finn: You did it so you could escape.

Finn: So, you could have closure–

Steffy: Then why are you still here?

Sheila: I couldn’t leave! I needed to make sure you were all right.

Steffy: You’re a liar. You were– you were stalking us. I saw you at il giardino!

Sheila: I didn’t know you were going to be at il giardino and I’m not following you. I’m not a threat to you. I– I– I understand, if– if you don’t want me to be a part of your family–

Steffy: We don’t want you here. We want you behind bars.

Finn: You should have run away when you had the chance to never come back.

Sheila: Don’t you think I tried that? I came up with a brilliant plan. I executed it perfectly and everyone believed it. Everyone. Except for you, my brilliant, gifted son.

Steffy: What you did was sick!

Sheila: It was horrible and it was excruciating, but that’s what you do when you love family, and I would do anything for you. I would do anything, regardless of how much it hurt me.

Finn: Then turn yourself in.

Sheila: I don’t– I don’t need to go to prison. I am not a threat to you. If you could just let me explain.

Finn: Explain what? You shot me. Your own son. And then, you shot my wife. You could have made your grandson an orphan. A child you claim to love.

Sheila: I do love hayes. I love you all.

Steffy: Hayes will never know you existed. You’re going to rot behind bars for the rest of your miserable life.

Finn: You’re coming with me.

Steffy: Oh, no.

Sheila: Let me explain, let me explain. No, no, no, no, no. Please, just… just hear me out. Even if it is for the last time.

Sheila: Please.

After advil.

Katie: Okay.

Carter: Nice and warm?

Katie: Yes. Here you go.

Carter: Thank you.

Katie: Oh, you found some wine.

Carter: I did. I have to make good on some of my promises.

Katie: I think you’re doing just fine.

Carter: Well, let’s toast to you. To your grace, to your health, to your beauty.

[ Katie chuckling ] So much for a night away from the office, huh?

Katie: Well, our night is just getting started. And I like where it’s going so far.

Brooke: So, the police were sure it was sheila that steffy saw at il giardino?

Taylor: Yeah. And they have no idea where she is now.

[ Thunder roars ]

Brooke: Oh! Gosh.

Sheila: Just hear me out. Just this once.

Finn: Yeah. What– what? Then what? You think we’re just gonna let you walk out of here? No, sheila. You’re not getting away this time. If I wanted to get away, I could have. I could be living a new life somewhere else. But leaving you wasn’t an option for me. I just– I want your acceptance, your understanding.

Steffy: There’s nothing to understand. Everyone is against you. And that’s exactly what you were saying in that alley when you pulled the gun on me.

Finn: Whoa, whoa, whoa–

Sheila: No one’s more sorry for what happened that night than I am. It was a terrible accident.

Finn: Accident? You nearly killed her.

Steffy: I thought my husband was dead. My family mourned him!

Sheila: I didn’t mean to shoot you, finn.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Sheila: I didn’t mean to shoot anyone. Steffy just kept coming at me over and over again, threatening to keep us apart. I know that you both despise me and that all you can see is the bad, the mistakes that I’ve made, but coming back to los angeles to meet you was not a mistake. And I can say that because I love you. I am still your mother, I am hayes’ grandmother, and there is nothing that is going to change that. Things could just be so different. Will you just please give me a chance? I just– I just– I just want your acceptance. I– I want to be at peace with you. I– I want to find a way that the two of us can move forward together. That’s all I want.

Steffy: You’re insane, you’re insane, you’re insane.

Finn: You’re going away, sheila. We’re pressing charges. You’re gonna pay for your crimes.

Sheila: I’m not going back to prison. There’s nothing that you could say or do to convince steffy and me to let you go. You’re going to prison, sheila. Tonight. Second date, wish me luck buddy.

Brooke: Nobody has seen sheila since that car chase?

Taylor: No, no. It’s terrifying. Where could she be?

Brooke: Well, she had to have left town.

Taylor: Well, you’d think a rational person would leave town, but sheila’s not rational. She cut off her own toe. She faked her own death. She convinced everyone she was dead, and then she came back.

Brooke: And if she tries that again, she’ll be caught for sure.

Taylor: Yeah, but we just have to keep our guard up. Especially steffy and finn.

Brooke: Maybe it’s safer if they go out of town for a while.

Taylor: Yeah, I wish they would, but, you know, sheila’s caused such an upheaval in their lives. Steffy and finn are determined to stand their ground.

Brooke: You think she’d go after them again?

Taylor: I think she’d try to go after hayes.

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: But I– I– I– that would be so stupid. She…

Brooke: Well, like you said, she’s not rational.

Taylor: My god, brooke. What is she gonna do next?

Steffy: There’s nowhere to run, sheila. No way to avoid your fate.

Sheila: You know, that’s the problem. People have always underestimated me. Lauren fenmore underestimated me in genoa city. She thought my life was over. But actually, you know what? My life was just beginning. I started an amazing new existence right here in sunny california. And then, jack. Jack thought he could keep me a secret, keep me from my son. And now you’re saying it’s over? That– that there’s no chance of escape? That– that I’m going back to prison? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Oh, you know, I– I’ve gotten used to hearing that over and over again. But it’s never been true for me, steffy. Not for me, because I always find a way out.

Finn: Sheila, there is not one person in this town that has any sympathy for you.

Steffy: Everyone knows you’re crazy and dangerous.

Finn: And you believing that you’re just gonna get away shows how truly disturbed you are.

Sheila: Oh, no, you know what? You’re wrong again, sweetheart, because I’m a free woman right now, and I’m going to continue to be a free woman.

Finn: Okay, that’s enough. Steffy, I think there’s some rope in the top drawer.

Sheila: Oh, here. What, you want to tie me up?

Finn: You don’t realize the evil that you have brought into our lives.

[ Thunder cracks ]

Steffy: Here, here, here.

Finn: You shot me and my wife. You left us for dead. It’s over, mother. Right here, right now. You hear me?

Steffy: Bill.

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