GH Short Recaps Friday, December 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

The residents of Port Charles spend Christmas stranded because the roads are still icy because of the Christmas Eve storm.

The Quartermaine house is full of friends and family because their cars are stranded in the ice. A pregnant woman arrives and asks Ned and Olivia for shelter because her car won’t start. The pregnant woman goes into labor after eating the spicy sauce on Olivia’s lasagna. Austin, and T.J help deliver the baby but, when Austin sees the baby is going to be a breech birth he calls Britt for help. Britt uses the motorcycle that Brandon was rebuilding to get to the Quartermaine Mansion. Britt Austin and T.J deliver the baby girl whom her mother names Britta Noel and then everyone has Christmas dinner.

Spinelli and Georgie are in Portland visiting Ellie for Christmas and Maxie is planning to join them, but all the planes are grounded because of the ice. Maxie is stuck at the airport in Canada unable to get to Portland. Maxie is surprised to see Spinelli and Georgie get off a plane because they are on their way back to Port Charles to be with her.

Elizabeth is sad over her breakup with Finn. Cameron tries to get her to talk about it but she tells him she is fine. Scott and Laura arrive to check on Elizabeth because they are worried about her. Elizabeth decides to concentrate on her chosen family that has always been there to support her rather than think about her biological parents.

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