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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn tells Maxie she came to the hospital because she has a headache, a stomachache and can’t sleep. Maxie makes Brook Lynn realize that she isn’t sick…she is in love with Chase and feeling sad because she broke up with him. Maxie advises Brook Lynn to work to get Chase back because he loves her too. Sasha and Chase talk and Chase tells Sasha that his relationship with Brook Lynn only have a professional relationship not a romantic relationship. Sasha tells Chase she hopes that he and Brook Lynn can work things out because she can see Brook Lynn makes him happy

Gladys owes Selina Wu money because she lost a poker game and Ms. Wu wants her money now. Gladys gives Ms. Wu some expensive earrings that she is wearing to cover part of the debt that she owes MS Wu. MS Wu also gives Gladys’s credit for the next poker game. Gladys considers using Sasha’s money to pay the debt she owes, as well as, using the money to play in the next poker game.

Wiley has a temper tantrum because Michael and Willow have to go to the doctor and can’t take him sledding. Michael puts Wiley in a time out for thirty minutes and Drew and Carly arrive to babysit Wiley.

Drew asks Carly to help him look through some pictures of some men named Josiah to see if one of them could be the Josiah that was the leader of the commune where Willow grew up. Carly compares pictures of a young Josiah to pictures of some men named Josiah and finds the man she thinks could be the former commune leader. Carly lies to Drew and tells him that none of r pictures look like they could be the former commune leader. Drew calls the reporter that has been helping him look for Willie’s parents and tells him to interview all the men named Josiah he found and not stop until he finds the former commune leader.

Cody comes clean to Britt and tells her that he blackmailed Spinelli to match them because he wanted to get close to her because he thought Faison had stolen the necklace from his father Leopold Taub. Cody tells Britt that once he got to know her he knew he liked spending time with her. Cody asks Britt for another chance to show her they could be good together. Britt cries and tells Cody it means a lot that he told her the truth, but it is too late for them to have a second chance at a relationship. Cody assumes that it is because he has made too many mistakes for Britt to give him a second chance.

Britt meets with Selina Wu who gives her papers with a new identity in exchange for promising never to see Brad again. Sonny and Dex meet with Mr. Hume who represents Pikeman Security Group. Mr. Hume gives Sonny a briefcase full of money, and Sonny agrees to allow Pikeman Security Group to move their guns through Port Charles. Dex later tells Sonny that he has heard of Pikeman Security Group and the group is very dangerous. Sonny, appreciates Dex’s warning and tells him he intends to watch Pikeman Security Group closely and everything will be fine.

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