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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At Crimson Lights, Chance comes in too late to help Sharon put together Christmas boxes for Noah to deliver to the local shelter.¬† When he asks Sharon if there’s anything else he can do, she has him help her with some cleanup, starting with sweeping the floor.

Once they’re both done with their cleaning, Sharon and Chance sit down at a table. She tells him that she misses Rey very much and how she had no idea she would only be spending one Christmas – last year’s – with him as a married couple.¬† She grieves the family unit she had with Rey and her children, and Chance mentions that his family unit has taken on a shape¬† he never imagined.

Nate and Elena run into Abby and Dominic¬† in the hallway outside Devon’s penthouse. Abby realizes that they don’t know about her marriage to Chance being over so she fills them in about the impending divorce. Nate and Elena are shocked and saddened.¬† While they’re talking, Devon opens the door, saying that he thought he heard them in the hall, all the while glaring at Nate. Abby and¬† Dom go into Devon’s penthouse for a visit.

Once Nate and Elena are in their penthouse, Nate says that he was thinking about what Abby told them about her and Chance. He also brings up Abby spending Christmas Day with Devon, even for Dom’s sake.¬† It is apparent that Nate wonders about the timing of Devon and Amanda’s split and Chance and Abby’s breakup. Elena asks if he thinks there’s something going on between Devon and Abby and tells him that he’s jumping to a huge conclusion.

Elena also says that Devon and Amanda’s breakup is none of their business and she doesn’t get why he’s spending the time to speculate about it. Nate says it’s because Devon has gone out of his way to condemn him for being deceitful and duplicitous and wonders if Devon could be described the same way. Elena points out that Nate is trying to turn Devon into a hypocrit. She tells Nate to let it go and try to fix things with his family.

Across the hall in Devon’s apartment, Abby texts Elena about getting the four of them together for a drink at Devon’s.¬† Abby doesn’t say anything to Devon and Elena doesn’t tell Nate, but the women are optimistic that the men will be on board with it.

Shortly thereafter, Nate and Elena go over to spend time in with Abby and Devon in his penthouse apartment. Things between Nate and Devon start off tensely, but the tension dissipates somewhat when they start talking about old photos and treasured family memories.

At the cabin, Kyle takes Harrison outside to build a snowman. While he’s gone, Summer goes off on Diane about keeping secrets, such as the one Diane pleaded with Kyle not to tell, that being how she actually worked with the authorities to convict Jeremy. Diane is surprised that Kyle told Summer about this. Summer adds that Diane put him in a horrible position, asking him to lie to her like that.

Diane brings up Summer’s mother, Phyllis, who has gone beyond the pale causing trouble for Diane. Phyllis is responsible for Jeremy Stark coming to Genoa City and causing Diane to hide out in the cabin to begin with. Diane tells Summer that she feels for her regarding how Summer has to split her feelings between being loyal to her mother and being supportive of Kyle.

Summer tells Diane not to underestimate her again and to please not put Kyle in a position where he has to choose between his mother and his wife.  Summer adds that there will be a serious problem if Diane inserts herself in a way that causes this to happen again.

When Kyle and Harrison return to the cabin, Kyle gets a call from Jack, who lets him know that¬† Jeremy claims¬† he will leave town after he gets the second installment of Jack’s money. Kyle replies that his mother is still in danger.

At the Abbott house, Tucker comes over wearing a Santa hat, bringing presents for the whole Abbott family in a large red sack.¬† He invites Ashley out to lunch and she accepts. After they’re gone, Traci talks with Jack about how she’s concerned that their family has become unsettled.

Ashley and Tucker arrive at the door to Society, and realize that Abby closed the restaurant for Christmas Day.¬† However, Ashley tells Tucker that she has a key to the place that Abby gave her in case of emergencies. She says that she doesn’t think Abby would mind if she and Tucker use the kitchen, provided they clean up after themselves.

Tucker and Ashley have fun preparing their meal, then chat and laugh as they eat. Tucker tells her that an opportunnity has presented itself and he has created a business plan for the venture, a brand new company entirely theirs, no ties to Jabot, no ties to the Abbotts. He adds that it would be a dream come true for her.

After leaving Society and arriving at the front door to the Abbott house, Ashley lets Tucker know that she’s not prepared to even consider leaving Jabot, but is flattered by his efforts to lure her away.  Tucker leans in to give Ashley a kiss, she responds, then pulls way, grinning.

When she goes inside, Jack is in the living room and she says that she presumes he saw the close moment between her and Tucker. A frustrated Jack tells her she’s making one mistake after another and Ashley says she wishes he would just trust her for once.

At the cabin, Kyle tells Diane that he brought Summer up to speed on Jack’s news and lets Diane her know it will be a lot harder to get rid of Jeremy than they thought. He adds that if they can’t buy him off then he has another reason to stick around Genoa City.¬† Diane tells them that she refuses to just sit there and fall apart. She mentions that they need another way to neutralize Jeremy as a threat and she has an idea for how to handle him.

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