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Thank you, mom. No, the necklace you got me is perfect. I’m wearing it now. I miss you guys too. Please give everybody my love.

Okay? I’ll talk to you later. Merry Christmas.

I thought you’d be festive, but nope. Depressing. And now I’m talking to a tree. Even more depressing.

Oh, oh, oh.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. Stuck. Hell are you doing in my house? Haven’t you heard? I live here now.

Hey, Sarah. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Fun. How are you? Oh, um, okay. Emmi. I will be, I’m gonna be okay. , uh, just Justin convinced me that I should, well talk to someone about the visions I’ve been having about the clown and kid me, so that’s right. Um, Dr. Evans Saint that she is agreed to meet me this morning and we just had our first session.

Wow. How was. Well, I wasn’t so sure about it at first, and uh, you know, this is still just the beginning and often. Mm-hmm. . I actually, I, I’m feeling pretty good about it really. , I think it’s gonna,

Oh no. Oh no.

Happy Christmas. Thanks for coming over. Hope I didn’t pull you away from any fun holiday festiv. Oh no, you actually saved me from having to go to church with the Hortons specifically Julie. So what was so urgent that I had to high Taylor over here. Oh, Sarah’s at the hospital. So it’s a perfect opportunity for us to be totally.

For what?


like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So Steve told me that Ava’s at Babe, but has she said anything about who her accomplice was? We tried questioning her, but mentally she’s completely checked out. Don’t think we’ll getting any answers from her anytime soon. So that’s. We will never find out who kidnapped and terrorized my wife. Hold on a second, Justin.

We’re not giving up. In fact, right now we are waiting on a forensics report on the warehouse when Bonnie and Xander were held and if anything turns up, of course we will let you know. Thank you both. This whole ordeal has traumatized Bonnie. One minute, she’s fine. The next minute she’s terrifi.

Hallucinating evil clowns. She’s starting to feel like she’s losing her mind. Are you alright? Hey, bozo. Uh, I’m not bozo. Whatever the hell your name is. I’m not afraid of you. Okay? Not anymore. I know you’re not real. You are just a hallucination. Bonnie. Talk to Robinson. I should face my fears and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do and I’m gonna show you who’s boss.

You ready buddy? Bonnie. Bonnie. Bonnie. This is Clarence. The Christmas clown. What? Yes, he’s, he’s here as entertainment for the pediatric.

You real? Uh, stay away from me. You freak.

Okay. Mm-hmm. , I think I need a few more sessions. Yes.

Zander. Is this because I said that you owed me? Yes, exactly.

You don’t need to repay me this way, huh? Well, I’m not that person anymore. Sandra. I would never ask you to be unfaithful to your wife, Gwen. No, no, I, that’s not what I’ve, I’m not suggesting that we have sex. Oh. What’s all this business then with the lingerie? This is the gift I give Sarah for Christmas.

And you’re showing me because, because. It’s my understanding that Thomas Damara overheard you on the phone and I You said that I owe you one? Yes. And then I gave him a cover story saying that I helped you pick out a Christmas present for Sarah. Oh my God. The little snitch he told her, didn’t he? Yes, he did.

And so now Sarah thinks that I asked you, my ex, the one who drugged her to help me pick out some sexy lingerie for her. So she brings it up. This is what you chose? Well, I’ve got much better taste than that thing. Okay. Right. Not the point. I got it. We are on the same page. Yes. Yes. Just one request though.

Go on.

Well now I’ve been made a fool with my. Certain assumption. Can we just forget the part where I thought that you wanted to have sex with me?

So how do Christmas mornings work around here? When do we open the gifts? About an hour after we throw you out on your sugar plum as, oh Victor, you’re such a cut up Henderson. I need you to escort this deranged woodland critter out of my house. You can’t do that. I’m an invited guest. Invited by whom? By me.

I wasn’t expecting you until tonight. Should I leave? No. ? No. This is exactly what I needed. Well, good. I just thought you might be lonely this morning since your family was out of town. Have you talked to him? Yes. Right before he came. How’s trip? Ah, he’s still pretty upset about his mom. He wanted to stay nearby, but as my dad pointed out, it would be a couple days before Eva could even have visitors at Bayview.

So I think it was good that he went to be with my parents and Joey. Yeah. Well, I saw Pauline’s statement about stepping down as governor. Thought for sure. You’d end up going to Seattle. Yeah, wouldn’t have worked out time-wise. I have been so busy with the fallout from her resignation. Besides, I’m looking forward to spending Christmas dinner with you and your.

Yeah. Well, you might end up rethinking that idea by the end of the night. , why is that? Uh, just between Bonnie’s hallucinations and Sunny’s new house guest places a little bit more nutty, even more than usual. I’m sorry. Uncle Vic, I was gonna tell you last night, but you already sleep. By the time I got home and this morning, I had to help Ari get ready in time for Gabby to pick her up, cut to the.

Why God’s name? Would you invite us into our house? Holly Kesser. What? It’s, it’s a, a Greek golan who murders from the ground each Christmas. And I, I told him he could stay with us temporarily because he was about to be evicted, which is my problem because come Uncle Vic, I, I couldn’t let him sleep out in the cold on Christmas Eve.

Fine. You gave him a warm bed. Now it’s time for him to scamper back to Ville. But I told him he could stay with us for the holidays. Absolutely. Get him outta here right now, or should I call the police and have them do it?

Merry Christmas boss. Ooh, just what I’ve always wanted. A crime scene analysis. Yes. Want me to stick around and go over it? . Nah, your shifts over. You don’t have to stay. Oh, but I do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation into a very Brady Christmas lunch. I mean, it was kind of hard to invite me, but with Eric being there, it’ll just be awkward as hell.

Yeah, I could understand that. Okay, fine. You can stay in work, but don’t say, I never did anything nice for you. All right. Well, just to be clear, you are paying me double overtime for. I don’t work for free, you know? Geez. You try and do someone a favor and I’ll return the favor by helping you crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

Well, I’m sure that Sarah wasn’t too pleased that I supposedly picked out a sexy 90 poor. It was definitely awkward, but preferable to telling you the truth, obviously. I mean, she finds out then I was that kidnapping clown. She’ll never forgive. . Well, don’t worry, I’ll never say anything. Oh, what about Leo?

He won’t either. As you know, I trust Mattie. Besides, I think he enjoyed wearing that muscle suit and having a little wrestle with you. A bit too much

Right. Well, I best be off. Thanks again, Gwen, for everything. Anytime.

Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting?

I can’t believe I almost punched him and innocent clown. Well, you didn’t, uh, and like you said, it was just, , you facing your fears? Oh yeah. My fears of a kindhearted volunteer who is about to entertain sick children. Sure, yeah. Yeah. I think my therapy isn’t gonna be a quick fix after all. Maybe not, but it is important to stick with it.

I dunno. I, it just,

I’m tired of being scared all the time, you know, knowing that the. Still out there. Oh my. I’m so sorry that you’re having such a tough time with this. I’m just glad Sandra was there when that C clown came after me again. I mean, he was brave, heroic, and God, it just makes me feel so bad that I accused him of being the kidnapper You did.

Yeah, I was sure of it and I was so mean to him about it.

Bye, Bonnie. Why? Why did you accuse him? Why did you think that Xander was your kidnapper?

I can come back another time. She’s not interrupting anything. Uh, Gwen just stopped by because she. She was dropping off my scarf. I, I stupidly left it at the Hortons last night and she was kind enough to drop it by somewhere. What you doing here? Well, I stopped by the police department this morning to ask Ray if he had any new information about who may have kidnapped you and Bonnie and what did he say?

Nothing to report yet. Ava is still in no condition to be questioned and they are awaiting a forensic report from the warehouse. Ah, it’s too bad. But thanks for the update. I want you to have this Christmas gift, Tina. A thank you. If you hadn’t come to Bonnie’s rescue, I don’t know what could have happened.

What this? I drop some papers. I am going to help you sue the pants off rednecks.

Andrew didn’t tell you how I flipped out on him. No, not a word. Now see, that just proves what a good guy he is. He probably didn’t wanna embarrass me because I totally made a fool of myself. Uh, well, what happened the night we were both kidnapped? I ran into Xander beforehand in the park and. I overheard him say the exact same words the clown said when he held Susan in the hostage.

What did he say? He said, I will not let this situation destroy my life.

That is, that’s odd. Why? Why would Alexander be saying that? And to whom? Well, he never got the chance to explain, because then he said, dammit, would you keep your voice down? And that’s another thing that the clown. That is a very strange coincidence. Yes. And then I explained to him that the clown texted Justin and Maggie and told them that I was gonna go visit my daughter, Mimi, which indicated that the clown was someone who knew me like Zander.

And then to top it all off, your husband’s very muy like the clown. I don’t know. It all seemed. Well, it all seemed to fit together. You know what I mean?

I’m glad Bonnie’s getting help. I, um, I once suffered from P T S D too, one of the worst times in my life.

If you don’t mind me asking what.

EJ Damara had me kidnapped. What? Why? When I was dating Philip, I, um, I got caught in the middle of the feud between your family and the Damaris.

Wow. Yeah. I, um, I was held in a drawer at the. You serious, you in a morgue? Yeah. It was me and a whole lot of corpses. Stephanie, I’m sorry I, I knew EJ was a ruthless bastard, but yeah, that’s definitely goes under the heading of cruel and unusual punishment. Wasn’t EJ responsible for trips kidnapping? We can’t prove it, but yes.

Why does it seem like Chad’s big brother is just making it a habit of messing with your family? You don’t even know the half of it

anyway. Back to the craziness at your place. Yeah. , you um, you said that Sonny has a guest. Yeah, he’s got a guest. Get this. He asked Leo Stark to stay with. Seriously. Seriously. After everything Leo’s done to him, after everything he has done, baby bro is a big softie. Kinda the opposite of your Uncle Vic, huh?

Exactly the opposite. Speaking of the old man, when he finds out that Leo is staying with us, plays is gonna be a war zone. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah. Have you completely lost your senses, man? Blackmailed you into marriage? Almost destroyed our company with fraudulent lawsuit. I am well aware of his past. His past. It was just last year that he drugged you, so compromising pictures of you and then sold them to the tabloids for which I have apologized to Sonny profusely and repeatedly I have in fact Groveled because I feel so terribly guilty about it, especially in light of how wonderfully kind and forgiving son has been.

This is exactly what I don’t understand. Why in God’s name would you forgive this? I forgave him. Uncle Vic, just like many people have forgiven you over the years for your many transgressions because he’s genuinely sorry, and he has expressed a profound interest in becoming a better human being. And, you know, seeing as so many people have forgiven you, I’m a little surprised your show shocked.

I’m giving Leo a second chance that we’re, we’re starting over in fact. I would call his friends.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Get rid of him now, or You’re fired.

You’re gonna fire me for giving my friend a place to stay. We keep calling him your friend, which confirms that your judgment is seriously. Until you come to your senses, I’ll just replace you with your brother, Alex son. I’m gonna leave. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You cannot keep holding this job over my head, uncle Vic.

Especially since you’re the one who begged me to take it in the first place. And now whenever I do something you don’t like, you threaten to fire me. You know what? Screw that. I beg your part. No, no. I’m not gonna be pushed around by you or anyone else anymore. I’m not gonna stand. Well, you can take your righteous indignation and shove it.

You’re still out on your ass. Fine. You know what? Fire me. I don’t care. You know what? Here, call Alex. Tell him he has the job. I’d rather keep my integrity. I’d rather help a friend in need than bow down your ridiculous demands.

Right? Hot chocolate is ready. Oh, perfect timing. I just finished the tree. Ready? Yeah.

I love it. . It finally feels like Christmas. Good.

What’s that? Uh, that is your gift. I was going to give it to you tonight, but I figured it might come in handy right now. Well, I never say no to open gifts early. Well done right this way. You made the nice list. . Oh, good.

Wow. Mm-hmm. . Oh,

a video game system. Mm-hmm. , you told. That you loved playing video games all the time with your brothers back in Seattle, and that you were looking forward to having a tournament with them when you were home for the holidays. Since you couldn’t get back there, I figured maybe you and I could have our own little tournament.

And I do realize this is not the most romantic gift everybody, are you kidding me? This is the most thoughtful and therefore romantic gifts anyone has ever given me. Thank you, Alex.

This is very kind of you, Justin, but yeah, we talked about this. I don’t really want to pursue legal action. You are wrongfully terminated for refusing to do something illegal for your boss. We can’t let this company get away with it, but I don’t have the money to pay you. It’s pro bono after what you did for Bonny.

It’s the least I can do, and with any luck, you’ll end up with a huge settlement and all of your financial problems will just disappear. But as he said, she said, I’ve worked with Les. All I need is the name of your boss. I’ve left that blank for now, but I will need her full name before I can file the suit.

Just to know I, I don’t wanna do this. Why not? Bender? Is there something you’re not telling me? Justin? Stop. Okay. I will tell you everything.

Uh, what did Sanders say when you accused him? Well, he vehemently denied it and then Justin called and I was about to tell Justin my theory when I got knocked out from behind by the clown, I didn’t see him. Oh right. Cuz it was from behind. Exactly. Mm-hmm. . So the next thing I know I come to in the warehouse and Xander and I are both tied to chairs and I thought he was pretending to be a prisoner.

Then the clown came in and that’s when I knew Sandra was telling the truth. Obviously it couldn’t have been him.

There’s not much to go on here. No dna n no fingerprints. Not even those are the victims. Nope. You know, it seems like after Xander and Bonnie. Our clown went back to the place and cleaned up before our guys got there. Oh, gimme a second here. Oh, looks like you might have missed something. According to this, forensics found a torn piece of flesh colored polyester fiber, and it didn’t match anything that Xander or Bonnie were wearing.

No, Bonnie said the clown was wearing a blue suit again, that some flash color. How’s strange?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I tough pla loser. Oh my God. No, seriously, I would’ve never bought you this thing if I knew you were gonna turn it to a pure monster. Sorry, not sorry. I’m just really. And you also have an unfair advantage given your background. Okay. Except when I was driving in real life, I didn’t throw bananas out the window to sabotage the other drivers.

Oh yeah. Well, I wouldn’t put it past you. Okay. Poor sport. Mm. How about we try a different game? You’re on. Let’s go. Hmm.

Fine. Keep the damn job. Oh. Really, why would I say it if I didn’t mean it? You were just saying like 10 seconds ago that you were gonna fire me, Sonny, gift horse in the mouth. Much. It was at a point I changed my mind cause I’m a heart of gold. Made my decision, which is probably a foolish one. Just accept it.

Okay. Okay. Accept. And that means that Leo can stay right as long as you put him in a room. Far, far away from me then, Maggie? Yes. Thank you. Any room is fine. So long as it has an en suite bathroom. We’re not, I suppose I could walk down the hall to take a shower. And Victor, you have my word. I will never again hurt Sonny.

I. I dunno how you expect people to take you seriously when you’re sitting there and baby me. Jam jams.

Don’t make something funny. What does your husband think of your little sleepover party? I haven’t told him yet. I suspected as much Will decided to stay in LA and work instead of coming home for Christmas so he doesn’t get a sand. Of course not. If he did this creepy, he’d be sitting on a park bench somewhere and you, sonny would’ve a lot of explaining to do.

What do you know about Xander’s situation? I, um, know the name of his boss. It’s Mave Wilson. Oh, how do you know that? Well, I was going to interview. See, I, I was gonna do some press for his company and then when I found out that they were crooked, I just ditched the story. Hmm. Do you have Mave Wilson’s contact info?

I have her email in my research file somewhere. Okay. Um, I have to pick up Bonnie at the hospital. Is it possible for me to come by your place afterwards and get the contact info? Sure. Great. I actually have to go to the hospital as well. Sarah’s enlisted me to play Santa for the kids in pediatrics. Wow.

I’d love to see that and chance, you can gimme a lift over there and maybe I can talk you outta this lawsuit nonsense on the way. Sure. But I’m not gonna change my mind. All right, we’ll just gimme a minute to grab my costume and I’ll, I’ll see you at the car. Yeah. Okay. I’ll see you later. Mm-hmm.

What the, saw that babe? Why he was getting suspicious. Oh, I understand that. But who we gonna get to play Mave Wilson. I’m gonna, I dunno. Get Leo to Don Dre, who maybe give his mate Jackie Mave Wilson actually exists. She’s a girl. I went to school with a real proper bitch. How is that relevant? It’s not. But guess what?

We’re gonna send Justin on a wild goose chase and you’re never gonna be found out.

Is it possible the fabric is from the clown mask? Hard to say. Look, all we know for sure is that Susan Banks bought the mask in the square and it was made of latex. Interesting. Is there anything else? Yeah. Forensics also found pieces of batting polyfill. It’s sort of like the filling use for stuffed animals and pillows.

Yeah. Right. Huh? Could it have been made at the factory or the warehouse? Possibly. My gut’s telling me that this ties back to the kidnapper. I’m just not sure how.

Hi, Gabby. Yes, I am leaving work soon. I promise I won’t be late. Okay, bye. All right. I gotta pack it in soon. Can’t be late for Christmas lunch. Then you should go. I can stick around and keep working on the file. You know what? I’ve actually got a better idea. Why don’t you come with me, uh, to your lunch? I, I don’t wanna impose No, no, no, no.

You would not be imposing. It’s, uh, you know, it’s just Gabby and her fiance and my niece. It’s all very casual. You sure? Yes, I am sure. You know what? In fact, you will be doing me a favor because this way I won’t be the odd man out. Okay. Uh, but before we go, I’d like to stop somewhere first and I’d like you to come with me.

Okay. , are you sure you don’t wanna stick around for the party? Oh, and risk another run in with Clarence to Christmas clown. Hi. Not ho, ho, ho, ho. Sander, you are so fetching as Santa Claus. Oh, thank you. Kind love. Thank you. Good luck with the kids Zander. And uh, I’ll get back to you regarding, uh, what we discussed.

If you must have fun.

What was that all about? Oh, ju Justin was, uh, he’s, he’s just helping with something I’ll explain later. Okay. So are you ready to jingle ve rock? Mrs. Claus? It’s, uh, Dexon halls.

I mean, talk about going above and beyond here, have another muffin. Not only did you stick up for me, you were willing to lose your job rather than have your uncle throw me out. Well, it was as much for me as it was for you. Stick of that guy pushing me around. Well, it was totally impressive. A real Julia Sugar Baker moment, only Hunter.

Okay, thank you. And since you did such a nice thing for me, maybe now is a good time for me to give you your little gifty. Leo, you’re broke. You shouldn’t have gotten me anything. Of course I should have. And they gave me 20% off, so it didn’t even send me back that much. It’s just a small token of my appreciation for living me Crash here.

Gay is Christmas morning. Mm-hmm. . I saw it in the store window. I immediately thought of you,

Thank you Leo. I love it.

Alright. Alright. Okay. Alright. Knocks. Nope. Nope. Okay. Okay. I beat you again. Did you neglect to tell me that you were a professional dancer? Me, of course not. Oh, I think you did. You were you, you were the backup dancer for Katy Perry, weren’t you? That was you. That was, you tell the truth right now. You were the left shark at the Super Bowl halftime show.

That was you. No, but I was a cheerleader in high school. Oh, that’s it. Nope, I’m out. Nope. Not playing the game anymore with you. Not only. Very, very sore winner. But you have a whole lot of secret advantages. And I’m just, come on. I’m sure you’re good at something. I do have some kind of talent. Yes. Like one or two.

Like what? Like, um, like this.

Let’s get you some down.

You know my dad always talked about this party. Oh yeah. One of his favorite memories from working here. Ah, such a good tradition. It is. Thank you for coming with me. Yeah. All right. Listen up, kids. My lovely messes has a story for you that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. So take it away, Dr. Mrs. Claus

Okay. When it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be. The first census took place while Cornus was governing Syria, so all went to be registered everyone to his own city. Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the city of Nazareth into Judea to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and lineage of David to be registered with Mary, his Betroth wife, who’s with child, and so it.

That while they were there, the days were accomplished, that she should be delivered and she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger cuz there was no room for them in the end.

See, I know you were good at something. I mean, I guess I’m not a total loser. , you’re definitely a champion. Kisser. Can I get a victory lap?

What’s wrong? I was just thinking maybe we should move this to my bedroom.

You know, I’m surprised a man as vain as Xander would willingly cover up his muscles with all that padding

That’s it. What’s it? Flash colored filling the padding. The kidnapper was wearing a bodysuit under his clothes. Good. Why? Good question.

You are. Thanks MA’s. Email is in there along with all my research regarding the company. Thank you, Gwen. I know Xander’s a little hesitant to pursue this case, but it’s the right thing to do. Huh? That’s funny. What is Ben next? It’s Zander backwards. What a coincidence.

It was really sweet of you to get me this sale. Like I said, it’s not a big deal. It’s the least I could do. Well, I cannot wait to wear it. Why don’t you try it home like right now, it is Christmas morning. You are gay. What better time besides if it doesn’t fit? I wanna return it. Make sure I can get you the right size, okay?

Why not?

Holy nutcrackers. Excuse me. What Barry? Chris,

I’m, I’m sorry, what? What the hell is going on here?

Hey, hey, Mr. K. What’s happening, dude? I dunno who you think you’re nobody. And I mean, nobody talks to me and left on the voices. That’s very clear. He tried to do something to my family. That was a fatal mistake on his part. I’m going to destroy him. I would like to drink a toast to the health and happiness.

That’s a woman that I love.

You ready to be best man? Yeah. Hi Victor. Thank you. Carly, Vivian, Katherine, Nicole, Vivian. This is Vivian. Maggie, it’s not so fast. I have something to say. You can object to your own wedding. Says who? Bastar murderer. You live to make me miserable. It’s what you richly deserve. I’ve let you get away with a lot.

Paint me because I don’t listen to most of what you say. Sarah Lumi. She finally admitted. Oh, good God, Peggy, I love you, but I am not putting that ridiculous hat on my head. I got ordained in prison last year. You couldn’t take up macrame. I have so much to offer. Offer it to somebody else. Don’t let the doorknob pitch you in the ass on the way out.

Like fish in the barrel. I hope you believe me when I say the boy I really care about is your happiness. Most of you. That is, I took the liberty of letting myself in, Victor, my friend. I heard about your debilitating stroke and I heard about your debilitating coma . I could also give you a lovely piece of ye, oh my god, my eyes.

I need a drink. Anybody order a hooker

in an old age as a way of softening you, and at the end of the day, it’s family that counts. Go Victor. There’s no man that I consider a better friend to me than you’ve been. In my heart, you’re my best. Oh, Victor, I love you so much. Nothing else matters. Most people think of me as a man who’s rich and powerful.

You saw me as a man who was humbled by the fact that an amazing woman like you loves me. You inspire me to be a better man. I have loved you and looked up to you my entire life. I know I can’t change overnight, but I’m gonna. I’m gonna try and be a better father. The risk of contradicting you. I think you do.

Okay. I love you, grandpa. I love you too. You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to keep you happy and safe. Respect. He’s just gone. You’ll always be a part of my family. We love you. I love you very much. Thank you.

It’s wonderful to be home, which is exactly where I’m going. You know, we’re lucky.

Damn lucky. Yeah. I love you. Love of you too. You are still the man.

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