Y&R Short Recaps Friday, December 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa celebrate Christmas Eve at the Glam Club with Nick, Sharon, and Noah. Once the dinner is over, Tessa tells Mariah that she reserved a room upstairs as a Christmas present for her. Once Mariah goes to sleep, they both dream that a young woman named Sonia who has car trouble and comes in to Crimson Lights to call a tow truck. Sonia is pregnant and when she goes into labor, Mariah Tessa, and Sharon help her deliver the baby.. Sonia thanks everyone for their help and tells Mariah and Tessa they will be wonderful mothers someday. Sonia tells Mariah and Tessa that holding her baby girl has given her the strength she needs to take charge of her life Mariah and Tessa awaken and talk about the intense dream they both had and, after a long talk they decide that the dream is a sign that they, will, adopt a child someday. Mariah and Tessa head to Crimson Lights to help Sharon deliver presents and food to the needy. Mariah gets a text message from Delphine the second potential birth mother they have been texting, she sends Mariah a sonogram picture of a baby girl with the words “we can’t wait to meet you”

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