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Terry walks into Britt’s office and asks what she needs. Britt says that she received a message telling her to meet Terry in her office. Britt says that if this is someone’s idea of a joke she doesn’t have time for it. About that time, Austin bursts in saying that the three need to discuss work. The work of “saving lives.”

In the 10th floor lobby at General Hospital, Brad runs into Maxie, who is working on Britt’s party. Maxie explains that she is the official party planner because she has impeccable taste. Brad explains that Britt asked him to check her impeccable taste because he is a professional party animal.  Maxie is not amused.

Dante, arriving at GH in his dress blues straight from the memorial for Rory, checks on Heather, who is being evaluated for a return to D’Archam Asylum. Heather sees Dante and says, “Hello Detective Dreamboat” and indicates she could help him find the killer if he helps her in turn. Portia arrives to perform the exam for Heather and Dante leaves. Portia explains to Heather that this will be a routine evaluation to determine if she can return to D’Archam. Heather notices Portia’s last name and asks if she’s related to the young lady who was on trial for making a sex tape of her friends. Portia gives a Heather a cold stare. Heather quickly adds that it was “so obvious” that Trina was framed.

At Rice Plaza: Trina, Marshall, Curtis, Robert and Laura exit the public memorial for Rory. Marshall wonders when these killings will end. Spencer and Sam approach the group, and Spencer says, “It ends when we find Esme.” Laura inquires, “Who is “we?” Spencer covers and says he meant we, as in the people of Port Charles. The mayor reminds Spencer it’s important to support Trina, but it’s also important to let the PCPD do their jobs. 

Robert receives a phone call from Dante, who says Heather has alluded to the fact that she might be able to help with the Hook killing investigation. Robert excuses himself and tells Dante he is on his way to GH.

Laura is asked for a comment about the Hook killer and the loss of Rory in the line of duty.  She speaks to the reporter and gives him her official quote. As she finishes up, Spencer asks Trina if she has changed her mind about their plan. Trina says absolutely not and they decide to step into the photo with Laura because it will definitely get them some attention in the press. So, Spencer and Trina step into the photo with Laura hoping that Esme will see it and it will drive her out.  The two of them are unaware of the danger they have just put themselves in because Esme is obviously not the Hook killer, as she has been locked away in Wyndemere for quite some time.

Curtis approaches Trina and Spencer and remarks, “That was a nice photo, but what was it really about?” They play innocent.  Laura asks to speak to Spencer alone. After Laura and Spencer walk away, Curtis suggests that Trina continue to hang out with Cam and Josslyn and to always remember how heartless Spencer can be. Trina listens, but she is also aware that she and Spencer have already put their plan into motion with the photograph for The Invader.

Marshall approaches and tells Curtis he will see that Trina gets home. Curtis thanks him and departs to meet Portia. Marshall warns Trina of Spencer and says that he is a liar and can’t be trusted. Trina tells Marshall that he has also lied to his loved ones. She pointedly recalls that some lies are told for the greater good.  

Laura asks Spencer what exactly he and Trina are up to. Spencer tells Laura that he is simply trying to live up to the image she has of him as “a good man.” Laura says he is already living up to that image. Laura tells him that he needs to exercise caution with Trina because he has already hurt her once. Spencer says that he will never hurt Trina again and neither will anyone else.

Back at GH, Maxie and Brad try to figure out why this party is so important to Britt. Maxie asks him what he knows.  Brad says that he knows that Britt wants to be remembered as someone other than the person that was crushed by Cody when he parachuted onto the roof of the Metro Court. Maxie recalls that Britt wanted to party like it was 1999, so to speak. She seemed to begin to piece the mystery together in her head.

Mac, in his dress blues, joins Cody who is standing at the windows looking at newborn Britta Noel. Mac tells him he heard he had a hand in the delivery and got the mother and baby to GH. Cody brushes it off, and Mac asks why he always does that.  Cody says, “what?”  Mac says when someone gives you a compliment you act as if you don’t deserve it.  Cody says that is because he doesn’t. Cody wishes that Cody had a good dad growing up. Cody says if he had a dad like Mac, maybe he could have stopped him from making the one decision he will always regret. Dante interrupts them and tells Mac that Heather is claiming to have important information for them regarding the Hook killer.

In Terry’s office, Austin pitches the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment that will cost millions. However, Terry says they can’t afford or approve it themselves. Britt suggests they pitch it to the board and let them decide. Terry senses something is going on with Britt because she is usually very budget conscious. Austin asks Britt if she wants to tell her or should he. But, Britt leaves to plan her birthday party. Terry instructs Austin to remain in the meeting room. She demands that he tell her what is wrong with Britt.

Robert interrupts and says he heard Heather has information for them. Heather says she can help them track down the Hook killer. Robert asks Portia if Heather is clear to go back to D’Archam, and Portia says she can’t find a single reason why she can’t be back in her cell by that evening. Heather offers to tell Robert what she knows if he offers to help her. Mac heads into Heather’s room, where she explains that she’s gotten to know Ryan and can get him to open up. In return, she wants to stay at Spring Ridge. Heather takes them through the myriad of reasons why she wants to stay at Spring Ridge.

Mac and Robert leave. Robert doesn’t trust Heather but he thinks Heather may be their best shot to uncover the identity of the killer.  He mentions to Mac the lack of leads they have on the case.

Later a cop enters and checks to make sure Heather’s cuffs are secure. He gets a news update from The Invader on his phone. At the same time, one of the nurses interrupts him to have the officer sign some papers. He exits but leaves his phone behind. Heather grabs it and reads The Invader article with the photo of Spencer and Trina together with Laura.

Back on the maternity floor, Dante admits to Cody he told Mac about Cody helping to deliver the baby. Dante says he deserved a gold star for it and for connecting him and Sam a few days back. Cody says that’s what friends are for and he wishes he had been a better friend to Britt instead of using her to get a prize that he thought belonged to him. He says that he and Britt made a great team delivering the baby. Dante says maybe 2023 will be their year.

Britt finds Brad and Maxie arguing over the theme of her party. Brad suggests a disco theme, but Maxie will not hear of it. Both of them are being obstinate. Britt tells them that it is her party, and they are both her friends, so they need to get along for her sake. Brad asks why it’s so important they get along. Britt basically says that she won’t always be around and she hopes if they work together on the party it could be something that will bring them together. They question what she meant by the fact that she “won’t always be around” and ask each other where she is going? Anyway, Britt’s efforts are successful as Maxie and Brad agree to work together to make this party a huge success.

Britt returns to her office, and Austin joins her. Austin suspects her party is her way of saying goodbye without having to say goodbye. Britt says, “What if it is?” Austin feels people deserve to know the truth. Britt tells him she’s busy and she doesn’t have much time. He leaves her. 

Later, Cody walks in and finds a clearly frustrated and annoyed Britt.

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