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Li has a nightmare about Stefan bursting in and revealing the truth to Gabi about Li having Dr. Rolf brainwash him. Li then wakes up in a panic.

Gabi comes out from her bedroom where Rafe is cooking in the kitchen. Gabi tells Rafe that he said he wasn’t going to go to any trouble for her today. Rafe admits he lied because today is her special day, so he is obliged to treat her like a queen. Gabi jokes that the food is fattening and questions how she’ll fit in to her wedding dress after this. Gabi then assures that Li loves her the way she is, unconditionally.

Stefan and Chloe are together in New York City. Stefan asks Chloe if she has no regrets about him tagging along on her trip with her mother. Chloe asks if he’s kidding and calls this the trip of a lifetime. Stefan agrees and points out that they haven’t even made it to Miami yet to ring in the New Year. Chloe says she would be really excited for that but she’s feeling a little bit guilty since it is Gabi’s wedding day and she’s depriving him of the chance to be there when the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects. Stefan jokes that if he was there, he’d be cheering and throwing confetti. Stefan remarks that Gabi and Li deserve each other.

At the DiMera Mansion. Wendy wears the shawl that Johnny got her for Christmas and asks what he thinks. Johnny jokes that he’s got excellent taste. Wendy calls it her favorite Christmas present and adds that she was planning on wearing it to her brother’s wedding tonight. Johnny questions that not clashing with her maid of honor dress. Wendy says it definitely will but jokes that Johnny can use it to gag her and keep her quiet when she starts feeling guilty about keeping secrets.

Brady is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Rachel. Brady promises they will play every video game she got for Christmas together soon. Brady finishes the call as Eric arrives. Brady tells him that they had the best Christmas and it almost made him forget about the Hell that Kristen’s been putting him through. Eric encourages him not to forget. Eric declares that the holidays have passed so now it’s time to put their plan into motion. Brady states they are kidnapping his own daughter. Eric reminds him that it’s the only way to force Kristen’s hand. Brady understands and says they just have to make sure they find the right time to do it. Eric responds that it has to be tonight. Eric reminds Brady that they have to make Rachel believe they are going on an adventure. Brady agrees that since Kristen will be tied up at Gabi and Li’s reception, it will make for the perfect diversion. Eric insists that they can’t wait another second if they are going to beat Kristen at her own game.

Kristen goes to Li’s hotel room. He answers the door and tells her it’s a bad time and asks what she’s doing here. Kristen responds that it’s his wedding day and even though their alliance has hit rough patches, it’s paying off beautifully and she wanted to wish him good luck. Li thanks her and says he’s going to need it.

Gabi tells Rafe that she and Li slept apart last night to stick with tradition. Gabi talks about being in front of the justice of the peace, marrying the man she loves. Rafe hopes that Li Shin is the man that she loves.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s glad they got out of Salem for the holidays. Chloe asks if that has anything to do with the wedding. Stefan admits it might be part of it. Chloe says she couldn’t care less about the wedding as she’s enjoying the memories of the opera they attended. Chloe thanks Stefan for everything since he’s treated them like royalty and she intends to show him how thankful she is when they get to Miami. Stefan calls that something to look forward to as they kiss. Stefan remembers that he promised her mom that he would pick up a box of bagels so he better get going. Chloe offers to go with him but Stefan tells her to stay and relax as it’s right down the street and he won’t be long. Stefan kisses her and then exits. Nancy comes in and asks where Stefan is. Chloe informs her that Stefan wanted to treat them to breakfast before they leave. Nancy complains that she’s going to miss them already. Chloe comments that they’ll be back to visit. Nancy adds that she and Mike can come visit Salem as well since they both have family there. Chloe comments that they seem really happy together which Nancy confirms that they are. Chloe adds that she and Stefan are too as she can see. Chloe calls Stefan a great guy. Nancy responds that he’s extremely generous, but she just wonders. Chloe stops her and says she knows Nancy was pulling for her and Brady, so she doesn’t think she’s over him. Nancy then asks if she is over Brady. Chloe assures that she is over Brady and asks why she wouldn’t be since he moved on with Kristen and she’s moved on too with a great guy. Chloe asks if she hasn’t noticed that she’s been on cloud nine for this entire trip. Nancy argues that she was on cloud nine with Brady too not long ago. Chloe insists that is over now. Nancy remarks that Chloe rebounded and landed with Stefan so fast. Chloe argues that it hasn’t been that fast and they are getting to know each other again. Chloe says they are taking things slowly but she doesn’t want to have this conversation with her mother. Nancy points out that Chloe and Stefan haven’t slept together yet and suggests there’s a reason for that. Nancy acknowledges that Brady hurt her but reminds Chloe that Stefan cheated on her with Gabi back in the day and then treated her terribly. Chloe calls that the past while she’s focused on the present. Chloe declares that between Brady and Stefan, the choice is clear. Chloe understands Brady putting his daughter first but notes that he didn’t waste a second moving Kristen in. Nancy says she’s not excusing Brady’s behavior. Chloe knows Nancy thought she and Brady were meant to be and admits she thought that too for awhile, but she just doesn’t anymore.

Brady tells Eric that this is not going to be a cake walk as the wedding is good but Rachel had plans and John and Marlena were going to babysit. Eric feels they can easily get around that and says they just need to make sure that Kristen doesn’t bail and leave the wedding early. Brady offers to steal her car keys. Eric says he has a better idea, but Brady’s not going to like it. Brady questions Eric wanting him to take Kristen to the wedding as a date. Eric knows it’s not what he wants to hear but calls it perfect. Eric says Brady will show up with Kristen on his arm while he kidnaps what means the most to her, so it can’t fail.

Kristen asks Li why he needs luck tonight and if he’s getting cold feet. Li says he just had a bad dream but he wants to forget about it. Li thanks Kristen for stopping by. Kristen guesses that Stefan was in his dream since she noticed guilt all over his face. Li argues that it’s not guilt. Kristen asks if he’s afraid of getting caught and what makes him think that Stefan is going to find out what he did since she’s certainly not going to tell.

Johnny tells Wendy that they’ve kept what they found out in Jakarta for this long, so that has to count for something. Wendy points out that unlike him, she’s actually in the wedding and has to stand next to Gabi while Li promises to love and cherish her, knowing full well that he broke his promise before he even got to the ceremony. Wendy says part of her thinks that the only way to keep this secret is to suddenly come down with something and skip the wedding altogether.

Gabi questions Rafe doing this on her wedding day. Rafe says as her big brother, it’s his job to ask the important questions. Gabi accuses him of being a buzzkill and asks if he’s seriously questioning her feelings for Li. Rafe says if she is head over heels for Li by the time she says “I do” then they are all good, but he remembers how head over heels she was for Stefan before he died. Gabi says that’s why she was so hurt when Stefan came back and started treating her like something on the bottom of his shoe. Gabi adds that she’s not saying they would’ve gotten back together since she was already with Li, but Stefan’s rejection has proven to her that everything was a lie and he never really loved her. Rafe and Gabi sit together to eat breakfast. Gabi hopes they are past the questioning who she really loves part of the wedding day. Rafe jokes that being her big brother isn’t as easy at it looks. Gabi says he’s mostly great it and jokes that he could balance the playing field by starting to date again so she could give him grief too. Rafe responds that he’s actually enjoying his bachelor status. Gabi questions that and says she detected something between he and Jada at Christmas. Rafe says that was either her imagination or the egg nog. Rafe assures that Jada is a co-worker and that’s it. Rafe adds that even if he had interest, HR has rules against dating your subordinates so she’s not an option. Gabi argues that rules don’t apply to true love. Rafe says good thing it isn’t true love then. Gabi suggests Rafe invite Jada to the wedding. Rafe asks if she wasn’t listening to what he said. Gabi argues that he never listens to what she says and decides that if Rafe doesn’t invite Jada, she will.

Jada approaches Eric and Brady’s table at the Brady Pub. Eric comments that he didn’t see her come in which Jada notes was obvious. Jada tells him that she never sees him anymore, so she assumed he’s been avoiding her. Eric promises that he’s not. Jada says that would be childish and guesses Eric was just hoping that he’d never run in to her again.

Chloe tells Nancy that when she ran in to Kristen and Rachel on Christmas, Rachel did mention that Kristen and Brady aren’t sleeping in the same room yet so maybe things haven’t taken off yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Nancy argues that maybe that means there’s still a chance for Chloe and Brady. Chloe questions her being in denial about how close she and Stefan have become. Chloe goes over how they have had an amazing time in New York. Nancy questions if they are madly in love then. Chloe says she didn’t say that. Nancy asks if she’s not in love then. Chloe says they are taking the time to make things right and that fate has stepped in to give her and Stefan a second chance.

Li tells Kristen that he doesn’t think Stefan will find out. Kristen comments on his dream and says she should express her gratitude, since thanks to Li, Chloe is an afterthought for her and Brady which she calls a relief. Kristen confesses that she thought everything was going to implode when Wendy went to Jakarta but says obviously she and Johnny didn’t find out the truth. Li knows why she would assume that but tells Kristen to brace herself. Li then reveals to Kristen that Johnny and Wendy know everything.

Rafe takes the phone back from Gabi and declares that she’s not going to call Jada because it’s not her place to invite Jada to her wedding as his date. Gabi says she just thought it would be nice for him to have someone to talk to and for her not to have to worry about him being bored on her wedding day. Rafe tells her that he has to get to work. Gabi calls him a party pooper. Rafe assures Gabi that he just wants her to be happy. Gabi tells Rafe that is the reason she’s marrying Li, because he makes her happy. Rafe hopes so as he then exits.

Kristen questions Li about Wendy and Johnny knowing everything. Li assures that they won’t divulge it to anyone. Kristen asks why not. Li explains that Wendy is his sister and is extremely loyal to him, while Johnny has his own reasons for keeping quiet since EJ is still grieving and he doesn’t want to make things worse for him. Kristen hopes he’s right. Li insists that he is and that the bullet has been dodged. Kristen remains uncertain since it seems there is a lot riding on those two kids staying the course and especially for Li. Kristen says she could handle it becoming public but Li is a different story. Li responds that he’s confident that Johnny and Wendy will stay the course. Kristen hopes his confidence is justified and says she’ll see him at the wedding as she then exits the room.

Johnny questions Wendy suggesting skipping the wedding and says she can’t be serious. Wendy asks why not. Johnny thinks not showing up to the wedding would just raise even more questions. Wendy supposes he’s right. Johnny gets the guilt but says she has to fight it. Wendy agrees to try and says now it’s time to get to Gabi’s to start her maid of honor duties. Johnny jokes that it will be fun and apologizes as they get close. Johnny says maybe the only way to keep this secret is to realize that coming clean would just be swapping out one form of guilt for another. Wendy agrees since breaking her promise to his brother would ruin his life. Johnny adds that she’d have to live with it for the rest of her life.

After Jada walks away, Brady tells Eric that was close and asks if he’s okay. Eric doesn’t blame Jada for being bitter but says they need to focus. Brady says he’s not looking forward to this, but he knows what he needs to do. Eric says he needs to relieve John and Marlena of babysitting, so they don’t realize what they are doing. Brady and Eric wish each other luck as Brady then exits the Pub. Eric gets up and goes over to Jada to ask if they can talk. Jada thought they just did. Eric means really talk as he just wants her to know that he hasn’t been avoiding her and he just hasn’t been staying at the Pub. Jada mentions hearing that Eric was in jail and that his lawyer is a full service attorney. Jada says she doesn’t care and they will live their lives. Jada knows why Eric got arrested and says she’s not interested in being the reason why he’s spinning out. Eric says he’s not spinning out and she’s not the reason he got arrested. Eric says the last few weeks have been a struggle for him, but he would like to find a way to get past that and for them to be friends again. Jada asks if he thinks that’s possible. Eric points out that it’s how they started. Jada argues that things have changed. Eric agrees that they will never see eye to eye on the pregnancy but says that wasn’t the real issue between them. Jada asks what was in his opinion. Eric states that it was him getting involved with her while he had unresolved feelings for Nicole. Eric thought he could handle it with time but he didn’t and he’s sorry for not being honest from the very beginning. Jada thanks him for saying that and says she’ll need some time for them to be friends again. Eric says he can wait. Jada is glad they talked and apologizes for being so hard on him before. Jada says she has to get to the police station. Eric says he’ll see her soon. Jada tells him to try to stay out of jail as she then walks away.

Nancy apologizes to Chloe as she’s not trying to put her on the spot. Nancy guesses it’s just because it’s New Year’s Eve and she was thinking about her favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally. Chloe argues that her life is not a movie. Nancy says it could be. Nancy says she could fly home to Salem to meet up with Brady just before midnight and how romantic that would be. Stefan returns and asks what he missed.

Gabi looks at photos of her and Li on her phone but then comes across an old photo of her and Stefan. Wendy then shows up and Gabi tells her she’s right on time as she excitedly hugs her and says it’s going to be so much fun. Gabi opens them a bottle of champagne.

Rafe and Jada work at the police station. Rafe asks if Jada has any more on the kidnapping case. Jada says not since they went over it on Christmas. Jada thanks Rafe for giving her a place to go on Christmas. Rafe is glad she came and says that Gabi likes her a lot. Jada says she likes Gabi too and calls her smart and funny like her brother. Rafe notes that today is the big day of Gabi’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Jada says it sounds like it will be a blast. Rafe then asks Jada if she’d like to come. Jada asks if he means with him.

Chloe tells Stefan that he did not miss a thing and that they were just talking about New Year’s. Stefan says the bagels took longer than anticipated so they won’t have time to indulge if they are going to make their flight to Miami to celebrate. Chloe suggests they start packing then. Stefan and Chloe head to their room while Nancy looks disappointed.

Johnny sits with his tablet, reading an article in the Spectator about Gabi and Li’s wedding until the doorbell rings. Johnny answers the door and is surprised to see Li. Johnny says EJ isn’t around but Li says he came to see him. Johnny argues that he was going to see him tonight at the wedding and asks if it couldn’t wait. Li explains that he came to make sure there would still be a tonight at the wedding.

Kristen walks through the town square. Brady spots her and pretends to be on a phone call as he walks through and bumps in to Kristen. Brady apologizes and claims he was distracted by trying to make sure Gabi and Li’s wedding gift got there on time. Kristen tells him it’s okay and that he can bump in to her anytime. Brady says he doesn’t know why this didn’t occur to him before but says they are both going to be leaving for the wedding at the same time, so it’d be silly for them to go separately. Kristen questions if he’s asking her to go with him. Brady asks if she doesn’t want to. Kristen says she does but she can’t figure out why he’s asking her. Brady says he kind of wanted to beat her to it and figured that with her access to the Orchid, she’d probably force him to go so he wanted to do it on his own terms. Brady asks if Kristen wants to go with him or not. Kristen says she does very much so Brady decides they will. Kristen then suggests they should bring Rachel because she would love an outing with her parents and says she will give her a call which worries Brady.

Rafe tells Jada that they could show up together but he meant since she and Gabi hit it off, she could be there to congratulate her in person. Jada thanks him but says she’s not a party crasher. Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be and there’s always room for one more. Rafe jokes that he has an in with the bride so Jada asks how she could say no.

Johnny reminds Li that he already assured him that he wouldn’t tell anybody what he did to Stefan, so he asks if Li doubts his sincerity. Li says when they first spoke, the knowledge was new to him. Johnny asks if he’s concerned that he changed his mind. Li just wants to cover his bases and it would keep him from sweating if he had his promise. Johnny calls him a crappy brother since Wendy is tied up in knots because of being loyal to him. Li asks how dare he speak to him like that and argues that he’s a good brother to Wendy. Johnny asks if he means like being a good husband to Gabi by starting off the marriage with a lie. Johnny warns that lies have a way of coming to the surface, so he might as well just level with her now and take his chances. Li responds that he can’t do that. Johnny says it’s his call but feels that he will live to regret it. Johnny says he’ll see him tonight as Li exits.

Gabi and Wendy drink champagne. Gabi says this is how to get a wedding day started. Wendy comments on how incredibly happy she looks. Gabi declares that starting tonight, she and Li will finally be officially together. Wendy says she will do her very best to make sure it’s a day she remembers for the rest of her life.

Stefan tells Nancy that it’s been great fun but they must say goodbye. Nancy wishes they could stay. Chloe says they’ll be back soon. Stefan thanks Nancy for letting them stay. Nancy thanks him for all the wonderful nights in the town. Stefan says he was just trying to impress his new girlfriend. Chloe responds that he definitely succeeded. Chloe tells Nancy that she loves her as they hug. Stefan takes his bags and exits. Chloe assures Nancy that this is what she wants and that she’s really over Brady. Chloe wishes Nancy a Happy New Year and then exits.

Brady stops Kristen from calling Rachel and points out that the wedding is at night and it’s New Year’s Eve, so the reception will probably go in to the morning. Kristen agrees that it’s too late for Rachel. Brady adds that John and Marlena are already set to babysit her anyway and suggests they stick to that plan. Brady remarks that maybe they would have more fun alone anyway. Kristen and Brady then walk off together.

Eric calls Marlena and says he knows she and John are watching Rachel tonight, but he doesn’t have any plans so there’s no reason they shouldn’t go have some fun tonight. Eric insists that he’d really like to watch Rachel. Eric says he will let Kristen and Brady know. Eric adds that he’s really looking forward to spending some time with his niece and hangs up.

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