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Stefan and Chloe arrive at their hotel room in Miami, Florida. Chloe comments on going from record low temperatures in New York to record high temperatures in Miami. Chloe remarks that now she’s melting in her clothes, so Stefan suggests the solution is she take her clothes off.

Gabi tells Wendy that she’s having pre-wedding jitters. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense since she’s been married before. Wendy asks if there’s something particular that she’s worried about. Gabi responds that she doesn’t know, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong.

Brady is at home and calls Eric to let him know that he and Kristen are about to leave for the wedding. Brady says that he plans to keep Kristen at the reception until at least midnight, so that should give him more than enough time to get Rachel out of here. Brady hopes they are doing the right thing and hangs up. Brady calls out to Kristen that they should get going. Kristen then comes out in a robe and informs Brady that she’s not going to the wedding.

EJ goes to Nicole’s room at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole apologizes for being late. EJ jokes that Gabi better watch out or Nicole might upstage the bride.

Wendy asks Gabi why she feels like something is going to go wrong. Gabi says she doesn’t know. Wendy asks if she’s having second thoughts or if she thinks she’s making a mistake. Gabi assures that she loves Li very much and she’s happy but it’s been a crazy couple of months, so maybe she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Wendy thinks she does and that Li is a very lucky man. Gabi thanks her. Gabi admits she’s just being weird and goes to bring tea to Arianna. Wendy then gets a call from Johnny, who asks what color her dress is so he can match his tie with it. Wendy tells him to just pick one he likes and it’ll be fine. Johnny notes that she sounds strange and asks if she’s okay. Wendy blames the champagne and says Gabi started the party a bit early. Wendy says she was already a bundle of nerves and now Gabi is too. Wendy worries that deep down Gabi is having second thoughts about marrying Li. Johnny asks if she said something. Wendy assures that she didn’t but she feels worse than ever about keeping a secret from the bride, as Gabi comes back in to the room.

Li is in the shower while Rafe waits for him in his hotel room. Li’s phone rings so he calls out to Rafe to answer it for him. Rafe answers the call and it’s Dr. Rolf!

Brady questions Kristen saying she’s not going to the wedding. Kristen says she’s not going to leave Rachel alone as she just saw John and Marlena taking off. Brady says he forgot to tell her that he felt bad because John and Marlena love going out on New Year’s Eve, so he asked Eric to babysit instead. Kristen questions him not asking her if it was okay. Brady assures that Eric is great with kids and was the only person he could find that didn’t have anything going on tonight, so he was grateful to have something to do and it all worked out. Kristen feels he went through a lot of trouble so that she could go to the wedding with him. Brady reminds her that he half-expected her to force him to go with her anyway and remind him that she holds Marlena’s life in her hand, so he figured he’d have a better time if it was his idea. Kristen asks if he’s sure that’s all it is.

Nicole thanks EJ but says the last thing she wants to do is upstage Gabi at her own wedding. EJ calls that thoughtful of her but Nicole calls it self protection because she doesn’t want to ignite Gabi’s fire. Nicole adds that Gabi is already ticked off that Li invited her after how she treated Rafe. EJ comments that it would’ve been poor form to snub DiMera leadership. EJ adds that Gabi feels the same way about him. EJ offers to give Nicole a ride since they are heading to the same place. Nicole thanks him but says that’s not necessary. Nicole adds that there is one thing he could help with and asks him to zip up her dress which he agrees to.

Rafe informs Dr. Rolf that it’s Commissioner Hernandez, not Mr. Shin, but he’s curious as to what business he has with Li. Li then comes out of the shower with a smile and asks if it’s the justice of the peace on the phone. Rafe informs Li that it’s Dr. Rolf and he wants to speak to him.

Wendy tells Johnny that she has to go and hangs up. Wendy asks if Gabi is ready to get ready. Gabi says that can wait as she heard her on the phone and questions what secret she has been keeping from her.

EJ walks in to the living room and questions what Johnny is doing in a tuxedo. Johnny says he can ask EJ the same thing and asks where he’s going. EJ responds that he’s going to see Li Shin shackle himself to Gabi Hernandez. EJ jokes that at least he gets to celebrate that Gabi’s last name will no longer be DiMera. EJ then asks Johnny the same. Johnny informs him that he’s going to the wedding too as Wendy asked him. EJ questions if they are planning on making a big scene. Johnny asks how many times they have to promise not to tell anyone that he knew Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan. EJ makes a joke about Stefan’s emotional depth. Johnny mocks the situation being funny to him. Nicole then comes in and announces she’s finally ready. Johnny questions her going too. EJ informs him that they will be representing DiMera Enterprises. Johnny starts to bring up Rafe but apologizes. Nicole acknowledges that Rafe is going to be there and remarks on not being thrilled to be going. Nicole asks if Johnny has big plans tonight. EJ informs her that Johnny is also attending the wedding as Wendy Shin’s date. Johnny explains that Wendy is Gabi’s maid of honor, so she is getting ready with her. Johnny asks if he can ride with them which EJ allows. EJ thinks this wedding will be a perfect ending to a rather ghastly year.

Li takes the phone and pretends to be upset, questioning how the hell Dr. Rolf got this number. Dr. Rolf responds that he gave it to him and didn’t think he’d be foolish enough to let someone else answer his phone. Li asks what he wants. Dr. Rolf informs him that he’s collected some new data that he thought he should know about. Li responds that it’s his wedding day and declares he’s not about to talk business with anyone, especially him. Li tells Dr. Rolf not to call back and angrily hangs up. Li tells Rafe that Dr. Rolf said he wanted DiMera to fund his new project but he turned him down flat and wants nothing more to do with him. Rafe remarks that he bets especially after he brought Gabi’s ex-husband back from the dead. Li insists that he’s not threatened by Stefan and asks why he would be since in a couple hours, he and Gabi will be married.

Wendy claims to Gabi that the secret is something Li has been planning for their wedding night and she helped him with it. Wendy says Li would kill her if he found out that she ruined it, so she asks Gabi to forget she heard anything. Gabi says she can’t wait to see what it is. Gabi adds that she came back in to give her a present for putting up with her bridezilla ways. Wendy opens it and it’s a bracelet. Gabi explains that she designed it herself just for her. Wendy feels it’s too much. Gabi adds that she had it inscribed to say “hermanas” which translates to “sisters”. Gabi notes that she knew she liked Wendy from the moment she met her and she went toe to toe with Li and stood up for herself. Gabi cries that she lost her sister but now she has Wendy as she hugs her.

Brady asks Kristen why else he would ask her to go with him to the wedding. Kristen suggests part of him wants to walk in with her on his arm. Kristen brings up that Brady kissed a nun, thinking it was her, and now Chloe is off in Miami with Stefan so maybe he’s realizing it’s time to look to the future with her.

Chloe questions Stefan suggesting she take off her clothes and points out that they haven’t had a chance to eat. Stefan clarifies that he meant getting out of their clothes to get in to something fancy and go have a nice dinner then see where the night takes them. Chloe says she likes the sound of that.

Gabi tells Wendy that Arianna just started throwing up and begins worrying about a stomach virus going around. Gabi panics that she can’t leave Arianna here and can’t take her to the wedding, so she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Rafe goes to the Brady Pub to meet Jada, who comes out in a blue dress. Rafe is impressed and says she looks great but apologizes if that was too much. Jada thought it came across as nice and flattering. Rafe jokes that normally, she isn’t chasing after criminals in 4 inch heels. Jada tells Rafe that he doesn’t look half bad himself. Rafe thanks her and says he’s glad she’s here. Rafe adds that it promises to be quite a party since the groom is Li Shin. Jada remarks that it beats staying at home to watch the ball drop with a bowl of popcorn. Rafe promises it won’t be boring. Rafe then realizes that this is her first Salem wedding. Jada mentions taking a two semester course on Salem weddings at the police station. Rafe admits that Salem weddings tends to be high drama and high risk but hopes this will be the exception for Gabi’s sake since it’s been quite a rocky road to the altar. Rafe feels it is going to be smooth sailing. Rafe and Jada then exit the Pub together.

Gabi complains that anyone she could call to stay with Arianna is already going to the wedding and questions who would want to stay with a vomiting child. Wendy then offers to stay with her. Gabi says she wouldn’t ask that of her and notes that she’s probably contagious. Wendy doesn’t see any other option unless she postpones the wedding.

Brady and Kristen arrive at the wedding. Kristen questions why they had to rush out of the house when hardly anyone is there. Brady comments that at least a few people saw her walk in on his arm. Kristen complains that no one they know did. Brady says there’s always a few familiar faces as they spot EJ and Nicole. Brady greets Nicole with a hug and asks how she’s feeling after the explosion. Nicole says she’s better and will be getting back to work after the holidays. EJ greets Kristen and comments that she and Brady look so domestic together. Kristen jokes that she at first felt hurt that EJ excluded her from Susan’s memorial, but it looks like she dodged a bullet or a bomb. EJ remarks that it’s always about Kristen. EJ then takes Nicole to go get a drink. Kristen asks Brady if it was something she said. Brady responds that people can get touchy when she makes a joke about their dead mother. Kristen remarks that they have thin skin. Kristen brings up that she promised Rachel that she would take a picture of them in their fancy outfits at the fancy wedding. Kristen has Brady smile as they take a picture together.

Chloe comes out of the bathroom after changing clothes and finds Stefan has set up a candle lit dinner of room service. Chloe asks what this is. Stefan explains that he figured they were both hungry and tired, so he thought they could eat first and then go out after. Chloe calls him a man after her own heart and says it looks amazing. Stefan jokes that he’s excellent at ordering room service. Stefan tells her to relax while he opens the wine and lights the candles. Chloe mentions that while he does that, she will check to make sure Nancy didn’t post any mortifying pictures of them ice skating. Chloe opens up her social media on her phone and sees the photo that Kristen and Brady just took has been posted.

Brady gets Kristen a glass of wine as they sit together while EJ, Nicole, and Johnny sit at another table. Rafe and Jada walk in together. Kristen comments that this could be uncomfortable. Nicole decides she needs a refill of her wine, so EJ goes with her. Jada asks Rafe if he’s okay. Rafe assures that he’s fine but he didn’t expect Nicole to be there. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada responds that she is as she doesn’t blame Nicole for what happened between her and Eric, but she does blame her for being lying and manipulative. Rafe brings up how Nicole has been saying that her living situation with EJ is strictly platonic, but here they are at his sister’s wedding as a couple. Jada remarks that where ever Nicole lays her hat is home. Li comes in and tells Rafe that he’s officially freaking out because Gabi isn’t there yet and he hasn’t heard from her, so he worries that she got cold feet.

Gabi questions Wendy suggesting postponing the wedding. Wendy says that if her daughter can’t be there, she’s sure Li would understand…

Stefan tells Chloe that dinner is served, but notices Chloe is distracted and asks her what’s wrong. Chloe says it’s stupid but she just saw a picture of Brady and Kristen at the wedding. Chloe explains that when she ran in to Kristen, she said that her and Brady were getting closer but she assumed that she was lying. Chloe declares that the moral of the story is that she should unfollow Brady on social media. Stefan agrees and is sorry that she’s upset.

Kristen wonders how Stefan and Chloe are enjoying Miami and calls it a big milestone for them, but points out that it’s not like they haven’t slept together before. Brady asks if she just loves rubbing salt in the wound and calls it pathetic. Brady argues that Kristen has screwed up his life and temporarily derailed he and Chloe, but that doesn’t mean she will keep them apart forever. Kristen points out that Chloe is with Stefan now, so Brady will just have to accept that. Brady responds that he won’t and starts to say Kristen will have to accept, but then says it’s nothing at all. Wendy arrives, so Rafe asks her what’s going on and where Gabi is. Wendy informs him that Arianna is sick but they got Sonny to stay with her. Wendy says they didn’t want to call and freak everybody out before they got it all figured out. Wendy adds that Gabi is in the bridal room now, but she’s pretty on edge. Rafe says she’s not the only one, since Li thinks Gabi has cold feet. Wendy says she bets. Rafe decides that he will go tell Li that Gabi is there. Johnny comes over so Rafe greets him as he walks away. Johnny then tells Wendy that she looks great. Wendy thanks him. Johnny asks how she’s hanging in there. Wendy says she barely is and informs him that Gabi heard her on the phone with him earlier, talking about the secret, but she told her that she was talking to Li about something he was planning for their wedding night. Johnny hopes that Gabi forgets about the whole thing. Wendy wonders if the universe wanted her to tell Gabi then and she had the perfect chance. Li then calls everyone’s attention and apologizes for the delay, but asks everyone to take their seat because they are about to begin. Kristen tells Brady that she still melts at his smile as she looks at the photo they took. Brady reminds her that picture was for Rachel and says that Kristen can force him to smile but she can’t force him to love her. Kristen argues that he already does and that his smile isn’t forced nor is their body language. Brady calls her delusional and says it’s not a picture of two people having fun at a wedding but a picture of a blackmailer and her victim. Kristen gets upset and declares she’s not having fun, so she’s going to go ring in the new year with someone who appreciates her, their daughter. Brady stops her and tells her that she can’t go.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan for continuing to talk about Brady as she still can’t understand why he left her the way that he did. Stefan says Gabi felt the same way about them as she was desperate to know why his feelings for her changed so completely. Chloe asks if he’s absolutely sure he doesn’t want to know.

Kristen asks Brady why she shouldn’t go since he never wanted to go with her in the first place. Brady apologizes for hurting her feelings and points out that the wedding is about to start. Brady tells her to just sit and he’ll make it up to her, so they sit back down. Rafe and Li then walk in, followed by Wendy. Everyone then stands as Gabi walks in. The Justice of the Peace then begins the ceremony. He asks if anyone objects. Gabi thought they took that part out. Wendy then interjects that she has something to say. Li questions what she is doing. EJ watches nervously, so Nicole asks if he’s okay but EJ reassures her. Wendy then claims that she just wanted to say how happy she is for Li and Gabi. Wendy declares that she always wanted a big sister and she couldn’t ask for a better one. Li complains that it might have been better said as a toast. Gabi tells her it was lovely and has her hold her flowers. Gabi asks Li not to be so harsh on Wendy and to give her a break. Li apologizes and calls it force of habit. Li agrees that it was lovely and thanks Wendy from the bottom of his heart. Wendy apologizes and the ceremony continues. Li says “I do” to marrying Gabi.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Gabi had a very complicated relationship at best and spent most of their time hating each other. Stefan adds that even their marriage was a ploy for Gabi to hang on to power at DiMera and look who she is marrying now. Stefan says maybe a little time and perspective is what he needed to realize how toxic Gabi is. Chloe jokes that she’s never heard being dead called time and perspective before. Stefan responds that he’s glad that Gabi has moved on and he’s even more glad that he has moved on too, or moved back. Stefan declares that leaving Chloe for Gabi was one of the stupidest things he’d ever done in his life and he’s certain it’s a mistake that he’s not going to make again.

The wedding continues. Gabi has a flashback to her wedding to Stefan. Gabi then says “I do” to marrying Li, so they exchange the rings. The Justice of the Peace then pronounces Li and Gabi as husband and wife as they kiss. Wendy and Johnny exchange glances. Everyone rings their bells as applause. Rafe jokes that Wendy already gave her toast so now it’s his turn. Rafe welcomes Li to their family and thinks it’s great that Li and Gabi have worked together, so he already knows she’s fierce and determined in business, but also with her family, friends, and loved ones. Rafe assures that Gabi will have Li’s back and as her brother, he can say there’s no one he’d rather be in the trenches with than Gabi. Rafe adds that Li is fierce too and he can see how much Li loves her. Rafe knows that together, they can get through anything which is good because marriage can be tough at times and things will happen that they just don’t see coming. Nicole looks uncomfortable at that so EJ reaches over to comfort her. Rafe repeats that they can get through anything because he sees how open and honest they are with each other. Rafe declares that whatever life throws at them, they will get through it. Li’s phone then rings. Li thought he turned it off as he pulls his phone out and sees it’s a private caller. Rafe asks if it’s Dr. Rolf again which Gabi questions. Li tells her that Dr. Rolf called about funding his new lab and guesses he won’t take no for an answer. Gabi remarks that she had no idea they were even in touch.

Dr. Rolf leaves a message for Li that he needs to know that he just learned that CRS-17 can wear off in mere weeks with certain triggers. Dr. Rolf hopes that doesn’t happen in Gabi’s case.

Stefan points out that dinner is getting cold and he doesn’t want to spend the whole evening talking about Gabi and Brady. Chloe apologizes. Stefan says he’s just so happy to be here with her that he’d rather celebrate the New Year than talk about the past. Chloe agrees as they toast their champagne.

Rafe brings champagne over and asks if Gabi hated her toast that much since she seems a little distracted. Gabi drops her glass and it shatters. Li asks if she’s alright. Gabi has a flashback to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf. Gabi responds that she remembers. Li asks what. Gabi says when she went to see Dr. Rolf before he left Salem. Gabi remembers threatening Dr. Rolf to tell her what he did to Stefan. Gabi then declares that she remembers that Dr. Rolf admitted he did brainwash Stefan and that Stefan did love her, so Rolf made him hate her. Li is shocked, Kristen looks on angrily, EJ watches nervously, and Wendy looks with worry while Gabi stands in disbelief.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dinner. Stefan asks if she wants dessert but she’s full. Stefan suggests something not on the menu as they kiss.

Li tells Gabi they can go outside and get some air. Rafe questions what Gabi means by Dr. Rolf brainwashing Stefan. Li argues that Gabi is confused, reminding her that she said herself that Rolf denied it and she believed him. Gabi declares that what she remembers now is different and it’s coming back to her. Li encourages that she needs some air but Gabi refuses. Gabi closes her eyes and continues to remember her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where she demanded to know why he brainwashed Stefan and Rolf responded that he was following Kristen DiMera’s orders. Gabi opens her eyes and declares that it was Kristen who made Dr. Rolf do it, so everyone looks to Kristen.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen questions if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

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